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Full text of "An English-Hawaiian dictionary; with various useful tables: prepared for the use of Hawaiian-English schools"

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Received ^-^^^<^^^'-...../c?c5'i^ 

A c cessions No^^^'^^^' Shelf No. 


(py^M^C^d ^ ^ 

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H. R. HITCHCOCK^V 0" thb 

Pnnapal of the I^ahamaluna SemiMry ^ • • - 

^^ '^ CUT 



San Francisco 


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1887, 


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 


[N the latter part of the year 1882 the subscriber was authorized by the 
(?J Board of Education to prepare an English-Hawaiian Dictionary ior 
use in the Public Schools. The work has been in progress since 
that date, and is now placed before the public in its entirety. Its scope 
has been widened, so as to embrace the wants of the English speaking 
community in their intercourse with Hawaiians. 

Nearly sixteen thousand words have been defined; and over three 
thousand phrases illustrate the popular use of English and Hawaiian. 
More than three thousand synonyms give further scope to the Hawaiian 
in his use of English. 

Diacritical marks and marks of accent follow those in Websters's 
High School Dictionary, from which the vocabulary has been formed. 
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary has been used as the final authority 
in the preparation of this work. 

Definitions are numbered according to priority of usage. 

Hawaiian words are accented, whenever they do not come within the 
general rules laid down elsewhere for their pronunciation. 

The subscriber's grateful acknowledgements are due, 

1st. To Revs. A. O. Forbes and L. Lyons for their revision of manu- 

2nd. To Rev. W. B. Oleson for the Table of Prefixes and Suffixes. 

3rd. To Hon. D. Kahaulelio, Police Justice of Lahaina, for valuable 
critical Hawaiian definitions. 

4th. To Hon. A. Fornander for his valuable ''Chronological Table 
of Events in Hawaiian History," continuing down to the year 1854. 

5th. To C. M. Hyde, D. D., for the continuation of that Table down 
to the present time. 

6th. And to many others who have expressed marked interest in the 
progress of this work. 


Lahainaluna, June, 1887. 



1. The Hawaiian is a phonetic language, based upon the European pronunciation 
of its vowels. 

2. The vowels have the following sounds: 

A, a, Italian, as in Arm; E, e, the sound of a long, as in obey; I, i, the sound of 
long e as in machine; O, o, its long sound, as in old; U, u, has the sound of oo in 

3. In pronouncing the digraphs (ai, ao, au, ei, eu, ou,) the stress of voice is given 
to the first letter; and the second is but lightly touched, 

4. Words of two syllables are generally accented on the first. When this is not 
the case, words used in this book carry the accent mark. Thus : Po-ho is chalk, whilst 
po-ho' is loss; mama means chewed, and ma'ma' means swift, or spry; pu-a is & flower 
but pu-a' is a bundle, or herd, or flock. 

5. In words of more than two syllables the accent generally falls on the penult. 
When this is not the case words in this book carry the accent mark; thus, kanaka 

is a man, whilst ka'naka signifies men. 

6. Reduplicated words follow the accent of their primitives as ku'hiku'hi from 
ku'hi; hjo'loho'lo, from ho'lo; ha'kiha'kiirora haki ; the penult of the reduplicated word 
taking the primary accent. 

7. The causative, hoo, prefixed to a verb does not change its accent, but receives, 
a secondary accent; thus, hoo'apo'no, hoo'ikai'ka, hoo' alo' halo' ha. 

8. The sign of the passive voice, i-a, takes a secondary accent, as huna', huna'i'a. 

9. According to the best usage of the present day the Hawaiian consonants have 
their unchangeable sounds. Thus "Ka-lo" is never pronounced ta-ro by educat- 
ed Hawaiians, nor is "Ka-pu" changed by them into ta-bu. 

10. Words incorporated into the Hawaiian language from the English retain 

their English consonant sounds. Thus "Sabbath" becomes sabati in Hawaiian 

and is not spelled kapaki. "Book" is written 6u)ke and not puJfec; "Bible" is Baibala 
and not Paipala. 


This book is intended to assist the Hawaiian pupil to acquire a 
practical knowledge of the English Language. But if it is placed in the 
hands of the pupils merely as a book of reference, its mission will not be 
fulfilled. It is intended to be used as a text-book in spelling and dictation , 
with this advantage in its favor — the pupil can comprehend the meaning 
of each word as he proceeds. It is also intended to be used in sentence- 

It is presumed that pupils using this book understand the signifiance 
of the parts of speech of the English Language, and that they also have a 
little knowledge of sentence-building. 

This being the case, whenever a spelling lesson is assigned to the 
class, let it be so short that each pupil may become acquainted with the 
use of each word, by building sentences. Let each word, as it is spelled, 
be incorporated into a simple sentence, the remaining essential words 
being furnished by the pupils. 

It is not necessary that the alphabetical order of the vocabulary be 
followed. Let the teacher give the class a list of words to be incor- 
porated into sentences, requiring each pupil to prepare the sentences be- 
forehand. Then, after the class has recited the lesson, and mistakes 
have been corrected, exercise it in the impromptu construction of sen- 
tences, thus forming habits of quick perception. 

The idiom of the Hawaiian language requires that the qualifying ad- 
jective should /oZZoiy its noun, and, that the predicate of a sentence should 
precede its subject. So the Hawaiian pupil will naturally say "A horse 
fine," "runs swiftly the horse fine," unless his attention is called to these 
differences between the idoms of the two languages. 

The Chronological Table, at the close of the book, may also be made a 
very interesting study to the pupil. Assign dates from the table to the 
class, and let each pupil cluster historical incidents around these dates, 
drawing them from all available sources. After the class has done its 
best in this line, let the teacher supplement class effort from his superior 
sources of information. 



Long and Short Sounds. 

4^, a, long, as in * :...j...Ale, Fiite, Gray 

A, a, short, as in .^Add, Fat, Kansoin 

T^, e, long, as in Five, Mete, Seisure 

E, e, short, as in End, Met, Leopard 

1, i, long, asin ..Ice, Knife, Thrive 

tf i, short, asin Inch, Skin, Tribute 

8, 6, long, asin <ild, KoII, Kei)(>se 
_, o, short, asin Odd^ S6d, Hi'irrid 

\J, u, long, asin ^ Use-ful, Tube 

IT, u, short, asin Under, Fun, Sftpper 

It, y, long, as in Fly, Simplify 

1l% y» short, asin Hymn, Siuxply 


A A 

A, a, asin ...-Air, Fair, Snare 

.A, ii, Italian, asin ^ :Art, Fiitlier, Scar 

A, a, asin Ask, Grass, Dance 

^, a, broad, as in A^l, Baulk, Talk 

A, a, like short o, as in What, Wander 

E, fe, like a, asin fjre. There, Heir 

E, e, like a, asin Eig^ht, Prey Obey 

Mf e, asin Ver-min, Er-mine 

j(, k", like e, asin J'ique, Machine 

X, i, like e, asin ..Irksome, Virgin 

O, 6, like fi, asin Other, Done, Son 

O, q, like long oo, as in Prove, Do, Move 

O, o, like short 00, as in Bosom, Woman 

Oi 6,jlike a, asin Ordj^r, Form, Storm 

OO, do, asin Moon, Food, Booty 

OO, o~b, asin Wot>lj, Gr>bd^ Fo^bt 

tJ, u, as in Urgre, Urchin 

U, u, preceded by r, asin Rule, Rumor 

tl, u, like ot>, as in Bull, '"Put, Bush 

^i,'oi or Oy, oy, unmarked, as in Oil, Join, Oyster, Toy 

Ou, ou or Ow, ow, unmarked, as in Out, Hound, Owl, Vowel 


C» €» so/^ like sharp s, as in QeAe, Ac-cepf 

€, €, hard, like k, as in ~ Call, Concur 

Ch, ch, (unmarked) asin Child, Church 

Ch, ch, hard, like k, asin Chorus, Echo 

^h, ch, soft, like sh, as in ^haise. Machine 

G, g, (unmarked), /lard, asin Gun, Tiger 

6, g, soft, asin 6em, Engine 

S, s, sharp, (unmarked), asin Same, Rust 

f, vocal or flat, like 2, asin Has, Amuse 

Th, th, sharp, (unmarked), as in Thirtieth 

Th, th, vocat or ^af, asin Thither, Thou 

X, X, like gz, as in Ejact, Example 

Ph, ph, (unmarked), like/, as in Philanthropy 

Qu, qu, (unmarked), like kw, asin Quality 

Wh, wh, (unmarked), like hw, as in Why, When 


The principal accent is denoted by a heavy mark, (') and the secondary by a light 
mark, {'), as in Ex-am'i-na'tion, Im'mor-tftPi-ty. 


Prkparsd by RBV. W. B. OLBSON, 


English prefixes are syllables put before English words to change their meaning. 
Thus the word 'illegal' is composed of the prefix HV and the recognized EngUsh 
word "legal." 

But in such words as 'illustrate,' the HI' is not a proper English prefix, but 
merely an initial syllable. 

As a prefix, HI' means 'not;' whilst, as an initial syllable merely, It is not separ- 
able from the rest of the word. 

In the following tables the definitions are for the various syllables used as prefixes 
only. Some prefixes are sometimes merely Intensive or superfluous, and are largely 
obsolete; that is, not used. Ex. A-wake, A-rise, Be-dazzle, Be-gird, For-do, 




















>■ as In < 


' as in * 

















Re- fresh.' 







means not " 

opposite to 














cry down. 

to take from fame. 

to cause rage. 

to make \f^'i- 

gain again, 
tell before, 
spell wrong, 
soak in. 
on shore. 

Some prefixes are English words and define themselves. 








>' as In I 

as In " 

Out' grown 







<■ denotes " 

means < 











As initial syllables, the following occur in many English words, bat as proper 
English prefixes they occur but comparatively few times. 













as lu 

as m 









Sub-of fi-cer ^ f under. 

In'ter-is'land among. 

as in ■< Post-nup'tial > means < after. 
Ex-gov-er-nor former. 

Cir-cum-nav-i-gate J ^ around. 

I as in I 

I as in I 

I as in •! 

as in < 

^ means Jialf. 

I means over. 

I means more than, 

I means with. 

I means before. 

> m^eans against. 

English snfSxes are syllables placed after English words to change their meaning. 
The same distinction needs to be made between suffixes and final syllables as be- 
tween prefixes and initial syllables. Thus: *'able,'^is a true suffix in '*val'u- 
able," but a final syllablemerely in the word "cap'able." In the latter word it is 
not separable from it, while in the former word it denotes" having value." 

Words ending in 'ness' and 'ship' denote 'quality' or 'being,' as 'goodTies*,' 
'fellows/itp.' Words ending in 'some' denote 'emphasis,' as lone-some. 

Words ending in 'ist' denote attachment to a particular calling or profession; as 

Words ending in 'age,* denote the condition of a person or thing; as 'vassal-age.' 

Several suffixes have nearly the same force in the words in which they are found. 




as in 








► state of being ^ 







The following table includes all the commoner suffixes not already noticed. 








as in 

as in 

as in 

> as in 

as m 












means < 


\ one who. 
I relating to. 

having the. 
qualities of. 

that one may. 


Used in the Vocabulary. 

adj Adjective 

adv Adverb 

conj Conjunction 

/ Feminine 

interj Interjection 

m Masculine 

n Noun 

pi Plnral 

prep Preposition 

p. p Participle past 

pron Pronoun 

Sing Singular 

Syn Synonym 

V Verb 


English-Hawaiian Dictionary 

A art. 1. Kekahi. A dog ran, holo 
kekahi ilio. 
2. He. Jt is a dog, he ilio ia. 

A-baft', adv. Mahope, abaft the viain 
mast J Mahope o ke kia nui. Pili i na 
wahi maluna o ka mokn. 

A-ban'don, v. E haalele loa; e waiho 
loa'ku. He abandoned his evil habits. 
Waiho loa'ku la oia i kana mau hana 

A-ban'doned, ad;. 1. Haalele loa la; 
Syn. forsakened. Tlie abandoned house, 
Ka hale i haalele loa ia. 
2. Lilo loa i ka hewa; puni loa i ka he- 
wa. Syn. profligate. 

A-base', v. E hoohaahaa. Syn. degrade; 
humble; cast down. 

A-base'ment, n. Ka hoohaahaa ana. 
Syn. degradation. 

A-bash', E hoopilihua; e hoohilahila; e 
pilihua. Syn. confuse; disconcert; 
shame. Peter was abashed when his mas- 
ter looked at him. Pilihua o Petero i ka 
nana'na o kona Haku iaia. Do not con- 
fuse me with your talk. Mai hoopilihua 
mai ia'u me kou "vvalaau. 

A-bat'a-ble, adv. Hiki ke hooemiia. 

A-bate', v. E emi; e hooemi. Syn. de- 
crease ; subside ; lessen . The waters abate, 
ke emi nel na wai. The pain is lessened, 
ua hooemiia ka eha. 

Ab-bre'vl-ate, v. E hoopokole; e hoo- 
hapa mai. Syn. abridge. Abbreviate 
your speech, e hoopokole i kau haiolelo. 

Ab-bre'vl-a'tion, n. Ka hoopokole 
ana; ka hoohapa ana mai. Syn. abridge- 

Ab'di-cate, v. 1. E haalele aku. Syn. 
vacate. Abdicate the throne, c haalele 
aku i ka noho alii. Vacate the chair, e 
haalele i ka noho 

2. E waiho aku. Syn. resign. To resign 
the office. E waiho aku i ka oihana. 

Ab'dl-ca'tion, n. Ka haalele aku ana; 
ka waiho akii ana. 

Ab-do'zueu, 71. Kaopu; keahakahaka. 


Ab-doin'I-nal, adj. Pili ana i ke kea 

Ab-dtict', V. E kai main' aku; c kaili. 
Syn. kidnap. He abducted the child, ka- 
ili aku la oia i ke keiki. 

Ab-dGe'tion, n. Ke kai malu' an'aku; 
ke kaili ana. Syn. kidnapping. 

Ab-dOe'tor, n. Ka mea nana e kai ma- 
lu' aku. 

A-beam', adv. Pa aoao mai. The wind 
is abeam, pa aoao mai ka makani. 

A -bed', aav. Maluna o ka moe; maka 


Ab'er-ra'tion, n. 1. Ke kekee ana. 

2. Ka haalele ana i ka pololei. 

3. He opulepule o ka noonoo. 
A-bet', t'. 1 E kokua ma na meapono 

ole. Do not abet the thief, mai kokua i 

ka aihue. 

2. E kokua malu'. Syn. connive at. 

Do not connive at evil, mai kokua malu' 

i ka hewa. 
A-bey'-an^e, n. Kahookauluaaname 

ka hooko ole. The work was in abey- 
ance, ua hookaulua ia ka hana. 
Ab-hor', v. Ehoopailua loa. Syn. loathe; 

abominate. Abhor evil, e hoopailua loa 

1 ka hewa. 
Ab-h6r'rence, n. Ka hoopailua loa 

ana. Syn. loathing; detestation. 
Ab-hor'rent, adj. Ku i ka hoopailua 

ia. Syn. detestable. 
A-bide', r. 1. E noho iki; e hoomoana. 

Syn. stay. Abide over night, e noho a 

hala ka po. 

2. E paa. I will abide bv your decision, 

e paa ana au ma kau olelo hooholo. 
A-bid'ingr-pla^e, n. He wahi noho paa. 

Syn. home. 
A-bll'i-ty, n. Ho mana hooko, Syn. 
„ capacity. 
Ab'Jeet, adj. 1. Haahaa loa. Syn. mean, 

vile. An abject man, he kanaka haahaa 


2. Hnukae; Paumacle. 

3. Abject poverty, ilihune loa. 





Ab-jeet'ly , adv. Me ka haukae loa; ma 

ke ano hoopilimeaai. 
Ab-jure', v. E haalele me ka hooMkiia. 

A-blaze', adv. Aa i ke ahi. Syn. on fire. 

A'ble, adj. 1. Makaukau. Syn. capable. 
An able man he kanaka makaukau. 
2. Hiki. Syn. can. Are you able to do 

_this, hiki anei !a oe ke hana i keia? 

A'ble-bocl'ietl, adj. Kino ikaika; pui- 


A/bly, adv. Me keakamai; me ka ma- 

Ab-lu'tion, n. 1. Ka holoi ana i ka ma- 

2. Ka holoi ana i ke kino okoa. 

3. Ka auau aua. 

Ab-nor'mal, adj. Ano e; ku ole i ka 
rula. Syn. deformed. 

A-board', adv. Maluna o ka moku, a o 
ke kaa pah a. All aboard! pau mai ma- 
luna o ka moku, (a o ke kaa paha). 

A-bode', n. Wahi noho paa. Syn. abid- 
ing place. 

A-bdl'ish, V. Ehoopau; ehoonoa. Syn. 
^Abolish the law, e hoonoa i ke kanawai. 

Ab'o-li'tion, n. Ka hoopau ana; ka 
hoonoa ana. Syn. Abrogation. 

A-bdm'i-na-ble, adj. Inoloa; pelapela 

A-bom'i-nate, v, E hoopailua loa. Syn. 
abhor; detest, 

A-bom'i-na'tion, n. He mea hoopai- 
„lua; mea pelapela. 

Ab'-o-rig'i-nal, adj. Mai kamuamai; 
maoli. The aboriginal inhabitants, na 
^kupa maoli o ka aina. 

Ab'o-rig'-i-nes, n. Na kupa maoli o 
ka aina. 

A-bor'tion, n. Ka hanau e ana. Hee 

A-bor'tive, &dj Makehewa; hoka. 
Abortive efforts, ka hooikaika makehe- 

A-bound', v. E paapu. 

A-bout', prep. Aneane; kokoke. He is 

about to go, kokoke ia e hele. About a 

thousand, aneane he tausaui. Syn. near- 
A-bouf, adv. 1. Ma kauwahi. Syn. 

near. Me is about the house, ala ia ma 

kauwahi o ka hale. 

2. Ma; J am about my work, eia au ma 

ka'u hana. 
A-bove', prep, and adv. Kiekie ae; ma- 

A-bove'board, adv. Ma ke akea; me 

ka huna' ole; me ka epa ole. 
A-bove'meii'tioned, adj. loleloiama- 

luna'e nei, 
A-bra'sion, n. Ke koli ana apohole. 
A-breast', adv. 1. Papa. Stand abreast, 

e ku papa mai. 

2. Kupono i kekahi wahi, a mea paha. 

Abreast of the harbor, kupono i ke awa. 
A-bridp:e', v. E hoopokole; e hoohapa 

mai. Syn. abbreviate. 

A-bridge'ment, n. Ka hoopokole ana; 

ka hoohapa ana mai. 
A-broad', adv. 1. Laha. Death is abroad 

in the'land, lahaka make maka aina. 

2. I na aina e. He went abroad, hele 
„oiai naaina e. 

Ab'ro-gate, v. E hoonoa. Syn. abolish. 
Ab-rtkpt', adj. 1. Kalakala. An abrupt 

speech, he olelo kalakala. 

2. Ku; An abrupt precipice, he jtnli "ku. 
Ab-riipt'ly, adv. 1. Me ke kalakala. 
^2. Ano pali ku. 
Ab's^ess, n. He mai palahee. 
Ab-seond', v. E mahuka; e holo malu'. 
Ab-scond'er, n. He mea mahuka. 
Ab'sen^e, n. Ke kaawale ana ma kahi 

Ab'sent, adj. Ma kahi e. Absent friends^ 

na hoa'loha ma kahi e. 
Ab-sent', v. E hookaawale aku. Do not 
absent yourself for a long time, mai hoo- 
„ kaawale aku oe no ka wa loihi. 
Ab'sen-tee', n. Ka mea kaawale aku. 
Ab'8o-lute,adj. 1. Loa. Absolute power, 
manaloa. Absolute perfection, hemolele 

2. Keakea ole la. Absolute promise, 
olelo paa i keakea ole ia. Syn. uncon- 
edition al. 

Ab'so-lute-ly, adv. 1. Me ke keakea 
ole ia. Govern absolutely, e hoomalu me 
ke keakea ole ia mai. 
2. MaoU. Syn. truly. It is absolutely 
^so, pela maoli no; oiaio maoli no. 
Ab'so-lu'tion, n. Ke kala ana i ka he- 
_ wa. Syn. pardon. 

Ab-8olve', V. E kala; e kala i ka hewa. 
Ab-sorb', v. 1. E omo. The thirsty soil 
absorbs water, ke omo nei ka lepo panoa 
1 ka wai. Syn. drink in. 
2. Lilo loa. He is absorbed in his books, 
lilo loa oia i kona mau buke. 
Ab-sorb'ent, w. Ka mea e omo ana. 

2. Kekumui lilo loa aika man ao. 
Ab-s6rb'ing, adj. E hoolilo pau ana i 
ka noonoo. An absorbing thought, he 
manao e hoolilo pau ana i ka noonoo. 
Ab-s6rp'tion, n. 1. Ka omo ana. The 
absorption of moisture, ka omo ana i ka 

2. Ka lilo loa ana. Absorption of mind, 
ka lilo loa ana i ka noonoo. 
Ab-8tain', v. E hookaawale aku; ehoo* 

kaaokoa'ku. Syn. refrain; forbear. 
Ab-ste'mi-ous, adj. 1. Pakiko. 

2. E umi ana i ke kuko. 
Ab'8tl-nen?e, n. Ke kaaokoana'ku. 
Ab'8tra€t, n. Moolelo i kaomiia. SYN. 

Ab-stract% v. 1. E unuhi ae. 
2. E kaili aku, Syn. purloin. 
Ab'stract, adj. Kuu kaawale; pili ole 
i kekahi mea. An abstract number, he 
helu ku kaawale, (e laa 10.) An abstract 
idea he manao kaawale, pili ole i ke- 
kahi mea i ike maka ia. 
Ab-8truso', adj. Pohihihi; maopopo 




Ab-surd', adi. Lapuwale; ku I ka aka- 

aka; kaawale loa niai ka oiaio. 
Ab-surd'i-ty, «. He mea lapuwale ; he 

maiiao lapuwale. 
Ab-8urd'ly , adv. Me ke lapuwale. 
A-ban'dan^e, n. Ka lawa pono. 
A- b6n'dant, adj. Lawa pono; nuiwale. 
A-biise'jW. 1. Ka hana ino. Abuse of 

the body, ka hana ino i ke kino. 

2. Ka noomainoino. 
A-buse' (a-buze), v. E hoomalnolno; 

e hana ino. 
A-bu'sive, adj. Hoomainoino; hana 

A-but'ment, n. 1. Ka pill pu ana. 

2. He kahua i kukuluia no ke alahaka. 
A-byss', n. He wahl kuhoho. 
Ae-a-deni'ie, ) adj. Pill i ke kula kie- 
Ae-a-deni'ie-al,i kic. 

An academical education, ka hoonaaua- 

oia o ke kula kiekie. 
A-ead'e-my, rt. 1. He kula kiekie. 
^ 2. He ahahui imi naauao. 
Ae-^ede', v. E ae aku. 
Ae-^e'ler-ate, V. Ehoomama; ehoohi- 
^kiwawe; e awiwi. Syn. hasten. 
Ae'^ent, n. Ke kalele ana o ka leo. 

Mark of accent, he kaha kalele leo. 
Ac-^env, v. E kalele leo. 
Ac-^ept', v. 1. Eae;elawe. Accept a 

report, e lawe i ka olelo hoike. Accept 

a proposition, e ae 1 ka manao. 
Ac-^ept'an^e, n, 1. Ka ae ana e lawe. 

2. Ka lawe ana. The acceptance of the 

report, ka lawe ana i ka olelo hoike. 
Ae-^ept'a-ble, adj. Oluolu i ka manao, 

ku 1 ka niakemake. 
Ac-^ept'a-bly, adv. Me ke aponola, me 

ka maikai. Jt was done acceptably, ko 
. ia mea me ka maikai. 
Ac'^ess, n. Ke komo ana aku. 

Ac-^ess'i-ble, adj. 1. Hiki. Knowledge 
is accessible to all, he hiki i ka poe a pau 
ke loaa i ke ike. 

2. Laulea; oluolu. The teacher is acces- 
sible to the scholar, oluolu ke kumu i ka 
haumaua Syn. friendly. 

Ac-?es'8o-ry, ?i. He kokua makahoo- 
haki kanawai; he kokua ma ka hewa. 

^Syn. accomplice. 

Ac'^l-dent, n. He poino i ulia wale. 

Ac'^l-dent'al, adj. Ulia wale. 

Ac'^i-dent'al-ly, adv. Ma ke ano ulia 
wale. He was hurt accidentally, ua eha 
wale mai no ia. 



Ac-cli'mate, v. E hoomaamaa i ke kau 

o ka aina. 
Ac-cllv'i-ty, n. Hoopiina mauna. 

Ae-com'mo-date, v. E kokua; e hoo- 
lako. He accommodated me with a horse, 
ua kokua mai oia i lio no'u. Syn. as- 

Ac-conri'mo-da'tlnpr, adj. Kokua; olu- 
olu. An accommodating man, he kanaka 
kokua. Syn. obliging. 

n. Hoo'ho mahalo. 

Ac-€^in'ino-da'tion> n. Ke kokua ana; 

ka hoolako ana. 
Ae-eom'mo-da'tlons, TO. «Z. Na lako, 

na pono o ka noho ana. Poor accommo- 
dations, heniahema na lako o ka noho 

Ac-eom'pa-nl-ment, to. Mea kokua 
pu. Instrumental accompaniment, ke ko- 
kua pu ana o na mea kani i ka leo. 

Ae-com'pa-ny, r. Ehelepu; e ukali. 

Ac-€om'i)li^e, TO. He hoa ma ka hewa. 

Ae-com-plisli, v. E hooko. Syn. com- 
plete; perform. 

Ac-cdm'plished, adj. 1. Hookoia. Syn. 

2. Akamai; makaukau ma na mea na- 

Ac-com'pllsh-inent, TO. Kahookoana. 
Syn. fulfilment. 
2. A f till accomplishment, ipuui eo, 

Ac-cord', t'. E ku-like; elokahi.' 

Ac-cord'an^pe, n. Ku-like. I7i accord- 
ance with his ideas, ku-like me kona ma- 

Ac-cord'ing to, prep. Mamuli o. Syn. 
in accordance with. 

Ac-cord'ing-ly, adv. Like. Syn. like- 
wise. Do accordingly, e hana like. 
2. Nolaila; no ia mea hoi. Syn. there- 
fore; for that reason. 

Ac-cost', V. E kamailio mua aku. 

Ac-count', TO. 1. He moolelo. Syn. nar- 

2. He helu; helu aie. 

3. Accounts, na helu. Public accounts, 
na buke helu o ke aupuni. 

Ac-counf, V. E hoike; e hoike lea. 1 
cannot account for it, aole hiki ia'u ke 
hoike lea no ia mea. 

Ac-count'a-bil'i-ty, TO. 1. Ku i ka hoo- 
kolokoloia. Man's accountability to God, 
ke ku o ke kanaka i ka hookolokoloia 
imua o ke Akua. Man's responsibility 
to man, ka pono o ke kanaka i ke ka- 

2. Kail! ana. The responsibility of the 
work rests upon him, ill ka hana maluna 
on a. 

Ac-count'a-ble, adj. Ka noho anama- 
lalo o ka hooponopono ana o hai. 

2. Hiki ke hoomaopopoia. 

3. Kupono ke hoike nona iho. An id- 
iot is not responsible, kupono ole ka hu- 
po ke hoike nona iho. 

Ac-counfant, to. Mea malama buke 

Ac-cou'ter-ments, TO. 1. Na mea e ka- 

hiko ai ka lio 

2. Na mea e kahiko al a nan! ke kino. 
Ac-cred-it, v. E hoapono ma ka pala- 

Ac-crue', v. E mahuahua mai. 

Ac-cu'mu-late, v. 1. E ho'ahu. Syn. 
amass. Accumulate wealth, ho'ahu wai- 

2. E hooililli;e hooakoakoa. Syn. col. 
lect. Collect stones, e hooiliili i na po- 




A€-€u'inu-la'tIon, n. Ka ho'ahu ana; 

„ ka hooiliili ana. 

Ae'eu-ra-^y, n. Pololei o ka liana, a 
olelo paha. 

Ac'cu-rate, adj. Pololei loa. Syn. ex- 

J^c-cnrs^ed, adj. Hooinoinoia. 

Ac'eu-sa'tion, n. Olelo hoohewa. 
2. Ka hoopii ana no kekahi hewa. 

A€-€use', V. E hoopii no ka hewa; e 

Ac-eus'er, n. Ka mea nana e hoohewa. 

A€-€iis'-toin, v. E hoomaamaa; e hoo- 

Ac-cfis'tomed, adj. Pakua'. Syn. us- 
ual; common. A common occurrence, he 
mea pakua' wale; mea maa wale. 

A-^erb'i-ty, n. Awahia; awahia o ka 

Ache (ak), n. He eha; he hui. Syn. 

A-chieve', v, E loaa mamuli o ka hoo- 
ikaika; e lauakila. Achieve success, eluo 
aku a, lanakila. 

A-chieve'nxent, w. 1. Kahanai lana- 

„2. Hana nui i hookoia. 

A'^id, n. He mea awaawa. 

Ac-knowl'edge, v. 1. E ae i kapono, 
a hewa paha. Syn. admit; own. lac- 
knowledge I was wrong, ke ae nei au ua 
hewa wau. 

2. E hooia. He acknowledged the con- 
tract, ua hooia oia i ka olelo ae-like. 

Ac-knowl'edgre-ment, n. 1. Ka ae 
ana'ku. Syn. admission; confession. 
2. Ka hooia ana. Acknowledgement of 
the contract^ ka hooia ana i ka palapala 

Ae'me, n. Ka wekiu; ka piko. 
2. Acme of the disease, ka mahuahua 
loa mai o ka mai. 

A-€t>u'8tie8, n. Ka ike e pili anal ka 
leo; kekani; kahaalulu. 

Ac-quaint'an^e, n. 1. He hoalauna; 
kanaka ike pono ia. 
2. Heike; nemaopopo. 

Ac'qui-es^e', v. E apono. 
2. E ae i ka manao, a makemake o hai. 
Syn. submit; yield. I acquiesce in your 
decision, ke ae nei au i kau olelo hoo- 

Ae-quire', V. E loaa. Syn. obtain; get. 

Ae'qui-si'tion, n. Ka loaa ana; ka mea 

Ae-qmt', v. E hookuu hala ole. Syn. 
to clear. 

Ae-quit'tal, w. Ka hookuu ana no ka 

„ hala ole. 

A'ere (a'ker), n. He eka; he 160 roda 


A'ere-age, n. Ka nui o na eka. Syn. 

^number of acres. 

Ae'rid, adj. Mulea; awahia; wela. Syn. 

„ pungent. 

A-c'ri-mo'ni-otks, adj. Kalae'a; aki. 

Ac'ri-mo-ny , n. He kalae'a o ka olelo, 
o ka leo. 

Ac'ro-bat, n. He kanaka e kea'ka ana 

me kona kino. 
A-€r6ss', prep, and adv. Mai kekahi aoao 
a i kekahi aoao. 

2. To place one thing across another, e 
„ kau pea i kekahi mea maluna o kekanu 
Act, V. E hana; e hooko. 

2. E hoike. Act the coward^ e hoike iaia 
^iho he maka'u wale. 
Act, n. Ka hana. 

2. Ka mea i hanala. 
^3. He kanawai o ka ahaolelo. 
Ac'tion, n. 1. He hana. 

2. He hoopii Imua o ke kanawai. 

3. He kaua iwaena o na moku kaua, 
Syn. naval action. 

4. A man of action, not of words, he ka- 
^naka hooko, aole he kanaka olelo wale. 

Ae'tion-a-ble, adj. Ku i ka hoopiiia. 

Aet'lve, adj. Mama; miki ma ka hana ; 

makaala. Syn. wide awake. 
Ac-tiv'1-ty, n. Ka makaala; ka miki 

ma ka hana. Mental activity, ka maka- 
„ ala o ka noonoo. 
Acf or, n. 1. He kanaka kea'ka. 

2. Ka mea e hana ana. 

Act'u-al, adj. See Real, 

Aet'u-al-ly, adv. Syn. really. It is act- 
^xcally so, pela maoli no. 
Aefu-ate, v. 1. E hooeueu; e palpal. 

Syn. incite; arouse. 

2. _E hoala. Syn. arouse. 
A-cu'inen,n. Ka makaala o ka noonoo; 

noeau. Syn. sagacity. 
A-cute', adj. 1. 01. Acute angle, huina 


2. Eha loa. Acute pain, he eha loa. 

3. Maalea. Syn. shrewd. 

4. Noeau. An acute reasoner, he kana- 
ka noonoo noeau. 

A-cute'ly, adt/. 1. Ehaehaloa. 

2. Me ka noeau. 
Ad'a^e, n. He olelo ao; olelo maa mau. 

Syn. proverb. 
A-dapf, V. E hookupono; e hoopill- 

Ad'ap-ta'tion, n. Ka pili pono ana; 
^ke kupono ana. 
Add, V. 1. E hoouluulu. Add numbers, 

e hoouluulu i na helu. 

2. E kui; epakui. Add another room 

to the house, e pakui hou mai i keena no 

ka hale. 
Ad-di'tion, n. 1. Ka hoouluulu. 

2. Ke kui ana; ka pakui ana. 
Ad-di'tion-al, adj. Hou mai. Addi' 

tional expense, lilo hou maL Additional 

trouble, pilikia hou mai. 
Ad-dlct', V. E maa; e walea. Addicted 
^to strong drink, maa i ka wai ona. 
Ad'dled, adi. Ho wai; huailo. Addle- 

pated, huailo ka noonoo. 
Ad-dress', v. E kamailio i kekahi aku. 

I address myself to you, ke kamailio aku 

nei au ia oe. 

2. E kakauinoa ma ka palapala, Syn, 





Ad-dress', n. L He haiolelo. Syn. lec- 

2. Kainoa i kakaiiia ma ka palapala, 
a iiknna paha. Syn. superseription. 

3. Akamai; makaukau. Syn. dexter- 
ity; skill. 

A-dept',*n. He mea makaukau; mea 
akamai. An adept at lying ^ he mea ma- 
^kaiikau i ka wahahee. 

Ad'e-qxiate, arf/. Lawa pono. 

Ad-here', v. 1. E kupaa, standfast. 
Adhere to the truth, e kujma 1 ka oiaio. 
2. Epilipaa; epipili. Syn. stick. Glue 
adheres to wood, Bipili ke gelu' i ka laau. 

Ad-lier'ent, n. Mea kupaa. An adher- 
ent of the King, mea kupaa i ka Moi. 

Ad-her'ent, adj. Pilipu; pilipaa. Syn. 

Ad-lie'sive, a(f/. Pipill. Syn. sticky. 
3fud is sticky, pipili ka lepo palolo. 

A-dieu', adv. He huaolelo e haawi ana 
i ke aloha kaawale. Syn. goodbye; fare- 

Ad-ja'^ent, adj. E waiho kokoke ana; 
^pili pu ana. Syn. adjoining. 

Ad'Jee-tive, n. He hai ano. 

Ad-join'ing, adj. E pili pu ana. 

Ad-jo urn', v. E hoopanee i ka halawal. 
2. Adjourn sine die, e hoopau loa i ka 

Ad-journ'ment, n. Ka hoopanee ana. 
The adjournment of legislature, ka hoo- 

^panee ana i ka ahaolelo. 

Ad'junct, w. 1. Hua olelo pili pu. 
2. Mea pilipu. Knowledge ts an adjunct 
to civilization, he mea pill pu ka ike i ka 
naauao o ka noho ana, 

Ad-jure', v. E koi mamuli o kahoohiki. 

Ad-jtisf, V. E hooponopono. Adjust 

^the difficulty, e hooponopono i ka hinia. 

Ad'ju-tant, n. Helunakokua; he hope. 
Adjutant-General, he hope kenela. 

Ad-min'is-ter, v. 1. E lawelawe. Ad- 
minister public affairs, e lawelawe ma ka 
oihana aupuni. 

2. E haawi. Administer reproof, e haa- 
wi i ka oleic ao. Administer relief, e 
haawi i ke kokua. 

3. E hooponopono. Administer an es- 
tate, e hooponopono i ka waiwai. 

4. Adminuter an oath, QhootdYi. 
Ad-min'is-tra'tion, n. 1. Ka lawe- 
lawe ana; ka hooko ana. 

2- Na poo o ka oihana o ke aupuni. 
The present administration, na poo e la- 
welawe nei o ke aupuni. 

Ad-min'ls-tra'tor, n. 1. He mea e la- 
welawe ana ma kekahi oihana aupuni. 
2, He luna hooponopono waiwai. 

Ad'mi-ra-ble» adj. Ku i ka mahalo 

Ad'ml-ral, n. He adimarala; ke 'lii o 

^ ke aumoku kaua o ke aupuni. 

Ad'ml-ra'tlon, n. Ka mahalo nui. 

Ad-mire', v. E mahalo nui; e apono 
maikai, Syn. esteem' 

Ad-mir'er, n. 1. Mea mahalo mai. 
2. He ipo. Syn. lover. 

Ad-mls'sl-ble, adj. Kupono; kupono 
ke hookomoia. 

Ad-mit', V. 1. E hookomo aku. Admit 
the hearer, e hookomo aku i ka mea na- 
na keiailawe. 

2. See acknowledge. He admits his mis- 
take, ke ae nei oia i kona lalau. 

Ad-mit'tan^eW „ 1. Ka ae ana. Ad- 

Ad-inis'sion, ) mission of guilt, ka 
ae anauahewa. 

2. Ka hookomo ana. Admittance to the 
exhibition, ka hookomo ana i ka hoike- 

Ad-mdn'lsli, v. E ao aku; e pa'pa"ku. 

Ad'ind-ni'tion, n. He olelo ao; oleic 
pa'pa'. Syn. reproof; counsel. 

A-do' (a-du), n. Pilikia. 

A-d6pf , V. 1. E hookama. 

2. E apono. Adopt the report, e apono 
i ka olelo hoike. 

3. E apo. Adopt the truth, e apo i ka 

A-dop'tion, 71. 1. Ka hookama ana. 
2. Ka apono ana. 

8. Ke apo ana. The adoption of the sen- 
timent, ke apo ana i ka manao. 

A-dor'a-ble, adj. Ku 1 ka hoomanaia, 

A-dore', v. 1. E hoomana; e hoonani. 
2. E hoohiwahiwa. 

A-dor'er, n. 1. Ka mea e hoomana 
2. Ka mea aloha nui. 

A-dorn', v. 1. E kahiko ananl. 
2. E hoohanohano. He adorns his pro- 
fession, ke hoohanohano nei oia i kana 

A-droit', adj. Makaukau. Syn. expert; 

A-drlft', adj. Hookuu wale ia. The 
boat is adrift, ua hookuu wale ia ka 

A-dtilf , TO. He kanaka 00; he wahine 

A-dikl'ter-ate, v. E kawili pu i ka mea 
waiwai me ka mea waiwai ole. 

A-dai'ter-y, TO. He moe kolohe. 

Ad-van^e', v. 1. E nee imua. Advance 
in knowledge, e nee imua ma ka iko. 
2. E hookiekie. Advance in office, e 
hookiekie ae la ma ka oihana. 

Ad-vance'ment, TO. 1. Ka nee ana imua. 
2. Ka hookiekie ana'e. 

Ad-van'tage, w. He pomaikai. Syn. 


Ad'van-ta'^eous, acf/. Pomaikai. Syn. 

Ad-vent'ure, TO. Mea ulia. 

Ad-venf ur-er, to. He kuewa; he aea 

Ad-vent'nr-oiis, adj. Aa; nahoa. Syn. 

^bold; daring. 

Ad'verb. to. Halnalea. 

Ad'ver-sa'ry, n. He mea ku-e'; heen- 

Ad-v€rse', adj. Ku-e. An adverse de- 
cision, he olelo hoohoio ku-e'. 
2. In adverse circumstances^ pilikia ka 




Ad-ver'sl-ty, n. Ke kaii o ka poino; 
^ke kau ana mai o na popilikia. 

Ad'ver-tise', v. E hoolaha ma ka nu- 
pepa; e hoolaha oihaua, 

Atl-ver'tise-ment, n. He hoolaha ma 
ka nupepa. 

Ad-vi^e', n. Olelo ao. 

Ad-vis'a-ble, adj. Kupono. Syn. ex- 
pedient; proper. 

Ad-vise', v. 1. E ao. 
2. E kuka' pu. 

Ad-vise'ment, n. 1. Ke kukala'na. 
2. Ka noonoo ana. The matter is under 
advisement, ke noonoo la nei la mea. 

Ad-vis'or, w. Mea ao; mea kuka' pu. 

^2. He kakaolelo. 

Ad'vo-€ate, v. E kokua. 


Adze, J ^- Koikalai. 

A-e'ri-al, adj. E pill ana 1 ka lewa. 

_ Aerial flight, lele ana ma ka lewa. 

A'er-o-lite, n. He pohaku no ka lewa. 

A'er-o-naut', n. Ka mea e lewa ana 


A-er-o-naut'ic8, n. Ka ike no ka hoo- 
lewa ana'ma ka baluna. 

Aes-thet'ie, / j. E pili ana i ka 

Aes-thet'ie-al, ) •'• maikai, a i ka 
nani o ka noho'na. 

Aes-thet'ics, n. Ka ike e pono ai ka 
maikai, me ka nani o ka noho'na. 

A-far', adv. Mamao aku; kaawale loa 

^'ku; poiuiu. 

Af 'fa-ble, adj. Oluolu; laulea. Syn. po- 

Af-fair', n. Hana. A disgraceful affair, 

. he hana hilahila. 

Af 'fee-ta'tion, n. Heanohaakei; ano 

Af-feet'ing, adj. Manaonao. Syn. pa- 

Af-fee'tion, n. 1. He aloha. 
2. He mai. Affection of the heart, he 
mai e pili ana i ka puuwai. 

Af-fee'tion-ate, ao;. Aloha. An affec- 
tionate disposition, he ano aloha. 

Af-fi'an^e, v. E hoopalau. Syn. be- 
^ troth. 

Af fi-da'vit, n. Olelo hoike i kakauia, 
a i hoohikiia. Syn. deposition. 

Af-fll'i-ate, v. E launa pu; e hookama. 

Af-fin'i-ty, n. 1. Pili ma ka mare. 
2. Ka pili ana o kekahi mea i kekahi 

Af-firm', v. 1. E hooia, 
^2. E hoike pololei. Syn. assert. 

Af fir-ma'tion, n. 1. He olelo hooia. 
2. Ma ke kanawai, he olelo hoike i hoo- 
hiki ole ia. 

Af-f irm'a-tive, n. Ka aoao ae. 

Af-fix', V. t. 1. E pakui. 
2. E kaksm mahope. Afflx a signature, 
e kakau inoa mahope. 

Af-tliet', V. t. E hoopilikia; e hoopai; 
e hooehaeha. Syn. to trouble; to pain. 

Af-flie'tion, n. He popilikia. Syn. dis- 
^ tress. 

Af 'flii-ent, adj. Waiwai. Syn. wealthy. 

Af-fol•d^ V. 1. E haawi. Syn. give. Af- 
ford pleasure, e haawi i ka hauoli. 
2. Hiki. I cannot afford to hmj, aole 
hiki ia'u ke kuai. The student cannot af- 
ford to waste his time, aole hiki i ka hau- 
mana ke mauna wale i kona manawa. 

Af-fray', w. Hehaunaele; he hakaka. 
Syn. tumult quarrel. 

Af-front', V. E hoonaukiuki. Syn. of- 

2. E hookokonoi'e; e hanawale. Syn. 
insult; provoke. 

A-fire', adv. A ia i ke ahi. Syn. on fire. 

A-float', adv. Lana ma ka wai. 

A-foot', adv. Hele wawae. 

A-fore'said, adj. I olelo ia mamua. 

A-fore'time, adv. I ka wa i hala. 

A- f raid', adj. Maka'u; hopohopo; pu- 

A-fresh', adv. Hou. Syn. again. 

Aft, adv. Ma ka hope o ka moku. 

Aft'er, prep, and adv. Mahope; ihope. 

Aft'er-noon', n. Auina la. 

Aft'er- thought, n. Manao 1 ala 

^ mahope. 

Aft'er-wardg, adv. Mahope; i ka wa 

A-gain' (a-gen), adv. Hou. Do not do 
80 again, mai hana hou pela. 
2. Eiahou. Again; if this be true, etc. 
Eia hou; ina he oiaio keia, etc. 

A-gainstS prep. Ku-e'. Syn. versus. 

Agre, n. He au manawa. The age in 
which we live, ke au a kakou e noho nei. 
2. Na makahiki o ke ola ana. What is 

_your agef ehia ou mau makahiki? 

A'ged, ad/. Kahiko; piha na makahiki, 

_ Syn. old; venerable. 

A'gen-^y, n. Ka oihana o ke agena. 

A'^ent, w. 1. He hope; he agena. 
2. He kumu; he mana. Fire is an agent 
of heat, he kumu ke ahi no ka wela. 

Ag'grand-ize, v. E hoomahuahua. 
Syn. augment. Aggrandize power, e hoo- 
mahuahua i ka mana. 

Ag'gra-vate, v. 1. E hoonaukiuki; 
hoouluhua. He aggravated me, nana i 
hoonaukiuki mai la'u 
2. E hoomahuahua ino. It aggravates 
the case, na ia mea e hoomahuahua ino 

Ag'gra-vat'ing, adi. 1. Hoonaukiuki. 
An aggravating chad, he keiki hooua- 
2. Hoomahuahua ino. 

Ag'gra-va'tion, 7t. 1. K a hoomahua- 
hua ino ana, 
2. Ke kumu e ukiuki ai. 

Ag'gre-gate, n. Ka huina nui. Syn. 

Ag-gres'sor, n. Ka mea i hewa mua. 

A-ghast', adv. Pioloke; ilihia. He 
stood aghast with fear, pioloke oia i ka 

Ag'Ile, adj. Mama; kaukaulele. Syn, 

A-^il'i-ty, n. Ka mama o ke kiuo. 




A^l-tate, V. 1. E hoopulwa, 

2. E hooluliluli. 

8. E hoala. To agitate the sv^ect^ e ho- 

ala i kc kumu noouoo. 

4. E hoolalelale. 
Agr'-l-ta'tor, TO. 1. He mea hoolalelale; 

he in e a hoopuiwa. 

2. He mea e hoala mau ana 1 ka naau 

o kanaka. 
A-go't adv. Liuliu i hala. Long ago, 

liuliu loa. 
Ag'o-nize, v. E kupaka ka naau. 

Agr'o-ny, n, Eha kukonukouu o ka na- 
au, a o ke kino paha. 
A-pree', v. 1. E ae like; ekuikahi; e 


2. E ku like; e kohu like. 
A-gree'a-l)le, adj. 1. Oluolu. An 

agreeable breeze, he makani oluolu; he 


2. Laulea; launa. 
A-grree'tnent, n. Olelo ae-like; pala- 

pala ae-like. Syn. contract. 

2. Ke kulike ana; ka hookohu ana. 
Agr'rl-efil'tur-al, adj. E pili ana i ka 

oihaua mahiai. Agricultural Society, 

hui raahial. 
Aff'rl-ciilt'ure, n. Oihana mahiai. 

Ag'ri-ciil'tur-lst, to. Kanaka mahiai. 

Syn. farmer. 
A-ground', adv. Hi; mau. The ship is 

aground, ua ili ka moku. The boat is 

aground, ua mau ka waapa. 
A'giie (a'gu), to. Ka mai anu me ka 

A-head', adv. He has gone ahead, aia 

oia imua. 

2. Go ahead in your sttidies, e nee Imua 
ma kau mau haawina. 

3. To forge ahead, e nee malie imua. 
The ship jorged ahead, nee malie ae la 

_ka moku imua. 

Aid, TO. Kokua, Syn. help; assistance. 

Ald'de-caiap (ad-de-kong), n. He 

_luna lawelawe no ke generala. 

Ail, V. 1. E omaimai; enawaliwall. 
2. E hoopilikia. What ails the child f 
heaha ka mea e hoopilikia nei i ke kei- 

_ki? Syn. trouble; disturb. 

Aim, V. 1. E hoopololei ka nou ana; ke 
ki-pu' ana, 

2. E hookupono i ka manao maluna o 
kekahi kumu noonoo. Aim high in the 
pursuit of knowledge, e kau aku a kie- 

_ Kle ka manao i ka imi ana I ka naauao. 

Aini'legs, adj. Luana wale ae; nanea 
Avale; noonoo ole. To live an aimless 
life, e noho nanea wale. To study in an 
aimless way, e iml xne ke noonoo ole; e 

^ Imi wale. 

Air, TO. L He ea. 
2. Ka leo wahlne o ka leo mele. Syn. 
8. To put on airs, e hookapukapu; e 


Air, V. 1. E kaulal I ke ea. Air the bed 
clothes, e kaulai na lole moe 1 ke ea. 

2. E wehe I ke ea. Air ififi room, e we- 

y^he ke keeuai ke ea, Syn, ventilate. 

Alr'punip, n. He pauma ea e pauina 

^ana i ke ea noloko mai o kekahi mea. 

Air'sliaft, TO. Pukahookomo ea i ka lua 


^^ir'tight, adj. Komo ole ke ea; paa. 

AXr'y, adi. L Hamamaikeea. 
2. Lalelale. Syn. vivacious. 

Aisle (ile), n. He ala mawaena o na 
noho o ka luaklni, a hale e ae paha. 

A-jar', adv. Hamama iki; haraama ha- 
pa. The door is qjar, hamama iki ka 

A-kln',acf/. 1. PIK koko. 
2. A no like. 

A-lic'ri-ty, to. Ka raikioi ma ka hana. 

A-larin',n. Puiwa; hopohopo; maka'u. 
Syn. fear. 

A-larm'ing, adj. Hooweliweli; hoo- 

A-larm.'elock, to. He wati kani hoopu- 

A'las', inter j. Auwe! 

Al-be'it, adv. Oiai nae. Syn. notwlth- 

^ standing. 

Al'bum, TO. He buke malaraa i na mea 
milimill. Photographic album, he buke 
kii helehelena. Autograph album, he 
buke malama kakau lima. Stamp al- 
bum, he buke malama poo leta, me na 

^hoailona pai e ae. 

Al'eo-hol, TO. He wai kulu; he aleko- 
holo; ke kumu o na wai ikaika a p.m. 

A-lert', adj. Makaala; hoihoi; miki. 
Syn. vigilant; prompt. To be on the 
alert, e anehe. 

A-lert'ness, n, Ka noho makaukau; 

„ ka makaala. 

Al-ge-bra, n. Hoallona helu. 

A'li-as, adv. Oia hoi; pili i ka lawe ana 
1 ka Inoa kapakapa. Brown alias Smith, 

^o Baraunu, oia hoi o Kamika. 

Al'i-bi, TO. Ma kahi e; he olelo no ke 
kanawai, e hoike ana aia ma kahi e ka 
mea i hopuia no ke karaima, i ka wa i 

_hana ia ke karaima. 

Al'ien, to. He kupa no ka aina e. Syn. 

_2. HemaUhlnl. 

Al'ien-ate, v. 1. E hoolilo aku I keka- 
hi pono i kuleana na hai. 

2. He hoomokuahana i ke aloha. 

3. E hoohuli ku-e i ka manao. 
A-llght/, V. 1. E lele Halo; e lehel. 

Alight from the horse, e lehel mai ka lio. 

2. E kau. The bird alights on the branch, 

ke kau nel ka manu ma ka lala 
A-lign'meiit, TO. Ka hooponopono ana 

o ka laina. 
4^-1 ike', adv. Like a like. 
Al'i-mo-ny, n. He haawina waiwal na 

ka wahlne mare, ke okiia, a ke hooka- 
^ waleia paha mai ke kane. 
Al'i-qiiot, od/. Mahele koena ole. A is 

an aliquot part of IS, o ka 4 he mahele 

koena ole la o ka 12. 
A-lxve% adj' Ola; e oia ana. 





^11, adj. Pau loa; huina pau. Syn. to 
^tal;_the whole. 
Al-lay', V. E hooemi; e maalill mai. 

Syn. mitigate. 

2. E kena. Syn. quench. To allay 

thirst, e kena i ka make wai. 

8. E hoona'; e akakuu. Syn. pacify; 

Al-le'gi-ati^e, n. Ka pono o ka maka- 

ainana 1 kona aupuni. 

2. Ka pono a ke Kanaka e hana'i. 
Al-le8:e'(al-lej'),r. Ehaipololei. Syn. 
Al'le-go-ry,n. Hekaaonanenane. Syn 

f arable. 
-le'vi-ate, v. E hoomama. To alle- 
^viate distress, e hoomama i kaehakino. 
Al'ley, n. He alahele ololi iloko o ke 

Al-li'an^e, n. He kuikahi; kekuikahi 


2. He hui. Evangelical alliance, hul 
^ Eiianelio. 
Al'11-ga-tor, n. He moo uui o na muli- 

wai o America Hema. 
Al-low', V. E ae. Syn. permit. Allow 

me to go, e ae la'u e hele. 
Al-low'an^e, n. He haawina; he ma- 

Al-16y', w. Ka hui ana o na metala ano 

like Die. 
Al-lude', V. E kuhikuhi. Syn. refer. 
Al-lure', V. E hoowalewale; e onou. 

Syn. entice. 
Al-lur'lng, adj. Hoomalimali. Syn. 

Al-lu'sion, n. See Reference. 
Al-ly', n. He hoa; he kokua. 

Al'tna Ma'ter, w. Ke kula mil kahi i 
loaa i ka haumana ka ike. 

^I'ma-nae, n. 1. He alemenaka, papa 
kuhikuhi la. 

2. He buke hoike ana 1 na mea e pill 
ana i ka la, mahina, hoku, etc. 
8. Nautical almanac, he alemenaka 

4. JHe(i icaZa^jnaTioc, he alemenaka ho- 
ike laaulapaau. 

^l-might'y, adj. Mana loa. The Al- 
mighty, Ke Akua Mana Loa 

^lm6gt% adv. Kokoke; aneane. Syn. 

..very nearly. 

Alms, n. Na haawina manawalea. 

Alms'-house', n. Hale hookipa no ka 

foe i nele. Syn. poor-house. 
6ft', adv. Iluna. Look aloft, e nana 
lluna. Pili i ka pii ana iluna o ke kia. 

A-lone', ad;. Oia hookahi ; mehameha. 

A-16ng', adv. 1. Come along, e hele mai. 
2. 6o along, e hele pela. 

A-lting'side\ adv. Pili aoao. Along- 
side of the wharf, pili aoaoi ka uwapo. 

4^-1 oud', adv. Me ka leo moakaka; me 

Al'ph.a-bet, n. Ka papa A. 

Al'plia-betMc-al-ly, adv. Hoonohono- 
hoia mamuli o ka papa A. 

Al'pine, adj. 1. E pili ana i na mauna 

2. Kiekle, e like me na mauna Alepa. 
Alpine hights, na wahi kiekie o na mau- 

^1-read'y, adv. I keiamanawano; ano 
iho nei. 

Al'so, adv. and conj. No hoi. Do this 
also, e hana nohoi i keia. 

Al'tar, n. He kuahu; wahi mohal. 
Family altar, ka pule ohana. 

Al'ter, V. 1. E noololi; e hoo-ano e. 
Syn. change. 
2. E poa; e kahe i ka laho, 

Al-ter-a'tion, n. Ka hoololi ana; ka 
hoo-ano e ana. 

Al't«r-a-tlve, n. He laau lapaau; e 
hoo-ano e ana i ke koko. 

Al-ter-ca'tion, n. Ka hoopaapaa ino 
ana. Syn. dispute; wrangle, 

Al-ter'nate-ly, adv. Pakahi; ma ke 
ano kike'. 

Al-t€r'na-tive, n. Ka mea i kohoiao 
na mea elua. 

Al-tiioug:li' (al-tho,), conj. Ina no pa- 
^ha; oiai. 

Al'tl-tude, n. Ke kiekie. Syn. hight or 

Al'to, n. Ka lua o na leo mele kupono 
i ka wahine; leo aleto. 

^I'to-getli'er, adv. 1. Pau pu; hui 

2. Pakela loa. Altogether too much, oi 
pakela loa. 

A-lftm'nu8, n.p?. Alumni. He haumana 
i puka pono atu mai ke kula nui. 

^Vwa,yH, adv. Ina manawaapau; man. 

A-man'u-en'sis, 7i. 1. Ka mea i kakau- 
lima no hai. 
2. Karaeai kaknu i kaolelo ahai. 

A-mkaa', v. E hooahu. Syn. accumu- 

Am'a-tenr, n. Ka mea e hoomaamaa 
ana ma kekaht oihana. 

A-maz'ing, adj. Kupaianaha; luaole. 

Am-bas'sa-dor, 71. He elele i hoouna- 
iamai kekahi aupuni a i kekahi aupu- 
ni aku. 

Am'bi-dex'ter, n. He mea 1 makaukau 
like me kona mau lima elua. 

Am-big'u-ofiis, adj. Moakaka ole; ano 
lua; loli lua ke ano. An ambiguous sen- 
tence, he hoj>una,o\e\o ano lua.. An am- 
biguous thought, he manao lole lua. 

Am-bi'tion, n. Ke ake o ka uaau e lilo 
i pookela. 

^2. He manao hooia; manao hook iekie. 

^m'ble, V. E holo peke. Syn. pace. 

Am'bu-lan^e, n. He kaa halihali no 

^kapoeiehal ke kaua. 

Am'bus-eade', n. He poe e hoohalua 

^ ana i ka enemi; he poipo. 

Am'bush, n. He paliele; he wahi hoo- 

A-me'li-o-rate, v. 1. E hooakea i ka 
noho ana. Syn. alleviate. Ameliorate 
the condition of the poor, e hooakea i ka 
uoho-aua o ka poe ilihune. 




2. E hooluolu. Ameliorate pain, e ho- 
oluolu i ka eha. 
A-me'na-ble, adj. See Responsible. 

A-mend', v. 1. E hoololi. Amend the 
constitution, e hoololi i ke kumukana- 

2. E konini; e oioio; ehoomakamaie 

3. E hull mal ka hewa a i ka pono. 
A-mend'iuent, n. Ka hoololi ana. 

A-mends', n. 1. Kahulkala ana. 

2. Ka mea i paniia no kekahi hana 
_lno. a olelo ino paha. 
Am'i-a-ble, adj. Ku i ke aloha; ano 
„ oluolu. Syn. lovely. 
Am'I-ca-ble, adj. Ano launa. Syn. 

A-mid' I prep. Iwaena; mawaena. Syn 
A-inidsti among. 
A-ml8s% adj. 1. Ku pono ole. 
^2. Hele hewa; hu hewa. 
Am'i-ty. n. 1. Ka launa o ka manao. 

Syn. friendship. 

2. Ke aloha hoalauna. Syn. good will. 
„ Ka manao maikai. 
Am'mu-ni'tioii, w. Nalakonakekipu. 

Am'nes-ty, n. Ke kala ana 1 ka poe i 
kipi i ke aupuni. 

Arn'o-rotis, adj. Kuko wahine. Syn. 

A-mount', 71. Ka huina. 

A-mount', v. E lilo. It am/mnted to a 
large sum,, lilo ia i huina nui. 

A^n-phib'I-oiis, adj Ola like iloko o 

^ ka wai a ma ka aina. 

Am'phi-the'a-ter, n. 1. Hale keaka 
nui, ano poai, o ka wa kahiko. 
2. Amphitheater of mountains, na mau- 

^na e poai ana, 

i\in'ple, adj. Lawa pono; nui kupono. 

A3n'pH-fl-€a'tion, n. Kahooakeaana; 
ka hoomahuahua ana. Syn. enlarge- 


Am'pli-f^, V. 1. E hoomahuahua; am- 
plify the dimensions, e hoomahuahua i 
na pale n a. 

2. E wehewehe hou a nui. Amplify 
the analysis, e wehewehe hou a nui i ka 
olelo wehewehe. 

Am'ply, adv. Lawa kupono. Syn. suf- 

^ficiently; bountifully. 

Am'pu-tate, v. E oki a moku loa. 

A-muse', V. E hoolealea; e hoohiolu; e 
paani pu. 

A-muse'ment, n, Helealea;hepaani. 

A-mus'ing, adj. Lea; lealea. 

A-nal'o-^y, 71. Na kumu hoohalike 
iwaenao na mea ano okoa; ka like a 
like o kekahi mau mea. Reason from 
analogy, e noonoo ma ka hoohalike. 

Anal'y-Rl8, 71. 1. Ka mahele liilii ana 
o kekahi mea kino a loaa kona muu 

2. Ka wehewehe ana o kekahi manao, 
nanehui, a ninau pohihibi paha. 

An'a-lyge, v. E wehewehe ano. 

2. E nookaawale i na huna o kekahi 
^ mea kino i loaa i kona man kumu. 
An'arch-y, n. 1. Ka malu ole o ka no- 
ho ana. 

2. Ka noho ana kanawai ole. 
A-n&t'o-my, n. Anatomia. He wehe- 
^ wehe ano no na mea kino ola. 
An'ces-tor, n. He kupuna o ka wa 

An-^es'tral, adj. No na kupuna mai. 
„ Ancestral home, ka home o na kupuna. 
An'^es-try, n. Ke kuauhau. Syn. line- 
„age; birth. 

An'cbor, n. He heleuma. 
An'€lior-age, n. Wahi ku moku. 

An'^ient, adj. Kahiko. 

An'fients, n. Ka poe o ka wa kahiko. 

And, conj. 1. A. ^ndsot^ts, apelanoia. 

2. A me. The dog and cat, ka ilio a me 
ka popokl. 

3. He hua olelo e hoohui ana i na ma- 
mala olelo elua. John went a fishing, and 
James went to play, hele o Keoni i ka la- 
wa-i-a, a hele o Kimo i ka paani. 

An-dan'te, adj. Lolohi; malie; pili I 
„ ke mele ana. 
An'ec-dote, n. He wahi kaao iki. 

An'e-mStn'e-ter, n. He mikini ana 1 

ka ikaika o ka makani. 
A-new', adv. Hou. Syn. again. 
^n'grel, n. Anela. 
An'ger, n. Huhu; ukiuki; inaina. 

An'gle, 71. He huina. Riaht angle, hu- 
ina kupono. Acute angle, huina. oi. Ob- 

^ tuse angle, huina peleleu. 
An'gle, V. E kamokoi. 
An'gler, 71. Kanaka kamokoi. 
An'gli-9ige, v. E hoolilo i ano Bereta- 


j\n'gllng, 71. Ke kamokoi ana. 
An'gling-rod, n. He aho kamokoi, 

^Syn, fishing rod. 
An'gling-worm, n. He koe. 

An'gry, adj. Huhu. 
An'guish, n. Kupaka. 

An'gu-lar, adj. Mehe huina la. 

An'i-mal, n. He mea ola, aole nae he 

„uhane kanaka kona; he holoholona. 

An't-mal, adj. Holoholona. Animal 
instincts, ka noonoo holoholona. Ani- 
mal kingdom, ka mahele holoholona. 
Animal food, ka ai i-o holoholona. An- 

. imal spirits, ka hoihoi o na holoholona. 

An-i-marcule, n. Mea ola makalii loa, 

, ike ole ia ka maka maoli. 

An'i-mate* v. 1. E hookomo ke ola 
i ke kino. 
2. E hooeueu ; e hoolalelale. Syn. en- 

^ liven; stimulate. 

An'1-mate, adj. Ola. Animate bodies, 
^ na kino ola. 

An'i-mat'ed, adj. 1. Ola. Animated na- 
ture, na mea ola a Ke Akua i haua'i; na 
mea ola o ke ao nei. 
2. Miki; lalelale. 




An'i-ma'tion, n. JCa eleu; ka hoihoi. 
He spoke with animation, kamailio oia 

^me ka hoihoi. 

An'i-mos'i-ty, n. Ka manao ku-e; ma- 


An'i-mfts, n. Ka manao. Syn. mind. 

^ The animus was bad, ino ka manao. 

An'kle, n. Ka pnupuu wawae. 

An'nals, TO. Ka moolelo. Syn. history; 

An-nex', r. E pakui; e hookui. Syn. 

^append; join. 

An'nex-a'tion, n. Ka hoohui anamai; 

^ ka hookuimai. 

An-ni'hi-late, v. E hoopau loa; e hoo- 
lilo i mea ole loa. Syn. to cause to cease 

^•to be. 

An'ni-ver'sa-ry, w. 1. Lahoomanao. 
Birthday anniversary, la hoomanao no 
ka hanau. 
2. Ka piha pono o ka makahiki. 

An-noun^e', v. E kukala; e hoolaha. 
Syn. proclaim; publish. 

An-nouii<;!e'ineiit, n. ke kukala'na; 
ka hoolaha'na. Syn. proclamation. 

An-noy', -y. E hoonaukiuki; e maha- 
oi; ehoouluhua. Syn. vex; tease; trou- 

An-ndy'an^e, n. He kumu hoonaiiki- 
uki; kumu hoouluhua. Syn. disturb- 

^ance; vexation. 

An'nu-al, n. 1. He mea kupu ae, a 
make aku iloko o ka makahiki hooka- 

2. He buke i paiia i kela me keia ma- 

An'nu-al, adj. Kela me keia makahiki. 

An-nu'i-ty, n. He uku makiihiki. 

An-niiV,v. Ehoopau; e hoonoa. Syn. 

^abolish; nullify; cancel. 

An'nu-larj adj. Mehe komo lima la. 
Annular space, ke kowa mawaena o na 
kaha poepoe elua, i kahaia kekahi ilo- 
ko ae o kekahi. Annular eclipse, ka hoo- 
pouli anaokala, akoehemalamalama 

^ mehe komolima la. 

An'o-dyne, n. He laau lapaau hoopau 
eh a. 

A-noint', v. E hamo i ke kino; e poni. 

A-nom'a-ly, n. He mea mawaho ae o 

A-non'y-inous, adj. Inoa ole. Anon- 
ymous letter, he palapala inoa ole. 

An-6th'er, adj. 1. Kekahi mea e; ke- 
kahi ae. 
2. Mea hou ae. 

An'swer (an'ser), v. 1. E pane; e hai 
i ka haina. 

2. E kupono. That will answer, e ku- 
„ pono ana kela. 

4^n'8wer, n. He haina; he paneninau. 

An'swer-a-ble, arf;. 1. Hikikepane- 

2. You are answerable, maluna ou ka 
pilikia. Syn. accountable. 

Ant, n. He naonao; he nonanona. 

An-tag'o-nlst, n. 1. He enemi. 
2. Heboapaio. 

Ant-arc'tie, adj. E moe ana ma ka 

„ welau Hema. 
An'te-^ed'ent, n. Ka mea e hele ana 

^imua o kekahi mea e ae; ka mua. 
An'te-cham'ber,n. Kekeena mawaho. 
An'te-date, v. E kakau e mamua. 

An'te-di-lu'vi-an, adj. Mamua'e o ke 

^ Kai-o-kahinalii. 
An'te-pe-nult', n. Ke kolu o na ma- 

mala o kekahi hua olelo. 
^^n-te'ri-^or, adj. Mamua. Syn. before. 
An'te-robm, n. He keena mamua o ke 

An-them, n. He leo mele hoolea; i ha- 

^ kuia no na huaolelo o ka Baibala. 
An'thra-^ite, n. Nanahu pohaku. 

An'tic, n. Paani o na holoholona. 

An-tl^'i-pate, v. E manao lana. Syn. 
expect; nope for. 

2. E kau nui ka manao maluna o ka 
pomaikai 1 manaoia e hiki mai ana. 
§. E noonoo e mamua; e hoomakaukau 
e mamua. Syn. foresee. 

An-tl^'i-pa'tion, n. Ka noonoo e ma- 
mua; ka hoomakaukau e ana o ka ma- 

^nao. Syn. expectation. 

An'ti-dote, n. 1. He huikala. 
2. He laau lapaau e huikala anair.a 
ino 1 loaa mamuli o na laau make, etc. 

An-tlp'a-thy, n. Naauku-e'; naauhoo- 
waha'waha'; naau mihimihi. 

An-tlp'o-des, n. Ka poe e noho ana 

ma kela aoao o ka honua. 
^ 2. Na wahi ma kela aoao o ka honua. 

Aii'tl-qua'ri-an, adj. No ka wa k;ihi- 
ko. Antiquarian researches, ka huli ana 
„ no na mea o ka wa kahiko. 

An'tl-qua'ry, n. He kanaka i huli no 
^ na mea o ka wa kahiko. 

An-tiq'ui-ty, n. Ka wa kahiko. 

2. Ke kahiko. The antiquity of the 
. book, he kahiko o ka buke. 

An'ti-quafed, adj. No ka wa kahiko. 

Ant'ler, n. Ke kiwi o ke dia. 

^n'vil, n. Ka hao kui o ke amara. 

Anx-i'e-ty, n. Kupikipiki-o' o ka na- 
^ au. Pihoihoi o ka naau. 

Anx'loiis, adj. Hopohopo; pihoihoi. 

Anx'ioiks-ly, adv. Me ka nihoihoi. 
An'y (eny), adj. 1. Kekani. Any one 

of them, kekahi mea o lakou. 

2. Any place, ke kau wahi. Syn. any 

An'y-how, adv. Ma kekahi ano. 
A-6r'ta, n. Ke aa-lele nui, e pauma ana 

i ke koko mai ka puuwai a iloko o i:a 

aa-koko nui. 
A-pfi^e', ady. Awiwi. Syn. hastily. 
A-part', adv. Kaawale; pakahi. Syn. 

A-part'ment, n. He keena. Syn. room. 
Ap'a-thy, n. Palaka o ka manao; hoo- 
_maloka. Syn. indifference. 
Ape, V. E hana e like me ke keko. 

2. E hoohalike aku ma ke ano hoopi- 

A-pe'rl-ent, n. He laau hoonaha'. 




Ap'er-ture, n. He puka; he wahi ha- 
A'pex, 71, Kawelau; ka wekiu. 

A-phe'li-on, «. Kalil ma r.a alapoal o 

na hoku-hele i mamao loa'ku lakoii 
.mal kaLa'ku. 

A'pi-si'ry, n. Wahi malama nalo meli. 
i\.-ple?e', adv. Pakahi. 
Ap'o-gee, n. Kahi o ke alahele o ka 

mahina 1 kaawale loa'ku oia mai ka 

honua aku. 
A-pdl'o-|:ize, V. E haawi i ka olelo 


2. E mihiimuaokekahi. I apologize 

for my words, ke mihi nei au no ka'u 

mau olelo. 
A-p61'o-^y, n. He olelo hoolaulea. 
^2. He oleic mihi. Syn. excuse. 
Ap'o-plex'y, n. He mai ku hewa. 

A-pds'ta-tize, v. E haalele i ka mana- 
oio a 1 ka hoomana paha. 

A-pfis'tle, n. He luna olelo, kekahi o 
na haumana he umikumamalua o ka 

A-pds'tro-phe, n. 1, He kaha (') e 
hoike ana ua haule kekahi hua olelo. 
2. He kamailio pololei aku i kekahi 
mea iloko o ka haiolelo. An apostrophe 
to the ocean, he kamailio pololei i ka 

A-potli'e-ca-ry, n. Kanaka kaawili 
a kuai i na laau lapaau. 

Ap-pall', V. E hooweliweli; ehooilihia. 


Ap'pa-ra'tus, w. Napaahana; nalako 
e pono ai kekahi oihana. 

Ap-par'el, n. Ka aahu; na lole komo. 
Syn. dress; raiment; clothes. 

Ap-par'ent, adj. Moakaka. Syn. evi- 
dent; clear. 

2. Moakaka 1 ka ike maka. Syn. visi- 

Ap-par'ent-ly, adv. I ka nana'ku. 

Appa-ri'tion, n. He uhane; he lapu; 

he kinowailua. Syn. ghost. 
Ap-peal, 71. 1. He palapala hoopii mai 

kekahi aha hookolokolo a i kekahi aha 

kiekie ae. 

2. He olelo nonoi; olelo koi; olelo ao. 
Ap-peal', V. 1. E hoopii mai kekahi 

olelo hooholo. 

2. E nonoi; e koi. 
Ap-pear', v. 1. E hoea mai. The ship 

appears in sight, ke hoea mai nei ka 


2. I ka nana'ku. It appears he did not 

go J i ka nana'ku aole ia i hele. 
Ap-pear'an^e, n. 1. Ka nanaina. The 

ship presented a beautiful appearance, 

nani ka nanaina o ka moku. 

2. Ka hiki kino mai. To put in an 

appearance, e hiki kino mai. 

8. He hiohiona. Appearances are a- 

gainst him, ku-e na hiohiona iaia. 
Ap-pease', v. E hoo-na; e hoolaulea; 

e malili. 
Ap-peaged', adj. Akakuu. Syn. calm- 

ed; quieted. His hunger was appeased, 

akakuu kona pololi. 
Ap-pcl'lant, n. Ka mea e hoopii ana 
^ imua o ke kanawal. 
Ap'pel-la'tion, n. He inoa. Syn. 

name; title. 
Ap-pgnd', r. E pakui ; e hookui. Syn. 

Ap-pend'a^e, n. Ka mea i pakuiia; 

ka mea i hookuiia. 
Ap-pen'dix, n. He olelo pakui, ma ka 
„ hope o ka buke. 

Ap'per-taln', v. Pili. Syn. relate to; 
„ belong to. 

Ap'pe-tite, n, 1. Ono ai. Withoiit ap- 
petite, kanea; kaea. 

2. Kekuko. The appetites and passions, 
^ na kuko. 

Ap'pe-tiz'er, n. Mea hoala i ka ono ai. 
Ap-plaud', V. E mahalo; e mahalo me 

ka pal lima. 
Ap-plause', n. Ka mahalo I hoikeia 
^ ma ka pailima, a keehi wawae paha. 
Ap'ple, n. 1. He apala, hua ai. 

2. Apple of the eye, ka onohi maka, 
Ap-pli'an^e, w. Ka mea e hiki ai ke- 
„kahi ban a. 
Ap'pli-€a-ble, adj. Ku pono ; pilipono. 

Ap'pli-€&nt, 71. Ka mea e noi ana. An 

applicant for ofjice, ka mea e noi ana i 
Ap'pli-ca'tion, TO. 1. Ka noi ana. 

2. Ka pili paa ana i kekahi mea a ko 

aku la. 

8. Kekupaaanaokamanao. 

4. Ka hoopiliana. 
Ap-ply', V. 1. E hooplli: he applied the 

rule, ua boopili oia i ka rula. 

2. E hoopaa. Apply your mind to your 

lesso7is, e hoopaa kou manao i kau iuau 


8. E hoopii. ffe applied to me for work, 

hoopii mai oia imua o'u i hana. Syn. 

ask, noi. 
^p-point', V. E hookoho. 
Ap'point-ee', n. Ka mea i hookohoia. 

Ap-point'ment, n. Ka hookoho ana. 
Ap-por'tion, v. E mahele aku. 

Ap'po-slte, adj. Kupono loa. Syn. 
^ very suitable. 
Ap'po-si'tion, n. Ke ku ana o kekahi 

haiinoa no kekahi haiinoa. Bill, Vie 

blacksmith, shod my horse, na Pila, ke 

amara, i kapili i na hao o kuu lio. 
Ap-prfiis'al, n. Ka hooholo ana no ka 

waiwaio kekahi mea, mamuli o ke 

Ap-praise', V. E hooholo no kawaiwai 

o kekahi mea. 
Ap-^>rai8'er, n. Luiia hooholo no ka 

waiwai o kekahi mea. 
Ap-pre'^i-ate, v. E hoomaopopo me 
„Ka apono. 
Ap'pre-hdnd', v. 1. E hoomaopopo i 

ke ano. / apprehend the meaning, ke 

hoomaopopo nei au i ke ano. 

2. E hopu, ma ke kauawai. The Sheriff 




apprehends the thief, ke hopu nei ka 
^ makai i ka aihue. Syn. arrest. 
Ap'pre-lien'sion, w. 1. Ka hopu ana. 

Syn. arrest. 

2. Ka hoomaopopo ana. Syn. compre- 
hension. A man of dull apprehension, 
he kanaka hoomaopopo uuku. 

3. Apprehension of mind, ka hopohopo 
^okamanao. Syn. doubt; anxiety. 

Ap'pre-heii'sive, adj. Kanalua; hao- 

Ap-pren'ti^e, n. Ka mea 1 hoopaaia 

ma ke kanawai, e ao i kekahi oihana 

hana lima. 
Ap-pren'ti?e-8hip, n. Ka manawa i 

noopaaia'i o kekahi no ke ao ana i ka 

Ap-prise', v. E hoakaka; e hai aku. 

SYN. inform. 
Ap-proach', n, 1. He ala e kai ana. 

The approach to the house, ke ala e kai 

ana i ka hale. 

2. Ka hookokoke ana; kahoea ana mai. 

The approach of the enemy, ka hoea ana 

mai o ka enemi. 
Ap-proach', V. E hookokoke; e nee a 
^ kokoke. 
Ap'pro-ba'tion, n. 1. Ka hoapono; ka 

apono. 77ie approbation of the teacher, 

ka apono o ke kumukula. Syn. ap- 

2. Ka maliu ana. 
Ap-pro'pri-ate, adj. Kupono. Syn. 

applicable; suitable. 
Ap-pro'pri-ate, v, E hookaawale; e 

hoolaa. Appropriate a sum of money, e 

hookaawale 1 puu dala. Appropriate to 

sacred uses, e hoolaa. 
Ap-pro'prl-a'tion, n. 1. He haawina; 

Appropriation bill, he bila haawiua. 

2. He puu dala i hookaawaleia no ke- 
kahi hana. 
Ap-prove', v._ E apono; e hoapono. 
Ap-prox'i-mate, v. E hookokoke. Syn. 

Ap-prox'i-mate, adj. Ano like; ane- 

ane pololei. An approximate result, he 

loaa aneane pololei. Syn. proximate. 
Ap-prox'l-ma'tion, n. Ka hookokoke 

ana. An approximation to the truth, ka 

hookokoke ana i ka oiaio. 
•Ap-pur'te-nan^e, n. Mea plli. Syn. 
.adjunct; appendage. 
A'pril, n. Aperila. Ka hao na mahina 
_o ka makahiki. 
A-pron, n. He epana; he pale lole no 

ke alo, e malama ana i ka maemae o ka 
, aahu. 
Apt, adj. 1. kupono. Syn. fit; suitable. 

An apt reply, he pane kupono. 

2. Makaukau. Syn. ready; skillful. 
An apt workman, he kanaka hana ma- 

3. Maa; walea. Syn. accustomed. Apt 
^ to become careless, maa i ka hauhili. 

.4pt'i-tude.j Ke kupono; kamakau- 
Apt/ness, \ kau. Syn. fitness; suit- 

A-qua'ri-um, n. He wahi e malama 
ai i na mea ola, a me na mea ulu o ka 
A-quat'lc, adj. 1. O ka wai. An aqua- 
tic fowl, he manu o ka wai. Aquatic 

^sports, na lealea o ka wai. 

Aq'ue-diict, w. He ha wai; he auwai. 

4^r'ab, n. He kamaaiua no Arabia. 

4^r'a-bi€, adj. No Arabia. 

Ar'a-ble, adj. Kupono ke mahi. 

Ar'bl-tra-ry, adj. 1. Mawaho o ko ka- 

2, Hamuli o ka manao iho. An arbi- 
trary person, he kanaka e hooko ana 

.. mamuli o kona manao wale iho no. 

Ar'bi-trate, v. E hooholo i ka pono 

.. iwaena o na aoao elua; e uwao. 

Ar'bi-tra'tion, n. Ka hooholo ana o ka 
pono iwaena o na aoao elua; ka uwao 

.. ana. 

Ar'bi-tra'tor, n. Ka mea e hooholo ana 
no ka pono iwaena o na aoao elua; he 

.. uwao. 

Ar'bor, n. Wahi malumalu o na laau 

.. ulu. 

Arc, n. He pio. An arc of a circle, he 

.. pio o ka poai. 

Arch, adj. 1. Maalea. Syn. shrewd; 
2. Kiekie. Arch-angel, anela kiekie. 

.. Arch-bishop, bihopa kiekie. 

Arch, n. He pio; ne pao. 

Arch, V. E hoopio; e nolu. 

Ar'chaB-61'o-gy, 71, Ka ike e pill ana 
1 ka noho ana o na kanaka o ka wa 


Arch-bish'op, n. Bihopa Nui. 

Arch-en'e-my, n. 1. He enemi nul. 

..2. Satana; ka diabolo'. 

Arch'er, n. He mea akamai i ka pan a 

.. pua. 

Arch'er-y, n. Ke akamai o ka pana 

.. pua. 

Ar-chi-pel'a-go, n. He pae moku. 

Ar'chi-tect, n. He kanaka kukulu 


Ar'chi-tect'ure, n. Ke kukulu ana. 
Science of architecture, ka ike no ke ku- 

.. kulu ana. 

Ar'ehiA-es, n. 1. Na buke moolelo no 
na oihana aupuni. 
2. Ka waihona buke moolelo o ke au- 


Arch'ly, adv. Me ka maalea. Syn. 

..roguishly; mischievously. 

Arc'tic, n. Na wahi o ka honua e hoo- 
puni ana i ka welau akau. 
2. Arc-tic circle, ka poai anu akau. 

,. Arc-tic weather, kau anu loa. 

Ar'dent, adj. 1. Wela loa. Ardent 
heat of the sun, ka wela loa o ka la. 
2. Pumehana. Ardent love, aloha pu- 

.. mehana. 

Ar'dent-ly, adv. 1. Me ka wela nui. 

.. 2. Me ka pumehana loa. 

Ar'dor, n. 1. He wela. The ardor of 
the sun's rays, ka wela o na kukuna o 
ka la. 




2. He pumehana, the ardor of love, ka 
pumehaua o ke aloha. 

3. He iiiii nui o ka naau. He studies 
with ardor, ke imi nci oia me ka iini 

.. uui o kanaaii. Syn. eagerness; fervor. 
Ar'du-oiis, ad?'. Pilikia; paakiki. Syn. 

hard; difficult. An arduous work, he 
_ hana pilikia. 
A're-aj n. Hi. Syn. surface. Area of 

land, ili o ka aiua. 
A-re'na, n. Wahi akea, kahi i hooko- 
.. ia'i kela me keia hana akea. 
Ar'gue, V. E paiopu; e wehewehe ku- 
.. mumanao. Syn. debate, reason. 
Ar'gu-ment, n. Ka wehewehe ana. 
.. 2. Ke kumu manao; ka paio ana. 
Ar'gu-ment'a-tive, adj. 1. Pill i ka 

wehewehe ano. 

2. Akamai 1 ka wehewehe ano. An ar- 
gumentative mind, he naau akamai i ka 
„ wehewehe ano. 

Ar'ld, adj. Panoa. Syn. sterile; bar- 
A-right', adv. Me ka pono; me ka 

A-rise', v. 1. E ala. Questions will 

arise, e ala mai ana na ninau. 
^2. E eu. 
Ar'is-toc'ra-^y, n. 1. He aupuni i 

hoomaluia e na 'lii me ka poe koikoi 

wale no. 
„2. Na makaainan a koikoi o ka aina. 
Ar'is-to-crat'ie, adj. Koikoi; hano- 

A-ritli'me-tic, w. Nahelu; arimatika. 

Mental arithmetic, helu naau. Written 

arithmetic, helu kakau. 
A-rith'me-ti'^ian, n. Mea i akamai na helu. 
Ark, n. He pahu. Ark of the covenant, 

ka pahu benta. 

2. Hale lana. Noah's Ark, ka hale lana 
.. a Noa. 
Arm, V. 1. E kahiko i na mea kaua. 

2. E hoomakaukau i na lako no ke 
.. kaua. 

Arm'a-ment, n. Na lako no ke kaua. 
Arm'chair, n. Noho paipai lima. 
Arm'ful, n. Ka piha lima nui. 
Arm'hole, n. Ka puka no ka lima. 
Arm'i-sti^e, n. Ka hoomoe iki ana o 
.. ke kaua. 

Ar'mor, n. Ke kahiko kaua metala. 
Ar'mo-ry, n. Hale kahiko kaua. 
Arm'pit, n. Poaeae. 
Arms, w. Na pu, me na pahi kaua o ke- 
.. la a me keia ano. 
Arms'lcngth, n. 1. Hai lima. 

2. kaawale. To keep at arms length, e 
.. hookaawale aku. 
Ar'my, n. He puall koa nui. 
Ar'my--w6rm, n. Ka peelua. 
^-ro'ma, n. He ala. SYN. fragrance. 
Ar'o-inat'ic, adj. Aala. Syn. fragrant. 
A-rouncl', prep. A puni. All around, 

ma na wahi a pau e puni ana. 
A-rouse', V. Ehoala; e hooeu'eu'. 
Ar-ralgn' (ar-rane), v. E hoopii ku-e'. 

To arraign a motive, e hoopii ku-e i ke- 
kahi manao. To arraign at the bar <f 
justice, e hoopii ku-e' imua o ka aha 

Ar-rfinge' V. E hooponopono; e hoo- 
nohonoho pono. Syn. to adjust; tot^et 
in order. Arrange a difficulty, e hoopo- 
nopono i ka hihia. Arrange a room, e 
hoonohonoho pono i ke keena. 

Ar-range'ment, n. 1. Ka hoonohonoho 
ana. The arrangement of the books, ka 
hoonohonoho ana i na buke. 

2. Ka hooponopono ana. The arrange- 
ment of the difficulty, ka hooponopono 
ana i ka hihia. 

3. Ka noomakaukau ana. The arrange- 
ments for a meeting, ka hoomakaukau 

„ ana no ka halawai. 

Ar'rant, adj. Kaulana no ka ino. Syn. 
infamous; vile. An arrant coward, he 
maka'u wale i kaulana. 

Ar-ray', v. 1. E hoonohonoho i ka hoo- 
uka kaua. 

2. E kahiko a nani ke kino. Sy'n. 

Ar-rears', n. 1. Komo i ka aie. 
2. Koena aie. Syn. debt. 

Ar-rest', v. 1. E hopu. Arrest the crim- 
inal, e hopu i ka lawe hala. 
2. E keakea; e kau pale. Arrest his 
evil course, e keakea i kona alanui e ho- 
le ai i ka ino. 

8. E hoopaa. Arrest the attention^ e hoo 
paa i ka noonoo. 

Ar-riv'al, 71. 1. Ke ku ana mai. Ar- 
rival of the ship, ke ku ana mai o ka 

2. Ka hiki ana mai. The arrival of the 
mail, ka hiki ana mai o ke eke leta. 
8. Ka hoea ana mai. The arrival in 
sight, or the coming in sight. 

Ar-rive', v. E ku mai. 
2. E hiki mai. 

„ 3. Arrive in sight, e hoea mai. 

Ar'ro-gan^e, n. Hookiekie; haakel. 

„ Syn. haughtiness; conceit. 

Ar'ro-gate, v. E hookiekie; e hoohaa- 
_ kei. 

Ar'roiv, n. He pua pana. 

Ar'ro-w-robt, n. Pia. 

Ar'se-nal, n. Hale hooahu no na lako 

.. kaua. 

Ar'son, n. Ka puhi kolohe ana i ka ha- 

.. le, a moku paha, i ke ahi. 
Art, n. Ka ike akamai no na hana lima. 
Mechanical art, oihana hana lima. 

2. Fiiie arts, na oihana haku mele me 
ka pena kii. 

3. Liberal, or polite arts, na oihana hoo- 

..4. Noeau; akamai. Syn. skill. 
Ar'tter-y, n. Aa lele, e hookahe ana i 
ke koko iloko o na aa koko. 

Ar-te'sian, adj. Artesian weUy he lua 
,. wai i wiliia. 

Art/ful, adj. 1. Noeau. Syn. skillful. 
2. Maalea. Syn. cunning. 




Ar'ti-€le, n. He mea. Any article you 

please, aia ka mea au i makemake ai. 
- 2. He hua olelo. a, an. 
.. 8. He pauku olelo. Article 1, Pauku 1. 
Ar'ti-fi?e, v. 1. He hana epa; hana 

maalea. Syn. trick; fraud. 
,.2. He hana akamai. Syn. contrivance. 
Ar-tiPi-^er, n. He kanaka akamai i 

.ka hana lima. Syn. artisan. 
Ar'ti-f i'^lal, adj. 1. Hana ia e ka lima 


2. Hookamani; oiaio ole. Artificial 
, smile, he aka hookamani. 
Ar-til'ler-ist, n. 1. He mea akamai me 

na pukaua nui. 
.. 2. He koa lawelawe pukaua nui. 
Ar-til'ler-y, ?i. 1. N a pukaua nui me 

r.a lako. 

2. Ka puali kaua e lawelawe ana me 

na pukaua nui. 
,. 3. Na lako o ka pana me na pua. 
Ait/ist, 71. 1. He mea akamai ma keka- 

hi o na oihana akamai. 
.. 2. He mea pena kii ; pai kii. 
Ar-tls'tic, aaj Eleu ma na hana aka- 

Art'less, adj. Epa ole; maalea ole. 
.. Oiaio, me he keiki liilii la. 
Art'less-ness, n. Ke ano oiaio maoli; 
^hookamani ole. Syn. ingenuousness. 
As, adv. 1. E like me. Do as I do, e hana 

e like me au nei. 

2. Penei. ^s/or i'?wia?jce, penei paha. 

8. Oiai. As you are tardy you must stop 

after school, oiai ua komo hope oe e no- 

ho oe mahope o ke kula. Syn. since; 

for as much. 

4. As if, mehe mea'la; mehea'la. 
As-^enci', v. 1. E pii; e pii iluna. 

2. Pukoo; i>unohu. Ascend as smoke, 

ke pukoo nei ka uahi. 
As-^end'eii-^y, n. Ka mana, Syn. 

power; control. 
J^»-qenV^n. Ka piina; hoopiina. 
As'^er-tain', v. E hoomaopopo lea. 
As-crihe', v. 1. E kapilij)ili. Ascribe 

false motives, e kapilipili i na manao 

ino. Syn. impute ; attribute. 

2. E hoopili; e haawi. Ascribe power 

to God, e hoopili akuka man a i Ke Akua 

Ascriptions of praise, e haawi i ka hoo- 

A- shamed', adj. Hilahila; palaJmaka. 
Ash'es, n. Na lehu ahi. 
A-shore', adv. Ma kahakai; ua ili. 

The ship is ashore, ua ili ka moku. 

2. To go ashore, {from ship or boat),e 

lele iuka. 

8. To go ashore, (as a boat), e pae iuka. 
Asli'y, ady. Mehe lehu la. 
A'si-at'ic, adj. No Asia. 
A-side', adv. Ma ka aoao; ma kahi ka- 

aAvale. Step aside, e nee aku ma ka 

aoao, e nee aku ma kahi kaawale. 
As'i— nine, adj. Ano kekake; ano nu- 
. nuha; paakiki. 
Ask, V. 1. E noi. Syn. request. 

2. E ninau. Syn. to question. 

3. Ask for information, e niele; e nle- 

4. Ask continuously, e niuaninau. 
As-kan^e', adv. To look askance, e awihi 

na maka. 
A-slant', adv. Hi-o'. 
A-sleep', adj. Hiamoe. 
As'peet, w. Hiohiona; he nanaina. 
As-per'l-ty, n. Ano huhu; okalakala. 

Syn. acrimony. 
As-perse', v. E paokee ; e akiaki. Syn. 

slander; defame. 
As-pir'ant, n. He hooikaika; mea iini 

nui. An aspirant for fame, he mea 
^hooikaika nui i kaulana. 
i^s'pi-rate, n. He leo ha. 
As'pi-ra'tion, n. 1. Ka ha ana o ka 


2. Ka iini o ka naau e holo mua. 
As-pir'ing:, adj. Hooeueu; holomua. 

Syn. ambitious. 
A 8-pire', v. E iini me ka hooikaika pu. 
Ass, n. 1. He kakake. 

2. He kanaka naaupo, paakiki. 
As-sail', v. E hakaka'; e ku-e. Syn. 

attack; assault. 
As-sail'ant, n. Mea hakaka; mea ku-e. 

2. Mea hoomaka e hakaka'. 
As-sas'sin, n. He kanaka kawa' po. 
As-sas'sin-ate, v. E kawa' po; e kimo 

As-sanlf, r. E lima ikaika aku; e ha- 
kaka; epepehi. 

2. Assault and battery, ka hakaka' me- 

me ka pepehi. 
As-say', n. Ka hoomaopopo ana i ka 

nui o ka metala ma kekahi rainerala. 

2. Ka hoomaopopo ana i ka nui o ke 

kala, a gula paha, ma ke dala aupuni. 
As-sem'ble, v. E hooakoakoa. 
As-sem'bly, n. He aha; he anaina. 

Legislative Assembly, ahaolelo kau ka- 

nawai. Religious assembly, anaina hai- 

As-sent', v. E ae, mamuli o kekahi o- 

lelo, a hana paha. Syn. consent. 
As-sert', v. E hooia. Syn. affirm. 

2. E hai me ke kanalua ole. Syn. 

aver; declare. 
As-ser'tion, n. He olelo hooia; olelo 

hoomaopopo. Syn. declaration. 

2. He olelo wale no. That is your as- 
sertion; prove it. Kau olelo wale no ia; 

e hooia mai. 
As-sess', V. E auhau; e helu. He is 

assessed for the school tax, auhauia (he- 

luia) oia no ka auhau kula. 
As-sess'a-ble, adj. Ku pono i ka au- 
As-sess'ment, n. Ka helu ana no ka 

A8,-ses8'or, n. Luna helu no na auhau. 

As'sets, n. yi. Na pono kino a pau i 
^ hiki ke kuaiia no ke dala. 
As'si-du'i-ty, n. Ka hooikaika; ka mi- 

kiala. Syn. dilligence. 
As-sid'u-oiis, adj. Mikiala; hooikaika. 

Syn. dilligent. 




A8-sigrn'> V. 1. E haawl. I assign this 
work to you, ke haawi nei au i keia hana 
ia oe. / assign no reason, aole au e ha- 
awl i kumu. 

2. To assifjn a limit,, e kau I palena. 
8. To assign a day, e kuhikuul 1 la. 

4. To assign counsel to prisoner, e hoo- 
koho i kokua no ka lawehala. 

5. To assign property, e waiho 1 ka wai- 
wai ma ka lima o hal. 

6. To assign a portion, e mahele i haa- 
^ wina. 

As'sign-ee', n. Ka haku malama wai- 

wai o ka mea i ale, no ka pouo o ka poe 

1 aieia. 
As-aign'ment, n. Ka walho ana o ka 

waiwai o ka mea i aie, no ka pono o ka 

poe 1 aieia. 
As-sign'or, n. Ka mea nana i waiho i 

kona waiwai, no ka pono o ka poe nana 

la i hooaie. 
As-sim'i-late. v. E hoolike; e hoolike- 

As-sist', V. E kokua. Syn. aid; help. 
As-sist'an^e, n. Kokua. Syn. help. 
As-sist'ant, n. He kokoolua: he kokua. 
As-so'^i-ate, w. He hoa; he kokoolua. 
As-8o'^i-ate', v. E launa pu. 
As-s6'^i-a'tion, n. L Ka launa pu 

ana o na noonoo. 
• 2. He aha; ahahui. Association for 

the advancement of knowledge, he ahahui 

no ka hooholo mua ana o ka ike. Syn. 

As-sort', V. 1. E hookaawale ma na 


2. E ahu, i kela me keia ano. 
As-sort'ment, n. He ahu o kela me 

keia mea. 
As-suage', v. E hoomalili; e hooeml; 

e hooluolu. Assuage grief, e hooluolu i 

ka luuluu. Syn. mitigate; alleviate; 

As-sume', v. 1. E olelo wale me ka 


2. E lawe. Assume power, e lawe i ka 
mana. Syn. take. 

3. E hookamani. Assume a virtue, e 
hookamani mamuli o kekahi pono. 

As-sur'an^e, n. 1. Oni paa. Full as- 
surance of hope, ka oni paa o ka manao 

2. Mahaoi. Syn. impudence. 

3. Pauai ola. See insurance. 
As-sure', v. 1. E hooia; e hai oiaio. 

2. E panai ola. See insure. 
As-sur'ed-ly, adv. He oiaio. Syn. 

As'ter-Isk, n. He hoailona pal (*). 

A -stern', adv. 7 ^opg, o ka moku. 

Asth'ma, 71. Haanou; nae. 

Asth-mat'ic, adj. Mai 1 ka haanou. 

As-ton'ish, v. E haohao; e puiwa. 

As-ton'lsh-ing, adj. Kupanaha; ka- 
mahao. Syn. wonderful. 

As-tf'in'ish-ment, n. Haohao oka ma- 
nao. Syn. wonder. 

A-«tray', adv. Auwana; hewa. Tc go 

astray, e hele hewn; e hele auwana. 
A-stride', adj. Kihelei. 
A8-tr«>l'o-grer, n. He kilo hoku'. 
As-tron'o-mer, n. Kanaka ao-hoku'. 
As-trtJn'o-my, n. Ao-hoku', 
As-tute', adj. Noeau; maalea. Syh. 

shrewd; sagacious; wilv. 
A-siftn'der, adv. Kaawale. 
A-sy'lum, n. Hale hookipa no ka x)oe 

i luuluu i kekahi pilikia. Insane asy- 
^ lum, hale hookipa no ka poe pupule. 
At, prep. 1. Ma. At first, mamua.; i ki- 

_2. I. Look at the child, e nana i kekeikl. 
A'the-ist, n. Kanaka hoole akua. Syn. 
A'the-ist'l€-al,a(y. Hoole akua. 

Ath-lete', n. Kanaka puipui, kanaka 
hooikaika kino.'ic, acfj. Ikaika; puipui. Syn. 
lustv ; robust. Athletic sports, na lealea 
hooikaika kino. 

A-thwart', prep. Mawaena; raai kahi 
aoao a i kahi aoao. Athwartships, ma- 
waena o ka moku, mai kahi aoao a i 
^ kahi aoao o ka moku. 

At'las, n. He buke palapala aina. 

At'mos-phere. n. Kalewa; ke ea. 

Atmos-pher'ic-al, adj. No ka lewa; 
no ke ea. 

A- toll', 71. He mokupuni akoakoa o ke 
kai, he ane poepoe me ka loko kai ma- 

At'om, n. Hepula; hu'na. 

A-tone', V, E kala i ka hala. 

A-tone'ment, n. Ke kalahala. 

A-tro'^iofis, adj. Hewa loa; lokoino 

A-trd^'l-ty, 71. Ka mainoino nui; loko- 
ino loa. • 

At-tach', V. 1. E hoopili; e hoopaa. 
Attach a label, e hoopili i hoailona. Syn. 
affix; tie. 

2. E pili aloha aku. Syn. en amor. 

3. E nopu i ka waiwai, a kino paha, 
^ no ka aie. Syn. sieze. 

Attache' (at-ta-sha'), n. He kakau- 

olelo no ka elele aupuni. 
At-tach'ment, n. 1. Ka hoopaa ana; 

hoopili ana. 

2. Ka pili aloha. Syn. Affection. 

3. Palapala hoopaa waiwai. 
At-taek', v. 1. E nakaka. Syn. assault. 

2. E hoouka kaua. Syn. battle. 

At-taln', V. E loaa, mamuli o ka hoo- 
ikaika. Syn. arrive at. 

At-tain'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke loaa ma- 
muli o ka hooikaika. 

At-tain'ment, n. Ka loaa mamuli o ka 

At-tempt', n, Ka hoao ana. Syn. trial; 
effort Make an attempt, e hoao. 

At- tend', v. 1. E hoolohe. Syn. listen; 

2. Attevd service, e hele i ka halawai. 
8. E lawelawe. To attend on the sick. 




e lawelawe no ka poe mai. Syn. wait 
At-tend'ance, n. 1. Ka hoolohe ana. 
Syn. regard. Attendance on instrvxAwn^ 
ka hoolohe ana i ka naauao. 

2. Ka hele mau ana. Attendance at 
court, ka hele mau ana i ka aha hoo- 

3. Ka lawelawe ana. Syn. waiting 

At-tend'ant, n. 1. He mea lawelawe. 
2. He mea hele mau. An attendant at 
church, he mea hele mau i ka halawai. 

At-ten'tion, n. 1. Hoolohe. Syn. heed. 

2. Noonoo. Attention to study, ka noo- 
noo no ke ao ana. 

3. Maliu; hoolaulea. Syn. civility; 
respect. Attention to guests, ka maliu 
ana i na hoa aina. 

At-tent'ive, adj. 1. Hoolohe. An at- 
tentive child, he keiki hoolohe. Syn. 
2. Maliu; laulea. 

At-tent'ive-ly, adj. 1. Listen attentive- 
ly, e haliu pono mai i na pepeiao; e ha- 
ka pono. 

At-ten'u-at-ed, adj. L Wiwi; olala. 
Syn. thin. 

2. Lahilahi loa. 

3. Makalii loa. 

At-test', V. E olelo hoike. Syn. wit- 


At'tic, n. Kauwahi o ka hale malalo 
pono o ke kaupoko. 

At- tire', n. Na aahu; na lole komo. 

^Syn. g;arments; raiment: clothes. 

At'tl-tude, 71. 1. Ke ano o ke ku ana, 
ka noho ana, ka moe ana. To stand in 
a lazy attitude, e ku ma ke ano loraalo- 
ma. To sit in an attitude of attention, e 
noho me ka haka pono. A reclining at- 
titude, he moe hillnai. 
2. To assiime a threatening attitude, e 
noho (or ku) ma ke ano hooweliweli. 

At-tor'ney, n. He kokua ma ke kana- 
wai; he hope; heloio. 

At-traet', v. E ume. The sun attracts 
the earth, ume ka La i ka Honua. To at- 
tract attention, e ume i ka noonoo; or 
e ume i ka ike o ka maka. 

At-trac'tion, 7i. 1. K a ume ana. At- 
traction of gravitation, ka ume ana o ka 

honua i ke kaumaha. 
2. He mea aulii ; mea mikioi ; he kumu 

At-tract'Ive, ad/. Aulii; onou. An at- 
tractive woman, he wahine aulii. At- 
tractive vice, na lealea e onou ana. 

4-t-trIb'ute, V- See Ascribe. 

Af tri-bute, n. He ano; he loina. 

^uc'tion, n. Kudala. 

Auc'tion-eer', n. Kanaka kudala. 

^u-da'^iotks, ad/. Nahoa; aa; mahaoi; 

Syn. bold. 
^u-da-y'i-ty, n. Keanonahoa; aawale. 

^u'di-ble, adj. Loheia. 

^«'di-l>ly> o-dv. Maopopo i ka pepeiao. 

iVu'di-en^e, n. 1. Ka lohe ana. Syn. 

hearing. In the audience of the people, 

ma ka lohe ana o na kanaka. 

2. He anaina. Syn. assembly. Speak 

before an audience, e kamilio imua o ke 

.^u'dit, V. E hooia i na helu, a i na buke 

helu paha. 
^u'di-tor, n. 1. Luna hooia helu dala. 

2. Ka mea e lohe ana. 
Au'ger, n. He will puka nui. 
^ug-ment', v. E hoomahuahua'e. 

Syn. increase. 
^u'gur, V. E kilokilo; e wanana. Syn. 

predict; forbode. 
iVu'gust, n. Ka mahina, Augate. 
'^n-giiaV, adj. Hanohano loa. 

Aunt, n. Kaikuahine o ka makua; ma- 
kua ma ka hanau'na. 

Ati-ric'u-lar, adj. E pili ana i ka pe- 

Au-ro'ra, n. Ke alaula. 

Au'8pl-?e8, n. Malu. Under the aus- 
pices of the King, malalo o ka malu o ka 

Au-spl'^iofts, adj. Kupono. Syn. pro- 
pitious. An auspicious day, he la ku- 

Au-ster'l-ty, w. Ano oolea. Syn. se- 

Au'top-sy, 71. KaimI ana i ke kumu 
make. Syn. Post mortem examination. 

Au-then'tic, adj. Oiaio, Syn. true; 
genuine. An authentic account, he kaao 

Au-then'tl-cate v. E hooia. Syn. 

Au'then-ti«:'i-ty, n. Ka oiaio maoll. 
Syn. genuineness. 

^u'thor, n. 1. Ke kumu; ka mea 1 
hookumu. He is the author of the troub- 
le, ke kumu oia o ka pilikia; or, nana i 
hookumu i ka pilikia. Syn. source. 

2. The Great Author of life, ke Kumu 
Nui o ke ola. 

3. Mea haku buke; haku mele, etc. 
Au-thor'i-ta-tlve, adj. Mana. An au- 
thoritative manner, he ano mana. 

^u-thor'l-ty, n, Ka mana kauoha. 
Syn. power. By authority, ma ke ka- 
uoha. All in authority, ka" poe a pau la 
lakou ka mana kauoha. 
2. He mea i hilinai la; he koo. He is 
an authority in lawj he mea oia i hilinai 
ia ma ke kanawai; or, he koo oia ma 
ke kanawai. 

Au'thor-ize, v. E kauoha; e haawi i 
ka mana. 

Au'to-bI-6gr'ra-phy, n. He moolelo 
a ke kanaka nona ino. 

Au-t6e'ra-^y, n. Ka mana hookahi. 

Au'to-crat, 71. Ka mea iaia ka mana 
hookahi; ka mana a pau. 

Au'to-grraph, n. Ke kakaulima. Syn. 
hand-writing; chirography. 

Au'tAmn, 71. Kau haule o na lau. 

Aux-il'ia-ry, n. 1 He kokoolua. Syn, 
assistant; ally. 




2. An auxiliary verb, he hainn kokua. 
A-viiil', V. E kokuii. Syn. assist. 

Lyinq xoill not avail, o ka wahuhee he 

niea kokua ole la. 
A-vuils'» w. pi. Na loaa. Syn. profits. 

The avails of industry, na loaa niamuli 

o ka hooikaika. 
A-vail'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke loaa. 
Av'a-lanche, n. Ke kaa ana. An ava- 
lanche of earth, ke kaa ana o ka lepo, 
^ (ma na pali o kuahiwl). 
Av'a-ri^e, n. Puniwaiwai; inakee wai- 

wai; alunu. 
Av-a-ri'^iotis, odj. Puniwaiwai ; nlunu. 
A-vcnge', v. E hoopai. Syn. punish; 

A-ven'ger, n. Ka mea hoopai. Syn. 

Av'e-nue, n. 1. He alanui akea iloko 

o ke kulanakauhale. 
A-ver', V. Syn. assert. 
Av'er-age, n. 1. Averika; ke kaulike. 

2. Adj. Ikemauia. An average amount 

of rain, he u-aiikemau ia. An average 

degree of understanding, he noonoo i 

ike mau la, Syn. common. 
A-verse', v. Ku-e' ka mauao. 
A-ver'sion, n. Ke ku-e' o ka manao. 

Syn. antipathy; repugnance. 
A-vert', V. 1. E hoonuli ku-e' i na maka. 

2. E pale aku. Avert the danger, e pale 
. aku i ka popilikia. 
A'vi-a-ry, n. He hale no na manu o ka 

lew a. 
A-vid'i-ty, n. Ka makemake nui. Syn. 
Av'o-ea'tion, n. He hana liilii. The 

avocations of life, na hana liilii o keia 

A-void', V. E kaaokoa. 
A-vold'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke hookaao- 
^koaia; hiki ke pale ia. 
Av'oir-du-pois', (av-er-du-poiz), a. 

Avoirdupois weight, ke ana kaumaha no 

na kino nui. 
A-v<5\v, V. E ae hoakaka pono. He a- 

vowed the crime, ua ae hoakaka mai oia 

nana I hana I ke karaima. An avowed 
intention, he manao paa 1 hoakaka po- 
no ia. 

A-vow'al, n. Ka ae hoakaka ana. Syn. 
admission. An avowal of crime, ka ae 
hoakaka ana no ke karaima. 

A- wait', V. E kakali; e kali. I await 
your pleasure, ke kali nei a'u i kou ma- 

A-wake', adj. Makaala. 

A-ivake', v. E ala; e makaala. 

A-wak'en, v, E hooala mni. 

A-wak'en-lng, w. Ka hooala ana mal. 

A-ward', n. He olelo hooholo. Syn. 

judgement; decision. 
A-ware', v, E ike; e maoiHjpo. Syn. 

A-way', adv. 1. Ma kahi e. Go away, 

e hele ma kahi e. 

2. Aku. Throw it away, e kiola aku ia 

Awe (aw), 71. Ka ilihia o ka naau; ka 

well well o ka naau. 
Aw'ful, adj. Weliweli; ilihia; eehia. 

A- while', adv. 1. Iki. Rest awhile, e 

hoomaha iki. 

2. Liuliu iki. After a while, a liuliu 

Awk'ward, aty. Hemahema; manuea; 

hauhili. Syn. blundering. 
Awl, n. He o. 

A wn'ing, n. He anini ; lole pale la. 
^J® j n. Koilipi; koi. 

Ax'i-om, n. Akiuma, he oiaio maopo- 

^po lea. 
Ax'i-o-mat'le, adj. Maopopolea. Axio- 

^matic truth, he oiaio maopopolea. 
Ax'ls, n. He iho. Axis of the earth, ka 

. iho o ka Honua. 

Axalltree i ^- Paipaikomo. 
Aye, adv. 1. Ae. 

2. Wa pau ole. Syn. ever. For ever 
^and aye, no ka wa pau ole. 
Az'ure, adj, Uliuli, e like me na lani. 





Bab'ble, v. E walaau wale; e hau- 
Bab'bler, n. Mea walaau wale. 

Ba'l^ ( **• K^^ki kolo; keiki omo waiu. 
Bab-oon', n. Keko nui. 
Ba'by-hood, n. Ka wa keiki kolo. 
Ba'by-ish, adj. Ano keiki liilii. 
Bach'e-lor, n. Kanaka i mare ole. 

2. Bachelor of arts., he inoa hanohano 

i haawiia 1 na liaumana i puka pono 

aku mai ke kula nui. 
Back, n. Kua. 
Back, adv. Ma ke kua. Syn. behind. 

Back of the hotise, ma ke kua o ka hale. 

2. Mahope ae. 
Back, V. 1. E haawe; e waha. 

2. E ce maluna. To back a horse, e ee 

malunao ka lio. 

8. E hooemi hope; e emikua. 
Baek'bite, v. E nuku; e aki. 
Baek'bit-er, n. Kanaka akiaki. 
Back'bone, n, Iwi kuamoo. 
Back-door, n. Ka puka ma ke kua o 

ka hale. 
Back'side, 71. Aoao hope. 
Back-slide', v. E haalele i ka pono. 
Back-slid'er, n. Mea haalele i ka pono. 
Back'ward t adv. 1. I hope ae; emi- 
Baek'wardsi kua. 

2. liOlohe, He is backward in his studies, 

lolohe oia ma kana irai ana. 
Back-woods'inan, n. He kuaaina; he 

Ba'con, n. Aoao puaa, 1 kopiia a kau- 

laiia i ka uahi. 
Bad, adj. 1. Ino; hewa. 

2. Pupuka. A bad thing, he mea pu- 

];ad^e, n. He hoailona. Syn. insignia. 

A badge of ojfice, he hoailona o ka oi- 

hana. Insignia of rank, na hoailona o 

ke kulana. 
Baffle, V. E hoohoka; e keakea. Syn. 

balk; frustrate. 
Baffling, adj. Hoolauwill wale. A 

baffling wind, he makani hoolauwili 

l$ag, n. He eke; he hipuu. 
Bag'gage, n. Ukana pili kino. 
Bag'ging, n. Lole hana eke. 
Bail, n. Bela, ma ke kanawai he dala 

hoopaa kino. 

2. He au bakeke. 
Ball, -y. 1. E bela; ehaawi 1 bela. To 

give bail, e haawi i bela. T> go bail, e 

lilo i hope no ka mea i bela ia. 

2. E ka i ka liu. 

Bail'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke bela la. 

Bait, n. He maunu. 

Bait, V. 1. E kau i ka maunu ma kft 


2. E hanai ka ai i ka holoholona. 
Bake, v. E hoomoa ma ka imu. 
Bak'er, w. Kanaka puhi palaoa. 
Bak'er-y, n. Hale puhi palaoa; hale 

hoomoa mea ai. 
Bal'an^e, n. 1. He kaupaona kau like. 

2. Ke koena i like. 
Bal'ance, -v. 1. E kaupaona like. 

2. E noohalike. Balance accounts, e 

hoohalike i na aoao elua o ka mooaie. 
Bal'an^e-sheet, n. He pcpa hoike i ka 

like o na aoao elua o ka mooaie. 
» Bal'co-ny, n. He lanai uuku. 
Bald, adj. Ohule; niania; nia. 
B^l'der-dash, 71. Olelo lapuwale ; ano 

Bald'ness, n. Ka ohule o ke poo. 
Bale, 71. 1. He ope nui; he puolo nui. 

2. He pu-a. Bale hay, e pu-a i ka mauu 

Bale'ful, adj. Hoopoino; ino. 
Bi^lk, V. 1. E hoohoka. Syn. baffle. 

2. E kuemi ihope, e like me ka lio nu- 

Balk'y, adj. Nuha. A balky horse, he 

iio nuha. 
Ball, n. 1, He aijaina hula, 

2. He kini popo. 

3. He poka. Cannon ball, poka puku- 
niahi. " 

4. He popo. A ball of twine, he popo 

Bal'lad, 71. He mele o ka lahui. 

Bal'last, 71. Ka mea hookaumaha mo- 
ku, a waapa paha. 

Bal-loon,' n. He baluna; he eke nui i 
hoopihaia i ke ea mama, i laua pono 
iloko o ka lewa. 

Bal,lot, n. He balota; he pepa koho. 

Bal'lot, V. E koho balota. 

Bal'lot-box, n. Pahu balota. 

Balm, 71. 1. Bama; he laau ala. 
2. He laau hamo eha. 

BaPsam, n. He laau hoola eha. 

Bfil'ug-ter, n. He laau liilii o ka pa la- 
nai hale. 

BaJ'us-trade', n. He pa laau o ka la- 
nai, a alapii paha. 

Bam-boo', n. He ohe. 

Bam-bob'zle, v. E hoopuniwale. Syn. 

Ba-na'na, n. Maia. Banana skin, he 
paaa'. Peel a banana, e paaa' i ka mala. 

Baud, n. 1. Kaei; apo. 




2. Hehui; ahahui. Syn. society. 

8. Hui puhi ohe. 

4. Hi ktia pokakaa. 

6. He poc. A band of robbers, he poe 

powa'. A band of soldiers, he poe koa. 
Band, v. E hui, no kekahi liana. 
Band'age, n. He wahi' no na eha o ke 

Band 'box, 71. Pahu papale wahine. 
Bfin'dit, n. He powa. Syn. robber. 
Ban'dy, V. 1. ^andj/ t^ords, e kamailio 

aku kamailio mai. 

2. E lioolei aku, hoolel mai. 
Bane' n. 1, Laau make. 

2. Kumu hoopoino. Bane of existence, 

kumu o hoopoino ai ke ola. 
Bane'ful, adj. Hoopoino; hoopilikia. 

Syn. baleful. 
Bang:, n. 1. He kul. 

2. He paui ikaika o ka puka. Syn. 

Ban'ish, v. E kipaku mai ka one ha- 

Ban'isIii'Uient, n. Ke kipaku ana i ka 

aina e. 
Ban'is-ter, n. See Balhister. 
Bank, 7t. 1. He kapa. Bank of a stream, 

he kapa kahawai. 

2. He ahua. A bank of earth, he ahua 

3. He ba'neko; hale malaraa dala. 
Bank, V. 1. E pale me ka lepo. 

2. E hoomoe dala ma ka ba'neko. 
Bank'-ac-couut', n. Ka mooaie ma ka 

Bank'-blll, n. Dala pepa a ka ba'neko. 
Bank'er, n. Kanaka lavvelnwe ma ka 

oihana ba'neko; kanaka ba'neko. 
Bfink'ing-bus'i-ness, n. Ka oihana 

Bank'rupt, n. He banekarupa; mea i 

hoka ma kana oihana. 
Bank'rupt-^y, n. Ka lilo ana i bane- 
karupa. To go into bankruptcy, komo i 

ka banekarupa. 
Bank'-stoek, n. Na mahele o ke kumu 

paa o ka ba'neko. 
Ban'ner, n. He hae; he lepa. Sabbath 

school banner, hae kula sabati. 
Ban'quet, n. He ahaaina hanohano. 
Ban'ter, V. E hoonaukiuki; e hana 

wale; e hooaikola. Svn. tease. 
Bap'tism, n. Ka bapetiso au^. 
Bap-tize', v. E baptiso. ' 
Bar, n. 1. He pauku, A bar of iron, he 

pauku hao; he auka hao. 

2. Pakaukau kuai waiona. 

3. He pao ka liale hookolokolo. The 
prisoner at the bar, ka lawehala imua o 
ka pa o ka hale hookolokolo. 

4. He pale o ka leo mele. 

5. He wahi papau ma ka nuku o ka 
muliwai, a makahi komo o naawaku- 

6. He papa loio. 

7. He wani hookolokolo. Appear be- 

{ore the bar of God, e ku imua o ke aha 
lookolokolo o Ke Akua. 

8. He pale. A bar to further progress, 

he mea e pale ai ka holo mua. 
Bar, V. 1. E pani a paa. 

2. E kau pale; o keakea. 
Bar-l>sVrI-an, n. Kanaka hihiu; hupo. 
Bar'bar-i.sin, n. Ka uoho hupo ana; 

ka noho hihiu ana. 
Bar'bar-otis, adj, 1. Hihiu; hupo. 

2. Mainoiuo; lokoiuo. Syn. cruel. 
Bar'ber, n. Kanaka ako lauoho. 
Bard, n. He mea haku mele. Syn. poet. 

Hare, adj. Neo; neoneo; olohelohe. A 

bare reef, he kuaau; koho'la. 
Bare'fa^ed, adj. Hilahila ole. Syn. 

Bare'foot, adj. Kamaa ole; wawae 

Bare'head'ed, adj. Papale ole. 
Bare'ly, adv. 1. Wale no. Barely eS' 

caped, pakele wale no. Syn. merely. 
Bare-ness, w. Ka nele; ka neoneo; ka 

Biir'gain, n. Ke kuai ana. To make a 

bargain, e hooholo i ke kuai. A fair 

bargain,he kuai kaulike. A poor bargain, 

he kuai poho'. A shrewd bargain, he 

kuai apiki. 
Bar'gain, v. E hooholo i ke kuai. 
Barge, n. He waapa holoholo lealea. 

Bark, n. 1. Hi laau. 

2. Aoaoa o ka ilio. 

3. He moku kia kolu, nona ka pea nui 
wale no ma ke kia hope; he kiapa. 

Bark, v. 1. E aoaoa. 

2. E maihi i ka ili o ka laau. 

3. E hoopohole i ka ili. 
Bar'ley, n. Bale, he ano palaoa. 
Barn, n. Hale papaa. 
Bar'na-ele, n. He unaoa. 
Barn'yard, n. Ka pa o ka hale papaa. 
Ba-rom'e-ter, n. He barometa; mea 

ana i ke kaumaha o ke ea. 
Biar'racks, n. Hale noho no na koa o 

ke Aupuni. 
Bar'rel, n. Pahu barela. 
Bar'ren, adj. 1. Panoa. Syn. sterile. 

Barren land, aina panoa. 

2. Koa. A barren tree, he laau koa. 
Bar'ri-cade', n. He pale kaua. 

Bar'ri-er, n. He paku; he mea keakea. 

Bar'ris-ter, n. He loio. 

Bar'ter, v. E kuai waiwal no ka wai- 

wai; e kuapo. 
Bar'y-tone, n. Leo pa-ko-li, mawaena o 

ka leo kane me ke tenore. 
Base, w. 1. Kahua. Syn. foundation. 

2. Leo kane o ka leo mele. 

8. ^oseZme, kahamoe. Base of a tri- 
angle, aoao moe o ka huina kolu. 

Base, adj. 1. Haahaa; haumia. Syn. 

mean; vile. 

2. Pupuka. Syn. worthless. 
Buse'less, adj. Kumu ole. 
Base'ly, adv. Ino. Basely desert, haa- 

lele ino. 
Base'inent, n. Ko lalo loa o ka hale; 

ke keeua malalo. 




Base'ness, n. Ka haahaa; ka apiki; 

ka lapuwale. Syn. turpitude. 
Bash^ful, adj. 1. Palaimaka; maka 

Mlahila. Syn. shy; diffident. 

2. Oheke. Syn. countrified. 
Bash'ful-ness, n. Maka hilahila wale. 
Ba'sin, n. 1. He pa tini. 

2. He poho aina. 

3. He loko wai iiuku. 

Ba'sis, n. Kahua; kumu. Syn. foun- 
Bask, V. E lala; e moe nanea 1 ka la. 
Bas'ket, w. Hinai; i-e. 
Baste, V. 1. E omao. 

2. E hili me ka laau. 

3. E kopi' i ke kai maluna o ka i-o e 
pulehu ana. 

Bat, n. 1. Laau kinipopo. 

2. He ope'ape'a. 
Batch, n. 1. Ka nui o ka ai i hoomo- 

aia i ka wa hookahi. 

2. Nahanai hanaiai ka wa hookahi. 

3. Na mea o kela me keia ano i waiho 

Bath, n. He auau. 

Bath'-hrick, n. Pohaku anal pahi. 

Bathe, v. E auau. 

Bath'-house, n. Hale auau. 

Bath'-room, n. Keena auau. 

Bath'-tuh, n. Pahu auau. 

Batli'ing-dress, n. Lole auau. 

Bat-tal'ion, n. Puali koa. 

B after, n. Palaoa i kawiliia a lahilahl. 

Bat'ter-y, n. 1. He wahi pa kaua. 

2. He huina o na pu nui o ka moku, a 
o ka pakaua paha. 

3. He mikini e hana ana i kauwila. 

4. Ke kui ana. Assault and battery, ke 
kul me ka hakaka'. 

Bat'tle, n. Hooukakaua. 
Bat'tle-ar-ray', w. Kulanakaua. 
Bawd'y, adj. Pelapela; haumia. Syn. 

Bawl, v. Euwa; e uwe nui. 
Bay, n. 1. He kaikuor.o. 

2. SicJc bay, he wahi o ka moku manu- 

wa i hookaawaleia no na luina mai. 
Bay'o-net, n. He elau. 
Ba-zaar'l n. Ka makeke o na aina o 
Ba-zar' ) ka hikina. 
Be, V. He haina kokua. Be still, e noho 

Beach, n. Kahakai one; kaha one. 
Bea'con, n. Lama kuhikuhi. 
Bead, n. He pupu lei aniani, a metala 

Beak, n. Nuku manu. Syn. bill. 
Beam, n. 1. He kaola. Beam of wood, 

he kaola laau. 

2. K e an a waena oka moku ; ka laula' 
o ka moku. 

3. Na kaola o ka malamalama, beam 
of light. 

Beam, v, E malamalama mai. Syn. 

Bean, n. He papapa. 
Bear, v. (past, bore; p. p. bom.) E ha- 

nau; e hoohua. 

Bear, v. (past, bore; p. p. borne.) 1. E 
haawe; ekoo. 
2. E hoomanawanui; e ahouui. 

Bear'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoomanawa- 

Beard, n. Umiumi. 

Beard'less, adj. Umiumi ole. 

Bear'lngr, n. 1. Ke ano. Syn. mien; 
behavior. His bearing was proud, haa- 
heo ae la kona ano. 

2. Ka hoomaopopo ana kahi o ka mo- 
ku e holo ana. Ke kukulu o kekahi 
mea mai ka moku aku 

Bear'ish, adj. Me he bea la. 

Beast, n. He holoholona. 

Beast'ly, adj. 1. Kohu holoholona. 

2. Haukae; pelapela. 

3. Lokoino; mainoino. Syn. brutal. 
Beat, V. 1. E hahau; e pepehi. Syn. 

thump; pommel; strike. 

2. E eo; e lanakila. Syn. vanquish. 

3. E pana. Beat time, e pana i ka ma- 

4. Beat to windward, hoopahua; hoo- 

Beat'ing^, n. Ka hahau ana; ka pepehi 

Beau (bo), to. 1. He kanaka hookaha- 
2. He hoa kane o ka wahine mare ole. 

Beau'ti-ful, adj. Nani; maikai; iioro- 
hea; onaona. A beautiful woman, he 
wahine nonohea; kalelei; upalu. Syn. 
graceful. Beautifully formed, auliiko- 
lomanu. A beautiful sight, he nauaina 
nani; nanaina maikai. 

Beau'ti-fy, v. 1. E kahiko a nani. 
Syn. adorn. 
2. E hoohiehie. 

Beau'ty, n. Ka nani; o kela me keia 
ano; ke kulia. A beauty, he kulia; 
he ui. 

Be-calm', v. E hoolana malie; pohu. 
The vessel is becalmed, ua pohu ka moku* 

Be-cause, conj. 1. No ka mea. I gave 
to him because he was needy, ua manawa- 
lea a'u laia, no ka mea ua nele oia. 
Syn. inasmuch, 

2. Oiai. You cannot go because you are 
sick, aole hiki ia oe ke hele, oiai ua mai 
oe. Syn. since. 

2. No. We cannot go because of the rain, 
Aole hiki ia kakou ke hele, no ka u-a, 

Beck'on, v. E peahi me ka lima. 

Be-c6me' v. 1. eku; kupouo; kohu- 
pono. Syn. fit. 

2. E lilo. The studious youth will be- 
come the wise man, e lilo ana ke keiki 
imi i kanaka naauao. 

Be-com'ing;, adj. Ku; kupono; kohu 
pono. The coat is becoming, kohu pono 
ke kuka. Syn. siiitable. Becoming con- 
duct, ka hana kupono. Syn. appropri- 

Bed, TO. He moe; pela moe; wahi e hia- 
moe ai. 

2. Wahi kanu. A bed of flowers, v^raM 
kanu pua. 




3. He kown. The bed of a river, ke ko- 

wn o ka muliwai. 
lJe-dj|ub', V. E hoohapala; hoohaukue. 

Byn. smear. 
Bc'd'biig:, w. Uku lio. 
Bod'chfim-ber, n. Keena moe. Syn. 

Bed'elotheg, n. Na kapa moe. 

lie-deck', v. E kahiko. Syn. trim; or- 

BCtl'ding, n. Na lako moe. 

Bed'fel'low, 71. Hoa moe pu. 

Bed-hang'in^s, n. Napaku moe. 

Be-dim', v. E hoopoweniwehi. 

Be-dim'med, ad^. Pinanaea. 

Bed'quilt, n. Kapa apana; kapa uM 
owahoo ka moe. 

Bed'rid-den, adj. Moe mau i ka moe, 
no ka mai. 

Bcd'side, n. Aoao o ka moe. 

Bed'stead, n. Hikiee moe; he moe. 

Bed'tiine, n. Hora moe. 

Bee, w, Nalomeli. 

Beef, n. I-o bipi. 

Beefsteak, n. I-o bipi koala. 

Bee'-hive, n. Hale nalo meli. 

Beer, w. Bia;meainu. 

Bees'wax, n. Kiikae nalo meli. 

Beet, n. He uala haole, ulaula ; he piki. 

Bee'tle, n. 1. He hamale laau. Syn. 
2. He elelu'. 

Be-rall', V. E loohla mai. 

Be-fit', i;. Kupono. Syn. become. 

Be-fif ting, adj. Kupono; kohupono. 
Syn. becoming; suitable; proper. 

Be-fore', ©rep. 1. Imuaokealo. 
2. adv. Mamua. 

Be-fore'hand, adv. Mamua'e o ka ma- 

Be-fore'-men'tioned, adv. Haiiama- 

Be-fdre'tlme, adv. Mamua; i kinohi. 
Syn. formerly. 

Be-friend', v. E hookipa; e hoopuna- 

Beg, V. E koi ikaika; e makilo; e noi 
wale. I beg of you to let drink alone, ke 
koi ikaika nei au ia oe e kaaokoa aku 
mai ka wai ona. 

Be-get', V. E hanau mai. 
2. E hoohua mai. 

Beg'gar, w. He noi wale; he makilo; 
he kamapuka. 

Beg'gar-ly, adj. Nele loa; ilihune loa. 

Beg'gar-y, n. Ka nele o ka noho ana. 
lieduced to beggary, hooliloia a nele loa. 

Be-gin', v. 1. E hookumu. Syn. orig- 
inate. To begin an enterprise^ e hooku- 
mu i kekahi olhana. 
2. E hoomaka. Syn. commence; enter 
upon ; set alwut. To begin a new term 
of school, e hoomaka i hapaha hou o ke 

Be-gin'ner, n. 1. Mea nana e hooku- 
mu i kekahi mea. Syn. originator. 
2. Ka mea e hoomaka ana. 

Be-gln'ning, n. 1. Ka hookumu ana- 
Syn. origin. In the beginning, i ka hoo- 
kumu ana; 1 kinohi. 
2. Ke kumu; ka hoomaka ana; kino- 
hou. To make a beginning, e hoomaka. 

Be-g«5ne', inter j. E hele pela! 

Be-guile', r. 1. E hoowalewale; e hoo- 
halua. Syn. delude; insnare. 
2. E hoonanea. Syn. amuse. E hoo- 
hala manawa. They benviled the time 
with stories, me na kaao lakou i hoonea 
wale ai. 

Be-half, n. 1. Ka pono a kekahi. 
Syn, sake. On your behalf, or, for your 
sake, no kou pono. 

2. No. Syn. for. He was chosen speaker 
on behalf of {or for) the multitude, ua ko- 
hoia oia i kakaolelo no ka lehulehu. 

Be-have', v. 1. E noho pono, noho 
malie. He knows how to behave, ua ike 
oia i ka noho pono. 

2. E noho a liana. Do not behave badly, 
mai noho a hana kolohe. 

Be-hav'lor, n. Ka noho ana o ke ka- 
naka; ka hana ana. Syn. conduct; de- 
Eortment. Good behavior, ka noho a 
ana pono. 

Be-head', v. E oki ke poo. 

Be-hind', prep. Mahope; ma ke kua. 
Behind the house, ma ke kua o ka hale; 
mahope o ka hale. 

2. Aav. Ihope ae. He is behind, on the 
road, ihope ae nei oia ma ke alanui. 

Be-hind'hand, adv. Haule ihope; ha- 
kalia; lolohi. 

Be-hold', interj. Aia hoi! Aia la! 

Be-hold'er, n. He mea ike maka. Syn. 

Be-hoove', v. E kupono. 

Be'ing, n. Kela mea oia, keia mea oia. 

Be-la'bor, v. E hahau ino. 

Be-lat'ed, adj. Hoohakaliaia; hoolo- 

Be-lay', v. Bile'; hooki ka huki anai 

ke kaula o ka pea. 
Be-lay'ing-pin, n. Pine hoopaa kaula 

Belch, V. E uha'. 
Bel'fry, n. Puoa bele. 
Be-lie', v E alapahi; e hai hoopuni- 

Be-lier, n. Manaoio. 
Be-liev'er, n. Ka mea e manaoio ana. 
Bell, n. Bele kani. 

Belle, (hel), n. He wahine ui; onaona. 
Bel-ll^'er-ent, w. Ka mea e kaua ana. 

IRel-U^'er-ent, adj. Anohakaka; ano 

Bell'man, n. Kanaka hookani bele. 

Syn. bell ringer. 

Bel'low, V. E uwo. me he bipi la 
Bel'lowg, n. Upa' makani; opi 


opu ma- 

Bel'ly, n. Opu. 

Uel'ly-ache, (fik) n. Nahu o ka opu. 

Bel'ly-band, n. Kaula opu; kaei opu. 



Be-15ng', v, 1, Pili la. The book belongs 

to him, pili iaia ka bake. 

2. Na, or no. The book belongs to John, 

no Keoni ka buke. 
!Be-16v'ed, adj. Aloha nuiia; hiwahi- 

\va; halialia. Syn. cherished. 
Be-low', »rep. and adv. Malalo; mala- 

lo iho; ilalo ae. 
Belt, n. Kaei; ili apo; kaula apo, Syn. 

Be-moan', v. Ekanikan; e kaniuhu'. 

Syn. lament; bewail. 
Bench, n. 1. He noholoihi, kua ole. 

2. He papa hana. Carpenter's bench, 
papa hana a ke kamena'. 

3. Ka noho hookolokolo. 

4. Ka papa lunakanawai. 

The Bench and Bar, na lunakanawai me 
na loio. 
Bend, v. 1. E pelu. Bend the back, e 
pelu i ke kua, 

2. E hoo pelu; e hooholu; e hoopio. 

3. E kakiwi; e luhe'. As withered 
plants. Syn. droop. 

4. Holuholu; nape; napenape. Syn. 
to be flexible. 

6. E kukuli, bend the knee. Syn. bow. 

6. E kulou. Bend the neck or head, e 

kulou i ke poo. 
Bend, n. 1. Hepelu; heholu. 

2. Hehipuu; nipuu. Syn. knot. 
Be-neath', prep. Malalo iho; ilalo ae. 
Ben'e-die'tion, n. Olelo hoomaikai. 

Syn. blessing. 
Ben'e-fae'tion, n. Hana hoopomai- 

Ben'e-f&c'tor, n. Ka mea nana e hoo- 

Eomaikai; mea hana manawalea; mea 
Be-neTi-^ent, adj. Manawalea; loko- 

Ben-e-fi'9ial, adj. Pomaiicai. 

Ben-e-fi'^i-a-ry, n. Ka mea nana ka 
pomaikai; ka mea i hoopomaikaiia. 

Ben'e-fit, n. He pono; he pomaikai. 

Be-nev'o-len^e, n. Manaolokomaikai. 
ka imi ana i ko hai pomaikai. 

Be-nev'o-lent, adj. Lokomaikai; ma- 
nawalea; kokua i ko hai nele. 

Be-nign', (nin), adj. Oluolu. Syn. 
kind; generous. 

Be-nig'nant, adj. Oluolu. Syn. kind; 

Bent, p. ^. Lakee. Syn. doubled over; 
2. pelma. 

Bent, n. Ke ake o ka naau; ka make- 
make. Syn. inclination; bias. 

Be-numb', v. E hoo-maeele. 

Be-queatii', v. E hooilina waiwai. 

Be-quest', n. Waiwai hooilina. 

Be-reave', v. E hoonele. Me have ye 
bereaved of my children, ua hoonele 
keike mai oukou i'au. Bereft of his 
senses, hooneleia i ka noonoo. 

Be-reave'ment, n. 1. Ka hoonele ana. 
2. Ke kau ana mai o ka popilikia. 
Syn. affliction. Bereaved, 0-a. 

Ber'ry, n. Hua ai liilii; like me ka 

Berth, n. 1. Kahl i ku ai ka moku ma 

ka uwapo. 

2. He wahi moe maluna o ka moku. 

3. He hana; oihana. He has a good 
berth, he oihana maikai kona. 

Be-seech', v. E noi haahaa. Syn. suj)- 

Be-set', V, 1. Hoohei. Beset with dif- 
ficulties, hoohei i na pilikia. 
2. E paapu; e hoopuni. Temptations 
beset me, paapu mai na hoowalewale 

Be-set'ting, adj. Walea; maa mau. 
Besetting sin, hewa maa mau. 

Be-sides' i prep. 1. Mea e ae; mea 

Be-8ide' ) hou ae. 

2. Halahu'. Beside the mark, halahu 
ka maka. 

3. Nohoi. Syn. also. 

4. To be beside one's self with anger, e 
pupuli no ka huhu. 

Be-sie^e', v. E hoopuni i ke kaua. 
Be-smear', v. E hoohapala; hoohau- 

kae. Syn. bedaub. 
Be-sdf ted, adj. Haahaa loa; haumia 


2. Ona mau. 
Be-speak', v. 1. E olelo e mamua, 

2. E hoike e mai. 
Best, adj. Ka oi o ka maikai. 
Bes'tial, adj. Haahaa; haukae; pela- 

pela. Syn. beastly; vile; carnal. 
Be-stir', v. E hooeueu; e makaala; e 

Be-sto-w', V. 1. E haawi aku. To bes- 
tow a blessing, e haawi i pomaikaL 

Syn. confer. 

2. E hoahu. I have no place to bestow 

my goods, aohe o'u wahi e hoahu ai i 

ko'u waiwai. 
Bet, V. E pili waiwai. He won the bet, 

Eo oia ma ka pili waiwai, 
Be-tide', v. E loohia mai. 
Be-tiines', adi'. I ka wa kupono. 
Be-trsiy', v. E kumakaia. 
Be-tray'er, ». He mea kumakaia, 

Syn. traitor. 
Be-tr6th', v. E hoopalau. 

Be-tr6th'al, to. Ka hoopalau ana, 

Bet'terg, to. Ka poe ma ke kulana kie- 

kie ae. Syn. Superiors. 
Be-tween', prep. Mawaena o. 

Bev'el, TO. He kuea kunihi, no ke ka- 

Bev'er-a^e, to. Mea inn. Syn. drink, 

Bev'y, TO. Anna'. A bevy of birds, he 
auna' manu. 

Be- wail', v. E uwe kanikau; kuma- 

Be-w&re', v. E kiai pono; e makaala, 
Syn. take care; be cautious. 

Be-wil'der, v. E hoopilihua: e hoopo- 
hihihi. Syn. puzzle; perplex. 

Be-wil'der-ment, to. Ka hoopohihihi 
ana o ka naau; ka hoopilihua ana. 




Be-y<infl', prep, and adv. Ma o aku; I o 

aku. Syn. over there. 
Bib, n. He pnle-aina na ke keikl. 
Itib'ber, n. Mea 1 maa i na waiona. 
Bi'ble, n. Ka Palapala Hemolele. 
Bib'li-cal, adj. No ka baibala. Bibli- 
cal history, moolelo o ka baibala. 
Blbli-ofir'ra-plier, n. He kanaka i 

makrtukau ma ka moolelo o na bukc i 

Bib'li-dg'ra-phy, n. Ka moolelo no 

ke kakau bukc. 
Blck'er, v. E niiku aku, nuku mai. 
Bick'er-ing:, n. Ka r.ixkunuku ana. 
Bid, V. 1. E koho, ma ke ku:vi kuclala. 

2. E kauoha; e kena'. Syn. order; 

Bid'der, n. Mea nana e koho ma kc 

kuai kudala. 
Bi-cn'ni-al, adj. Kela me keia lua ma- 

Bier, n. Manclo kupapau. 
Big, adj. Nui; nunui. Syn. large. 
Big'a-mist, n. Ka mea e nobo ana me 

na kane mare elua, na wahine mare 

elua paha. 
BIg'a-my, n. Ka noho mare ana me na 

kane, a wahine paha, elua. 
BIg'ot, n. He mea pill noonoo ole i 

kekahi hoomana. 
Bile, n. Lena. 
Bilge, n. Kahl palahalaha olalo o ka 

moku. kahi e ili mua, ke ili ka moku. 
Bilge'wii'ter, n. Liu o ka moku. 
Bill, 71. 1. He bila. iJa.'jA; 6?7Z, bila dala. 

Bill of exchange, bila hooili dala. Bill 

of entry, biJa hookomo waiwai i ka 

aina. Legislative bill, he bila kanawai. 

2. He palapala. Bill of divorce, pala- 
pala oki. Bill of health, palapala hoike 
no ke ola. Bill of lading, palapala hoi- 
ke ukana o ka moku. Bill of mortality, 
palapala kuhikuhi i na make. Bill of 
rights, palapala o na pono pili kino o 
ke kanaka. Bill of exceptions, palapala 
hoike manao ku-e'. 

3. Nuku mauu. Syn. beak. A beak, 
oia ka nuku o ka manu ai i-o. 

Bil'let, n. 1. He palapala pokole. 

2. Pauku laau. 
Blll'iards, n. Ka bilioki; pahupahu. 
BlPlinfjs-gute, n. Olclo kuamuamu. 

Syn. foul language. 
Bill'ion, n. He biliona; tausani miliona. 
Bll'low, n. Ale nui o ke kai. 
Bil'lo-\v-y, adj. Alcale. 
Bi'montU'ly, adj. Kela me keia lua 

Bind, V. 1. E pu-a a paa; e nakii; e 


2. E humuhumu. Bind boohs, humu- 

humu buke. 

8. Hoopaa, ma ke kanawai ; e paa. 
Bind'er, a. 1. Mea e paa ai. 

2. Mea humuhumu buke. 
Bind'er-y, n. Hale humuhumu buke. 
Bind'lng, n. Ka mea e hoojK'.a ai. 

2. Ka humuhumu ana. Tlie binding 

of the book, ka humuhumu ana o ka 

buke; ka uhi owaho o ka buke. 
BIn'na-cle, n. Ka pahu panana malu- 

nao kamoku. 
Bi-n6c'u-lar, adj. No na maka elua. 

A binocular telescope, he ohe nana no 

na maka elua. 
Bi-no'mi-al, adj. Elua mahele. A 

Binomial, he kuanite hoailona helu, 

nona na mahele elua (a-f 6). 
Bi-6g'ra-pliy, n. Moolelo pili kino i 

ke kanaka. 
Bi-61'o-^y, n. Ka ike e pili ana i ke 

ola o na mea kino ola. 
Bi'ped, n. Holoholona wawae elua. 
Bird, n. He manu o ka lewa. Bird of 

prey, manu ai i-o. 
Bird'-ea^e, n. Hale manu. 
Bird'-catcii'er, n. He kawili manu; 

he kuhea manu. 
Bird's'-ej^e-view, n. Ka nanaina i 

ikeia mai luna mai; mehe maka o ka 

manu e nana ana ilalo, oiai oia e Icle 

Bird'-lime, n. Kepau kawili manu. 
Bird's'nest, n. Punana manu. 
Birthi n. Ka hanau ana. 
Birth'day, n. La hanau. 
Birth'place, n. One hanau; wahl 

Birth'right, n. 1. Ka pono o ka ha- 
nau mua. 

2. Kela me keia pono e ili mai ana 

mamuli o ka hanau. 
Bis'euit (bis-kit), n. 1. He paapaa be- 


2. He popo berena liilii palupalu. 
Bi-sect', V. E oki ana ma na apar.a like 

Bi-sec'tion, n. Kaoki ana manaapana 

like elua. 
Bish'op, n. He bihopa. 
Bish'op-ric, n. Ka huina o na kihapai 

malalo o ka bihopa hookahi. 
Bit, n. 1. Ka hao o ke kaulawaha. 

2. He nao will, no ka will umauma. 

3. He hunahuna; he hakina; he apana 
> liilii. 

Bitcli, n. Ilio wahine. 
Bite, V. E nahu; e aki. 

Bi'ter, TO. Mea e nahu ana; e aki ana. 

Bit'ter, adj. 1. Mulea; awahia; mue- 
mue; malailena. Syn. acrid. 

2. A bitter cold day, he la anuanu loa. 

3. Uluhua. A bitter feeling of resent- 
ment, he manao uluhua, ku-e'. 

4. Bitter poverty, bitter want, ilikole. 
Bi-v^lve, n. He opihi me na pani elua. 

Biv'ou-ac (blv-wak), v. E kiai a hala 

ka po, (pili i ka puali kaua.) 
Bi-week'ly, adj. Kela me keia lua he- 

Blab, v. E hal ikameahuna'; e holo- 

holo olelo. 
Black, adj. Eleele; panopano; nele loa 

i ka malamalama. 
Black-board, n. Papa eleele. 




Blaek'en, v. E hamo a eleele. Blacken 

the character, e hooino i ka inoa maikai. 
Biaek'guard (blag'gard), n. He mea 

kuamuamu; he waha haumia. 
Biack'lead, n, Kepau maloo eleele, 

Black'legr, n. He kanaka apnka. Syn. 

swindler; cheat. 
Blaek'ness, n. Eleele; pano. 
Blaek^sinitli, n. Amara; kanaka kui 

Blad'der, n. Opu mimi; koana. 
Blade, n. 1. Lau o ka mauu, huita, me 

na mea ulu ola ano. 

2. Maka. The blade of the knife, ka ma- 
kao kapahi. 

3. Kahi palahalaha o ka hoe. 
Blam'a-ble, adj. Ku i ka ahewaia. 

Syn. culpable; faulty. 
Blame, v. E hewa; hoahewa. Syn. 

Blame, n. 1. Ka ahewa i kau ia maluna 


2. Ka hewa. You are to blame, nau ka 

1 ewa. 

Blame'lesg, adj. Hala ole; hewa ole. 
Blame'wor'tliy, adj. See Blamable. 
Bland, adj. Oluolu; nahenahe; palane- 

he; ano waipahe'. Syn. civil; courte- 
Bland'ish-ment, n. Ano onou; hoo- 

Blank, n. Hehakahaka; pepa pai ha- 

Blank'et, n. Pale lole huluhulu. 
Blar'ney, n. Olelo hoomaliraali. 
Blas-pkeme', V. 1. E olelo ino i ka inoa 

o Ke Akua; e hailiili. 

2. E hookae i na mea laa. 
Blas-phem'er, n. 1. Ka mea e olelo 

ino ana no Ke Akua; mea hailiili. 

2. Mea hookae ana i na mea laa. 
Bla8'plie-my,7i. 1. Olelo hailiili; olelo 


2. Ka hookae ana i na mea laa. 
Blast, n. 1. Pa ino mai o ka makani. 

2. Ka hooho ana o na pu. 

3. Ka hoopa-hu ana, 

4. Ka mae ana. 

Blast, V. E hoopa-hu'; e mae; e luhe'. 

Blaze, n. Lapalapa ahi. 

Blaze, V. E aa pono. 

Bleach, v. E hookeokeo. 

Bleak, adj. Oneanea. Syn. desolate; 

Blear, adj Piapia. 
Blear'-eyed, adj. Maka piapia; hapo- 

Bleat, V, E alala', like me ka hipa. 

Bllat'ingI "• K^ ^^^1^' <* ^* ^^P^ 

Bleed, v. E kahe koko. 

Blem'ish, n. He ki-na'. SYN. defect; 

Blend, r. E kawili pu; e hui pu. Syn. 

Bless, V. 1. E hoomaikai; hoalohaloha. 

2. E hoopomaikal. 

Bless'ed, adj. Pomaikal. 

Bless'ing, n. He pomaikai; hoalohalo- 
ha; hoomaikai. 

Blight, n. Kakani; ponalo. 

Blight, V. 1. E mae; e miraino. 
2. E hoohoka. Blighted hope, manao 
lana i hoohokaia. 

Blind, adj. Makapo'; makapaa. 

Blind'fold, v. E uhi ka maka a paa. 

Bl ind'man's-b<ift', n. Ka paani kana- 
ka makapo. 

Blind'ness, n. Ka makapo. 
2. Blindness of mind, Naaupo. 

Blink, V. E imo. Syn. wink. 

Blink'er, n. He pale maka ma ke kau- 

lawaha o ka lio holo kaa. 
Bliss, n. Hauoli piha. Syn. felicity. 
Bliss'ful, adj. Pilia i ka hauoli. 
Blis'ter, n. He oolapu o ka iU. 

Blithe, adj. Hoihoi; nakui; olioli. 

Syn. gay; merry; joyous. 
Bloat, V. E hoopehu. 
Block, TO. 1. He pauku. A block of 

wood, he pauku laau, 

2. He palaka hiu, mea hukl. 

3. Children's blocks, mea paani no ka- 

Block, V. E papani a paa. Block up the 
road, e papani a paa i ke alanui. 
3. E keakea. Block the side walk, e 
keakea i ke alanui hele wawae. 

Bluck-ade^ v. 2. Ka pani ana a paa 
o ke awa ku moku e na moku ma- 

2. Ka pani ana o ke alanui hao i ka 
hau i hiki ole i na kaa ke hele. 

Bluck'head, n. He poo laau; mea ike 
ole ma ka imi. 

Blood, TO. Koko. 

Blood'heat, n. Ka wela o ke koko. 

Blood'hound, to. Ilio hae kanaka. 

Blood'less, ad/, 1. Koko ole. 
2, Hookahe ole i ke koko. A bloodless 
victory^ he lanakila hookahe ole i ke 

Blood're-la'tlon, to. He pili koko. 

Blood'shed, to. Hookahe koko. 

Blood'-shot, adj. Ula. Blood-shot eyes, 

na maka ulaula. 
Bldod'thirst'y, adj. Punl koko. 
Blood'ves'sel, w. Aalele; aakoko. 
Blo<»d'y, adj. Paele i ke koko. 
Bloom, TO. Ka ula o ka papalina o ka 

?oe ui. 
oom, V. E mohala; e opuu. 
Bloom'lng, adj. Maka onaona. 
Blos'som, TO. He pua i mohala'e. Syn. 

Blot, TO. Hepaele; hehapala. 
Bldt, V. 1. E paele; e hoohapala. 

2. E holoi a nalo. Blot out iniquity, 

e holoi 1 ka hewa a nalo. 
Blot'ting-pa'per, to. Pepa hoomaloo 

Bluwse, TO. Lole palaka. 

Blow, V. He haua; ho kui. 



Blow, V. 1. E puhl; pa mai; nou. 

2. Blow the nose, e hooke' ka ihu. 

8. E haanou; e kaena. Syn. brag; 


4. E paupauaho. Syn. pant. 
Blftb'ber, n. Ka momona o ke kohola'. 
Biab'ber, v. E uwe wale. 
Blue, adj. Uliuli. Cerulean blue, ka uli- 

uli o na lani. 
Blues, n. Manao kaumaha; manao luu- 

Bl&ff, n. He pall makahakai. 
Bltifl", adj. Okalakala. Syn, gruff. 
Blikn'der, n. Lalau; kuhihewa; kapu- 

lu. Syn, error; mistake; bull. 
Blftn'der-er, n. Kanaka kapulu; hau- 

hlli; manuea; lopalaueka. 
Blfin'der-ing, aaj. Manuea; nahili; 

hoohemahema; kapulu. 
B I Ant, adj. Meumeu; pihi; oiole; ku- 

mumu. Syn. dull. 

2. Syn. bluff, adj. 
Blfint'ly, adv. Me ka nihaniha. 
Blur, n. He hapala; he kiua'. 
Blurt, V. E hai wale aku me ka noo- 

noo ole. 
Bltksh, V. E palaimaka; pii ka ula i ka 

Bljksh'ing:, adj. Omeomeo. 
Bliis'ter-er, 7i. Kanaka wabapaa; he 

wahakole; kanaka kehakeha. 
Boar, 71. Puaa kane. 
Board, n. 1. Hepapalaau. 

2. Ka ai, i uku ia. Good board, malkai 
ka ai. 

3. He papa. Board of Education, Papa 
Hoonaauao. Board of Health, Papa Ola. 
Board of Immigration, Papa Hoopae Li- 
ma Hana. Board of Appeals, Papa Hoo- 
pii Auhau. 

4. He oneki moku. On board, maluna 
o ka oneki. Overboard, haule mai ka 
moku a iloko o ke kai. 

Board, v. E paina mau ma kahi hoo- 

kahi, me ka u\u. 
Board'er, n. He hoa aina e uku ana. 
Board'ing-house, n. Hale paina. 
Board'ing-schobl, n. Kula nanai. 
Boast, V. E kaena; akena; haanou. 
Boast'er, n. Mea kaena; mea akena. 
Boat, n. 1. Waapa. 

2. Kela me keia ano moku. Steamboat, 

mokumanu. Pilot boat, moku pailaka. 

Fishing boat, moku lawai-a. 
Boat'man, n. Kanaka hoe waapa. 
Boatswain (b<>-sn), n. Luna malama 

i nalakomoku. 
B<Sd'i-ly, ad/. Pilikino. Bodily strength, 

ikaika o ke kino. Bodily comforts, na 

lako e pono ai ke kino. 
BiSd'y, n. Kino. 
Br>d'y-guard, n. Kiai hoomalu kino. 

King's body guards, na koa hoomalu 

kiuoo ka Moi. 
Bod'y-ptil'I-tic, n. Ka Lahul. Syn. 

B«))Er, n. Nenelu pobo; wahl pohopoho'. 
Boil, n. Mai heehee; he pnu. 

Boll, V. 1. E lapalapa; e baila. 

2, Blood boils with anger, pii ke kai o 

ka huhu'. 
Boil'er, n. 1. He ipu baila wai. 

2. Ipu mahu. 
Bois'ter-otks, adj. 1. Uwau'wa; wa- 

laau; wahapaa. 

2. Mahaoi. Syn. rough. Boisterous 
play, paani mahaoi. 

3. He ino nui. A boisterous sea, he kai 
ino nui. Boisterous weather, kau maka- 
niino; makanipukiki. 

Bold, adj. Aa; koa; nahoa; wiwo ole. 
2. Hueu. Bold in mischief, hueu i ke 
kolohe. Syn. daring. 

Bold-fa^ed', adj. Maka hilahila ole; 
mahaoi. Syn. impudent. 

Bold'ly, adv. Me ka wiwo ole; me ka 
mak'au ole. 

Bold'ness, n. Ke ano nahoa; aa; ma- 
k'au ole. 

Bol'ster, n. Uluna loihi. 

Bolt, n. He makia; hao hoopaa puka; 
he lou. 

Bolt, V. 1. E mahuka. The thief bolt- 
ed, mahuka aku nei ka aihue. 
2. Bolt the door, e lou i ka puka. 

Bolt-iip'right, n. Ku pololei loa. Sit 
bolt upright, e noho pololei loa. Syn. 

Bomb, n. Poka'pahu'. 

Bom-bard', n. E kipu me na poka' pa- 

B6m-bard'ment, n. Ke kipu ana i po- 
ka' pahu'. 

Bond, n. 1. He mea liki a paa. 
2. Bona; palapala hoopaa i ka olelo ae 

Bdnd'age, n. Ka noho ana kauwa kua- 

Saa, Syn. slavery. 
nd'maid, n. Kauwa wahine kua- 

Bond'man, n. Kauwa kane. 
Bonds'man, n. He hope ma ka bona. 
Bdnd'-ser'vant, n. Kauwa kuapaa. 

Syn. slave. 
Bone, n. Iwi. 
Bon'f ire, n. He ahi nui i hoo-aia no ka 

B<Jn-mot' (bong-mo), n. Olelo aka- 

Bdn'net, n. Papale wahine. 
Bdn'ny, adj. Maikai; lea. Syn. blithe. 
Bo'nus, n. He makana wale; makana 

Bo^ny , adj. Paapn i na iwi ; iwiiwi. 
Boo'by, n. 1. Mea uwe wale. 

2. He manu o ke kai. 
Bot>k, n. Buke; palapala i humuhumu- 

Bot>k'-bind'er, n. Kanaka humuhumu 

Book'-ease, n. Pahu waiho buke. 
Bc>bk'-keep'er, n, Mea malama buke 

Bo"bk'-keep'ing, n. Kakau buke helu. 
Bo"bk'-16arn'ing, n. Ka ike iloko o na 





B<Jt>k'-inark, w. Ka hoailonakuhiknhi 

wahi iloko o ka buke. 
Bobk'-rack, n. Mea paipai buke, i ka 

wa e waiho hamama ana. 
Bot>k'-8el'ler, n. Kanaka kuai buke. 
Bobk'store, 71. Hale kuai buke. 
Book'-trJicle, n. Oihana kuai buke. 
Bobk'-worm, n. 1. He mu ai buke. 

2^ Kanaka lilo loa i ka imi buke. 
Boom, n. 1. Laau nui no ka pea o ka 


2. Ka haalulu ana o ka nalu, a o ka pu 

nui paha i kona kani ana. 
Boom, V. 1. E nei. Syn. rush 

2^ E haalulu. 
Boor, n. He lopa'; he kuaaina. Syn. 

Boor'ish, adj. Kuaaina; laueka; hoo- 

maniha. Syn. clownish. 
Boo'sy, adj. Ano ona; ona iki. Syn. 

Boot, n. 1. Kamaa bute. 

2. Mea manuahi ma ke kuai ana. 

Something to boot, he manuahi. 
Bobtli, n. Hale kamala 
Bobt'jack, n. Mea wehe kamaa bute. 
Bobt'less, adj. Waiwaiole; makehewa. 

Syn. fruitless; vain. 
Bobt'y, 71. Waiwaipio: waiwai i haoia. 

Syn. plunder; pillage. 
Bor'der, n. Kae; palena; mokuua; li- 

Bore, V. 1. E will i puka. 

2. E hoouluhua. 
Bor'row, v. E noii kekahi mea no ka 

wa p<)kole. 
B<>r'row-er, n. Mea noi pinepine i ka 

waiwai o hai no ka manawa iki. 
Bo'som, 71. Ka umauma; ka poll. Bo- 
som friend, he pili alo. 
Bdss, n. He haku hana: he luna haua. 
Boss, V. E hookikina; hoounauna. 
Bo-tan'ic-al, adj. No ka ike o na mea 

ulu ; no ka botania. 
Bot'a-nist, n. Kanaka naauaomaka 

Bot'a-nize, V. E imi i ke ano o na mea 

ulu; a me ko lakou waiwai. 
B6t'a-ny, 71. Botania; ka ike no na mea 

ulu, a me ko lakou waiwai. 
Botch, 71. Hana i hookoia ma ke ano 

hemahema; kapulu. 
Both, adv. Na mea elua; laua i eina. 
Botii'er, 71. Mea hoopilikia wale. 
B^t'tle, 71. Heomole; huewai. 
Bot'tom, 71. Ko lalo loa; ka papa kn. 
Bot'tom-less, adj. Palena ole o lalo. 
Bou'<loir(bob-dw6r),n. Keenamalu'. 
Biiugh, (b6w)?i. He lala. Syn. branch. 
Boun'cing:, adj. Puipui. A bouiicing 

baby, he bebe puipui. 
Bound, 71. Kalelemama. Syn. spring. 
Bound, V. 1. E lelele. The ball bounds, 

lelele ke kinipopo. 

2. E kau palena; e hai palena. 

8. Hele ana. Syn. destined. I am 

bound for Lahaina, e hele ana au i La- 


Bound'a-ry, n. Palena; mokuna; pea. 

Bound'less, adj. Palena ole; akea loa. 

Boun'ti-ful, adj. Haawi nui; lokomai- 
kai. Syn. liberal; generous. 

Boun'ti-ful-ly, adv. Me ka lokomai- 
kai; me ka aua ole. 

Boun'ty, n. 1. Ka lokomaikai. Boun- 
ty of Providence, ka lokomaikai a Ke 
2. Ka waiwai^ haawi wale ia. 

Bou-quet', (hoo-kay), n. Puolo pua, 

BoTv, n. 1. He kulou. 
2. Ka ihu o ka moku. 

Bow, n. 1. He pana; kakaka. 
2. He pelu; he pio. 

Bow'els, 71. pi. ]Sanaau. Bowels of the 
earth, ka opu o ka honua. 

Bow'er, n. Hale malumalu 

BoTvl, n. He bola; he apu. 

Bowl'der, 1. Pohaku nui poepoe. 
2. Puu pohaku nui. 

Bow'leg'ged, adj. Wawae ouaha. 

Bow'line, n. Kaula hoopaa pea, i ku- 
pono i ka makani. 

Boiv'sprit, 71. Laau ihu o ka moku. 

Box, n. Pahu. 

B6x, v. E mokomoko; palepale'. 

Bdx'er, n. Kanaka mokomoko. 

Boy, 71. Kamalii kane; keiki kane. 

Boy'hood, n. Wa kamalii. 

Boy'ish, adj. Ano kamalii. 

Brajpe, 71. 1. He koo; umii; mea pal- 
2. Will umauma. 

Bra^e, v. E koo; e paipai. 

Bra^e'let, n. Kupee lima. 

Brack'et, 71. 1. Kahaapo; [] 

2. He papaliilii e kau ana makapaia 
o ke keena, i wahi e waiho ai na mea 

3. Bracket lamp, kukui no ka paia hale. 
Brack'ish, adi. Oliuliu; muemue; hu- 

kai; mananalo. 
Brjld, n. Kui wlniwini, poo ole. 
Brag, V. E kaena wale. Syn. boast. 
Brag'ga-do'^io/ 7i. Kanaka liki; ka- 
Brag'gart ) naka akena wale. 

Braid, v. E ulaua; e hili. 
Brain, n. Ka lolo. 
Brain, v. E hoonaha' i ke poo. 
Brain'less, adj. Poo hakahaka; noo- 

noo ole. 
Brake, 71. Mea hoopaa huila, i ole holo 

iru) ke kaa. 
Brakesman, n. Kanaka malama i na 

brake o na kaa alanui hao. 
Bram'ble, n. Nahelehele okalakala; 

he kakalaioa. 
Bran, 71. Ka ihi o ka huahuita. 
Branch, n. He lala. Syn. bough. A 

branch society, he lala no ka hui. 
Branch, v. E manamana aku. 
Brand, r. E kuni; e hoailona. 
Brand, 71. 1. He hao kuni. 

2. He hoailona pai. 
Bran'dish, v. E oniu aku i mea hoo- 

weliweli. Syn. flourish. 
Brand-new, adJ. Hou loa. 


35 BRIE 

Brftii'dy,n. Barani ; he wai ona. 

Brass, n. Keleawe. 

Bra-vsi'do, n. Olelo akena wale; ka- 
naka hannou. 

Brfive, adj. Aa; koa; maka'u ole. Syn. 
courageous; fearless. 

Brave'ly, adv. Koa maoli, me ka wi- 
wo ole. Syn. fearlessly. 

Brawl, n. He hakaka'; he haunaele. 

Brliwl'er, n. Mea hakaka wale; mea 
hoohaunaele; hookonokono haunaele. 

Br}y w'ny, adj. Puipui; kino ikaika. 

Bray, n. Ka uwe o ke kekake. 

Bra'zen, adj. 1. Keleawe. 
2. Mahaoi. 

Bra'zen-fa^ed', ad/. 1. Maka keleawe. 
2. Hilahila ole. Syn. barefaced; im- 

Breach, n. 1. Wahi hiolo; wahi hai. 
A breach in the wall, wahi hiolo o ka pa. 
Syn. break. 

2. Ka uhai ana. Breach of the peace, 
ka uhai ana o ka maluhia. 
8. He mokuahana. A breach in the fam- 
ily, he mokuahana iwaena o ka ohana. 

Bread, n. Berena; palaoa ai. 

Breadth, n. Laula; akea. Syn. width. 

Break, v. 1. E wahi; wawahi; kuipa- 
lu. Syn. breakdown; demolish. 
2. E moku; e pai'na, Break a rope, 
e moku ke kaula. 

8. E hai; uhai; uhaki. Break a law, 
e uhaki i kekahi kanawai. 

4. E kipo'. Break open a door, e kipo 
i ka puka komo. 

5. E ulupa'. Syn. dash in pieces. 

6. E hoolakalaka. Break a horse to 
saddle, e hoolakalaka ka lio i ka noho. 

7. E popoi. The surf breaks on the shore, 
ke popoi nei ka nalu ma kahakai. 

8. E haalele; e kaaokoa aku. Break 
away from evil companions, e haalele i 
na hoalauna ino. 

9. E hoopau wale. The meeting was 
broken up, ua hoopau wale ia ka ha- 

10. E haehae. To break the heart, e 
haehae i ka naau. 

11. The day begins to break, ke wehe 
nei ke alaula; ke moku nei ka pawa. 

Break'er, n. Kai nalu; poi na nalu. 

Break'fast, w. Aina kakahiaka. 
Break'wa-ter, n. He pale kai. 
Breast, n. Ka umauma. 

Breast, v. E ku-e'; e halawai ku-e'; e 

paio. Syn. stem. Breast a difficulty, 

e paio me ka popilikia. 
Breasf bone, w. .Iwi umauma. 
Breast'pin, n. He pine no ka poll. 
Breast'plate, n. Pale kaua no ka 

Breast'work, n. Pa kaua lepo. 
Breath, n. Kahanu; ke aho; ke ea. 
Breathe, v. E hanu; e ha. 
Breatli'ine, n. Ka hanu ana; ka ha 

ana; ke ano. 

BrSath'less, adj. Naenae; pauahoJ 
paupauaho. Breathless haste, paupaua- 
ho i ka hikiwawe. 

Breech'es, n. Lole wawae. Syn. pan- 

Breed, v. E hoolaha. Garbage will 
breed pestilence, e hoolaha ana ka opala 
pilau i ka mai ahulau. 
2. E hooulu; e hoala. Breed dissen- 
sion, e hoala i ka mokuahana. 

Breed'er, n. 1. Mea hoolaha. A cattle 

breeder, mea hoolaha bipi; mea hanai 

2. He kumu hooulu. A breeder of dis- 
sension, he kumu e hooulu ai ka mo- 

Breed'ing, TO. 1. Ka hoolaha ana; ka 
hanai ana i na holoholona. 
2. Ke ano o ka noho ana. Good breed- 
ing, ano keonimana. Syn. good man- 

Breeze, n. He makani oluolu; makanl 
aniani; he ahe. Beeezeup,e aniaui; e 

Brev'i-ty, n. See conciseness. 

Brew, V. 1. E hana i bia me na wai 
o ia ano. 

2. E ea mai; hoea mai. That will brew 
trouble, e ea mai ana ka pilikia no ia 

Brew'er, n. Kanaka kawili bia me na 
wai o ia ano. 

Brew'er-y, n. Hale hana bia. 

Bribe, n. Uku kipe'. 

Brib'er, to. Ka mea e kipe' ana. 

Brib'er-y, to. Ke kipe ana. 

Bribe'tak'er, n. Ka mea e lawe ana i 
ke kipe'. 

Brick, TO. Pohaku ula; uwinihepa. 

Brick'bat, w. Apana pohaku ula. 

Briek'kiln, (kil), n. He umu hoomoa 
pohaku ula. 

Brick'lay-er, n. Kanaka hoomoe po- 
haku ula. 

Brick'mak'er, n. Kanaka hana poha- 
ku ula. 

Brick'y ard, w. Pa kahi e hanaia'i o na 
pohaku ula. 

Brid'al, adj. No ka mare. 

Brid'al-par'ty, n. 1. Ka poe e mare 
2. Na hoa ukali o ka poe e mare ana, 

Brid'al-robes', n. Na kapa mare. 

Bride, n. He wahine mare hou; 

Bride'-cake, n. Berena ono no ka ma- 
re ana. Syn. wedding cake. 

Bride'groom, n. Kane mare hou. 

Brides'-inald, n. Hoa kokua o ka wa- 
hine mare hou. 

Bridgre, n. 1. Uapo; alahaka. 
2. Bridge of the nose, ka iwi o ka ihu. 

BrI-dle, n. Kaula waha. 

Bri'dle, v. 1. E kau i ke kaula waha. 

2. E kaohe. Syn. check; restrain. 

3. E hookiekie. Syn. bridle up. 
Bri'dle-path, n. Alanui lio. 
Brief, aaj. Pokole; haiki. Syn. short. 




Brief, n. He palapala hoakaka pokole 

no ka hihia kauawai. 
Briefly, adv. Me ka pokole. Syn. con- 
Brief less, a^y. Hoopii ole. A briefless 

lawyer, he loio me ka hoopii ole; he lo- 

io me ka hana ole. 
Brier, n. Laau ooi; hekuku; kakalai- 

oa. Syn. bramble. 
Brig, 71. Moku kialua me na pea kuea 

Bri-gade', n. He man regimana koa i 

huiia ma ka puali koa hookahi. 
Brig'a-dier'-gren'er-al, n. Ke gener- 

ala o ka brigade. 
Brig'and, n. He powa; kanaka hao 

wale. Syn. robber. 
Brig'an-tme', n. Moku kialua me na 

pea kuea ma ke kia mua wale no. 
Bright, adj. 1. Hulali; aiai; lilelile; 

hinuhinu. Syn. shining; brilliant. 

2. Konane; konale. Bright, as moon- 

3. Mikioi; eleu. A bright child, he kei- 
ki mikioi. 

Brfl'liant, adj. 1. Alohilohi; olinoli- 

no; wakawaka. 

2. Mikioi. 
Brim, n. Kae. Brim of the cup, ke kae 

o ke kiaha. 
Brim'ful, adj. Piha loa; piha a hu. 
Brtui'stone, n. Kukaepele. Syn. sul- 
Brine, n. Kai; wai kai. 
Bring, v. E homai; e la we mai. 
Brink, n. Kae. Brink of the precipice, 

kae o ka paU. Brink of the river, kae o 

ka muliwai. Brink of ruin, kae o ka 

Brisk, adj. 1. Mama; hoihoi; makaala; 

anehe. syn. alert; lively. 

2. Business is brisk, holo ka hana. 
Bris'tle, n. Hulu manoanoa ma ke kua 

o ka puaa. 
Brit'ish, adi. No Berltania. 
Brit' tie, adj. Uina; hakihaki wale; 

nahaha'. Glass is brittle, he mea naha- 

ha' wale ke aniani, 
Brlt'tle-ness, n. Ke ano hakihaki 

Broach, v. 1. E wehe kinohou no lo- 

ko mai o ka pahu. 

2. E hai mua; e wehe mua ikamanao. 
To broach a subject, e wehe mua i ka ma- 
nao e pili ana i kekahi kumu. 

3. To broach to, e hull hewa i ka maka- 
ni. The boat broached to, hull hewa ka 
waapa i ka makani. 

Broad, adj. Laula; akea. Syn. exten- 
sive. Broad shouldered, kiwaawaa. 

Broad'axe, w. Koi kalai. 

Broad' cast, adv. Lu lima. To sow 
broadcast, e lu lima'ku i na anoano. 

Broad'cloth, n. Lole paina. 

Broad'side, n. 1. Ke ki like ana i na 
pu'a pau ma kekahi aoao o ka moku 
2. Kekahi aoao o ka moku. 

3. He palapala hoolaha i paiia ma ka 

aoao hookahi wale no. 
Brogue, n. Olelo kuaaina: puana he- 

manema ma ka olelo. 
Broil, w. Hehauwalaau; haunaele; ha- 

kaka. Syn. disturbance; turmoil. 
Broil, 17. E koala; e pulehu. 
Bro'ken, adj. Haki. Broken all to pie- 
ces, haki manunu. 
Bro'ken-heart'ed, adj. Ehaeha ka 

naau; make loakamanao; walania. 
Bro'ken-wind'ed, adj. Naenae; pau- 

Bro'ker, n. He agena. Syn. agent. 
Bron-chi'tis, n. Mai maloko o ka puu; 

hanapilo ka leo. 
Brood n. Ghana manu. 
Brood, V. 1. E hoopunana; e hoomoe 


2. E mumule ; e nalu. 
Brook, n. He kahawai. 
Broom, n. He pulumi; he kahili. 
Broom'stick, n. Au o ka pulumi. 
Broth, n. Supa; kai. Syn. soup. 
Broth'er, n. Hoahanau kane. Older 

brother, kaikuaana. Younger brother 

kaikaina. Brother of a sister, kaiku- 

Broth'er-hood, n. Ka noho ana hoa- 
Broth'er-lv, adj. Hoahanau. Brother- 
ly love, alona hoahanau. 
Brow, n. 1. Lae. Eye brow, kue maka. 

2. Kae. Syn. brink. 
Brow'beat, v. E hoowellweli; hooma- 

Brown, adj. Hauliuli; haeleele. 
Brown-stid'y, n. Poonoonoo. Syn. 

Browse, v. E ai nahelehele, e like me 

ka bipi, kao. hipa. 
Bruise, v. E paopao. 
BrCint, TO. 1. Hoouka. The brunt of the 

battle, ka hoouka nui o ke kaua. 

2. Luhi nui. The brunt of the work, ka 

luhi nui o ka hana. 
Brtksh, n. Pulumi liilii; he balaki. 
BrJish, V. 1. E kahili; e pulumi. 

2. E huli hou i na mea i haule. Brush 
up his knowledge of arithmetic, e huli 
hou i na mea haule o ke arimatika. 

3. E nei awiwi. Brush past, e nei awi- 
wl aku, 

Brfish'wood, n. Nahelehele. 
Bru'tal, adj. Lokoino. Syn. cruel. 
Brii-tal'l-ty, n. Ka lokoino; mainoi- 

no. Syn. cruelty. 
Brute, n. 1. He noloholona. 

2." He kanaka lokoino. 
Bru'tlsh, adj. Like me ka holoholona; 

noonoo ole. Syn. stupid; ignorant; 

Btib'ble, n. Hu'a o ka wed. 
Buek'et, n. Bakeke. 
Biick'le, 71. Pihipihi. 
BiSck'le, V. E kaei. Buckle on the sword, 

e kaei i ka pahikaua. 
Bud, n. Opuu pua. 




Bikd, V. E opnu. 

2. Putting jorth of leaves, liko. 

8. Putting Jorth of buds, muo. 
"Bbd&'et, n. 1. Bilahaawina. 

2, He puolu. ^ budget of news, puolo 

BfiTfa-lo, n. He bufalo: bipi hihiu. 
Btif-foon', n. Kanaka kamaniha; mea 

hehenawale. Syn. clown. 
B&g:, n. He uku; mea kolo. 
l^^sr'sry* n- I^aa lio lealea, e ha ona 

mail nulla. 
Build, V. 1. E kukulu. Build a house, 

e kukulu i hale. 

2. E kapili. Build a vessel, e kapili 

Build'er, n. Mea nana e kukulu. 
Build'ing, n. 1. Ka mea i kukuluia. 

2. He hale. 
BAlk, n. Kanui; ka hapanui. 
Bttlk'head, n. He paku laau, a hao 

paha, iloko o ka moku. 
Btklk'y, adj. Nunui loa. 
Bull, n. Bipi kane. 
Bull'dog, n. Ilio hae bipi. 
Bullet, n. Poka no ka pu ki poohiwi. 
Bul'le-tin, 7i_ He palapala hoolaha. 
Bul'le-tin-board', n. Papa no na pa- 
lapala hoolaha. 
BuI'lion, n. Ke kala me ke gula i pal 

ole ia a lilo i dala. 
Bul'loek, n. Bipi kane opio. 
ByU'rush, n, He naku; akaakai; ka- 

Bulls-eye, TO. 1. He aniani poepoe ma 

ka aoao o ka moku, mea e lama ai. 

2. Ke kiko waenakonu o ka maka e 

kipu aku ai. 
Bul'ly, TO. Kanaka mahaoi; mea hoo- 

naukiuki wale. 
Bul'wark, to. Pale kai o ka moku. 
B^mp, TO. He puu. 
Blimp, V. Ku. He bumped his head, "ku 

oia 1 kona lae. Syn. hit. 
Buinp^kin, to. He kuaaina. 
Btkn, TO. Mea ono liilii ; berena ono llilii. 
Bfinch, TO. 1. Huhui. Bunch of grapes, 

huhui waina. 

2. Ahui. Bunch of Bananas, ahui 

3. He puu. 

B6n'dle, 71. 1. Pu-a, Bundle of wheat, 
pua' huita. 
2. He puolo. A bundle of papers, he 

t puolo pepa. 
3. Bundle of poi^ -phi fLi', holoai. 
4. Olaolao; laolao, oi)e. 
BAn'dle, v. E puolo; e pua; e ope; e 
Bune', TO. Ka umoki nui ma ka aoao o 
— ka barela. 

■ B&ng'hole, to. He puka poepoe ma ka 

aoao o ka barela. 

BQng'le, V. E kapulu ma ka hana. 

Bftng'ler, TO. Kanaka i kapulu ma ka 

hana; mea hawawa ma ka nana. 

H BtingMing:, adj. Kapulu; hawawa; he- 


Biiiit'iii|f, TO. Lole hana hae. 

Buoy, (key), TO. He mouo. 

Bu<>y'an-cy, n. Ke ano lana. 

Buoy'anty adj. Lanalana. 

Burr> TO. Hua o ka puakala; kakalaioa 

Bur ) kikania. 

Bur'den, to. He haawe kaumaha; he 

ukana halihall. 
Bur'den-sdnie, adj. Kaumaha; hoo- 

luhi. _ 

Bu'reau (bu'ro), n. 1. Pahu nme. 

2. He mahele nul o ka oihana aupuni. 

Bureau of Education, oihana boon aau- 

ao. Bureau of Customs, oihana dute. 
Bur'elar, n. He wawahi hale i ka po 

me ka manao hewa; mea kipo hale 1 

Bur'gla-ry, to. Ke karaima o ka wawa- 
hi hale i ka po. 
Bu'ri-al (ber'ry-al), n. Kanu kupa- 

pau. Syn. funeral. 
Bur-lesque' (bur-lesk'), adj. Hooala 

ikaakaaka; mea e hu ai ka akaaka. 

Syn. ludicrous. 
Bur'ly, adj. Kino nui ikaika. 
Burn, 17. 1. E a; ehoo-a. The fire bums, 

ke a nei ke ahi. 

2. E kuni; e hoowela. I burnt my fin- 
ger, ua hoowela wau i kuu manamana 

3. E papaa. The cake is burnt, papaa 
ka berena ono. 

4. E puhi i ke ahi; e kuni. The house 
was burnt, ua kuniia ka hale i ke ahi. 

Burn, TO. He palapu ahi. 
Burn'er, to. Keleawe hoopaa uwiki. 
Burn'ing, adj. Wewela 
Burn'ing-gflass, to. Aniani hoo-a ahi, 

mamuli o na kukuna wela o ka la. 
Bur'nish, V. E hoohulali; e anal a hi' 

Burst, V. E pahu'* e poha'. 
Bur'y (ber'ry), v. E kanu ma ka lepo. 
Bur'y-ing-ground', to. Pa kanu kupa- 

Bush., TO. Laalaau. 
Busli'el, TO. Busela, he ana no na mea 

ma loo. 
Bus'i-ly (biz'i-ly), adv. Paa loa i ka 

hana; lilo loa i ka hana. 
Bus'i-ness (blz'ness), to. Oihana; ka 

hana i lawelawe ia. Syn. employment ; 

B6st, TO. He kii o ke poo me ka umau- 

ma wale no. 
Btks'tle, V. E awiwi; e makaala. 
Bus'y (biz'y), adj. Paa i ka hana. 
Bui'y-bod'y,TO. Heholoholoolelo; e-le- 

B tit, prep. 1. Aka. I called but he had 

gone, kahea aku la wau, aka ua hala e 


2. Aka hoi; aka nae; eia nae. I did 

nx)t see him, but I heard his voice, aole 

a'u i ike maka iaia. aka nae ua lobe a'u 

i kona leo. Syn. nevertheless. 

8. Koe nae. All went but John, ua hele 

lakou a pau, koe nae o Keoni. 




Bntch'er, n. Kanaka loli bipi, kao, hi- 
pa, etc. 

But- end', n. Ka welau nui. 77ie hut- 
end of the log, ka welau nui o ka pauku 

Butt, 71. He mea i hoohenehene nui ia. 

2. He pahu ana me ke poo. 

3. He pahu nunui. 
But'ter, 7i._ Waiu bata. 
Biit'ter-fly, n. Pnlelehua. 
But'ter-mllk, n. Ka waiu o ka waiu 

But'toek, n. Okole. 
But'ton, n. Pi hi lole. 
BJit'ton, V. £ piM, 

Bfit'ton-liole, n. Puka pihi. 
Bux'om, adj. Onaona; ui. 
Buy (by), v. E kuai lilo mai. 
Buy'er, n. Ka mea e loaa ana mamuli 

oke kuai. 
B^zz, V. Kamumumu. 
By, prep. Ma; mahope; mao. By-and- 

5?/, mamuli; kokoke. 
By-law, n. Rula. 

By'way^j ^- He alanui pipa. 
By'stand-er, n. Mea e ku kokoke ana. 
By'word, n. 1. Olelo i wawa wale ia. 

2. Kumu hoohenehene; mea i hoowa- 


Cab, n. Kaa Ho me ka uhi oluna. Syn. 
Cab'bagcn. Kapiki; mea ai. 
Cab'in, n. 1. Ke keena mahope o ka 

moku. 2. He hale pupupu. 
Cab'I-net, n. 1. Pahu waiho buke; 

waiho mea milimili. 

2. Papa kuhina. Cabinet council, aha 

Cab'i-net-mak'er, n. Kamena' hana 

pahu, noho, papa, me na lako hale e ae. 
Ca'ble, n. 1. Kaula hao heleuma. 

2. Kaula nunui no ka moku. 

3. Telegraph cable, uea telegarapa i 
hoomoeia malalo o ka moana. 

€a'ble, v. E hooili i olelo ma ka uia 

telegarapa moana. 
€a-bobse', n. Hale kuke oluna o ka 

Cache, (kash), n. He ahu ai i hunaia. 
€a€k'le, v. E pukaka; e pukoko. 
Cae'tus, n. Pabipi; panini. 
Ca-dav'er-otis, adj, Hakea, mehe ku- 

papau la. 
Ca-det, n. Haumana no ke kula koa. 
Ca'di, n. He luuakanawai ma Tureke. 
Cag^e, n. 1. Hale hoopaa holoholona. 

A bird cage, hale manu. 
€a-jole', V. E hoomalimali hoopuni- 

Cake, n. Palaoa ono. 
Cal'a-basli, ?t. He umeke. Water cala- 
bash, hue wai. 
Ca-lam'i-ty, n. He popilikia; poino, 

pilikia nut. Syn. disaster; misfortune. 
Cai-€u-late, V. E helu; e irai ma na 

helu. Syn. compute; reckon. 
Cal'cu-la'tion, n. Ka Imi ana ma na 

helu; ka haina o ka iml ana, Syn. 


Cai'cu-la'tor, n. Mea imi helu. 
Cal'dron, n. Ipu hao nui mea baila. 
€al'en-dar, n. He alemenaka. Syn. 

Calf, (kaf), n. 1. Bipi keiki. 

2. Oloolo wawae. 
Cal'i-bre, (bur), n. 1. Ke ana waena 

o ka waha o ka pukuniahl me na pu 

kani e ae. 

2. Mental calibre, ka ikaika o ka noo- 

Cal'i-co, n. Lole kalikoa. 
Cal'is-then'ies, n. Hana hoomaamaa, 

hooikaika kino. 
Cal'i-pers, n. Upa' ana poepoe. 
Calk, V. E okomo moku. 
Calk'er, n. Kanaka okomo moku. 
Call, v. 1. E kahea. Ca22 /im, e kahea 


2. E kapa'ku. 

3. E kipa launa. 

C^ll, n. 1. Ka hea ana; leo kahea. 

*2. Ke kipa launa ana. 
Cal-lig'ra-phy, n. Ke kakaulima mai- 

Cal'ling, n. Oihana i maa ai. Syn. 

occupation; business; employment. 
Cal'loCks, adj. Oolea; maeele; leho. 

2. Callous spots, leho ; leholeho. 
Calm, adj. Malie ; lai ; pohu. 
Calm, V. E hoomalielie; ehoomaalili; 

e hoonana. Syn. quiet. 
Calm'ly, adv. Me ka malie; malielie. 
Calm'ness, n. Ka malu; ka lulu; ka 

malie. Syn. quietness; tranquility, 
Cal-6r'ic, n. Wela. Syn. heat, 
Ca-lftm'ni-ate, v. E hooino wale 1 ka 

inoa, e niania; e akiaki. Syn. slander. 
Ca-lum'ni-a'tor, n. Kanaka niania; 

he paokee. Syn. slanderer. 




Cai'nm-ny, n. Alapahl* olelo niania; 

olelo akiuki. Syn. slander; detraction. 
Ciilve, V. E hanau ka bipi. 
Ca'lyx, n. Ka wahi' owaho okapua. 
ram' el, n. Kamelo. 
Camp, n. Wahi hoomoana. Military 

camp, wahl hoomoana o na puali koa, 
€an, V. Hiki. 

2. To canjruit, e hookomo 1 na hua ai 

mana tini. 
Can, n. He apu; he pahu metala. Tin 

can, pahu tini. 
Ca-nal', n. He auwai. 
Ca-na'ry, Manu kanari. 
Can'^el, v. 1. E kapae helu. Cancel 

eqnal factors, e kapae i na helu hana 


2. E hoopau. Cancel an agreement, e 

hoopau i ka olelo ae like. 
Can'^el-la'tion, n. Ka hoopau ana; 

ke kapae ana. 
Can'<^er, n. He mai aai. 
CanMid, adj. Oiaio; epa ole. Syn. 

frank; truthful. 
CanMi-tlate, n, L Mea e imi ana i ke- 

kahi oihana. 

2. Mea i manaoia no kekahi oihana. 
Can'did-ly, adv. Me ka oiaio. Syn. 

CanMle, n. Ihoiho; kukui aila. 
Can'dle-stick, 71. Ihoiho kukui. 
Can'dor, n. Ka oiaio; ke kaulike. Syn. 

truth; fairness; justice. 
Can'dy, n. Ko omoomo. 
Cane, n. Kookoo. Syn. walking stick. 

Cane'brake, n. Wahi paapu o na ohe. 
Ca-niue', adj. Ano ilio. 
Can'nis-ter, n. Pahu tini poepoe. 
Can'ni-l)al, n. Kanaka ai kanaka. 
Can'ni-l>al-ism, n. Ka ai kanaka. 
Can'non, n. Pukuniahi; pu nui. 
Can'non-ade', n. Ke ki ana i na pu 

Can'non-ball, n. Poka' no ka pu nui. 

Syn. cannon shot. 
Can'non-ier', n. Mea lawelawe i ka 

pu nui. 
Can'not, v. Aole hiki. 
Ca-noe', (ka-nii'), n. Waa maoli. 
Can'o-py , n. He uhi maluna'e o ke poo. 

Cant, V. E huli iki ma ka aoao. 
Cin'ta-loupe, w. He ipu ala. 
Can-teen', n. Huewai tini. 
Can'ter, v. E holo kainepu, e like me 

ka lio. Syn. gallop. 
Can'vas, n. 1. Lole ie; lole hana pea. 

2. Na pea o ka moku. 
Can'vasSf v. 1. E nol. Canvass for 

funds, e noi i dala no kekahi hana. 

2. E paipai. Canvass for votes, e paipai 

no ko kono balota. 
Ca'pa-ble, adj. Makaukau; kupono. 

Syn. able; efficient; competert. 
Ca-pa'vl<>ti8» arfj. Akca; iiunui. A ca- 
pacious house, he hale akea. 

!!ftp, n. Papale kapu. 
5a'pa-b!l'i-ty, n. Ka makaukau. 

€a-p*<?'I-ty, A. 1. Ke ana piha o ke- 
kahi mea. 
2. Ke akea o ka noonoo. 

Cdp'a-ple', adv. Mai ke poo a i na 

Ca-par'i-son, n, Na kahiko no ka lio. 

Cape, n. 1. He lae o ka aina. 
2. Kihei liilii no na poohiwi. 

Ca'per, v. E lelelele; e haa. 

Cap'il-la-ry, adj. Makalii mehe lauoho 
la. Capillary attraction, ume lauoho. 

Cap'1-tal, n. 1. Kulanakauhale poo 

2. Kumupaa, i hoomoeia ma kekahi 

Cap'i-tal-lst, n. Ka mea nona ke ku- 
mupaa; he kanaka waiwai nui. 

Cap'i-tol, n. Hale Oihana Aupuni. 

Ca-plt'u-late, v. E haawi iloko o ka 
lima o ka enemi. 

Ca-pri\?e', n. Manao lolilua; manao 
kapekepeke. Syn. whim; fancy. 

Ca-pri'?ioti8, adj. Loli wale; kapeke- 
peke ; lolilua. Syn. whimsical; fickle. 

Cap-size', r. E kahuli; hookahuli. 

Cap'stan, n. Pokakaa huki heleuma; 
huki ukana o ka moku. 

Cap'tain, n. 1. Kapena moku. 
2. Kapena o na koa. 

Cap'tain-9y, n. Oihana kapena. 

Cap'tioiis, adj. Imi halu; keemoa; 
opukopekope. Syn, peevish; fault- 

Cap'tioiks-ness, n. Ka manao imi hala. 

Cai>'ti-vate, v. E lawe pio i ka manao. 

Cap'tive, n. He pio. 

Cap-tiv'i-ty, n. Ka noho pio ana. 

Cap'tor, n. Ka mea nana e lawe pio. 

Cap'ture, n. Ka lawe pio ana. 

Car, n. Kaa alanui hao. 

Car'at, n. He ana kaumaha, eha' huna; 
he kaupaona no na momi^ a no ke gula. 

Car'a-van, n. He huakai hele ma na 
aina o ka Hikina. 

Car'a-van'sa-ry, n. Hale hookipa ma 
ka Hikina. 

Ciir'bine, n. He pu pokole ki poohiwi. 

Car'bon, n. Ka i-O O ka nanaliu, a me 
na mea a i ke ahi. 

Car-bon'ie, adj. Pili i ke carbon. 

Car'cass, n. Heana; kino make o ka 

Card, n. He pepa manoanoa. 
2. Pepa paani. 
8. Palapala hoolaha pokole, i paila. 

4. Pepa inoa. Visiting card, pepa inoa 
no ka makaikal launa ana. 

5. He paa laau-kahi no ke kahi ana i 
ka huluhulu, puUipulu. 

Card, v. E kahi huluhulu, pulupulu. 

Card'er, n. Ka mea e kahi ana. 

Card'ease, n. He wahi' no na pepa lii- 

Car'dl-ac, adj. Pill ana I ka puuwal. 

Ciir'di-nal, adj. Ka mea nui; kamua. 
Cardinal jmints of the compass, na wele- 
lau nui oka panana. Cardinal virtues, 
na pono uui. 




€ar'di-nal, n. He kahunapule mil o 

ka ekalesia Roma. 
Care, n. 1. Manao nui e kaumaha'i. 

2. Ka malama ana; ke kiai ana. 

3. Take care, e akahele; e malama. 
Ca-reer', w. Ka noho'na i keia ola. Syn 

course of life. 
Ca-reer'ing, p. p. E holo mama ana. 

The ship is careering over the waves, ke 

holo mama nei ka moku maluna o na 

Care'ful, adj. Akahele; malama pono. 
€are'ful-ly, adv. Me ke akahele. 
Care'less, adj. Lalau; kapulu; nahili. 
Care'less-ly, adj. Me ke akahele ole. 
€a-ress', v. E pulike; e milimili aloha. 
Ca'ret, w. PuumanaT'^). 
Ciir'go, n. Ka ukana nooili o ka moku. 

Byn. freight. 
Car'i-ca-ture, n. Kii hoomnkeaka. 
Car'i-ca-tur-ist, n. Mea kaha kii hoo- 

make aka. 
Car'nage, n. Ka hookahe koko; ka lu- 

ku ana. Syn. slaughter; massacre. 
C a r'n al, ady. Pili 1 ke kino; pili i na 

kukookekino. Syn. sensual. 
€ar'nal-ly, adv. 1. Ma ke ano kino. 

2. Me ke kuko hewa. 
Ciir-niv'o-rous, adj. Ai i-oholoholona. 
Car'ol.TO. Leo mele hauon. 
Ca-rot'id, n. Kekahi o na aakoko nui 

elua ma ka a-i. 
Ca-rous'al, n. Ahaaina uhauha. 
Ca-rouse', v. 1. E lealea uhauha. 

2. E inu pu a ona. 
•Car'pen-ter, n. He kamena'. 
Car'pen-try, n. Oihana kamena'. 
Ciir'pet, n. Moena lole huluhulu. 
Car'riage (car'rlj), n. Kaa holoholo 

Car'ri-er, n. Mea lawe; mea halihaU. 

A letter carrier, he lawe leta. 
€ar'ri-on, n. I-o pilau. 
Car'rot, w. Karoke; meaulu. 
Car'ry, v. 1. E lawe; e hali; e halihali. 

2. E amo. To carry on the shoulder. 

3. To carry on the back, e waha; e haa- 

Cart, w. Kaa lawe ukana; kaa kauo. 
€art, V. E hali ma ke kaa. 
€art-ai:e, n. 1. Ka hali ana ma ke kaa 

2. Uku kaa. 
CJirt'er, n. Kanaka hookelc kaa ukana. 
Ciir'ti-lage, n. Kumukumu; ka pilali 

iwi o na ami. 
Ciir'trldgre, n. Wahi' metala e hoopaa 

pu ana ka pauda me ka poka'. 
Car'tridge-box, n. He pahu ill liilii 

waiho poka'. 
Cart'-wright, n. Kanaka hana kaa. 
Carve, v. 1. E okioki i-o. 

2. E kalai laau, pohaku, etc. 
Ciirv'er, n. 1. Mea okioki i-o. 

2. Mea kalai lar.u, pohaku, etc. 

3. Pahi nui, oki i-o. Syn. carving 

Cas-cade', n. Wai kahe; wailele. Syn. 
waterfall; cataract. 

Case, n. Hejpahu; he wahi'. 

2. He hoopn; he hihia. 

3. A case jor the doctor, he mea na ke 
kauka e lapaau, 

4. A hard case, he mea paakiki; he ka- 
naka oolea, paakiki. 

Case'knife, n. Pahi aina. 

Cash, w. Dalaike maka; dalapaa. 

Cash, t;. E uku koke; e uku i ke dala 

Cash'bot>k, n. Buke helu no na lilo me 

na loaa ma na dala paa. 
Cash-ier', n. Ka malama dala o ka ba'- 

ncko, a o kekahi hui paha. 
Cask, n. Pahu barela nui. 
Cas'ket, n. 1. Pahu liilii waiho momL 

Syn. jewel box. 

2. Pahu kupapau metala. 
Cast, r. 1. EkIoIh; hoolei; e nou. Cast 

stones, e hoolei 1 na ])ohaku. 

2. E nooheehee metala, no na mea me- 
Cast/a-way', n. Mea haaleleia i ka po- 

Caste, TO. Ke kulana Iwaena o kanaka 
Cas'ter, w. Pie pokakaa liilii mahilo ae 

o na wawae o na pahuume, etc. 
Cas'ti-gate, v. E hoopai ma ka hahau 

ana. Syn. chastise. 
Cas'ti-ga'tion, to. Ka hoopai hahau 

ana, a hili ana paha. Syn. chastise- 
Cast'lne, n. He mea metala i hanaia 

ma ka nooheehee mua ana i ka metala. 
Cast'ing-vote, n. Ka balota e hooholo 

ana 1 ka pono iwaena o na aoao elua, 

ke like a like na balota e ae. 
Cas'tle, TO. Hale nui, kohu pa kaua la. 
Cas'tor-oil, TO. Ailakolii. 
Cas'triite, V. Epoa;ekahe. 
Cas'u-al, adj. IJlia wale. Syn. acci- 
Cas'u-al-ty, to. Mea ulia wale. Syn. 

Cat, TO. Popoki; owao. 
Cat'a-€omb, TO. He ana waiho kupapa'u. 
Cat'a-lep-sy, TO. He maule; mai ku- 

Cat'a-16gue, (16g), to. Papa kuhikuhi 

inoa; papa hoike. 
Cat'a-logue, v. E kakau papa. 
Cafa-moimt, to. He popuki nui ahiu. 
Cat'a-ract, to. 1. He Avai lele nui. 

2. He mai iloko o ka maka. 
Ca-tarrh', (ka-tar'), to. He mai ma ke 

poo me ke Kahe o ka hupe'. 
Ca-tas'tro-phe, to. He poino nui. 

Syn. disaster; calamity. 
Catch, V. E hopu; e hoopaa; e apo. 

Syn. seize. 

2. Catch a cold, e loaa i ke kunu. 
Catch'er, TO. Mea nana e hopu. 
Catch'ing, adj. Lele. Infectious disease. 

mai lele wale. Contagious disease, mai 

lele ma ka pill ana, 
Cat'e-€hise, (kiz), v. E ui; e ninanl- 

Cat'e-€hi§in, (kizm), to. He buke ui. 




€ftt'e-go-ry, n. Kulana. Syn. state; 

Ca'ter, v. E hoolako 1 na mea ai. 
€a'ter-er, n. Ka mea hoolako i na mea 

€at'er-pll'lar, n. He peelua. 
€a'ter-wiiul, v. E uwo e like me ka 

popoki. ** , , , 

€a-thar'tl€, n. Laau hoonana'. 
€a-tlie'dral, n. Luakini bihopn. 
€ath'o-li€, adj. Akea wale; pill laula. 
€ftts'paw, n. He mea 1 hookonokonoia 

ehanakolohe; heweawea. 

2. He onini ma ka Hi o ke kai. 
eat'tle, n. Na holoholona laka o ke 


2. Na bipi. . , , 

Cat'tle-range, n. He aina kula no na 

Cau'ctis, n. He halawai ku i ka wa. 
€iiu8e, n. 1. Kumu. The cause of all 

'things, ke kumu o na mea a pau. 

2. Hihia ma ke kanawai. Syn. case. 
eause'less, adv. Me ke kumu ole. 
€au8e'way, n. Alanui i hookiekieia 

mawaena o kahi pohopoho. 
€au'ter-ize, v. E kuni me ka hao wela; 

e kuni me ka laau lapaau wela. 
Cau'tion, n. 1. Ke akahele; kanoonoo 

pono. Syn. prudence; care. 

2. Heoleloao; olelopapa. 
€au'tion, v. E ao aku; e papa'ku. 
Cau'tiofis, oty. Noonoo; akahele. Syn. 

€au'tioti8-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo; me 

ke akahele. Syn. prudently. 
Cav'al-cade', n. Huakai hooholo lio. 
Cav'a-lier', ad/. 1. Aa; koa; wiwo ole. 

2. Haanou; hookano. 
€av'al-rv, ». Na koa lio. 

^^"^^f I n. He ana iloko o ka honua. 

€av'il, V. E imi hala; e hoohalahala. 
Cav'il-ler, n. Ka mea imi hala. 
€av'i-ty, n. He hakahaka; wahi po'ho. 
Cease, v. E oki; hooki; e hoopau. 

Syn. desist; forbear. 
Qease'less, adj. Pau ole; mau. Syn. 

Ce'dar, n. Laau kedera. 
Cede, V. E hoolilo ia hai. 
Ce-diPla, n. He kaha malalo iho o ka 

huapalapala C (C) e hoakaka ana ua 

pili laia Ka leo o S. 
^eil, V. E kapili papa ma na aoao a 

maluna o ke keena. 
CeiPing^, n. 1. Ko luna o ke keena. 

2. Na papa kapili iloko o ka hale. 
^el'e-brate, v. E hookaulana; e hoo- 

nani; e kulaia. 
Cel'e-brat'ed, adj. Kaulana. 
^el'e-hra'tlon, n. Ka hookulala ana; 

ka hookaulana ana. 
Qe-leb'rl-ty, n. Kahanohano; ke kau- 
lana. , , ^^, 
^e-ler'l-ty, n. Ka mama; ka hikiwa- 

we. Syn. swiftness. 

^e-les'tial, acf/. 1. No ka lanl. Celestiai 
being, mea e noho ana ma ka laiii. 
2. Celestial Empire, he inoa no ke au- 
puni o Kina. Celestials, ka poe o Kina. 

gel-I-ba-^y, adj. Ka noho ana me ka 
mare ole. 

<2«*11, n. 1. Keena liilii. Prison cell, 
keena liilii o ka hale paahao. 

2. Na pukapuka o ke kukae nalo mell. 

3. Na pukapuka ma na mea ulu, 
^el'lar, n. Ka lua malalo o ka hale. 

<2el'lu-lar, adj. Pukapuka; paapuina 

puka liilii. 
Qem'ent, n. 1. Puna pohaku. 

2. He pilali. 
^e-ment', v. E hoopili paa aku. E hoo- 

^em'e-ter'y, n. Pa ilina kupapau. 
Cen'ser, n. Ipu kuni mea ala. 

<2en-8o'ri-otis, adj. Imi hala; hoahewa 

Cen'8ur-a-ble, adj. Ku i ka ahewaia. 
^en'sure, n. Olelo hoahewa. Syn. 

^en'sus, n. Papa helu lahui. 
€en'su8-blaiik', n. Pepa paihakahaka 
" no ka helu lahui, 

Cen'sus-tak'er, w. Luna helu lahui. 
^ent, n. Keneta. 

gen'taur, w. He kupua o ka wakahiko, 
""nona ke kino i oleloia he hapa kanaka 

hapa lio. 
^en-ten'ni-al, n. Ka haneri o na ma- 

^en'ter, n. Ko waenakonu ; kikowaena. 

%^'^',\\-^V\ w- He kanapi. 
Cen'ti-pe-d ) ^ 

Cen'tral, adj. Waena kouu. 
Cen'tral-i-za'tion, n. Ka hoohui ana 
" i kahi hookahi. 

^en'tral-ize, v. E hoohui i kahi hoo- 
<2en-trif u-gal, adj. Ka nee ana mai ke 

kikowaena aku. Centrifugal motion, ka 
motio mai ke kiko waena'ku. 

^en-trif'u-gal, n. Mikini hoomaloo 

" ko paa. 

Cen-trip'e-tal, adj. Ka nee ana i ke 
kiko waena. Centripetal motion, ka mo- 
tio e imi ana i ke kiko waena. 

Cen-tu'rl-on, n. Luna haneri. 

^en'tu-ry, n. Haneri makahiki. 

Ce-phal'ie, adj. Pili i ke poo. 
ger'e-bel'lum, n. Ka hapa o ka lolo 

ma ka hope o ke poo. 
Cer'e-bral, adj. Pili i ka lolo. 
^er'e-brum, n. Ka mahele nui o ka 

ger'e-mo'ni-otis, adj. Hookahakaha. 

rgr'e-mo'ny, w. He loina; he hana 
hoonohonono; hana hookapukapu ; ha- 
na pili i ka hoomana. Ceremony of 
laying the comer stone, hana hoonoho- 
uoho pohaku kumu o ke kihi. 

ggr'tain, adj. Maopopo loa; oiaio loa. 
Syn. sure. 




^er'tain-ly, adv. 1. lo. It will cer- 
" tainly come to pass, e ko io ana ia mea. 

1. Ae no paha. Please do me a favor f 
t— Certainly, e oluolu oe e kokua iau ? 
— Ae no paha. 

3. Pel a. Do you understand f — Certain- 
ly, ke hoomaopopo anei oe ? — Pela. 

Cer'tain-ty, n. Xa mea maopopo lea. 

Cer-tif i-cate, n. Palapala hooia. 

Cer'ti-fl-er, n. Mea nana e hooia. 

^er'ti-fy, v. E hooia ma ke kakau lima. 

Ce-ru'le-an, acy.Uliuli, like me ke aouli 

^es-sa'tion, n. Ka pau ana; ka oki 
ana. Cessation of hostilities, ka pau ana 
o ke kaua. 

Ces'sion, n. Ka hoolilo ana ia hai. 

Chafe, V. 1. E ukiuki; hoonaukiuki. 
Syn. fret. 

2. Maoa. Syn. rub sore. 
ChaflF, n. He opala, 

<21ia-grlii', n. Manao ukiuki. Syn. 

Chain, n. Kaula apo. Iron chain, kaula 

Chain, v. E hoopaa me ke kaula hao. 
Chair, n, 1. He noho maoli. 

2. Ka mea e noho ana ma ka noho. 

8. He lala o ka oihana hoonaauao. 

Chair of Mathematics, ka oihana ao ma- 

Chair'man, n. Lunahoomalu. 
^liaise j n. Kaa huila elua, me ka uhi 

Chal'dron, n. He ana; 36 busela. 
Chalk, n. Po'ho. 
ChSl'len^e, v. E aa aku ia hal. 
Chal'lengr-er, n. Ka mea e aa aku ana. 
Cham'ber, n. 1. Keeua maluna; kee- 

na moe. 

2. He ahahui. Chamber of Commerce, 

3. He aha Icaukanawai. Chamber of 
Deputies, ahakaukanavvai o na luna 

Cliam'ber-lain, n. Luna nui o na 

keena. Lord Chamberlain, luna nui o 

ka ohana o ka Moi. 
Cham'ber-maid, w. Wahine malama 

keena moe. 
Cliamp, V. E nau, e naunau. 
Cham'pi-on. n. 1. He kanaka koa. 

2. Ka pookela; ka mua. 
Change, n. 1. Manawa kupono. Syn. 


2. Mea ulia wale. 
Chan'^el-lor, w. 1. Ka Lunakanawai 

kiekie o ke Aupuni. 

2. He puuku. Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer, ka Puuku o ka Waihona dala. 
Chan'^el-lor-shlp, n. Oihana o ke 

ghan'del-ier, n. Manamana huhui 

Chan'dler, n. Ship chandler, he kanaka 

kuai i na lako moku. 
Change, n. 1. He loll; he lull; he hoo- 

ano e. 

2. Na hapa dala. 

Change, v. E loll; e hoololi ; hoo-ano e. 
Change m^ney, e hoololi dala; e wawahi 

Change'a-ble, adj. Loli lua; kaamola; 
olewa; kapekepe. Syn. fickle. 
2. Lauwili. A changeable wind, he ma- 
kani lauwili. Syn. variable. 

Change'a-ble-ness, n. Ano loli wale. 

Change'less, adj. Loli ole; oni paa. 

Clian'nel, w. Auwaha; kowa'. 

Chant, V. E oil. 

Chant'er, 71. Mea nana e oli. 

Chant'i-cleer', n. Moa kane. Syn. 

Cha'os, n. Ka waiho ana huikau; hoo- 

Cha-6t'ic, ad^'. Huikau; hnunaele. 

Chap, 7i. Keiki kane; kanaka opio. 

Chap'el, n. Hale halawai hoomana. 

Char'ae-ter, n. 1. Ke ano o ke kana- 
ka; inoa iwaena o kanaka. Syn. repu- 

2. Ano. Syn. quality. The character 
of the enterprise, ke ano o ka hana. 

Char'ae-ter-is'tic, adj. Ku i ke ano. 
Characteristic of the man, ku i ke ano o 
ke kanaka. 

€har'ac-ter-ize, v. E kuhikuhi ano. 

Char-ad e', n. He nanenane hoomai- 

"keike i kekahi hua olelo i hunaia. 

Chiir'coal, n. Nanahu wahie. 

Cliiirge, v. 1. E kauoha; e haawi i ke 
kauoba. Syn. exhort. 

2. E hoopii no ke karaima, Syn. 

3. E kakau hooaie. 

4. E boopiha i ka p\i. 

5. E hoouka i ke kaua. 
Chorge'a-ble, adj. Kupono ke hoopiia 

kupono ke aubauia. 
Char'ger, n. 1. Lio holo kaua, 

2. Pa aina nui, 
Char'1-ot, n. Kaa holo kaua ; kaa kaua. 
Char'i-ot-eer', n. He bookele kaa 

Cliar'i-ta-hle, adj. Manawalea; loko- 

maikai. Syn. benevolent. 
Char'i-ty, n. Aloha; manawalea; lo- 

komaikai. Syn. love; benevolence. 
^har'la-tan, n. Mea akena wale i kona 

ike. Syn. quack. 
Charm, v. E hoolealea; hoohoihoi. 

Syn. please. 
Chiirm'ing, adj. Nani; aulii. 
Chart, w. 1. Palapala aina holo moana. 

2. Palapala hoike. 
Chiir'ter, n. L Palapala hookohu hui, 

a ke Aupuni. 

2._ Palapala hoblimalim a moku. 
Chase, V. E alualu; e hahai. The chase, 

ka alualu holobolona. 
Chasm, n. Mawae hobonu. 
Chaste, arfj. Makamae; maemae;pau- 

maele ole. Syn. pure. 
Chas'ten, v. E boopai. 

2. E boomaemae. 
Chas-tise', v. E bahau; e bill; e hoo- 

pai. Syn. punish; castigate. 



Ch&s'tiHe-ment, n. Iva hoopai ana; ka 
hili ana. Syn. punishment. 

Chas'tl-ty, n. Ka haumia ole 1 na ku- 
koo ke kino; niaemae o ka n\anao ma 
ka noho anu o ke kane a o ka wahiuo 

Chat, n. Kamailio hoonanea. 

^hat-ean' (shat-o), 71. Hale noho ha- 
nohano maloko ka aina. 

Cliat'tel, n. Waiwai lewa. Syn. per- 
Bonal property, 

Chat/ter, n. Walaau wale. 

Chat'ter-box, ?t. Mea walaau wale i 
na waapau. 

Clieap, adj. Kumukuai haahaa; ma- 

Cheap'ness, n. Ka haahaa o ke kumu- 
kuai; ka makepono. 

Cheat, n. 1. He mea apuka wale, 
2._ He hana hoopunipuni ; hana apuka. 

Cheat, V. E hoopunipuni; e hana apu- 
ka; e epa. 

Check, t'. 1, E keakea; ekaohi. 
2. E kaha. Check baggage, e kaha i ka 
ukana; e hoailonaika ukana. Check 
off names, e kaha'ku i na inoa. 

Check, n. 1. He kumu keakea. 
2. He kaha; he hoailona. 
8. Bila kikoo dala. 

Cheek'er, v._ Kikokikol. 

Chock'er-hoard, n. He papa mu. 

Chcek'er^, ru, Paani papa mu. 

Chcek'mate, v. E hoohoka loa. 

Cheek, n, 1. Papalina. 
2. Ano honekoa. 

Cheer, v. 1. E hoohoihoi; hooeueu; 

2. E hoolana i ka manao. 

3. E haawi i ka huro. 

Cheer, 7t. 1. Hauoli; lea; hoihoi. 

2. He huro, 

8. Good cheer, na mea ai me na mea 

inu maikai, 
Cheer'ful, adj. Hoihoi ; oluolu ; hauoli, 
Cheer'ful-ness, n. Ka hauoli o ka na- 

au; ka oluolu oka manao. 
Cheer'less, adj. Kaumaha; luuluu. 
Cheese, n. Waiu paa, 
Cheege'press, n. He kaomi no ka waiu 

Chcm'ie-al, adj. E pili ana i ke c/iem- 

^he-mise' (she-meez'), a. Lole muu- 

Chcin'ist, n. He kanaka i akamai ma 

ke chemistry. 
CliiJm'is-try, n. Ka ike e iml ana i na 

mole a mo na kumu o na mea a pan, a 

me ka hoohui ana o ia mau mole me 

na kumu, i loaa na kino o kela me keia 

Cher'lgh, v. Emalamaloa; e hoomili- 

Chttst, n. 1. Pahu nul waiho lole, wai- 

ho mea hana. 

2. Ke keapaa; kaumauma. 
Chew (chu), V. 1. E nau; o mama. 

2. Chew the cud, e hoolualuai. 

Chl-can'er-y, n. Hana maalea; hana 
hoohalua; nana epa. Syn. trickery. 

cMck'eni^- Moakeikl. 
Chick'en-heart'ed, adj. Maka'u wale; 

hopohopo wale. Syn. timid. 
Chick'en-pux, n. Mai. puupuu liilii, 

ano like me ka mai hebera. 
Chide, V. E papa'ku; e ao aku. 
Chief, n. He alii; kiaaina. 
Chief, adj. Ka mua; ke poo o ka hana; 

ka mea nui. 
Chiefly, adv. Ma ka nui. 
Chieftain, n. He kapena; he alakai. 

Child, w. Hekeiki; kama; pokii. 
Child'l)irth, n. Hanau keiki. 
Child'hobd, n. Wa keiki, 
Child'ish, <idj. Ano kamalii ; noonoo 

Child'less, adj. Keiki ole. 
Childlike, adj. Akahai; like me ke 

Chil'dren, n. Na kamalii, 
Chill, 71. 1, Haukeke; opili; li. 

2. Chills and fever, he li me ka wela. 
Chill'i-ness, 71. Anuanu; opili; koe- 

ChlU'y, adj. Koekoe; huihui; opili. 

Chime, n. He mau bele kani oli pu. 

Chim'ney, n. Puka uahi. 

Chin, n. Ka auwae. 

Chink, n. He owa'; he nakaka. 

Chip, n. Mamala laau. 

Chi-rdg'ra-phy, n. Kakau lima. Syn. 

Chirp, V. E nunulu; e piopio; e ioio 
Chirp'ing, n. Ka piopio ana o na ma- 

Chis'el, 71. He kila. 
Chit'chat, n. Syn. chat. 
<2hiv'al-roiis, adj. 1. Ano koa; wiwa 


2. Malama pono i na wahine. 
^hiv'al-ry, n. 1. Poe koa. 

2. Poe laulea, malama pono 1 na wa- 
Chock'full, adj. Piha loa; pihakui. 
Choc'o'late, n. Mea inu i hanaia mai 

ke cocoa. 
Choi<^e, n. Ke koho ana; ka wae ana. 
Choice, adj. Milimili. 
Choir (quire), 71. Aha mele o ka luaki- 

Choke, V. 1. (From violence.) Eumi. 

Syn. strangle. 

2. (From eating or drinking.) E puua; 

laowa. Byn. strangle; suffocate. 
Choke'damp, n. Ea ino iloko o na lua 

me na ana, mea make. 
Cho'ler, n. Huhu; inaina. Syn, anger. 
€h61'e-ra, n. Mai kolera. 
Chol'e-ra-mdr'bus, n. Nahu o ka opu 

me ka hi a me ka luai pu. 
Ch<Sl'er-ic, adj. Hikiwawe i ka huhu. 

Syjj. passionate. 
Choofle, V. E koho; e wae. 
Choos'er, n. Mea koho. 




Cli6p, V. 1. E kaka. CIiop up firewood, 

e kaka wahie. 

2. E kua. Chop down a tree, e kua i ka 

laau; e okl i ka laau. 

8. E okioki. Chop in pieces, e okioki 

Chop, n. Apana i-o, mea koala. 
Chop'sea, n. Kai kuplkipiki-o'; kai 

Cho'ral, adj. Pili 1 ka aha mele. 
Chore, n. Wahi haua iki. Chores, na 

hana liilii. 
Chor'is-ter, n. Ke alakai o ka papa lii- 

Cho'rus, n. Leo hui. 
Christ, w. Kristo; Ka Mesia. 
Christ'en, v. E haawi inoa., a bapetizo. 

€hris'ten-dom» n. Na aupuni kristi- 

Chris'ten-ingr, n. Ka bapetizo ana. 
Chris'tian, adj. Auo kristiano. Chris- 
tian name, iuoa kristiauo. 
Chris'tian, n. Haumana na Kristo. 
Chrlst-ian'i-ty, n. Ka hoomana kris- 
Christ'ian-ize, v. E boohaumana na 

Christ'-like, adj. Like me Kristo. 
Christ'mas, n. La boomauao no ko 

Kristo hanau ana. 
Chro-mat'ie, adj. 1. E pili ana i na 

wai hooluu. 

2. no kapa-ko-li. 
CJhrfin'ie, adj. Kuluma. Chronic dis- 
ease, mai kuluma. 
Chron'l-cle, n. Moolelo o ke Aupuni a 

Lahui paha. Syn. history. 
Chro-nol'o-glst, n. He kanaka imi i 

na helu manawa o na wa i hala. 
Chrdn'o-ldg'ic-al, adj. Pili i na helu 

Chro-n61'o-^y , n. Ka ike e pili ana no 

na manawa i hala, me na hana, me ka 

poe o ia manawa. 
Cnro-nom'e-ter, n. He wati holo po- 

lolei loa; wati hooholo moku. 
Chub'hy, adj. Poupou; nepunepu. 
Chiick'le, v. E aka iki iloko iho. 
ChAnk, n. He apana manoanoa. 
Church, n. 1. Hale halawai; hale 


2. Ekalesia. 

8. He aoao hoomana. 
Church'naan, n. Kahuna pule o ka 

ekalesia Enelani. 
Church-war'den, n. Puuku iloko o 

ka ekalesia Enelani. 
Church'-yard, n. Pa hale pule. 
Churl,n. Kanaka nainai; nuuuha. 
<;hurl'ish, adj. Nainai; hoonunuha. 
Churn, n. Pahu kui waiu bata. 
Chyle, (kil), n. Ka wai o ke chyme. 
Chyme, (kim), w. Ka ai mahope o ka 

hoowaleia'na iloko o ka opu. 
^i'der, n. Wai o ka hua apala. 

Ci-giir', n. Ki-ka'; owili baka. 

Qim'e-ter, n. Pahi kaua pokole. 

^inct'ure, n. Kaula apo; kaei. Syn. 

"belt; girth. 

Cin'der, n. Pula nanahu. 

Cin'na-mon, n. Kinamona; laau ala. 

Ci'pher, n. 1. Ka hua helu 0; he ole. 

"2. Kakaulima buna. 

Ci'pher, v. E kakau helu; e hana ma 

"na helu. 

^ir'cle, n. 1. Poai poepoe. 

2. He poe. Circle oj friends, poe maka- 

C^ir'cle, V. E poai apuni; e kaapuni. 
^ir'cuit, n. He kaapuni. Circuit of 

Hawaii, ke kaapuni ana i Hawaii. Cir- 
cuit Court, Aha kaapuni. 
^ir-ea'i-tous, adj. Ma ke ano kaapuni; 

Cir'eft-lar, adj. Ano poai poepoe, 
^ir'eu-lar, n. He palapala hooili lau- 

^ir'cu-late, v. 1. E laha. The blood 

circulates through the body, laha ke koko 

a puni ke kino. 

2. E holo kaapuni. 

3. Circulating medium, ke dala i laha. 
^ir'eu-la'tlon, n. Ka laha ana. Circu- 
lation of blood, ke kahe ana o ke koko 
iloko o na aa. 

<2ir'€uin-aiix'bi-eiit, adj. Lewa ana a 

^Ir'cum-am'hu-late, v. E poai a puni 

ma ka hele wawae. 
42>r'€urn-9i8e, v. E oki poepoe. 
<2ir-€iim'fer-en^e, n. Ke ana puni. 
^ir'euin-lo-eu'tlon, n. Kamaillo kua- 

^ir'cum-nav'l-gate, v. E kaapuni ma 

ka holo moku. 
^ir'cum-uav'i-gra'tion, n. Ke kaapuni 
** ana ma ka moku. 

^ir'cum-nav'i-ga-tor, n. Kanaka ho- 
lo moku a puni ka honua. 
gir'eum-po'lar, adj. A puni na welau 

o ka honua. 
<2ir'€um-8eribe, v. E hoohaiki; e kau 

palenaapuni. Syn. limit. 
^ir'eum-spect, adj. Kuoo; kiai. Syn. 

^ir'eum-spect'ly, adv. Me ke akahe- 

le; me ka noonoo. Syn. watchfully; 

Cir'cum-stan^e, n. Mea. 
^ir'euin-vent', v. E hoohalua; e hoo- 

punipuni. Syn. to deceive. 
<2ir'eu8, n. Keaka lio. 
^is-al'pine, adj. Ma ka hema'ku o na 

mauna Alepe. 
Cis'tern, n. Lua wai pao ia. 
^it'a-del, n. He pa kaua o ke kulana- 

^i-ta'tion, to. 1. He palapala kli. 

2. He olelo i unuhiia uoloko mai o ke- 

kahi olelo. Syn. quotation. 
^ite, V. 1. E kena e hele kino mai. 

Syn. summons. 

2. E unuhi olelo. Syn. quote. 
42it'i-zen, n, Makaainana; kupa o ka 





tM-zen-ship, 71. Kulanamakaainana. 

it'ron, n. Lemona nui. 

it'y, 71. Kulanakauhale nui. 

Iv'il, ad;l 1. Pili i na pouo makaaina- 

na; kiwiia. Civil law, tanawai kivvila. 

2. Anooluolu; ano keonimana. 
^i-vlPian, n. He makaainana pili ole i 

ka oihana koa. 
^-vil'i-ty, 71. Ke ano oluolu. Syn. po- 
liteness; courtesy. 
^iv'il-i-za'tion, n. Ke ano naauao o 

ka noho ana. 
^iv'il-ize, V. E hoonaauao i ka poe na- 

Civ'il-ized, adj. Hoonaauaoia. 
Clv'il-ly, adv. Mekaohioln. 
Clad, p. p. Hooaahuia; kahikoia. 
Claim, V. E koi. 
Claim, 71. He kuleana. 
Claim'ant, n. 1. Mea nana ke kuleana. 

2. Mea e koi ana. 
Clam, n. He ano opai. 
Clam'ber, v. E pii kokolo aku. 
Clam'my, adj. Koo'u; pipili; olikalika, 
Clam'or, n. IJwa nui. 
Clam'or-o6s, ad/. Walaau nui; waha- 

kole; wahapaa. 
Clamp, 71. He hao upiki. 
Clan, n. Ka ohana holookoa mai na ku- 

puna a i na mamo. Syn. tribe. 
Clan-des'tlne, adj. Malu'; hunala. 

Clandestine correspondence, kakau leta 

Clang, V. E kanike'. Syn. ring. 
Clang'or, n. Ke kanikani o na mea me- 

tala ke kui kahi 1 kekalii. 
Clank, 71. Nakeke; leokani. 
Clap, V. 1. E pai. Clap hands, e pai lima. 

2. Clap of thunder, he kui hekili. 
Clap'board (klab'burd), n. Papa ke- 

Clap'per, n. 1. He mea kui. 

2. Clapper of bell, or tongue of bell, haku 

ka bele. 

Clap'trap, n. Hana hooakamai wale 
Cla'ret, n. He waina o Farani. 
Clar'l-fl-ca'tion, n. Kahoomaemae ana 

1 na mea wai; ka hooaiai ana. 
Clar'i-fy, v. E hoomaemae; hooaiai. 
Clar'i-net' i Heohepuhi, auolike 
Clar'i-o-net'i jae'kti flute. 
Clash, V. 1. E hookui me ka nakeke. 

2. Ku-e' kekahi i kekahi. Interests 
clash, ku-e' kekahi pono i kekahi pono. 

Clash'inff, ii. 1. Ke kui ana. Clashing 
ofarms.\e kui ana o na mea kaua. 
2. Ke ku-e' ana The clasning of inter- 
ests, ke ku-e' ana iwaena o na pono. 

Clagp, 71. E apo. The clasp of the hand, 
ke apo ana o ka lima. 

Clasp, V. 1. E apo. Clasp hands, e apo 
2. E pulikl. Syn. embrace. 

Clasp'kuife, n. Pahi pelu. 

Class, 71. He papa; he kulana; namea 
a pau o ke ano nookahi. 

Clas'si-fl-ea'tion, n. Ka hoonoho ana 
ma na papa; na ano; na kulaua. 

Clas'sl-fy, V. E hoonohonoho papa; 
hoonohonoho ano; hoonoho kulana. 

Class'mate, n. Hoa papa kuhi. 

Clat'ter, n. 1. He nakulukulu. Clat- 
ter of rain drops, ka nakulukulu o na 
paka u-a. 

2. Kamumu. CZafter o/«Aoes, kekamu- 
mu o na kamaa. 

Clat'ter-ing, n. 1. Ka nakulukulu ana; 
ke kamumu ana. 

Clause, n. 1. He pauku olelo. Syn. par- 
2. He maraala o ka hopuna olelo okoa. 

Cl^w, 71. Maiuu; maiao. 

Clay, 71. Lepo palolo. 

Clean, v. 1. E hoomaemae. 
2. E kaheu. Clean out weeds. 

Clean, adj. Maemae. 

Clean'li-uess, 7i. Ka maemae; ke au- 

Cleanse, v. E huikala; hoomaemae. 

Cleans'er, ti. Ka mea e hoomaemae ana. 

Clear, adj. 1. Moakaka; maopopo. 

2. Huaka; aiai. Clear water , wai hu- 

3. Laelae. A clear day, he la laelae. 

4. Kalae. A clear atmosphere, he ea kalae 
Clear, V. 1. E hoopakele; e hookuu. To 

clear a prisoner, e hookuu i ka paahao. 
2. E wehe. To clear up a difficulty, e 
wehei kahihia. 

2. The weather begins to clear, ke hoo- 
maka mai nei ka malie. 

4. Clear out a house, e hookaawale i ka 

5. Clear out! e hele pelal 
Clear'an^e, 71. He palapala hookuu mo- 

ku e holo, i haawiiae ka luna dute. 
Clear'ing, n. 1. Ka hookuu ana; ka 

wehe ana. 

2. He kipuka; ainci i hoomakaukauia 

no ke kanu. 
Clear'ly, adv. Me ka maopopo; me ka 

Clear-sight'ed, adj. Ike moakaka. 
Cleat, 71. He pine laau hoopaa kaula. 
Cleave, v. 1. E pili paa aku. 

2. E pipili paa. 

3. E kaka'; e wawahi me ke koi. Syn. 

Cleav'er, n. Pahi nui oki bipi. 

Clef, 71. He hoailona no ka leo mele. 

Cleft, n. He owa'; he mauae. 

Clem'en-^y, n. Ke ahonui; ke aloha; 
ka oluolu. Syn. mildness ; tenderness ; 

Clem'ent, adj. Oluolu; ahonui. Syn. 
mild; gentle. 

Cler'gy, 7i. Na kahuna pule. 

Cler'gry-man, 71. He kahuna pule. 

Cler'i-cal, adj. 1. E pili ana i ka oi- 
hana kahuna pule. 

2. Pili i ka oihana kakau olelo, a ku- 
pakako paha. 

Clerk, 71. 1. Kakauolelo. Syn. secretary. 
2. He kupakako. Syn. salesman. 

Clark'ship, n. Oihana kakauolelo; oi- 
hana kupakako. 




Clev'er, acZ/. Loea; akaniai;noeau. Syn. 

skillful; ingenious. 
Clev'ls, n. Ka hao ma ke poo o ka laau 

kolo o ke kaa, a oopalau paha. 
Clew, n. 1. Ke kihi o ka pea. 

2. He mooa. Syn. trace. 
Cli'ent, n. Ka mea i hoolimalima 1 ka 

loio; ko ka loio mua. 
€llff, n. He pali. Syn. precipice. 
Cli'mate, n. Ke kau o kauwahi. 

Cli'max, n. Ka piinana a hiki i ka nui 

Climb, V. E pii iluna, me ^a luM. 
Climb'er, n. 1. Ka mea e pii ana» 

2. Mea ulu hlhi. 
Clime, n. Aina. Every clime, na aina a 

Clinch, V. 1. E puili aku ma ke ano 


2. E pelu a paa ke kui iloko o kekahi 

Clingy, V. Syn. cleave. 

Clink, n. Ke kani nakeke o na mea me- 

Cllnk'er, n. Ke aa pele. 
Clip, V. E oki me ka upa'; e oki pokole. 
Clip'per, n. He raoku holo loa. 
Clip'ping, n. Ka mea i okiia me ka 

Cloak, n. He kapa uhi; he koloka. 
Cloak, V. E uhi; e huna'. 
Clock, w. Wati nui. 
Clock'work, n. Na huila o ka wati. 
Clod, n. Puu lepo. 

C16cl'hop-per, n. Kanaka lomalomu» 

hemahema; he kaikua.. 
Clog, n. 1. Mea keakea. Syn. hindrance. 

2. Kamaalaau; kamaa kaumaha. 
Close, V. 1. E pani. Close the door, e 

pani ka puka, 

2. E hooki ; e hoopau. Close a speech, 
6 hooki i ka haioleio. 

3. E poi. Ciose a ftoofc, e poi i ka buke. 

4. E nooholo. To close with an offer, e 
hooholo i ka olelo, a hana paha. 

Close, arf?'. L Pi; alunu. Syn. stingy. 

2. Ane like. A close vote, he koho ane 


8. Paa; komo ole ke ea, 

4. Ikiiki. Syn. sultry. A close, hot day, 

he la ikiiki. 
Close-f ist'ed, adj. Lima ana; pi; mau-a. 

Syn. close. 
Close'ly, adv. Kokoke loa, 
Clos'et, n. Keena liilii. 
Clos'ing, 71. Ka pau ana. Closing of 

school, Ka pau ana o ke kula. 

2. Ka pani ana. 

3. Ka pel ana, etc. 
Cloth, n. Lole. 

Clothe, u E hookomolole; e hooaahu. 

Syn. dress. 
Clotlies, n. Lole komo; kapa komo; 

aahu. Syn. garments. 
Cloth'ier, «. Kanaka kuai lole; kanaka 

hana lole. 
Cloth'ing, n. Lole komo; aahu. 

Cloud, n. He ao. 

Cloud, V. E hoopouli i na ao; ehooma- 

Cloud'eap't, adj. Uhiia i na ao. 
Cloud'less, adj. Olino; molaelae. 
Cloud'y, ad/. Malumalu. A cloudy day, 

he la malumalu. 
Clo'ven-fdot'ed ) ,. Wawaeholoho- 
Clo'ven-hoofed, ^ ""•/• lonai maheleia 
Clown, 71. He kuaaiua; kanaka hehena. 
Clown'ish, adj. Kuaaina; ano kama- 

Cloy, V. E ai a liliha; e kena. 
Club, n. He newa. 

Club'-fdbt'ed, adj. Wawae muumuu. 
Cluek, V. E ko-u'ko-u'. 
Clump, n. He mau laau e ulu pu ana. 
Clfim'sy, adj. Hemahema; hawawa, 

Syn. awkward. 
CI us'ter, n. He huhui. 
Clutch, V. E apo me ka maiuu. 
CI lifter, n. Huikau; mea waiho wale 

Coach, n. He kaa lio nui i uhiia. 
Cuach'man, n. Kanaka hookele kaa 

Co'ad-ju'tor, n. Hoa hana. 
Co-ag'u-iate, V. E hoolilo ka mea wai 

1 mea paa. 
Coal, 71. Nanahu; lanahu. 
Co'a-lesce', v. E hui na kino okoa a li- 

lo i kino hookahi. Salt and water will 

coalesce, e lilo ana ka paakai me ka wai 

i kino hookahi ke hui laua. 
Co'a-ll'tion, n. 1. Ka hui ana. The 

coalition of nations, ka hui ana o na au- 


2. Ka hui ana o na mana. The coali- 
tion of forces keeps the world in motion, 

o ka hui'na o na mana ka mea e kakaa 

ai ka honua. 
C6al'mine| Lua ell nanahu. 
Ciial'pit ) Lua puhi nanahu. 
Coarse, adj. Manoanoa; pakapaka. 

2. Ano mahaoi; kamaniha; pawaa*, 

Coast, n, Kahakal. 
Coast, V. 1. E holo "pili aina. 

2. E hee hoolua maluna o ka hau. 
Coast'er, n. Moku holo pili aina, • 
Coat, n. 1. He ku'ka. 

2. A coat of paint, hookahi hamo ana 

i kapena. 

2. Coat of arms, he hoailona no ke ku- 

lana o ke kanaka. 
Coat'ing, n. Hamo ana. A coating of 

paint, ka hamo ana i ka pena. 
Coax, r. E hoomalimali; e koi. 
Coax'er, n. ^ Ka mea koi ikaika me ka 

Cob, 71. 1. Iwi kurina. 

2. He wahi lio. 
Cob'ble, V. E kapili hou i na kamaa ka- 

Cob'bler, n. Kanaka humuhumu kamaa 

Cob'ble-stone, n. Pohaku iliili. 
Cob'web. 71. Funawelewele. 




CSelCf n. Moa kane. 

Cock, V. E hoomakaukau e ki pu. 

€oek-ade', n. He hipuu lipine no ka 

Cock'f ip^ht, n. He hakaka iwaena o na 

moa kane. 
Cock'pit, 11. 1. Wahi e hoohakaka i na 

moa kane. 

2. Lua malalo o ka oneki o ka moku 

manuwa, kahi e lapaau ai i ka poe i eha 

1 ka hoouka. 
€6ck'roach, n. Elelu'. 
C<ick'8-\vain (kok-sn) n. Luna waapa 

ma na moku manuwa'. 
Co'eoa, n. Kumu niu. 
Co'coa-nut, n. Hua niu. 
Co-coon', n. Popo kilika a ka enuhe ki- 

lika i hana ai. 
Code, n. Buke kanawai. Penal Code, 

Buke Kanawai Karairaa. Civil Code, 

Buke Kanawai Kivila. 
CcJd'^er, n. Kanaka alunu; pi; kanaka 

C6d'l-cil n. Olelo pakui 1 ka palapala 

CtSd'1-fl-ca'tion, n. Ka hoonohonoho 

pono ana i na kanawai iloko o ka buke. 
C6d'i-fy, V. E hoonohonoho i na kana- 
wai iloko o ka buke. 
Cod'dle, V. E hoomilimili. 
C6-ef-fi'clent, n. He kuaniti hana, ma 

ka hoaifona helu. 
Co-e'qual, adj. Like; like-a-lij:e. 
€o-erce', v. E kaohi. Syn. compel. 
Co-er'cion, n. Ke kaohi ana. Syn. 

Co-e'val, adj. Ola like; like na maka- 

Co'ex-ist', V. E ola pu. 
Co'ex-ist'ence, n. Ke ola pu ana. 
Co'ex-tend'j'v. Hoolaulaha like. 
€6'ex-ten'sive, adj. Laulaha like. 
Ccirfee, n. He kofe; laau kofe. 
Cof'fee-liouse, n. Hale inu kofe. 
€6rfee-inill, n. He will kofe. 
Coffee-pot, n. Ipu kofe. 
Cdffer, n. Pahu waiho dala. 
CCrfin, n. Pahu kupapau. 
Cog, n. Ka niho o ka bulla nihoniho. 
Co'gen-cy, n. Ka mana; kaikuika; ka 

muna kliohi. Syn. power; might. 
Co'gent, adj. Mana; ikaika. Syn. pow- 
erful. _ 
Coff'i-tate, v. E nalu; e noonoo nui. 
Cog'i-tii'tion, n. Ka nalu ana; ka noo- 
noo nui ana. 
Coff'nate, a/ij. Pill ma ka hanauna; pi- 

li koko. 
Coff'ni-zance, w. Ike. Syn. knowledge; 

Cog'-wheel, n. Pokakaa nihoniho. 
Co-hab'it, V. E noho pu he kane he wa- 

Co-hab'i-ta'tion, n. Ka noho pu ana 

ma ke ano kane a wahine. 
Co-here', v. E pili pu. Syn. adhere. 
Co-he'sion, TO. Ka pill pu ana. 
Co-he'sive, adj. Pili pu. 

Coil, V. E owili; hoolapuu'. 

Coil, n. He owili. 

Coin, n. Dala paa. 

Coin, V. E hana 1 ke dala paa. 

Coin'a^e, n. 1. Ka pai ana i ke dala 


2. Kela me keia ano dala paa. 
Co'in-cide', v. 1. E manao like. 

2. E Kulike. Oiir thoughts coincide, ku- 

like na manao o kaua. 
Co-in'ci-dence, n. Ke ko like ana o na 

mea elua kaawale, i ka wa hookahi. 
Coin'er, n. Mea pai dala paa. 
Col'an-der, n. Ipu tiui pukapuka. 
Cold, adj. 1. Anuanu; huihui. A cold 

day, he la anuanu. 

2. Nanau. Syn. distant. 
Cold, n. He anu; haukeke; huihui. 
Cold'ly, adv. Naau puanuanu. 
Col'ic,' 71, Nahu o ka opu. 
Col-lapse', V. E opaha pu. 
Col'lar, n. A-i kala; a-i ku. 
Col-lute', V. E hooiliili a hoonohonoho 

1 na ike e pili ana i kekahi mea. 
Col-lat'er-al, adj. 1. Collateral security, 

waiwai i hoopaaia ma ke ano moraki. 

2. Pili iki aole nae pili pono loa, Syn. 

Col-la'tion, n. 1. Ka hooiliili ana i na 

ike e pili ana i kekahi mea. 

2. He wahi pai'na. 
Colleague, n. He kokoolua ma ka oi- 

Col-lecf, V. 1. E hooakoakoa; hooa- 

hu; hoopuupuu. 

2. Carefully collect small things, e noli ; 
e nowelo. 

3. To collect one's thoughts, e noii i ka 

Col-leet'ed, adi. Pihoihoi ole. Syn. 

cool; composed. 
Col-lec'tion, n. 1. Ka hooahu ana; 

ka hooiliili ana. 

2. He ahua. 
Col-lect'ive-ly, adv. Ma ka huina. 
Col-lecfor, n. 1. Mea nana e obi. Col- 
lector of curios, mea nana e obi i na mea 


2. Luna ohi. Collector of Taxes, Luna 

obi Dala Aubau. Collector of Customs, 

Luna obi Dute. Collector General of Cus- 

toms, Luna Dute Nui. 
Col-lect'or-ship, n. Oihana Luna obi 
Col'lege, n. Kula nui. 
Col-le'gi-ate, adj. Pili ana i ke kula 

nui. Collegiate education, ka hoonaau- 

ao ana o ke kula nui. 
Cdll'ier, ». 1. Kanaka eli nanahu. 

2. Moku hooili nanahu. 
Coll'ier-y, n. Lua eli nanahu. Syn. 

coal mine. 
Col-li'sion, n. Ka hookui ana o kekahi 

mea i kekahi mea. Collision of ships 

ka hookui ana o na moku. 
Col-16'qul-al, adj. Pili i ke kamaka- 

mailio. Syn. conversational. 
Cdl'lo-quy, w. He kamakamailio; he 

olelo ki-ke', Syn. dialogue. 




Col-lu'sion, n. Ke kokua malu' ana i 

kekahl hana kolohe. 
Oo'lon, n. Kiko kolona ( : ). 
CJoPo-nel (ker'nel), n. Ke poo o ka 

regimana koa. 
Col'o-nel-cy (ker'nel-syj, n. Ka oi- 

h&na. okeColonel. 
•Go-lo'ni-al, adj. Pili i na panalaatu 
Col'o-nist, w. Kamaaiua okapnnalaau, 

C61'o-nl-za'tion, n. Ka hooknmu ana 

i ka paualaau. 
Col'o-nize, v. E kukulu 1 panalaatu 
Col-on-ade', n. Lalani kia lanai. 

€ol'o-ny, n. Hepanalaau; hepoeihaa- 
lele 1 ko lakou one hanau e noho loa 
ma ka aina e. 

Col'or, w. Hewai hooluu; he hooluu. 

Col'or-less, adj. Aiai; molale; hooluu 

Col'org, n. pi. He hae; lepa. Syn. flag; 
ensign; banner. 

€o-lo8'sal, adj. Nunui loa. Syn. gi- 

Colt, n. Lio keiki; lio opiopio. 

Col'ter, n. Ka pahi o ka oo paluu. 

Colt'isli, adj. Ano lilie me ka lio keiki. 

Col'umn, w. 1. He lalani; he kolamu. 
2. He kianui nokalanai, ahalepaha. 
Syn. pillar. 

€oml), 11. Kahi lauoho. 

Com'bat, n. Hoouka kaua; hakaka'. 
Syn. battle; fight. 

Com'bat-ant, n. Ka mea hakaka'; mea 
hoouka kaua, 

€om'bat-ive, adj. Hikiwawe 1 ka ha- 
kaka'; hakaka' koke. 

Comb'er,TC. Kainalu nui. 

€6m'bi-na'tion, n. Ka hui ana. 

Com-bine', V. Ehuipu; hoohui. Com- 
bine together (for avurpose), e alu pu. 

Com-bus'ti-ble, adj. A i ke ahi. 

Com-btas'ti-ble, n. He mea a wale 1 ke 

Com-biis'tion, n. Ka a ana i ke ahi. 

Syn. burning. 
€6ine, v. E hele mai; e hookokoke. 

Syn. approach. 
Co-me'di-an, n. Kanaka keaka lealea, 
Coin'e-dy, n. Olelo ki-kc' lealea. 
Come'li-ness, n. Ka uani; ka maikai o 

ke kino. 
Conie'ly, adj.' 1. Onaona; upalu; au- 

lii; puloku. 

2. Kupono. Syn. suitable. 
Com'et, n. Hoku welowelo. 
Com'fort, V. E hooluolu; e hoona'na'. 
Com'fort, n. Ka oluolu o ka noho ana; 

ka maha mai ka eha. 
Com'fort-a-ble, adj. 1. Oluolu; maha. 

2. Comfortable after eating, luhcana. 
Com'fort-er, n. Mea nana e hooluolu. 
Coin'fort-less, adi. Maha ole; oluolu 

ole; pilikia ka nono ana. 
Com'ie, adj. Hoakaaka. 
€6in'iG-al, adj. Lealea; ku i ka aka- 

Cojsx'ing, n. Ka hiki ana mai 

€6in'ing, adj. E hiki mai ana. The com- 
ing week, ka hebedoma e hiki mai ana. 

C6m'l-ty, n. Ka launa o ka noho ana. 
Syn. friendship. 

€6m'ina, n. Ke koma ( , ). 

Com-mand', n. He kauoha. 

€om-mand'er, n. Ka mea nana e kau- 
oha; he alihi kaua. 

€om-inand'ing, adj. 1. Hanohano. A 
man of comma/nding presence, he kanaka 
2. Kupono ke kauoha'ku. 

Com-mand'nient, 71. Kauoha paa; ka- 
nawai. Syn. law. 

€oin-iu^ni'o-rate, v. E hana hooma- 
nao. Syn. celebrate. 

Com-mein'o-ra'tlon, n. Ka hana hoo- 
manao. Syn. celebration. 

Com-niem'o-ra-tive, adj. No ka hoo- 
manao ana. Syn. in remembrance of 

Com-mence', r. E hoomaka; e hooku- 
mu. Syn". begin. 

Com-inence'inent, n. Ka hooknmu 
ana; ka nooraaka ana. Syn. begin- 
ning. Commencement day, la i haawiia 
na palapala apono ma ke Kula Nui. 

Coin-mend', v. E apono; e mahalo. 
Syn. approve; praise. 

Com-mend'a-ble, adj. Ku 1 ka maha- 
loia; ku 1 ka aponoia. Syn. praise- 

Cdm'm^n-da'tion, n. Ka mahalo; ka 
apono ana. Syn. approval. 

Coin-nien'8u-rate,arfj[. Like; ana like; 
kulike. Syn. proportional. 

C5m'nient, v. E olelo wchewehe. 

€;>in'inen-ta'ry, n, Buke wehewehe 

Conx'men-ta'tor, n. He mea wehewe- 
he olelo. 

Com'merce, w. Oihana kalepa. Syn. 
trade; traflilc. 

Com-mer'cial, adj. Pili i ka oihana 

Com-mlng'le, v. E hui pu; e kawlli 
pu. Syn. mix. 

Cum'mi-nu'ted, adj. Moka. Syn. brok- 
en fine. 

Com-mls'er-ate, v. E menemene. Syn. 
pity; sympathise. 

Com-mls'er-a'tlon, n. Ke aloha me- 
nemene. Syn. sympathy; pity; com- 

Com'mis-sa-ry, n. Ka luna nana ka 
oihana hoolako ai, me na pouo e ae, no 
na koa. Commissary department, ka oi- 
hana hoolako i na pono e ola ai na koa. 

Com-niis'sion, w. 1. Palapala hooko- 
ho no ka oihana. 
2. Uku no ke kuai ana i ka waiwal. 

Com-mls'sion, r. L E hookoho. 

2. E haawi i kamana; e hooili mana. 

Syn. authorize; empower. 
Com-mis'sion-er, n. 1. He elele au- 

puni; komislna. 

2. He Luna Aupuni. 





Gom-mit', V. 1. E hana, Syn. do; 
perform. Commit a crime, e hana i ke 

2. E hooill. Syn. send. Commit to 
vrison, e hooili i ka hale paahao. 
S. E waiho; Commit to one's care^ e 
waiho malalo o ka malu o mea. 
4. E hoopaa. To commit to m^moryy 
e hoopaa naau. 

Coui-uxifiuent, n, L Palapala hoo- 

2. Ka hana ana; ke ko ana. 
8. "Waiho ana'ku. The commitment of 
the cause to the jury, ka waiho ana'ku o 
ka hihia imua o ke jury. 

Com-inlt'tee, n. He komite. A stand- 
ing committee, he komite mau. A select 
committee, he komite wae. Committee 
of the whole, komite o ka Hale. A joint 
committee^ he komite kukn'. 

C:^in-iii6'di-oiis, adj. Akea; oluolu i 
ka noho ana. A commodious house, he 
hale akea. 

€oin-in6d'i-ty, n. He mea liilil kuai. 

€6in'ino-dore> 7U Luna nul o kekahi 
au moku. 

Cfim'mon, adj. 1. Pill like. Common 
divisor, helu "komo pili like. Common 
good, pono piii like. 
2. Laulaha. A common report, he olelo 
laulaha; mea i wawa wale ia. 
8. A common sight, he mea i ike mau 
la, A common man, he kanaka no ka 
lehulehu. Common school, kula maoli. 
Common sense, noonoo. 

Gfiiu'nion-ly, adv. Mea mau. Com- 
monly known, mea ike mau ia. Com- 
monly reported, lono akea ia. 

Cdm'mon-place, adj. Maa. Common- 
place remark, olelo maa. 

€om'mon- wealth., n. Ke Aupuni. 

Com-mo'tion, n. He nauwewe. 

Com-mune'y v. E kamailio pu; e ku- 
ka' pu._ 

Com-mu'ni-cant, n, Hoahanau; mea 
ai i ka ahaaina a ka Haku. 

€om-inu'nl-ty, n. 1. He poe e noho 
ana ma kauwahi. The Hawaiian com- 
munity, ka poe Hawaii. Living in the 
community, e noho ana mawaena o ke- 
kahi poe. 

2. Community of interest, he pono pili 
like i kekahi poe. 

€6ui'inu-ta'tion, n. Ka loll panai ana. 
Commutation of punishment, ka loll ana 
o ka hqopai i noopai e ae. 

Com-mute', v. E hoololi. To commute 
a punishment, e hoololi 1 ka hoopai, i 
hoopai e ae. 

Coin-pact', adj. Paa; paapu. 

Cum' pact, n. He olelo ae like. Syn. 

€om-p&n'ion» n. He hoa. Syn. com- 
nide; mate. 

€dni-paii'l<»n-a-ble, adj. Oluolu; lau- 
na; kupono i hoa, Syn. sociable. 

Cdm'pa-ny, n. 1. He mau hoa, 
2. He mau ohua. I have company at 

my house, he mau ohua ko'u ma ka 

3. He hul; he ahahui. 

4. He pualL A great company, he puall 

€<)in'par-a»ble, adj. Hiki ke hoohali- 

Com-par'a-tive, adj. 1. Ma ka hoo- 


2. Iki. Comparative comfort, he oluolu 

Com-pftre', v. E hoohalike. 
€om-par'l-son, n, Ka hoohalike ana. 

CJom-part'ment, n. He mahele. 

Com'pass, n. 1. He panana. A ship's 

compass, he panana hooholo moku. 

2. Surveyor's compass, panana ana aina. 

8. He kaapunL Fetch a compass, e holo 

Cona'pass, v. 1. E kaapuni; e hoopu- 

ni. Syn. surround. 

2. E loaa. Syn. obtain; bring about. 

To compass a design, e loaa i ka make 

make. E ko i ka makemake. 
Com-pas'sion, n. adj. Aloha mene- 

mene. Syn. sympathy; fellow-feeling. 
€oin-pas'sion-ate, adj. Aloha. Syn. 

Com-pat'i-ble, adj, Kupono. Syn. 

€Join-pat'ri-ot, n. Hoa makee aupuni. 
€om-pel', V. E kaohi. Syn. oblige; 

CJom-jpen'di-um, n. He olelo i hoopo- 

koleia. Syn. abridgement. 
€dm'pen-sate, v. 1. E pani i ka po- 

ho. Syn. recompense. 

2. E uku. Syn. remunerate. 
€6iii'pen-sa'tlon, w, Ka uku ana. SYN. 

recompense; remuneration. 
€oin-pete', v. E paio pu no ka lana- 

€6ni'pe-tence ) „ Ka lawa pono o 
€6m'pe-ten-cyi kaloaa, 

€6in'pe-tent7 adj. Kupono; makau- 

kau. ^ compcteTii man, he kanaka ma- 

€dnx'pe-ti'tion, n. Ka paio ana no ka 

lanakila, Syn. emulation. 
Ciom-pefi-tor, n, Hoa paio. 
€om-pet'i-tiTe, adj. No ka paio lana- 
kila, A competitive examination he ho- 

ikepaio no ka lanakila. 
€fiin^i-la'tioii, «. He buke i kakauia 

ma ka wae ana. 
€oin-pile', v. E hoomakaukau i buke 

ma ka wae ana, 

€om-pla'cent, adj. Maliu; oluolu. 
Coin-plain', v. E ohumu; e hai mau i 

ka pilikia. 
Com-plainf , n. 1. Leo ohumu. 

2. He mni, Syn. sickness; disease. 

8. He kumu hoopii. To entertain a 

complaint, e waiho aku i kumu hoopii. 
Com-plaiu'ant, w. Mea hoopii. Syn. 

_ ux'i>lai-gant, adj. Oluolu; laulea. 




Cdna'ple-ment, n. Ka piha pono ana. 
Complement of an angle, ka huinapilia 
o ka huina kupoBO. 

Com-plete', adj. Pan pono ; piha pono. 
ko pono ia. Complete divisor, heluko- 
mo piha pono. Syn. whole. 

Com-plete', v. E hooko pono; e paa 
pouo. The work is completed, ua hoo- 
ko pono ia ka hana. Syn. accom- 
plish; fulfill. 

Com-plete'ly, adv. Pauloa;loa. Com- 
pletely exhausted, naenae loa. Complete- 
ly at a loss, maopopo ole loa. 

Com-ple'tion, n. Ke ko ana; Ka pau 
pono ana, Syn. fulfillment; accom- 

Com-plex', adj. 1. Pohihihi. 
2. Complex fraction, hakina huikau. 

Com-plex'ion, n. Ka hooluu ana o ka 
ili o ke kino kanaka. Light complex- 
ion, ili keokeo. Dark complexion, hauli- 

Com-pli'ant, adj. Ae wale aku; kua- 

Com'pli-cate, v. Ehoohihia; hoohui- 
kau; hoopohihihi. 

Com-pli-ea'tion, n. Ka hoohuikau 
ana; ka hoopohihihi ana. 

Com'pli-ment, v. E olelo hoomalima- 
li; e olelo mahalo. 

Coin'j)li-mien'ta-ry , adj. Ano hoomali- 
mali; ano mahalo. 

Com-ply', V. E ae aku i ka hai make- 
make, a kauoha paha, Syn. assent. I 
comply with your wishes, ke ae nei au i 
kou makemake. 

Com-po'ueut) n. He hapa o ka mea 

Com-poae', v. 1. E kakau; e haku 
To compose a song, e haku i mele, 
2. E hoomaalili; hoomalielie. 
8. E kaawili; e hoohui. 
4. E kukulu 1 na kepau hua palapala 
nokepai ana. 

adv. Makaukau; pi- 

Mea haku mele, me 


hoihoi ble. 
Com-pos'er, n. 

nameae ae. 
Cdm'po-si'tiouy n, L He manao i 

kakau ia. 
Com-pos'i-tor, n. Mea hoonohonoho 

1 na hua kepau no ka pai palapala. 
Cdm'pound, «. He kino nui. 
Coin-pound', v. 1. E hoohui 1 na mea 

okoa a lilo i kino hookahi. 

2. E kaawili pu. Compound a prepara- 

tion.e kaawili pu i ka laau lapaau. 

8. Compound a felony, e kala 1 ke ka- 

raima me ka hoopai ole o ke kanawai, 

no ka pono e loaa mai ana. 
Com'pound, adj. Ano hui. Compound 

fraction, hakina ano hui. 
Com'pre-liend', v, E hoomaopopo. 

Syn. understand. 
Cdm'pre-hen'sion, n. Ka hoomaopo- 
po ana, Syn. understanding. 
Com'pre-lien'sive^ac^'. Laulaha; akea. 

SYN. extensive. 

Corn-press', v. E kaomi iho. 
Com-press'i-bil'i-ty, n. Ke ano Mki 

ke kaomiia. 

Com-pres'sion, n. Ke kaomi ana. 

Com-prisc', v. E hui. Syn. Include; 
consist of. The school comprises boys 
and girls. E hui ana nakeikikanea 
me na kaikamahine ma ke kula. 

Com'pro-mise. t', E kuikahi; e hoo- 
holo ma ka ae like. 

Comp-trol'ler, n. Imusl hooia helu. 

€om.-pal'sion, n. Koina; ke kaohi 

Com-pnne'tlon, n. Ka hoopai ana o 

kanaau. Syn. remorse. Compunctions 

of conscience, ka hoopai ana o ka luna- 

ike hala. 
€6m'pu-ta'tion, n. Ka helu ana. 
€oni-pute', v. E helu. 
€oni-put'er, n. Mea nana e helu. 

Cdm'rade, n. Hehoa. Syn. companion. 
Cdn'cave, adj. Poopoo; pio. 
€on-ceal', v. 1, E nuna. Syn. hide; 

Becrete. Conceal the truth, e huna i ka 


2. E pee. Conceal one's self, e pee. 
Con-ceal'ment, w. Ka huna ana. Place 

of concealment, kahi i hunaia ai; kahi 

ipee ai. 
Con-cede', v. E ae i ko hai. Syn. ad- 

mitf grant; allow. 
Con-ceit', w. Lanahaakel o ka manao 

ka h'ooioi ; ka manao nui iaia iho. 
Con-ceit'ed, adj. Hooioi ; hookela- 

kela'j akena; haanou. Syn. egotistical; 

Con-ceiv'a-ble, adj. Hiki i ka noonoo 

ke a'po. 
€on-ceive', v. 1. E hapai keiki. 

2. E hooulu i ka noonoo. Syn. devise. 

8, E hoomaopopo. Syn. understand; 

comprehend; suppose. 
Con'cen-trate, v. 1. E hooakoakoa 

matahi hookahi. Syn. combine. 

2. E kau nui aku. Concentrate your 

thoughts, e kau nui aku i kou noonoo. 
Con'cen-tra'tion. n. 1. Ka hooakoa- 

koa"ana ma kahi hookahi. Syn. com- 

2. Ke kan nui ana. Concentration of 

thought, ke kau nui ana oka noonoo. 
Con-cep'tion, n. 1. Ka hapai keikl. 

2. S:a noonoo o ka naau. Syn. idea; 


8. Ka apo ana o ka naau i kela me 

keia kuniu noonoo. 
Con-cern', v. L E pili. It does not 

concern me, aole pili ia mea ia'u, or 

aohe o'u kuleana ma ia mea. 

2. Pilihua, Syn. anxious. 

8. E komo pu. Syn. engaged in. He 

was concerned in the difficulty, ua komo 

pu oia iloko o ka hihia. 
Con-cern', w. 1. Kuleana; pono. Syn; 


2. Oihana, Syn. business. 

8. Pilihua o ka manao. Syn. anxiety. 




Con-cem'lngr, prep, E pill ana; no; 

SynT about; in regard to. 
€on-oert', v. E kuka' pu. 
CcSn'cert, «. 1. Ahamele. 

2. Zietin concert, e pualullke maka 

hana. Syn. Act together. 
Con-ces'sion, n. 1. He palapala ae. 

2. Ita mea i ae ia. 
Coneh. (konk), n. He pupu nni o ke 

Con-ehdl'o-grist, n. Kanaka imi no 

na pupu. 
Con-€h61'o-^y, n. Ka ike e pili ana 1 

na pupu. 
Con-cil'i-ate, v. E hoolaulea; e hoo- 

luolu. Syn. propitiation. 
Con-cil'i-ii'tion, n. Ka hoolaulea ana; 

ka hboluolu ana. 
Con-cise', adj. Pokole, io nui nae. 

SynT terse; succint. A concise state- 
ment, he haina pokole i-o nui nae. 
Con-cise'ly, aav. Me ka pokole a me 

kai<)iiui. Syn. succintly; briefly. 
Con-elude', v. 1. E hooki. Syn. close. 

To conclvde a speech, e hooki 1 ka hai 


2. E hooholo ma ka manao. Syn. infer. 

8. E hooholo; To conclude a treaty, e 

hooholo i ke kuikahi. 
Con-clii'sion, n. 1. Ka hopena; pan 

ana, Sy'n. end. 

2. Ka mea i hooholoia; Syn. decision; 

Con-€lu'slTe, adj. Lawa pono; hiki 

ole ke hoole ia. Syn. final. Conclusive 

evidence. Olelo hoike lawa pono. 
Con-€dcf , v. E imi; enoonoo. Syn. 

devise ; scheme; plan. To coTicoct a lie, 

e imi i wahahee. 
Cdn'corcl, n. Ka manao lokalii. 
Con-eord'ance, n. Buke kuhikuhi ole- 
Cdn'course, n. He analna nui. 
Con'eu-binc, n. He haiawahine. 
Con-cu'pis-cence, n. Kuko hewa. 

Syn. lust. 
Con-eur', v. E kokua i ka manao. E 

apono i ka m.anao. Syn. approve. 
Con-€ur'rence, n. 1. Ke kokua ana; 

ka apono ana, Syn. approval. 

2. Ka halawai pu ana. Syn. union. 

8. Concurrent jurisdiction, mana like o 

ka hookolokolo. 
Con-cAs'sion, ik Ke koi ana. Syn. 

Con-demn', v. E hoahewa i ka hoopai. 

Syn. sentence. 
Cfin'dem-na'tion, w. Ka ahewa ana; 

ka hoopai ana. 
Con'den-sa/tion, n. Ke kaomi iho 

Con-dense', v. E kaomi iho. 
Con-dens'er, n. He mea e kaomi ana. 
€6n'de-8cend', v. E maliu mai. 
Cftn'de-scenslon, n. Ka maliu ana. 
Cfin-diRrn"', (kon-din') arf;'. Kupono. 

Condifjn pwmhment, noopai kupono. 

Syn. iaented. 

Con'di-ment, n. Inai; mea mikomiko. 
Con-di'tlon, n. 1. Ano. Condition of 

life, ano o ka noho ana. Condition of 
the house, ke ano o ka hale. Syn. state. 
2. Loina. The conditions of the problem, 
na loina o ka nanehai. 

C6n-di'tion-al, adj. Mamuliona loina. 

Con-di'tion-al-ly, adv. Mamuliona 
na loina, 

C6n-dole', v. E kaumaha pu; e uwe 

Con-do'lence, n. Ke aloha menemene. 
Syn. sympathy. 

Con-duce', v. E kokua. Syn. con- 
tribute'to. Industry conduces to happi- 
ness, ke kokua nei ka hooikaika 1 ka 

Con-du-cive, adj. E alakai ana 1 ke 
ola kino"; e kokua ana i ke ola kino. 

Con'duet, n. Ke ano o ka hana ana; 
ka noho ana. Syn. behavior. 

Con-diief , v. E alakai; Syn. lead. 

Con-diicf or, n. L He alakai; Syn. 

2. A good conductor of heat, he mea paa 
pono 1 ka wela; mea hoolaha pono i 
ka wela. 

2. A non-conductor of heat, he mea hoo- 
laha ole i ka wela; hoomohala ole i ka 

C6n'-duit (dit), n. He hawai; ohe wai: 

Cone, n. Puuoa. 

Con-fec'-tion-er, n. Kanaka hana 
mea ono. 

Confee'-tion-er-y, n, Na mea ono i 
hanaia o kela me keia ano. 

Con-fed'-er-a'-tion, n. Ke kuikahi 
ana iwaena o na aupuni, e kokua ko- 
kahi i kekahi, Syn. alliance; league. 

Con-fer', v. 1. E haawi. Syn. bestow. 

2. E kuka' pu. Syn. advise. 
Con'fer-ence, w. L Ke kuka' pu ana. 

2. Heaha'kuka'. 
Con-fess', v. E hai akaka, Syn. \o 

acknowledge. To confess a fault, e hai 

akaka mai no ka hewa, 
Con-fes'sion, n. Ka hai akaka ana. 

Syn. avowal. The confession of guilt, 

ka hai akaka ana ua hewa, 
Con'fi-dant', n. m.\ ^ -nnnahplp 
Cdu'fl-dante', n. f.S^^ pnnaneie. 

Con-fide', v. E paulele, e hilinai. Syn. 
trust; rely. 

Con'fl-dence, n. Ka paulele; ka hili- 
nai. Syn. 'reliance; faith. 

Con'fl-dent, adj. Manao paulele; 
manao paa. 

C6n'fl-den'tial, adj. 1. Paulele ia; 
hilinai ia, Syn. trustworthy. 
2. M alu '. ^ confident ia I com in unicatio n, 
he palapala hoike main'. Syn. secret. 

CtJn'fl-dent-ly, adv. Me ke kanalua 
ole. Syn. positively. 

Con-fine', v. E hoopaa. Syn. restrict 
To confine in a roorn^ e hoopaa iloko o 
ke keena. 



Con'fine, n. Palena; mokuna; pea, 
Syn. botyids. The confines of the landy 
Ba pea o ka aina. 

Ccn-fine'ment, n. 1. Ka hoopaa ana. 
2. Kawa hanau keiki. 

Con-firm', v. 1. E hooia. Syn. verify, 
To confirm a stoUement, e hooia i ka oleic 

2. E hookupaa. Syn. strengthen. To 
confirm in the truths e hookupaa ma ka 

Con'fir-ma'tion, n. Ka hooia ana; 
Ka hookupaa ana. 

Con-fis'cate, v. E kaili; e lawe ma 
ke ano hoopai. 

Con'fis-ca'tion, w. Ka lawe ana o ke 
aupuni i ka waiwai, ma ke ano hoopai. 

C6n'fla-grra/tion, n. He ahiweliweli; 
ahl nui. 

Con'fliet, TO. He kaua; hakaka; paio. 

Con'flu-ence, n. L Ka hui ana o ke 
2. Kahi e hui al o ke kahe ana. 

Con-form', v. E hookulike; kulike. 

CSon-form'l-ty, TC. Ke kulike ; ka hoo- 
h alike ana. 

Con-found', v. Hookahull. 

Con- front', v. 1. E ku he alo healo. 
2, Eku-e'. 

Con-fuse', v. E hoopihoihoi; hoopuiwa 
hoopowehiwehi. Syn. distract, dis- 

C6n-fus'ed-ly, adv. pioloke. Confus- 
edly answered^ pane la me ka pioloke. 

Con-fu'sion, n. 1. Ka huikau o ka 
waiho ana. Syn. disorder. 
2. Pioloke o ka n aau. Syn. distraction. 
8. Haunacle. Syn. tumult. The meet- 
ing broke up in confusion, hoopauia ka 
halawai iloko o ka haunaele. 

Con-fute', V. E pale i ka olelo. 

Con-greal', V. E paa 1 ke anu. Syn. 

Con-^eal'ment, n. Ka paa ana o ka 
mea wai i ke anu. Syn. freezing. 

Con-gre'ni-al, adj. Kulike ke ano. 
Congenial companions y nahoa pili. 

Con-ges'tion, w. Kapiha kupono ole 
anao kauwahi o ke kinoi ke koko. 
Congestion of the lungs, ka piha pono 
ole o ke ako mama i ke koko. 

Con-grat'u-late, v. E haawi i ka ma- 
halo; ehauolipu. Syn. felicitate. 

Con-grat'u-la'tion, n. Ka hoohauoli 
ana ia hai_; ka hauoli pn ana me hai. 

Con-graf u-la-to'ry, adj. E haawl 
anal ka hauoli. 

C«>n'gre-gate, V. Eakoakoapu. Syn. 

Con'gre-ga'tion, n. He anaina pule. 

Con'gress, w. 1. Ka aha kau kanawai 
O Amerika Huipuia. 
2. He anaina kuka'. A congress of 
nations, ke anaina kuka o na lahul. 

Con-gres'sion-al, adj. Pill 1 ka aha 
kaukanawai o AmeriKa Huipuia, 

Con'lc, adj. Pili i ka puuoa. Gmic 
sectionSf na kaha okl o ka puuoa. 

Con-Jecf ure, n. Manao koho walew 
Syn. surmise; guess. 

Con-join', r. E hui. Syn. xmite. 

Con-joinfly, adv. Ma ke ano huL 
Syn unitedly. 

Cdn'Jn-gal, adj. Pill 1 ka mare. Syn. 
marital. Conjugal relaiions, na pono o 
ka mare. 

Con-ju-ga'tion, n. Aui ana o kahaina. 

Con-Jftne'tion, w. L He hua olelo hoo- 
hui mamala olelo. 

2. K a pili pu ana. Conjunction of 
planetSy ka pifi pu ana o na hoku heie, 

Con'jure, v. E kilokilo. 

Con'j ur-er,w. Kanaka kilokilo. 

Con-nect', v. E hoopili pu; pili pu, 
Syn. join. 

Con-nec'tion. 1. Ka pill ana. 
2. He pili kino. 

Con-nec'tive, n. Ka mea e hoohui 
ana i na mea kaawale. 

Con-niv'ance, 71. Ke kokua malu' ana 
i ka mea pono ole. Syn. collusion. 

Con-nive', v. E kokua malu' i kahewa. 

Con'nols-sefir' (kdn-nis-stir), n. He 
kanaka akeakamau 

Con-nu'bi-al, adj. Pill 1 ka mare; 
Syn. conjugal, 

Con'quer, v. E lanakila; e lawepia 

€on'quer-or, n. Ka mea lanakila. 

CtSn'qnest, n. 1. Kahoopioana. 
2. Kameaijawepioia, 

C6n'san-guin'i-ty, n. Ka pill koko; 
kapili hauauna. Syn. relationship. 

C<Sn'iscience (aliens), n, Ka lunaike- 

Cdn'sci-Sn'tioilg, adj. Hoolohe i ka 
kalunaikehala; akahai. 

Cfin'sci-en'tious-ly adv. Me ka hoo- 
lohe l ka ka lunaikehala: me ke aka- 

Con'sci-en'tions-ness, n. Ke ko ana 
mamuli o ka lunaikehala; ke ko ana 
me ke akahai. 

C^n'scions, adj. Maopopo Iloko Iho. 

Con'soious-ness, n. Ka ike ; ka ike ilo- 
ko iHb. 

Cdn'se-erate', v. E hoolaa. 

Con'se-crat'ed, adj. Hoolaa la, Syn. 
hallowed, sacred. 

Cdn'se-cra'tion, n. Ka hoolaa ana. 

Con-see'u-tive, adj. E hahai ana ke- 
kahi i kekahi. Consecutive hours, na 
hora e hahai ana kekahi 1 kekahi. 

Con-sent', n. 1. Ka ae ana. Syn. as- 

2. With one consent, me ka manao lo- 
kahl. Syn. unanimously. 

Con'se-quence, n. 1. He hopena. 
Poverty is the consequence of idleness, o 
ka nele ka hopena o ka molowa. 

2. In consequence of, no ia kumu; no 
la mea, Syn. because of. 

3. A matter of small conseguence, he 
mealiiliiloaia;he mea ole la. 

4. A m>an of consequence, he kanaka 
koikoL Syn, importance. 



€on'-8e-quent, n. L Ka mahele hope 

O kft TdttO 

2. He hopena. Syn. result; effect. 
C«>n'se-quen'tlal, adj. Hookano; hoo- 

kiokie. Syn. pompous. 
Cdn'se-quent-ly, adv. Nolaila, no la 

hoi, no ia mea. Byh. therefore; for the 

reason. , ,, ^ , , 

Con-s5rv'a-tIve, adv. Makee 1 ke ano 

mau, ke ano kahiko. 
Con-serv'a-to-ry, n. Halo hooulu i 

€6n'serve, n. Mea ono i hana ia me 

na hua ai. Syn. preserve. ^ 
Con- serve', r. 1. E hoomoa i na hua 


2. E malama i ke ano man. 
Con-sid'er, v. E noonoo akahele, e 

poouoo. Syn. reflect. , 

Con-sid'er-a-ble, adj. Mahuahuaiki. 
Con-sid'er-ate, adj. 1. Maliu i ka 

manaoohaL Syn. thoughtful. 

2. Akahele ma ka noonoo. 
Con-sld'er-a'tion, n. 1. Ka maliu 

ana. Consideration for the Jeelings of 

others^ ka maliu ana i ko hai manao. 

2. He uku. Work for a consideration, 

Con-sign', v. E waiho ma ka lima o 

hai. Consign goods for sale, e waiho i 

ka waiwai ma ka lima o mea e kuaL 

Syn. assign. -, , , 

€<Sn'8ign-ee', n. Ka mea malama 1 ka 

waiwai 1 hooili ia. 
Con-sign'ment, w. 1. Ka hooliiia'na 

O ka waiwai. 

2. Ka waiwai 1 hooiliia. 
Con-sist', V. E hui. Syn. comprise. 

The school consists of foreign ana Ha- 
waiian boys, e hui ana ma ke kula na 

keiki haole me na keiki Hawaii. 
Con-sist'en-cy, n. Ke anolauwiliole; 

keanokupaa. .,, , 

C m-sisfeut, adj. Lauwill ole; ku- 

Con'so-la'tion, n. Ka maha o kanaau; 

ka oluolu ana o ka naau. 
Con- sole', V. E hooluoln; hoona; e 

Con-sol'i-date, V, E hooakoakoa i 

paa; epuiliapaa. 
Ck»n-861'i-da'-tion„ n, Ka puili ana a 

paa; ka hoopuupuu ana a paa. 
Con-sol'ing, adj. Hooluolu. A consol- 
ing thought, ho manao hooluolu. 
Con'so-nance, n. 1. Ke kani like o 


2. K e kulike ana 1 ka manao. 
Con'so-nant, adj. Oluolu; kulike. 

Con'so-nant, n, Huapalapala leo hui. 

C^n'sort, n. L He hoa mare. 

2. He moku e hole pu ana me kekahl 

Con -sort', V. E hele pu; launa pu. 

Syn. associate with. 

Con-spie'ti-oiks, adj. Moakaka.; Ike 
lea ia. Syn. plain. 

Con-spir'a-cy, n. L Kekukapuana 

no ka poino o hai. 

2. Ke kipi ana; ohumu kipl. 
Con-spire', V. E ohumu kipi; ekipi. 
€6n'sta-ble, n. He makai; he kaiko. 
€on-stab'u-la-ry, n. He papa makal. 
€6n'8tan-cy, ri. Ke kupaao ka naau; 

oni paa o\& naau. Syn. fidelity. 
Cdn'stant, adj. 1. Kupaa; kamau. A 

constant friend, he hoa kupaa. 

2. Mau. A constant stream, he waikahe 

e6n'sta,nt-l J, adv. Mau. Syn. invari- 
Con'stfil-la/tion, n. Huhui hoku paa. 

C fin's ter-na'tion, M. Ilihia; pilihua; 
weliweli nui. 

Con-sti-pa'tion, n. Ka paa o ka hana 
lepo. Byn, costiveness. 

Con-stit'u-en-cy, n. Ka poe nana e 
koho; na^makaainanakokobalota. 

Con'sti-tute, v. 1. E hookoho. To con- 
stitute a member, e hookoho i lala o ka 

2. E hoolilo; e lilo. The people of one 
country constitute a nation, lilo na kana- 
ka o ka aina hookahi i lahui. 

Cdn'sti-tu'tion, 7i. 1. Kumukanawal^ 
2. Ka hookumu ana. 
8. Ke ano mau o ke kino. A strong 
constitution, he ano ikaika, puipui o ke 

Con'sti-tu'tion-al, adj. 1. Pili 1 ke 
kumukanawai. Constitutional amend- 
ment, he hoololi o ke kumukanawai. 
2. Pili i ke ola kino. A constitutional 
difficulty, he pilikia pili i ke ola kino. 

Con-strain', v. Ekoi;ekaohi. Syn. 

Con-strainf, n. Ke koi'na; ke kaohi 
ana. Syn. compulsion ; restraint. 

Con-striiet', v. E kukulu. Syn. build. 

Con-striic'tion, n. 1. Ke kukulu ana, 
2. Ka mea 1 kiikuluia. 
S. Ke ano. Syn. meaning. 

Con-strue', v. E mahele olelo; e unu- 
hi olelo; e wehewehe olelo. Syn. ex- 
plain; translate. 

Cfin'sul, n. He kanikele; luna kiai oi- 
hana kalepa o kekahi aupuni me ke- 
kahl aupuni e ae. 

C<Sn'su-lar, adj. Pill i ka olhana o ke 
kanikele. Consular certificate, palapala 
hooi a a ke kanikele. 

Con's u-late, n. Keena oihana o ke ka- 

Cdn'sul-slilp, n. Oihana kanikele. 

Con-siilf , V. 1 E kuka' pu. Syn. de- 


2. E ImL ConsuU a book, e imi iloko o 
ka buke. 

3, Consult a physician, e Imi i kauka lar 
paau nana e Icokua, 

Con'sul-ta'tion, n. Ke kuka' ana. 

Con-sume', v. L E hoopau; e luku- 
Syn. destroy. 
2. E ai. To consume food, e al i ka al. 




•Gon-sum'er, n. Ka mea nana e hoo- 

Con'sum-ma'tion, n. Kah.opena;ke 

ko ana. Syn. end; completion. 
■Gon-sump'tion, n. 1. Ka mai hokii. 
2. Ka hoopau ana. Consumption oj 
food, ka hoopau ana i ka ai. 
Con-sump'tive, acZj. Loaa i ka hokii. 
Con'taet, n. Ka hoopili kino aku. 
Con-ta'gion, n. Mailele ma kapilikino 
€on-ta'gioiis, adj. Lele no ka pili 

Con-tain', v. E piha. A gallon contains 
four quarts, piha ke galani i na kuata 

2, E loaa. TJie book contains instruc- 
tion, e loaa ana i ka naauao ma ka buke. 

€on-tain'er, n. He apu, he ipu; mea 
e paa ana. 

€on-tani'i-nate, v. E hoohaumia. 
Syn. pollute ;_ tainL 

Con-tam'i-na'tion, n. Ka haumla; 
ka pelapela. Syn. pollution. 

€on-tenin', v. E hoowaha'waha'. Syn. 

Con'tem-plate, v. E noonoo; e ma- 
nao. Syn. meditate; purpose. 

Con'tem-pla'tion, n. Ka noonoo ana. 
Syn. meditation. 

€on-tem'po-ra-ry, &dj. Ola like. 
SvN. cotemporary. Kainehameha I. and 
Napoleon were contemporary, e ola like 
ana o Napoleona a me Kamehameha I. 

€on-tempt/, w. Ke ano hoowaha'- 
waha'. Contempt of court, ka hoowaha'- 
waha' i ka aha. 

Con-tempt'i-ble, adj. Hoowaha'waha' 
ia; haahaaloa. Syn. mean; vile. 

CJon-tempt'u-otks, adj. Ano haakei; 
hoowaha'waha'. A contemptuous ex- 
pression, he olelo hoowaha'waha'. 

Con-tend', v. E aumeume; hakaka; 
paio pu. Syn. strive. 

€on-tencl'inff, adj. E ku-e' ana; e ha- 
kaka ana. Contending factions, na aoao 
e ku-e' ana kekahi i kekahi. Syn. op- 

€on-tenf, v. E hoo-na; e hooluolu. 

Con-tenfed, adj. Walea; oluolu; 

Con-ten'tion, n, Ka hakaka; ka au- 
meume; ka hoopaapaa. Syn. strife. 

•Gon-teu'tious, adj. Hoopaapaa wale; 
hakaka wale. 

Con-tent'naent, ) Hanawalea; olu- 

€ on- tent', ) olu o ka manao. 

Con'test, n. He hakaka'; he kaua; he 

Con-test', V. 1. E ku-e'. Contest an 
election, e ku-e' i ke kohoia'na. 
2. E paio. Contest a prize, e paio no 
ka uku makana. 

Con-tig'u-ous, adj. E moe pili ana. 
SvN. adjacent, 

Con'ti-nence, n. Ke ano pakiko. 

€on'ti-nent, n. Mahele ama nui. 

Con-ti-nent'al, adj. E pili anal ka 
mahele aina nui. 

Con-tln'gen-cy, n. Ka mea e loohia 

mai ana paha. 
Con-tin'gent, adj. E loohia mai ana 

paha. Contingent fund, he puu dala no 

na lilo e loohia mai ana paha. 
Con-tin'u-al, adj. Mau. 
Con-tin'u-al-ly, adv. Mau; i na ma- 

nawa a pau. 
Con-tin'u-ance, n. Ka hoomau ana. 
Con-tin'ue, v." E hoomau. 
€on-t6r'tion, n. Ka wili ana; pa^aa- 

wili ana; kupaka ana. 
Con'tour, n. Ke ano o ke kii. 
Con'tra-band, adj. Papaia e ke ka- 

nawai. Contraband goods, waiwai i 

papaia e ke kanawai. Contraband of 

war, waiwai i papaia ke kuai ana i ka 

Con'tra-band, n. He inoa no na nika 

o Amerika i ka wa kaua kuloko. 
Con'traet, n. He palapala ae like. 
Con-tracf , v. L E noohaiki. Syn. 


2. E komo aku. Contract a debt, e 
komo i ka aie. Syn. incur. 

3. E loaa. Contract a disease, e loaa i 
kamai. Syn. incur. 

4. E hooholo. To contract, to build a 
house, e hooholo e kukulu 1 hale. Syn. 

Con-tracf ed, adj. L Haiki. Syn. 

2. A contracted mind, he naau papau o 
ka noonoo. 

Con-trac'tion, n. Ka hoopokole ana. 

Con-traet'or, n. Ka mea e paa ana 
ma ka olelo aelike. 

Con'tra-dief, v. E hoopaapaa; e pa- 

Con'tra-dicf o-ry, adj. Pakuikui. 

C6n'tra-ry, adj. 1. Ku-e'. Contrary 
to law, ku-e' 1 ke kanawai. 
2. Nunuha. Syn. wilful; stubborn. 

Con'trast, n. Ka like ole; ke ano okoa. 

Con-trast', v. E hooku-e' ano. Con- 
trast light with darkness, e hooku-e' ka 
malamalama i ka pouli. 

Con-trib'ute, v. 1. E kokua. Cou' 
tribute a share, e kokua i haawina. 
2. E haawi manawalea. 

Con'tri-bu'tiou, n. Ke kokua; ka 
haawina manawalea. 

Con-trib'u-tor, n. 1. Ka mea e ko- 
kua ana. Newspaper contributor, ka 
mea e kokua ana i ka nupepa, ma ke 
kakau ana, 

Con'trite, adj. Mihi; walania; akahai. 
Syn. penitent. 

Con-tri'tion, n. Ka mihi no ka hewa. 
Syn. penitence. 

C6n-triv'ance, n. Ka hua o ka noo- 
noo. Syn. invention. Ka mea e hiki 

Con-trive', v. E noonoo a e hana i ka 
mea e hiki ai. Syn. invent, 

Con-triv'er, n. He mea i makaukau 
ma ka noonoo ana amaka hana ana 
i ka mea e pono ai. Syn. inventor. 




Con-trol', n. Manalioomalu; ka hoo- 

malu ana. 
€on-tr6l', E hoomalu. Syn. govern. 
Con'tro-ver'sy, w. He hoopaapaa. 

Con-tu-ma'ciotks, adj. Nuha;nunuha. 

Syn. obstinate; stubborn. 
C6n'tu-ma-cy, w. Paakiki o ka naau; 

ano nuha. 
€on'tu-me-ly, n. Olelo hoomaau; 

hoomaewaewa. Syn. reproach. 
€oii-tu'sion, n. Palapu. 
Co-nan'drum, n. He olelo huna'. 
Cdn'va-les'cence, ka pohala ana; ka 

olnolu ana o ka'mal. 
€tSn ' va-les'ceut, adj. Pohala ; konini ; 

Con- veil e', n. E hooakoakoa, 

€on-ven'l«nce, w. He,mea e pono ai; 

mea ku pono. 
Con-ven'-ient, adj. Hemeahiki. If 

it is convenient to you, ina he mea hila 

ia oe. 
Con- ven'ient-ly, adv. Me ka hiki ku- 

Con-ven'tion, n. He aha; ahahui. A 

convention oj teachers, he ahahui kumm- 

Con- verge', v. E kai a i ke kikowaena. 

Radii converge to a center, kai na ka- 

ha hanai a i ke kiko waena. 
Con'ver-sant, adj. 1. Makaukau ma 

ka ike. Conversant with a language, 

makaukau ma kekahi olelo. Syn. fa- 

2. Ike pono. Syn. acquainted. 
Cdn'ver-sa'tion, n. Kamailio. 
C6n'ver-sa'tion-al, adj. Kamakamai- 

Con-verse', v. E kamailio ptu Syn. 

talk with. 
Con-verse'ly, adv. Ma ka hull hope. 
Con-ver'sion, n. 1. Ka loli ana. The 

conversion of water into ice, ka loli ana o 

ka wai a lilo i hau paa. 

2. Ka hull ana o kanaan. 
Cfin'vert, n. Ka mea i hoohuliia kona 

Con-verf, v. 1. E hoololi. Convert 

water into steam, e hoololi ka wai a lilo 

i mahu. 

2. E hoohulimanao. 
Con'vex, adj. Poepoe owaho. 

Con-vey', v. 1. E lawe; e halihali. 
Syn. carry by hand. 
2. Ehooili; ehoouna. Syn. send by. 
8. E hoomaopopo. Convey the mean- 
ing, e hoomaopopo i ke ano. 
4. E hoolilo. Convey property, e hoo- 
lilo waiwai. 

Con-vey'ance, n. 1. He mea halihali. 
2. Ka naliliali ana; ka hooili ana, 
8. Ka hoolilo ana i ka waiwai. 
4. He palapala hoolilo waiwai. 

Con-vey'-anc-er, n. Mea kakau pala- 
pala hoolilo waiwai. 

C«n-vey'anc-ing, n. Ka olhana hoo- 
lilo waiwai paa. 

Cdn'vlct, 71. He paahao; mea i ahe- 

waiia no ke karaima, 
Con-vief , v. E ahewa. Convicted of 

stealing, ahewaia no ka aihue. 
Con-vic'tion, n. 1. Ka ahewa ana; 

ka ahewa ana o ka naau no ka hewa. 
Con-vince', v. E hoomaopoiK) i ka 

naau. Syn. persuade. 
Con-vinc'ing, adj. Maopopo lea, 
Con-viv'i-al, adj. Lealea. Syn. festal. 
Con'vo-ea'-tion, n. L Ka hoakoakoa 


2. He anaina. Syn. assembly. 
Con- voke', v. E kahea; e akoakoa. Syn. 

call, summon. 
Con-voy', v. E hele pu no ka hoomalu 

Con-viilse', V. 1. Ehoonaueue. Syn. 


2. Hoohaalulu. 

3. Convulsed with laughier, pio loa i ka 

Con-v61'slve, adj. Ano haalulu. 

Cdbk, V. E hoomoa; e kuke. 

€obk, w. He kuke. 

Cc^k'y, n, Berena one liilii. 

Cool, adj. 1. Oluolu. A cool day, he la 

oluolu. Syn. pleasant. 

2. Pihoihoiole; makaukau mau, Syn. 

Cool, V. E hoomaalili; e hooluolu. 
Cool'er, n. He ipu; e lilo ana ka wai i 

Cool'ness, n. 1. He anu ikf. 

2. Ka pihoihoi ole o ka naau. 

3^ Ka maalili o ke aloha; nanau. 
Cool'ie, n. He paahana ma Inia mo 

Cool'ly, adv. 1. Me ka mahaoi. Syn. 


2. Me ka noonoo pono. Syn. deliber- 
Coop,, n. Hale moa. 
Coqp'er, n. Kanaka hana pahm; ho 

Coop'er-age, to. Wahi hana pahu. 

Co-dp'er-ate, v. E kokua pu. Syn. 

Co-6p'er-a'tion, to, Ke kokua pu 

Co-6p'er-a'tive, adj. Kokua hui. 

C6-6p'er-a'tor, to. Hoa hana, Syn, 

Co-6r'di-nate, adf. Kulana like. 
Co-part'ner, to. He hoa o ka hui. 
Co-part'ner-ship, w. He hui no ka 

lawelawe ana i kekahi oihana. 
Cope, V. E ku-e' lanakila. 

Co'pi-otis,, ad;. Nui; lawa pono. Syn. 

abundant; plentiful. 
Co'pi-o6g-ly, adv. Nui. The rain fell 

copiously, haule nui mai ka u-a. Syn. 

Cfip'per, TO. Keleawe. 
Cdp'per-plate', to. Pa keleawe, A 

copperplate engraving, he kii i kahaiia 

ma ka pa keleawe. 




Ctfp'per-smltli', n. Kanaka hana i na 

mea keleawe. 
Ckip'u-late, V. E hui kino ma ke ano 

kane a wahine. 
Cop'u-la'tion, n. Ka hui kino ana o 

ke kane me ka wahine. 
CtSp'u-la'tive, adj. Hui. 
Cop'-y, n. He hope; mea like, 
Cop'y, V. 1. E kakau kope. 

2. E hoohalike. Syn. emulate. 
•Gop'y-bobk, n. Buke kakau kope. 
Cop'y-lst, n. Mea kakau kope. 
Cop'y-right, n. Ke kuleana iloko o ka 

buke; he pono a ke aupuni i haawi i 

ka mea kakau buke. 
€o-quette', n (ko-ket). Wahine ui; 

puni lealea. 
€or-al, n. Ako'ako'a; puna. 
Cor'al-line, adj'. Pili i ke ako'ako'a. 

Coralline formation, he kahua ako'ako'a. 
Cord, n. 1. Kaula makalii. 

2. He paila. A cord of wood, he paila 

Cord, V. 1. E nakii. Cord up the trunk, 
e nakii i ka pahu lole. 

3. E paila. 

Cord'age, n. Kaula o kela ano keia ano. 

Cord'ial, n. He mea e hoohoihoi ai; e 
hooeueu ai. 

Cord'ial, ad;. Olaio; pumehana. Cord- 
ial friendship, aloha pumehana. 
2. Hooluolu; hoolalelale. 

€6r'di-aPi-ty, n. Aloha pumehana. 

€or'di-al-ly, adv. Me ke aloha oiaio. 

Core, n. Ka pikoi. 

Cork, n. Umoki laau. 

Cork'screw, n. Will umokl. 

Com, n. 1. Kurina. 
2. Na hua palaoa o na ano a pau. 

Com, V. E kopi' ka i-o i ka paakai. 
Corned beef, bipi i kopila. 

Cor-ner, n. 1. He kihi. An outside 
comer, he kihi. 
2. An inside comer, he kuono. 

Cor'ner-stone', n. Pohaku kihi. 

Cor'ner-wise, adv. Lepe. Syn. diag- 

Cor'net, n. Ohe puhi. 

Co-rol'la, n. Ka huina o na lau liiUi o 
ka pua. 

C6r'ol-la-ry, n. Manaopili no ka ma- 
tt aohai. 

Cor-o-na'tion, n. Ka ponl ana i ka 

C<ir'o-ner, n. He koronera; he luna 
aupuni; eimianano ke kumu make 
o na kanaka make. 

C6r'po-ral, adj. Pilii ke kino. Cor- 
poral punishment, hoopai kino. 

Cor'po-ral, n. Kopala; luna koa ma- 
lalo o ke lukanela. 

Cor'po-rate, adj Huiia mamuli o ke 
kanawai. Corporate body, h-Q hui^ma- 
lalo o ke kanawai. 

Cor-po're-al, adj. PiU i ke kino. Cor- 
poreal existence, he ola kino. 

Corps (kore), 71. Hepoe; he papa; a 
corps of teachers, he papa kumu. 

Corpse, n. He kupapau. 
Cdr'pu-lence, «. Puipuio ke kino. 
Cor'pu-lent, adj. Puipui ; momona 

kupono ole. 
Cor-recf, v. 1. E hooponopono. 

2. E hoopai. Syn. punish. 
Cor-recf, adj. Pono ; pololei. 
Cor-rec'tion, n. L Ka hooponopono 


2. Mea hooponopono. 

3. Ka hoopai ; ka hoopai ana. 
Cor-reet'ly, adv. Me ka pololei. 
Cor-rect'ness, 71. Ka pololei. 
Cdr-res-pond', v. 1. E kulike. Syn. 


2. E kakau leta. 
Cdr'res-pon'dence, n. Ke kulike ana. 

2. Ke kakau leta ana. 
Cor'res-pon'dent, n. Hoa kakau leta. 
Cor'res-pdnd'lng, adf. Kulike. Syn. 

Cor-rdb'o-rate, v. E hooia i ka hoike 

a hai. 
Cor-rode', v. E popo. Syn. rust. 
Cor-ro'sion, n. Ka popo ana o na mea 

Cor'ru-grat-ed, adj. Mimino. 
Cor-r6pt', adj. L Haumia; haukae. 

Syn. debased; vile. 

2. Palaho. Syn. putrid. 
Cor-rtlpt', V. E hoohaumia; hoohau- 

Cor-riipf er, n. Mea nana e hoohau- 
Cor-riipt-i-ble, adj. Lilo i ka palaho. 

Cor-riip'tion, 1. Haumia; haukae 

2. Palaho. 
Cor-riipt'ly, adv. Me ka haumia; me 

ka apuka. 
Cor'set, n. Pulike wahine. 
Cor'tege (kor-tazh), n. Poe ukali. 
Cos-metric, n. Mea poni. 
Cdst, n. Kumu lilo. 
Cdst, V. E lilo; make. 
Cos'tlve, adj. Paa ka hana lepo. 
Cos'tive-ness, n. Ka paa ana o ka 

hana lepo. Syn. constipation. 
Cost'ly, adj. Nui ka lilo. 
Cos'tume, n. Ka aahu. 
Cote, n. Hale manu nunu. 

Co-tem'po-ra-ry, adj. E ola like ana 

i ka hanauna hookahi. 
Cdt'tage, 71. He hale noho maikai. 

Cfit'ton, n. Pulupulu. 

Couch, n. He punee. 

Cough (kof), n. He kunu. 

Couii'cil, 71. Ahakuka'. Privy couruM, 

aha loika' malu'. 
Coun'cil-lor, n. Hoa no ka aha, 
Coun'sel, n. Olelo ao. Syn. advice. 
Coun'sel-lor, n. L Kakaolelo. Syn. 


2. He kokua ma ke kanawai; he loio. 
Count, V. E helu. 
Coun'te-nance, n. Ka helehelena. 
Coun'ter, n. Ka papa kuai o na hale 





Cotm'ter, adv. Ku-e'. To go counter 
to good advice^ e hele ku-e' 1 ka olelo ao 

Coun'ter-act', v. E keakea. 

Coun'ter-bal'ance, v. E paona like 
ma ka aoao ku-e'' 

Coun'ter-felt, adj. 1. Apuka. Coun- 
terfeit money, dala apuka. 
2. Hookamani; oiaio ole. 

Coun'ter-feit-er, n. Kanaka apuka 
dala; apuka ma kekahl mea e. 

Coun'ter-mand', v. E hoololi kauoha. 

Coun'ter-pane, n. Kapa uhi moe. 
Coun'ter-piirt, n. Kama like. 
eoun'ter-sigpa, n. Hua olelo huna', 

no ka pee koa kiai. 
Coxm'ter-sign, v. E kakau moa hoike. 
Coiuit'ing-hiouse, I Keena oihana 

€ouiit'ing-room, ) ^' kalepa. 
Count'less, adj. Kinikini; nuiwale. 

€oiin'tri-fied, adj. Anekuaaina; oheke 
Coiin'try, n. He paiaina. 
Coiin'try-man, v. Hekaikua; kuaaina, 

2. Fellow-countryman, he hoa makaai- 

€o in' try-seat, n. Wahl noho iloko O 

ka aina. 
Coun'ty, n. Mokuna aina; apana. 
€oii'ple, n. 1. He mau kokoolua. 

2. He paa. 
Coii'ple, r. E kaulua ; e hui palua. 
Coiip-ling:, n. Ka hookaulua ana. 

Cou-pon', n. Palapala hooia no ka liku 

Courtage, n. Ke ano aa; wiwo ole; 

maka'u ole. Syn. bravery; valor; dar- 
ing; brave; valiant. 
Cour-a'geotis, adj'. Maka'u ole. Syn. 

Coti'rl-er, n. He kanaka kukini; he 

€our8e, 71. 1. He ala. A chosen course, 

he ala i kohoia A race course, he ala 

kukini lio. 

2. He au ; he wa. The course of time, 
ke au o ka manawa. 

3. Watercourse, ho auwai. 
Gours'er, n. He lio kukini; lio heihei. 
Court, n. L Ka poo o ke alo moi. 

2. He aha hookolokolo. 
8. He pahale. 

4. A court of inquiry, he aha ninaninau. 
Court, V. L E hooipoipo; imi i wahine 


2. E imi me ka hoomalimalL 
Cour'te-otis, adj. Pihalula; anoolu- 

olu; laulea. Syn. polite. 
Cour'te-san, n. Wahine hookamaka- 

ma. Syn. prostitute. 
C6ur'te-sy, n. Ke ano oluolu; keoni- 

mana. Syn. politeness. 
Cour'tier, n. Kanaka e noho ana ma 

ke alo Moi. 
Court'ly, adj\ Hanohano; koikoi. Syn. 

Doiirt-mar'tlal, n. Aha hookolokolo 

o ka oihana kaua. 

Court'ship, n. Ka hooipoipo ana; ka 

imi ana i wahine mare. 
Court'-yard, n. He pahale. 
Cous'in, n. He hoahanau. 
Cove, n. He kaikuono liilii. 
Cov'e-nant, n. 1. He berita. 

2. He olelo ae like i kakau ia; pala- 
pala ae like. Syn. contract. 
Cov'e-nant, v. 1. E hoohiki i ka berita. 

2. E hoohiki ma ka palapala ae like. 
Cov'er, V. 1. E uhi. Cover over, e uhi. 

2. E poi, to cover with a cover, e poi. 
Cov'er, n. 1. He uhi. A cover of clothy 

2. He poi; he pani. A cover of metal or 

wood, he poi. 
C6v'er-ing, n. Mea uhi. 
Cov'er-let, v. Kapauhi no ka moe. 
Cov'ert, n. Wahi e pee ai. 
Cov'ert, adj'. Maalea; huna ia. A 

covert meaning, he ano huna. Syn. 

Cov'ert-ly, adv. Me ka maalea; ma 

ke ano malu. 
Cov'et, V. E kuko hewa; e alunn. 
Cov'et-ous, adj'. Alunu; kuko hewa. 
Cov'et-ous-ness, n. Ke kuko hewa 

ana i kahai. 
Cov'ey, n. He pu-a manu liiliii. 
Cove, n. Bipi wahine. 
Cow, V. hoopuiwa; hoomak'au. 
Cow'ard, n. He mea maka'u wale; he 

holowale; hee wale. 
Cd-w'ard-ice, n. Ka maka'u wale. 

Cow'ard-ly, adj. L E holowale; hee 


2. Apiki; haahaa, Syn. mean. 
CdTv'er, v. 1. E haalulu no ka maka'u. 

2. E kukuli iho no ka weliweli; no 

kekahi kumu e ae. 
Cow'herd, n. Kahu bipi. 
Co-w'hide, n. Hi maloo o ka bipi. 

Cfix'comb, n. Kanaka hookeh a; hoo- 

Co^, adj. Palaimaka. Syn. bashful; 

Co'zy, odQ. 1. Oluolu; nanea. Syn. 


2. A cozy chat, he kamakamailio hoo- 

Crab, a. He papal. 
Crab'bed, adj. ifainal; nanau. 

Crack, n. He nakaka; owaowa; alua- 

Crack, v. 1. E kani. Oocfc a whip; e 

kani ka huipa. 

2. E naka. 
Cr&ck'brained» adj, Pupule. Syn. 

Crack'er, n. 1. Papaa berena. 

2. Mea hoopahupimu'. 
Crick'le, v. JS paapaa. Thorns crackle 

in the fire, paapaa na kakalaioa i ke 

Cr^ck-llng, p. p. Paapaalna. 
Cra'dle, n. 1. He moe paipal no ke 

keiki uuku. 

2. Pahi manamana oki palaoa. 




Craft, 71. L Oihana hana lima. Syn. 

2. He moku liilii. 

3. He ano maalea; ano hoohaliia. 
Syn. cunning. 

Craft'i-ly, adv. Me ka maalea. Syn. 

Craft'i-ness, n. See CrafL 3. 
Craft'y, od?'. Maalea. 
€rag, n. Hepali. Syn. Cliff. 
Cramp, n. Mae'le maeele. 
€rain, v. Epapaunu; e laiki. 
Cra'ni-um, n. Iwipoo. Syn. skulL 
€!ra pe, n. Lole kan ikau. 
Crash, v. E haalulu poha'. To fcdl with 

a crash, e haule mai me ka haalulu 

Cra'ter, n. He luapele. 
Cra- vat', n. Hainaka' a'i. 
Crave, v. 1. E iini nui. To crave food, 

e iini nui no ka ai. 

2._ E noi haahaa. Syn. beseech. 
Crav'en, n. He makauwale; hee wale. 

Syn. coward. 
Cr^iwl, V. E kolo; e kokolo. 
Cra'zy, adj. Pupu'le; ula'la. 
Creak'ing, n. Ka uiui ana; ka uwi 

Cream, n. 1. Kurima waiu'. 

2. Ka oi o ka manao maikai. 
Crease, n. He alualu; he alu. 
Cre-ate', v. E hookumu; e hana. 
Cre-a'tlon, n. 1. He hana; mea i 

hanaia. A creation of the mindf he mea 

i hanaia e ka naau. 

2. Ke ao nei. 

3. Na ao a pau. Creation's God, Ke 
Akua o na Ao a pau. 

Cre-a'tor, n. Ka Mea nana e hana; 

nana e hookumu. The Creator, Ke 

Crea'tfire, n. Mea ola. 
Cre'dence, n. Manaoio. Syn . belief. 
Cre-den'tials, n. Palapala hoapono. 
Cred'i-bll'I-ty, n. Ka oiaio. The 

credibility of his words, ka oiaio o kana 

mau olelo. 
Cred'i-ble, adj. Hiki ke paulele la; 

oiaio. Syn. trustworthy; true. 
Cred'it, n. 1. He kumu mahalo. A 

studious pupil is a credit to his teacher, 

o ka haumana imi he kumu mahalo 

oia i kana kumu. 

2. Ka hooaie'. To give credit, e hooaie 

3. Ka aoao hookaa o na mooaie. 
Cred'it, v. 1. E lelepau; e hilinai. 

Syn. trust; believe. 

2. E kakau ma ka aoao hookaa, 
Cred'it-a-ble, adj. Kui ka mahaloia; 

maikai. A creditable performance, he 

ban a ku i ka mahaloia. 
Cred'it-a-bly, adv. Me ka aponoia; 

me ka maikai. 
Cred'i-tor, n. Mea nana 8 hooaie; ai- 

lihi. _ [Obs.] 
Cre-du'li-ty, TO. Ka paulele kapeke- 


Cred'u-lotts, adj. Paulele wale; puni 

Creed, n. He Berita o ka manaoio. 
Creek, n. He wahi kaikuono liilii. 

Syn. cove. 
Creep, v. E kolo; e kokolo me hekeiki 

la; me he popoki la. 
Creep'er, n. 1. Mea kolo. 

2. Laau hihi. 
Creep'ing-tlxing', n. Mea kolo. 
Cres'cent, adj. E mahuahua ana. Tlie 

crescent moon, mahina hoaka. 
Crest'fal'len, adj. Hilahila. Syn. 

Crev'ice, n. He alu'alu'a; he owaowa. 

Syn. crack. 
Crew, n. Ka poe luinaoka moku. 
Crew'el, n. Lopi huluhulu hana lihi- 

Crib, n. 1. He moe liilii. 

2. Com crib, pahu waiho kurina. 
Crib, V. E aihue liilii. E kailL 
Crick'et, n. 1. U hini. 

2. He paipai wawae. 

3. He paani kinipopo. 
Cri'er, n. Mea kuka'la leo aku. 
Crime, n. Hewa nui ma ke kanawal; 


Crim'1-nal, n. Mea haki kanawai; 
mea i ahewaia i ke kanawai. 

Crim'i-nal-ly, adv. Me ka hewa. 

CrimM-nate, v. E hoopii no ka hewa; 
e ahewa. 

Crim'son, ad; or n. TJlaula. 

Cringe, v. 1. E kuapelu wale. 
2. E hoopilimeaai. 

Crlp'ple, n. He oopa; hapakue. 

Cri'sis, 71. He huli ana. Syn. turning 
point. 77ie crisis of the disease, ka hull 
ana o ka mai; (he ola paha, he make 

Crisp, ad/. 1. Paapaa; burned to a crisp, 
paapaa i ke ahi. 

Cri-te'ri-on, n. He ana hoohallke. 

Crifie, n. Mea imi kina; mea imi he- 
wa; kuhikuhi hewa. 

Crit'ie-al, ad/. 1. Filikia,; the critical 
period of the disease, ka wa pilikia o ka 

2. Ano hoopololei loa. A critical anal- 
ysis, he wehewehe hoopololei loa. 

Crit'i-cise, v. 1. E imi hala. Syn. to 
be censorious. 

2. E kuhikuhi hewa, Syn. point out 

Crit'l-cism, n. Ke kuhikuhi ana i 
nahewa; nakina. 

Croak, n. 1. Ka leo o ka manu koraka. 
2, E ohumu wale. 

Croak'er, n. Mea ohumu wale. 

Croek'er-v, n. Na ipu me napai ha- 
naia mai ka palolo. Syn. earthern 

Croc'o-dile, n. Moo nui. 

Cro-ny, 71. Heaikane; hoapili. 

Crook, 71. He mea keekee; wahi kee- 

Cro'ok'ed, adj. Keekee. 




€r<Jp, n. Na hua o na mea ulu o ka 

Cross, n. Kca. 
Cross, adj Ukiuki; huhu. 
Cryss, V. 1. E alalai; e ku-e'. Syn. 

obstruct; thwart. 

2. E hele mai kahi aoao a i kahi aoao. 

3. E kaha akn, 
Cross'ex-am'ine, v. E ninau ku-e'. 
Cross'eyed, adf. Maka aliewa. 
Cross'grained', adj. Nauau; opuko- 

pekope; nainai. Syn. crabbed. 
Crdss'ing, n. Kahi e hele ai a hiki i 

kela aoao, 
Cross'ly, adv. Me ka ukiuki. 
Cross-ques'tion,v. E ninau pale. Syn. 

Cross'wise, adj, Kau kea. 
Crouch, V. E kukuli iho; e ku lou, 
Ci'oup, n. Naeoa'iku'. 
Crow, V. E oo mche moa kane la. 
Crow'bar, n. Kolopa' ; mea une. 
Crowd, n. Hepuulu. 
Crowd, V. E hoo-ke'; e kupiliki. To 

crowd together; rush together, e lulum.i. 
Crown, n. 1. Lei alii; papale alii. 

2. K a piko o ke poo. 

3. He apana dala Beritania; elima si- 

Cru'ci-flx, n. He kea. Syn. cross. 
Cru-ci-flx'lon, n. Ke kaulia'na ma ke 

€ru'ci-fy, v. E kaulia ma ke kea. 
Crude, adj. 1. Hemahema; makau- 

kau ole. 

2. Maka. Crude material, mea maka; 

na mea i hana ole ia. 
Cru'el, adj. Mainoino; lokoino. 
Cru'el-ly, adv. Me ka lokoino. 
Cru'el-ty, n. Lokoino. 
Cruise, n. He hole moana; ka hole 

anao kamoku. 
Cruis'er, n. He moku manuwa. 
Cruml>, n. Hu'na mea ai. Crumb of 

bread, hu'na berena. 
Crum'ble, v. E helelei liilii. 
Crftp'per, n. Kaula huelo. 
Crash, V. E hoo-pe'; e pe'pe'. 
Crtks'tl-ly, adv. Huhu; naaukeemoa. 
Crfis'ty, adj'. Nainai. Syn. crabbed. 
Crfitch. n. Kookoo palpai. 
Cry, V. 1. E uwe; e hookahe waima- 

ka. Syn. shed tears. 

2. E kahea. 
Crys'tal,w. 1. Pohaku aial. 

2. Aniani aial. Watch crystal, he anl- 

ani no ka wati. 
Crys'tal, adj'. Moakaka; aial ; huaka. 
Crys'tal-i-za'tion, n. Ka lilo anao ke- 

kahi mea i kino aini. 
€&b, n. Na keiki o kekahl mauholoho- 

lona. Lion's cub, keiki liona. Bear's 

cub, bea keiki. 
Cube, n. He paailiono. 
Cii'bii', adj. Paailiono. 
Cu'bit, n. Hckubita. 
Cu'«um-ber, n. Kaukama, 
Ctid'dle, V. E moe pili. 

Ctld, n. Lualuai. 

Cud'gel, n. He newa. Syn. club. 

Cue, n. 2. Laau pahupahu. 

2. Kumu hoalamanao. 
C6flf, V. E paime ka lima. 
Cu'li-na-ry, adj. Pilii kaoihanakuke. 

Culinary utensils, namea kuke. 
€1111,1;. Eohi;ewae. 
Cul'uii-nate, v. Hiki i ka wekiu. 

Ciil'pa-ble, adj. Hewa; kuikahoa- 

hewaia. Culpable ignorance, niuiupo 

ku i ka hoahewaia; naaupo kumu ole. 
CWpa-bil'l-ty, n. Ka newa. Syn. 

CM'pa-bly, adv. Culpably ianorant, 

naaupo kumu ole; naaupo i anewaia. 
Cai'prit, n. Mea hana hewa; mea 

Cartl-vate, V. 1. E mahi. Cultivate 

the landj e mahi i ka aina. 

2. Cultivate a friendship, e launa pu. 

8. Cultivate the mind, e hoopiha ka 

naaui ka ike. 
Cul ti-va'tlon, n. Ka mahi ana. 
Cul'ti-va'tor, n. 1. Kanaka mahlai. 

2. He oo palau liilii mea mahi. 
Cult'ure, n. 1. Ka mahi ana. 

2. Ka huao kanaauao. 
Ciiin'ber, v. E hoopilikia wale; e hoo- 

kaumaha wale. 
Cfiin'ber-souie, ad/. Hoopilikia wale; 

hookaumaha wale. 
Cfin'ning, adj. Maalea. Syn. crafty; 

Ciin'ning-ly, acfv, Me ka maalea. Syn. 


2. Me ka mikioi. 
Ciip, n. He apu ; he kiaha. 
Cup'board, (kfib'urd) n. Hale pa. 
Cu-pid'i-ty, n. Puniwaiwai. Syn. 

Cur, n. Ilio lapuwale. 
Cur'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke lapaauia a ola. 

Cur'a-tlve, a(y. Hoola. Curative powers, 

na mana hoola. 
Cu-ra'tor, n. He kahu malama. 
Curb, V. E uumi. 
Curd, w. Waiu paa awaawa. 

Curd'le, v. E paa. The milk is curdled. 

paa ka walu. 
Cure, z/. 1. E hoola, mamuli o ka 


2. E hoopau. Cure laziness, e hoopau 

i ka molowa. Syn. put an end to. 
Cu'ri-os'i-ty, n. 1. Ke ake nui e Ike. 

2. He mea ano e; mea milimili. 

8. He ano mahaoi. 
Cu'rl-otks, adj. 1. Ake e ike. lam 

curious to know, e ake au e iko. 

2. Ano e. A curious thing, he mea 

ano e. 

8. Mahaoi. Syn. inquisitive. 
Cu'rl-ous-ly, adv. 1. Ma ke ano nie- 


2. Aulii;eleu. 
Curl, z/. E milo. A curl of hair, he milo 





Curly, adj. Piipii. 

Cur-mud'geon, 7i. Kanaka pi ;paakiki, 

Cur'ren-cy, n. L He dala ma ke kana- 


2. Ka hoolaha ana. 
Cur'rent, ad/. 1. E hele nei. The cur- 
rent year^ ka makahiki e hele nei. 

2. Lonoia. Current report, ka lono i 

Cur'rent, n. He au. The current of 

time, ke au o ka manawa. 
€ur'rent-ly, adv. Syn. commonly. 
€ur'ri-er, n. Kanaka hooluu ili. 
Cur'ry, V. 1. E hooluu ili holoholona. 

2. E kahi ikahuluokalio. 

8. Curry favor, ehoolaulea. 
Cur'ry-comb, n, Kahi no kallo. 
Curse, V. E hailiili; e kuamuamu, 
Cur'so-ry, adj. Pupuahulu. 
Cur- tail', r. E hoohaiki; e hoopokole. 
Cur'tain, n. Paku' lole. Mosquito cur- 
tain, paku inakika. 
Curve, w. He pio; kahapio. 
Curve, V. E pio; epelu. 
Cush'lon (koosh-un), n. Pela noho; 

pela punee. 
C&s't^rd, n. Waiu ono i hoomoaia. 
Cus-to'dian, n. Kahu malama. 
Cfis'to-dy, 71. 1. Ka hoopaahao ana. 

To takeinto custody, e hov^paahao. 

2. Ka malama aua. The custody of 

wealth, ka malama ana i ka waiwai. 
Cus'tom, 71. 1. Ka mea maa mau. 

2. Ke kual mau ana ma kahi hookahi. 

Custom made, hanaia no ke kuai akea 

Ciis'tomg, n. Ka dute maluna o ka 

wai\vai.~_SYN. duties. 
Cfts'tom-a'ry, adj. Maa mau. 
CJis'tom-er, n. O ka mea kuai. Reg- 

ular customer, mea kuai mau ma keka^ 

hi hale kuai. 
Cus'tom-hduse', n. Hale dute o ke au- 

Cut, v. 1. E oki. Cut with a knife, e 

oki me ka pahi. 

2. E okioki. To c^it up in small pieces, 
e okioki liilii. 

3. E kua. To cut down the tree, e kua i 
ka laau. 

4. E moku. Cut a finger, emoi^u. i ka 
manamana lima. 

5. Cut into short pieces, e pohe. 
Cu-ta'ne-ous, adj. Pili i ka ili. Cuta- 
neous disease, mai ma ka ili. 

Cu'ti-ele, n. Ka ili lahilahi owaho loa 
o ke kino. 

Cilt'lass, 71. Pahi kaua palahalaha, 

Cut'ler, n. Kanaka hana mea oki. 

Cut'ler-y, n. Na mea oki. 

Cut'let, n. Apanai-o koala. 

Cut'throat, n. He kanaka pepehi ka- 

Cufting, n. He mea i okiia; he okina. 

C fit' worm, 71. He peelua. 

42y'€le, n. Hewa; ne au o ka manawa. 

^yl'in-der, 71. He j)auku poepoe. 

Cyl-in'dri-cal, adj. Poepoe Joiln. 

^ym'bal, 71. Pakeleawe; hookani ku- 

^yn'ic, 71. Kanaka opukopekope; ka- 
naka opuino. 

Cyn'ie-al, adj. Opu inol naaukeemoa. 

^y'press, n. Laau kupero. 

^ztir (ziir), n. He inoa no ka Emepera 
o Rusia, 

^za-r'i'na (zar-e'na), n. He inoa no 

"ka Emepera wahiue o Rusia. 

^zjir'o-witz (zar-o-w!t3), n. He Inoa 
no ka hooiliua Moi o Rusia; 


Daft, adj. Pupule; ulala, Syn. in- 
l^^gr'ger, 71. Pahi oi lua. 
I>a-guerre'o-type, n. He kii i paiia i 

ka la ma ke pa keleawe i hoomakau- 

kauia me ka wai dala. 
Dai'ly, adj. Kela me keia la. A daily 

newspaper, he nupepa puka la. 
iDfiin'ti-ly, adv. Me he ono ole la. 
Dain'ty, adj. 1. Ono. A dainty dish, 

he ai ono. 

2. Aulii; maikai. A dainty dress, he 
kapa komo aulii. 

3. Ono ole. A dainty child, he keiki 
ono ole 1 ka ai. 

Diii'ry, n. Hale waiho waiu; hana wa- 
iu bata, etc. 

Dai'ry-maid, n. Wahine malama hale 

Bale, n. He kahawai uuku. 

Dal'li-ance.Ti. Ka hoonanea ana; hoo- 

Dal'ly, V. E hoonanea; e hoohala ma- 

Dam, 71. 1. He kumulau. 
2. Hepalewai; paku wai. 

Dam'agre, n. Poho; poino. Syn. Injiiry. 
Bepair damages, e kapili hon i ka mea 
poino. Fay damages, uku i ka poho'. 




Dam'agre, v. E hoopoino; e hoopoho'. 

Syn. injure. 
Dame, n. He wahine i mare i ke kane. 
I>aixui, V. 1. E hoahewa; e hoopai mau 

Dam'na-ble, adj. Oki loa. Syn. 

Dam-na'tion, n. Hoopai mau loa. 
Damp, adj. Ma-u' iki; Koekoe; kawau; 

kawakawau. Syn. moist. 
Damp'er, n. Pani ea no ke kapuahi 

Damp'ness, n. Kawau. Syn. moist- 
ure; humidity. 
Dam'sel, n. Kaikamahine opio. 
Dance, v. E hula; e haa. 
Danc'er, n. Moa hulahula; mea haa, 
DanMle, v. E hooniilimili. 
Dan'druff, n. Kcpia. 
Dan'dy, n. Kanaka hookahakaha; ka- 
naka hoopulelehua. 
Dan'di-fied, adj. Hookahakahaia. 
Dan'ger, n. Pilikia. 
Dan'ger-oiis, adj. Pilikia; poino. 

dangerous place, he wahi poino. 
Dan'gle, v. E lewa wale. 
Dap'per, adj. Uuku, mikioi nae. A 

dapper man, he kanaka uuku, mikioi. 
Dap'ple, adj. Kikokiko. Syn. spotted. 
Dare, v. E aa; e kuoo. 
Dar'ing, adj. Kuoo; aa; maka'u ole. 

Syn. fearless; brave. 
Dark, adj. Poeleele; pouli. 
Dark'en, v. 1. E hoopouli; e hoopoe- 

leele. To darken the roomy e hoopo- 

eleele i ke kcena. 

2. E poeleele mai; e pouliull mai, 
Dark'ly, adv. Me ka powchiwehi. 
Diirk-ness, n. Ka poeleele; ka pouli. 
Diir'ling, a^'. Hiwahiwa; makamae. 
Diirn, v. E po'ho. Dam stockings, e 

iDjirt, n. He ihe. 
Diirt, V. 1. E anapu. The lightning 

darts, ke anapu nei ka uila. 

2. E lele mama. 
Dash, z/. 1. E paki'. Das A to the ground, 

epiiki ikalepo. 

2. E poi ; popoi. Waves dash on the 

shore, popol na nalu ma kahakai. 

8. E holo ino. Dash madly on, holo 

ino aku. 

4. E kakau hikiwawe. Dash off a 

sermon, e kakau hikiwawe i ka haiao. 

6. Dash to pieces, e wawahi liilii. 
Dash, n. 1. Kaha maha. 

2. He kui ana o na kino elua. Syn. 


8. He lele hikiwawe; holo hikiwawe. 

Syn. onset. To cut a dash, e hookaha- 
Dash'board, n. Ka papa pali omua o 

ke kaa lio. 
Dash'er, n. Laau kui. A butter dfisher, 

laau kui waiubata. 
Das'tard, n. He maka'u wale; he mea 

liolowale; meahaahaa loa. Syn. pol- 

Da'ta, n. pi. Na loina 1 ae like ia. 
Date, 1. Ka manawa. Syn. time. The 

date of the coronation, ka manawa o ka 

poni alii ana. 

2. He hua loulu. 
Daub, V. E hapala; hoohapala. Syn. 

Daub'er, n. Ka m.ea hapala. 
Daugh'ter (da\ir-ter), n. Kaikama- 
Daugh'ter-in-law, n. Hunonawa- 

Diiunt, V. E hoomaka'u; hoopuiwa; 

hoomake i ka manaolana. Syn. dis- 
hearten; dismay. 
Diiuut'less, adj. Kuoo; wiwo ole. 

Syn. bold; fearless. 
Da'vit, w. Manamanahao maka aoao 

o ka moku, mea huki waapa, 
Daw'dle, v. E hoopau wale i ka mar 

n'awa; e hoomaunauna manawa. 
Dawn, w. Ke alaula; ka moku ana o 

iapawa. Syn. daybreak. 
Day, n. La. 
Day'btfbk, n. Buke kakau mooaieo 

Day'break, n. Syn. dayspring; dawn. 
Day'light, n. He ao; malamalama o 

Day'star, n. Hoku ao. Syn. morning 

Daz'zle, v. E ohewahewa ka makai 

ka malamalama; e olinolino. 
Daz'zling, adj. Olehaleha ; wa'ka- 

wa'ka; hulili; anapanapa. 
Dea'eon, w. Puukuekalesia; diakono. 
Dead, adj. Make loa.. The dead, ka 

poe make. 
Dead'en, v. E hoomake; e hoopau. 

To deaden pain, e hoopau i ka eha. 
Dcad'ly,aa/. 1. Make. Deadly poison, 

laau make. 

2. Imi ola. Deadly enemy, enemi imi 

Deaf, adj. Kuli; lohe ole. 
Deafen, V. E hookuli; kulikuli. 
Deaf miite, n. Kanaka a'a', a kuli no- 
Deafness, n. Ke kuli o ka pepeiao. 
Deal, n. He haawina; he mahele. 
Deal, v. 1. Ekalepa;e kuai. 

2. E hana. Deal kindly with all, e 

hana aloha aku i na mea a pau. 
Deal'er, n. Kanaka kalepa. 
Dear, adj. 1. Hiwahiwa; punahele; 


2. Pii o ke kumukual. 
Dear'ly, adv. 1. Mo ke aloha nul. 

2. Mekanuiokalilo. 
Dearth (durth), n. Ka wi; ka nele. 

Syn. scarcity. 
Death, n. Kamake. 
Death'bed, n. Ka moe o ka make. 
Dcath'less, adj. Make ole; ola mau 

Doath'\ri|r'rant, n. Palapala kauoha 

De-biir', V. E pale ; e keakea. 




De-lmse', V. 1. E hoohaahaa. To de- 
base one's self, e hoohaahaa kekahi laia 

2. E hooemi i ka waiwai. Debase the 
currency, e hooemi i ka waiwai o ke 

I>e-bate', v. E hoopaapaa; e palo. 

De-bat'er, n. Mea hoopaapaa; mea 

De-baucli% w. He uhauha; lie inu a 

on a. 
I>e-bauch%v. Ehoohaumia; ehoohau- 

Deb'au-cliee', w. Kanakaona; kanaka 

haumiaT Syn. drunkard; libertine. 
D«-bauch'er-y, n; Ka ona; ka hau- 

mia ; ka uhauna. 
De-bll'i-tate, v. E hoonawaliwali. 

Syn. enfeeble. 
De-biVi-ty, n. Nawaliwall. 
Deb' it, n. Ka aoao aie. To debit, e ka- 

kau ma ka aoao aie. 
De-bris' (da-bree'), n. Lepo opala; 

Debt (det), n. Aie. 
Debt'or, n._ Kanaka aie. 
De-but' (da-bu'), n. Ka makamua o ka 

hooikeike ana ma ke keaka, a 

o ka lehulehu paha. 
Dee'ade, n. He anahulu. 
De-ca'dence, n. 1. Ka emi ana. The 

decadence of nations^ ka emi ana ona 


2. K a helelei ana ; ka popo ana. 
Dec'a-gon, n. Kii huina umi. 

Dec'a-logue, n. Na kanawai he umi o 

Ke Akua. 
De-camp', V. 1. E haalele i kahi hoo- 


2. E mahuka. Syn. abscond. 
De-cant', v. E ninini akahele. 
De-can'ter, n. He omole aniani mea 

De-cap'i-tate, v. E oki i ke poo. 
De-cap'i-ta'tion, n. Ke oki ana i ke 

De-cay', n. 1. Ka emi ana; ka na- 
waliwall ana. 

2. Ka popo. 
De-cay', v. E popo. 
De-^eased, aaj. Make. 

De-ceit', n. Epa; hana hoopunlpuni, 

Syn. fraud. 
De-ceit'ful, adj. Epa; hoopunlpuni. 

Syn. fraudulent. 
De-ceit'ful-ly, adv. Me ka epa; me 

ka^hoopunipuni. Syn. fraudulently. 
De-ceive', V. E hoopunlpuni. 
De-ceiv'er, n. Mea uoopunipuni. 
De-cem'ber, n. Dekemaba. 
De'cen-cy, w. Ka mea kupono. Syn. 

De'cent, adj. Kupono; koh upon o; aka- 

hal. Syn. fit; proper; becoming. 
De'cent-ly, adv. Me ke kupono. Syn. 

properly; becomingly. 
De-cep'tion, n. Syn. deceit. 

De-cept'ive, adj. 1. Syn. deceitful. ' 
2. Maopopo ole. A deceptive appear- 
ance, he nanaina maopopo ole. 

De-cide', v. E hooholo manao; e ma- 
nao paa. 

De-cid'ed, adj. 1. Kupaa, A decided 
man, he kanaka kupaa. 
2. Hooholoia. It is decided, hooho- 
loia. A decided question, he ninau i 

De-cid'ed-ly, adv. 1. I'o. Decidedly 
so, pela io. 

2. Me ka manao paa. To talk de- 
cidedly, e kamailio me ka manao paa. 

De'ci-mal, adj. Dekimala; pa-umi. 
Decimal fraction, hakina pa-umi. 

De-ci'pher, v. E wehewehe i na hua- 
olelo i kakau ia ma ke ano huna'. 

De-ci'sion, n. 1. Ke kupaa o ka ma- 
nao. Syn. firmness. 
2. Ka olelo hooholo. Syn. judge- 

De-cis'ive, adj. Lanakila, 

Deck, V. E kahiko a naui. Syn. adorn. 

Deck, w. Oueki;papa hele o ka moku. 

De-claim', v. E naiolelo. 

Dee'la-ma'tion, n. He haiolelo i hoo- 
paanaau ia. 

Dec'la-ra'tion, n. He hoolaha. Syn. 

De-clare', v. E hoolaha; e hai. Syn. 
affirm; announce. 

De-clen'sion, n. 1» Ka hoole ana. 
Syn. refusal. 
2. Ka emi ana. Syn. decrease. 

De-€line% v. E hoole. Syn. refuse. 

2. E aui. The sun is declining, ke aui 
nei ka la. 

3. E emi; e nawaliwali. 
De-cline', n. Ka emi ana; ka nawali- 
wali ana. Decline of strength, ka emi 
ana o ka ikaika. He is on a decline, ke 
nawaliwali mai nei oia. 

De-cliv'i-ty, n. He kualapa; lapa; he 

De-c6c'tion, n. He wai miko ma ka 

baila ana i kekahi mea. 
De'com-pose', v. E popopo; e palaho, 
De-c6m'po-gi'tion, n. Ka popopo; ka 

Dec'o-rate, n. E kahiko a nani. Syn. 

deck; adorn. 
Dec'o-ra'tion, n. 1. Ke kahiko ana a 

maikai. Syn. ornamentation. 

2. He hoailona o ke kulana hanohano. 
Dec'o-rolis, adj. Kupono; akahai. Syn. 

becoming; befitting; seemly. 
De-co'rum, n. Ka noho pono ana. 

Syn. dignity. 
De-c6y', t;. E hoohalua; e hoopunihei. 
De-c6y', n. He halua; he pahele. 
De-crease', n. Ka emi ana. 
De-cree', n. Kauoha; kanawai. Syn. 

De-crep'it, adj. Kolopupu; palalau- 

De-cry', v. E hoohalahala. Syn. dis- 
parage; depreciate. 




Ded'i-ijate, v. E hoolaa. 
Ded-i-€a'tion, n. Ka hoolaa ana. 
Ded'1-ca-to-ry, adj. Hoolaa. Dedica- 
tory services, na haua hoolaa. 
De-duce', v. E hoomaopopo mamuli o 

ka noonoo. Syn. infer. 
De-diet', V. E hoolawe; hookoe; De- 
duct from the amount, e hoolawe mai ka 

huina. Syn. subtract. 
De-dGc'tion, n. 1. Ka hookoe ana. 

2. Ka mea i maopopo. A deduction 
from reasoning, he mea i maopopo ma 
*ka noonoo ana. 
Deed, n. 1. Ka meal hanaia. Syn. act. 

2. Palapala hoolilo waiwai. 
Deem, v. E manao. Syn. think. 
Deep, adj. 1. Hohonu; lipolipo. The 

deep sea, kai hohonu. The deep blue sea, 

ke kai lipolipo. 

2. Poopoo. A deep hole, lua poopoo. 
Deep'en, v. E eli a hohonu ae. 
Deer, n. He dia. 
De-face', v. E hana ino; e hana kolohe. 

Syn." mar. To deface a book, e kolohe 

i ka buke. 
Def'a-ina'tion, n. Alapahi; paokee. 

Syn_. slander: calumny. 
De-fame', v. E alapahi; e akiaki. Syn. 

slander; calumniate. 
De-fault', V. 1. Ke ko ole; ka haule 

wale ana. 

2. Ka hiki kino ole ana imua o ka aha 

De-fault'er, n. Kanaka apuka dala. 
De-feat', v. E hoopio; hooauhuli; hoo- 

auhee. Syn. rout; discomfit. 
De-feet', n. He kina'. 
De-fetjt'lve, adj. 1. Kina; hemahema. 

Defective work,nsLna. hemahema. 

2. Popo; popopo. A defective tooth, he 

niho popo. 
De-fend', v. E pale i ka ino; e hoo- 

malu. Syn. protect. 
De-fend'ant, n. Ka mea ma ka aoao 

pale ma ka hookolokolo. 
De-fend'er, n. Ka mea e pale ana i ka 

De-f6nRe', n. 1. He pale; he pakaua. 

2. Olelo pale. Make his defense, e hai 

i kana olelo pale. 
De-fen se'l ess, adj. 1. Waiho wale 

me ka hoomalu ole ia. 

2. Lako ole no ke kaua. 
De-fer', v. 1. E hoopanee. Syn. post- 

2. E mnliu; e haliu 1 ka pepeiao. To 

defer to one, e maliu aku i kekahi, 
Derer-ence, n. 1. Ka maliu ana. Syn. 


2. Ka haawi ana i ka mahalo, 
De-fi'ance, n. Ke ku-e' akena; kaaa 

De-fl'cien-cy, n. Ka nele. Make good 

the deficiency, e hoolako mai 1 ka nele. 

Syn. want. 
De-fi'clent, adj. Nele; lako pono ole. 

Deficient in sense, nele i ka noonoo. 

Byn. wanting. 

Deri-clt, n. Nele. A deficit in the treas- 
ury, fie nele ma ka waihona dala. 

De-file', V. 1. E hoohaumia; hoohau- 
kae. Syn. corrupt; pollute. 
2. E hele lalani aku. 

De-file', n. 1. He alanui haiki; kahi 
e hele pakahi ai ka poo hole. 

De-fil'er, w. Kanaka hoohaumia. Syn. 
corrupter; polluter. 

De-file'ment, n. Ka hoohaumia ana. 
Syn. pollution. Ka mea haumia. 

De-fine', v. 1. E hoomaopopo. Define 
boundaries, e hoomaopopo i na paler. a. 
2. E wehewehe. Define a word, e we- 
hewehe i ka hua olelo. 

Deri-nite, adj. Maopopo. Syn exact. 

Deri-nite-ly, adv. Maopopo. Tell me 
definitely, e hai maopopo mai ia'u. 

Def-i-ni'tion, n. Ka wehewehe ana o 
ka hua olelo. 

De-fleet', v. E aui ae mai ka pololei. 

De-flec'tion, n. Ka aui ana mai ka po- 

De- formed', adj. Hapakue. Syn. crii>- 

De-fraud', v. E apuka. Syn. cheat. 

De-fraud'er, n. Kanaka apuka. Syn. 

De-fray', v. E hookaa. Defray ex- 
penses, e hookaa i na lilo. 

De-ffinet', adj. Make loa. Syn. dead. 

De-fy', V. E aa aku. 

De-^en'er-a-cy, n. Ka hoi ana ihope. 

De-^en'er-ate, adj. Hoi hope. A de- 
generate race, he lahui hoi hoi>e. 

Deg'ra-da'tion, n. Ka hoohaahaa ana. 

De-grade', v. E. hoohaahaa i ke ku- 

De-grad'ed, adj. Haahaa loa. 

De-gree', n. 1. Ke kulana hanohano 
i haawiia mai ke kula nui. 

De'i-fy, v. E hoo-Akua. 

Deign (dane), v. E maliu; e ae. 

De'i-ty, n. Akua. The Deity, Ke Akua. 

De-jeet'ed, adj. 1. Poho'ka manao ;pau 
ke aho; pilihua. Syn. discouraged; 
cast down. 

2. Paumako. Syn. down-hearted; 

De-jee'tion, n. Poho' o ka manao; pau- 
mako. Syn. sadness; melancholy. 

De-lay', v. E hoohakalia. Syn. pro- 

De-lay', n. Hakalla; lolohe. 

De-lee'ta-l)le, adj. Onoono; mikomi- 
ko. Syn. delicious. 

Del'e-gate, v. E hoolli la hai. To dele- 
gate authority, e hooiiiia hai ka man a. 

Del'e-gate, w. 1. Kameaiwaeia; ka 
me i haawiia ka mana. 
2. Lunamakaainana. 

Del'e-ga'tion, n. Ka poe I kohoia. 
The Hilo delegation, ka poe i kohoia 
no Hilo. Syn. deputation. 

D61'e-te'rl-o<ig, adj. Hoopoino. Bad 
air is deleterious to the health, hoopoino 
ke ca ino 1 kc ola. 




be-lib'er-ate, v. E noonoo pono; e 

poonoo. Syn. consider. 
I>e-lib'er-ate-ly, adv. Akahele; me ka 

De-lib'er-a'tlon, n. 1. Noonoo aka- 
Del'i-cate, adj. Palupalu. 
De-liVioiis, adj. Ono loa; mikomiko. 
De-light', n. Ka hauoli; ka olioli ka 

De-light'ful, adj. Hauoli piha; lea 

De-lin'e-ate, v. 1. E kahakaha. Syn. 


2. E hoike lea. To portray before you, 

e hoike lea imua ou. 
De-lin'e-a'tion, n. L Ke kahakaha 


2. Ka hoike lea ana. 
I>e-lin'e-a-tor, n. Mea nana e kaha- 
De-lin'quen-cy, n. Ka nele 1 ka hooko. 
De-lin'quentr n. Mea e ko ole ana i 

kona mau pono. 
De-lir'i-ou8, adj. Auwana o ka noo- 
noo; pupxile. 
De-llr-i-um, n. Ka auwana hewa o ka 

De-lir'um tre'mens, n. Ka mal pu- 

pule no ka ona. 
De-liv'er, v. 1. E hoopakele. Syn. 


2. E haawi iloko o ka lima. To deliver 

up to the laxu, e haawi iloko o ka lima o 

ke kanawai. 

8. E hnawi. To deliver a speech^ e ha- 
awi i haiolelo. 
l>e-liv'er-ance, n. Ka hoopakele ana, 

Syn. freedom. 
De-ll v'er-er, n. Mea nana e hoopakele. 
I>e-liv'er-y, n. 1. Ka hoopakele ana. 

2. Ka haawi ana. Delivery of letters, 

ka haawi ana i na palapala. 
I>ell,n. Kahawai uuku. Syn. dale. 
Del'ta, n. Aina mawaena o na nuku o 

ka muliwai. 
I>e-lude', V. E alakai hewa; e hoopu- 

niwale. Syn. mislead. 
Del'ugre, n. He wal nui. The Deluge, 

ke Kai-a-kahinalii. 
DePuge, V. 1. E kahe nui. 

2. E paapu loa mai. Deluged with 
. work, paapu loa mai ka hana. 
I)e-lu'sioii, n. He mea alakai hewa i 

ka noonoo; manao kuhi hewa. 
De-lu'sive, arfj. Alakai hewa. 
Delve, V. E eli me ka oo; me ke kopala. 
De-mand', v. E kaohi; e koi; e kauoha. 
De'mar-ka'tion, n. Line of demarka- 

tion, palena. 
De-mean'or, n. Ke ano o ka noho 

ana. Syn. deportment; behavior. 
De-mSnt-ed, adj. Pupule. Syn. crazy. 
D6m'l-john, n. He i-e aniani nui. 
De-mcic'ra-cy, n. Lahui; aupuni o 

ka lahui. 
De-ni6Pisli, v. E hoohiolo; e kulai; 

e wawahi. 

Dem'o-li'tion, n. Ka hoohiolo ana; ka 

wawahi ana. 
De'raon, n. Daimonio. 
De-mo'ni-ac, n. Mea i uluhia i ka 

Dem'on-strate, V. 1. Ewehewehe;e 

Dern'on-stra'tion, n. 1. Ka wehe- 

wehe ana. 

2. Ka hoakaka ana. A public demon- 
stration, ka hooakaka ana ma ke akea, 
Dem'on-stra'tor, n, Ka mea nana e 

De-mur'al-1-za'tion, n. Ka auhuli 

ana o ka noho kuonoono. 
De-mor'al-ize, v. 1. E hooauhuli i 

ke kuonoono. 

2. E hoopilihua; hoopuiwa. 
De-mur, v. L E kanalua; e haohao. 

Syn. hesitate. 

2. E anoni; anoninonl. 
De-mure', adj. Ano noho malie. 
Den, n. Lua holoholona. 
De-ni'al, n. He hoole. 

Den'i-zen, 7i. He haole i hooku'pala. 

De-nom'i-na'tion, n. 1. Inoa. 
2. Aoao hoomana. Syn. sect. 

De-noin'i-nji'tor, n. Ka mahele o ka 
hakina. Common denominator, mahe- 
le pili like. Least common denomina' 
tor, mahele pili like emi loa. 

De-note', v. E hoike. Syn. indicate; 

De-nounce, v. E hoopii; e hoahewa. 

Dense, acij. Paa; paapu. Syn. com- 

Den'si-ty, n. Ke ano paa o kekahimea. 

Dent, n. He kuma. 

Den'tal, adj. Pili i ka niho. 

Den'ti-frice, n. Lepo anae niho. 
Den'tist, n. Kanaka hana niho. 

Den'tist-ry, n. Ka oihana hana niho. 

De-nude', v. E hoonele. 

De-ny', v. E hoole. 

De-part', v. E hele aku. 

De-piirt'ment, n. He mahele. A de- 
partment of business, he mahele o ka 
oihana. Primary department, ka ma- 
hele kumumuao kekula. 

De-part'ure, n. Ka hele an'aku; ka 
haalele ana. 

De-pend', r. 1; E kalele; e hilinal. 
Syn. rely. Depend on yourself, e hili- 
nai oe iaoe iho. 

2. E kali. It depends on the truth of the 
statement, ke kali nei kela no ka oiaio 
o ka haina. 

De-pend'ence, TO. Kahilinai; kapau- 
lele. Syn. reliance. 

De-pend'ent, adj. Hilinai. 

De-plct', v. 1. Syn. delineate; portray. 
2. E hoike lea mai. Depict a scene; 
portray a scene, e hoike lea mai no ke- 
kahi nan aina. 

De-pl6r'a-ble, adj. Oki loa. A de- 
plorable state of affairs, oki loa ka hana. 
Syn. lamentable. 




De-pl6re', v. 1. E kumakena. Syn. 


2. E minamina. 
De-po'nent, n. He hoike ma ke ka- 

kau ana. 
I>e-p6p'u-late, v. E hooneoneo ka 

ainai kanaka. 
De-port'ment, n. Ke ano o ka noho 

ana. Syn. behavior. 
De-pose', -y. L E hoopau; hooliemo; 

waiho. Depose from office, e hoohemo kaoihana. 

2. E hoohiki ma ka palapala. 
De-p6s-it', V. 1. E noomoe. Deposit 

money vi the bank, e hoomoe dala ma 

ka baneko. 

2. E waiho. Deposit money with you, 

e waiho i dala me oe. 
Dep'o-si'tion, n. 1 Ka hoohemo 

ana mai ka oihana. 

2. Ka olelo hoike i kakauia a hoohi- 

kiia. Syn. affidavit. 
De-pds'l-to-ry, n. He waihona. A 

book depository, he wainona buke. 
De-pot' (de-po'), n. Hale waiho uka- 

na. Bail road depot, hale waiho ukana 

o ke alanui hao. 
De-praved, adj. Haumia loa; lilo loa 

i ka hewa. Syn. corrupt. 
De-prav'i-ty, n. Ka haumia; ka ho- 

honu o ka hewa. Syn. corruption. 
Dtip're-cate, v. 1. E pule hoopale. 

2. E minamina. Syn. regret. 
De-pre'ci-ate, v. 1 E hooemi i ka 


2. E hoowaha'waha'. 
Dcp're-da'tion, 71. 1. Ka hao ana. 

2. Ke komo hewa ana. Depredations 

of cattle, ke komo hewa ana o na bipi, 
De^press', v. 1. E hookaumaha i ka 


2. E hooemi; e hoohaahaa. 
De-pres'sion, n. 1. Kaumaha o ka 


2. Wahi poopoo iki. 
Dep'ri-vii'tion, n. 1. Ka hoonele ana. 

2. Ka nele. 
De-prive', v. E hoonele. 
Depth, n. Hohonu; poopoo. 
Dep-u-ta'tlon, n. He poe i waeia no 

kekahi hana. Syn. delegation. 
De-pute', n. E koho; e wae; e hoonoho 

i hope. 
Dep'u-ty, n. He hope. Deputy Sheriff, 

Hope makai nui. 
De-T'An^e', 9. 1. E hoohuikau. 
. 2. E hoolilo i pupule. 
De-rang^ed', adj. L Pupule. Syn. 


2. Hoohuikau. 
De-ran^e'ment, n. 1. Ka huikau. 

2. Ka lilo ana i pupule. Syn. insanity. 
Der-e-lic'tion, n. Ka haalele loa. Syn. 

De-ride', V. Eloiloi; akaaka henehene. 

Syn. ridicule; taunt. 
De-rls'ion, n. Loiloi; henehene. Syn. 



De-ri'slve, adj. Henehene. Derisive 

laughter, akaaka henehene. 
Der'i-va'tion, n. Ka hookumu ana. 

Derivation of a word, ka hookumu ana o 

ka olelo. 
De-rive', v. 1. E loaa. Derive benefit, 

e loaa i ka pomaikai. 

2. Mai. Syn. from. Hawaiian words de- 
rived from the English, na hua olelo Ha- 
waii mai ka olelo Beritania mai. 
De-rog'a-to-ry, adj. Kupono ole; ku-e'. 
Der'riek, n. Mikmi hapai mea kau- 
De-scend', v. E iho. 
De-scend'ant, n. He mamo. 
De-scent', n. 1. K3 iho'ua. 

2. &/ Hawaiian descent, no ke kuauhau 

De-scribe', v. E hoike ano; e kuhi- 

De-scrip'tion, n. He hoike ano. 
De-script'ive, adj. Kuhikuhi ano. A 

descriptive catalogue, he papa kuhikuhi 

De-scry,ji;. E ike ma kahi mamao aku. 
Des'e-crate, v. E hoohaumia i na mea 

Des'e-cra'tion, n. Ka hoohaumia ana 

i na mea laa. Desecration of the Sabbath, 

ka hoohaumia ana i ka la Sabati. 
De-serf, v. E haalele wale; e mahuka. 

Syn. abandon; forsake. 
De-serf, n. Ka hua o ka hana. He will 

get his deserts, e loaa ana iaia na hua o 

kana hana. 
Des'ert n,. He waoakua; aina neoneo. 
De-serfer, n. Mea mahuka. A deserter 

from the army, he koa mahuka. 
De-ser'tion, n. Ka mahuka ana; ka 

haalele wale ana. 
De-serve', v. E pouo ke loaa. 
De-serv'ing, adj. Ku pono ke loaa. 
De-sid'e-ra'tum, n. Ka mea kupono 

De-slgnn'» V. 1. E noonoo e mamua; e 

manao. Syn. intend. 

2. E kaha i kii mea hoike ano. 
De-sign', n. 1. He noonoo; he manao. 

Syn. intention. Evil designs, na noo- 
noo ino. 

2. He kii hoike ano. 
Des'ig-nate, v. E kuhikuhi. Syn. point 

out; indicate. 
Des'igr-na'tion, n. Ke kuhikuhi ana. 
De-sign'ed-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo e 

De-8ign'er, n. 1. Mea noonoo a kakau 

i kii o ka mea 1 manaoia. 

2. A designer of evil, kanaka i noonoo i 

ka mea kewa. 
De-sign'ing, adj'. Maalea. A designing 

man, he kanaka maalea; he kanaka 

noonoo i na mea hewa. 
De-slr'a-ble, adj. Ku i ka makemake; 

De-8ire', v. 1. E makemake. Syn. 


2. To desire greatly, e ake nui ; e iini. 




l>e-sire', n. Ka makemake ; ke kuko. 

2. Evil desires, ua kuko ino. Syn. evil 

De-sir'oiis, adj. Ak« nui; iinl. Syn. 

I>e-sisf , V. U'oki; e hooti; e hoopau. 
Desk, n. Pahu palapala. 
l>es'o-late, adj. Neoneo; mehameha. 

Des'o-la'tlon, n. Ka hooueauea ana. 

Des-pair., n. Ka pio ana o ka manao 

Des-patcn', v. 1. E hooko me ka ma- 
ma. See dispatch. 
2. E hoou'na. 

Des'per-a'do, n. He kanaka hebena. 
Syn. madman. 

I>es'per-ate, adj. 1. Poho' loa. A des- 
perate state of affairs, poho' loa o ka no- 
no ana. 

2. Make ka manaolana. A desperate man, 
he kanaka i make kona mamio lana. 
8. Aa makehewa. Syn. rash; head- 

I>es'per-a/tion, n. Ka jwho' loa ana o 
ka manao. Driven to desperation, kao- 
hiia a poho' loa ka manao. 

Dos'pi-ca-ble, adj. Pupuka; haahaa 
loa. Syn. contemptible. 

De-spise', v. E hoowaha'waha'; e hoo- 
pailua ma ka naau. Syn. disdain. 

Dos-poil% V. E hao wale; e pakaha 
wale; e powa'. Syn. rob. 

De-spdnd', v. E pau ke aho; e make 
ka manao 

I>e-sp6nd'en-cy, »i, Ka make o ka ma- 

De-spond'ent, adj. Manao poho'. 

Des'pot, n. Mea e ko ana me ke kana- 

waiolo; alii lokoino. Syn. tyrant. 
Dcs'pot-ism, n. Ka mana o ka lima 

I>es-sert', n. Na mea ono 1 kau hope ia 

ma ka papa aina, no ka aina awakea. 
I>6s'ti-nu'tlon, n. Wahi e hele al. 
Des'ti-ny, n. Ka hopena. Mankind have 

a common destiny, he hopena like ko ka- 

n aka. 
Des'tine, v. 1. E wae; e koho. 

2. E hookaawale. Destined to learn a 

trade, hookaawaleia e ao i kekahi oi- 

Des'ti-tute, adj. Nele; hune. 
Des'ti-tu'tion, n. Ka nele; ka hune. 
De-stroy', v. t. E luku; e hoopoino. 

De-stroy'er, n. Ka mea nana e Inka. 

l>e-8trxic'tion, n. He make; hepoino; 
he luku. 

Das'ul-to-ry, adj. Kumu ole; lele wa- 
le. A desultory remark, he olelo kumu 
ole. Desultory reading, heluhelu lele 
wale 1 o ianei. 

X)e tach', n. E hookaawale ae; e wehe 
ia. Syn. separate. 

De-tach'ment, n. 1. He mahele. A 
detachment of soldiers, he mahele o ka 
puali koa. 
2. Ka hookaawale ana. 

De-tuil', r. 1. Ekuhikuhl; ekoho. To 

detail boys to sweep, e koho i man keiki 

e pulumi. 

2. E hal mm mal. 
De'tails, n. pi. Ka mea mm. To give 

the details, e hai mai i na mea miii. 
De-tain, 1). E own; e keakea; e kaohi. 

My father detained me, aua kuu makua- 

kane ia'u. 
De-toct, V. 1. E hoomohala i ka hewa. 

2. E hoomohala i k.i nica i huua'ia. 
De-tec'tion, n. Ku hoomaka'kiu ana. 

De-tect/Ive, n. He makai hoomaka'kiu. 

D«-ten'tion, n, Ka aua ana; ka hoopaa 

ana; ke kaohi ana. 

D^-tgr*, V. K kaohi; e keakea. Deterred 
from coming, keakea ia ka hele ana mai. 
Syn. hinder. 

De-te'rl-o-rate, r. Eemi. To deteriorate 
in value, e emi ma ka waiwai. Syn. de- 

De-ter'ml-na'tlon, n. 1. Ka manao 

2. Ka hooholo ana. Syn. establish- 
ment. Establishment of boundaries, ka 
hooholo ana 1 na palena aina. 

De-ter'inine, v. 1. E manao paa. Syn. 
resolve; decide. 

De-ter'niined, adj. Onipaa; wiwo ole. 
A determined stannfor the truth, ku oni- 
paa no ka oiaio. 

De-test, V. E hoopailua ma ka naau. 
Sy'n. abhor. 

De-te»t'a-ble, adj. Hoopailuaia. Syn. 

Dc'tos-tu'tlon, n. Ka hoopailua ma ka 
naau. Syn. abhorrence. 

De-throne', v. E kipaku mai ka noho 

De- tract', v. 1. E hooemi. Detract from 
the value of a thing, e hooemi i ka wai- 
wai o kekahi mea, 

2. E hoohaahaa. Detract from the char- 
acter, e hoohaahaa i ke kulana. 

De-trft«'tion, n. Alapahi; paokee. 

Det'ri-ment, n. He kumu poho; kumu 
keakea. A detriment to progress, he ku- 
mu keakea no ka holo mua. 

Det'ri-menl/al, ad]. Keakea, 

DeT'as-tate, v. E hoonea; hooneoneo 

Dev'ae-ta'tion, n. Ka hoonea ana; ka 

luku ana, 
De-vdl'op, V. E homohaia. To develop 

the intellect, e hoomohala i ka noonoo. 
De-Tel^op-ment, n. Kahoomohalaana. 
De'Ti-ate, v. E aui ae; e hull ao. 
De'Ti-a'tion, n. Ka aui ana; ka hull ana. 
De-vipe', n. He mea i noonooia. Syn. 

Dev'il, n. He diabolo. 
Dev'il-ish, adj. Auo lokoino loa; ano 

diabolo. Syn. diabolical; fiendish. 
De'vi-ofis, adj. Pakaawili; kuawili; 

keekee. Syn. crooked. 
De-vise, v. 1. E hana mamuli o ka 


2. E hooilina waiwai. 




Dgv-ls-ee', n. Kahooilina. Syn. leg- 
De-vis'or, n, Ka mea nana e hooilina 

I>e-T6id', adj. Nele. Devoid of reason, 

nele i ka noonoo. 
De-vdlve', v. 1. E ili. It devolves on 

m€, ke ill nei ia mea maluna o'u. 

2. E hooili. 
De-Tote', V. E hoolilo. To devote time, 

e hoolilo i manawa. To devote one's self 

to study, e hoolilo kekahi iaia iho i ka 

imi naauao. 
I>e-v6f ed, adj. PiU aloha. 
I>e-To'tlon, n. L Ka hoolaa ana; hoo- 
lilo loa ana. Syn. consecration. 

2. He aloha nui. Syn. affection. 

8. Ka pill aloha ana aku. 
I>e-Tour, V. L E hoonuu. Devour food, 

e hoonuu al. 

2. E luku. To devour tTie land, e luku 

i ka aina. Syn. devastate. 
Dii-x ont, adj. Haipule; pono; akahfli; 

Syn. pious; reverent. 
Dew, n. Hau; kehatt. 
Dex-ter'i-ty, n. Ke akamai o ka lima. 

Syn. skill. 
I>ex'ter-oii«, acfi. Akamai; noeau ma 

na hana o ka lima. Syn. skilful; ex- 
Di'a-b61'i«-al, ndj. Syn. devilish. 
Di'a-dem, w. Lei alii; kaei poo. 
Di-aer'e-si8, n He hoailona (* •) i kau 

ia 1 mea e hookaawale i na leo o kekahi 

mau hua palapala. 
Di'agf-nu'sis, n. Ka iml ana no ke ano 

o ka mai. 
Di-ag'o-nal, n. He kaha hi-o'. 
Di-ag/o-nal-ly, adv. Lepe; panaiiki. 
Di'a-gram, n. He kii matematika. 
Di'al, n. Pa kuhikuhi hora. 

Sun dial, he pa kuhikuhi hora no ka la. 
Di'a-leet, n. Ke ano o ka olelo ma kau 

wahi o ka aina, i ano e mai ke kau wa- 

hl aku. 
I>i'a-logue, n. He olelo kike'. 
Di-ara'e-ter, n. Anawaena. 
Dia-mond, n. He daimana; hemoml. 
Di'ap-er, n. He pale no ke keiki. 
Di'a-plxragfm (fram), n. 1. He pale 

mawaena o ka op\i. 

2. He pale puka iloko o ka ohe na'na'. 
Di'ar-rne'a, n. He hi. 
Di'a-ry, n. Buke kakaxi la. 
DIc'tate, V. 1. E hfll waha a na hal e ka- 


2. E kauoha; ekaohi. Syn. command. 

8. Hie dictates of reason, na kauoha o 

ka noonoo. 
I>lc-ta'tion, n. 1. Ka hai ana o ka 


2. He kauoha. 
Dic-ta'tor, n. Ho poo aupunl nana ka 

man a a pau loa. 
Bic-ta'tor-shipy n. Ka oihana o ka 

Die'tlon-a'ry, n. Buke unuhl huaolelo. 
Die, V. £ make. 

Di'et, n. Ka ai o ke kanaka. To diet, « 
pakiko al. 

Dirfer, V. 1. E like ole kela me keia» 
2. E okoa. His thought differs from 
mine, he okoa kona manao i ko'u. 

Dif fer-ence, n. Like ole. 

Dif fer-ent, adj. 1. Okoa; ano e. 
2. Kela ano keia ano. Syn. various. 

Dirfer-ent-ly, adv. Ma ke ano e. 

Dlffi-eult, adj. 1. Oolea; paakiki. A 
difficult question, he ninau paakiki, 
2. Pilikia. A difficult place, he wahi 

Dif'fl-eM-ty, n. Pilikia. 

Diffi-dence, n. Ke kanalua o kekahi 
nona iho;"ka hopohopo. 

Dif-fl-dent, adj. Hopohopo. Syn. 

Diffuse, V. E hoolaha; e hohola. Syn. 
disseminate. Spread abroad; to diffuse 
knowledge, e hohola i ka ike. 

Dlf-fu'sion, n. Ka hoolaha ana; ka 
hohola ana. Syn. dissemination. 

Dig:, V. E ell; e kohi. 

Di-gest', V. 1. E hoowali i ka ai iloko 
o ka opu. 

2. E noonoo pono ma ka naau. To di- 
gest a thought, e noo pono i ka manao; e 

Di'grest, n. He huina nui o na mea i 
noonooia. Syn. compendium; sum- 
mary. A digest of the laws, he buk^ hu- 
ina nui o na kanawai. 

Di-gest/i-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoowaliia. 

Di-^68'tIon, n Ka hoowali ana o ka 
ai iloko a ka opu. 

Di?'it, n. 1. He ana; ekolu hapaha o 
ka iniha. 

2. kekahi o na hua heltt. 

3. He hapa-12 o ka ana waena o ka iLa, 
a o ka mahina. 

Digf'ni-fled, adj. Hanohano; hiehie; 

Di^'ni-f^, V. E hoohanohano; e hoo- 

DIg'ni-ta'ry, n. He kanaka ma ke kuJ- 

lanakiekie; kulana hanohano. 
DIgf'ni-ty, n. He hanohano; hiehle. 
Di'grrapu (di'grraf), n. Elua huapala* 

pala me hookahi nae leo; e laa, ea ma 

Di-grresis', r. E auWana; e aui ae. Syn. 

deviate; wander from. To digress from 

the subject, e auwana aku mtti ke kumii 

Di-grcs'sion' n. Ka aul ana; ka huU 

ana mai ka pololci. Syn. deviation. 
Dike, n. 1. He auwaha. Syn. ditch. 

2. Ho ahua lepo; paku lepo. 
Di-iap'i-dat'ed, adj. Helelel. Syn. 

tumble down. A dilapidated house, ho 

hale hololei. 
Dl-lftp'i-d:Vtlon, n. Ka helelel ana o 

ka mea i kukuluia. 
Di-lato', V. 1. E hoomahuahua olelo. 

2. E kaakaa i ka maka. 
Dll'a-to-ry, adj. Lolohi; loiele; haka- 





Di-lem'ma, n. Na pilikia elua. To be 

in a dilemma, e ku mawaena o na pili- 
kia elua. 
I>f I'i-gence, n. 1. Ka makaala; ka hoo- 


2. Kaa lawe ohua ma Farani. 
Dil'1-gent, adj. Hooikaika; makaala. 
Dil'i-gent-ly, adv. Me ka hooikaika. 
Di-lute', V. 1. E kakale'; e kaawili a 

lahilahi. Syn. to thin. 

2. E kaawili me ka wai, i emi ka ikaika. 
Dl-lut'ed, adj. Kakale'. Thinpoi,^oi 


2. Kaawiliia i emi ka ikaika. 
Dim, adj. Powehiwehi; molehulehu. 
Dim, V. E hoopowehiwehi. 
Dime, n. He dime; he kenikeni. 
Di-men'sions, n. pi. Ke ana owaho o 

kekahi kino." Syn. size. 
Di-min'ish, v. E hooemi; e kanahae. 

Syn. decrease; lessen. 
Dim'i-nu'tion, n. Ka emi ana. Syn. 

Di-min'u-tive, adj. Poupou; a'a'; 111- 

Dim'ly, adv. Powehiwehi; akakaole. 
Dim'ple, n. Mino. 
Din, n.He nakeke: nakulukulu; kamu- 

mu. Syn. clangor. 
Dine, v. 1. E ai i ka aina awakea. 

2. E haaAvl i ka aina awakea. 
Din'gy, adj. Paele; ekaeka, 
Din'ner, n. Aina awakea; ka aina nal 


Di'o-cese, n. Ke kihapai o ka bihopa. 
Dip, V, 1. E kioe. Dip up water, e kioe 


2. E hoo-u'. Dip into water, e hoo-u' 

iloko o ka wai. 

8. E hoo-o'. To place in water, e hoo-o' 

Iloko o ka waL 

4, E komo. To dip the oar into the wa- 
ter, e komo ka hoe iloko o ka wai. 

5. To dip the colors, e huki ilalo a iluna 

1 ka hae, ma ke ano e hoohanohano. 
Diph-the'ri-a, n. He mal weliwell o 

ka pun. 

Diph'thong, n. Leo hui o na leo kumu 

Di-plo'ma, n. L Palapala hoohanoha- 

2. Palapala apono, mal ke kula nul 

Di-plo'ma-cy, n. Ke kuka' ana ma- 
waena o na'aupuni; oihana kuka' au- 

Diplo-maf ic, adj. No ke kuka' ana o 
na aupuni. 

Di-pl6'ma-tist, n. Kanaka akamai ma 
ka oihana kuka' me na aupuni. 

Dip/per, d. He apu kioe. 

Dire, adj. Weliwell. Syn. dreadful. 

Di-reet', adj. Moe pololei. The direct 
road, kc alanui moe pololei. 

Di-rect, r. E kuhikuhi; e hoopololei. 

Di-ree'tion, n. 1. Ka moe ana. An 
eastern direction, e moe ana i ka hiklna. 
2. Ka hooponopono ana. To take the 

direction of affairs, e hapal 1 ka hoopo- 
nopono ana o na hana. 
3. Loina; kuhikuhi ana. According to 
directions, e like me ke kuhikuhi ana. 

Di-reet'ly, adv. A no' Syn. imme- 
diately. To go directly, e hele a no'. 

Di-rect'or, w. Luna hooponopono. 

Di-ree'to-ry, n. h. Buke kuhikuhi 1 
kela me keia mea. 
2. He poe luna hooponopono. 

Dirge, n. Kanikau. 

Dirk, n. He pahi hou aku. 

Dirt, n. Lepo, 

Dirt'y, n. Lepo; paele; paumaele. 

Dis'a-bil'i-ty, n. Ka hiki ole. 

Dis-a'ble, v. E hoonele 1 ka hiki. 

Dis'a-buge', r. E hoopololei 1 ke kuhi- 

Dis'ad-Tan'tag^e, n. 1. Mea pomaikal 

2. To take at a disadvantage, e loaa Ilo- 
ko o ka pilikia. 

Dis'af-fecfed, adj. Ohumu wale; ano 

Dis'a-gree', v. L Kulike ole ka ma- 

2. Kuponoole. The food disagrees with 
him, kupono ole ka ai iaia. 

Di8'a-gree'a-ble, adj. Kohu ole; olu- 
olu ole. Disagreeable day, he la oluolu 
2. Malallena. Syn, unpalatable. 

Dis'a-gree'ment, n. L Ka lokahi ole; 
ka mokuahana. 
2. Ke kupono ole. 

Dis'al-low', V. E. ae ole; e hoole. 

Dis'ap-pear', v. E nalo aku. 

Dis'ap-pear'ance, n. Ka nalo ana'ku. 

Dis'ap-point', iZ E hoohoka 1 ka ma- 

Dis'ap-poinfment, v Ka hoka o ka 

Dis-ap'pro-ba'tion, n. Ka manao apo- 
no ole. 

Dis-ap-proT'al, n. Ka apono ole; ka 
ahewa ana. 

Dis'ap-prove', v. E hoahewa. 

Dis-arm','v. E hoonele 1 na mea e eha 
ai. " 
2, E waiho 1 na mea kaua. 

Dis'ar-range', v. E waiho huikau; e 
hoohuikau i ka hoonoho ana. Syn. dis- 

Dis'ar-range'ment, n. Ka huikau o 
ka waiho ana. 

Dis-as'ter, n. Popillkia; polno. Syn. 

Dis-as' trons adj. Poino. 

Dis'a-vow', n. E hoole pale; ka hoole; 
e ae ole. Syn. disallow. He disavows 
the theft, ke hoole pale nel ola i ka ai- 
hue ana. 

Dis-band', v. E hookuu loa. To dis- 
band an army, e hookuu loa i ka pua- 
11 koa. 

Dis-bikrse', r. E mahele aku; ehaawi. 
Syn. distribute; dispense. To disburse 
charities, e mahele aku i na manawalea. 


Dis-burse'ment, n. Ka mahelean'aku. 

Dis-card', v. 1. E haalele loa. To dis- 
card strong drink, e haalele loa 1 ka wai 

2. E kiola aku. To discard bad fruit, 
e kiola aku i na hua ai palaho'. 

Dis-cern', v. E hoomaopopo; e noo- 
noo pono. Syn. discriminate. 

Dis-cern'ingr, adj. Noonoo pono. Syn. 
discriminating; sagacious. 

Dis-cern'ment, n. Noonoo; ka noo- 
nookaupaona like. Syn. judgement; 

Dis-charge', v. E hookuu loa. To dis- 
charge a workmauy e hookuu loa i ka 

2. E hoolei ukuna. To discharge a 
ship, e hoolei i ka ukana o ka moku. 

3. Ekipu. Syn. fire; shoot. 

4. E hookaa. To discharge a debt, e 
hookaa 1 ka aie. 

5. E hooko. To discharge a duty, e 
hooko i kekahi pono. Syn. fulfil. 

6. E hookah e. To discharge water, e 
hookahe wai. 

Dis-ci'ple, n. He haumana. Syn. fol- 
Dis'ci-plin-a'rl-an, n. Mea hoomalu 

Dis'ci-pllne, n. Ka malu pono. 
Dis-clalm', v. E hoole; e noole me ka 

Dis-close', V. E hoike akea; e wehe ae. 

Syn. re~veal. 
I>Is-€61'or, V. E hoo-ano e i ka wai hoo- 

Dis-com'fort, n. Ka Inea o ka noho 

ana; ka haiki o ka noho'na. 
Dis'eoin-mode', v. E hoopilikia. 
Dls'eom-pose', v. E hoopihoihoi; e 

Dis'eon-cert', v. E hoopilihua; hoo- 
Dis'con-nect', v. E hookaawale; e hoo- 

hemo; e kala. 
Dls-cfin'so-late, adj. Mehameha ma ka 

naau; kanmfiha; maha ole makanaau. 
Dls'eon-tent'ed, adj. Maha ole; ohu- 

mu wale. 
Dls'eon-tin'ue, v. E kapai ae; e hoo- 

Dis'cord, n. Huahua'; hakaka; aume- 

urae. Syn. dissention; strife. 
Dis'eount, n. Uku hooemi. 
Di8-coun'te-n&nce, r. E maliu ole; e 

hooiiewa. Syn. 3isapprove. 
I>i8-€otir'a^e, v. E hoomake manao; e 

paupauaho; e manaka'. 
Dis-€oftr'a^e-ment, n. Ka manaka'; 

paupauaho; ka make o ka manao. 
DIs'eourse, n. He kamailio; he haio- 

Dls-cottr'te-otks, adj. Niha; keemoa; 

nainai. Syn. uncivil. 
Dis-c6v'er, v. E ike mua; e loaa ma- 

muli o ka noonoo. 
Dis-eov'er-er, n. Ka mea ike raua. 
Dis-cov'er-y, n. Ka ike mua ana. 

Dis-cred'it, n. 1. Hilahila. Idleness 
is a discredit, he mea hilahila ka molo- 
wa, Syn. disgrace. 
2. Manaoio ole. 

Dis-cred'it-a-ble, adj. 1. Ku ole i ka 

2. Kupono ole. Discreditable compan- 
ions, na hoa kupono ole. 

Dis-creet', adj. Noeau; noonoo; aka- 
hele. Syn. cautious. 

l>is-crep'aii-cy , n. Ka like ole o na ole- 
ic elua. 

Dis-cre'tion, n. Noonoo akahele. Syn. 

Dis-crim'i-nate, v. E noonoo pono no 
kola me keia. Syn. discern; distin- 

Dis-crim'i-na'tion, n. Ka noonoo kau- 

?aona like. Syn. discernment. 
8-€iiss', V. E noonoo pu. Syn. debate. 
Dis-eus'sion, n. Ka noonoo pu ana; he 

I>ls-dain^ n. Haaheo; hookano. &)Ui. 

I>is-ease% n. Mai. 
Dis'eiu-bark', v. E hoopae'; e lele iu- 

Dis'en-eiim'ber, v. E kiola i ke kau- 

maha; e kala i ke kumu keakea. 
Dis'en-gage', v. E kala i ka hihia; e 

wehe i ka hihia. Syn. extricate. 
Dls'en-gag-ed', adj. 1. Kaawale. The 

house is disengaged, ua kaawale ka hale. 

Syn. vacant. 

2. Kaawale; hana ole. Syn. at leisure. 
DIs-en-tan'gle, v. E wehe i ka hihia. 
Dis-fa'vor, n. Maliu ole; ku-e' ka ma- 
Dis-flg'ure, v. E hoinoino. Syn. mar. 
Dis-fran'cliise, v. E lawe i na pono 

Dis-grace', n. Hilahila; inoa ino. Syn. 

shame ;" ignominy. 
Dis-grrace'ful, adj. Hilahila maoli; 

haukae'loa. Syn. shameful; ignomini- 
Dis-guise', v. Ehooaano; e hoo-ano e. 
Dis-giist', n. Hoopailua o ka manao. 
I>is-giist-ing, adj. Pelapela loa; hau- 

mia loa, 
Dish, 71. He pa. To dish up, e hao ka 

ai iloko o ke pa. 
Dis-heiirt'en, v. E hoomake manao. 

Syn. discourage. 
Dis-heart'en-ing, adj. Hoomake ma- 
Dis-hdn'est, adj. Epa; hoopono ole; 

Dis-li6n'e8-ty, n. Hana kupono ole; 

hana apiki. 
Dls-hon'or, v. 1. E hoino. 

2, E hoole. To dishonor a bill, e hoole 

i ka bila dala. 
Dis-hon'or-a-ble, adj. Kupono ole i 

kainoamaikai; haahaa; apiki. 
Di8h.''--\va'ter, n. Wai holoi pa. 
Dls-In'cli-uu'tion, n. Hull ku-e' o ka 




Dis'ln-fecf , v. E hoomaemae 1 te ea 

Dis'in-fec'tion, n. Ka hoomaemae aoa 

i ke ea inc. 
Pis'in-gen'u-oiis, adj. Nele i ka oiaio; 

apiki. Syn. deceitful; artful. 
Dis'in-her'it, v. E kapai mai ka hoo- 

ilina ana. 
Dis-in'te-grafed, p. p. Hooliloia a ae- 

Dis'in-ter', v. E hual. 
Dis-in'ter-est-ed, adj. Ewaewa ole; 

kaulike o ka noonoo. 
Biis'in-ter'ment, n. Ka huai ana o ke 

Disk, 71. He Hi palahalaha poepoe. Suit's 

disk, ka ili o ka La. 
Dis-like', V. E makemake ole. 
Dis'lo-cate, v. E hemo i ka Iwl mai 

kona ami, Syn. displace. 
Dislo-eii'tlon, n. Ka hemo ana o ka 

Iwi mai kona ami. 
Dis-lodge', V. E hookuke mai kahi no- 

Dis-loy'al, adj. Manao kipi; ku-e' au- 

Dis'mal, adj. 1. Poullull. A dismal 

day, he la pouliuli. 

2. Kaumaha. A dismal countenance, 

he helehelena kaumaha. 
Dis-man'tle, v. E hoouele I na lako. 

Dismantle a ship, e hoonele ka moku i 

na lako. 
Dis-mast'ed, ad4. Lilo na kia. 
Dis-may', n. Pilihua; puiwa nui. 
Bis-mlss', V. E hookuu. 
Kis-miss'al j Ka hookuu ana. 

Dis-mountS v. E lele ilalo. Dismount 
from a horse, e lele ilalo mai ka lio. 

Dis'o-be'di-ence, n. Hookuli ; hoolohe 

Dis'o-be'dl-ent, adj. Konia; hookuli; 
kue' i ke kauoha. 

gls'o-hey', V. E hookuli; hoolohe ole. 
is'6-bli^'ing, adj. Oluolu ole ; kokua 

ole; nanau. 
Dis-dr'der, n. 1. Huikau; haunaele. 

2. He mai. 
Uis-or'der-ly, adj. 1. Kuonoono ole. 

2. Hoohaunaele. Syn. lawless. 
Bls-or'saii-ized, adj. Hooauhuli ia; 

hoohuikau ia. 
Dis-own', V. E hoole loa. To disown an 

action, e hoole loa i kekahl hana. Syn. 

Dis-par'age, «. E manao liilii aku; e 

ano hoahewa. Syn. depreciate. 
Dis-par'i-ty, w. K a like ole iwaenao 

Dis-^as'sion-ate, adj. Me ka huhu 

ole; noonoo ponoia. 
Dis-patcli', V. 1. E hookiklna. To 

dispatch a messenger, e hookikina 1 ka 


2. E pepehi a make. Syn. slay; kill. 
Dis-patcli', n. 1. Hikiwawe; wikiwiki. 

With dispatch, me ka hikiwawe. 

2. Palapala i hooiliia me ka awiwi. 
Telegraphic dispatch, he palapala tele- 

I>i9-pel'^ V. E hoopuehu. To dispel a 
doubt, e hoopuehu i ka manao kana- 

Dis-pen'sa-ry, n. Wahi e haawi i na 
laau lapaau. 

Dis'pen-sa'tion, n. 1. He haawina. 
A dispensation of Providence, he haa* 
wina no ke Akua mai. 
2. He oihaTia. The Christian dispensa- 
tion, ka oihaua Euanelio. 

Dis-pense', v. 1. E haawi; e mahele 
aku. Syn. dishurse. Dispense charities, 
e haawi i na mauawalea. 
2. E hoole. To dispense with one'B ser- 
vices, e hoole 1 ke kokua ia mai o ke< 

Dls-pens'er, w. Ka mea e haawi ana. 
A dispenser of charities, ka mea e haawi 
ana 1 na manawalea. 

Dls-perse', v. E hooauhee; e hoopu- 
ehu. Syn. scatter. 

Dis-per'sion, w. Ka hoopuehu ana. 

I>ig-plr'it-ed, adj. Make ka m^inao. 
Syn. discouraged. 

Dis-plaoe', V. E hoonee; ekapal ae. 

Dis-place'ment, n. Ka hoonee ana; 
ke kiipaiana. 

Dis-pluy', V. 1. E hoikelke. To dis- 
play goods, e hoikeike i na waiwai. 
2. E hoike. To display courage, e 
hoike i ka manao wiwo ole. Syn. show. 

Dls-pleage', v. E hoonaukiuki. 

Dis-pleas'ure, n. He ukiuki; huhu; 

Dis-port', V. E hoolealea; e paanl lea- 

I>i8-pog'al, n. Ka hoolilo ana. 

I>is-poee', V. 1. E hoolilo aku. To 
dispose of wealth, e hoolilo aku i ka wai- 

2. E maliu mai. Disposed to take ad- 
vice, maliu mai i ka olelo ao. 

Dis-p6sed', adj. Hull ia ka manao. 
Disposed to grant a request, hull la ka 
manao e ae aku i ka noi. 

Dis'po-si'tion, w. 1. Ano. Amilddis- 
position, he ano oluolu. 

2. Ka hoolilo ana. Syn. disposal. 

3. Kahoonohonohoana. The disposi- 
tion of things in a room, ka hoouohouoho 
ana o na mea iloko o ke keena. 

Dis'pog-gess', V. E hoohemo ae. 
Dls-prpve', v. E hooia 1 ka wahahee o 

kekah'i mea; e hoike 1 ka oiaio ole o 

kekahi aono. Syn. confute. 
Dis'pu-ta-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoopaa- 

I>i8'pu-tant, n. Mea e hoopaapaa ana. 
Dis'pu-ta'tiotis, adj. Ake nui i ka hoo- 

s-pute', V. E hoopaapaa. 
I)is-qual'i-fl-€a'tioii, n. Ke kumu i 

kuponoole ai. 
Dis-quiil'i-fied, adj. Kupono ole; ho- 
ole ia no kekahi kumu. 




Dls-qual'i-fy, v. E hoole. Theft dis- 

qualifies a man for public office, o Va ai- 

nue ka mea e hoole ai i ke i^anaka uo ka 

oihana aupuni. 
Dls're-gard', v. Ehooloheole; e hoo- 

DLs-rel'isli, n. Ka makemake ole. 
I>is-rep'u-ta-bl«, adj Kaulanaina 
Dis're-pute', n. Ke kaulana no kaino. 
Dis're-speet', n. Hoowaha'waha'. 
Dls're-speot'ful, ad^. Ano hoowalia'- 

Dls-robe', v. E wehe i ka lole. Syn. 

unrobe; undress. 
Dis-sat'is-fac'tion, n. Ke ko ole o ka 

Dis-sat'is-fied, adj. Oluolu ole; ko 

ole o ka makemake. 
Dis-sect', V. E okioki liilii. 
Dis-see'tion, n. Ka okioki liilii ana. 
Dis-sein'ble, v. E hookamani. 
Dis-seiu'bler, n. Mea hookamani. Syn. 

I>is-8em'i-nate, v. E lulu; e hoolaha. 

Disseminate knowledge, e hoolaha i ka 

ike. Syn. sow. 
Dis-sem'i-na'tor, n. Ka mea nana e 

Dis-sen'sion, n. Huahua'; mokua- 

hana. Syn. contention. 
Dis-senf, v. E manao ku-e'. 
Dis'ser-ta'tion, n. He haiao. Syn. 

Dis-sim'i-lar, adj. Like ole. Syn. un- 
Dis-sim'u-la'tlon, n. Hookamani. Syn. 

J>i8'si-pate, V. 1. E hoopuehu. Syn. 

dispel; scatter. 

2. E uhauha. Syn. squander. 
Dis'si-pat'ed, ckfj. Uhauha; ona;hau- 

kae. Syn. dissolute. 
Dis-si-pa'tion, w. 1. Ka hoopuehu ana. 

2. Ka uhauha ana. 
Dls'so-lute, adj. Uhauha; haukae. 
I>i8-8o-lu'tion, w, 1. Ka hopena o ka 


2. Kahooheehee ana; kahoopauana. 
I>i8-sdlve', V. 1. E hooheehee i ka 


2. Ehoopau. To dissolve a partnership, 

e hoopau i ka hui. 
r>i8-861v'ent, n Ka mea e hooheehee ai. 
I>l8-8uade', i>. E na'pa' 'ku. 
I>i8-8ua'8ioii, n. Ka pa'pa' 'na. 
Dis-sylla-ble, 7i. He hua olelo me na 

mamalii elua. 
Dis'tance, n. Ka mamao. 
Dis'tant, adj. 1. Ma o loa. 

2. Distant in manner, kapukapulani. 
Bis-taste'ful, adj. 1. Ono ole;malai- 


2. Ku ole i ka makemake. Syn. 

Dls-tem'per, n. 1. Heanomai. Syn. 


2. He ano penai hoomakaukau ia no 

ka pena kii; a pena hale paha. 

Dis-tSnd'j E hoo-pehu; c pehu. 
I>is-tlll', V. 1. E hookulu; e kahe lii- 
lii. Syn. droy); flow gently. 

2. E puhi wai ona. 
Dis'tll-la'tion, w. 1. Ke kulu ana. 

Ka puhi anai ka wai ona. 
Dis-til'ler, n. Mea puhi wai ona. 
Dis-til'ler^y, n. Kahi e hanaia'i o ko. 

wai ona. 
Dis-tincf , acf/. 1. Kaawale; okoa loa. 

Syn separate. 

2. Moakaka. Syn. clear. 
Dis-tine'tion, n. Ano okoa. 

2. Kaulana. A man of dUitinction, he 

kanaka kaulana. See distinguished. 
Dis-tinet'ly, adv. Moakaka; maopo- 

polea; Syn. clearly. 
Dis-tin'guish, v. 1. E hoomaopopo. 

Syn. discriminate. 

2. E hookaulana. To distinguish oTie's 

self, e hookaulana kekahi iaiaiho. 
Dis-tin'guislied (g^wisbt), adj. Kau- 
lana. Syn. renowned. 
Dis-tort', V. E hoolauwili; e pakaa- 

Dis-tr^cf , V. 1. E kaili i ka noonoo. 

Distract the mind from the lesso7i, e kaiU 

i ka noonoo mai kahaawina. 

2. E hoopilihua. 
Dis-trae'tion, n. Ke kaili o ka noonoo. 

2. Pilihua. 
Di8-tre«s', v. E hooehaeha. Syn. 

I>is-tre8s', n. 1. Eha. Syn. pain. 

2. Pilikia; popilikia. Syn. difliculty; 

peril; danger. A ship in distress, he 

moku iloko o ka popilikia. 
Di8-tres8'ing, n. Eha; pilikia. 
Dis-trlb'ute, v. E mahele; e puunaue. 

Syn. disburse. 
I>is'tri-bu'tion, n. Ka mahele an' aku. 
Dis'triet, n. Apana. District of 

Kona, apana o Kona. 
Di8-triist% v. E haohr.o; e kanalui^. 

Syn. suspect. E kuipehi. 
Dis-triist% n. Kuipeni; haohao. 
Di8-tr<i8t'ful, adj. Piha i ke kanalua; 

Syn. suspicious. 
Dis-turb, v. 1. Ehoopilikia wale. 

2. E hoohaunaele. Disturb the peace, 

e hooauhuli i ka maluhia. 
Dis-turb'ance, n. Haunaele. 
I>i8-turb'er," n. 1. Mea hookonokono 


2. Mea hoopilikia wale. 
I>i8'u-nit«', V. E hookaawale i na men 

i hoohuiia. 
Dis-use', 71. Kawaiho wale ana o ke- 

kalil mea. 
X>itch> n. Auwai; auwaha. 
Dit'to, n. Ia mea hookahi no. Syn. 

the same. 
I>it'ty, n. Mele pa-ko-li, 
l>i-ur'naJ, adj. I kela rao keia la. Syk. 

Dive, V. E luu ika wai. Dive headlong. 

e luu kimo; c kiihoonoo. 
Di'ver, n. Mea luu i Ka wai. 



Di-verg-e', v. E manamana; e ka ana. 

Di-ver'gence, n. Ke ka ana; ka mana- 
mana ana. 

Di'verg, adj. Kekahi mau. Syn. sev- 

Di-verse', adj. Ano e; okoa. Syn. 

Dl-ver'si-fy, v. E hooano e. 

Di-ver'glon, n. Lealea. Syn. amuse- 

Di-vers'i-ty, n. Like ole. 

Dl-vert', V. 1. E aui ae. Syn. turn 

2. E hoolealea. 

8. E alakai aku i ka manao mai ke- 
kahi noonoo a i kekahi aku. 

I>i-vert'ing, adj. Lealea. Syn. amus- 

Bi-vest', V. 1. E hoonele. Divest of 
property, e hoonele i ka waiwai. Syn. 
2. ^ wehe ae; e hoohemo. 

Di- vide', V. E mahele ; e putinaue. 

Di-vide', 7i. He kualapa mawaena o na 
muliwai elua. Syn. watershed. 

I5iv'l-d«nd, n. 1. Kumu puunaue. 
2. Puu dala maheleia, 

Ui-vid'ers, n. Upa ana. 

I>i-vine', adj. Ano Akua. _ A divine, 
he kahunapule. 

Di-vin'i-ty, n. Ke Akua. 
2. Hoike Akua. Syn. theology. 

I>i-vis'i-l>le, adj Hike ke maheleia. 

I>l-vis'lon, n. 1. Puunaue; mahele. 
A division of property, he mahele o ka 

2. Mokuahana. A division in the fam- 
ily, he mokuahana ma ka ohana. 

I>l-vis'or, n. Helu korao. Common di- 
visor, helu komo pili like. Greatest 
commx)n divisor, helu komo pili like oi 

Dl-vorce', n. E oki mare. 

Di-vulge', V. E kuailo. 

Diz'zl-ness, n. Kaihi; poniuniu. 

Diz'zy, fid;'. Kaihi; poniuniu. 

Do (du), V. 1. E hana; e hooko. Syn. 

2. He haina e kokua ana i na haina e 
ae. Did you seef ua ike anei oe? 

3. How ao you dof pehea oe? 
Do'cile, adj. Hoolohe; akahai. Syn. 

I>o-cil'l-ty, n. Ke ano hoolohe; aka- 
Dogr-inal/ie, adj. 1. Hamuli o ka lo- 


2. Paakiki ma kona manao iho; haa- 

I>d€k, n. 1. Wahi e hookomo moku, i 

kapili hou ia. 

2. Wahi e ku ai o ka lawehala iloko o 

ke keena hookolokolo. 
Dock, V. 1, E hoopokole; e poko. 

2, E hooemi. To dock the wages, e hoo- 

emi i ka uku. 
Doek'et, n. Ka papa o na hihia Imua o 

ka aha hookolokolo. 

Dock'yard, n. Wahi e hooahu ai i na 

lako no na moku aupuni. 
Doe'tor, n. L Kahuna lapaau; kauka. 

2. Doctor of Divinity, he kahuna aka- 

mai ma na mea o ka Baibala. 
Doe'trine, n. 1. Kameaiaoia. 

2. Christian doctrine, na loina kristiano. 
Ddc'u-ment, n. Palapala hoike. 
Do-dee'a-gon, n. Kii matematika; hu- 

Dodg^e, V. E aloalo'; hooalo. 
Doff, V. E wehe. To doff a hat, e wehe i 

ka papale. 
Dog, n. Ilio. 

Dog, V. E hahai; e alualu. 
Ddg'ged, adj. Nunuha; opukopekope; 

nainai. Syn. sullen; morose. 
Dog'ma, n. He loina. 
Dog'trot, TO. Kaholo mau oka ilio. 
Do'lngs, TO. pi. Na hana. The day's do- 
ings, na hana o ka la. 
Dole'ful, adj. Kaumaha ma ka manao; 

piba i ke kaumaha. 
Doll, ?i. Hebe'be'kii. 
Dol'lar, n. He dala; lOOkeneta. 
Dol'or-otis, adj. Ehaeha; kaumaha. 
Ddl'phin, n. He i-a nui, nani. 
Do'maiii, n. Alna. The King's domain^ 

ka aina a ka Moi i hoomalu ai. Syn. 

Do-mes'tic, adj. 1. Pili 1 ka ohana. 

Domestic duties, na pono ohana. 

2. Kuloko. Domestic news, nuhou ku- 

Do-mes'tic, w. He ohua no ka ohana. 

Do-mes'ti-eate, v. E hoolakalaka. 

Ddm'i-cile, TO. Wahi noho mau; home. 
Ddm'i-neer', v. E hookiekie maluna'e 

o kekahi; e kauoha hookiekie. 
Do-min'ion, to. Ka mana; ke aupuni. 

Do'nate, v. E makana aku, e haawi 
wale_. Syn. give; present. 

Do-na'tion, to. Makana; kokua; mana- 
walea. Syn. gift; present. 

Do-nee', to. Ka mea e loaa ana i ka ma- 

Don'key, to. Kekake; hoki. 

Do^nor, w. Ka mea e makana ana. 

Doom, n. Ka hoopai. 

Dtfbms'day, to. La hoopai. Ka la hoo- 
kolokolo nui. Syn judgment day. 

Door, n Puka komo, 

Door'-keep'er, n. Kiai puka. 

Dor'mant, adj. E waibo moe ana. Dor- 
mant passions, na kuko e waibo moe 

Dor'iner-"win'dow, v. He puka ma- 
kani ma ke kaupako o ka hale. 

Dor'mi-to-ry, TO. He hale moe; keena 

Dose, n. He mahele laau inu. 

Dose, V. E hoohainu i ka laau. 

Dot, TO. Kiko. 

Do'tage, n. Wa palalauhala. 

Do'tard, to. He palalauhala. 

Do&b'le, adj. Pa-lua; papalua. 

Dotib'le-deal'ing, w. Hana paewaewa. 




Doiibt', V. 1. E kanalua. Syn. uncer- 

2. Anoni; anoninoni. Syn. suspense 

as to result', hesitation. 
Doubt'ful, adj. Kanalua; anoninoni. 
Doubt/less, adv. Me ke kanalua ole. 
Dough (do), n. Berena maka. 
Dougli'ty (dow-ty), adj. Koa; kaula- 

na no ku ikaika. 
Douse, (dowse), v. E lu kino iloko o 

ka wai. 
Dove (dfiv,) n. Manu nunu. 
Dove'cot, n. Halo manu uunu. 
Dove'tail, v E oleole papa. 
Dow'er, n. Ka mahele waiwai o ka wa- 

hine mare, a wahine kane make paha. 
Down', prep. Lalo; ilalo. 
Down'cast, adj. Kaumaha ka manao. 

Syn. down-hearted. 
Dow'dy, n. Wahine i pono ole kona 

kapa Komo. 
Down' fall, n. Ka haule ana; ka poino. 
DoTirn-lieart'ed, adj. Kaumaha ma ka 

manao; paumako. 
Down'hill, adj. Iho'na; makal. 
Down'riglit, adj. Maopopo lea. 
Down'ward, adj 1. Ilio ana. The 

downward path, ke alanui e iho ana. 

2. I lalo. 
Dox-dl'o-|:y, n. Himeni hoomaikai. 
Doze, V. Kulihiamoe; kuluhiamoe. 
D6z-en, adj. He kakini, na mea okoa 

he 12. 
Dr^ft, n. 1. Palapala kikoo dala. 

2. Ka pa ana o ka makani mawaena o 
na puka elua. 

3. Ke kakau ana; he kope. 

4. Ka wae ana. Draft for the army, ka 
wae ana i poe koa no ka puali koa. 

Drag, n. E kauo. 

Drag, n. He hao kahi lepo; he papa 

kauo pohaku, lepo, etc. 
Drain, n. 1. He auwaha e hookahe aku 

ai i ka wai mai ka aina. 

2. Ka hookahe aku ana. 
Drain'age, n. Ka wai i hookaheia aku. 
Drake, n. Manu kaka' kane. 
Dram , n. 1. He ana kaumaha. 

2. Hookahi inu ana o ka wai ona. 
Dra'ma, n. Olelo kike' no ke keaka. 
Dram'a-tlst, n. Kanaka kakau olelo 

kike' no ke keaka 
Drape, V. E hoouhl i ke kapa. 
Drap'er-y, n. Kapa uhi. 
Draught (draft,) n. L Hookahi Inu 


2. Ka hohonu o ke komo ana o ka mo- 
ku i ka wai. 

3. Uulu i-a iloko o ka upena. 
Draughts'inan, n. Kanaka kahakaha 

kii ; kanaka kakau kope. 
Drftw, V. 1. E huki; e kauo. 

2. * E kakau kii. 

3. E ume. Syn. attract. 
Draw'back, n. 1. Kumii kcakea. Syn. 


2. Ka auhau dute i hoihoiia. 

8. He poino ; he poho. 

Draw'brid^e, n. Alahaka i hukila ilu- 

Draw'er, n. He holowaa no ka pahu; 

no ka papa paha. 
Draw'ing, n. 1. He kii i kahaia. 

2. Ka hookahe ana. Drawing off oil 
from a barrel, e hookahe ana i ka aila 
mai ka barela. 

3. Ka ume ana. Syn. attraction. 
Draw'ing- knife, n. Pahi paauma. 

Draw'ing-robm, n. Keena hookipa. 

See parlor. 
Drawl, n. Leo kauo. 
Drawn, adj. Paiwale, hula. A drawn 

battle, he hoouka kaua paiwale. 
Dray'man, n. Kahu kaa ukana. 
Dread, n. Weliweli; eehia. 
Dread'ful, adj. Weliweli; eehia. 
Dream', 7i. He moe; he moeuhane. 
Dream'er, n. Mea moeuhane. 

Drear'y, adj. Neanea; oneanea. 
Dregs, n. Maku, 
Drench, v. Pulu; hoopulu. 
Dress, v. 1. E hookomo lole. Syn. 

2. E hoomakaukau. Syn. prepare. To 
dress food, e hoomakaukaii i ai. 

3. E wahi'. Syn. bind up. To dress a 
wound, e wahi' i ka eh a. 

4. To dress a line of soldiers, e hoopolo- 
lei i ka lalani koa. 

Dress, n. 1. Lole komo. Syn. clothes. 

2. Holoku'. 

3. He uhi no kela me keia mea. Syn. 

Dress'ing, n. 1. Ka laau i kau ia ma- 
luna oka eha. 

2. He mea kipulu aina. 

3. Mea i hookomoia. Syn. stuffing. 
Dres'sing-room, «. Keena hookomo 

Drift, V. E lana wale io ia nei. 
Drift, n. He piha wale. A snow drift, 

piha wale mai o ka hau. 
Drift'w^ood, n. Pihea'. 
Drill, n. 1. Will puka liilii. 

2. Paikau. Syn military drill. 
Drink, v, E inu. 
Drip, V, E kulu. 
Drive, v. 1. E hoo-a'. Drive cattle, 6 

hoo-a bipi. 

2. E hooeueu, hooklkina. To drive 

work, e hooeueu i ka hana. 

8. To drive a hard bargain^ e hoopaa- 

kiki ma ke kuai ana. 

4. Drive with the wind, e kaalelewa. 
Wind driven clouds, na ao kaalelewa. 

Driv'er, n. 1. Kanaka hookele kaa. 

2. Kanaka hoo-a' holoholona. 

3. Kanaka hookikina. 

4. Kanaka hooeueu. 
Drlz'zle, n. Noe; kilihau. 

Droll, adj. Ku i ka aka Syn. funny. 

Drdm'e-da'ry, n. Kamelo puu hookahi. 
Drone, n. 1. Nnlo meli kane. 

2. Jle makahiamoe; he mea loma wale. 
Droop. V. Loha, mae; luhe'. 




Dr6p, TO. 1. He kulu. A drop of water, 
he kulu wai. 
'2. Paka. A drop of rain, he paka u-a. 

Drop, V. E haule; e hoohaule. 

Drop'sy, 71. Mnipehu. 

Dross, w. Opala o ka metala i hoohee- 

Di-outh, n. 1. Ka paa ana o ka u-a 
2. Ka maloo ana o ka aina; ka wi. 

Drove, n. Pu-a holoholona. 

Drov'er, n. Kanaka hoo-a holoholona. 

Drdwn, V. E make ikawai; e lumai. 

Drdw'sy, adj. Makahiamoe, 

Driil)'bing, TO. 1. Ka hahau ana me ka 
2. Ke kui ana me ka puu lima. 

Drtkdge, n. He kauwa kuapaa. 

Driidg'er-y, TO, Hana inea; hana luhi. 

Driig, TO. 1. Laau mea lapaau. 
2. Kela me keia waiwai i lohi ma ka 
lilo ana. A drug in the market, he wai- 
wai 1 hiki ole ke hooliloia ma ka ma- 

Drug'gist, TO. Kanaka kuai laau lapaau. 

Drftm, 71. Pahu kani. 

Drtkm'mer, n. 1. Mea hookani pahu. 
2. He picle waiwai. 

Drdm'stick, to. Laau hookani j>ahu. 

Drunk, adj Ona. Syn. intoxicated. 

Drtlnk'ard, TO. Kanaka ona mau. 

Driink'en, adj. Ona. 

DrOnk'en-ness, n. Kaona. 

Dry, adj 1. Maloo. Dry clothes, lole 

2. Koele; koeleele. J>ry ground, aina 

3. Panoa. Syn. barren. 

4. Makewai. Syn. thirsty. 
Dry, V. E hoomaloo. 

Dry'g«>t>ds, TO. Na lole kuai o kela me 

kcia ano. 
Dry'ness, to Ke ano maloo; ano koele. 
Dry'sliod, adj. Pulu ole o ka wawae. 
Du'al, adj. Pa-lua. 
Du'bi-oiis, adj. Maopopo ole. Syn. 

Duch'ess, TO. Ka wahine juaxe o ie 

Dtkek, TO. He kaka'; he koloa. 
Dtiek, V. E luu iloko o ka wai. 
Duck'ing:, n. Ka luu ana, iloko o ka 

Dfie'tile, adj. Hikl ke hooloihi ia. 
Duds, 11. Lole komo kahiko. 
Due, adj. Aie; kupono. Dae time, wa 

Du'el, TO. Hakaka' o na mea elua. 
Du'el-ist, 71. Kanaka maa i ka haka- 
ka' me ka hoa. 
Du-et', TO. Mele me na leo elua. 
Duke, TO. He 'lii kiekie ma Europa. 
Duke'dom, to. Ke kulana o ke Duke, 

a me kona aina. 

Dtil'cet, adj. Nahenahe. 

jy till, adj. 1. Oiole; pihipihi; kumumu. 

2. Loiele. Syn. slow; stupid. 
D61'lard, to. He mea kolo o ka ike; he 

lolo ma ka naau. 
Du'ly, adv. Pono, Cavne duly to hand, 

hikl pono mai i ka lima. 
Dlirab, adj. Aa; mumule. 
Dfimp'y, adj. Poupou. 
Diin, adj. Ahinahina, 
Diin, TO. Ke koi 'na no ka aie. 
Dfince, TO. He haumanaimi ole; loiele. 
Dung, n. Kukae. 
D&n'geon, n. Hale pouli. 
Du'o-de'num, n. Ka mua o na naau 

Dupe, TO. Mea hoopunihei wale ia. 
Du'pll-cate, to. Lua like, he kope. 
Du-plic'1-ty, n. Ano epa; wahahee. 

Sy'n. deceit; Ij'lng. 
Du'ra-biPi-ty, n. Ano paa; ano mau. 
Du'ra-ble, adj. Paa; mau. 
Dur'ance, n Ka hoopaahao ana. Syn. 

duress' imprisonment. 
Du-ra'tlon, n. Ka mau o ka manawa. 
Du'ress, TO. Ka hoopaaia'uii o ke kino. 
Dur'ing, prep. Oini; 1 ka wa. 
DAsk, TO. Liula'; molehulehu. Syn. twi- 
Dusk'y, adj. L Moolehulehu. Syn. 


2. Hauliuli. 
D&st, TO. Lepo aeae. 
Dust, v. E kahili i ka lepo. 
Dus'ter, n. 1. Kahili no ka lepo. 

2. He kuka pale lepo. 
Dust'y, adj Lepo: paapu i ka lepo. 
Du'ti-a-bie, adj. Ku i ka auhau dute, 
Du'tl-ful, adj. Hoolohe. Syn. obedi' 

Du'ty, TO. L Pono. 

2. He dute waiwai; auhau waiwai. 
Dwtjrf, 71. Hekeko; kanaka a-a; kana« 

ka poupou. 
Dwell, V. E noho mau. Syn. reside; 

Dwel'ler, to. Kamaaina. 
Dwell'ing, n. Wahi noho. Syn. habi- 
tation; residence. 
Dwin'dle, v. 1. E mae. Syn. droop. 

2. E emi liilii. 
Dye (di), v. E hooluu lole; e kupena. 
l>ye'ing, to. Ka hooluu ana i kalole, 
Dy'er, TO. Kanaka kupena lole; kanaka 

hooluu lole. 
Dy-nam'ics, to. Ka mana e nee aku ai. 
Dy'nas-ty, 7i. Kuauhau Moi, o ka oha- 

na hookahi. 
Dys'en-ter'y, ». Mai hi koko. 
Dys-pep'sia, «. Mai o ka opu hoowale 

Dys-pep'tj€, adj. Wale ole o ka ai ma- 
loko o ka opu. 


75 . 



Each, adj. Pakahl. Each one of you, 
oukou pakahi. 
Ra'ger, adj. Ake uui; llnl. 
Kag'er-ly, adv. Me ka lini nui. 
Ea'gle, n. Aeto. 
Ear, n. 1. Pepeiao. 

2. Huhui. An ear of com, he huhui 

Ear'ly, adv. Me ka makaala; me ka wi- 

Earn, (urn), v. E loaa mamuli o ka 

Earn'est, adj. Ikaika ma ka manao. 
Earn'est-ly, adv. Me ka mauao ikaika. 
Earn'lngs, n. Na loaa mamuli o ka 
_ hana. 

Ear'ring, n. Komo pepeiao. 
Ear'sliot, n. Ka lohe o ka pepeiao 

Within earshot, ma ka lohe o ka pe- 
Earth, n. 1. Ka Honua Nei. 

2. Lepo. Fall to the earth, haule 1 ka 
^lepo, or, haule i ka honua. 
Earth'en, adj. Hauaia mai ka lepo pa- 
~ lolo. 

Earth'quake, n. He olai; nauwewe. 
Ease (ez), n. 1. Maha; olu. Syn. 


2. Ano hiki wale no. 
_ 3. Ano palaka. 
Eas'i-ly, adv. Hiki wale no. 
East, n. Hikina. 

East'er, n. Ka la hoomanao no ko 
_ Kristo ala hou ana. 
East'er-ly, adv. or adj. I ka hikina'ku; 
_ raoe aku 1 ka hikina. 
East'ern, adj No ka hikina. 
Easfward, adv. I ka hikina' ku. 
Eag'y, ad/. 1. Hiki wale ; moakaka. 
_2. Maha; pohala. 
Eat, V. £ af ; e pai'na. 
Eat'a-ble, adj. Kupono ke ai 
Eaves, n. Na umalu o ka hale. 
Eaves'drfip'per, n. He mea hakllo. 
il^aves'drop'piug, n. Ka hakilo ana. 
Ebb, n. Ka emi ana. Ebb of the tide, ka 
^ emi ana o ke kai. 
l^h^on-y, n. Laau paa, eleele. 
E>>'ul-1 lotion, n. 1. Ku lapalapa ana. 

o ka wui. 

2. Ka hoee ana. Ebullition of temper, 

ka hoee ana o ka huhu. 
ifce-cen'tric, adj. 1. Ka aul ana mai ke 

kiko waena. 

2. Ano e; like ole me kanaka e. 
Ec'cen-tri'cl-ty, n. Ke ano like ole me 
Ec-cle'si-as'tic, n. Kahunapule. 

Ee-cle'ii-as'tic-al, adj. Pili i ka Eka- 

Ech'o (ek'o), n. He kupinai; e-ko. 
E-cliit' (ek-lii), »t. Ka mahalo nui; ke 

E-clipse', n. He pouli o ka La, ka ma- 

E-clip'tlc, n. Ke ala hele o ka La. 
E-co-nom'ic-al, adj. Malama pono; 

u'hau'ha ole. 
E-eon'o-mist, n. Kanaka jnalama 

E-con'o-mise, v. E malama pono. 

Economise time, e malama pono i ka ma- 

nawa; e kalai pono. 
E-€6n'o-my, n. 1. Ka malama pono; 

ke kalai pono ana. Political economy, 

kalai aina. 

2. Na rula me na loina no kela me keia 

mea. The economy of nature, na rula 
^me na loina o ke ao nei. 
]pe'sta-sy, n. Hauoli piha. 
Edge, 11. 1. Kae. Syn. brim or brink. 

Edge of a precipice, ke kae o ka pali. 

2. Kumu. edge of a tool, kumu o ka 
mea paahana. 

3. Lihi. Edge of cloth, lihi lole. Edge 
of forest, lihi o ka ulu laau. Syn. border 

^ 4. Niao. Edge of board, niao papa. 
Edged, (ejd). adj. Me ke kumu; oi. 
]^d^'ing^7i. Lihilihi lole 
]|;dge' tool', n. Mea oi 
t;dge-wige, adv. Kunihi; lihi. 
Ed'i-ble, adj. Syn eatable. 
E'diet, n. Kanawai i hoolahaia. Syn. 

^ decree. 

Ed'i-fi-ca'tion, n. Ka hoouaauao ana. 

JEd'i-flee, n. Hale uunui. 

l^d'i-fff V. E hoonaauao. 

Ed'it, V. E hooponopono nupepa, a bu- 

ke paha. 
E-di'tion, n. Ka nui o na nupepa, a 

buke paha i paiia i ka wa hookahi. 
Ed'l-tor, n. Luna hooponopono nupepa 

^ a buke paha. 

Ed'i-to'ri-al, n. Manao hoopuka a ka 

. luna hooponopono. 
Ed'l-t<ir-8hlp', n Oihana hooponopono 


Etl'u-«ate, V. E hoonaauao; e ao. Syn. 

^instruct, teach. 

Ed'u-ea'tion, n. Ka hoonaauao ana; 

^ ke ao ana. Syn. instrmftion. 
Ed'u-oa'tiou-al, ar/j. Pill 1 ka hoouar 


Ed'u-ea'tor, n. Kumu ao. Syn. ia- 

_struetor; teacher. 

Eel, n. He puhi. 


. 76 


J5f-face', V. 1. E holoi. Syn. erase. 

To ^ace a mark, e holoi i ke kaha. 

2. E auai. Syn. blot out; obliterate. 
Ef-fect', n. 1. Ka hua o ka hana. 

Cause and effect, ke kumu me koBa hua. 

2. Ka hua o ka olelo. Words without 
effect, na huaolelo hua ole. 

3. Ano. He spoke to that effect, kamai- 
lio oia maiaano. 

4. E ko. To effect a purpose, e ko i ka 

Ef-fects', 01. pi. Na waiwai lewa o kela 

me keia ano. Syn. goods; chattels. 
Ef-fect'u-al, adj. Ko pono. 
Ef-fem'i-nate, adj. Hookohukohu wa- 
^hine la. 

Ef'fer-vesce', v. E pipii; e huahuai. 
Ef'fi-ea'cioiis, adj. Mana. Syn. ef- 
^ f eetual ;''powerf ul. 

Ef''fi-€a-oy, n. Ka mana o ke ko ana. 
_Syn. poVer. 

Ef'fi-gy, n. He kii o ke kanaka. 
Ef flu-eiit, n. He kahawai e kuhe aku 

anamai ka lokowai; a kahawai e ae 

!5^f-flu'vl-um, n. He hauna. 
Erfort, w. He hoao. Syn. attempt; en- 
^ deavor. To make an effort, e hoao. 
Ef-fronf er-y, n. Ano mahaoi; ano 

Ef-f61'g:ence, n. Alohilohi. 
Ef-fu'sionr n. Ka hookahe ana. Ef- 

Jusion of blood, ka hookahe ana o ke 
^ koko. 

Egg, n. He hua, Hen's egg, hua moa. 
E'go-tism, 11. Auohaauou;kaeua wale. 
E'go-tist, TO. Kanaka kaena wale. 
E-^re'giotis, arf/. Lauuaole. Anegre- 
_gioiis mistake, hekuhihewa launa ole. 
E'gress, n. Ka puka ana iwaho. 
Eight (jite), adj. Ewalu. 
Eigh-teen', adj. Umikumamawalu. 
Eight'fold', adj. Pa-walu. 
Eighth, adj. 1. Ka walu. The eighth 

day, ka walu o na la. 

2. Hapa-walu. One eighth, hookahi 

Eight'y, adj. Kanawalu. 
Eith'er (e-ther or i-ther), adj. Ke- 

kahi o namea elua. 
E-jeet', t?. E hookuke; e kiola iwaho. 
E-ject'ment, n. Ka hookuke ana. Writ 
_ of ejectment, palapala hookuke. 
Eke, V. E hoomahuahua; e hooloihi. 

Eke out a living, e hoomahuahua i na 

E-lab'o-rate, adj. Aulii. Syn. per- 
E-lab'o-rate, v. E hana me ka noonoo; 

E hana me ke akahele. Syn. to take 

E-lab'o-rate-ly, adj. Me ke akahele 

oka hana; me ka aulii; me ka mikioi. 
E-lab'o-ra'tiou» n. Ka mikioi ana 

ma ka hana, 
E-lapse', v. E hala. Several days must 

elapse, e hala ana kekahi man la. 
E-las'tie, adj. Holuholu; ILnalina. 

Pili i ka uila. 

E-lnte', V. E hoohoihoi; hooeueu. 

EI 'bow, TO. Kuekue lima. 

El'bow, V. E hookuekue; e hoo-kc'. 

El'der, adj. Kahiko ae. Elder brother, 

^kaikuaana. An Elder, he lunakahiko. 

Eld'est, arfj. Ka oi o ke kahiko. Eld- 
est son, ka makahiapo. 

E-lect', V. Ekoho; e wae. 

E-lect', TO. Poe i kohoia. 

E-lce'tion, n. Ke koho ana. 

E-lec'tion-eer', i;. L E hooholo ba- 
2. E paipai balota. 

E-leet'or, to. Kanaka koho. 

E-Iee'tri-eal,i ""•^• 

Elce-tri'cian, «. Kanaka lawelawe 

E-lec-tric'i-ty, n. Uila, 
El-e-ganoe, to Ka nani. Elegance of 

. atlire, na~ui o ka aahu. 
El'e-gant, adj. Nani; nonohe. 
El'e-gant-ly, adv. A nani. Dress ele* 

^gantly, e aahu a nani 
El'e-gy, n. He mele kanikau. 
El'e-inent, to. 1. He mole; he kumu. 

„ 2. Elements, na mea hookurau. 
El'«-»"<'»it'a-ry, adj. Kumu mua 
El'e-iihant, n. Elepani. 
El'e-vate, v E hapai iluna; e hookie- 

^kie ae. 
El'e-va'tion, n. 1. Kahi kiekie. 

^2. Ka hookiekie ana. 

El'e-va'tor, n. 1. Ka mea e hapai ana, 

2. Ka mea e hookiekie ana. 

3. He pahu nui e pii ana, a e iho aua. 

E-lev'en, adj. Umikumamakabi. 

E-lcv'enth, adj. 1. Ka umikumama- 

2. He hapa— 11. 
E-lIe'it, V, E loaa mamuli o ka ninani- 

nau ana. Syn. bring to light. 
El'i-gi-bil'i-ty, «. Ke kupono. Eligi- 
^ bilily to office, ke kupono no ka oihaua. 
El'i-gi-ble, adj. Kupono. 
E-lim'i-nate, v. E kapai. 
E-lim'i-na'tion, to. Ke kapai ana. 
E-lis'ion, to. Ka oki ana; ke kapai ana. 

Syn. cutting off from. 
El-lipse', 71. Poai-loihi. 
El'o-cfi'tion, w. 1. Ke kamailio; ka 

^2. Ka puana pono ana. 
El'o-eu'lion-iht, 11. Kanaka akamal 

ma ka heluhelu ana. 
E-16n'gate, n. E pauainai; e pakuikui. 
E-16pe% V. E mahukapu; e hoio main'. 
E-lope'iuent, n' Ka nolo malu' ana, o 
^ke kane me ka wahine. 
El'o-quence, to. Ke akamai ma ka hai 
^ olelo. 

El'o-quent, adj, Akamai ma ka olelo. 
El'o-quent'ly, adv. Me ke akamai o ka 
^ olelo. 

Else, pron. E ae. some one else, kekahi 
„ mea e ae. 

Else, adv. I ole. Syn. otherwise. 
Else'where, adv. Ma kahi e. 




E-lu'cl-date, t'. E hoomoakaka; e we- 

hewehe. Syn. explain; make clear. 

E kuailo. 
te-lii'ci-da'tlon, n. Ka hoomaopopo 

anafka wehewehe ana, Syn. explana- 
E-lude', V. E haliu aku; e aloalo'. Syn. 

avoid; shun. 
E-ina'ci-at'ed, adj. Panauea; wiwi. 
£in'a-uate, v. E puka no loko mai. 
^ Syn. proceed from. 

Em-a-na'tion, n, Ka mea I puka mai. 
E-man'ci-pate, v. E hookuu. Syn. 

set free. E kala, 
^-inan^ci-pa'tion, n. Ka hookuu ana. 

Syn. liberation. Ke kala ana, 
E-man'ci-pa'tor, n. Ka mea nana e 

hookuu. Syn. liberator. 
Em-balm', v. E ialoa. 
Em-bank'ment, n. He kapa; he paku. 
Em-bar'go, n. Palapala hoopaa moku, 

i hole Die. 
^m-bark', v. Ee moku. Syn. go aboard. 
Em'bar-ka'tion, n. Ka ee ana i ka 

moku. Syn. going aboard. 
Em-bar'rass-ing, adj. Meae hooulu- 

hua. Syn. confusing. 
Em-bar'rass-ment, n. 1. Ka pihoihoi. 

2. Pilikia. Peamiary embarrassment, 
^ ka pilikia no ke dala ole. 
Em'bas-sy, n. He poe elele aupuni. 
Em-bel'li8h,z'. E hoonani. Embellished 
^v)ith engravings, hoonaniia me na kii. 
Em'bers» 7i. Nanahu enaena. Syn. live 

Em-bez'zle, v. E apuka dala. 
Em-bez'zle-ment, n. Ka apuka ana i 

ke dala. 
Em-bez'zler, n. Mea apuka dala. Syn. 
^ defaulter. 

Em'blem, n. He hoailona; he ouli. 
^Syn. symbol; sign. 

Em'blem-at/ic, adj. E hoailona ana. 
Em-bod'y, v. E hoohui. To embody 

thought, e hoohui manao. 
Em-bold'en, v. E hoo-a'-a'. 
^m-brace', v. E hii; e puliki. 
Em'bro "ea'tion, n. Laau hamo. 
Em-broid'er, v. E hoonionio; e hana 

Em-broid'er-y, n. Lihilihi lole. 
Em-broil', V. E hoohaunaele; e hoala 
^1 kahakaka. 

5m'bry-o, v. Ka mole; kamakamua. 
Em'er-ald, n. Pohaku momi; emerala. 
E-mer^e', v. E puka mai. 
E-mer'gen-cy, n. Pilikia ulla \vale 
^mai; pilikia Kuhevva. 
Em'er-v, n. Lepo metala, mea anal. 
E-met'lc, TO. Laau hoo-luai. 
Emk'i-grant, n. Mea baalele aina ha- 
^nau anoho makaalna e. 
Em'i-grfite, v. E haalele alna hanau. 
Em-i-grii'tion, n. Ka haalele aina. 
EmM-nence, TO. 1. Kahi kiekie. On an 

eminence 'm.a. kahi kiekie. 

2. Kulana kiekie. Eise to eminence, e 

pii i ke kulaua kiekie. 

Em'i-nent, adj. Kiekie ; kaulaua. Syn. 
. distinguished ; celebrated. 
Em'is-8a-ry, n. He kin. Syn. spy. 
E-mit', v. 1, E hoopuka. Emit a sound, 

e hoopuka I leo. 

2. E mohala; e moani. To emit fra- 
grance, e moani. 
E-mol'u-ment, n. Ka loaa; ka puka. 

Emoluments of office, na loaa o ka oinaua. 
E-mo'tion, n. 1. Pihoihoi. Syn. agi- 

2. Manao. Syn. feeling. A joyful emo- 
^tion, he manao hauoli. 
Em'per-or, to. He Emepero. 
IKm'pha-sis, TO. Ke kalele ana o ka leo. 
Em'pha-size, 1. E kalele leo. 

2. E hoomaopopo lea. 
Em-phat'ie, adj. Loa. An emphatic 

denial, he hoole loa, 

2. Koikoi; ano nui. An emphatic 

thought, he manao koikoi. 
Em-phat'ie-al-ly, adv, 1. Io;.maoli. 

Emphatically 80, pela io no; or, pela 

maoli no. 
^2. Me ka leo koikoi. 
Em'pire, to. 1. Aupuni o ka Emepero. 

2. Ka mana nui. 
Em-ploy', V. 1. E lawelawe. Syn. use. 

2. E hoolimalima. Syn. hire. 

3. E hoohana; hoounauna. Syn. work. 
Em-ploy', TO. Hana. To be in the em- 
ploy of one, e noho ma ka hana o ke- 

Em-ploy'er, to. Haku hana. 
Em-ploy'm«nt, TO. Hana; oihana. Syn. 

business; occupation. 
Em-pow'er, v. E kau mana aku. Syn. 
„ authorize. 

Eixi'press, TO. Emepera wahine. 
Emp'ti-ness, w. Ka nele; ka waiho 
^ kaawale ana. 
Einp'ty, adj. Nele: hakahaka; kaawale. 

An empty house, he hale kaawale. An 

empty head, he poo hakahaka; or, he 
^ poo nele i ka ike. 
Emp'ty, v. E ninini: e kiola aku. 
Em'u-late, v. E hooikaika i like. 
Em'u-la'tion, to. Ka hooikaika ana i 
^like. Syn. competition. 
Em'u-loiis, a^'. Ake nui e like. 
En-a'ble, v. E kokua. Syn. assist. 
En-act', V. E hooholo i kanawai. 
En-&ct'ment, n. 1. He kanawai i hoo- 

holoia, Syn. act. 

2. Ka hooholo ana i ke kanawai. 
En-€amp'ment, n. Wahi e hoomoana 

ai. Syn. camp. 
En-chain', v. E hoopaa. To enchain 

the attention, e hoopaa i ka manao. 
En-ch&iit', V. 1. £ hoohalua i ka ma- 

2. E hooholhoi. Syn. delight. 

8. E hana kilokilo. Syn. bewitch. 
En-cir'ele, v. E hoopuui; e poai apuni. 
En-c6re' (oiig-kor';, n. E kaheae nana 

En-cdon'ter, v. E halawai he alo he 





En-cdur'agfe, v. E hooland, manao; e 

^ hoohoihoi. 

En-cdur'age-ment, n. Ka hooikaika 
ana i ka manao. 

En-eour'ag-ing, adj. Hoihoi; hoohoi- 

En-croach', v. E komo hewa. Syn. 

En-eroach'ment, n. Ke komo bewa 
ana. Syn. intrusion. 

En-cum'ber, v. E hookaumaha; e hoo- 
hihia; hoopilikia. Syn. overload; em- 

Eii-€iim'braiis®» *i- !• He haawe kau- 

2. He aie'. An encumbered estate, he 
waiwai i hookaumahaia i ka aie'. 

En'cy-clo-pe'dl^a, n. Buke hoike po- 
kole no kela me keia mea. 

find, 71. Kahopena. The end of all things, 
ka hopena o ha mea a pau. 

2. Ka piko. End of a rope, ka piko o 
ke kaula. 

3. Ke kala. End of a kov^e, ke kala 
o ka hale. Syn. gable. 

4. Welau. End of a board, ka welau o 
ka papa. Ends of the earth, na welau o 

„ka honua. 

End, V. E hoopau; e hoo-oki. 
En-dan'grer, v. E hoopilikia. 
En-dear', v. E halialia ke aloha; e hoo- 

nui i ke aloha; e paiauma. Endearing 

affection, aloha paiauma. 
En-dear'mertt, n. Hana hoomlllmili; 

hana hoala aloha. 
En-deav'or, n. Ka hoao ana. Sy^. ef- 
^fort; attempt. 
End'ing, n, Ka pau ana. 
End'less, adj. Pau ole; mau lOft. 
En-dorse', v. 1. E apono. 

2. E kakau inoa ma ke kua o ka hila 

3. E kakau kokua i ka inoa ma ko hai 
hila aie'. 

En-dow, V. E hoolako. To endow a 
school, e hoolako ke kula i ke dala. 

En-ddw'ment, n. Ka hoolako ana. 
En-diir'ance, n. Hoomanawanui; a- 

V. 1. E hoomanawanui; e 



2. E mau. 
^mau loa. 
End'wise, \ 
En'e-my, n. 

Endure for ever, e mau a 

adv. Ma ka welau. 
He enemi. 

Makaala; noke. Syn. 

En'er-gref ic, adj. 

^ active ; vigorous. 

En'er-gry, n. Ikaika o ka manao; kuoo; 

kamaehu. Syn. vigor; spirit. 
E-ner'vate, v. E hoonawaliwali; hoo- 

palupalu. Syn. enfeeble. 
En'er-va'tion, n. Ka hoonawaliwali 

ana^ Syn. enfeeblement. 
En-force', v. E hooko'. 

En-fran'chise, v. E haawl i na pono 

En-ga^e', v. 1. E kauoha. Syn. 
speak for. 

2. E hoolimalima. Syn hire. 

3. E ae paa. Syn. agree. 

4. E paa i ka hana. Syn. employ. 
Engaged in business, paa ma ka oihana; 
komo ma ka oihana. 

5. Ehooukakaua. 

En-gag^ed', adj. 1. Lilo. Syn. spoken 


2. Hoopalau. Syn. betrothed ; espoused. 

S. Paa i ka hana. Syn. busy. 
En-gage'ment, n. 1. Olelopaa. Syn. 


2. Ka hoopalau ana. Syn. betrothal. 

3. Hoouka kaua. Syn. combat; battle. 
En-ga^ing, adj. Aulii; kohu. Syn. 

^ attractive. 

En'glne, n. Enikini; mikini; mea ko- 
^ kua 1 ka hana o ka lima. 
En'grin-eer', n. 1. Kanaka malama 


2. Civil engineer, kanaka ana aina; ana 

alanui, etc. 
En'glish, adj. Beritania. English lanr 

guage, olelo Beritania. 
En-grave', v. E kahakaha. 
En-grav'er, 71. Mea kahakaha kii. 
En-grav'ing, n. 1. Ke kahakaha ana, 

2. Kii i kahala. 
En-gross', v, 1. E kakau poepoe. 

2. E hoopaa. To engross the attention, 
e hoopaa loa i ka noonoo. 

3. Lilo loa. The work engrosses all his 
time, lilo loa kona mauawa i ka hana. 

En-gross'ment, n. 1. Ke kakau poe- 

2. Ka lilo loa ana o ka manao; a 
manawa paha. 

En-hance', v. E hoonui ae. Syn. in- 

E-nig'ma, n. Olelo nane. Syn. puzzle. 

En-join', v. 1. E kauoha; e koi. 
2. E papa mamuli o ke kanawai. 

En-j6y', v. E hoihoi; e lealea; e olioli. 

En-j«5y'ment, n. He lealea; he olioli; 
he hauoli. 

En-larg-e', V. 1. E hoomahuahua; & 

2. E hoonui olelo. Enlarge upon a sub- 
ject, e hoonui olelo ma ke kumu ma- 

En-light'en, v. E hoonaauao; hoo-ma- 
lamalama. Syn. instruct. 

En-lighf en-ntient, n. Ka hoonaauao 

En-llst', V. 1. E kakau inoa no kekahl 

2. E hoala. To enlist the sympathy, e 
hoala i ka manao kokua. 

En-llst'ment, n. Ke komo ana. En- 
listment in the cause of education, ke 
komo ana ma ka oihana. hoonaauao. 

En-liv'en, v. E hoo-hoihoi; hoo-eu-eu; 
^ hoo-lalelale. 

En'ml-ty, n. Ke ku-e'; enemi ma ka 
noho ana. 

En-no'ble, v. E hoohanohano. 




fi-nor'mi-ty, n. Ka ino loa; ka hohonu 

o kaiuo. Syn depravity. 
£-n6r'inoils, adj. Nul loa; weliweli 

kauui. Syn. immense. 
E-noCigh' (e-nfif), adj. Lawa. Syn. 

En-quireS V. E ninau aku. Syn. in- 
Eu-ril^e', V. E hoopiha i ka inaina. 
En-rleh', v. 1. E hoolako. Syn. to 

make rich. 

2. E kipulu. Syn. fertilize. 
En-roll', -y. E kakau inoa ma ka papa 

En-roll'ment, n. Ke kakau ana o ka 
^ inoa ma ka papa inoa. 
En'sign, n. 1. Ka mea nana e lawe i 

ka hae. 

2. He hae. 
En-slave', v. E hookauwa kuapaa. 
En-slave'inent, n, Ka hookauwa ana. 
En-sue',?;. Ehahai. Evil will ensue, e 

hahal auanei ka ino. 
:5n-tan'gle, v. E hoohihia. 
En'ter, v. 1. E hookomo. To enter an 

account, e hookomo i ka inoa ma ka bu- 

ke helu. 

2. To enter a business, e komo aku ma 
ka oihana. 

3. To enter an action, e hoopii. Syn. 

En'ter-prise, n. Hana nui. SYN. un- 

^ dertaking. 

En'ter-pris'ingf, adj. Aa i ka hapai ana 

^ i ka hana nui. 

En'ter-tain', v. 1. E hookipa. Enter- 
tain strangers, e hookipa i na maHhiui. 
2. E hoo-oluolu; e hoo-hoihoi. 

En'ter-tain'er, n. Mea hookipa, 

En'ter-tain'ment, n. Ke kipa ana. 

En-thu'si-ftsm, n. Ka hoihoi o ka ma- 
nao; ke ano hoolalelale. 

En-thu'si-ast'ic, adj. Piha i ka hoi- 

En-tice', v. E hoowalewale ; e onou. 

En-tice'ment, n. K a hoowalewale; ka 

onou ana. Syn. seduction. 
En-ti'cer, «. Mea nana e hoowalewale; 

mea onou. Syn. seducer. 
En-tire', adj. Holookoa; pauloa. 
En-tire'iy, adv. Loa. Entirely finished, 

pau loji i ka hana ia. Syn. completely. 

Entirely subdued, laka loa. 
En-ti'tle, V. E hoo-kuleana. 

En -tomb' (tffbm), v. E hookomo ma 

En'to-mdl'o-g^ist, n. Kanaka Ike no 

^na mea kolo. 
En'to-nidl'o-g:y, n. Ka ike no na mea 

^ kolo. 

En'trails, n. Na naau liilll. 

En'trance, n. 1. Ke komo ana. 
,2. Kahi e komo ai. 
En-trance', v. E hoohoihoi; hoohauoli. 

Syn. enrapture. 
En-trftp', V. E hoohalua; e uplkl. Syn. 


En-treat', v. E koi ; e nol haahaa. Syn- 

Bupplicate; petition. 
En-treat'y, n. Ka noi haahaa. Syn. 
En'try, n. SYn. entrance. 
E-nu'mer ate, v. E helu pakaki. 
E-nu'mer-a'tion, n. Ka helu ana. 
E-nfin'ci-ate, v. E hai maopopo mai. 
En-vel'op, v. 1. E hoopaapu. Envel- 
oped in smoke, hoopaapuia i ka u-ahi. 

2. E wahi' i kekahi mea. Syn. wrap 
En'vel-ope, n. 1. Wahi leta. 

2. Wahi'. Syn. wrap. 
En'rl-ous, adj. Hoo-nuo'i; huahuwa'; 

En-vi'rons, n. Na wahi e hoopuni ana 
^i ke kulanakauhale. 
En'voy, n. He elele kiekie o ke aupu- 
^ni. Syn. ambassador. 
En'vy, V. Huahuwa'; lili. 
Ep'au-let, n. Lei poohiwi. 
E-phem'e-ral, adj. Hee wale; pau ko- 
^ke. Syn. fleeting. 
Ep'i-eure, n. Kanaka manao nui i na 

mea ai me na mea inu. 
Ep-i-dem'ie, n. He mai laha. 
Ep-i-der'nais, w. Ka ili. Syn. skin. 
Ep-i-gl6t'tis, n. He uhi no ka puka e 
^ alakai ana i ke ake mama. 
Ep'i-lep-sy, n. Mai lo'lo'. 
E-pIs'co-pa-cy, n. Ka oihana bihopa. 
E-pis'co-palT adj. Pili i ka ekalesia 

:^-pi8'tle, n. Palapala. Syn. letter. 
Ep'i-taph, n. He olelo i kahaia ma ka 
^pohaku ilina. 

Ep'i-thet, n. Hua olelo hoike pono i 
\. ke ano. 

lEp'ocli (ep'ok), n. He wa kaulana. 
Eq'ua-ble, adj. Kaulike; kupono. 
E'qual, n. Mea like. An equal, h.Q hoh 

ma ke kulana like. 
E-qual'i-ty, w. K a like. 
E'qual-ly, adv. Like a like. 
E'qua-niui'i-ty, n. Oluolu o ka manao. 
E-qua'tion, n. He kaulike; ke kau 

like ana o na kuaniti elua. 
E-quJi'tor, n. Poai waena honua. 
E'qua-to'rl-al, ady. Fill i ka poai 

E-ques'tri-an, n. Mea hooholo lio. 
E'q&i-an'gu-lar, adj. Huina-like. 
j|;'qui-dis'tant, adj. Kaawale like. 
E'qui-lat'er-al, adj. Aoao like. 
E'qul-llb'ri-um, n. Kaumahallke. 
E'quine, adj. Pili i ka lio. 
E'qui-noc'tinl, adj. or n. Ka poai wa- 
ena o ke aouli ; a hiki ka la ilaila ua li- 
_ kl ke ao mo ka po ma na wahi a pau. 
E'qni-nox, n. ka wa i like a like ke ao 

me ka po ma na wahi a pau. 
E-qnIp', V. E hoolako a makauknu. 
Eq'ui-page (ek'wi-pej),7t. 1. Naukali 

o kela me keia ano. 

2. Na kahiko o kela me keia ano. 
E-quip'xaent, n, Na lako hoomakau- 





E'qui-poise, n. *Ke kaupaona like. 
„ Syn. equilibrium. 

Eq'ui-ta-ble, adj. Kaulike; kupono. 
„Syn. fair; just. 

Eq'ui-ty, n. Ke kaulike; ka hoopono. 
JE-quiv'a-lent, n. Ka mea waiwai like. 
E-quIv'o-cal, adj. Epa-epa; wahahee. 
E-quiv'o-cate, v. E olelo epa; e hoo- 
E'ra, n. He au ; he wa. The Christian 

era, ke au Kristiano. 
E-rad'i-eate, V. 1. E anal. Syn. erase. 

2. E uhuki; e hehuae. Syn. extirpate. 
E-rage', v. E holoi. Syn. efface; ob- 
literate. To erase a writing, e holoi i ka 

mea 1 kakauia. 
E-ra'sion, ) Ka holoi ana o ka mea 
E-ra'sure,) i kahaia a kakauia paha. 
Ere (&r), prep, and adv. Mamua; ma- 

E-reet', ad/. Kupololei; kupono. Syn. 

E-re€t% v. 1. E kukulu. 

2. E hoo-ku' pololei. 
E-rec'tion, n. 1. Ke kukulu ana. 

2. Ka mea i kukuluia. 
Erelong', adv. Aole liuliu. 
Err, V. E kuhihewn; e lalau. 
Er'rand, n. He kumuhoounanna. To 

send on an errand, e hoounauna. 
Er-raf ic, adj. Keekee ; kuawili. 
Er-ra'tum, n. Hewa ma ka nai ana. 
Iglr-rd'ne-oiis, adj. Hewa; kuhihewa. 
Er'ror, w. 1. Hewa. Syn. evil; sin. 
^2. Kuhihewa; lalau. Syn. mistake. 
Er'u-dite, adj. Naauao. Syn. learned. 
Er-u-di'tion, n. Ka naauao; ka ike. 

Syn. learning. 
E-riip'tion, n. 1. He puupuu ma ke 

^2. Ka pahu' ana o ka pele. 
Er'y-sip'e-las, n. He mai ulanla kolo; 

ano lain a. 
Es-cape', v. E holoapakele;ehee aku. 
, Way of escape, kahi e pakele al. 
Es-cheat', v. E hoi hou i ka haku aina; 

a ike aupuni paha. 
Es-cliew', V. E haalele;e kaaokoa'ku. 

Eschew evil, e haalele i ka hewa. Syn. 

forsake; avoid. 
Es-cort', V. 1. E huakai hoohano- 

^2. E ukali i mea malama. 
Es'eort, n. 1. He huakai hoohanohano. 
^ 2. He poe koa ; mea malama, 
Es'cri-toir (es-cri-twar), n. Pahu 

kakau palapala. Syn. writing desk; 
^ secretary. 

Es'eu-lent, w. Mea kupono ke al. 
E-sopli'a-gtis, 71. Xapuu. Syn. gullet. 
Es-pe'cial-ly, adv. Oiaiohoi. 
JEs'pi-on-age, n. Ka hoomaka'kiu. 
Es'pla-nade', n. Wahi kaawale iloko 

o ke kulanakauhale. 
Es-pfius'al, n. Ka hoopalau ana. 
Es-pduse', V. 1. E hoopalau. Syn. 


2. E kokuamamuli okekahl mea. 

Es-say' v. E hoao. Syn. endeavor 

^ Essay to go,e hoao e hele. 

Es'say, n. He kumumanao i hakuia. 

:^8'8ay-ist, n. Mea haku manao. 
Es'sence, n. 1. Hewaiala. 

2. Kai'o; ke anonui. Syn. meaning. 
Es-sen'tial, adj. Kupono loa, Syn. 

Es-tab'lish, v. 1. E hoonohonoho. 

Establish boundaries, e hoonohonoho pa- 

lena aina. Syn. settle. 

2. E hookumu; hookahua. Establish 
schools, e hookumu i na kula. 

3. E hookupaa. Establish principles, e 
hookupaa i na loina. 

Es-tab'iish-inent, n. L Ka hoonoho- 
noho ana. 

2. Hale oihana. A printing establish' 
vient, he hale pal palapala. 

Es-tate'. 71. 1. Waiwai. Syn. property. 
Real estate, waiwai paa. PersonaL 
estate, waiwai lewa. 

2. Kulana, Syn. rank. High estate^ 
kulana kiekie. 

3. Kekahi ona mana o ke aupuni. 
Es-teem', v. E mahalo nui. 

Eg'ti-ma-ble, adj. Mahaloia. 

Es'tl-mate, n. E noonoo no kanuio 

>^ kekahi mea. 

Es'ti-ina'tion, n. 1. Ka noonoo ana. 

Syn. computation. 

2. Ka mahalo. A high estimation, he 

mahalo nui. 
Es-tran^e', v. E hoohuli ku-e'. Syn. 

Es-tran^e'ment, n. Ka hoohuli ku-e' 
^ ana o ka manao. Syn. alienation. 
Es-tray', n. He holoholona hele hewa^ 

E-ter'nal, adj. Mai kinohi a mau loa 
aku. The Eternal, Ke Akua Mau Loa. 
E-ter'ni-ty, n. Ke Ao pau ole. 

Eth'ics, n, K& ike e pili ana i ka hoike 

Eth-n61'o-^y, n. Ka olelo e pili ana i 
^ kela me keia lahui, ma kona ano. 
Et'i-quette (et'i-ket) n. Na rula no 
^ ka launa pono aoa. 

Et'y-mdl'o-gist, n. Kanaka imi i ke 
^ ano o na hua olelo. 
Et'y-mol'o-gy. 7i. Ka ike i imi i ke ku« 

mu o kela me keia hua olelo. 
Eu'lo-grize, V. E mahalo nui ma ka 

Eu'lo-gy, n. He haiolelo e haawi ana i 

ka mahalo. Syn. encomium. 
Eu'pho-ny, n. Ke kani pono o ka leo 

ma ka puana leo. 
Eu'ro-pe'an, adj. No Europa. 

E-va€'u-ate, v. 1. E haalele. Syn. 

quit; vacate. 

2. E hoonaha' laau lapaau. 
E-vac'u-a'tion, n. 1. Ka haalele ana. 

2. Ka hoonaha' ana. 

3. Hana lepo. 

E-vade, n. E alo ae; e huli ae. Syn. 
avoid; elude. 




Ev'a-nds'cent, adj. Pau wale; lele 

koke; hee wale; mahani. The thought 

has escaped me, inahani aku nei ka 
Ev'an-gel'ie-al, adj. Kulike me ka 

euauelio. Syn. orthodox. 
E-van'gel-ist, n. He haiolelo. 
XI-van'g:el-ize> a. E hoohuli mamuli o 

ka euanelio. 
E-vap'o-rate, v. E omo wai 1 ka wela. 
E-va^>'o-ra'tion, n. Ka omo ana o ka 

wai 1 ka wela. 
E-vas'ive, adj. Lauwili; pololei ole. 
_ An evasive answer, he haina lauwili. 
Eve, n. Ahiahi. Syn. evening. 
E'ven, adj. 1. Laumania. An even sur- 
face, ill laumania, 

2. Kau-like. An even number, helu 

_ 8. ( Adv.) Even so, pela i'o no. 
Ev'en-lne:, n. Ka na-po' ana o ka la; ke 
_ ahiahi; kaliula'. 
Ev'en-ly, arfv. Like a like. To divide 

evenly, e mahele like a like. 
E-vent', w. 1. He hananui; he ouli. 
_2. Kameaikoia. 

E - ven t' f ul, acy. Paapu i na hananui. 
E'ven-tlde, n. Syn. evening. 
Ev'er, adv. 1. Kekahi wa, 

2. Mau. Forever and ever, mau, a mau; 

la ao aku. ia ao aku. 
E v'er-glade, n. Aina i uhiia i ka wai a 
^meke mauu. 

Ij^v'er-green, n. Laauuliuli mau. 
Ev'er-last'ing, adj. Mau loa, Syn. 

Ev'er-y, adj. Pau loa. Each and every 
^ one, pau loa, kela me keia. 
Ev'er-v-where, adv. Ma na wahl a 

pau; null moku. 
E-vIct', V. E kipaku. Syn. eject. 
E-vic'tlon, n. Ke kipaku ana. Syn. 

Ev'i-dence, n. Olelohoike. Syn. testi- 

Ev'i -dent, ad/. Moakaka; maopopolea. 
E v'i-dent-ly, adv. Maopopo lea. 
E'vil, n. 1. He ino. Svn. sin; hewa. 

2. Poino. Syn. disaster. 
E-vince', v. E hoike. Syn. show. To 

evince determination, e hoike i ka manao 

E-voke', a. 1. E kahea. To evoke assist- 
ance, e kahea i kokua. Syn. call forth. 

2. E hoike. To evoke the powers of the 

mind, e hoike mai i na mana o ka noo- 
Ev'o-lu'tion, n. Ka hoomohala ana, 

mal ke kumu mai. 
E-vdlve', V. E hoomohala no loko mai; 

e unuhi ae no loko mal. 
Ewe (yu), n. Hipa wnhine. 
Ew'er (yuer,) 71. Pikawai. 
Ex-&ct', adj. Like loa. Syn. precise. 
Ex- Act', V. E koi. Exact tribute, e kol I 

ka auhau. 
Es-ftct'ing:, adj. Paaklkl; oolea. An 

exacting man, he kanaka paaklkl. 

E3-&c'tion, n. 1, Ke kol ana me ka 

mana o ke kanawai. 

2. Ka meal koi ia. 
E J- aet/ly, adv. 1. Pela i'o. Exactly so, 

pela i'o no. Syn. precisely. 

2. Like loa. 
Ex-ag'grer-ate, V. Ehoonuiae; e haar 

Ex-ag'ger-at-ed, adj. Oi ae i ko ka 

Ex-ag'ger-a'tlon, n. Ka hoonui ana 

mamuaoka mea oiaio: kahaanuiana. 
Ex-alt', V. 1. E hookJekie ae. Right- 
eousness exalteth a nation, hookiekie ae 

la ka pono i ka lahui. 
, 2. E noano. Syn. laud; praise. 
Ex'al -taction, 71. 1. Ka hookiekie ana. 

2. Ka hoano ana. 
Ex-al fed, adj. 1. Kiekie. Syn. high. 

2. "Hookiekieia'e. Syn. elevated. 
Ex-am'i-iia'tion, n. 1. Ka imi ana; 

ka hull ana. Syn. investigation. 

2. He hoike. A school examination, he 

hoike kula. 
Ex-am'ine, v. 1. E mill. Syn. look 

into carefully. 

2. Ninaninaii. Examine a witness, e ui- 

naninau i ka hoike. 

8. E hoike. Examine a school, e hoike 

Es-am'in-er, w. Mea nana e mill ; na- 
na e hoike, etc, 
Ex-am'ple, n. 1. He ninau hoomaa- 


2. He kumu hoohalike. Syn. pattern. 
Ex-as'per-ate, v. E hoonaukiuki. 
Ijlx-as'per-a'tlon, n, Ka ukiuki ino. 
Ex'ea-vate, V. Ekohi;eeli. Svn. dig. 
Ex'ea-va'tion, n. Ka lua i eliia. 
Ex-ceed' v. E oi aku; e pakela'ku. 

Syn. surpass; transcend. 
Ex-ceed'ing-ly, adv. Loa. Exceeding- 
ly small, makalii loa. Exceedingly great, 

nunui loa. 
Ex-ceP, V. E kela. Syn. surpass; exceed. 
Ex'cel-lence. n. Ka maikai oi. 
Ex'cel-len-cy, n. luoa hanohano no ke 
, kiaaina, a tuhina aupuni jjaha. 
Ex'cel-lent, adj. Maikai oi; kilohana, 
Ex-cept', V. 1. E hoohalahala; e ku-e' 

i ka olelo. Syn. object. 

2. E hookoe. Syn. exclude. 
Ex-cept'. prep. 1. Koe. Syn. not In- 

2. Ke ole. Syn. unless. 
Ex-c^pt'ing^, prep. Koe;koenae. 
Ex-cep'tioii, n. 1. Ke ku-e' ana 1 k& 


2. Ka mea pill ole; ka mea i koe. 
Ex-c6p'tion-a-ble, adj. Kupono olej 

ku'i ka hoohalahala ia. 
Ex-cess', 71. 1. Ka meakaulele; kaoL. 

2. "Kau'ha-u'ha. Syn. dissipation. 
Ex-ces'slve, a<^'. Kaulele; oi pakela. 
Ex-chan^e', V. Ehaawipanai; epanai. 
Ex-chan^e', n. Kahi e kuka'ai o kapoe 

kalepa. Merchants' exchange^ hui kuJta' 

o ka poe kalepa. 




Ex-cheq'uer (eks-chek-er), n, Wal- 
. houa dala o ke aupuni. 
Ex'cise, n. Ka dute waiwai. Syn. duty. 
Ex-cit'a-ble, adj. Pihoihol wale; pu- 

iwa ; kapallli wale ka houpo. 
Ex-cite', v. 1. E hoohoihoi ; e hoopUioi- 


2. E hooeueu; ehoolalelale. Syn. in- 

3. E hoala. Excite a disturhance^ e ho- 
ala i ka haunaele. 

Ex-cifing,^. a. Hoopihoihoi; hoopili- 

hua. Exciting titnes, wa hoopilihuaai 
^ka manao. 
Ex-cite'ment, n. 1. Ka pihoihol. 

2. "Ka hoihoi o ka naau. 

8. Uluao'a; haunaele. Syn. disturb- 
Ex-claiin% v. E kahea nui; e hooTio. 
Ex'ela-ma'tion, ?t. He kahea nui; he, 
Ex'ela-ma'tion point, n. Kiko pu- 

iwa (!). 
Ex-el am'a-to-ry, adj.. Ano hoo'ho; 

ano puiwa o ka leo. 
Ex-elude', v. E panl aku; e pale aku 

iwaho. Syn. debar. 
Ex-elu'slve, adj 1. Heluoleia. Syn. 


2. laiihi; nohokaawale; launa ole. 
Ex-elu'sive-ly, adv. Wale no. Yours 
^exclusively, nou. wale no. 
Ex'cotn-mu'Tii-eate, v. E okiaku. 
Ex-eres'cence, n. He puu ulu wtile mal. 
Ex-eru'cl-at-ing, adj. Mahuahua loa 

oka eha^ 
Ex-eftl'pate, v. E kaaokoa i ka hewa. 

Syn. exonerate. 
Ex-eur'sion, n Ka hele makaikai i kau 

Ex-eiis'a-ble, adj. Kupono ke kalaia, 
Ex-euse, (ex-kuz'), v. E kala. 
Ex-cuse' (ex-kus'), n. He olelo apono. 
. Syn. apology. 

Ex'e-era-ble, ac(j. Ino loa. Syn. de- 
Ex'e-erate, v. B hooino; e olelo ino. 
^Syn. curse. 

Ex'e-eute, v. 1. E hooko'. Syn. per- 
_ 2. E hoomake, mamuli o ke kanawai. 
Ex'e-eu'tion, n. 1. Ka hooko' ana, 

Syn. performance. 

2. Ka hoomake ana. 
Ex'e-eu'tion-er, n. Kanaka hoomake 

mamuli o ke kanawai. 
Ex-ee'u-tive, n Mana, a poe paha, 

hooko kanawai. 
Ej-ce'u-tor, n. Kahu hooko kauoha 

no ka waiwai hooilina. 
Ex-ee'u-trix, n. Kahu wahiue hooko' 
^ kaiioha. 
Ex-em'pla-ry, adj. Kupono ke hoo- 

halike ia. 
Ex-em'pli-fy, v. E hoikeike hoomaa- 

Ex-empt', adi. Hookuuia. Exemptfrom 

taxation, hookuuia mai ka auhau. 

Ex-empt', V. E hookuu ; e hookaawale. 
Ej-emiVtion, n. Ka hookuu ana. Ex' 

eruption from taxes, ka hookuu ana mai 

na auhau. 
Ex'er-cise, n. 1. Ka hooikaika kino, 
^ 2. He haawina hoomaamaa. 
Ex'er-cise, v. 1. E hooikaika kino, 

2. E fioohana. Syn. employ; use. 
Es-ert', V. 1. Ehoo-eu'eu; hoolalelale. 

2. E hooikaika. Syn. put forth ett'ort. 
Ex-Hr'tion, n. Ka hooikaika ana. Syn. 

eifort. Great exertion, ka hooikaika nui. 
Ex-hale', t;. E moani; e mohala. Syn. 

Es-hausf , V. 1. E hoopau. Syn, 


2. E paupauaho. Syn. weary. 

3. E nooraaluhiluhi loa. Syn. tire out. 
Ex-liau8'tioii, n. 1. Ka paupauaho. 

2. Maluhiluhi; naenae. Syn. weari- 

8. Ka hoopau loa ana. 
Ex-hau8t'le88, adv. Pau ole. Syn. 

Ej-hib'it, -». Ehoike; e hoikeike. Syn. 

show; display. To exhibit goods, e 
^ hoikeike i ua waiwaL 
Ex'hi-bi'tion, n. 1. He hoikeike. Li- 

ternational exhibition, he hoikeike o na 

lahui nui. 

2. He hoike hai olelo. A school exhibit 
_ tion, hoike haiolelo no ke kula. 
Ex-hil'a-rate, v. E hoo-eu'eu'; hoo- 

hoihoi. Syn. cheer; enliven. 
Ex-hil'a-ra/tlon, n. Ka hoihoi o ka ma- 
nao. Syn. animation. 
Ex-liorf , V. E paipai; e kauleo. Syn. 
, counsel. 

Ex'hor-ta'tlon, n. Olelo paipai. 
Ex-hort'er, Ti. Mea paipai. 
i^JxL-hume, v. E huaf. Syn. disinter. 
Ex'i-gen-cy, n. Pilikia kuhewa; pilf- 
^kiakuilca wa. Syn. necessity. 
Ex-ile, n. He kuewa. 
Ej-on'er-ate, v, E kaaokoa i ka hewa. 

Syn. exculpate. 
Ej-di/bi-tant, adj. Kaulele; pakela 

loa, Syn. excessive. 
Ex-6r'cise, v. E mahiki. 
Ex-6t'ic, n, Mea ulu malihini maka 

Ex-pand', 17. 1. E hoomohala. Syn, 


2. E moana. Syn. spread out. 
Ex-panse', Ti. Ke akea. The expanse 

of tJie heavens, ke akea o na lani. 
^ Ex-pan'sion, n. 1. Ka mohala ana* 

2. Kahooakeaana. 
Ex-pa'ti-ate, v. E hooakea i ka olelo; 

e kamailio akea, 
Ex-pa'tri-ate, v. E wailana. Syn. 

]|:x-peet, V. E kakalL 
£x'i>ee-ta'tiou, n. 1. Ke kali ana o 

ka manao. 

2. Makemake. Syn. desire. 
Ex-pec'to-rant, Ti, Laau kunu. 
Ex-peeto-rate, v. E kuha. 




Ifcx-peMl-en-cy, n. Ke kiipono. SYiT. 

Ex-pe'di-ent, adj. Kupono. Syn. de- 

^ sirable. 
Ex'pe-d1t«, V. E hoohiklwawe. Syn. 

^hasten; accelerate. 

Ex'pe-di'tion, n. 1. Ka hikiwawe; ka 

^2. Hehananui. 

Ex'pe-di'tlotisf, adj. HiklTVawe; wiki- 
Ex-pel', V. E hookuke; e kipaku. 
Ex-pend', v. E tioolilo. SYN. spend. 
Ex-pend'i-ture, n. Ka hoolilo ana. 
Ex-pense^ n. Lila. SYN. cost. 

Ex-pen'sive, adj .Nui o ka lilo; kuinu 

kuai nui. 
Ex-pe'ri-ence, n. Ka ike i loaa mamull 

o kahana; He ike iiio. 
Ex-pe'ri-enced, adj. Makaukau ma- 

muli o ka il£e iho. An experienced man, 

he kanaka i ike nona Iho. 
Ex-per'i-ment, n. Hana hoao. 

Ex-perf , ad/. Noeau; akamai. Syn. 

skilful; handy. 
^x'pi-ate, V. E huikala. Syn. atone. 
Ex'pi-a'tion, n. Ka huikala ana. Syn. 
^ atonement. 
Ex-pire', r. 1. E make. SyN. die. 

2. E pio. Syn. go out The fire expires^ 
ke pio nei ke ahi. 

3. Pau. TAe fime expires, kepau nei ka 

Ex-plain', T. B -vrehewehe; e kuailo. 

^Syn. expound. 

Ex'pla^na'tion, n. Kawetiewehe ana. 

Ex-plan'a-to-ry, adj. Hoakaka ana; 


Ex'^>li-€a-ble, adi. Hiki ke wehewe- 
heia. SYN. explainable. 

Ex-pHc'it, odj. Moakaka. SYlf. plain; 

Ex-piiide', a. BTpahti'; e poha'. SYii. 

^ burst. 

fix'ploit, n. Hana hookaulana, 

Ex'plo-ra'tion, n. Ka imi ana i na wa- 
hi, me na mea i ike ole ia. 

Ex-plore', v. E makaikai i na mea, me 

^na wahlhou. 

Ex-pl5'sion, n. Ka pahu' ana; ka po- 
ha' ana~. Syn. bursting. 

Ex-po'nent, n. 1. Hoailona kuhikuhl 
mana, X2=x, mana elua. 
2. Hoailona hoike. Syn. index. An 
exponent of the mind^ he hoailona hoike 


Ex-port', V. E boolll waiwal I na aina e. 

Ex'por-ta'tioa, 7w Ka' hooill aua i ka 

Ex-p6rfer, n. Mea hooill waiwal 1 ka- 
Ex'ports, n. ITa waiwal o ka alna i hoo- 

Ex-pose', V. 1. E hoike akcrt. Expose 

falsehood, e hoike akea i ka wahahee. 

2. E waiho wale. Exposed to the rain, 

waiho wale ia i ka u'-a. I 

ix-po-sT^tion, n. I. BTa wehewehe 
ana, Syn. expounding; interpretation. 
2. Ka hoikeike ana. Syk. exhibition. 

Ex-pds'i-tor, n. He wehewehe olelo. 
Syn. expounder, 

Ex-p^st'u-lfite, V. E papa' ikaika. 
Syn. remonstrate. * 

Ex-pog'ure, n. L Ka hoike akea ana. 
2. Ka waiho wale ana. Exposure to the 
sun, ka waiho wale ana i ka la. 

Ex-pound', V. E wehewehe, Syn". ex- 

Ex-press', v. 1. E hoakaka; e hai aku. 
Syn. utter; declare; intimate. 
2. E hoike. SYN'. indicate; signify. 

Ex-press', adj. 1. Ano hookahi. The 
express image of his father, ke ano hoo- 
kahi no me kona makua kane. 
2. Express purpose^ ia kumu hooka- 
hi no. 

Ex-pr#S8', n. L Express messenger, he 
kanaka kukini. 

2. Exjyress company, he hui e hoohikl- 
wawe i ka hooili aua i ka ukana. 

3. Kaa halihali ohua. 
Ex-pres'slon, n. 1. He olelo. Syn. 


2. Ka hoakaka ana. Syn. intimating. 

3. Ke ano. A pleasing expression of 
countenance, ke ano oluolu o ka helehe- 

Ex-press'ive, adj. 1. Ano nui. An ex- 
cessive phrase, he olelo ano nui, olelo 

Ex-pres«'ly, adv. 1, Pololef loa. He 

told me so expressly, hai pololei loa mai 

oia ia'u pela. 

2. Wale no. Expressly for you, nou 

wale no. 
Ex-ptil'slon, rf. Ka htJokuke ana; ke 

kipaku ana. 
Ex-ptinire', v. IS kapal; e holoi aku. 

Expunge front the l&ws, e kapai mai na 

Ex-qnis'ite, adj. Eleu; aulii; nanl. 
Bx-tftiit% adj. E noho nei; e waiho' 

nei. Extant writings, na palapala e 

waiho nei. 
Ex-tem'po-re, adv. Noonoo ole ia ma- 

mua; ku i ka wa. An extempore speech, 

haiolelo ku i ka wa. Syn. off hand. 
Ex-tem'po-riie, v. E haku wale i ka 

Ex-tdnd', V. 1. E hoo-akea; hoo-moa- 

na; e hoopalahalaha. Extend his do- 

million, e hoo-akea i kona aupuni. 

2. E kikoo; e o mai. Syn. stretch 

3. E hooloihi. Syn; lengthen. Extend 
the time, e hooloihi i ka manawa. 

4t. E hoolaha. SYN. publish. To extend 
notice, o hoolaha i ka olelo hoolaha. 
5. E hohola; o uhola. Svn. stretch. 
Extend the auminff yehoholii i ke anini. 
Extend help, e haawi i ke kokua; or, e 
Ex-ten'slve, adj. 1. Laulaha; akea; 
moana. Syn. broad; expansive. 




2. Nui. Extensive preparations, hooma- 

kaukau nui. Extensive fire, he ahi liui. 
Ex-ten'give-ly, adu. Laulaha; akea. 
Ex-tent', 71. 1. Ke akea. Syx. expanse. 

2. Palena. The extent of the law, ka pa- 

lena o ke kanawai. Syn; bounds. 
Ex-ten'u-ate, !♦ E pale i ka hewa. 

Syn. palliate. 
Ex-te'ri-or, n. Ko ■vraho. Syn. outside. 
Ex-ter'mi-nate, v. E luku loa; e hoo- 

pio loa, Syn. extirpate. 
Ex-ter'nal, adj. No "waho; mawaho. 

Syn. outside. 
Ex-ter'nal-ly, adv. Ma ko waho. 
Ex-ter'nals, n. Na nauaina o waho. 

Ex-tincf, Pio; nalo; nalowale. 

An extinct crater, he luapele 1 pio. 
Ex-tinc'tion, n. Ka pio ana; ka nalo 

ana. The extinction of the race, ka pio 

ana o ka lahui. 
Ex tin'guish, v. 1. E hoopio. Ex- 
tinguish the race, e hoopio i ka lahui. 

Extinguish the fire, e hoopio i ke ahi. 

2. E kinai. 
Ex-tir'pate, v. 1, E uhukl loa. Extirpate 

weeds, o uhuki loa i na uahelehele. Syn. 

eradicate; exterminate. 

2. E hoopau loa. 
Ex-tol', V. E hoolea; e hoonanL Syn. 

Ex-tort', V. 1. E alunu. Extort money, 

e alunu dala; e pakaha. 

2. E kaohi. To extort a confession, e 

kaohi i olelo ae. 
Ex-tor'tion-er, n. Kanaka alunu. 

Ex'tract, 71. 1. He mahele oka olelo. 

2. Ka i'-o o kekahi mea. 
Ex- tract', v. E unuhi ae; e wehe ae. 

Ex-trae'tion, ». 1. Ka unuhi ana; ka 

wehe ana. 

2. Hekuauhau; he kumu. Of Hawaiian 

extraction, no ke kumu Hawaii. 
Ex'tra-dl'tion, n. Ka hoihoi kuikahl 

ana o na lawehala Iwaena o na aupuni. 
Ex'tra-or'di-ua-ryf adj, Kupaiauaha. 

Ex-trav'a-gance, n. U'hau'ha wai' 

wai. Syn. prodigality. 
Ex-trSv'a-gant, adj. 1. U'hau'ha wale 

k a wai wai. 

2. Oiaioole. Syn. exaggerated. 
Ex-trewie', n. 1. Ka mua me ka ha o 

na kuauiti o ke kau-kolu. 

2, Ka welau ; ka hope loa. 
Ex-treme', adj. 1. Extreme punish' 

meat, ka hoopai nui loa. 

2. Extreme measures, na hana oolea 

Ex-tremely, adv. Loa. Extremely slow, 

lohi loa. 
Ex-trem'l-ty, n. 1. Ka hox>e loa; ka 


2. The extremity of pain, ka nui loa ana 
„ o ka^hui. 
Ex'tr'-eate, v. E hoohemo mai ka pill- 

Ejc-u'^ber-anoe, n. Ka piha oi. Exu- 
berance of joy, ka piha oi o ka hauoli. 
Ex-u'ber-ant, ad;. Pihaoi. Exuberant 

joy, hauoli piha, 
£x-ude', V. E kulu mai; e kahe mai. 

Es-«lt', r. E hauoli; e olioll. Sy'n. re- 

Es'ul-ta'tion, n. Hauoli nui. Syn. joy. 

Eye(i),n. Maka. 

EyeM>all,n. Onohi maka. 

Eye'brow, n. Kuekue maka. 

Eye'g:Ias8, n. Maka aniani; anlanl 



Eye'less, adj. 


Lihilihl maka. 

Maka ole. 
Ef e'serv'ant, n. Kauwahoomaka'kiu. 

Eye'serv'ice, Hana hoomaka'kiu. 
Eye'sight,"?!. Ka ike o ka maka. 
Eye'sore, n. Mea eha i ka maka. 
Eye'tobth', n. Ka niho malalo pono o 

ka maka. 
Eye'wa'ter, n. Wai hamo maka. 

Eye-wlt'negg, 7i. Mea ike maka; he 
ike maka. 


Fa'hle, n. Olelo nane; e hoike ana no 
kekahi kumu oiaio. 
Fab'ric, n. 1. Mea i hana ia, like me 

ka hale, uapo, etc. 

2. Mea I hana ia, like me ka lolei. 
Fab'ri-eate, a. 1. E hana lima. Syn. 


2. E kukulu. Fabricate a lie, e kukulu 

i wahahee. 
Fab'u-lot^s, adj. Oiaio ole. 

Face, TO. 1. Helehelena; maka. 
2." Alo. Syn. front. Face of a buildingf 
ke alo o ka hale. 

Face, V. E ku he alo he alo. 
2." E alo. Fa^e opposition, e alo i ke 

Fa-ce'tiois, adj. Lealea. 
Fa-cil'-i-tate, v. E hoowiwi; e hoohi" 
kiwawe. Sy>. expedite. 




Fa-cll'l-ty, n. Hikiwale; hikiwa-vve. 

Syn. ease. 
Fac-sim'i-le, n. Kalualike. 
Fact, n. He oiaio; mea i hookola. 
Fac'tor, n. 1. Helu hana. 

2. Heagena; he hope. 
Fac'to-ry, n. Hale oihana hana lima. 

S YN. m auuf actory. 
Fae-to'tum, n. Kauwa lawelawe akea. 
Fac'ul-ty, n. 1. Ka mana. Syx. power. 

Faculty ojf speech, Via. mana e kamailio. 

2. He poe kumuao o ke kula nui. 
Fade, v. 1. E mae; e luhe'; e loha 

Syn. droop; wilt. 

2. E akeakea. Syn. bleach. 
Fad'ed, adj. Ahiahia. Sy'n. bleached. 
Fad'ing, adi. Mae; lube'. 
Fag, V. 1. E hooluhi wale. 

2. Completely Jagged out, maluhiluhi 

Fapf'end, n. Koena waiwai ole. 
Fag'ot, n. Laolao laau. 
Fail, V. 1. E haule. To fail in alesson, 

o haule ma ka haawina. 

2. E poho. To fail in business, e poho 
ma ka oihana. 

3. E nawaliwali. To fail in health, e 
nawaliwali ma ke ola kino. 

Fail'ure, w. 1. Ka haule ana. 

2. Poho ma ka oihana. 

8. Ka nawaliwali o ke kino. 
Faint, adj, Naenae; nawaliwali. 
Faint, v. E ma-u'le. 
Faint'-heart'ed, adj. Puiwa wale; ma- 

ka'u wale. Syn. timid. 
Faintly, adv. 1. Nawaliwali. Speak 

faintly, kamailio nawaliwali. 

2. Powehiwehi. See faintly, e ike po- 

Fair, adj. 1. Pono; kaulike. 

2. Onaona; upalu. A fair woman, he 

3. Maikai. Fair weather, vr a. Ta^sdk&i. 
Fair, n. He fea. Syn. exhibition. 
Fair'ly, adv. Me ke kaulike; me ka 

Fair'ness, n. 1. Ka pono; ke kaulike. 

2. Ka maikai o ke kino, a heleheleua 

Fair'y, n. He kupua. 
Faith', n. He paulele; manaoio. 
Faith'ful, adj. Kupaa; oiaio. Syn. 

Faitli'ful-ly, adv. Me ka oiaio. 
Faitli'le88, adj. 1. Manaoio ole; hoo- 


2. Ano kumakaia. 
F^U, V. 1. E haule. Syn. drop. 

2. E hinallalo. Syn. tumble down (of 
men or animals). 

3. E hiolo. Syn. tumble (of buildings). 
liall, n. 1. Ka haule ana; hiolo ana; 

hina ana. 

2. Wailele. Syn. waterfall. 

8. Kau haule lau. Syn. Autumn. 
Fal-la'cioCks, arfj. Wahahee; oiaio ole. 
Faria-cy, 71. Ka wahahee; ka oiaio ole. 

Syn. falsity. 

Fal'li-ble, adj. Hikiwawe I ka lalau; 

ke kuihee. 
FalFlng-star, n. Hoku lele. Syn. 

shooting-star; meteor. 
Fal'low, adj. Mahakea. 
False, adj. Wahahee. 
False''hood, n. He wahahee; hehoo- 

Fal'si-ty, V. E hoopunipuni. To /alsif>j 

accounts, e kakau hoopunipuni i na 

Fal'tcr, V. E haalulu; e kulanalana. 

Syn. tremble; hesitate. 
Ffjl'ter-lng, adj. Kulanalana. Syk. 


2. Haalulu, faltering accents, leo haa- 
Fame, n. Ka lono; ke kaulana. Sy'N. 

celebrity; renown. 
Famed, adj. Kaulana. Syn. renown; 

Fa-mil'iar, adj. Maa; walea; ike lea ia. 
Fa-mil'iar-ise, v. E hoomaamaa; e 

Fa-mil-iar'i-ty, n. Ano maa; walea. 
Fa-mil'iar-ly, adv. Me ka walea. 
Fam'i-ly, n. Ghana; mamo. 
Fam'ine, n. \Vi. 
Fam'isli, v. E make 1 ka pololL Syn. 

Fa'mojis, adj. Kaulana, 
Fan, n. He peahi. 
Fa-nafic, n. Kanaka manaoio me ka 

noonoo ole. 
Fan'cy, n. Manao ulia wale. 
Fan'cy, v. E manao wale. Syn. un- 

Fang, n. Niho holoholona. 
Far, adj. Mamao; ma-o' loa. 
Farce, n. Hana hoo-akaaka. 
Fare, 71. Uku moku; uku kaa. 

2. He ai. Syn. food. Good fare, ai 

Fare'well, interjec. Aloha; no ke k€ia- 

wale ana. Syn. good-by. 
Farm, n. He mahina al. 
Farm, v. E mahi-ai. 
Fiirm'er, n. Kanaka mahl ai. 
Fiirm'ing, n. Ka mahi ana i ka aina. 
Fftr'ri-er, n. 1. Kanaka kapili wawae 


2. Kanaka lapaau lio. 

?ar'«.:r:j «^-' ^I^o^ku. 
Far'tiiing, n. He palekini. 
Ffts'ci-njite, v. E hoohoihoi I ka ma- 

naoT Syn. captivate. 
Fash'lon, 71. Ka meal hoomahuiia, 

2. 2. Ke ano mau. 
Fftsh'ion, V. E hana. Syn. make. 
Fasl»Mon-a-ble, adj. Hoomahuiia. 
Fast, V. E hooke' ai. 
Fist, adj. 1. Paa, Syn. tight. 

2. Ma'ma'. Syn. swift. 

8. Uhauha. Syn. dissipated. 
F&Ht/day, n. La hooke' ai. 
Fkst'eu, V. 1. E hoopaa; e makla; o 

kakia. Fasten slightly, maulihilihi. 




TitaVen-ing, n, Mea hoopaa; he ma- 

Fas-tid'i-oiis, adj. Palawaiki; aulii 
Pat, n. Kelekele; aila holoholona. 
Fat, adj. Momona; puipui. 
Fa'tal, adj. Make. Syn. deadly. Fa- 
tal sickness, mai make. 
Fii'tal-ly, adv. E make ai. Injured fa- 
tally, eha e make ai. 
Fsite, n. Hopena. 
Fji'tiier, n. Makuakane To father, e 

Fii'ther-land, n. Aina makua. 
Fii'ther-less, adj. Makuakane ole. 
Fa'ther-ly, adv. Me he makuakane Ja. 

Syn. paternal. 
Fatli'om, n. Anana. 
Fatli'om, V. E ana i ka hohonu. 
Fatii'om-less, adj. X. Hohonu palena 


2. Lipolipo. The fathomless ocean, Jca 

moana lipolipo. 
Fa-tii^ue' (fateeg'), n. Luhi; maloe- 

loe; maluhiluhi. 

2. Mao'pao'pa. Syn. fatigue through 

Fat'ten, v. E hanai i momona. 
Fau'cet, n. Mea ukuhi wai, 
Faull, n. 1. Hewa. 

^'. Kina'. Syn. blemish. 
Fault'less, adj. I. Hewa ole. Syn. 


2. Kina' ole. Syn. unblemished. 
Fanlt'y, adj. Hewa; pono ole. 
riiii'iia, n. Na mea ola a pan o ka aIna. 
Fa'vor, n. 1. Lokomaikai. Syn. kind- 

2. He kokua. To do a favor, e kokua 

Ffi'vor, V. 1. E kokua lokomaikai. 

2. E maliu. 
Fa'vor-»-ble, adj. 1. Kupono. A 

favorable wind, he makani pa pono mai. 

2. Maliu; oluolu. Favorable to the cause, 

maliu i ka aoao; or, oluolu i ka aoao. 
Ffi'Tor-a-bly, adv. Apono. To think 

favorably of a thing, e manao apono aku 

i kekahi mea. 
Fa'vor-ite, n. He milimili; he puna- 

FiVvor-it-ism, n. Ewaewa o ka haua. 
Fawn, V. E hoopilimeaai. 
Foar, n. Maka'u; puiwa; well well. 
Fear, v. E maka'u; e puiwa. Syn. 

Fear'fuJ, adj. h Puiwa; maka'u. Syn, 


2. Weliweli; eehia, Syn. dreadful; 

Fear'less, ad/. Maka'u ole; wi wo ole; 

Syn. bold. 
Fear'less-ly, adv. Makoanie ka ma- 
ka'u ole. 
Fear'less-ness^ n. Ke ano wiwoole. 

Syn. boldness. 
Feaf-i-ble, adj. Hiki ke hookoia; hlki 

wale no. Syn. practicable. 
M!'eikBtf n, Ahaaiua, 

Feast, V. 1. E ai a nul. 
2. E kukulu i abaaina. 
Feat, n. He hana kupaianaha. 
Feath'er, n. Hulu manu. 

Feat'xire, n. 1. 

2. Hiobiona. 
Feb'ri-fuge, n. 
F<^b'ru-a-ry, n. 
Fed'er-al, adj. 


Laau lapaau mai wela, 
, Hui. Federal govern- 

ment, aupunihul. 
Fee, n. 1. Na koina o ke kanawai. 

2. Uku o ka loio. 
Fee'ble, adj. Uawallwali; palupalu. 
Fee'ble-ness, n. 1. Ka palupalu. 

2. Ka nawJiliwalL 
Feed, v. E hanaJL 
Feed, n. Ai na na holoholona. 
Feel, V. 1. E ha'ha'. Syn. touch 

2. E miinaouao. SYN. pity; sjTnpa- 

3. Syn. to be. To feel happy; or to be 
happy, e olioli; ua oluolu. 

4. Syn. think. How do you feel about 
it; or, what do you think about it, ■pah.nsi 

kou manao no ia mea ? 
Feel'lng, n. 1. Ka ha'ha' ana. Syn. 

2. Manao. An angry feeling, he manao 

3. Ka hoomaopoi)0 ana. Syn. ^ense. 
A feeling of pain; or, a sense of pain, ka 
hoomaopopo ana 1 ka eha. 

Feel'Ing-ly, adv. Me ka hoomaopopo. 

2. Mencmene. 
Fee-sim'ple, adj. Alodio. Fee simple 

title, he palapala alodio. 
Feign (fane), 1. Aano. 

2. Hoomala-e'. Syn. to put on appear- 

3. E ake. Feign to eat. e ake e ai. Syn. 

Feint, n. Hana hookamanl. 
Fe-lic'i-tate, v. E haawi i ka hauoli. 

SYNr congratulate. To offer congralulo' 

tions, e haawi i ka hauoli. 
Fe-lic'i-totis, adj. Kupono loa. Syn. 

happy. A felicitous expression, he olelo 

kupono loa. 
Fe-llc'i-ty, n. Ka hauoli nui. Syn. 

Fe'line, n. ano poiK)ki. 
Fell, V. 1. E kua. Syn. cut down. 

Fell a tree, e kua i ka laau. 

2. E kulai. Syn. knock down. 
Fell, adj. Lokoino; mainoino. Syn. 

Fel'low, n. He hoa; he kokoolua. 
Fellow-crea'turo, n. Hoa kana'ka. 
Fel'low-feel'ing, 71. Launa o ka ma- 
Fel'ldw-sWp, n. Ka launa ana. Syn. 

society; intercourse. 
Ffil'ly, n, Laau po-ai o ka huila kaa. 
Fel'on, n. 1. Kanaka i hoahewaia i ke 


2 He puha' ma ka lima. 
F61'o-ny, n. Karaima nul. Syn. fel* 




S*e-iuale, n, and adj, Wahine. 

ygm'i-nine, adj. Ano wahine. 

S'«'iuur, n, Iwi u-ha'. 

fence, n. He pa laau. 

Fence, v. E ka'ka'pahl. 

renc'ing, n. 1. Na lako kukulu pa. 
2* 'Kakapahi. 

Fend, V. E pale aku. Syn. ward off. 

I'end'er, n. He hao hoopaa ahi iloko o 
ke kapuahi. 

JFer'ment, n. 1. He haunaele; uluao'a. 
2. Ka hu ana. 

Wer-mertVy v. 1. E hoo-hu'ae. 
2. E hoo-awaawa. 

Fer'men-ta'tion, ». 1. Kahooliu' ana. 
2. Ka lilo ana i awaawa. 

Fern, n. He laau i ikeia kona man ano- 
ano malalo iho o na lau; e like me ka 
palapalai; ke axnauu; ka iwaiwa. 

F«-r6'cio<is, a(Jij. Ahiu; haie; kuna- 
hihi. " 

Fe-roc'l-ty, n, Ke ano h«e; ano ahiu. 

Fer'ret, v. E imi a hookuke. Syn. 
search out. 

Fer'ry, n. Waa halihali ma na m.uli- 
wai me na kowa haiki. 

Fer'ry-boat, ». Waapa halihali. 

Fer'ry-man, w. Kanaka malama waa- 
pa halihali. 

Fer'tile, adi. 1. Momona,; hua nui. 
Fertile soil, lepo momona. 
2. Makaukau- Syn. ready. Fertile in 
expedients, makaukau ma na ano o ka 
hana ana. 

Fer'til-ize, v. E kipulu; e hoomomona. 

Fer-til'i-ty, «. L Ka momona. Fer- 
tility of the soil, ka momona o ka lepo. 
2. Lako: makaukau. Fertility of re- 
source, lako o ka noonoo; or, makaukau 
ma ka noonoo. 

Fer'ule, n. 1. Laau pai lima. 
2. He komo metala no ke kookoo o ka 

Fer'vent adj. 1. Enaena. Fervent 
/leaf , wela enaena. Syn. intense. 
2. pumehana, Fervent iove, a.\6b.a. pu- 
menana. Syn. ardent. 

Fer'vent-ly, adv. Me ka Ikaika o ka 
manao. Syn. ardently. 

Fer'vor, n. 1. Ikaika. The fervor of 
heat, ka ikaika o ka wela. Syn. ardor, 
2. liniokanaau. 

Fes'taly adj. Hauoli; lea; olioli. Syn. 
festive; gay; ioyfuL 

Fcs'ter, v. E hookahe i ka nalaheehee. 

Fds'ti-val, n. Anaiuahauoli; manawa 

Fe8-tiv'i-ty,». Lealea hoolaun a. 

Fe8-t<)bn', n. He lei no ke keena. 

Fes-tobn', v. E kahiko ke keeua 1 na 

]Fetch, V. E homai; e kl a e lawe mai. 
Syn. bring. 

Fete (fate), n. Sea festival 

IP a t^'ul, adj. Pilau; hauntu Syn. link- 

C^f lock, n. Ka lauoho loloa ma ke 
kuekue wawae hope o ka lio. 

F*t'ter, u E hoopilikia; e hoohaikU 

Syn. impose restraint. 
Feud, n. He hoomauhala. 
Fe'ver, n. Mai wela; fiva. 
Fe'ver-ish, adj. 1. Wela ikL 

2. pihoihoi. Syn. nervous. 
Few (fu), adj. Kakaikahi; kawalawala. 
Fi'at, n. Kauoha paa. 
Fib, n. Olelo hoopunipuni. 
Fi'ber, n. He maawe. Fiber of woody 

Flek'le, adj. Lolilua; olewa; muhee; 

lauwih. Syn. changeable. 
Fiek'le-ness, n. Manno kapokepeke. 
Fie'tion, n. L He kaao. Syn. fable; 


2. Mea oiaio ole. 
Fic-tl'tiotis, adj. 1. Oiaio ole. 

2. Kapakapa. Fictitious name, inoa 

Fld'dle, n. Plla hookani. Syn. violin. 
Fid'dler, n. Mea hookani pila pahu. 
Fi-del'1-ty, n. Ke ano ku paa. Syn. 

faithfulness; integrity. 
Fld'get, V. E onionl. 
Fid'gret-y, adj. Onioni. 
Field, n. L He mala. A field of grain, 

he mala huita. 

2. Aina kula. The open field, ke kula. 

3. Akea. Field of vision, ke akea o ka 
ike o ka maka. Syn. range. 

4. Wahl. A field for enterprise, he wshi 
no ka hooikaika. 

Field'-b6t>k, n. He buke kakau no ke 

ana aina. 
Fi«] d'-mar'fihal, lu Alihikaua nui o 

Field'-df fi-cer, n. He mekia; luka- 

nela; kenola kaua. 
Fiend, 7i. He diablo; uhane ino. 
Fierce, adj. Ahiu; hae. Syn. ferocious. 
Fierce'ness, »i. L Ka welao kahuhu. 

2. "kno hae; ahiu. Syn. ferocity. 
Fi'er-y, adj. Wela; enaena. 

2. Fiery tempered, hikiwawe o kahuhu. 
Fife,,n. Ohe puhl uuku. 
F If- teen', adj. Umikumamalima. 
Fifth, adj. 1. Ka Kma; ka mahele eli- 


2. He hapa-lima. 
Firti-eth, adj. Ke kanalima o. The 

fiftieth year, ke kanalimao na makahiki, 

2. He napa-kaualima. 
Fifty, adj. Kanalima. 
Fig, n. Eiku. 
Fight, TO. 1. He hakaka'. Syn. brawL 

2. He hoouka kaua. Syn. battle. 
Fight, V. E hakaka; e kaua. 
Fight'er, n. Kanaka hakaka; kanaka 

Fig'ur-a-tlTe, adj, Hoohalike. Syn. 

Fig^ii-ra-tive-ly, adv. Ma ka nane anai 

ma ka hoohalike ana. 
Fig'ure, n. L He kino. Syn. shape. 

2. He hiohiona. Syn. appearance. 

5. Kii. 

4. Hua helu. 




Fig'ure, v. 1. E kakau heku Syn. 


2. E kaulaua. Syn. to be distingruished. 
Fil'a-ment, n. He maawe makalii loa. 

Filch, V. E aihue. Syn. steal; pilfer. 
File, n. 1. He apuapu. 

2. He lalani. A file of soldiers^ he la- 
lani koa. 

3. He puolo pepa. 

File, V. 1. E nookala me ka apuapu. 
2. E huakal lalani. 
8. E hookomo pa ma ka puolo pepa. 

4. E waiho kekahi palapala imua o ka 
aha hookolokolo. 

Fil'ial, adj. Pili i ka pono ana keikl i 
na makua. Filial obedience, ka hoolohe 
e na keiki i na makua. 

Fil'ings, n. Na huuahuna hookala. 

Fill.v. E hoopiha. 

Fil'li-btts'ter, n. He powa ; kanaka ho- 
ala hauuaele. 

Fil'ly, n, Lio wahine opiopio. 

Film, V. He ill lahilahi. 

Fil'ter, n. He mea kanana wai. 

Fil'ter, v. E hoo-kulu hoomaemae i 

ka wai. 
Filth, n. He mea pilau; opala pilau. 
Filtli'y, adj. Paele; penopeno; haukae. 
Fil-tra'tion, n. 1. Ke kulu ana. 

2. Ka hoomaemae ana i ka wai. 
Fin, n. Pekekeu. Back fin, kuala. Side 

fin, pewapewa; 
Fin'a-ble, adj. Ku I ka uku hoopai. 
Fi'nal, adj. Hope loa. Syn. ultimate. 
Fi'nal-ly, adv. I ka hope loa. Syn. 

Fi'nance, n. Ka oihana malama dala. 

Fi'nanc-es, w. Na loaa o ke aupuni. 

Syn. revenue. 
Fi-nan'cial, adj. Pili i ka oihana dala. 

Financial difficulty, pihkia o ka waiho- 

na; nele o ka waihona. 
Fi'nan-cle'r, n. Kanaka akamai ma 

ka oihana wai wai. 
Find, V. 1. E loaa mamuli o ka imi. 

2. Ike. Syn. see. I find I cannot come, 

maopopo i'au aole au e hiki ana. 
Fine, n. Uku hoopai. 
Fine, adj. 1. Makalii, nawele. Fine 

thread, lopi nawele. 

2. Aeae. Fine dust, lepo aeae. 

3. Nani; aulii; maikai. 
Fine, v. E kau i ka uku hoopai. 
Fine'ly, adv. Nani; aulii; maikai. 
Fine'ness, w. Ka makalii; ka aeae. 
Fin'er-y, n. Na kahiko e nani ai ke 

Fi-nesse', n. Ano maalea. 
Fin'ger, n. Mauamana lima. 
Fr'nis, w. Kapauaua; ka hopena. Syn. 

Fin'igh, v. 1. E hoopau pono. Syn. 


2. E hooko. Syn. perform. 
Fln'ish, n. Hana hoohinuhinu; hana e 

hoo-nani ai. 
Fin'ished, adj. 1. Hoopau pono ia. A 

finished piece of work, he hana i hoopau 
pono ia. 

2. A finished education, hoonaauao nui 

3. Maikai loa. A finished composition, 
he haku manao maikai loa. 

Fin'ish-ing; toach'es, n. Na hana lii- 

lii i koe. 
Fi'nite, adj. Kau palena ia. The finite 

mind, ka noonoo ikau palena ia. 
Fire, w. Ahi. To prepare a ^re, e kuku- 

lu i ahi. To kindle a fire, e hooa' i k© 

ahi. To extinguish a fire, e kiuai i ke 

ahi. To fafce^^re, e a i ke ahi. 
Fire, v. 1. E hoo-a' i ke ahi. 

2. E ki. JYre a gun, e ki pu. 

3. E hoo-ala i ka huhu. 
Fire'armi, n. Na pu ki o kela me keia 

Fire'brand, n. Momoku ahi; mokii 

Fire-en'gine, n. EnikinI kinai ahi. 
Fire'man, n. 1. Kanaka kinai ahi. 

2. Kanaka puhi ahi o ka euikini. 
Fire'place, n. Kapuahi. 
Fire'plug, n. Ohe wai kinai ahi. 
Fire'proof, adj. Pau ole i ke ahi. 
Fire'side, n. Ke kapuahi o ka ohana. 
Fire-ward'en, n. Luna kiai ahi. 
Fire'-wot»d, n. Wahie. 
Fire'works, n. Na ahi kaolele. 
Firm, arfj. 1. Paa. Syn. compact; stable. 

2. Kupaa; oni paa. Syn. constant; 

Firm, n. He hul kalepa. 
Fir'ma-ntient, n. Ka lanipaa; ka papa- 

lani; ke aouli. Syn. heavens; sky. 
Firm'ly, adv. 1. Me ka paa. 'Syn. 


2. Me ka wiwo ole; me ka lauwili ole, 

Syn. resolutely. 
First, adj. 1. Ka mua; ka makamua. 

2. Ka pookela. Syn. chief. 
First'born, n. Ka makahiapo; ka ha- 

nau mua. 
First'fruits, v. Na hua mua. 
First'rate, adj. Keumaoli; maikai loa. 
Fis'cal, adj. Pili i ka waihona waiwat 

o ke aupuni. Fiscal year, makahiki ha- 

awina dala'. 
Fish, n. He i'-a. 
Fish, v, 1. E lawa-i'-a. 

2. Fish with rod and line, e kamokol. 
Fish'er-man, 7i. Kanaka lawa-i'-a. 
Fish'er-y, n. 1. Oihana lawa-i'-a. 

2. He wahi lawa-i'-a. 
Figh'hook, n. He makau. 
Fish'mong'er, n. Kanaka kual I'-a. 
Fish'y. adi. 1. Kohu I'-a la. 

2. Wahanee paha. 
Fis'sure, n. He mawae; he owa'. Syn, 

Fist, n. Puulima. 
Fist'l-cufl's, n, Ke kui ana me na puu 

Fit, w. 1. He mai. * 

2. Ka pilipono. A perfect fit, he aaha 

pili pono loa i ke kino puliki. 




nt, V. 1. E hoo-ku-ku lole. 

2. E hoo-kupono, 
Flt'ness, n. Ke kupono. Syn. adapta- 
tion; propriety. 
Fit'ting, adj. Kupono. Syn. proper; 

Five, adj. Elima. 
Five-fold', adj. Pa-lima. 
Fix, V. 1. E hoopaa. Syn. fasten. 

2. E hooholo. Syn. settle; determine. 

To fix boundarieSt e hooholo i na palena 


8. E kapili hou. Syn. mend. 

4. E hookupaa. Syn. establish. 
Fix, n. He pilikia. Syn. dilemma; pre- 
Flx'ture, n. He mea paa. 
I'iz'zle, V. E hoka. 
Flz'zle, n. 1, He hoka. 

2. He kanapi o ka pauda. 
Flab'by, adj. Alualu; peheu. Syn. 

Flag, V. E onawaliwali;ehoopalaleha. 
Flag, n. He lepa; he hae. 
Flag-el-late, v. E hili me ke kaula. 
Flag-dm-cer, n. Ke kapena uui o ke 

aumoku naanuwa'. 
Flag'on, n. He hue no ka wai ona. 
Fla'grant, adj. Hewa loa. 
Flag'ship, n. Ka moku o ke ademi- 

Flag'staflf, n. Kia hae; pahu hae. 
Flag'stuue, n, Pohaku uui, palaha- 

laha. ' 

Flame, n. Lapalapa ahi. 
Flamming, adj. 1. Ka lapalapa ana. 

2. Wakawaka. Syn. glittering. Flam- 
ing sword, pahi kaua wakawaka. 
Flange, n. Ke kae o ka huila kaa ahl. 
Flank, n. Aoao. To march by Jlank,G 

huakai pill aoao. 
Flaii'nel, n. Lole hulu hipa. 
Flap, v, 1. E upoi ; e kapalili. Toflap 

the wings, e upoi i na eheu. 

2. E welowelo; e kilepalepa. Toflap 

as a flag or sail. 
Flare, v. E ana'pa. 
Fld,sh, V. 1. E anapu ; e huila. 

2. E kanapi. Flash in the pan. 
Fl^sh'y, adj. 1. Anapanapa. 

2. Hookahakaha wale. 
Flask, n. He hue nuku loloa. 
Flat, adj. 1. Palahalaha; malaelae; 


2. Palanal. A flat dish, he pa palanai. 

Syn. shallow. 
Fl&t'ten, V, E hoo-pe'pe'; hoopalaha- 

Fl after, V. E hoomallmall. 
Flat'ter-er, n. Mea hoomallmall. 
Flat'ter-y, a. He hoomalimali. 
Flaunt, V E hookeha; e haanou. 
Pla'vor, n. Ka miko. 
Fl^w, n. 1. He kiua. 

2*. He puahiohio. flaw of wind, he 

Fl&x, n. Laauolona'; laau lilina. 
Flay, V. E lole. Syn. skin. 

Flea, n. Uku lele. 

Flee, V. E holo liee ; e auhee ; e mahuka. 

Fleece, n. Hulu o ka hipa. 

Fleece, v. E pakaha. 

Fleet, adj. Mama; ki'ki'. Syn. swift. 

Fleet, n. He aumoku; ulumoku. 

Fleet'ing, adj. Hee ana; p.iu wale; 

mau ole. Syn. swiftly passing. 
Flesh, n. 1. I'-o. 

2. Ka'naka. All flesh, kanaka a pau. 

Syn. All mankind. 
Flesli'-brusli, n. Hulu balaki mea ho- 

loi kino. 
Flesh-eol'or, n. Ka hooluu o ka i-'o. 
Flesh'ly, adj. Pill i na mea o ke kino. 

Syn. carnal. 
Flesh'y, adj. Puipui. Syn. corpulent" 
Flex'i-ble, ac^j. 1. Napenape; holU' 

holu; pa'he 

2. le. Flexible as cloth. 
Flex'i-bil'i-ty, n. Ano holuholu; pahe. 
Fliek'er, v. Pi'-pi' The light flickers, 

ke pipi nei kekukui. 
Flight, n. 1. Ka lele ana. Flight oj 

birds, ka lele ana o na manu. 

2. Ka hee ana. Flight of the enemy, ka 
hee ana o ka enemi. 

3. -4 //(7 /t<o/siam, he ala anuu. 

4. To put to flight, e hooauhee. 
Flight'y, adj. Opulepule; lele wale o 

ka noonoo, 
Flim'sy, adj. Palupalu; lahilahi. 
Fllncli, V. E ku-emi ihope no ka ma- 

ka'u ; e wiwo. 
Fling, V. E hoolel. 
Flint, n. Pohaku paea. 
Fllp'pant, adj. Walaau wale. 
Flirt, n. He wahine hoomahie. 
Flir-ta'tion, w. K a hoomahie ana. 
Float, V. 1. E lana. 

2. To float ashore, e hoo-pae'. 
Flock, n. 1. He pu-a'. Flock of sheep, 

pu-a' hipa. 

2. Anna'. A flock of birds, he auna' 

ri6ck, V. To flock toaether, e akoakoa pu. 
Floe, n. He moku hau-paa, palahalana. 
Fldg, V. E hahau ikaika. 
Fldg'ging, V. He hahau nui. 
Flood, n. Wai maniui; wai kahe nul. 
Flood'gate, n. Puka pani no ka wai. 
Floor, n. Papahele. 
Floor'ing, n. Na papa kapili papa hele. 
F16p, V. E lele; e hull. To flop over, e 

hull ma kela aoao. 
Flo'ra, n. Na mea ulu maoli o ka aina. 
Flo'ral, adj. Pili i na pua. A floral 

oj^ering, he makana o na pua. 
Flor'id, adj. 1. Hauliuli. Aflaridcom- 

plexion'ha.\ili\x\i ka ili. 

2. Nane. 
Flo'rist, n. Kanaka raahi pua. 
Fldt'sam, n. Waiwai o lana wale ana 

ma ke kai. 
Flounce, V. Kupaka; e onloni. 
Flounce, n. Lepa aahu. 
Flourj'n. Palaoa. 
Floar'lsh, V. 1. E ulu ae. 




rioftr'ish-ing, adj. 1. Puka. A flour- 
ishing business, he oihana })uka. 

2. Kuonoono. Kyn. thriving. 
Flow, V. 1. E kahe 

2. Flow slowly, laumikl 

8. Flow as a current, e miha; e mikl. 
Flow'er, n. He pua. 
Flo\ir'er-iiig sea'gon, n. Kau mohala 

Flow'er-y, adj. Me he pua la. 
Flow'ing, arf/. Kahe; miba. 
FItk€'tu-ate, v. Iluna, ilalo; kalana- 

Flue, n. Puka u-ahi. 
Flu'ent, adj. Maiele;iioili; palolo; ma- 

kaukau ma ka olelo. 
Flu'ent-ly. adv. Me ka pahee o ka leo. 
Flu'lcl, n. Kela me keia ano wai. 
Flu'id, adj. Hehee'; kahe me he wai la. 
Fluke, n. 1. Ka xuauamana o ka hele- 


2. Ka hiu o ke kohola'. 
Fltim«, n. He ha wai. To flume, e hoo- 

komo maka ha. 
Fliir'ry, n. Pioloke; pilihua. 
Flash, n. Omeomeo. Flushed with anger, 

Fias'tered, adj Pihoihoi; pu'pu'ahu- 

lu. Syn. confused; agitated. 
Flute, n. Ohe puhi. 
Flut'ist, n. Kanaka puhi ohe. 
Fliit'ter, V. E kapalili; e welowelo. 
Flatter, n. He kapalili o ka houpo. 
Fly, r. 1. E lele ; e hoolele. 

2. Ehee; e auhee. Syn flee. 

3. E hole mama. Syn. run swiftly. 

4. E kaalelewa Flying clouds, na ao 

Fly, n. 1. He nalo. 

2. He kaa ma'ma'. 
Fly'leaf n. He aoao o ka huke i pai ole 

Fly'-w'heel, 7i. Ka pokakaa nui o ka 

Foal, n. Llo keiki. 
Foam, 71. Hu'wahu'wa; hu'a. The 

foaming sea, kai ahulu. 
Fo'cal, adi. Pill i ke kiko hui o na ku- 

kuna maiamalama. 
Fo'cus, n. Ke kiko kahi e hui at na ku- 

kuna maiamalama. 
Fo'cxis, V. E hooponopono 1 ke aniani 1 

ike pono. 
Fod'aer, n. Ai holoholona. Stn. feed. 
Foe, n. He enemi. Syn. adversary. 
Fog, n. He o-hu. 
r<>8:'sry» adJ Paapu i ka o-hu. 
Fo'gy, n. Kanaka hahai i ke ano o ka 

wa kahiko. 
Foinble, i;. He kina o ka manao. 
Foil, V. E hoka; e hoohoka. Syn. frus- 

Fold, n. 1. He opi ; he pelu. 
2. He pa. Sheep fold, pa-hipa. Four- 
fold, pa-ha'. 

Fold, V. E opiopi; e pelu ae. 

Fold'er, n. Mea opiopi. 

F6'li>asc, n. Na lau o na laau. 

Foll-o, n. Hookahi opi o ke kalana. 
Folk, J Poe. Our folks, ko kakoa 
Folks,! * poe; komakou poe. 
Follow, V. Ehaihai mahope; e ukali. 

2. It follows therefore, nolaila ua aka'- 

3. In the following manner, i)cnei. Syn. 

F61'low-er, 7i. 1. He haumana. Syh. 


2. He mea ukali. 
F611y, n. He lapuwale; he naaupo. 
Fo-ment', v. E hookonokono. SYN. 

incite; instigate. 
Fo'men-ta'tion, n. He men hamo eha. 
Fo-ment'er, n. He mea hoala hakaka'; 

hoala mokuahana, etc. 
Fdnd, adj. 1. Makemake; ake. 

2. Ono. Fond of food, ono i ka ai. 

3. Aloha. 

Fdn^le, v. E hooaumoe; e hlipol; e 

Fond'ly, adv. Me ke aloha pumehana. 
Syn. lovingly. 

Food, n. Ai. Syn. provisions. 

Fo_ol, n. He ai-a'; he kanaka lapuwale. 

Fool, V. E epa; e hoopuuiwale. 

Fool'har'dy, aJj. Aa wale. 

Fool'lsh, adj. Naaupo; lapuwale. 

Fool'ish-ness, n. Kuaupo. Syn. folly. 

Fools'eap, n. Kalana uuuui. 

Foot, n. He wawae. 
2. He kapuai ; 12 iniha. 
8. Kumu. Syn. base. Ibot of a moun- 
tain, kumu o ka mauna. 

Fobt, V. 1, E hehi ; e hele wawae. 

2. E hookaa. Syn. pay. To foot a bill, 
e hookaa i ka bila. 

3. E hoouluulu. Syn. run up; add. 
Foot up an amount, e hoouluulu i ka hu- 

Fo'bt'ball, «. Kinlpopo keeTii wawae. 
Fo^bt'fiVll, n. Ka hehf ana o ka wawae. 
Fo^t'libld, n. Wahi e ku ai ku wawae. 
Foot'path, n. Alanui hele wawae. 
Fot)t'priiit, 71. He meheu. 
Foot'step, n. Kapuai wawae. 
Fo'bt'stool, n. Kehina wawae. 
Fop, n. Kanaka hoopuahi. Syn. cox- 
Fdp'plsh, adr. Hookelakela wale ; hoo- 

For, prep, 'iso; na; conj. no ka mea. 

Syn. because. 
For'age, n. Ai i hoomakaukau ia no na 

For'ai-mftch', adv. Oiai. Stn. since. 
For-bear', v. 1. E hoo'ki. Syn. cease. 

2. E ahonui; ehoomanawanui. Syn. 

have patience. 
For-bear'ange, n. AJtonui; hoomana- 

For-bld', V. E pa'pa' aku. E hoole. 
For-bid'dlng, adj. Inoino; kohu ole. 
Force, n, Ikaika; mana. 
Force, v. 1. E kaohi maoli. 

2. 'E lima ikaika aku. 
Force'meat, n, I'o i kuiia a wale. 




For'ccps, v. TJ-pa' upiki o ke kauka. 
Tor'ci-ble, adj. 1. Mana; ikaika 
•2. koikoi. A forcible thought, he ma- 
nao koikoi. 
F6r'ci-bly, adr. 1. Me ka lima ikaika. 
2. "^The thought strikes me Jorcibly, ku 
ikaika mai ku mauao ia'u. 
Ford, n. Wahi hele wawae o ka muli- 

wai; kekahawai. 
Ford'able, adj. Hiki ke hele wawae ia. 
Fore'arm, v. E lolii. 
Fore'cas-tle (fo-kasl), w. Wahi noho 

o na luina moku. 
Fore'close', v. E hooko i ka palapala 

Fore'fatli'er, u. He kupuna o Jca wa 

Fore'fin'ger, n. Manamanalima mua. 
Fore'front, n. Ke alo; imua loa. Syh. 

F6re-g6', v. E haalele aku. A foregone 

coiiclmion, olelo hooholo e mamua. 
Fore'ground, n. Ke alo o ke kii. 
Fore'lxand'ed, adj. Lako; kuonoono. 

Syn. well off. 
Ffire'head (for'ed), n. Ka lae. 
Fdr'cig^n (for'in), adj. Haole; no na 

aina e. 
F6r'eign-er, n. He haole; kanaka no 

na aiua e maL 
Fore-know', V. E ike e mamua. 
Fore-kndwl'ed^e, n. Ka ike e no aa 

mea e hiki nxai ana. 
Fore'lock, n. Hili lauoho ma ka lae. 
Fore'man, n. He luna haua. 
Fore'most, adj. 1. Ka mua loa. 
2. The foremast boy in school^ ke keiki 
pookela o ke kula. 
Fore'noon, n. Mamua iho o ke awakea. 
Fore'or-dain', v. E wae e mamua. 
Fore'part, n. Ka hapa omua. 
Fore'riin-ner, n. He elele i hoouna 

Fore-see', v. E ike e mamua. 
Fore-shown', p. p. Hoike e ia. 
Fore'sight, n. Ka ike e hoomakaukau 

e ana mamua. 
For'est, n. He ulu laau. 
Fore-stall', v. See anticipate. E maka- 

ala e mamua. 
Fore'tfiste, 7i. E wanana. Syn. predict. 
Fore'tiiouglit,?*. Kanoonooe mamua. 
For-ev'er, adv. Mau loa; no ke ao pau 

ole ; mau a mau. 
Fore-warn', v. E ao e mamua. 
For'feit, v. 1. E ukn hoopai. 

2. E hoonelo i kekahi pono. 
Forge, n. Ke kapualii no k© amara. 
Forge, V. 1. E kui hao. 
2. E apuka. Syn. counterfeit. 
8. E neenee iki imua. The ship forges 
ahead, ke neenee iki nei ka moku unua. 
Forf «r-y, n. Apuka. 
For-get', V. E poina; ehoo-poina. 
For-get'ful, orf/. Poina wale. 
For-give', V. E kala; e huikala. Syu. 

For-give'ne88,n . Ke kala an*. 

For-glv'lng, adj. Manao kala. 
Fdrk, n. 1. He o. 
2. Kahi e mauamaua ai. TheforJc of a 
river, kahi e mauamana ai ka muliwaij 
or, he manamana o ka muliwai. 
Ffirk'ed, adj. Manamana. 
For-lorn', adj. Oki loa; mehameha; 

Form, n. L Kii; kino. Syn. figure; 
2. Jn some form or other, ma kekahi ano. 

Form, V. 1. E lilo. Syn. become. It 
forms a part, lilo ia i h.aj)a. 
2. E kukulu i hul. 

Fdrm'al, adj Ku 1 na rula; like me 
na loin a. SYN. precise 

For-mal'i-ty, n. Ke ko ana mamuli o 
na loina. 

For-ma'tion, «. Kahanaana; ke ku- 
kulu ana. 

For'mer, adj. 1. Mua. The former, Iha 
2. Mamua. J^brmeritmeSjnawa mamua. 

For'mer-ly, adv, Mamua; ika wa ma- 

For'ml-da-ble, adj. Weliweli. A for- 
midable obstacle, he kumu keakea weli- 

F6r'mu-la, n. He loina. 

For'ni-ca'tion, n. Hookamakama. 

For-sake', v E hsialele. Syn, ahandoxu 

For-sak'en, adj. Haaleleia. 

For-scSoth, adv. He oiaio. Syn. in 
truth; indeed. 

For-swear' v. 1. E haalele me ka ho* 
hiki. Syn abjure. 
2. E hoohlki wahahee. 

Fort, « Pa-kaua; papu'. Syn. fortress; 

Forte, n. Ka hana i pookela ai kekahi. 
Mathematics are his forte, pookela oia 
ma na helu. 

Forth-eom'ing, adj. Hoea mai ana; 
kokoke mai ana. 

Forth'witti', adi;. Ano; koke. Syk. 
now; immediately. 

For'ti-fy, v. 1. E kukulu i pa-kaua. 
2. E hooikaika; hookupaa. feJfN. 

For'tl-tude, n. Ke kupaa o ka manao; 
hoomanawanui. Syk. endurance ; firm- 

Fort'night, n. Elua hebedoma. 

Fort'u-iiate, adj. Pomaikai. 

Fort'une, n. L Waiwai nm; lako nui. 
2. Good VorfM^e, pomaikai. 
8. Bad fortune, poino. 

Forfiine- teller, 71. Meakilokilo. 

For'ty, adj. Kanaha'; he kaau. 

For'ward, adj. Mahaoi; huo-a-ano. 
2. I mua. 

F68'8il,w. Hemeaulu, a he kino ho- 
loholona paha, Ihooliloiai poliaku.a 
1 eliia noloko mai o ka honua. 

Fds'ter, v. 1. £ hanai. Syii. nourish. 
2. Ehii. Syn. cherish. 
8. £ malama. Syn. to promote; care 




Ftis'ter-chilcT, n. Keiki hanai. 
Fos'ter-pa'rent, n. Makua hanai. 
Foul, adj. 1. Haumia; pelapela. 

2. Kolohe. Syn. villainous. 
Foun-da'tion, n. He kumu; he kahua. 
Foun'der, n. 1. Ka mea nana e hoo- 


2. Kanaka hoo-hee' metala. 
Found'er, v. E piholo; e palemo. Syn. 

Found'ry, n. Wahi hoo-hee' metala. An 

iron foundry, wahi hoo-hee' hao. 
Found'ling, n. Keiki i haaleleia e na 


FoSSt'ainJ ^' Waipuai. 
Fount'ain-hdad', n. He poowai. Syn. 

Four, adj. E ha'; hekauna, 
Four'fold, adj. Pa-ha'. 
Four'fo~i>t'ed, adj. Wawae e-ha'. 
Four'score, adj. Kanawalu; eha' iwa- 

Four'squftre, adj. Huina-ha-like. 
Fourth, adj. 1. Ka ha. 2. He hapa- 

Fowl, n. He manii. 
Fowl'er, n. Kanaka ki manu; kanaka 

F6wl'ing-piece, n. Pu-ki-manu. 
FcSx, n. He alopeke. 
Fra'cas, n. Hakaka'. Syn. fight; 

Frac'tion, n. He hakina; he hapa. 

Common fraction f hakina maoli. Proper 

fraction, hakina pili. Complex fraction, 

nakinaano huikau. Compound fraction, 

hakina o ka hakina. Improper fraction, 

hakina kuokoa, 
Frac'tioiis, adj. Hookuli; nunuha. 

Syn. stubborn; obstinate. 
Frae'tiire, n. He haki. Syn. break. 
Fra^'lle, adj. Hakiwale; palupalu. 

frail; brittle. 
Frag'ment. 1. Apana. A fragment of 

cloth, he apana lole. 

2. He huna. A fragment of food, he 
huna ai. 

3. Lihiiki. 
Fra'grance, n. He ala. 
Fra'grant, adj. Aala; ala. Too fragrant, 


Frail, adj. 1. Nawaliwali; palupalu. 
2. Ae wale i ka hewa. 

Frail'ty, n. 1. Ano nawaliwali; palu- 
2. Ka manao ae wale i ka hewa. 

Frame, v. E kapili; e kukulu. Frame 
a Imv, e kukxilu i kanawai. 

Frame, n. He mea hoopaa. A picture 
frame, he laau hoopaa kii ; or, mea hoo- 
paa kii. 

Franae'-work, n. Naiwi. Framework 
of a house, na iwi o ka hale. 

Frank, adj. Anohuna'ole; oiaio. Syn. 
honest; candid. 

Frank'ly, adv. Me ka oiaio maoli. Syn. 
honestly; candidly. 

Fran'tic, acf/. Pioloke loa; uluhualoa. 

Fra-ter'nal, adj. Hoahanau. Syn. 
brotherly. Fraternal love, aloha hoa- 

Fra-ter'nl-ty, n. Hui hoahanau. Syn. 

Fra'ter-nize, v. E hui ma ke ano hoa- 

Frafrl-cide, n. Mea pepehi hoahanau. 

Fraud, ?i. Hana apuka; hana epa. 

Fraud'u-lent, adj. Apuka; epa. 

Fraught (frawt), adj. Paapu. Fraught 
with danger, paapu i na popilikia. Syn. 

Fray, v. E weluwelu. 

Freak, n. Manao ulu wale. 

Freck'le, n. Kiko ma ke kino. 

Free, adj. 1. Kuokoa. A free man, ka- 
naka kuokoa. 

2. Mama; holo. .4 /ree ^or«e, he lio ho- 

3. A free wind, makaui mahope mal. 
Free, v. 1. E hookuu. 

2. To free the mind, e hai pau loa i ka 

3. To be free and easy, e luana; e hoo- 

Free'-born, adj. Kupa. 

Free'dom, n. Kuokoa; ku 1 ka wa, 

Free'hold, n. Aina alodio; aina kule- 

Free'hold-er, n. Haku kuleana. 

Free'ly, ad_y. Me ka aua ole. 

Free'-sehool , n. Kula uku ole. 

Free-thlnk'er, w. Heaia'; he hooma- 
loka; he hoomalau. 

Free-will', n. Ka mana e hooko ma- 
mulio kamakemake. Of his own free 
will, mamuli o kona makemake iho. 

Freeze, v. E make i ke anu. 
2. E paa i ke anu. Syn. congeal. 

Freight, w. Ukanamoku. 

Freight, V. E hoopihamoku; e hooill 
ukana maluna o ka moku. 

Freight'-list, n. Papa iielu ukana. 

French, adj. Farani. French language^ 
oleic Farani. 

Fre-quent', v. 1. E makaikai pinepine; 
2. E hele mau. 

Fre'quent, adj. Pinepine. Syn. com- 

Fre-quent'er, n. Mea makaikai pine- 
pine; mea hele mau. 

Fre'quent-ly, adv. Pinepine. Syn. of- 

Fresh, adj. 1. Hou. Fresh goods, na 
waiwai hou. Syn. new. 

2. Maka. Syn. raw. 

3. Ikaika, Feel fresh, e ikaika hou. 
Syn. strong. 

4. Huihui. Fresh water, wai huihui. 
Syn. cold. 

Fresh'et, n. Hewaimanini; wai nui. 
Fresh'ly, adv. Hou. 

2. Oluolu. The wind blew freshly, pa 

oluolu mai ka makani. 
Fresh'man, n. Haumana o ka papa 

komo o ke kula nui. 




yret, V. E ne; e ohumu wale. 

Fret'ful, i „^i Ne; uaole. A fretful 

Fret'ting, ( ""•?• child, he keiki ne. 
Syn. peevish. 

Fri'a-ble, adj. Hakihaki wale; pai'na 
wale. Syn. brittle. 

Frie'tlon, n. Ka anai ana. 

Fri'day, n. Po-alima. 

FriencI, w. Hoa'loha; hoalauna. 

Friend'less, ad/. Hoalauna ole; meha- 
meha. " 

Friend'ly, adj. Oluolu; launa. 

Friend'sliip, n. Aloha hoalauna. 

Frig'ate, n. Moku manuwa nui. 

Fright, 71. Puiwa. Syn. alarm; terror. 

Fright'en, v. E hoopuiwa. Syn. scare. 

Fright'ful, adj. Eehia; weliweli. 

Frig'id, adj. 1. Auuanu. Syn. cold. 
2. Frigid zone, kaei anu. 

Frigr'id-ly, adj. Puanuanu. Syn. coldly. 

Fringe, n. Lihilihi lole. 

Frisk, V. E lelelele; e haa. 

Frisk'y, adj. Lelelele, me he hipa kei- 
ki la. 

Frlt'ter, v. To fritter away the time, e 
hoohala wale i ka manawa. 

Fri-v61'i-ty, n. He lealea noonoo ole. 

Frlv'o-loiis, adj. Lealea noonoo ole. 

Fro, adv. I-o'. To and fro, i-o' ia nei. 

Frdek, n. Lole palaka. A frock coat, 

Frog, 11. He ra'na. 

Frol'ie, n. He paani lealea. Syn. sport. 

Frol'ie-some, adj. Lealea 1 ka paani. 

From, »rej3. Mai. Fr07n Honolulu, mal 
Honolulu mai. From Honolulu to Rilo, 
mai Honolulu aku i Hilo. 

Front, n. L Ke alo. 
2. Imua. 

Frontpage, n, Ke alo o ka pa, a hale 

Fron-tier, n. Mokuna aina; pea. Syn. 

Front'is-plece, n. Ke kii ma ka aoao 
mua loa o ka buke. 

Frfist, n. Kehau anu. 

Frdth, n. Hu'a; huwa . 

Fro'ward, adj. Haakei. 

Frown, n. He hookue maka. 

Frown, v. E hoomaku'e. 

Fru'gal, adj. 1. Pakiko. Syn. eco- 
. nbmical. 
2. Uuku o ka lilo. 

Fr^it, n. 1. Hua. 
2. * Hua ai. 

Frult'f ul, acy. Hua nui; momona. Syn. 

Fruit'fal-ness, n. 1. Ka hua nui ana 
mai. Syn. productiveness. 
2. Ka momona o ka lepo. Syn. fertility. 

Fru-i'tion, n. Ke ko ana. 

Friiit'legs, vdj. 1. Hua ole. A fruit- 
leas tree, he laau hua ole. 
2. Ko ole; makehewa. A fruitless ef- 
fort, he hoao makehewa. 

Fruit'tree, n. Laau hua, 

Frii gyrate, v. £ boohoka. Syn. de- 

Frfts'tum, n. He okina o ke kino paa. 

Frustum of a cone, he okina o ka puou 
Fry, V. E parai. 
Fry'ing-pan, n. Pa-parai. 
Fu'el, n. 1. Wahie no ke ahi. 

2. Kela mea, keia mea i a i ke ahi. 
Fu'gri-tive, w. He kuewa; kanaka aU' 

wana; kanaka mahuka. 
Ffil'crum, n. He unu; he koo. 
Ful-fill', V. E hooko'. Syn. accomplish. 

Ful-fill'ment, n. Ka hooko' ana. Syn. 

Full, adj. Piha. 
Full'ness, n. Ka piha ana. 
Full'y, adj. Lea. Fully understand, 

maopopo lea. 
Fftm'ble, v. E ha'ha' wale aku. 
Fumes, n. pi. 1. Uahi. Syn. smoke. 

1. Ka mahu o na mea baila; ke ala o 
na mea e a ana. 

Fu'mi-gate, v. E hoopuhi 1 ka u-ahi. 

Fu'mi-ga'tlon, n. Ka hoopuhi ana i 
ka u-ahi. 

Ffin, 71. Paani lealea. 

Fiine'tion, v. Hana. 

Ftine'tion-a-ry, n. Luna oihana. 

Ftind, 71. He waihona. 

Fxin'da-ment'al, adj. Kumu. Funda- 
mental principle, he loina hookumu. 

Fu'ner-al, n. Halawai hoolewa kupa- 

Fu-ne're-al, adj. Ano kanikau. 

Ftin'gus, 71. Pepeiao laau. 

Ftin'nel, n. 1. Puka u-ahi no ka eniki- 
ni. Syn. smoke stack. 

2. Puka hookomo ea i ka opu o ka mo^ 

8. Tini ukuhi wai. 
Ftkn'ny, adj. Lealea; mea akaaka. 
Fur, n. Hulu palupalu, like me koka 

Fur'bisli, v. E anai; e hoohinuhinu. 

Syn. scour. 
Fu'rl-otis, adj. 1. Weliweli o ka huhu. 

2. Ikaikaloa; pukiki. A furious wind, 

makani pukiki. 
Furl, V. E opiopi. E opiopi i ka pea. 
Fur'Iong, ». He setadia; hapawaluo 

ka mile. 
Fur'lough (fur'lo), n. Palapala hoc- 

kuu koa no ka wa pokole. 
Fur'na^e, n. L Kapuahi hooheehee 


2. Kapuahi hoomehana. 
Fur'nish, v. E hoolako. Syn. supply. 

Fur'nl-ture, n. Na lako. Household 

furniture, na lako hale. 
Fur'row, n. Auwahao ke o'palau. 
Fur'tlier, adv. Oi ae ; ma o aku. 
Fur'thier, v. E kokua. Syn. assist; pro 

mote. To further the undertaking. 

e kokua mamuli o ka hana. 
Fur'tlier-ance, n. KoKUa; koo. In 

furtherance of the object, i kokua no ka 

Fur'tlier-more, adv. Eia hou. Syn. 





VvirthfeBt, adj. Ma-<y loa. 

Fur'tive, adv. Maalea; malu'jaiio ai- 

r^'ry, n. L Huhu weliweli; inaina 

lua ole. 

2. Ke ano o ka ikaikaino. Thefttri; 

of the tempest, ka ikaika ino o ka ma- 

FuTz'Yf adj. Heu. Ptir z-jf ccme, ko heu. 
Fuse, n. He kaulapauda;iiieahoopahu'» 
Fuse (fuie) v. E hooheehee i ka wela. 
Fu'gi-ble, adj. Hiki ke hooheeheeia. 

Fus'ion, n. 1. Ka hooheehee ana i ka 


2. Kalilo anao na aoao ku-e elua a 

oi paha, i aoao hookahi; ka lokahi ana. 
Fftgrs, n. Hauwalaau. 
Ffts'sy, adj. Ano hoopillkia wale. 
Fu'tile, adj. Makehewa; waiwai ole. 

Syn. useless; vain. 
Fu-til'l-ty, n. Ke ano makehewa. 

Syn. uselessnesB. 
Fu'ture, i Ko mua aku: ka wa 
Fu-tu'ri-ty,i "* mahope, 
, Fy I interj. Ka ! kaha'haa 


Gab'ble, v. E walaau wale, me he 
mau keko la. Syn. iabber. 
GiV'ble, 71. Hakala o ka hale. 
Gad, v. E holoholo wale. 
Ctad'a-boi^t, n. He mea holoholo w«de; 

he a'ea wale. 
Gag, E o-a. 

Gagp, n. Laau hoopaa waha. 
Gain, n. 1. Waiwai puka. 

2. Pomaikai. 
Crsis, V. L B pwka. 

2. To gain a point, e ko i ka makemake 
Gain'leas,adj. Poho^ waiwai ole. Syn. 

Gain' say, v. E pale i ka olelo; ehoole 

i ka olelo. 
Gait, n. Ke ano o ka hele ana. A »low 

gait, ka hele lolohi ana. 
Gait'er, w. He ano kamaa. 
Ga'la-day, n. La hauoli. 
Gale, n. Makani nui. 
Gall, n. Ke an. 
G^ll, V. 1. E hoopohole i ka III. ^TV. 


2. E hoonaukiuki. 
Gal-lant', v. E kokua pono i ka wahine. 
GaPlant, adj. Koa; maka^u ole. Syn. 

brave; courageous. 
Gal'lant-ry, n. 1. Ke ano koa. 

2. Ke kokua pono ana 1 na wahine. 
G»11er-y, n, 1. Wahi noho oluns. 

2. Keen a hoikeike kit. 

3. Photographic gallery, hale pai fcii. 
Gal'ley,n. Hale kuke olunaoka moku. 
GaI'lie, adj. No Faruni. Syn. french. 
Gal'li-nlp'per, n. He makika nui. 
Gal'lon, 71. He galani. 

Gal'lop, V. Ka nolo loa ana o ka lio. 

Gal^lows, n. Amana. 

GaFTan-ism, n. He mana ano like me 

Gam'ble, v. E pill waiwai. 
G&ux'bler, n. Kanaka pill waiwai. 

G&m'bol, V. E lelelele; e haa. Stk. 

Game, n. 1. He paani. 

2. Na holoholona i ki-pu ia. 
Game'ster, n. Kanaka pili waiwai. 

Syn. gambler. 
Oarn'moit, n. 1. He hoka. Syn. hum* 

Gam'xit, n. Na leo ewalu o ka pa-ko-lL 

Syn. scale. 
GanMer, n. Manu ne'ne' kane. 
Gang, n. He poe. A gang of laborers^ he 

poe paahana. 
G^n-grene', n. Ka palaho o kau wahi 

o ke kino. 
Gane'way, Vf. Kahi e komo aku ai o ka 

Gaol (Jail), n. Hale paahao. Syn. jail. 
Gaol'er (jail'er), ti. Luna hale paa- 
hao. Syn. jailer. 
Gap, n. 1. Wahi helelei o ka pa. 

2- Wahi haahaa mawaena o na kua- 

Gape, V. E hamama waha. Syn. yawn.. 
Garb, 71. -Jahu. 

Garb'age, ti. Opala holoholona; opala. 
Giir'ble, v. E kalai ino i ka olelo. 
Giir'den, n. He kihapai. 
Gar'den-er, n. Kahu malama kihapai, 
Gar'gle, v. B o'lao'la ma ka puu. 
Gar'land, n. Lei. Syn. wreath. 
Gar'ment, n. Lole komOr 
Gar'ner, n. Hale nanaa. Syn. barn. 
Gardner, v. E hoouiili ma ka hale pa- 

Garget, n. Pohaku momi ulaula. 
Giir'nish, r. E kahiko a maikai. Syn* 

decorate; adorn. 
Gar'nish-ee', v. E hoopaa waiwai oka 

mea ai-e. 
Gftr'ret, n. Ke keena oluna loa o ka 

hale. Syn. attic. 
Gar'ri-son, n. Na koa o ka pa-kaua. 




Gar-rote', v. E uuml. 
Oar'ru-lotts, adj. Walaan wale. 
Gar'ter, n. Lipine hoopaa kakini. 
Gas, 71. Eamama. 
Gas'e-ous, adj. Pili i ke ea mama. 
Gash, 71. Wahi moku ma ke kino. 
Gas'ligrh.t, n. Ka malamalama o ke ea 

Gas-om'e-ter, 71. Wahfehooahu ai o 

ke ea mama. 
Gasp, V. E hamipaa. E mauliawa. 
Gas'ferie, adj. Pili i ka opu hoowale ai. 
Gas'trie Juice, n, Wai hoowale alo 

ka opu. 
Gate, 71. Puka pa. 
Gate'way, n. Kahi e komo ai, 
Gatii'er, v. 1. E hooakoakoa. Syn. 

2. E hooiliill. Snr. collect things. 

3. E hoouluulu. Syn. collect animals 

4. E ohi. Syn. gather fruit. 

5. E hooahu. Syn. hoard. 
Gatii'er-er, n. Mea nana e hoiliill, etc. 

Gath'er-ing, n. 1. He anaina. Syn. 


2. Ka mea i ohi la; hooiliiliia, etc. 
8. He puu ma ke kino. 
G^ud'y, adj. Hoohiehie pono ole. 

Gaugre (gaj), n. Mea ana pahu barela. 
Gaug^er, n. Kanaka ana pahu.. 
Gauut, adj. Wiwi; olala. 
Gaunt'let, n. Pale lima loloa. 
Gauze, 71. Lole lahilahi loa. 
Gawk'y, adj. Kuaaina; hemahema. 
Gay, adj. 1. Lealea; olioli. Syn. merry. 

2. Nani; maikai loa. Syn. fine. 
Gay'e-tv, n. Lealea. Syn. merriment. 

Ga^l V * ( ^^' ^^ ka lealea; me ka nani. 
Gaze, V. E haka pono ka maka. 
Ga-zelle', n. He dia. 
Ga-zette', n. He nupepano na mea e 

hoolaha. Official Gazette, ka pepa hoo- 

laha ma ke kauoha o ke aupuni. 
Gaz'et-eer', n. He buke e hoike 

na wahi a pau o ka honua. 
Gaz'ing-stoek, n. Kanaka 1 hoofaene- 

heneia e ka lehulehu. 
Gear, 71. Na lako o kela me keia ano. 
Geld'iiig:, n. Lio i poa ia. 
^em, 7*. He momi. 
Gen'der, n. 1. MasculinA gender^ ano 


2. Feminine gender, ano wahine. 

8. Neuter gender, ano ku okoa. 

4. Covimon gender, ano pili like. 
Gen'e-a-16g:'ie-al, adj. Kuauhau, 

6£n'e-&l'o-^ist, 71. Kanaka Iml ku- 

Gen'e-&l'o-^y, V. Ke kuauhau. 

6en'er-al, adj. Pili i na mea a pau; 
akea. Ge7ieraif70od, pomalkai o ka le- 
hulehu. General meaning, ke ano nui. 
General intelligence, ike akea. General 
sickness, mai laulaha. 

Gen'er-al, 71. Generala. 

6en'er-&l'i-ty, n. 1. Ka hapa nui. 

Syn. majority. 
. 2. Generalities^ na mea ano nui. 
Gen'er-al-ize, v. E hoomaopopo ma 

ke ano nui. 
Gen'er-al-ly, adv 1. Ma ke ano man. 

2. Generally so, pela i ka hapa nui o ka 
man aw a. 

3. Generally XLseful, makaukau ma kela 
me keia mea. 

4. Generally understood, hoomaopopo 
iae ka hapa nui. 

Gen'er-al-sliip, 71. Ke kulana, ke aka- 

mai o ka generala. 
Gen'er-ate, v. E hoohua mai. 
Gen'er-a'tion, n. 1. Ka hoohua ana 


2. He hanauna. Third generation, ku- 
. akahi. 

Gen'er-a-tor, w. Mea e hoohua ana. 
Ge-ner'ic, adj. Pili i ka papa; ke ku- 
lana; ke ano like, ka hanauna. 
Gen'er-os'i-ty, n. Ano lokomaikai; 

manawalea. »yn. liberality. 
Gen'er-otks, adj. Lokomaikai; mana- 
. walea. Syn. liberal. 
Gen'e-sls, n. Ka hookumu ana. 
Ge'ni-al, adj. Oluolu; launa; laulea. 
Ge'ni-al'i-ty, 71. Ke ano launa; ano 

Ge'ni-al-ly, adv. Me ka oluolu. 
Gen'ius, n. 1. Ke akamai maoli o ka 

. 2. Mea akamai maoli. 
Gen-teel', adj. Ano mikioi; aulii. 
Gen'tile, n. Kanaka no na aina e, wahi 

o kapoe Judaio. 
Gen-til'i-ty, n. Ke ano mikioi; ano au- 

Gentle, adj. 1. Laka. Syn. tame. 

2. Oluolu. Syn. mild; quiet. 

3. Akahai. Syn. meek. 
Gen'tle-man, n. Kanaka hoopono; he 


Gentle-iuan-ly, adj. Hoopono; keoni- 

Gen'tle-ness, n. Laka; oluolu; akahai. 

GSn'tle-woui'an, n. Wahine hoopono;, 
noho pono; he lede. 

Gen'tly, adv. Me ka oluolu; me ke aka- 

rgn'try, n. Poe naauao; poe pihalulat 
ren'u-ine, adj. Oiaio; oia maoli no. 

^e'nus, n. He papa o na mea ano like. 

pe'o-g^raplt'lc, \ j. No ka hoike 
fe'o-g:rapli'ie-al, \ •'' honua. 
;e-6g'ra-phy , n. Hoike honua. 

Ge'o-ld^lc-al, ad&*. Pill i ke ano o ka 

Ge-dl'o-jrlst, n. Kanaka hull I ke ana 
o ka honua. 

6e-dl'o-^y, 7». He hoike no ke ano o 
ka honua; nokahana'na o ka honua. 

6e'o-inet'rlc-al, adj Pili i ka ana ho- 

Ge-dm'e-trl'slan, n. Kanaka hull ana 

6e-dta'e-try, n. 

Ana honua. 




Wahine nui loa. 
namunamu. Syn. jab- 
He olelo namunamu 

^erm, n. He mole; he kumu. 
Ger-mane', ad/. Pili; pili pono. Syn. 

fitting; appropriate. 
Oer'mi-nate, v. E kupu. Syn. sprout. 
Ger'mi-na'tion, n. Ke kupu una, 

6es-ti€'u-late, v. E kikoo i ka lima, 

ma ke kamailio ana. 
Ges-tie'u-la'tion, n. Ke kikoo ana me 

ka lima. 
Gest'ure, n. Kikoo lima. 
Get, V. 1. E loaa. Syn. obtain. 

2. Get off, e lele ilalo. 
. 3. To get away safely, e pakele. 

4. To get under weigh, e hoomaka e ho- 

Gew'gaw, n. Mea milimili waiwal ole. 
Ghast'iy (gast/ly), adj. Hakeakea, me 

he make la. 
Ghost (gost), n. Uhane lapu. 
Gi'ant, n. Kanaka nui loa. 
Oi'ant-ess, n. 
Gib'ber, v. E 
Gib'ber-ish, n. 

Gib-bet, n. Amana. Syn. gallows. 

Glb'bofis, adj. Ano poepoe. A gibbous 
moon, ka mahina e piha ana. Syn. con- 

Gibe, w. Loiloi; henehene. Syn. sneer, 

6lb'let8, n. Ka puuwai me ke ake o na 

GldMl-ness, n. 1. Poniuniu. 

2. Lealea kupono ole o ka naau. 
Gid'dy, adj. 1. Poniuniu. 

2. Lealea kupono ole. 
Gift, n. 1. He raakana. Syn. present. 

2. He ike. Syn. talent; quality. 
Giffed adj. Pihai ke akamai; piha i 

ka naaiiao. Syn. talented. 
Gig, n. He kaa lio me na huila elua. 
Gi-gan'tie, adj. Nunui loa. 
Gig'gle, r. E akaaka naaupo. Syn. tit- 
Gild. V. 1. E hamo me ke gula lahilahi 


2. E hoomalamalama, me he alaula la. 
Gill, n. He gila, hapa-ha o ke paina. 
Gill, n. Api; mahamaha. 
Gilt, adj. Hamoia i ke gula. 
Gim'let, n. Wili puka uuku. 
Gin, n. 1. He waiona. gini. 

2. He upiki. Syn. trap. 

8. Mikini wehe 1 ka anoano o ka pulu- 
. pulu. 

Gin'ger, n. Awapuhi. 
Gin'ger-bread, n. Berena ono 1 hoomi- 

ko pu ia ka awapuhi. 
Gin'ger-ly, adv. Me ke akahele. Syn. 

Glng'ham, n. Ginamu. 
Gird, V. E kaei; e haawele; ekfihtd. 
Gird'er. n. He kaola, 
Gir'dle, n. Kaei. 
Girl, n. Kaikamahine. 
Girl'htfbd, n. Ka wa kaikamahine. 
GirPish, adj. Ku i ke kaikamahine. 

Girth, n. 1. He kaula opu. 

2. Ke anapuni o kekahi mea. 
Gist, n. Ka i'o o kekahi olelo, a hana 

Give, v. E haawi; e manawalea. 

2. (3ive heed, e hoolohe. 

3. Give up, e haalele; e paupauaho. 

4. Given to reflection, plannii.g or deviS' 
ing, paumaalea ; pauakamai, 

Giv'er, n. Ka mea nana e haawi. 
Gla'cier, n. Muliwai hau paa o kuahiwi, 

ma'na aina anu, e nee malie loa ana a 

iloko o na awawa. 
Glad, adj. Olioli; hauoli. Syn. delight 

ed; gratified. 
Gladden, v. E hoohauoli. 
Glade, n. He klpuka ma ka ulu laau. 
Glad'ly, adv. Me ka hauoli. 
Glad'ness, w. Hauoli. Syn. joy. 
Glance, n. Ka leha ana o kamaka. 
Giant), 71. Hei-opalupalu, me he hua- 

huakai la; nanakahaua e hookawale 

1 na wai iloko o ke kino. 
Glare, n. Malamalama olinolino. 
Glare, v. 1. E hulili. 

2., E nana me ka maka huhu. 
G1^8s,7i. Aniani. 
Glass'y, adj. Me he aniani la. A glassy 

sea, he kai malino. 
Glaze, V. E hookomo aniani maka puka 

Gla'zier, n. Kanaka hookomo aniani. 
Gleam, n. Kukuna malamalama; he 

ui'uiki. Syn. glimmer. 
Glean, v. 1. E ohi i na hua helelei. 

2. E noi'i. Syn. collect information 

Glean'er, n. Mea ohi. 
Glee, 71. 1. He olioli ; he oil. 

2. He leo mele hoolealea. 
Glee'ful, adj. Piha i ka oil. SYN, 

Glen, n. He awawa uuku. Syn. dell. 
Glib, adj. Pahee. A glib tongue, he alelo 

ib'ly, adv. Pahee. To talk glibly, q 

kamailio pahee. 
Glide, V. 1. E kokolo ; mehe nahesa la. 

2. E holo niau; mehe kaa ahi la. 
Glim'mer, n. Uiuiki. 
Glimpse, n. He ike aweawea; he awl- 

Glis'ten, v. E oa'oaka, 
Glit'ter, v. E wakawaka; e hulili. 
Globe, 71. He kino poepoe. Syn. sphere. 
Gldb'u-lar, adj. Poepoe. Syn. spheri- 
G16b-ule, w. He kulu. Syn. drop. 
Gloom, 71. Pouli ; powehiwehi. Gloom 

of a forest, lipo waonahele. 
Globm-i-ly, adv. 1. Me ka pouliuli. 

2. Me ka ehaeha o ka naau. 
Gldbm'y,adj. 1. Pouliuli. Syn. dark. 

A gloomy day, he la pouliuli. 

2. Nuniiha; mumule. Syn. sullen. 
G16'ri-fi-ea'tion, n. Ka hoonani ana, 
G16'ri-fy, v. E hoonani. 
Glo'ri-otks, ady. Naui; kamahao. 




G16-ry, n. Nani ; kamahao. 

Gldss. n He hinuhinu; he 111 pahoe- 

Olos'sy, ad/. Hinuhinu; pahoehoe. 

Glove (gliiv), n. Pale lima. 

Glow, V. 1. E hooenaena; enaena. 
The fire glows, enaena ke ahi, 
2. Omeomco; ulaiila. 

Glow'ing, adj\ 1. Enaena, A glowing 
fire, he ahi enaena. 

*2. Hooeueu; hoolalelale. A glowing 
account, he olelo hooeueu. Syn. in- 

Glue.n. Gelu'; meapipili. 

Glue, V. E hoopipili me ke gelu'. 

Glikm, odj. Keemoa; nunuha. 

Gliit, V. 1. E hoolawa a lawa loa. To 
glut the market, e hoolawa i kekahi mea 
a koe, i hiki ole ke kuai. 

Glu'ten, w. Ka meapipili iloko o ka 

u'tin-oiks, adj. Pipili. Syn. sticky. 
Giat'ton, n. 1. He wahau'hau'ha. Syn. 


2. Kanaka hoonuu ai. 
GliSt-ton-otks, adj. Hoonuu; uhauha. 
Gl<it'ton-y, n. Hoonuu ai; uhauha. 
Gnarled' (narld), adj. Paapu 1 na lala. 

A gnarled board, he papa i paapu ina 

Gnash (nash). v. E uwi ka niho. 
Gnat (nat), n. Nalo aki. 
Gnaw (naw) v. E nalinali; e nau. 
Goj'r. l.*'Ehele. Go a foot, e hele wa- 


2. E holo. Go on koraehack, e holo ma- 

luna o ka lio. 

8. Go in, e komo iloko. Go out, e puka 

Goal. n. 1. Kahi i manaoia e kukini. 

2. Ka hopeua i manaoia. 
Goad, n. 1. Laau hookikina. 

2. Kumu hooeueu. 
Goad . V. E hookikina; e hooeueu. 
Goat/n. He kao. 
Goat-ee', n. Ka umiumi, koho kao la, 

Goat'herd. n. Kahu hanai kao. 
Gdb, 71. He puu; he oolopu ai. 
Gdb'ble, V. E hoonuu ai; e ai wiki- 

Gdb'bler, 71. Pelehu' kane. 
Gdb'let, 71. Kiaha inu. 
Gdd 71. 1. Ke Akua; Jehova. 

2. He akua. 
Gdd'dess, n. Akua wahine. 
God'head. n. Ke Akua Kahi-Kolu. 
God'less, adL Nelo i ke Akua ole ; aia'. 
Gdd'llke, aaj. Ano like me ko Ke Akua. 
Gdd'll-nesH, n. Ke ano Ke Akua; ke 

ano hemolele. 
Gdd'ly adj. Haipulc; hemolele; pono. 
Gdd'send, n 1. Pomaikai mai Ke Akua 

mai;pomaikai i ulia mai. Syn. un- 
expected piece of good fortune. 
Gog'gles, 71. Aniani palemaka. 
Go-inR, n. Kaheleana. 
Goi'tre, n. Puu ulaala ma ka a-i. 

Gold, n. He gula. 

Gold 'en, adj. Gula; like me ke gula. 

Gold'leaf, n. Gula 1 kuiia a lahilahi 

Gold'smitli, n. Kanaka hana mea gula. 
G6n'do-la, 71. He waa holo lealea ma 

Gdn'do-lier, n. Kanaka hoe gondola. 
Gdngf, 71. Pa metala palahalaha, poepoe, 

mea kani; ke bele hookani o Tea poe 

Got>d, adj. 1. Maikai; pono. Syn. 


2. Kina'ole; paa. Syn. without flaw. 

3. Pololei. Syn. correct. 
Go^d-by', 71. Aloha hookaawale. Syn. 

G<>bd'ly, adv. 1. Mahuahua. A goodly 

number oj persons, he poe mahuahua 


2. Aulii; mikioi. A goodly appearance, 

he nanaina aulii. 
G<>t>d'nes8, 71. Ke ano maikai; ka pono. 
Go~bds, n. Na waiwai liilii o kela me 

keia ano. Dry-goods, na lole kuai o na 

ano apau. 
Good-will', n. Manao lokomaikai; ma- 

nao oluolu. 
Goose, 71. Manu ne'ne'. 
Gobse'flesh, (on account of cold). Anu- 

Gore, 71. 1. Koko i hookahe ia, 

2. Apana huinakolu o ka lole, a aina 

pah a. 
Gore, V. E hou aku me ke kiwi. 
G6r'di-an KnOt, n. He pilikiapohi- 

hihi. To cut the Gordian knot, e hoopau 

i ka pilikia me ka lima ikaika. Syn. 

inextricable difficulty. 
G6Tge, 71. 1. Ka pu a-i. 

2. Wahi kuhoho iwaena o na kua- 

Gdr'^eoiis, adj. Nani loa; kamahao. 
Go-ril'la, n. Keko kanaka o Aferika. 
Gor'mand-ize, v. E no'u. 
Gor'mand'lz-er, n. He wa'hauhau'ha, 
Go'ry, adj. Paele i ke koko. 
GcSs'ling, 71. Manu nene opiopio. 
Gos'pel, 71. Euanelio. 
Gds'sip, n. Holoholo olelo; lonolonoa'. 
Gouge, 71. Kila o-o'ma. 
Gouge, V. 1. E poalo. Gouge out the 

eye, e poalo i ka maka. 

2. E kalai me ke kila oo'ma. 
Gourd, 71. Ipu awa. 
Gout, n. Ka mai pehu o na ami. 
Gov'ern, v E hoomalu i kanaka. 
Gov'ern-ess. 71. 1. Kahu wahine no na 

keikio kaonana. 

2. Kiaaina wahine. 
Gdv'ern-ment, n. Aupuni. 
Gov'ern-ment'al, adj. No ke aupuni. 
G6v'ern-or, v. 1. Kiaaina. 

2. Kahu hoomalu. 

8. Mikini hooponopono ana i ka eni- 

kini mahu. 
Gown, n. He holoku'. 
Gr&b, I'. E kaili ino; e apo ino aku» 




Grace, n. 1. Lokomaikai. Syn. kind- 

2. Nani. Syn. beauty. 
Grace'ful, adj. 1. Lokomaikai 

2. 'Nani; aulii; upalu; eleu. 
Grace'ful-ly, adv. 1. Mekalokomal- 


2._ Me ka mikioi. 
Gra'cious, adj. Lokomaikai. 
Gra'ciou8-ly, adv. Me ka oluolu. 
Grad'e, w. \. He kulana; he papa. 

2. Kamoeanaokealanui. Levelgrade, 

moe iliwai. 
Grade, v. 1. E hoonoho kulana; e hoo- 

noho papa. 

2. E noomoe i alanui. 
Grad'u-al, adj. 1. Malie. A gradiml 

ascentj he pii'na malie. 

2. Liilii. Gradual diminution, he hoo- 

emi Ijilii. 
Grad'u-al-ly, adv. Ma ka noii; me ka 

Grad'u-ate, v. 1. E loaa ka palapala 

apono maike kula nui mai. 

2. E kaha i na degere maluna o kekahi 

Grad'u-a'tion, n. Ka hookuu ana me 

ka palapala apouo. 
Graft, n. He opuu i pakufla i kehahi 

laau e ae. 
Grain, n. 1. Na hua palaoa o na ano a 


2. He huna. A grain of sand, he huna 

Grain, v. E pena kohu hooluu laau la. 

Gram'l-nlv'o-rofts, adj. E ai ana i ke 
maun; al mauu. 

Gram'mar, n. Hoike olelo. 

Gram-ma'rian, n. Kanaka makaukau 
ma ka hoike olelo. 

Gram-mat'ie-al-ly, adv. Like me na 
rula o ka hoike olelo. 

Gran'a-ry, n. Waihona no na hua pa- 

Grand, adj. Nani; kamahao. 

Grand-child, n. He moopuna. 

Grand'eur, n. Ka nani; ke kamahao. 

GrandTatti'erJ K-nmmft Tfanp 

Grand'sire, \ ^- Jvupuna icane. 

Grand-jii'iy, n. Ke jure nui, e iaal e 
anaina hihia karaima, mamua o ka 
hookolokolo ana.. 

Grand'moth'er, n. Kupuna wahine. 

Grant, n. Hehaawinaokelamekeia ano 

Grant, r. E ae; e haawi. 
Grant-ee', n. Ka mea e loaa ana. 
Grant'or, n. Ka mea nana e haawi. 

Gran'u-late, v. E hoolilo kekahi mau 
mea wai 1 mau huna paa. Granulate 
cane juice, e hoolilo ka wal o ke ko i 
niau huna ko paa. 

Grape, n. 1. Hua waina. 
2. Poka' nui i hoopihaia i na poka' 

Grape'vine, n. Kumu waina. 

Gra^tU'le, adj. Moakaka ke kakau ana. 

Graph'ite, n. Kepan mea hana penl- 

Grap'ple, v. 1. E aumeume. 

2. E apo aku. 
Grasp, V. E apo. 
Grasp, n. 1. He apo lima. 
2. The grasp of thought, ke apo ana i ka 
Grasp'ing, adj. Alunu; puniwaiwai. 
Grass, 71. Mauu; weuweu, 
Grass'hop-jper, n. He uhini. 
Grass';. Uliuli i ke mauu; uhiia 1 

ke mauu. 
Grate, r. L E olo; e kolikoli. 

2. E oe; oeoe. 
Grate, n. Hao manamana o ke kapu- 

Grate'ful, adj. 1. Aloha aku no ke ko- 

kuaia mai. Syn. thankful. 
* 2. Oluolu. Syn. pleasant. 
Grate'ful-ly, adv. 1. Me ke aloha no 
na pono i loaa mai. 
2. Me ka oluolu. Syn. pleasantly. 
Grafer.?i. Mea olo; mea kolikoli. 
Grat'i-n-ca'tion. n. 1. Ka oluolu o 
ka manao. Syn. satisfaction. 
2. Ke ko ana o ka makemake. 
Grafi-fy, V. L E hooluolu; e hoolau- 

2. E ko I ka makemake. 
Grat/ing, n. Hao manamana. 
Grat'ing, adj. Oeoe. 
Griit'is, adv. Makana wale. 
Grat'i-tude, n. Ke aloha no ke kokua- 

iamai. Syn. thankfulness. 
Gra-tu'l-toiis, adj. Manawalea; uku 
ole. Gratuitous aid, kokua manawalea. 
Gra-tti'1-totts-ly, adv. ManaAvalea wa- 
Gra'tu'1-ty, n. He makana. Syn. gift. 
Grave, n. Lua kupapau. 
Grave, adj. Koikoi. A grave thought, 

he manao koikoi. 
Grave, v. E kahakaha. 
Grav'el, n. Iliili. 
Grave'ly, adv. Me ke koikoi o ka ma» 

Grav'er, n. Mea kahakaha. 
Grave'-st6ne,n. Pohakuhoomanao, no 

ka ilina. 
Grave'-yard, «. Pa kupapau; ilina. 
Grav'i-tate, v; E umexaumaha. 
Grav'i-ta'tion, n. Ka ume kaumaha. 
Grav'i-ty, n. 1. Ke kaumaha; ke koi- 

2. Ke koikoi o ka manao. 
Gra'vy, n, Kai o na i'o i hoomoaia. 

Grevi ^^' ^^i^siina; hina. 
Grdy'beard, w. Kanaka poohina. 
Graze, v. E ai mauu. 

2. E aneane pili; e pohole iki. 
Gra'zier, w. Kanaka hanaiholoholona. 
Grease, n. Ailaharao. 
Grease,!;. Eharao i ka aila. 
Greas'y, adj. Paele i ka aila hamo. 

2. A greasy fluid, 'kai "likoiiko. 
Great, adj. Nui; hanohano. 




Greatly, adv. Nuiloa;loa. Greatly be- 
loved, aloha nui loa ia. 
Great'nesB, n. Ke ano nui; ka hano- 

Gre'^ian, n. No Helene. 
Greed'1-ly, adv. Me ke alunu. 
Greed'i-ness, n. Alunu; he uha wale. 
Greed'y, adj. Alunu; uha wale. 
Green, a^'. 1. Omaomao; uliuU. 

2. Maka. Syn. unripe. 
Green -gro'cer, n. Kanaka kual mea 

ai maka. 
Green'horn, n. Kanaka hemahema; 

kanaka hawa'wa'. 
Green'liouse, n. Hale hoo-ulu mea uhi. 
Greens, n. pi. Na ai i like me ka luaii, 

ha'ha', lirauetc. 
Green'sward, n. Mauu uliuli. 
Greet, v 'E aloha aku; Syn. salute. 
Greet'ing, n. Ke aloha i ka halawai 

pu ana. Syn. salutation. 
Gre-ga,'Ti-oii». adj. Anolauna; maa i 

ka hole pu ma na pua'. 
Grey-hound, n. He ilio nunui, wawae 

Grid'dle, n. Pa parai palaoa. 
Grid'iron, n. Hao manamana. 
Grief, n. Kaumaha; ehaeha; uhu' 
Griev'an^^e, n. Kumu kaumaha; ku- 

Grieve, v. E uwe; e kaniuhu' 
Griev'oiks, adj. Kaumaha; ehaeha. 
Gri-mace', n. Haikaika. Syn. grin. 
Grim, adj. Keemoa; kuemaka. 
Grim'ly, adv. Keemoa. 
Grin, n. Haikaika. 
Grind, V. E hookala. Syn. sharpen. 

2. E wili. Grind sugar cane, e wili ls.o. 

8. E hookaumaha. Syn. oppress. 
Grind'er, n. Niho nui. 
Grind'stone, n. Hoana kaa. 
Grip, V. E apo ikaika. Syn. grasp. 
Gripe, n. Nahu; umii'. 

2. Gripe of poverty, ka lokoino o ka uele. 
Gris'tle, n. Kumukumu. Syn. carti- 
Grist, n. Na hua palaoa 1 willla. 
Grlst'nalll, w. He wili palaoa. 
Grit, n. 1. Ho o'ne. 

2. He hoomanawanui; manao kupaa. 

Syn. spunk. 
Griz'zly. adj. Hlna. Grizzly hair^ hliia 

Groan, v. E uhu'; e nu. 
Griian'lng:, n. Ka uhu ajia o ka leo. 
Gro'cer, n. Kanaka kiial i na mea ai. 
Gro'cer-ieg, n. pi. Kela me keia ano 

mea ai. 
Gro'ger-y, n. Hale kuai o na mea ai. 
Grdg, n. Wai ona i kawill pu ia me ka 

Grfie'shop, ?^. Hale kual wai ona. 
Groin, n. ruhaka. 
Groom, w. 1. Kane akahi no a mare. 

Syn. bridegroom. 

2. _Kahu malama lio. 
Groove, n. He ho'le. 
Grope, V. E huha aku me he makapo la. 

Gross, w. 12 Kakini. 

Gross, adj. 1. Nunui i)ono ole. 

2. Haumia; pelapela. 
Gross'ness, n. 1. Ka nui kupono ole. 

2._ Ka haumia; ka pelapela. 
Gross'lyj adv. I kana ole, launa ole. 

Grossly ignorant^ naaupo launa ole. 

Grdt%o,[«- He ana. 

Gro-tesque, adj. Ku i ka akaaka. 

Syn. fantastic. 
Ground, n. Lepo; honua. 

2. Kahua. Syn. foundation. 
Ground, v. Hi; mau. The boat has 

grounded, ua ill ka waapa. 
Ground-floor, n. Ka papa hele o lalo 

loa o ka hale. 
Ground'less, adj. Kumu ole; kahua 

ole. Groundless fear, maka'u kumu ole, 

or, maka'u wale. 
Ground 'plan, n. Kii o ke kahua-hale. 
Ground'plot, n. Kahua o ka hale. 
Ground'rent, n. Uku hoolimalima no 

ke kahua hale. 
Ground'-work, n. Ka hana hoo-kahujv. 

2. Groundwork of knowledge, na kumu 

mua o ka ike. 
Group, w. He pu-a. Syn. collection. 

2." Huhui. Syn. cluster. A cluster of 

stars, he huhui ho-ku' 
Grove, n. He wahi ululaau uuku. 

Grdv'eljV. 1. E kokolo maluna o ka 


2. E hoohaahaa a i ka lepo. 
Gr6v'el-er, n. Mea haanaa loa; mea 

kolo ma ka lepo. 
GroTV, V. 1. E kupu; e ulu ae; e hoo- 

2. E lilo. Syn. become. Groio rich, or 

become rich, e lilo i waiwal. 
Growl, V. E uwo; e kekc. 
Growth, n. Ka ulu ana; ka mahuahua 

Grib, TO. 1. He enuhe. 

2, Ai. 
GrAd^e, v. E aua. 
Grudge, n. He hoomauhala. 
Gru'el, n. He pudiua lahilahi. 
Grftff, adj. Kalakala; nihauiha. 
Gr<iff-ly, adv. Me ke kalakala o ka leo. 
Grftm'ble, v. 1. E ohumu. 

2. Grumble to one's self, e kinaunau. 
Grtint, v. E nu'; o u'hu me he pucu la, 
Guii'no, n. Kukae manu. 
Guar'an-tee', v. E hooia. 

Gu&r'an-tee', n. He hooklki no ka 

pono o kekahi mea. 
Guard, v. E kiai; e kuoo. 
Guard'i-an, n. He kahu ma ke k«itH- 

Guiir'dl-an-slilp, n. Oihana kahu. 

Guflrd'room, n. Keena o na koa kiai. 
Guii'va, to. He hua puawa. 
Gu'ber-na-td'ri-al, adj. PHI I ka oi- 
hana kiaaina. 
Gu j^Rs, V. E koho wale. 
Gudst, n. Hoaaina; mea I hookipaia. 



Guest'-room, \ ''' Keeua hookipa. 

Guid'ance, n. Ke alakai ana. 
Guide, 71.7 He alakai. 
Guide'post, n. Kia kuhikuhi. 
Guile, n. E]pa; maalea. Syn. craft. 
Guile'less, ad/. Akaka; oiaio; epaole. 

Syn. honest. 
GuiPlo-tine, n. Mikini oki poo. 
Guilt, n. Hcwa; hala. 
Guilt'i-ly, adv. Me ka hewa. 
Guilt'1-ness, n. Hewa. 
Guilt'less, ad/. Halaole; hewaole. 
Guilt'y, adj. Hewa. 
Guin'ea (gin'y) n. Apana dala gula o 

Beritania;21 silina. 
Guise, n. Ano o ko waho. Syn. ex- 

"ternal appearance. 
Gtlf, w. Kaikuono. 
Giill, n. 1. He manu o ke kal. 

2. Mea puni wale. 
Gtil'let, n. Kapuu. Syn. esophagus. 
Giil'ly,w. He auwaha. 
Gulp, V. E nioni me ka pono ole. 
G<im, n. He pilali. 
Gtim'boil, n. He puu ma kahi o na 

Giirn'my, adj. Pipili. Syn. sticky. 
Glimp'tion, n. Noeau; akamai. 
Giin,w. Hepuki. 
Gtkn'boat, n. He waapa manuwa' me 

ka pii nui. 
Gfin'ner,n. Kanaka lawelawe pu. 
Gun'ner-y, n. Ka ike no ke ki pu. 
Gtiu'pow-der, n. Pauda ki pu. 

Gfin'sliot, n. 1. Poka'; lu. 

2. Ka loihi kahi e lele ai ka poka'. 

3. Gunshot wound^ eha i ka poka'. 
GCkn'smith. n. Kanaka hana pu. 
Gikn'stock, 71. Ke kumu o ka pu. 
GJin'wale (gtkn'nel) n. Ka papa kae 

o ka waapa. 
Gur'gle, V. 1, E omo; e like me ka wai 

e piha ana i ka omole ; e olaola. 

2. E kakahe walaau. The gurgling 

brook, kahawai kakahe walaau. 
Gush. v. Ekaheinomai. 
GOst, V. Makani puahiohio. 
Giist'y. adj. Pukiki. A gusty wind, he 

makani pukiki. 
Gut, n. Naau liilii. 
Giit'ta-per'cha, n. He pilali ano like 

me kalaholio. 
Giit'ter, n. Kio lepo. 
Gut'ter-al, adj. Pili i ke kania-1. A 

gutteral sound, leo no loko ae o ke ka- 

Guy. n. Kaulae koo anai kekahi mea. 
Gtkz'zle, V. E pakela inu. 
Gym-na'f i-um, n. 1. Wahi hooikaika 


2. He kula kiekie. 
^lym'uast, 71. Kanaka hopikaika kino. 
Gym-uas'tic, adj. Pili i ka hooikaika 

Gvm-iias'ticg, n. pi. Ka hooikaika 

Gyp'sy.n. Kekahi ona mamo kuewa 

wale o Europa. 
Gy-ra'tion, 71. Ka nee poai ana. 


Ha'be-ag Cdr'pug, n, Palapala hoo- 
kuu kino. 

Ha-bil'l-ment, 71. Aahu. Syn. cloth- 

Haiyit, 71, 1. Hana maa, Syn. custom. 
2. Aahu. Syn. dress. 

Hab'it-a-bl e, adj. HikI ke noho ia. 

Hab'l-ta'tion, n. Wahi noho mau. 
Syn. abode; dwelling. 

Ha-blt'u-al, adj. Maa; walea. Syn. 

Ha-bifu-al-ly, adv. Mau. 

Ua-bit-u-ate, v. E hoomaamaa. Syn. 

Hack, n. Kaa lio holoholo. 

Hack, V. E oki hemahema. 

Hack'neyed, adj. Kahiko. A hackneyed 
subject, kiimu manao kahiko. Syn. old. 

Haft, 71. Heaupahi. 

Hag, 71. He luwahine pupuka ino. 

Hag'gard, adj. Haikea; onawaliwali. 

Hag'gle, V. E hoohalahala no ke ku- 

Hag'gler, n. Kanaka hoohalahala mau 

no ke kumu kuai. 
Hail, 71. Huahekili. 
Hail, r. 1. E haule mai he hua hekill. 

2. E kahea leo nui, 

3. E haawi i ke aloha. 
HaiPstone, n. Syn. hail. 
Hail'storm, n. Ka haule ino ana o ka 

Hair, 71. Lauoho. 
Hair'breadtb, ad/. Mahunehune. Syn. 

narrow. An hairbreadth escape, he pa- 

kele mahunehune. 

2. Kokoke loa. Syn. very nearly. 
Hair'brush, 71. Hulu kahi lauoho. 
Hair'cldtb, n. Lole hanaiai ka lauoho. 
Ha ir'less, adj. Ohule: lauoho ole. 
Hair'y, acy. Paapu i ka lauoho; hulu- 





Hal'cy-on, adj. Malia; malino. Syn. 

calm; peaceful. 
Hale, ao/. Ikaika; puipui. 
Half; n. He hapalua. 
HalTeaste, 11. He hapahaole. 
HiilTpay, n. Uku hapa. 
Halfwit-ted, adj. Ano lolo ma ka noo- 

Hall, n. 1. Keena komo o ka hale. 

2I Keena nui no na halawai. 

3. Hale nui. 

4. Halls of justice, na keena hookolo- 

Ha'le-lu'jah, interj. Aleluia! 
Hal-loo', i/iter/. Eo! leo kahea. 
Hal'low, V. E hoano. 
Hal-lu'ci-na'tion, n. He hihio o ka 

Ha'lo, n. Pona'hana'ha; Lua hoana; 

Halt, V. 1. E ku, e noho iki. Syn. stop. 

2I E holo ku-ku. Syn. limp. 
Hal'ter, 11. 1. Kaula punuku. 

'il Kaula kaawe. Syn. noose. 
Halve, V. E mahele hapalua. 
Halves, (halvz) ?i.»J. Na hapalua 
Hal'yard, n. Kaula hukl pea; kaula 

huki hae. 
Ham, n. Puaa hama. 
Hames, n. Na hao e hoopaa ana i na 

kaula huki kaa lio, i ka a-i o ka lio. 
Hain'let, n. Kauhale uuku. Syn. small 

Ham'mer, n. Hamale. 
Ham'mer, v. E kui me ka hamale. 
Hain'mock, n. Moe e lewa ana. 
Ham'per,n. Hei-enunui^ mealawe ai. 
Ham'per, v. E hoopilikia; e keakea. 

Syn. encumber; embarrass. 
Hand, n. Lima. 
Hand, v. E haawi lima. Hatid over 

the book, e haawi lima mai i ka buke. 
Hand'bill, n. Olelohoolaha i paiia. 
Hand'book, n. Buke liilii, o keia me ke- 

ia ike, 1 makaukau ma ka lima. 
Hand'euflf, n. Kupeo lima; upiki lima, 
Hand'ful, n. Piha lima. 
Hand'l-craft, n. Oihana hana lima. 
Hand'i-ly, adv. Me ka mikioi, 
Hand^i-wurk, n. Ka hana o ka lima. 
Hand'ker-ehief, n. Hainaka'. 
Hau'dle, n. 1. He au. 

2, Hoe, or 0-0 handle, kano. 
Han'dle, v. L E lawelawe' Syn. use. 

2. E lalau lima. To handle baggage, E 
lalau lima aku i ka ukana. 

3. E mili;e milimili. Syn. handle care- 
fully for examination, or from curiosity. 

3*"d'Sll3'-e„,j »• Kauwa wahine. 
lland'saAv, n. Pahi-olo lalau lima. 
Uand'siSme, adj. Upalu; onaoua; mai- 

Hand'86me-ly, adv. Me ka nani; me 

ka maikai; me ka eleu. 
Hand'writ'ini;, w. Ke kakau lima. 
Hand'y, adj. Makaukau. A handyman, 

he kanaka makaukau. ?yn. ready. 

Hang, V. 1. E li. To hang on the gal- 
lows, e li ma ka amana. 

2. E kaawe. Syn. to hang one's self. 

3. E kau; e kaulai. Hang up to dry, 
E kaulai i maloo. 

4. To hang on the cross, e kaulia ma ke 

Hang'er-on', n. L Kanaka hoopili- 


2. He a'ea wale. 
Hang^ings, n. Na paku lole o kela me 

keia ano. 
Hang'man, n. Kanaka li kanaka. 
Hank, n. He mau owili lopi i owili pu 

Hank'er, v. E kuko nui. 
Hank'-er-ing, n. Ke kuko nui ana. 
Hap'haz'ard, n. Mea ulia wale. Syn. 

Hap'pen, v. 1. Loohia. Syn. occur. 

2. Wale. To happen on a person, e ipaa 

wale i kekahi. 
Hap'pi-ly, adv. Oluolu. To live hap- 
pily together, e noho oluolu pu. 

2. Pomaikai. Syn. fortunately. 
Hap'pi-ness, n. Ka oluolu o ka manao. 
Hap'py, adj. Oluolu. 
Har'ass, v. E hoopilikia; e hoonauki- 

uki; hoouluhua. 
Har'bin-g^er, n. He ouli. 
Hiir'bor, n. Awa ku moku. 
Har'bor, v. 1. E hookipa. Harbor evil 

designs, e hookipa 1 na noonoo iuo. 

2. Harbor ill will, e hoomauhala. 
Hard, adj. 1. Paa; paakiki. 

2. Oolea. A hard man, he kanaka 00- 

3. Pilikia. Hard times, na wa pilikia. 
Hard'en, v. E hoopaakiki ; e hoo-olea ; e 

Hard'ened, adj. Paakiki. A hardened 

sinner, he kanaka ino paakiki. 
Hard-lieiirt'ed, adj. J.okoiuo; paaki- 
ki o ka naau. Syn. cruel. 
Hard'i-hood, n. Ka aa i na mea ku- 

pono ole. Syn. effrontery. 
Hard'ly, adv. 1, Me ka oolea, Syn. 


2. Aole kupono loa. Hardly true, aole 

kupono loa i ka oiaio. 
Hardiness, n. Ke ano paakiki; ano 

paa; ano oolea. 
Hard'ship, 1. He popilikia. 

2. Haawe kaumaha. 
Hard'ware, n. Na mea hao o kela me 

keia ano. 
Hard-y, adj. Uaua; ui. 
Hare, n. He rabita nui. 
Hare-brained, ad/. Noonoo ole ; aa wale. 
Ha'rem, n. Ohana wahine ma ka aiua 

Hark, interj. Hamau! Syn, listen. 
Harriot, n. Wahine hookamakama. 
Harm, n. Poino; pilikia. 
Harm'less, adj. Poino ole; hooeha 

Har-mdn'lcs, n. Ka ike e pili ana 1 na 

leo mele. 




!E[aT-mo'ni-oii8, adj. 1. KanI like. 

2. Lokahi. 
Har-mo'ni-ofts-ly , adv. Me ka lokahi. 
Har'mo-nize, v. E lokahi pu. 
Har'mo-ny, n. 1. Ke ano nahenahe o 

ka leo. 

2. Ka lokahi ana. 
Hiir'ness, n. Lei kauo no ka lie. 
Hiir'ness, n. E hoa i ka lei. 
Harp, Lira hookani. 
Hiirp'er, n. Mea hookani lira. 
Har-pobn', n. Mea o kohola'. 
Har-pobn'er, n. Kanaka o i'-a 
Har'row, w. He hapuku no ka aina; he 

mea kahi aina. 
Har'row, v. 1. E hapuku i ka aina i 

palau mua ia; e kahi i ka aina. 

2. E hoopilihua; hoouluhua. Syn. 

Harsh, ad;. 1. Niha; kamaniha. Syn. 

harsh in manner. 

2. Aaka; kalakala. Syn. harsh in 

Hjirsli'ly, adv. Nihanlha; kalakala. 
Har'vest, a. Ka \va ohi. 
Hiir'vest, v. E ohi. 
Hash, n. Haki; he i-o a me ka uala i 

okiokiia a liilii, a kawili puia. 

Has'fen, i '"' ^' E awiwi; 6 hikiwawe. 
2. E hoohikiwawe. 

Hfis'ti-ly, adv. 1. Me ka awiwi. Syn. 

2. Me ka pupuahulu; me ka noonoo po- 
no ole. Syn. without consideration. 

Hiis'ty.adj. Pupuahulu. Hasty words, 
na huaolelo i noonoo ole ia, Syn. in- 
considerate, noonoo ole ia. 

Hat, n. Papale. 

Hatch, V. E kiko i na hua. 

Hatched, p. p. Laukoa. 

Hatch'et, n. Koi liilii. 

Hatch'way, n. Kahi e hookomo al ka 

Hate, V. E inaina; e hoopallua. 
Hute'ful, adj. Hoopailuaia. 
Hii'tred, n. Inaina; huahua'. 
Ilat'ter, n. Kanaka hana papale. 

Hauch'ti-ly, adr. Mekahaakei; me ka 

Haugh'ty, adj. Haakei; hookiekie. 
Haul, V. E huki. Syn. pull. 
Hdunch, n. Uha'. 
Haunt, V. 1. E loaa mau ma kauwahl. 

2. E uluhiai ka lapu; ka daimonio. 

3. Ala mau mai. The thouaht haunts 
me, ala mau mai ka noonoo iloko o'u. 

Have, V. 1. E loaa. Syn. possess. 
2. He haina kokua i na hainaeae; e 
hoike ana no ka \va i hala. 

Ha'Ten, n. He puuhonua; wahi e malu 
ai. Syn. shelter; refuge. 

Hav'oc, n. Poino; luku. Syn. destruc- 

Hii-wai'ian, n. Kamaaina no Hawaii. 

Ha.w'ser, n. Kaula nui hoopaa moku i 
ka uapo; a e hookolo moku paha. 

Hawse'hole, n. Puka ma ka ihu o ka 
moku, no ke kaula hao o ka heleuma. 

Hay, n. Mauu maloo. 

Hay'ing-time, n. Wa hana mauu ma- 

Hay'stack, n. Ahua mauu maloo. 

Haz'ard, v. E aa i ka poino; e komo 
ma kahi o ka poino. 

Haz'ard-ofis, adj. Paapu i ka poino. 
Syn. perilous. 

Haze, n. Poluhiluhi ; molehulehu. 

Haz'y, adj. Moakaka ole; powehiwehi. 

He, pron. Ia; oia. 

Head, 7t. Poo. 

Head, v. 1. E ku poo; e ku mua. Syn. 
2. E keakea,; e pale. Syn. head off. 

Head'ache (ake;, 71. Nalulu; nipoa. 

Head'dress, 71. Ke kahiko no ke poo. 

Head'first, adj. Ki'mo'. 

HeadMand,7i. Lae kiekie. Syn. pro- 

Head'long:, adj. Noonoo ole emamua, 
Syn. rash ; inconsiderate. 

Head'quar'ters, 71. Kahi e noho ai o 
ke poo o kekahi oihana, 

Head'stall, n. Kaula punuku. 

Head' strong, adj. Ai oolea. Syn. stiff- 

Head-way, n. Ka nee ana imua. 7b 
make headway, e nee imua. 

Head'wind', n. Makani pa mamua 

Head'work'man, n. Luna hana, Syn. 

Head'yjadj. L Paakikimakamanao; 
a-i oolea; nunuha. Syn, self willed; 

2. Ona. Syn. intoxicating. 

3. Huhu koke; inaina koke. Syn. 
violent; rash. 

Heal, V. E ola pono ka eha; e hoola 1 

ka eha. 
Health, n. Ka ola i>ono o ke kino, a o 

ka naau paha. 
Health'ful, adj. Ku i ke ola o ke kino. 

Health'i-ness, n, Ke kupono i ke ola 

Health'y, adj. Mai ole; ui; ola pono; 

Heap, 71. He ahua; he puu. 
Heap, V. Ehoo-ahu. 
Hear, v. E lohe; e hoolohe. 
Hear'er, ii. Mea elohe ana, 
Hear'ing, n. Ka lohe ana. 
Heark'en (hark-en), v. E hoolohe; e 

haliu mai ka pepeiao. 
Hearse, 71. Kaanalihali kupapau. 
Hear'say, n. Lono; lonolono-a'. Syn. 

rumor; report. 
Heart, 71. Puuwai;naau. 
Heart'ache, n. 1. Eha ma ka puuwai. 

2. Luuluu o ka naau. 
Heart'burn, 71. Umaumanaha'; hahoa 

Heart'felt, adj. Pumeuana. Hear^elt 

thanks, aloha pumehana. 
Hearth, n. Kapuahi. 




HeHrt'l-ly, adv 1. Me ka naau apau; 

me ka ikaikn. Syn. vigorously. 

2. Nui. J^t heartily, ai a nui. Syn. 

Bedrt'less, adj. Menemene ole; aloha 

ole; opukopekope. 
Heart'rend'ing, adj. Kupaka; wala- 

Heiirt'sick, adj. Poho' ka manao. 

Syn. disheartened. 
Heart'y, adj. 1. Oiaio. Syn. true. 

2. Puipui. Syn. strong; healthy. 

3. Manao ikaika. 
Heat, n. Wela. 
Hea'then, n. He pegana, 
Hea'tiieii-ish, adj. Pegana. 
Hea'tiien-isin, n. Ka noho ana o ka 

Heave, V. 1. E hoolei Syn. throw. 

2. Naenae. Syn. pant, 
Heav'en, n. Lani. Heavens, na aouli. 

Heav'en-ly, adj. Lani. Syn. celestial. 
Heav'i-ly, adv. 1. Kaumaha. Heavily 

in debt^ kaumaha i ka aie. 

2. Nui loa. Rain heavily, u'-a nui loa. 
HeavM-ness, v. Ke kaumaha. 

2. Luuluu. 
Heav'y, adj. Kaumaha; koikoi. 
He'brew, v. He ludaio. 
Mec'tor, v. E hoonaukiuki. Syn. bully; 

Hedg:e, n. Pa laau e ulu ana. 
Hedgre, v. 1. E hoopuni i ka pa, 

2. E hoopuni. Syn. surround. 
Heed, V. E hoolohe; e malama. 

Heed'] ess, adj. Hoolohe ole; malama 
ole. Syn. careless. 

Heed'les8-ly, adv. Me ka hoolohe ole. 
Syn. carelessly. 

Heed'less-ness, n. Ke ano malama ole; 
hoolohe ole. Syn. carel-essness. 

Heel, n. Kuekue wawae. 

Heft, «. Kaumaha. Syn. weight. 

He-gi'ra, n. Ka hee ana o Mahometa 
mui Mecca aku, July 16, A. D. 622. 

Heifer, n. Bipi wahine opio. 

Height,; Kiekie. Grand mountain 

Hisrht, i "• hight, kilakila. 

Height'en,; E hoomahuahua, 

Hjghten, ) ^' E hookiekie ae. 

Heiu'oiks, adj. Hewa loa. Syn. atro- 

Heir (ar), n. Hoollina. 

Heirless, «. Hooilina wahine. 

Heir'ldom, v. Waiwai i hooiliUala lAai 
kahi hanauna a i kahi hauauna. 

Heir'ship, n. Ke kulana hooilina. 

H6'll-o-trope, n. 1. He pua. 
2. He mea o hoopaft ana 1 na kukuna 
malamalama o ka la, a e hoolei ana ia 
lakou ma kahi i makemakeia. 

Hell, w. Gehena; ka luaahi. 

HePlish, adj. Kohu luaahi la; hewa 
lua ole. 

HAlm, n. Hoeull. Syn. rudder. 

Hf'lm'et, n. Mahlole. 

Help, V. E kokua. Syn. assist; aid. 

Help'er, n. He mea kokua; kokoolua. 
Syn. assista-nt. 

Help'ful, adj. Makaukau i ke kokua; 

Help'less, adj. Hiki ole ke kokua iaia 
iho; Hiki ole ke kokua. 

Help'less-ness, n. Ka hiki ole ana. 
Syn. inability. 

Help'meet, n. 1. Kokoolua. Syn. as- 
2. W ahine mare. Syn. wife. 

HePter-skel'ter, adv. Huikau. 

Helve, n. Au koi. 

Hem, n. Lepa. 

Hem, V. E humu pelu. 

Hem'i-spliere, «. Hapa poepoe. 

Hem'or-rliJige (raj), n. Luai koko. 

Hemp, n. He oloua' ma na aina haole. 

Hen, n. Moa wahine. 

Hence, adv. 1. Mai nei aku. 
2. Nolaila; noia mea. Syn. therefore. 

Hgnce- forth', i adv. Mai keia wa 

Hence-for'vi^ard, ) aku. 

Hep'ta-gdn, n. Huina-lehulehu-aoao- 

Her, pron. Koua; ^aniinoa no ka wa- 

Her'ald, v- E kukala e mamua. 

Her'ald, n. He elele. 

Herb ^'firb), n- Mea ulu palupalu. 

Her-ba'ceotis, adj. Ano palupalu. 

Herb'age, n. 1. Na mea ulu palupalu. 
2. He mauu. 

Her-ba'ri-iim, n. Buke malama lau, me 
na mea ulu. 

Her-biv'o-rofis, adj. Ai i na mea ulu. 

Her-€u-le-an, adj. Ka ikaika o Hercu- 
les, ke akua o ka ikaika o ka poe He- 
lene; nolaila, he ikaika lua ole. 

Herd, n. He pu-a holoholona nunui. 
A herd of cattle, he pu-a bipi. 

Herd, v. E ho-akoakoa mau i na holo- 
holona; e hoo-pu-a. 

Herds'man, n. Kanaka hoo-pu-a holo- 

Here, adv. Eia; maanei; nei. 

Here'a-bouts', adv. Ma kauwahi o nei. 

Here-aft'er, adv. Mai keia mua aku; 
mahope aku. 

Here-by' adv. Ma keia, mamuli o keia. 

He-red'l-ta-ry, adj. Kuu-na'. 

Here-in', adv. Ma keia; maloko o keia. 
Herein specified, i hoikeia maloko o ke- 
ia, or maloko ae nei. 

Here-up-dn', adv. No keia mea; ma- 
muli o keia mea. 

Her-e-sy, n. Kuhihewa o ka manaoio. 

H6r'e-tic, n. He kanaka kue ma ka 
manaoio; heretiko. 

Here'to-fore, adv. Mamua iho nei. 

Here-wlth', adv. Me keia, 

Her'it-age, n. Waiwai hooilina. Syn. 

Her-maph'ro-dite, n. He mahu'. 

Her-met'le-al-ly, adv. Paa loa; komo 
ole ke ea. 

Hfir'mit, n. Kanaka noho mehameha. 

H€r'mit-a^e, n. Wahi noho mehameha. 




He'ro, M. Kanaka aa nui i na pilikia; 

kanaka koa. 
He-ro'lc, adj. Koa; aa nui; wiwo ole. 
Her'o-ine, n. He wahine koa. 
Her'o-ism, n. Ke ano koa. 
Her-self , pron. Oia iho; iaia ilio, (pili 

i ka wahine). 
Hes'i-tan-cy, n. 1. Kanalua; kuipehi. 

Syn. doubt; uncertainty, 

2. Uu o kaleo. Syn. hesitancy of speech. 
Hes'i-tate, v. 1. E kanalua; e kulana- 

lana. Syn. falter; wr.ver. 

2. E uu. Syn. stammer. 
Hes'i-ta'tion, n. Syn. hesitancy. 
Het'er-o-dox, adj. Kulike ole i ke ku- 

lanai kukuluia. 
Hew (hn), v. 1. E kalai. Syn. shape. 

2. E kua. Syn. hew down. 

3. Okioki. Syn. hew in pieces. 
He-w'er, w. Kanaka kalai; kanaka kua- 

Hex'a-gon, n. Huina-lehulehu-aoao- 

Hi-a'tu8, n. 1. He kowa kaawale. 

2. He manao i naiowale. 
Hie'cough (hic'up), n. Mauliawa. 

Hid'denJ ^- ^- H^^^i^- 

Hide, V. 1. E huna'. Syn. conceal; 


2. E pee. Syn. hide one's self. 
Hide, 71. Hi holoholona uul. 
Hide and seek, «. Haupeepee; pee- 

Hid'e-ofts, adj, Weliwell ka ino o ka 

High, adj. 1. Kiekie. 

2. Leoleo; leolani. Syn. tall; lofty. 
A tall mast, he kia leoleo, or leolani. 

3. Ikaika. A high wind, he makani 

4. A high surf, he okaikai. 

5. High words, na huaolelo hoonauki- 

Higlx'land, n. Ainakuahiwi. 
High'land-er, n. Kanaka i noho ma 

High'ly, adv. Nui. To praise highly, e 


1. Naau hoopono. 

nui aku. 
High-mind'ed, adj. 

Syn. honorable. 

2. Hookiekie. Syn. proud. 
High'ness, n. 1. Ke kiekie. Syn. al- 

2. Inoa hanohano. Sis highness, ka 

mea kiekie. 
High'-priest, ti. Kahuna Nui. 
High'-prin'ci-pled, adj. Kupaamaka 

Higli-sSund^iiig, adj. Hoo-haaheo. 
High-spir'it-ed, adj. 1. Haaheo; pi- 

hoihoi; puiwa. 

2. Koa. 
High'w.ay, n. 1. He alanui i hele mau 


2. Alanui aup\xnl. 
High-way'inan, n. He powa'. SYN. 


Hl-lar'i-ty, n. Lealea; hauoli. Syn. 

gaiety; mirth; laughter. 
Hill, 71. 1. He puu. 

2. Pue. A hilt of potatoes, he -puenalai. 
Hlll'y, adj. Apuupuu. 
Hilt, 71. Au o ka pahikaua. 
Him-seir, pron. m. Oia iho. 
Hind'er, adj. Ko hope. 
Hin'der, v. E keakea; hoololohi; e hoo- 

hakalia, Syn. retard; check. 
HIn'der-aiice| Kumu keakea. Syn. 
Hindrance' ) obstacle ; obstruction, 

Hind'er-mogtJ ^ j. -tt „ i^ 

Hind'most i "^^- ^^P^ ^''^^ 

HIn-doo', n, Kamaaina no Inia. 

Hin^e, 71. Amipuka. 

Hint, V. E kuhikuhi iki. 

Hip, 71. Kikala; papa kole. 

Hire, 71. Ukuhoolimalima. Syn. wages. 

Hire'ling, n. Kauwa i hoolimalimaia. 

Hiss, r. E pio. 

His-to'rl-an, n. Kanaka kakau moolelo 

o ka wa kahiko. 
His-tdr'lc ( adi Pili i ka wa kahiko 
His-tor'ie-alJ ^* me kona moolelo. 
His'to-ry, n. Moolelo o ka wa i hala. 
His'tri-fin'ic, adj. Pili i ke keaka. Syn, 

Hit, V. E ku; e ki aku, a ku. 
Hitch, r. 1. E hikii. 

2. E anee. Syn. hitch along, 
Hith'er, adv. Ja nei, 
Hith'er-to', adv. A hikl i keia wa. Syn. 

Hitfe'er-ward, adv. la nei ae; ia nei 

Hive, n. Hale nalo meli. 
Hive, r. E hookomo i na nalo meli ilo- 

ko o ka hale nalo meli. 
Hoar ( ^^.' Hina. Hoary head, poo« 
Hoar'yl ^^■J' hina. 
Hoard, v. E hooahu. Syn. amass. 
Hoarse, adj. Leo ha; hanupilo. 
Hoarse'ly, adv. Papala. 
Hoax, ?i. He hana epa, i mea paani. 
Hdb'lile, V. E hele cpa'. Syn. limp. 
Hdb'by, n. He kumu i noonoo nui ia, 

aole nac i maopopo kona waiwai. 
Hdb'by-liorse, n. Lio laau, mea paani 

no kamalii. 
Hod. 71. Pahu halihali puna, a pohaku 

ula paha. 
H6dge'-p6dgej ,. Tjiiikau 
Hdtch'-potcb J "°J- ^i^'^a^- 
Hoe, n. He ho; o-o kope. 
Hog, n. Puaa nui. 

H6g'gish, adj. Ano puaa; alunu; aua. 
Hog.s'head, n. Poo; 63 galaui. 
Hoi'den, 71. He kaikamahiue mahaoi. 
Hoist, V. E huki iluna. 
Hold, V. E apo a paa; e hoopaa. 
Hold, 71. L Kaluawaiho ukana o k£( 


2. Ke apo ana a paa. 

3. He kuleana. Syn. claim- 
Hole, 71. He puka; he lua. 
Hole'y, ocf?. Pukapuka; huhu'ku. 
Hdl'i-day, n. La kulaia. t 




Ho'li-ness, n. Ano hemolele; maka- 
mae. Syn. purity. 

HoFlow, adj. 1. Hakahaka. 
2. Oiaio ole; hookamani. Syn. vain; 

Hol'low, n. He wahi polio iki. The hol- 
low of the haiul, ka po'ho lima. 

Hoi'low -cheeked', adi. Homa. 

Hdl'low-heitrt'ed, adj. Hookamani. 
Syn. insincere. 

H jl'gter, n. Eke pu panapana no ka 
noho lio. 

Ho'ly, adj. Hemolele; ihiihi; hoano. 

Holy-day, n. La hemolele; la hoauo. 

Hdm'a^e, n. 1. Mahalo. Syn. praise; 
2. Hoano. Syn. worship; reverence. 

Home, n. Wahi noho o ka ohana; ho'- 

Home'less, adj. Ohana ole; ho'me ole; 

Home'ly, adj. 1. Pili i ka ho'me. 
2. Elcku'; eleeleku'; pou'hu. 

Home'-inade, adj. Hauaia ma ka oha- 
na; hanaia ma ka ho'me. 

Ho'me-op'a-thy, n. He ano lapaau, 
ma ka haawi liilii ana i ka laau. 

HOmc'siek, a4j. Manaonao i ka ho'me 

Home'ctcad, 71. Kekuleana oka ho'me. 

II6m.e''w'drd, adv. 1 o ka ho'me la. 

Htim-i-cid'al, adj. Pcpehi kanaka. 
Homic^alintent, manao pepehi kana- 

Hoiu'i-cide, n. 1. Mea pepehi kanaka. 
2. Ka'pepehi kanaka. Justifiable hom- 
icide, pepehi kanaka aponoia. 

H6i2i'i-ly, n. Haiolclo naipule. 

H6m'l-ny, n. Kurinaj i kuiia. 

Ho-mo-g^e'ne-oiis, adj. Kulikeloa; ano 

Hone, n. Pohaku hookala. Syn. •whet- 

Hon'est (6n'est), adj. Hoopono; oiaio. 
Syn. true. 

HtXn'est-ly, adv. Me ka hoopono; me 
ka oiaio. Syn. truly. 

Hon'est-y, n. Ke ano oiaio; ano hoopo- 
no. Syn. trath. 

H6n'ey, n. Mell. Honey comb, pilali 

Eon'eyed (hfin'nid), a^j, Mallmali. 
Syn. flattering. 

Hon'ey-comb, n. Pilali mell. 

H6n'ey-inoon, n. Ka mahina mua o ka 
noho mare ana. 

Hon'or, n. 1. Ke ano hoopono. A man 
of honor, he kanaka hoopono. 
2. Han oh ano. Ilia Honor, ka mea ha- 

8. I have the honor, ill ia'u ka hano- 

Hon'or (dn'or), v. 1. E haawi 1 ka ha- 
noliauo; e hoo-hanohano. 
2. E malama. Syn. obey. 

HtSn'or-a-ble, adj. Ku i ka hoopono; 
ku i ka oiaio. 
2. Hanohano. 

H6n'or-a-bly, adv. 1. Me ka aponoia. 

Honorably discharged, hookuuia me ka 


2. Me ka hoopono. 
Hdn'or-a'ry, adj. Hanohano. Honor- 
ary member, lala hanohano; or, hoa ha- 
Hot>d, n. Kapa uhi poo. 
Ho'bd'wink, v. E noopunihei. Syn. 

Hoof, n. Kapuai holoholona. 
Hobk, n. He lou; kilou. 
Hoop, n. He apo. 

Hoop'ing-cough (kof), n. Kunukalea. 
Hoot, n. Ka Ico o ka puueo. 

2. Leo hoohenehene. 
Hdp, V. E lelelele ma ka wawae hoo- 


2. E lehelehei, me he manu la. 
Hope, 11. Manaolana. 
Hope'ful, adj. Piha i ka manaolana; 

lana ka manao. 
Hope'ful-ly, adv. Me ka lana o ka ma- 
Hope'less, adj. Make ka manaolana; 

Hope'les8-ly, adv. Me ka pioloke o ka 

naau; me ka lana ole o ka manao. 
Hop'per, n. Pahu hoopaa hua no ka 

Horde, n. He mamo auwana wale. 
H<Jr-i'zon, n. Ka huina aouli; alihi- 

Hor'l-zdn'tal, adj. Moe iliwal. 
Horn, n. 1. He hao ; he kiwi. 

2. Ohe puhi keleawe. 
Hor'net, n. Nalo aki. 
Hor'ri-ble, adj. Eehia; weliweli ka 

ino. Syn. dreadful. 
Hor'ri-bly, adv. Weliweli ino. Syn. 

Htir'rid, adj. WeUweU ino; ilihia. SyiJ. 

shocking. * 

Hor'ror, n. Eehia; weliweli. 
Horse, n. Lio. 

Horse'back, n. Maluna o ka lio. 
Horse'-break-er, n. Kanaka hoolaka- 

laka lio. 
Hdrse'-jock'ey, n. Kanaka kuai lio. 
Horse'-liiuKli, Jt. Akaaka ino. Syn, 

boisterous laugh. 
Horse'man, n. Kanaka hooholo lio. 
Hdrse'nian-sh.ip, n. Ka ike no ka 

hooholo lio. 
Horse'-poAv'er, n. Mana lio; he mana 

1 ana ia mamuli o ka ikaika o ka lio 

H6rse'-race,n. Heihei lio. 
Horso'shoe, n. Kamaa lio. 
Horse'-tlilef, n. Kanaka aihue lio. 
Horse'whip, n. Laau hili lio. 
Hor'ti-cAlt'ure, n. Ka mahi ana i na 

Hor'ti-cftlt/ur-lst, n. Mea mahi pua. 
Ho-san'na, n. Leo hoolea i Ke Ak^ua. 
Hose, n. 1. Kakinl wawae. 

2. He Hi wai ; ohe ill wai. 
Ho'sier, n. Kanaka kuai kakini. 




H6'sler-y, n. Na kakini wawae o kela 

me keia ano. 
H6s'pit-a-ble, adj, Auo klpa, 
Hds'pl-tril, n. Halemai. 
H6s'pi-tal'i-ty, n. Ke kipa ana. To 

offer hospitality, e kipa ; e hookipa. 
Host, n. 1. He puali nui. 

2. Ka mea nana e hookipa; hakuhale. 
Hds'tag^e, n. Mea i hoopaaia ma ke ano 

HOst'ess, w. Wahine hookipa; ka wa- 

hine poo o ka hale. 
Ecjs'tile, adj. 1. Enemi. A hostile 

land, he aina enemi. 

2. Ku-e'; opu inc. Syn. tiufriendly. 
H6s-til'l-ty, n. Ka ano ku-e'; ano e- 

B[«>s-til'i-tie8, n. Kaua. 
Hos'tler, n. Kahu lio. 
Hot, adj. 1. Wela. A hot day, he la 


2. Enaena. A hot fire, he ahi enaeua. 
Ho-tel' n. Hotelc; hale hookipa. 
Hot-liead'ed, adj. Hikiwawe i ka hu- 

Hot'house, 71. Hale mahana; wahi e 

hoo-ulu ai i na mea ulu ma na aina 

Hound, n. Ilio hahai holoholona. 
Hour, n. Hora; mahele maiiawa. 
Hour'glass, n. Aniani kuhikuhi hora. 
Hour'ly, adv. Kela me keia hora. 
House, a. Hnle. 
House (howz), v. E hookomo maka 

malu oka hale. 
House'break'er, 7^. Kanaka "wawahi 

hale. Syn. burglar. 
House'break'ing, n. Wawahi hale. 

Syn. burglary. 
House'hold, %. Na ohua o ka hale. 
House'hold-er, n. Ka ona o ka hale; 

ke poo o ka oh an a. 
House'keep-er, n Kahu malama hale. 
House'keep-ing, 71. Oihana malama 

Hause'maid, n. Wahine hooponopono 

House'-wife, n. 1. Haku wahine o ka 


2. He eke i hoolakoia i na mea hu- 

House'wife-ry, n. Oihana malama 

Hov'el, 71. Hale pupiipu. 
Hov'er, v. 1. E upaipai i na eheu, 

2. E lahai ; lalahai. 
KoTv, adv. Pehea; ma ke ano hea. 
How-be'lt, arfv. Akanae. Syn% never- 
theless; yet. 
Ho-wi, 1;, E noaoa. 
Hiib, n. Ka laau waenakonu o ka bulla. 

Syn. nave. 
Hub'biib, n. Haunaele; hauwalaau. 
Hfid'dle, V. E puuluulu. 
Hilff, 71. Huhu; ukiuki. Syn. fit of an- 
Hue, 71. 1. Hooluu. Syn. color. 

2. Wawa nui. Syn. clamor. 

Efiff, V. 1. Ehii; epullki. 

2. Hug a shore, e holo p^ii aina. 
Huge, adj. Nunui lea. 
Hulk, 71. Kino popopo o ka moku ka- 

Hull, 71. 1 Okapalaoa. 

2. Kino o ka nioku hou. 
HQm, v. E hamur.iu. 
Eu'mr.n, adj. Ano kanaka. 
Hu-mane', adj. Menemene; lokomai- 

Hu-manely, adv. Me ka menemene. 
Eu-man'i-ty, 71. 1. Ka'naka o ke ao 


2. Ke ano kanaTca. 
Hu'mazi-ize, v. E hoolakalaka; hoona- 

auao. Syn. civilize, 
Hii'inan-kind', n. Ka'naka. 
Huiu'l>le, adj. Haaha.i; akahjii. 
Hum'bly, adv. Haahr.a. 
Hum'bug, 71. Mea hoka wale. 
Hu'inid,arf/. Kawnu. Svu. damp. 

Ke ano mau'; ano 

E hoohaahaa; hoohi- 
7t. Ka hoohaahaa 

Hu-mid'l-ty, n. 

Hu-mil'i-ate, v. 


Hu-mil'1-ty, 71. Ke ano akahai; ano 

Hu'mcr, V. E hoolaulea; e ae i ka ma- 

Hii'mor-ofts, adj. Ku I ka aka. 
Hikmp, n. He piiu. Syn. hunch. 
Hftmp'back, f Kuanuu 

HiinchM>ack,i ^'" ^^^^puu. 
Htkn'dred, adj. Haneri. 
HJkn'dredth, n. Ka hapa haneri; ka 

Hiin'Rer, n. Pololi. 
Hiin'ger, v. 1. E pololi. 

2. lini nui : ake nui. 
H6n'gry, adj. Pololi. 
Hilnt, V. 1. E hahai holoholona. 

2. E iml. Syn. search. 
Hftnt'et, 71. Kanaka hahai holoholona. 
Hurl, V. 1. E kiolaikaik.'i; e nou ino. 

2. Hurl to the ground, e kulai ilalo. 
Hur'ly-bur'ly, n, Haunaele. Syn. hub* 

Hur-rah' I interj. Huro ! 
Hur'ri-eane, n. Maknni pukiki. 
Hur'ry, 1. v. E awiwi; e lalelale. 

2. E hookikina. 
Hurt, 71. Eha; poino. Syn. injury; harm« 
Hurt'ful, adj. Hooeha; poino. Syn. 

Hus'band, n. Kane mare. 
Hus'band, r. E malama pono. Syn. 

Htks'band-tnan, n. Kanaka mahial. 

Syn. farmer; cultivator of the soil. 
Htksh, V. 1. E na; e hoomalielie. 

2. Kulikuli. Syn. hush up. 
Hfish'mon'ey, n. Dala ki-pe', Syn. 

Hiisk, n. Aa; ihi. 
Hiksk, V. E ihi; e maihi. 




Hfisk'y, adj. Papala. Stn. hoarse. 
Hut, n. Hale pupupu. Syn. hovel. 
Hy'brid, n. He manu'. 
Hy'drant, 7^ Kiowai. 
Hy-draul'ics, n. Lala o ka Ike e pili 

ana i*ka nee ana o na wai. 
Hy'dro-gen, n. He ea mama. Kekahi o 

na kumu o ka wai. 
Hy-drog'ra-pher, n. Kanaka kaha 

kii o na kai, kaikuono, muliwai, etc. 
Hy-drog'ra-ph.y, n. Ke kakau kii o 

na kai, etc. 
H^-dr6m'e-ter, n. Mea ana wai, ana 

1 kona kaumaha, etc. 
Hy-drop'a-thist, n. Mea lapaau me 

ka wai wale no. 
Hy-dr6p'a-thy, n. Ka lapaau ana me 

ka wai. 
Hy'dro-pho'bi-a, to. Maka'u i ka wai; 

he raai weliweli loa iwaina o na ilio 

ma na aina nnu. 
Hy-dr6-8tat'ic8, n. 

Ka lala o ka ike e 

hoakaka ana no na wai. 
Hy'grl-ene, n. Ka ike e pili ana i ke ola 

maikai o ke kino. 
Hy-grrom'e-ter, n. Mikini e ana ana i 

ka ma-u' o ke ea. 
Hy-me'ne-al, adj. Pili i ka mare. Syn. 

Hymn, n. Himeni. 
Hy'phen, n. Kiko moe (-). 
Hy'po-elion'dri-a, n, Ka luuluu mau 

o ka naau. 
Hy-ptic'ri-sy, n. Ka hookamani. 
Hyp'o-€rite, n. He hookamani. 
Hyp'o-€rit'l~cal, adj. Hookamani. 
H^-p6t'e-nuse, n. Aoao hi-o' o ka hU' 

ina-kolu kupono. 
Hy-p6tli'e-cate, v. E panai waiwai no 

ka aie'. 
Hy-p6tli'e-sis, n. Kumu manao kahua. 
Hys'sop, n. Husopa; mea ala. 
Hys-ter'ica, n. He ano mai pihoihol, 

pili i na wahine; he akaaka, a he uwe 

T pers. pron. An; owan. 

Ice, n. Hau paa. 

Ice^bere, he moku hau paa; e lana ana 

'ma ke kai. 
f ce'eream, n. Waiu I paa I ka hau. 
ice'house, n. Hale hooahu hau paa. 
Ice'man, n. Kanaka kuai hau paa. 
ieh'thy-fil'o-g^ist, n. Kanaka ike no 
_ ra i-'a. 
Ich'thy-dl'o-^y, n. Ka ike e pili ana i 

na i'-a. 
I>l-€le, n. He kulu hau paa. 
I-c6n'o-clft8t, TO. L Mea wawahi kii 


2. Mea hoike akea 1 na ano wahahee. 
T'oy, adj. Me he hau la ke anu. 
I-de'a, TO. Manao. Syn. notion; thought. 
I-<le'al, adj. Manao wale ia. Syn. 

X-clen'tl-cal, adj. 1. Like loa, 

2. Oia maoll no. 
!-den'ii-fi-ca'tion, n. Ka hooia ike 

I-don'ti-fy, V. E hooia ma ka ike maka. 
X-den'ti-ty, to. Ka like loa; oia no. 
id'i-o-cy, n. Ka lolo o ka naau. 
id'I-om, TO. Ke ano maoli o kekahi o- 
^ lelo. 
Id'i-o-m&Vie, adj. Pili pono i kekahi 

olelo. Jdiomatic Hawaiian, oleic maoll 

o ko Hawaii poe. 
f d'i-ot, TO. He lolo; he hupo. 
ld-i-6t'ie, adj. Lolo; hupo. 

I'dle, adj. Nohowale; hana ole. 
I'dle, V. E noho wale; e hoopalaleha; e 

I'dle-ness, to. Ka noho wale; hana ole. 
I'dler, TO. Mea noho wale; kanaka hoo- 

ly, adv. Me ka noho wale. 
I'dol, n. He akua kii. 
I-ddl'a-ter, to. Mea hoomanakil, 
I-d61'a-tro69, adj. Hoomanakii. 
I-ddl'a-try, TO. ka hoomanakii. 
IMul-ize, V. E aloha kupono ole. 
if, conj. Ina paha. Syn. suppose. 
Ig'nite, V. E hoo-a'; e kuni. Syn. 

kindle; light. 
Tg-no'ble, adj. Haahaa. Syn. mean; base 
ig'no-min'l-otks, adj. Hilahila. Syn. 
. disgraceful. 

ig'no-min'y, n. Hilahila; hoowaha* 
, waha. Syn. disgrace; reproach. 
Ig'uo-ra'mus, n. Mea ike ole; mea 
_ naaupo. Syn. blockhead. 
Ig'no-ranoe, n. Naaupo; ike ole. 
Ig'no-rant, adj. Naaupo; ike ole. 
Ig'no-rant-ly, adv. Me ka ike ole; mo 
. Ka naaupo. 
igr-nore', v. E ike ole aku; e nana olo 

ill, adj. 1. Nawaliwali; mai; Syn. 


2. Adv. Ino. Syn. badly. 
ill, TO. He poino; ho popilikia. His that 

flesh ia heir to, na popilikia e kau ana 

maluna o kanaka. 




flVhred, adj. Aoponoolela; kuaaina. 
Ill'breed'iug, n. Ka ao pono ole ia. 
il-le'gal, adj. Ku ole i ke kanawai. 

Syn. unlawful. 
Iiae-gal'l-ty, n. Ke kulike ole i ke 

kanawai. Syn. unlawfulness. 
Il-le'gal-ly, adv. Me ke kanawai ole. 

Syn. unlawfully. 
Il-leg'1-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke heluhe- 

Il-leg'i-bly, adv. Me ka maopopo ole, 

il'le-git'i-mate, adj. Mawaho ae o ke 

_ kanawai. 

iU-fa'vored, adj. Pupuka; ino. Syn. 

Il-lib'er-al, adj. Pi; aua. Syn. stingy. 
Il-lic'it, adj. Kanawai ole. 
Il-llm'it-a-ble, adj. Palena ole. Syn. 

Il-lit/er-ate, adj. Makaukau ole ma 

ka ike o na buke. 
Ill-na'tur-ed, adj. Naaukeemoa; nai- 

nai. Syn. morose; cross. 
lll'ness, n. Mai; nawaliwali. Syn sick- 
Il-log'ic-al, adj. Aole noonoo pono ia. 
ill'stiirred, adj. Poino mau; pilikia 

Syn. always unfortunate. 
Ill-tem'pered, adj. Syn. Ill natured. 
Il-lu'ini-nate, v. E hoomalamalnma. 
Il-Iu'mi-na'tion, n. Ka hoomalama- 

lama ana. 
Il-lu'sion, n. 1. He kubihewa. 

2. He hihio o ka naau. 
Il-lu'sive, adj. Alakai hewa. 
Il-lis'trate, v. 1. E hoonani me na 

kii. Byn. adorn. 

2. E hooraaopopo ma, ka hoohalikelike. 
Il'lus-tra'tlon, n. 1. He kii nupepa; 

kii buke. 

2. Ka hoohalike. Syn. comparison, 
Il-ltl8'trl-ous, adj. Kaulana. Syn. dis- 
tinguished; eminent. 
lll'will, n. Manao ku-e; manao enemi. 

Im'age, n. Kii. Graven image, kii ka- 

laiia. Molten image, kii hooheenee ia. 
Im-ag'in-a-ble, adj. Hiki ke noonooia. 

Infi-ag'i-na-ry, n. Manao wale ia. 
Im-ag'i-na'tion, n. Noonoo ulu wale. 
iin-ag'ine, v. E manao wale. 
f m'be-cile, adj. Lola; lolo. 
Im-bibe', v. E omo. 
Im-brue', v. 1, E hoo-u'. 

2. E paumaele; hands imbrued with 
^ blood, na lima paumaele i ke koko. 
I:xi'i-tate, v. E hoomahui. 
Im-i-ta'tion, n. He mea like; ka hoo- 
_ halike ana. 
Im'i-tu'tor, n, Mea hoomahui; mea 

hana like. 
Im-mae'u-late, adj. Makamae; kina' 
_ ole. 
Im'ma-te'rl-al, adj. 1. Pill ole. Syn. 


2. Mea ole. Syn. matters not. 
^ 3. Pili 1 ka uhane; kino ole. 
Iin'ma-ture', adj. O ole; maka. 

Im-mdas'Tir-able, adj. Hiki ole ke 

anaia; manuunuu. 
iTn-nae'di-ate, adj. Koke; hakalia ole. 
Im-meMi-aie-ly, adv. A no; I keia 

_ wa koke,_ 

im'me-mo'ri-al, adj. Waike ole ia i 

Im-mense', adj. Nui palena ole. 

Im-mense'ly, adv. Palena ole. Syn. 

Im-men'si-ty, n. Ke ao palena ole. 

Im-merse', adj. 1. E lu i ka wai. 
2. Imrnersed %n thought, lilo loa i ka 

Im-iner'sion, n. Ka lu i ka wai. 

Itn'mi-grant, n. Kanaka hoo-pae aina 

. mai na aina haole. 

Im'mi-grate, v. E hoo pae aina mai 
na aina haole. Board of Immigration, 

^ papa hoopne lima hana. 

im'mi-gra'tion, n. Hoopae aina mai 

^ na aina e mai. 

Im'mi-ncnt, adj. E kau wellweli ana. 
Imminent danger, popilikia e kau wcli- 
well mai ana. Syn. impending; threat- 

im'mo-bil'1-ty, n. Onipaa. Syn. fix- 

Im-mdd'er-ate, adj. Kela loa i ka 
mea kupono. Syn. excessive. 

Im-mdd'est, adj. Hilahila ole. 

im'mo-late, v. E mohai. Syn. sacri- 

Im-mdr'al, adj. Ku-e' ika pono; hewa; 

_ ino. 

im'mo-ral'i-ty,n. Hana ku-e' i ka po- 
no; hanahaukae; hewa. 

Ixn-mor'tal, adj. Make ole; ola mau. 

Im'mor-tal'i-ty, n. Ke ola mau loa, 

Im-mor'tal-ize, v. E hooraau aku. 
Immortalize a name, e hoomau aku i ka 
ino a. 

Im-mov'a-ble, adj. Onipaa; ku paa. 

Im-mil'ni-ty, n Ka pakele aua. Immu- 
nity from punishment, ka pakele ana 
mai ka hoopai. 

Im-mure', v. E hoopaa iloko o ka hale 

Im-mu'ta-bil'l-ty, n. Ka loli ole; ka 
oni ole, Syn. unchangeableness, 

Im-mu'ta-ble, adj. Loli ole; onipaa. 
Syn. unchangeable. 

Im-pair, v. E hooemi I ka maikal. 

Im-pan'el, V. Ekohoijure. 

Ina-part', v. 1. E haaAvi, Syn. to give. 

2. E mahele; e puunaue. Syn, to 
part with. 

3. E hoolaha; e hai. Impart knowledge, 
e hai aku i ka ike. 

Im-par'tial, adj. Ewaewa ole; kaulike. 
Syn, just. 

Im-piir'tial'l-ty, 71. Ewawaole; kau- 
like. Syn. justice 

Im-par'tial-ly, adv. Me ke kaulike; 
ewaewa ole. 

Im-pass'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke heleia, 

Iin-pa'tience» ii. Paupauaho o ka msr 




Im-pa'tlent, CK^*. Paupauaho wale ; aho- 

nui ole. 
Im-pa'tient-ly, adv. Me ke ahouui ole. 

Im-peach', V. Ehoopii; e hoopil no ka 
pono ole o ka haua. 

Im-peacli'a-ble, adj. Ku i kahoopii 

Iin-peach'ment, n. 1. Ka hoopil ana 
no ka hewa o ka hana. 
2. Ka hoahewa ana. 

Im'pe-eun'i-otks, adj. Dala ole. Syn. 
poof; penniless. 

Im-pede', v. E keakea; hoopillkia; hoo- 
hihia. Syn. hinder; obstruct. 

Im-ped'l-ment, TO. Kumu keakea; ku- 
mu hihia. Syn. hindrance; obstruc- 

Im-pend', v. E kau maluna a'e. Pun- 
ishment impends over the guilty, e kau 
ana ka hoopai maluna'e o ka poe hewa. 

Im-pend'ing, adj. E kau mai ana. Im- 
pending punishment, ka hoopai e kau 
mai ana. 

Im-pen'e-tra-bil'1-ty, n. Hiki ole ke 
komoia; paapu loa. 

Im-pen'e-tra-ble, ac?/. Paapu loa; hi- 
ki ole ke komoia; hiki ole ke hoomao- 

Iin-pen'i-tence, n. Mihi ole; paakiki 
o ka naau. 

Im-pen'i-tent, adj. Mihi ole ; paakiki. 

Im-per'a-tive, adj. Kaohiia; niki ole 

^ ke hoole ia. 

Im'per-cept'i-ble, adj. Maopopo ole i 
ka ike o ka maka. 

Im-per'fect, adj. Hemoleleole; hema- 

^ hema; kina'. 

Im'per-fec'tion, n. Kina'; he hemahe- 

Im-per'fect-ly, adv. Mekahemahema; 
makaukau ole. 

Im-pe'rl-al, adj. Pill i ka Emepero. 

Im-pei'il, V. E hoopilikia. Syn. en- 

Im-pe'rl-oikg, adj. Hoohaakei; hookie- 
kie. Syn. haughty; arrogant. 

Im-per'ish-a-ble, adj. Popoole: mau. 

Iin-per'me-a-ble, adj. Hiki ole i ka wai 
ke komo. Syn. impervious. 

Im-pei'ti-nent, adj. Pakike'; mahaoi. 

Im-pgr'tur-a-ble, adj. Pihoihoi ole. 
Im-per'vl-oCks, adj. See impermeable. 

Iin-pet'u-fis'i-ty, n. L Kahikiwawe 
uoonoo ole. Syn. violence. 

2. Ka pa ikalka mai ana. 

3. Ka nee awiwi ana. The impetuosity 
of the current, ka nee awiwi nna o ke au. 

Im-pct'u-oas, adj. 1. Hikiwawe noo- 

noo ole. 

2. Paa Ikalka; pukiki. 
^ 8. Nee awiwi. 

Ini'pe-tu8, TO. Ka nee ana imna. 
Im-pi'e-ty, n. Manao aia'; hoomaloka. 
Im-pincre', v. E ku. Syn. liit. 
iin'pi-<)6g, adj, Hailiili; kuamuamu. 
|in-pla'€a-ble, adj. Makona; laulea 


fm-plant', v. E kanu iloko; ehookorao. 

iin'ple-ment, TO. Mea haua lima; mea 

^ lawelawe. Syn. tool; utensil. 

Im-pli'cate, V. E hoahewa pu; e komo 

^ like ma ka hihia. 

Im'pli-ca'tion, ?i. 2. Hihia like; hewa 

2. Mea i manaoia, aole nae i olelo ia. 
Syn. inference. 

Im-plic'it, adj. Kanalua ole. Implicit 
obedience, hoolohe kanalua ole. 

Im-pllc'it-ly, adv. Me ke kanalua ole; 
me ke kapekepeke ole. 

Im-plore', v. E noi haahaa. Syn. be- 

Im-ply', r. E hoike; Syn. mean; sig- 

^ niiy. 

Im'po-lite', adj. Nihaniha. 

im'po-lite'ness, TO. Ano nihaniha; pi- 

halula ole. 
Inx-pdl'l-tic, adJ' Ku pono ole. Syn. 

unwise; imprudent; inexpedient. 
Im-porf , V. E hookomo waiwai i ka 
^ aina. 
Im'port, TO. 1. Waiwai 1 hookomoia i 

ka aina. 

2. Ano. Syn. purport; meaning. 

3. Ano nui. Syn. importance. 
Im-p6r'tance, to. Ke ano koikoi ; hano- 

Im-pdr'tant, adj. Ano nui; waiwai 
^ nui. 

Im'i>or-ta'tion, n. 1. Ka hookomo wai- 
wai i ka aina. 

2. Ka waiwai i hookomo ia i ka aina. 

Recent importations, na waiwai hou i 

Im-port'er, to. Mea hookomo waiwai. 
Im-porf u-niite, adj.E noi ikaika a noi 
^ mau. 

Im'por-tune', v. E koi ikaika a e koi 
^ mau. 

Im'por-tu'nl-ty, to. He noi mau. 
Im-pose', V. 1. E kau. Syn. put on. 

2. E punihei; e epa; e hana apiki. 
Im-pos'lne:, adj. Kamahao. 
iin'i>o-si'tron, TO. 1. Ke kau ana. Syn. 

laying~on. Imposition of hands, ke kau 

ana o na lima. 

2. Ka hana apiki; hana epa. 
Im-pds'sl-bil'i-ty, n. Mea hiki ole. 

Waste time on impossibilities, e hoopau 

mauawa wale ma na mea hiki ole. 
Im-pus^si-ble, adv. Ole loa e hiki. 
im'pdst, TO. He dute waiwai. Syn. duty. 
Im-pds'tor, TO. He hookamani; kanaka 

Im-p«Sst'ure, to. Wahahee. Syn. de- 
„ ceplion; lying. 

Tiu'po-teuce, TO. Ikaika ole; ano lolo. 
im'po-tenC, adj. Lolo. 
Iin-pdY'er-lsh, v. 1. E hooilihune. 

2. E hoolilo i panoa; e hoopanoa. 
Im-pr^c'ti-ca-Dil'l-ty, n. Ke hiki 

ole o ka hooko'. 
im-prae'ti-ea-ble, adj. Hiki ole. 
im'pre-«a'tlon, to. Olelo hailiili. Syn. 



Im-pregr'na-ble, ad^. Hikl ole ke 

hoopioia._ Syn. invincible. 
Im-preg'nate, v. E miko; e hoo-u. 
Im-press', v. 1. E pai paa aku. Impress 

on. </ie mind, e pai paa aku ma ka naau. 

2. E ku 1 ka manao. To impress Javor- 
_ ahlxfy e kupono i ka manao. 
i3n'i>ress, n. He hoailona pai; hoailona. 
Im-pres'si-ble, adj. Lauwili. An im- 
pressible youth, he ul lauwili wale. 
Im-pres'sion, w. L Kapaianamena 

hua kepau. 

2. Ke ku ana i ka manao. A good im- 
pression, kupono i ka manao. 
Im-pres'sive, adj. Koikoi. Art imr 

pressive speech, he haiolelo koikoi. 
Iin-print', v. 1. E pai. To imprint on 

the mind, e pai paa loa ma ka naau. 
Im-pris'on, v. E hoo-paahao. 
lin-pri§'on-ment, n. Ka hoopaahao 

Im-prdb'a-ble, adj. 1. Paha. It is 

improbable, aole paha pela. It is not 

improbable, aole no he paha. 

2. Aole oiaio paha. An improbable 

story, he olelo oiaio ole paha. 
Im-promp'tu, adv. Ku i ka wa; noonoo 

ole ia mamua. Syn. off hand; ex- 
I:n-pr6p'er, adj. Kupono ole; kohu 

ole. Syn. unbecoming. 
T:n-prdp'er-ly, adv. Me ke kupono 

Im'pro-pri'e-ty, a Ke auo kupono 

Im-i)rpve, v. 1. E hoto miia. 

2. E noopaa pono. Improve the time, 
e hoopaa pono i ka manawa. 

3. E apo. Improve the opportunity, e 
apo i ka wa kupono. Syn. seize. 

4. E kcla aku i ka maikai. 
Im-prove'ment, n. 1. Ka hoo-oi ana. 

2. Ka hana hou ana a maikai ae. 

3. Im^rovemeiits, na hana hou i mea e 
maikai ai. 

Im-i)r6v'i-dent, adj. Hoomaunauna; 

^ uhauha; malama ole. Syn. wasteful. 

lox'pro-vise', v. E haku wale mai. 

Im-pru'dence, n. Ka noonoo ole i mea 
e pono ai. "Syn. indiscretion. 

Im-pr undent, adj. Noonoo pono ole. 
Syn. indiscreet. 

Im-pru'dent-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo 

^ ole. Syn. indiscreetly. 

Im'pu-dent, adj. Hilahila ole; hone- 

^ koa. 

Im'pulse, n. 1. Impulse of the moment, 
mamuli o ka manao ulu wale mai; ma- 
nao pukiki. 

2. He mauao ulu wale mai. Governed 
by impulse rather than by reason, e hoo- 
ko ana mamuli o ka manao ulu wale, 
aole mamuli o ka noonoo. 

Im-piil'sive, adj. An impulsive man, he 
kanaka e hooko ana mamuli o ka ma- 
nao ulu wale mai; pukiki. 

Im-pu'ni-ty, n. Ka hoopai ole; ka pa- 
kele i ka hoopai. 

Maemae ole;paumaele; 
Ka maemae ole; ka 

Im-pure', adj. 

Im-pu'ri-ty, n. 

^ haukae. 

Im'pu-ta'tion, n. Ka hoopili ana; ka 

hooili ana. Imputation of evil, ka hoo- 
pili ana o ka hewa. 
Im-pute', V. E hoopili; e hooili. Syn. 

In, prep. 1. Iloko. In the house, iloko 

o ka hale. 

2. Maloko. 
„ 3. Ma. In the place of, ma kahi o. 
In'a-bll'1-ty, n. Ka hiki ole. 
In'ae-sess'l-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoo- 

kokoke aku. 
In-ftc'cu-ra-cy, n. Ka pololei ole. 
Tn-ae'eu-rate, adj. Pololei ole. 
In-ac'tion, a. Ka noho ana hana ole. 
In-ae'tive, adj. Noho wale; hana ole; 

nanea; loma. 
In-ad'e-qua-cy, n. Kalawapono ole. 
In-ad'e-quate, adj. I.awa pono ole. 
in'ad-mls'si-ble, adj. ole ko 

hookomo ia; hiki ole ke lawe ia. I - 

admissible evidence, olele hoike 1 hiki 
^ ole ke lawe ia. 

In'ad-vert'ence, n. Ka palaka o ka 
^ manao. Syn. forgetfulness. 
In'ad- vert'ent-ly» adv. Me ka palaka; 

akahele ole. 
In-al'ien-a-ble, adj. Pill paa loa ; hiki 

ole ke hoolilo ia aku. 
In-an'i-iuate, adj. Nele i keola; make. 
In-ap'pli-ca-ble) adj Pili ole. Syn. 

jfn'ap-pro'prl-ate, adj. Ku pono ole. 

Syn. unsuitable. 
In-ajit', adj. Makaukau ole; ku ole. 

An inapt expression, he olelo ku ole. 

Syn. unsuitable. 
in'ar-tic'u-late, adj. Maopopoole oka 

in'as-mucli', adv. Oiai. Syn. since. 
in'at-ten'tiou, a. Ka hoolohe ole. 
In'at-tent'ive, adj. Hoolohe ole. 
In-3,u'di-ble, adj. Lohe ole ia, 
In-au'di-bly, adv. Mo ka lohe ole ia. 
In-au'gu-ral, adj. Hookumu. Inaug- 
ural address, haiolelo hookumu. 
In-au'gu-rate, v. 1. E hookomo i ka ol- 


2. E hoomaka; hookumu. Syn. to be- 
In-au'gti-ra'tion, n. Ka hookomo ana 
^ i k'ekahi ma ka oihana. 
in't^u-spl'cio&s, adj. Kupono ole na 
^ ouli. 
In' born, adj. Noho ana iloko. Inborn 

passions, na kuko e noho ana iloko. 
In-€al'€u-la-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke he- 
^ luia; manomano. 
in'cmn-ta'tion, n. Pule hoomanamana; 

pule anaana. 
In-ea'pa-ble, adj. Maukaukau ole ; he- 
^ mahema. 
In'ca-pac'i-tate, v. E hoonele i ka 





fn'ca-pao'i-ty, n. Ka nele o ka hiki. 
In-ciir'cer-ate, v. E hoo-paahao. Syn. 

In-eiir'cer-a'tlon, n, Ka hoopaahao 

In-ciir'nate, adj. E ndho ana ma ke 

kino. The incarnate Son of God, o ke 

Keiki a Ke Akua e noho ana ma ke 

In-ca n'tious, ac//. Akahele ole. Syn. 

In-cen'di-a-rism, n. Ka puhi kolohe 

an'a i ke ahi. 
In-cen'di-a-ry, n. Mea puhi kolohe i 

ke ahi. 
In'cense, n. Ala kuni. 
In-€ense',v. E hoohuhu; hoonaukiukl. 
In-cen'tiTe, n. Kumu hoo-hoihoi; ku- 

mu hoolalelale. 
In-cep'tion, n. Ka hoomaka ana. Syn. 

In-ces'sant, adj. Mau; hoo'ki ole. 

Syn. unceasing. 
In-ces'sant-ly, adv. Me ka hoo'ki ole. 
^ Syn. unceasingly. 
In'cest, n. Ka moekolohe me ka hoa 

In-cest'u-otis, adj. Moekolohe pill ko- 
„ ko. 

Inch, u. Iniha. 
in'ci-dence, n. Ka haule ana o ke ku- 

kuna raaTamalama maluua o kekahi iU. 
In'oi-dent, n. Mea e pili ana. 
in'ci-dent'al, adj. E pili ana. Inciden- 
tal expenses, na lilo e pili ana. 
In'ci-dent'als, n. Na lilo o kela me 

keia ano e pili ana. 
In-cln'er'ate, v. E kuni I ke ahi a lilo 

i lehu. Syn. burn to ashes. 
In-clp'i-ent ad/. Ka hoomaka ana; ka 

makamua. Incipient light of day, ka 

hoomaka ana o ka malaraalama. 
In-cis-ion, n. He oki iloko o ke kino. 

Syn. cut; gash. 
In-cite', V. 1. E hookonokono. 

'2. ' E hooeueu; hoolalelale. 
In-cite'ment, n. Kumu hooeueu, Syn. 

In'cl-viPi-ty, n. Ke ano mahaoi. Syn. 

In-elein'ent, adj. Ino; oluoluole. Syn. 

boisterous; stormy, inclement weather, 

Jtn'cll-na'tlon, n. 1. Ka hl-o' ana. 

2. Ka hilinai anao ka naau. Syn. dis- 
In-cline', v. 1. E hi-o'. 

2. E hilinai. 
In-elose', v. 1. E hoopuni, Syn. sur- 

2. E hookomo. Syn. to put within. 
In-el6g'ure, n. 1. Wahi 1 hoopuniia, 

2. Mea i hookomoia. 
In-€lude', V. E helu pu. 
In-clii'8lve, adj. Helu pu ia. 
In-edg-ni-to, adv. Hooaano. 
in'cc lie'rent, adj. Namunamu wale; 

pili ole. 

fn'c6-he'rent-ly, adv, Namunamu 

^ wale. 

In'€oiu-btts'tl>l)le, adj. Pau ole i ke 

^ ahi. 

Iu'«6me, n. Na loaa, Syn. revenue. 

^ Annual income, na loaa makahiki. 

In'com-mode', v. Ehoopilikia; e hoo- 

haiki i ka pono o ka noho ana. Syn. 

In-cdm'par-a-ble, adj. Lua ole. 
in'com-pat'i-l»le, adj. Ku like ole. 

Syn. inconsistent. 
Tn-edm'pe-tence, ) Hiki ole. Syn. 
In-eoin'pe-ten-cy,) ' inability. 
In-eom'pe-tent, adj. Hiki ole; hema- 
^ hema, Syn. unable. 
Iii'coin-plete', adj. Paa hapa; paa po- 
„ no ole. Syn. unfinished. 
In-e6in'pre-hen'8i-hle, adj. Hiki ole 

i ka naau ke apo aku. Syn. inconceiv- 
^ able. 

In'con-ceiv'a-ble, adj, Mawaho ae o 
^ ka noonqo. 

Tn'eon-clu'sive, adj. Maopopo ole ka 
^ oiaio. 
In'eon-gfru'i-ty, n. Ke kulike ole. 

Syn. impropriety. 
In-cdn'gru-otis, adj. Kulike ole. Sy^n. 

In'con-sld'er-a-ble, adj. Mea uuku 

wale no; mea ole; aole noonoo ia. 
In'eon-sid'er-ate, adj. Noonoo ole. 
„ Syn. thoughtless; heedless. 
In'con-sist'ent, adj. Ewaewa; kuli- 

ke ole. 
in'€on-sol'a-ble, adj. Na ole; hiki ole 

kehooluolu ia. 

In-cdn'stan-cy, n. Lauwili wale. Syn. 

In-cdn'stant, adj. Muhee ; palai-e ; ka- 
pekepeke; lauwili. Syn. changeable; 

^ fickle. 

In'con-test'1-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke 
ku-e' ia; paa. Syn. unquestionable. 

In-cdn'ti-nent, adj. Makaleho; umi 
olekekuko. Syn. unchaste. 

In-cdn'tro-vert'i-ble, adj. Paa loa; 
hiki ole ke hoohuli ia. An incontro- 
vertible argument, he olelo paa loa; he 

^ manao i hiki ole ke hoohuliia. 

In'eon-ven'ience, n. Mea hoopllikia. 

in'e^n-ven'ient, adj. Kupono ole. An 

inconvenient time, wa kupono ole. 
In-eor'po-rate, v. E hui, a lilo i kino 

Pololei ole; hewa. 

^ hook J 
In'cor-reet', adj. 

Syn. Inaccurate. 
In'eor-reet'ly, adv. Hewa; me ka po- 
lolei ole; kunapa. 

In-edr'rl^-l-ble, adj. Paakiki ma ka 
naau; hiki ole ke hoohuli ia. 

In'eor-raptM-ble, adj. 1. Mae ole, 
Syn. unfading; not corruptible. 
2. Hoopono; ewaewa ole. Syn. in- 
flexibly just; not tx) be bribed. 

In-crease', v. 1. E hoomahuahua; e 
uul ae. 




2. Kawowo; kaioio. Syn. germinate 

^ rapidly. 

In'crease, n. Ka hua; ka nui ana mai; 
ka mahuahua ana. 

In-crcd'i-bil'1-ty, n. Oiaio ole; hala 
ka palena o ka manaoio. 

In-cred'i-ble, adj. Iliki ole ke manao- 
ioia. Syn. not to be believed; beyond 

^ bolief. 

JTn'ere-du'li-ty, n. Manaoio ole; hoo- 
malau; hoomaloka. Syn. unbelief. 

In-cred'u-lous, adj. Hoomaloka; ma- 
naoio ole. Syn. unbelieving. 

In-eriist', v. E papaa. Incrusted with 

^ mud, papaa i ka lepo. 

In'erus-ta'tion, n. Ka papaa aua i ke- 

^ kahi mea. 

I:i'cu-biite, v. E hoomoe hua. 

in'cu-bus, 71. 1. He moe hewa. Syn. 
2. Kela me keia mea e hookaumaha'i. 

I:i-€iil'cate, v. E ao. Syn. teach. 

la-cul'pate, v. E hoopii pu no ka 

In-ctkm'ben-cy, n. Ka noho ana ma ka 

In-€iim'bent, n. Ka mea e noho ana 
ma ka oihana. 

I:i-cuin'bent, adj. He mea pono. 

la-eum'brance, n. He kurau keakea; 
haawe kaumaha. Syn. burden. 

Ill-cur', V. E halawai. Incur displeas- 
ure, e halawai me ka huhu. Incur 
peril, e halawai me ka popilikia. 

In-cur'a-ble, adj. 1. Ola ole. An in- 
curable disease, he mai ola ole. 
2. Pau ole. Incurable laziness, m.olo- 
wa pau ole. 

In-ciir'sion, a. Ke komo ana. In- 
cursion of the enemy, 'k.e'k.OTO.o ana o ka 
enemi. Syn. invasion. 

In-debt'ed, adj. Aie. 

In-debt'ed-nes8, n. Ka ale. 

In-de'cen-cy, n. Ano hilahila ole; ano 
haumla; ano haukae. Syn. immodest. 

In-de'cent, adj. Haumia; pelapela. 

3^n-de'cent-ly,"adt;. Ma ke ano haukae. 

fa'de-cis'ion, n. Lolilua o ka manao. 

In-de€"'o-rou8, adl. Kupono ole, hila- 
hila. Syn. unbecoming. 

Tn-deed', adv. Pela i'-o. Syn. verily. 

in'de-fat'i-ga-ble, adj. Paupauaho 

^ole; hoomauawanui. Syn. unwearied. 

in'de-fen'si-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke ko- 
kuaia. A bad cause is indefensible^ hiki 
ole ke kokuaia ka aoao ino. 

in'de-fin'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoo- 

In-deri-nite, adv. 1. Maopopo ole; 
hoakakaole ia. 

2. Loa, Indefinite postponement, hoo- 
panee loa ia. 

In-del'i-ble, acf/. Paa loa; hiki ole ke 
holoi ia. 

In-del'i-cate, adj; Hilahila. Syn. in- 

In-dem'ni-fy, v. E pani i ka poho'. 
Syn. reimburse. 

In-dent', V. E kumumu. 
in'den-ta'tion, n. He kumumu. 
In-dent'ure, n. Olelo ae-like i kakau 

In-denf ure, v. E hoopaa ma ka olelo 
^ ae-like. 

in'de-pen'dence, n. Ke kuokoa o ka 
^ noho'na. 

In'de-pend'ent, adj. Kuokoa. 
in'de-serib'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hal 

in'de-strtkct'i-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke lu- 

kuia; hiki ole ke hoopoino ia. 
in'dex, 1. Lima kuhi (>e®=-). 

2. Papa kuhikuhi. 
^3. Hehoailona. Syn. indication; sign. 
In'di-an, n. He inikini. 
in'dia-rfib'ber, n. Laho lio; mea ho- 
^ loi kaha. 

in'di-cate, v. E kuhikuhi. Syn. show; 
^ point out. 
in'di-ca'tion, n. 1. He hoailona. Syn. 


2. He cull. Syn. omen. 
in'di-ca'tor, n. Mea kuhikuhi. 
In-dicf (in-dite), v. E hoopii ma ka 

palapala hopu. 
In-dict'a-ble (indite-able), adj. Ku 

i ka hoopiia. 
In-dict'inent, n. Palapala hopu. 
In-dif fer-en-ce, n. Iv a palaleha; hoo- 
maloka; manao ole aku. 
In-dlffer-ent, adj. Hoomaloka; mo- 
^ Iowa ma ka naau ; palalelia. 
in'di-gence, n. He ilihune; nele. Syn. 

poverty. " 
lu-digr'e-nofis, adj. Kamaaina i ka 
^ lepo o ka aina. 

Jn'ai-^ent, adj. Ilihune; llikole; nele. 
^ Syn. poor; destitute. 
In'di-grest'i-ble, adj. Wali ole ke ai ia. 
in'di-ges'tion, n. Ka wali ole o ka ai 

iloko o ka opu'. 
In-dig'nant, adj. Ukiuki; huhu. Syn. 
^ angry. 
In'dlg-na'tion, n. Huhu hoowaha'- 

In-dig'ni-ty, n. He hana hoowaha'- 
^ waha'. 

in'di-rect', adj. 1. Pili pono ole. 
^ 2. Lauwili. 

In'dls-creet', adj. Noonoo pono ole ia. 
^ Syn. injudicious; imprudent. 
in'dis-cre'tion, n. Ka noonoo pono 
^ ole. Syn. imprudence. 
jfn'dis-crim'i-nate, adj. Huikau;koho 
^ pono ole; noonoo ole ia. 
In'dis-pen'sa-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke 
^ hoonele ia; pili pono loa. 
in'dis-posed', oo/. 1. Nawaliwali iki; 


2. Makemake ole. Indisposed to help, 

makemake ole ke kokua. 
In-dis'po-8l'tion, n, L Ka nawali- 
wali iki o ke kino. 

2. Ka makemake ole o ka manao. 
In'dis-put'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole kehoole 

ia, Syn. unquestionable. 





In'dls-tlnct', adj. 1. Powebiwehi. SYn. 

obscure. Indutinct vision, ike powehi- 


2. Nonoa'; koliuliu; laulahea. Indis- 
tinct as to sound. 
In-dite', t'. 1. E haku. Syn. com- 
pose; write. 

2. E haku, a na hai e kakau. Syn. 

In'di-vld'u-al, n. 1. Mea hookahi; 

^ 2. ad}. Pakahl. 
In'di-vid'u-al-ize, v. E kuhikuhi pa- 

in'di-vid'u-al-ly, adv. Pakahi. Syn. 

In'di-vis'i-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke ma- 

In'do-lence, n. Ke ano lomaloma; lu- 

ana; noho wale. Syn. sloth. 
in'do-lent, adj. Luana wale; molowa. 

Syn. slothful. 
In-ddin'i-ta-ble, adj. Pio ole; lana- 

klla. Syn. unconquerable. 
In-ddrse% v. 1. E kakau inoa ma ke 

kua o ka bila dala. 

2. E apono ma ke kakau lima. 

3. E kakau i ke ano oloko o kekahi pa- 
lapalama konakua. 

In-dors'er, n. Ka mea kakau inoa ma 
kekahi pepa, ma ke ano apono. 

In-dorse'ment, n. 1. Ke kau ana o 
ka inoa ma kekahi pepa, ma ke ano 
2, Ka apono ana. 

In-du'bl-ta-ble, adj. Kanalua ole ia ; 
maqpopo lea. 

In-duce', v. E koi, e kono. Syn. lead 
on; urge. 

In-duce'ment, n. Kumu e koi ai. 

In-dtkct', V, E hookomo. Induct to of- 
fice, e hookomo ma ka oihana. 

In-d61^e', V. E ae mamuli o ka make- 
make; e oluolu. Syn. gratifj'. 

In-dul'g^ence, n. Ke ko ana i ka make- 
make. Syn. gratification. 

In-d(kl'4re!nt, adj. Oluolu; ae wale i ka 

In-dds'tri-oiis, adj. Hooikaika; ma- 
kaala; hanamau. Syn. diligent. 

In'du8-try, n. 1. He hooikaika; he 
hana ranu. 
2. He oihana hanalima. 

In-dwell'ing, adj. E noho ana nuiloko. 
Indwelling sin, ka hewa e noho ana ma- 
lokoo kanaau. 

In-e'bri-ate, n. Kanaka ona. SyiI. 

In'e-bn'e-ty, n. Ka ona. SYN. drunk- 

in-cf'fa-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke haila! 
naniloa; kamahao. TTie ineffable Jous 
of heaven^ na hauoli o ka lani i hikf ole 
ke haiia. 

In'ef-face'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke ho- 
loila; p'aa loa. 

In'ef-fec'tii-al, adj. Makehewa; ko ole. 
Syn. vain; useless. 

In-^rfl-ca-cy, ) „ 

. - .^1 n. 

Ka lawa ole; ma- 
na ole. 
Hemahema; hawa- 

In'ef-fi'cleu-cy , 

f n'ef-fi'cientr adj. 

In-el'e-gant, acy. Maikai ole; kohuole. 

In-el'i-gi-ble, adj. Kupono ole. Inel- 
igible to office, kupono ole ke kohoia no 

^ ka oihana. 

In'e-qug,l'i-ty, n. Ka like ole. 

In-ert', adj. 1. Loma; molowa. Syn. 
inactive ; sluggish. 
2. Oni ole; make. Syn. lifeless. 

In-er'tia, n. Ke ano o kela me keia ki- 
no e moe malie ina e nee ole ana, a 
ina hoi e nee ana e hoomau kona nee 

In-es'tl-ma-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole ke 
ana ia. 

2. Makamae. Inestimable priznlege, he 
pono makamae. 

3. Lua ole. Inestimable worth, waiwai 
lua ole. 

In-ev'i-ta-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke pale 
ia; maopopo loa. ,., , 

In-ev'i-ta-bly, adv. Me ka maopopo 
loa; mau. Punishment inevitably follows 
sin, e hahai mau ana ka hoopai i ka ha- 
na hewa. 

In' ex-€us'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke kala 

„ ia. 

In'ex-baust'i-ble, adj. Pau ole; mau. 

In-dx'or-a-ble, adj. Maliu ole; hiki 

^ ole ke pale ia. Syn. inevitable. 

in'ex-pe'di-ent, adj. Kupono ole. 

in'ex-pe'ri-enced, adj. Walea ole; 

maaole; akahiakahi. 
In-ex'pli-€a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke we- 

hewehe ia; pohihihi. 
In'ex- press'i-ble, adv. Hiki ole ke hai 
^ ia. 
In'ex-tin'guisli-a-ble, adj. Hiki ole 

ke kinaiia. Syn. unquenchable. 
In-ex'tri-ca-ble, adv. Hiki ole ke we- 

he ia. Inextricable tangle, hihia hiki ole 

ke wehe ia. 
In-f&l'll-bii'i-ty, n. Kuhihewa ole; 

pono loa. 
In-fal'li-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke kuhihe- 
In-f&l'li-bly, adj. 1. Me ke kuhihewa 


2. Mau. Syn. invariably. 
In'fa-motis, adj. Kaulana ino. 

f n'fa-my, n. Ke kaulana no ke ino. 

in'fan-cy, ?». 1. Ka wa kolo. 

2. Ka'wahookumu; ka hoomaka ana, 
Syn. beginning. 

3. Ka wa oo ole ma ke kanawai. Syn. 
minority. , - 

Iii'f'ant, n. 1. Keike ai waiu, Syn. babe. 

2. Keike oo ole ma ke kanawai. Syn. 

|'ti-^ide, n. Umi keike. 
in'fiiiit-ile, adj. Ano keiki kolo. 
ta'f.'int-ry, n. Poe koa kelo wawae; koa 

kani wawae. 
In-fat'u-at'ed, adj. Punilea. 



In-fat'u-a'tion, n. Ka punilea i kekahl 

In-fee'tion, n. 1, Ka lele ana o ka mai. 
2. Mai lele. 

In-fee'tio68, adj. Lele. Infectious dis- 
ease., mai lele. 

in'fe-lic'i-ty, n. Oluolu ole. Syn. un- 

In-fer', v. E ohi i kamanao. 

lu'fer-ence, n. He manao ohi, 

In-fe'ri-6r, adj. Haahaa iho; emi ino. 

In-fe'ri-cir'l-ty, n. Ka haahaa iho; ka 

emi iho. , , , , 

In-fer'nal, adj. No Gehena. Infernal 

regions, Gehena. 
In-ifest', V. E paapuu ino mai. 
in'fl-tlel, w. Heaia'; hoomaloka. Syn. 

in'fi-del'l-ty, n. Hoomaloka; hooma- 


2. Kolohe me hai o ka poe mare. 
in'fl-nlte, adj. Palenaole; aohekumu, 

aohe welau. 
In-fin'i-ty, n. Ke akea palena ole; ke 

ao palena ole. 
In-firm', adj. Nawaliwali; palupalu; 

omaimai. , -. 

In-firm'a-ry, n. He hale mai. Syn. 

In-firm'i-ty, n. He nawaliwali ; kumu 

palupalu. , . , -r 

In-flr»me', v. 1. E hoowela; ho-a'. Inr 

flame the passions, e ho-a' i na kuko. 

2. E pehu. Syn. swell. 
In-flam'a-ble, adj. Pau wale i ke ahi. 

Syn. combustible. 
in'flam-ma'tion, n. He pehu; he wela 

ma ke kino. ., , , , , 

In-flate', v. 1. E hoopiha i ka makanl. 

2. Inflated with pride, piha i ka haaheo. 
In-fle€t% V. E kalele leo. _ 

In-flec'tion, n. Ke kalele ana i ka leo. 
Iii-flex'i-ble,ad/. Peluole;kupaa. Syk. 

In-fliet', V. E kau aku. Syn. impow. 

Inflict punishment, e kau i ka hoopai. 
In-flic'tion, n. 1. Hoopai. Syn. punish- 
ment. , , , , 

2. Ke kau ana i ka hoopai. 
in'flu-ence, n. Mana hoohuli manao; 

mana kol manao. 
in'flu-ence, v. E kaohi i ka manao; e 

hoohuli ika manao. , 

in'flu-en'tial, arfj. Koikoi; ikaika ma 

ka hoohuli manao ; hilinai nui ia. 
in'flu-en'za, n. He wela, a anu; he ku- 

nu, a nalulu. , ., , 

in'flux, n. 1. Ke kahe ana iloko. 

2. Ke komo ana mai. Influx of strartr 

qers, ke komo ana mai o na malihini. 

n-form', v. 1. E hai. Syn. tell. 


Syn. »c- 

2. E imi; e hoomaopopo. 

quaint. , -u i x. • 

3. A well informed man, he kansLk*} 
makaukau ma kela me keia ike. 

In-form'al, adj. L Hookiekie ole ; Uu- 
na oluolu. 
2. Kupono ole i na rula. 

tn'for-mal'i-ty, n. Ke ku like ole me 

na rula. 

In-form'ant; 1. Mea nana e hai. 

In-form'er i "' 2. He kiu. Syn. spy. 

in'for-ma'tion, n. 1. Ike. Syn. knowl" 
edge. General information, ike akea, 
2. Nu hou. Syn. news. 

In-frac'tlon, n. Ka haki ana. Infrac- 
tion of the law, ka haki ana o ke kana- 

In-fre'quent, adj. Kakaikahi. Syn. 

In-fringe', v. 1. E haki. Infringe on 
the contract, e haki i ka olelo ae-like. 
2 E komo hewa. Syn. trespass. Inr- 
fringe on the rights of others, e komo he- 
wa ma na pono a hai. 

In-fringe'ment, n. 1. Ka haki ana. 
2. Ke komo hewa ana. 

In-fuse', V. 1. E hoo-u'. Syn. steep. 
2. E hookomo. Syn. instill. Infuse 
hope, e hookomo i ka manaolana. 

In-fu'sion, n. 1. He wai i hoo-u ia me 
kekahi mea. 
2. Ka hookomo ana. Syn. instilling. 

In-j^en'i-o68, adj. Noeau; akamai. Syn. 

In'gfe-nu'i-ty, n. Loea; hailea; aka- 
mai. Syn. skill. 

In-gen'u-otis, adj. Oiaio. Syn. truth- 
ful; frank. 

In-glo'ri-otis, adj. Haahaa; hanohano 
ole; hilahila. Syn. ignominious. 

f n'go-ing, adj. Ke komo ana iloko. 

in'got, n. Auka' metala. An ingot of 

gold, he auka gula. 
in'grate, n. Mea aloha ole; mea loko- 

In-grftt'i-tude, n. He lokoino. 
In-gre'di-ent, n. Kekahi mea o ke 

kino hui. 
in'grress, n. 1. Kahi e komo ai. Syn. 


2. Ke komo ana. 
In-gulf, V. E palemo. Syn. overhelm. 
In-hab'it, v. E noho. Syn. live. 
In-hab'it-ant, n. Kamaaina. 

inlia-la'tion, n. 1. Ka hanu ana; ka 

upa' ana o ke ake mama. 
In-hale, v. E hanu; e omo i ke ea. 
^ Syn. breathe. 
in''ni-oii8, adj. 

Syn. discordant. 

2. Kani like ole. 
In-he'rent, adj. Mau maloko. Syn. 

innate; inborn. 

2. Hanau pu ia. 
In-her'it, v. E loaa ma ka hooilina. 
In-ber'it-anve, n. Waiwai hooilina. 
Tn-lier'it-or, n. He hooilina. 
In-hib'it, n. E pa'pa'. Syn. prohibit. 
In-li6s'pi-ta-ble, adj. Kipaole; kee- 

In-hu'man, adj. Lokoino; mainoino. 

Syn criiGl. 
in'hu-man'i-ty, n. Ano mainoino. SYN. 

1. Lokahi ole. 




In-Im'l-«al, adj. Ku-e'; mihimilxi. Syt^. 

hostile; opposed to. 
In-im'it-a-ble, ad;'. Aole o kona like; 

lua ole ; pookela. 
In-iq-ui-toiis, adj. Hewa. Syn. wicked; 

nefarious. ^ _ 

In-iq'ui-ty, n. Hewa; ino. Syn. 

wickedness; crime. 
In-i'tial, n. 1. Hua mua. 

2. Ka mua. Initial letter, ka hua pala- 

pala mua o ka huaolelo. 
In-i'ti-ate, v. 1. E ao ma na kumu 


2. E hookumu. Syn. begin. 
In-i'ti-a'tion, n. 1. Ka ao mua ana. 

2. Ke komo mua ana. 

3. Ka hookumu ana. Syn. beginning. 
In-i'ti-a-tlve (ish'i), adj. or n. Hoo- 
kumu. To take the initiative, e hookumu. 

In-jeet', v. E hahano; e pakeld 
In-jee'tion, n. He pakelo. 
fn'ju-di'cioiis, adj. Noonoo pono ole 

ia. Syn". unwise; indiscreet. 
In-Jiine'tion, 71. Kauoha; olelopa'pa'; 

Syn. command. 
in'jure, v. E hooeha; hoopoino. 
In-ju'ri-otks, adj. Poino; ehaeha;mea 

e eha ai. Syn. nurtful. 
In'ju-ry, n. He poino; he eha. 
In-jtis'tlce, n. He hana paewaewa. 
Ink, n. luika. 

f nkling, n. He wahi ike ikl. 
ink'stand, n. Ipu inika. 
inland, adj. Maloko o ka aina; iuka 

inaet, 71. 1. He kowa'. 

2. He muliwai e kahe ana iloko o ka 
^ loko. , ^ , 

In'mate, n. He ohua hale. 
f nn, 71. Hale hookipa. 
lu-nate', Syn. inherent. 
f n'ner-mogt, adj. Maloko loa. 
tn'no-cence, | Hala ole; maemae o 
In'no-cen-cy,) ka naau. 

in'no-cent, adj. 1. Hewa ole; hala ole- 

2. irakaraae. .471 innocent child, he 

keiki makamae. 
In-nde'u-otis, adj. Ehaeha ole; poino 

ole. Syn. harmless. 
in'no-va'tlon, n. L Ke ano hou i ku-e 

i ke ano kahiko. 

2. Ka hoala ana i ka mea hou. 
in'no-va'tor, n. Ka mea e hoala ana 1 

na mea hou. 
ln'uu-«n'do, 71. Olelo kapilipili. Syn. 

In-niVmer-a-ble, adj. Manomano; ki- 

nikini; lehulehu. 
in'nu-trrclotis, adj. Pono ole ke ai. 
In-dc'u-late, v. E o palaheehee no ke- 

kahi mai. 
in'of-fen'slTe, adj. Hewa ole; noho 

in'of-n'clal, adj. Aole mamull o ke 

kauohaT Syn. unofficial. 
In-6i>'por-tune', ad;. Ku ole i ka ma- 

uawa. Syn. unseasonable. 

in-or'di-nate, adj. Oi i ka mea ku' 
pono; kela i ka mea kupono. Syn* 

in'or-gan'ic, adj. Nele i ke kino ola. 

in'quest, n. He nieniele mamuli o ke 

In-quire', v. 1. • E imi. Syn. seek after. 

2. E ninau. Syn. ask. 
In-quir'er, n. Mea imi. Syn. searcher; 

in'qui-ry, n. I. He ninau. Syn. 


2. Ka imi ana. Syn. search. 
In-quis'i-tlve, adj. 1. Nieniele wale. 

2. Lilo loa i ka imi ; ano kiu. 
In-quis'i-tive-ness, n. Ke ano nieni- 
ele wale; ano kiu. 
in'road, n. Ke komo ino ana; komo 

nui ana. Syn. encroachment. 
in'ga-lu'bri-ty, n. Ano omaimai o ke 

kau o ka aina. Syn. unhealthiness. 
In- sane', a^'. Pupule. Syn. crazy; de* 

In-san'i-ty, n. Pupule. 
In-sa'tl-a-ble, adj. 1. Lawa ole. 

2. Maona ole. 
In- scribe', v. 1. E kakau. 

2. E kaha. 
In-serip'tion, n. Na hua i kakauia. 
In-seru'ta-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoo- 

maopopoia. Syn. unsearchable. 
f n'sect, n. Mea kolo liilii. 

in's^e-tlv'o-roiis, adj. Ai i na mea 

^ kolo. 

I'n-se-cnre', adj. Paa ole; malu ole; 

in'se-cure'ly, adv. Me ka paa ole; paa 

in'se-eur'i-ty, n, Ka malu ole; ka paa 

In-sen'sate, adj. Nele i ka ike; naaupo. 
In-sen'si-ble, adj. 1. Maule; ike ole. 

2. Hoomaloka; maliu ole. 
In-sen'si-bly, adj. Noii; ma ka liilii. 

Syn. little bj' little. 
In-sep'a-ra-ble, adj. Pili paa loa. 
In-sep'a-ra-bly, adv. Pili paa, 
In-sert', v. E hookomo. 
In-s€r'tion, n. 1. Ka hookomo ana. 

2. He ano lole lihilihi. 
In-8i<le', adv. Iloko. n. Ko loko.. 
In-sid-i-oiks, adj. 1. Maalea. Syn. 


2. Loohia mai me ka ike ole la. 
in'sight, 71. Ka ike maopopo o ka naau. 

In-8lgr'nl-&, n. pi. Na hoailoua. Tnifig- 

niaofrank, na hoailona o ke kulana. 
n'sig-niri-cant, adj. Eleku; eeleku; 

mea waiwai ole. Syn. unimportant; 

In'sin-cere', adj. Hookamani; oiaio 

ole. S'yn. false. 
in'sin-cer'i-ty, n. He hookamani ;iie 

oiaio ole. 
In-8ln'u-ate, v. E kapilipili ino; e ku- 

hikuhi ino. 
In-sin'u-u'tion, n. Olelo kuhi wale. 



In-Kip'id, adj. Hukahukai; muka; 

anea; onoole. 
In-sist', V. E koi ikaika. 
Iu-siiare% v. E hoohalua; hoopahele. 
In'so-lent, adj. Mahaoi; pakike'. 
In-.s«>ru-ble, adj. Hui ole me ka wai. 
Ia-8ol'ven-cy, n. Ke komohia ana i ka 

aie. Syn. bankruptcy. 
In-861'vent, adj. Komohia iloko o ka 

In-som'nl-a, n. Ke ano hiaa; hlki ole 

ke hiamoe. Syn. sleeplessness. 
In'so-mdcli', adv. No ia hoi; nolaila 

In-speef, v. E nana hooponopono. 

Syn. examine. 
In-spee'tion, n. Ka nana hooponopono, 

In-speet'or, n. Luna nana hooponopo' 


2. Inspector General of schools, Kahu 

Kula Nui. 
In'spi-ra'tioii, n. 1. Ka hanu ana; 

omo anai ke ea. 

2. Noonoo mai a Ke Akua mai. 
In-spire', v. 1. E hooeueu; hoolale- 

^ 2. Aoia e ka Uhane Hemolele. 
In'sta-bil'i-ty, n. Ke ano loll walel 

ano muhee. 
In-st{|ll', V. 1. E hookomo ma ka ol- 


2. E hoolaa no ka oihana. 

8. E waiho ma kahi 1 hoomakaukauia. 
In-stall'ment, n. 1. He mahele. Syn. 


2, Loaa hou. A fresh installment of 
goods, ka loa<i hou ana mai o na wai wai. 

3. On the instalment plan, ma ke ano 
^ hookaa hapa, 

In'stance, n. He mea hoohalike; i 

In'stance, r. Enane;elaa. 

in'stant, n. He sekona; manawa poko- 

^ le loa. 

In'stant, adi. Koke. Instant obedience, 

^ hoolohe koke. 

In'stan-ta'ne-ofis, adj, Manawa ole; 

emo ole; kuhewa. 
In-8tan'ter, adv. A no. Syn. immedi- 
^ ately. 
Iu'8tant-ly» adv. Emo ole; manawa 

In-stead', adv. Ma kahi. John instead 

of James, o Keoni raa kahi o Kimo. 
In'' step, 71. Ka paipai wawae. 

in'sti-gate, v. E hookonokono; e pal- 

pai. Syn. urge. 
In'sti-ga'tor, n, Mea hookonokono; 

mea paipai. 
Inrstxll', V. E hookomo. Syn. infuse. 

In'stinet, n. Noonoo ulu wale. 

In-8tixi€t'ive-ly, adv. 1. Mamuli o ka 

noonoo ulu wale. 
^ 2. Me ka manao ole e mamua. 
In'8ti-tute, V. E hookumu; e hooma- 

ka. Syn. begin. 

In'stl-tute, ; Mea I hookumuia. 

In'stl-tu'tion, j '*• Institution of learn- 
ing, he kula o ka naauao. Syn. estab- 

In-strftcf, V, E ao; e hoonaauao. Syn. 

In-8trft€'tlon, n. 1. Ka naauao. 
2. Ka hoonaauao ana. 

In-gtrCi€t'ive, adj. Naauao; waiwai 
no ka naau ; koikoi. 

In-strficf or, n. Kumu ao. Syn. teacher. 

In-strficf ress, n. Kumu wahine. 

In'8tru-ment, n. 1. Mea hana hoo- 
paa lima. 

2. Instrument of music, mea hookani. 

3. He ageua. Syn. agent. 

In '«tru-meii t'al. arfj; 1. Pill I na mea 
kani. Instrumental music, ka leo o na 
mea kani. 

2. Mamuli o. He loas instrumental of 
much good, nui ka pouo i loaa mai ma- 
muli oua; or, oia ke kumu o na pono 
he nui. Syn. the means of. 

In'sab-or'di-nate, adj. L Hoolohe 
2. Hoohaunaele; ano kipi. Syn. re- 

^ bellious. 

In'sub-or'cli-na'tlon, n. Ke ano hoo- 
kuli; ano kipi; ano hoohaunaele. 

In-stkrfer-a-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole ke 

2. Launa ole. Insufferable pain, eha 
launa ole. 

In-8ftPfer-»-bly, arfw. Launa ole. In- 
sufferably painful, eha lauua ole. In- 

^ sufferahly stupid, naaupo launa ole. 

Iu'8Cif-fl'cieu-fy, n. Ka lawa pono 

_ ole; nele. 

In 's ft f - f i'cl e«t, adj. Lawa pono ole. 

In' su-larr adj. Hoopuniia i ka wai. 

in'su-lat'ed, p. p. Waiho kaawale la; 

^ ku kaawale. 

in-sftlt', V. Ehanawale; e hookoko- 
noi' e. 

In-sftlt'lng, adj. Hanawale. 

In-8u'per-a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoo- 

f>auia. An insuperable objection, he pi- 
ikia i hiki ole ke hoopauia. Syn. lu- 
^ surmountable. 

In'sftp-porfa-ble, adj. Syn. Insuf- 
In-sur'ange, n. Ka panal dala. Life 

tnsiirance, panai ola. 
In-»ure', v. E panai dala. 
In-sur'^ent, aAj. Kipi. 
in'sur-rec'tion, n. He kipi aupuni, 

Syn. rebellion. 
In-tAn'^i-ble, adj. Maopopo ole i ka 
^ ike. 

In'te-i^jrer, n. Mea okoa; helu okoa. 
In-teg'ri-ty, n. Ano hoopono; ano ol- 

aio. Syn. honesty; truthfulness. 
In-tegr'u-ment, n. Hi. Syn. skin. 
in'tel-lect, n. Ka noonoo; ka uhane. 

Syn. mind; soul. 
In'tel-leet'u-al, adj. Noonoo; naauao. 

An intellectual countenance, he helehe- 

lena noonoo. 


In-tel'li-^ent, adj. 1. Noonoo; naau- 
ao; ike. 

2. Aoia, An intelliaent animal, he ho- 
loholona I aoia; he noloholona ike. 

In-tel'll-gent'ly, adv. Me ka noonoo: 

pool 1 CO. 

In-tel'li-gi-bl«, adj. Maopopo; akaka. 

Syn. plain. 
iH-tel'll-gi-bly, adv. Me ka moakaka; 

me ka maopopo. 
In'tem'i^er-ance, n. 1, Kaona. Syn. 


2. Uhauha; pakiko ole. 
In-tem'per-ate, adj. Ona; pakela inu 


2. Uhauha. 

3. Huhu; noonoo oleia. Syn. hasty. 
Intemperate words, na hua oleic i noo- 
noo ole ia. 

In-fcend', v. E manao. Syn. purpose. 

In-tend'ed, «. Mea i hoopalauia. Syn. 

In-tense', adj. Nui loa. Intense heat, 
welanui loa. 

In-tense1^, adv. Ikaika loa; nui loa. 
To suffer tnlensely, e ehaeha nui loa, 

In-teu'si-fy, v. E hoomahuahua mai. 
Intensify the evil, e hoomahuahua mail 

In -tent', adj. Lilo loa; hoomalhaiha. In- 
tent upon learning, lilo loa i ka imi na- 

In-tent, i Manao; manao e ma- 

in- t^n'tlon, i mua. 

In-ten'tion-al-ly, adv. Me ka manao 
emamua. Syn. purposely. 

In-tent'ly, adv. Me ka lilo loa o ka ma- 
nao; me ka paa o ka manao. Syn. 
2. Listen intently, e hoolohe pono. 

In-ter', v. E kanu. 

In'ter-cede', v. E uwao. 
in'ter-cept', V, E hopu; e kaili e. 

in'ter-ces'sor, ?i. Mea uwao. Syn. 

In 'ter- change', v. E panai like; e ha- 
^ awi aku e haawi mai. 
In'ter-change'a-ble, adj. Kupono ke 

pauai ia. 
In'ter-coni-niun'i-€a.'tlon, n. Ka la- 

una aku launa mai. 
fn'ter-eonrse, n. Ka launa ana. 

in'ter-dl€t', v. E pa'pa' aku. Syn. 

In'ter-est, n, 1. Uku kuala; uku pa- 

2. Ka lilo o ka manao. 

8. Kuleana, Syn. claim. 
in'ter-est, v. 1. E hooala I ka manao. 

2. E kokua. Syn. assist. 
in'ter-est-ed, arfj. Komo kuleana. An 

interested parly, he poe i komo kuleana 

ma kekahi hinla. 
In'ter-est-lng, adj. Syn. pleasing. 

in'ter-fere', v. 1. E komo kuleana ole. 
Syn. intermeddle. 

2. E komo mawaena. Interfere to pre- 
vent a quarrel, e komo mawaena i ole al 

^ e h akaka'. 

In'ter-fer'ence, n. Ke komo ana ku- 

„ lean a ole. 

in'ter-jee'tion, n. He huaolelo hoopu- 

„iwa; hoomaka'u, etc. 

In'ter-im, v. Kowa manawa. Syn. 
mean time. 

In-te'ri-or, n. 1. Ko loko. Interior of 
the earth, ko loko o ka honua. Syn in- 

2. I loko. Interior of the country, iloko 
o ka aina. 

3. Kuloko. Jnfertor a^atr«, na oihana 

4. Minister of the Interior, Kuhina Kar 
^ lai Aina. 

in 'ter- lace'; v. E ulana; owili pu. 

in'ter-line', v. E kakau mawaena o na 
^ lalaui 1 kakauia. 

In'ter-lin'e-a'tion, n. Ke kakau ana 
_ mawaena. 
Inter-lude, w. 1. He hookani pila po- 

kole mawaena o na pauku o ke mele. 
^ 2. He keaka iki, 

in'ter-lop'er, iu Mea komo wale ma 
^ ko hal pono. Syn. intruder. 
In'ter-mar'rlage, n. Ka mare ana nia- 
^ waena o kekahi mau ohana, 
in'ter-med'dle, v. Syn. interfere. 

In'ter-nied'dler> n. Mea hookeakea 

„ wale i ko hai pono. 

In-ter-me'di-ate, adj. Moe ana ma- 

In-ter'ment, n. Ke kanu ana. Syn. 

In-ter'mi-na-ble, adj. Hopena ole. 

„ Syn. without end. 

In'ter-min'gle, v. L H launa pu. 
Syn. asociate. 

^2. E kawili pu; e huipu. 

in'ter-inls'sion, n. Wa hoomaha; wa 

^ kaawale. 

in'ter-mit'tent, adj. Kaulele. 

In-ter'nal, adj. Kiiloko; iloko. 

in'ter-na'tion-al, adj. Mawaena o na 

^ aupuni. 

In-ter'po-la'tion, n. He olelo i hoo- 

^ komo hewaia. 

in'ter-pose', v. Syn. interfere. 
2. E wai'ho mai. Interpose obstacles, e 
wniho mai i mau kumu keakea. 

In-tcM-'pret, v. 1. E mahele olelo. 
2. E hoike ano. 

In-tfir'pret-er, n. He mahele oleic; 
mea wehewehe ano. 

fn'ter-reg'num, n. Ka manawa i wni- 
ho kaawale ia o ka noho alii. 

In-ter'ro-gate, v. E ninaninau. Syn. 

In-t6r'ro-ga'tion, n. NInau. LUer- 
rogation point, kikouintLU. Syn. ques- 

in'ter-rdg'a-tlve, adj. Ninau. Inter- 
rogative pronoun, pauiinoa nlnau. 




tn'ter-rfipt', v. 1. E keakea. Inter- 
rupt conversation^ e hookeakea i ke ka- 

2. E hoopilikia wale. Interrupt the 
worky e hoopilikia i ka hana. 

iJv'tcr-riip'tioii, n. Ke keakea ana; ka 

^ hoopilikia wale. 

Tn'ter-seet'^ v. E oki kekahi i kekahi. 

in'ter-sSc'tion, n. Ka oki like ana- 
^ Point oj intersection, kiko oki. 
In'ter-sperse', v. 1. E hoohelelei i-o' 


2. E hookau liilii ; e hookomo liilli io' 

In'ter-stice, n. Kowakaawale mawa- 
^ ena. Syn. empty space between. 
In'ter-twine', v. E owili pu; e hili. 
fn'ter-val, n. He wa; kowa manawa. 

in'ter-vene', r. L E komomawaena; 
Syn. interfere. 
2. E hala mawaena, Syn. come be- 

^ tween. 

In'ter-vfin'tlon, n. 1. Ke komo aua 
mawaena. Syn. interposition. 

^2. E komo aku ma ke auo kokua. 

Iii'ter-Tiew, v. E halawai pvi. 

In-te»'tate, adj. Kauoha ole. Died 
intestate, ua make kauoha ole. 

In-t^a'tine, adj. Knloko. Intestine 
di^iculties, na pillkia kuloko. Syn. in- 
ternal; domestic. 

In-t€s'tlnes, n. Na naau liilii. 

f n'ti-ma-cy, n. Ka launa loa ana, 
In'tl-mate, v. E kuhikuhi. Syn. point 
^ out. 
In'tl-mate, adj. Launa loa. 

in'ti-mate-ly, adv. Pono loa. Inti- 
mately acquainted, ike pono loa. 
2.. Launa nui. Intimately acquainted 

^ with one, launa nui me kekahi. 

In'tl-m&'tion, n. Ke kuhikuhi ana.; 
ka hai anaj hoakaka ana. 

In-tita'i-date, v. E hoomaka'u; hoo- 
puiwa. Syn. frighten ; cause to fear. 

In-tlm'I-da'tion, 7i. Ka hoopuiwa ana. 

in'to, prep. Iloko. 

In-tfll'er-a-Lle, adj. Hiki ole ke hoo- 

manawanui ia. Sy*. insufferable. 
In-tdl'er-ant, adj. Ae ole i ka manao 

o hai. 
In'to-ti4'tlort, n. Ke kani ana o ka leo. 
In-tdne', v. E kauo leo. 
In-tdi('l-«ate, v. E hoolilo i ona. Syn. 

to make drunk. 
In-td«:'l-«il'*ioii, n. Ka ona. Syn. 

In-tFA«t/a-1>le, adj. Nunuha; hoolohe 

ole; paakiki. Syn. obstinate; unruly. 
In-tV^acli'ment, n. 1. Pa kaua. Syn. 

field works. 

2. Ke komo hewa ana ma ka pono o 

In-fjoiefy'ld, adi. Aa; maka'u ole; wiwo 

ole. BVN. bold; fearless. 
Iii'tf>0-pld'i-ty, n. Ke anokoa; maka'u 

olo. Syn. valor; courage. 

fn'tri-cate, adj. Pohihihi; lauwili. 

In-trigue' (in-treeg), n. Hana hoo- 

In-trigu'er, n. Kanaka hana maalea, 

In-trin'sie, adj. I'-o; maoli. Intrinsic 
worth, waiwai maoli. Intrinsic good- 

^ ness, pono i-o. Syn. real ; genuine. 

in'tro-duce', v. 1. E hookomo. In- 
traduce a bill^ e hookomo i bila kana- 
wai. Syn. bring in. 

^ 2. E hoike. Syn. acquaint 

in'tro-duc'er, n. Ka mea nana e hoo- 

^ komo; mea nana e hoikeike. 

Tn'tro-dAe'tion, n. 1. Ka hookomo 
2. Olelo mua. 

^ 3. Hoike malihini. 

in'tro-spec'tion, n. Ka huli ana e 
nana iloko. 

In-trude', v. E komo hewa; e komo 
wale me ka ae ole ia. 

In-tru'sion, n. Ke komo hewa ana. 

In-trii'sive, adj. E mahaei i ke komo- 

In-trtkst', V. E waiho. To intrust pro- 
perty to the care of any one, e waiho i ka 
waiwai ma ka lima o kekahi. 

in'tu-i'tion, n. Ka ike wale; kaikei 
noqnoo ole ia e mamua. 

In-tu'I-tive, adv. I noonoo ole ia. In- 
tuitive perception, ka ike i noonoo ole ia 
mamua; ka Ike iloko iho, aole no 
waho mai. 

In-tin'date, v. E halana; e manini. 

In-ure', v. E hoomaamaa. 

In-vade', v. E komo hewa; e komo ka- 

In-vad'er, n. Mea komo hewa; mea 

^ komo kaua. 

in'va-lid, n. Mea nawaliwali; mea 

Tn-val'id, adj. Mana ole; waiwai ole. 

In-val'u-a-ble, adj. Makamae. 

In-va'rl-a-ble, adj. Loli ole ; mau. 

In-va'ri-a-bly, adj. Invariably so, pela 

In-va'gion, n. Ke komo ino ana; ke 
komo kaua ana. 

In-vee'tlve, v. Olelo hooino. 

In-veigh' (in-Tay'), v. E olelo hooino. 

In-vel'gle (in-Te'gl), v. E hoohalua; 
hoowalewale. Syn. entice. 

In-vent', v. 1. E loaa mamuli o ka 
noonoo ana. 
2. E noonoo a hana. 

In-Ten'tion, n. He hana hou. He mea 
i hanaia mamuli o ka nooneo. 

In-vdnfive, adj. Imi mea hou; poo- 

In-vent'or, n. Kanaka poonoo. 

in'ven-to'ry, n. Papa helu waiwai. 
In-verse'ly, adv. Ma ka hoololi ana. 
In-vert', v. E hoololi; hookahuli. 
In-vest', V. 1. E hoomoe dala. 

2. E hoopuui. Syn. surround. 

3. E kahiko. Syn. clothe. 
In-ves'ti-gate, v. L E imi a maopopo. 

2. E ninaninau. 



In-ves'ti-ga'tion, n. Ka imi hooma- 

In-ves'ti-ga'tor, n. Me a imi a loaa i 

ka oiaio. 
In-vest'ment, V. Ka hoomoe dala, 
2. Ka hoopuni ana. 
8. Ka hookahiko ana. Syn. clothing. 
In-vet'er-ate, adj. 1. Maa loa. Syn. 
confirmed. Inveterate habit, hana maa 

2. Man. Syn. long established. Im- 
veterate enemy, he enemi man. 
In-vld'i-oiis, adj. E kono ana i ka lili. 
lu-vig'o-rate, v. E hooikaika. Syn. 

2, E hooeueu; hoolalelale. 
In-vin'ci-ble, adj. Pio ole. Syn. un- 
In-vi'o-la-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole ke ha- 

2. Kupaa. Inviolable truth, oiaio ku- 
In-vi'o-late, adj. Kina' ole; makamae. 
In-vis'i-ble, adj. Ike maka ole la. 
in'vi-ta'tion, n. Ke kono ana; ke kau- 
ohaana. Invitation to a feast,he kau- 
oha no ka ahaaina. 
In-vlte/ v. E kono; e kauoha. 
In-vit'ing, adj. Aulii; mikioi; eleu. 
Jn' voice, 7i. 1, Bila kumu lilo no kela 
me keia waiwai. 
2. Bila waiwai, 
In-voke', v. E pule. Syn. supplicate. 
In-vdl'«n-ta'ri-ly, adv. Wale; me ke 

kokuaole o ka makemake. 
Invol'un-ta'ry, adj. Wale. Involun- 
tary acta, na hana i hana wale ia. 
fn'vo-lu'tion, n. Ka hoonui mana. 
In-vdlve', v. 1. Komo hia; owili pn. 
War involves misery, komo hia ka popi- 
likianie ke kaua. 

2. Hihia; maopopo ole. Raise to a 
power, e imi i na mana o na kuanite. 
In-vul'ner-a-ble, v. Hiki ole ke hooe- 
^ haia. 

In'w ard, adj. Oloko. Adv. Iloko. 
In' wards, n. Na naau liilii. Syn. in- 
T-o'ta, n. Lihi iki. Syn. jot; tittle. 
I-ras'ci-ble, adj. Huhu wale. Syn. ir- 
Ire, w. Huhu; inaina. Syn. wrath ; an- 
w ger. 

Ir'i-d£s'cent, ad^. E like me ka wai- 
. anuenue. 

Irk'some, adj. Luhi. 
S'ron (i'urn), n' Hao. 
S'ron-clad, n. He moku manuwa hao. 
l-rdn'l-cal, adj. Henohene; loiloi. 
I'ron-mong'er, n. Kanaka kuai mea 

I'ron-y, n. Olelo henehene. 
Ir-ra'di-ate, v. E hoomalamalama. 
ir-ra'tion-al, adj. Ku ole i ka noonoo. 

Syn. unreasonable. 
ir're-€laim'a-ble, adj. 1. Lilo loa. 

2. Tx>aa ole hou. 

3. Hiki ole ke hoihoiia ka poho'. 

Ir-ree'on-cil'a-b)e, adi. 1. Hiki ole 
ke hoolaulea ia. Syn. implacable. 
2. Hiki ole ke hookulike ia. Syn. in- 

^ compatible. 

Ir're-c6v'er-a-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole 
ke loaa hou; lilo loa. 
2. Ola ole. Irrecoverable disease, mai 
ola ole. 

Ir-rerra-ga-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoole 
ia; hiki ole ke pani ia. Syn. unanswer- 

Ir-reg'u-lar, adj. 1. Pololei ole. 

2. Kupono ole. Irregular habits, na 
hana kupono ole. 

3. Anoe; like ole me ka mea mau. 
Ir-reg'u-lar'i-ty, n. 1. Ka mea ma- 

waho ae o ka mea mau. 

2. Ka mea kupono ole. 
Ir-rel'e-vant, adj. Pili ole. Syn. not 
^ applicable. 
Ir're-ll'gioiis, adj. Hoomaloka; aia'. 

Ir-rep-a-ra-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole ke 
2. Hiki ole ke hana hou ia. 

^ 3. Poho loa. 

ir're-pres'i-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke umi 

^ ia. 

Ir're-proacli'a-ble, adj. Kina' ole; 

^ hewa ole. 

Ir're-sist'i-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke pale 

Ir-reg'o-lute, adj. Lauwili; kapekepe- 

Ir-ref'o-lu'tion, n. Ke kapekepeke o 
ka manao. 

ii-'re-speet'ive, adj. Manao ole akn. 
Syn. regardless. Irrespective of conse- 
quences, me ka manao ole aku i ka ho- 

^ pen a. 

ir' re-spdn'si-ble, adj. Ku ole i ka ho- 

^ okolokoloia. 

ir're-triev'able, adj. Syn. irreclaim- 

Ir-rcY'er-ence, n. Ka hoowahawaha i 

^ na mea laa; noohenehene. 

ir're-vers'i-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoo- 

^ loli; paa. 

Ir'reT'o-ca-ble, adj. Syn. irreversible. 

ir'rl-g&te, v. E ka wai; e hookahe wai. 

Syn. water. 
Ir'rI-ga'tion, n. Ka hookahe ana i ka 
^ wai. Syn. watering. 
ir'ri-ta-ble, adj. Ukiuki wale. Syn. 

f r'rl-tate, v. 1. E hoonaukiukl. Syn. 


2. E tioopehu. Irritate a wound, e hoo- 

pehu i ka eha. 
Ir'ri-t&'tlon, v. 1. Ukiuki. 

2. Kahoopehu ana. 
Ir-rfip'tlon, n. He komo ino. Syn. 
^ invasion ; inroad. 
Is'lam-ism, n. Hoomana Mahometa. 

'Syn. Mahometanism. 
Is'land (1-land), n. Mokupuni. 

Isle (ile), 
Is-let (i-let),| 

I 71. Mokupuni liilii. 



is'o-late, r. Ehookaawale; e hoonoho 

^ mehameha. 

is'o-la'tion, n. Ke ano mehameha; ano 

_ neoneo. 

I-8d»'ce-le8, adj. Elua aoao like. Isos- 

_ celes triangle, huina-kolu aoao-lua like. 

I'so-ther'mal, adj. Wela like. 

is'ra-el-ite, n. He mamo na Iseraela. 

Is'sue, V. E puka mai. 

is'sue, n. 1. Na keiki ponoi; na ma- 
^ 2. Ka hopena. Syn. result 
Isth'mus, n. Aina puali. 

It, pron. la; ia mea. 

I-tal'ian, adj. No Italia. 

i-tal'1-cise, v. E pai hua Italia. 

itch, n. Eakio; meau. 

itch' V. E maueo. 

i't^m, n. Itamu ; huna olelo. 

I-tln'er-ant, n. Kanaka helewale; he 
kuewa. Syn. journeyman. 

It-seir, pro». lameano. For itself , no' 
na iho. 

i'vo-ry, n. Nihopalaoa. 

Jab'ber, v. E walaau wale; e namu- 
tJack'ass, n. Kekake kane. 
Jack'boots, n. Kamaabute loihi. 
Jack'et, n. He pili lakeke. 
Jack'knife, 7i. Pahi pelu. 
Jaek'o'lan'terii, n. Ahi koll. 
Jaek'plane, n. Koi kahi pokole. 
Jack'serew, n. He wiU nui, mea ha- 

J^g^ged, adj. Kumumu. 
Jail, n. Hale paahao. Syn. prison 
Jail'bird, n. He paahao. 
Jail'er, n. Luna hale paahao. 
Jam, n. 1. He hua ai maka i baila pu 

ia me ke ko. 

2. Ke kupiliki ana. 
Jam, V. 1. E hoopepe. 

2. E kupiliki. 
Jamb, 71. Kikihi; lapauila. 
Jan'gle, n. He walaau uluaoa. 
Jan'i-tor, n. He kiai puka. 
Jan'u-a-ry, n. Januari. 
Jar, n. He ipu pohaku; ipu lepo. 

2. Henaueue; hooluliluli. 

8. He mokuahana. Family jars, na 

mokuahanaiwaenao kaohana. 
Jar, V. 1. E hoonaueue ; e hooluliluli. 

2. E hookue'i kamanao. Syn. clash. 
Jar'gon, n. Walaau maopopo ole; na- 

munamu wale. 
Jaunt, 11. He hele makaikai. Syn. ex- 
Jav'e-lin, n. Ihe au pokole. 
J^w, n. Iwi a. 

Jaw, V. E nuku; e olelo huhu. 
Jgal'ofis, adj. Lili; kekeue. 
Jeal'otks-y, n, Hoohuoi ; lili ; hu wa. 
Jeer, r. E loiloi ; e hoohenehene. 
Je-ho'vah, n.' lehova; Ke Akua. 
Jel'Iy, n. Ka wai o na hua ai i bailaia 

me Ice ko paa. 

Jeop'ard-ize, v. E hoopilikia. Syn. 

hazard; imperil. 
Jeop'ard-y, it. Pilikia. 
JIfrk, n. E huki ino. 
Jent, n. He haua hoomake aka; he ole- 
lo akaaka. 
Jet, n. 1. Pohaku eleele; hinuhinu. 

2. Kapuai ana. 
Jew, n. He Hebera. 
Jew^'el, n. He momi. 
Jew'el-er, n. Mea hana a kuai i n^ 

Jew'el-ry, n. Na momi o kela me keia 

Jew'ess, n. Wahine Hebera. 
Jew'lsh, adj. Hebera. 
Jewg'harp, n. Ukeke. 
Jib, n._ Pea ihu. 

Jib-boom', n. Ka laau o ka pea ihu. 
Jin'gle, V. 1. E nakeke; e kauikani, 

2. E hookani. 
Jcib, n. He pauku hana; he uku pau. 

Job work, hana ukupau. 
Jdck'ey, n 1. Kanaka malama a kuai 


2. Kanaka kukini lio. 
Jo-cose', adj. Ku 1 ka aka. Syn. laugh- 
Jdc'tind, adj. Lealea. Syn. merry. 
Jdg, V. 1. E hoo-ke'; e hookuekue. 

Syn. jostle. 

2. E maalo malie aku. 
Join, V. 1, E hui; e hoohui. 

2. E pakul; e hookui. 
Join'er, n. He kamena'; mea hookui 

Joint, n. 1. Kahi i hookuiia. 

2. He pona. Joint of sugar cane, pona 

3. Ami. Joints of the body, na ami o ke 

Joiut-In'ter-est, n. Kuleaua like. 

«v«- xs, 




Jolnt'stftck, n. Walwai piH like. 
Jdint'ure, n. Waiwai i hoopaaianoka 

wahine mare. 
J6ist,n, Aiikalaau. 
Joke, n. Olelo akaaka. Syn. jest. 
Jol'ly, adj. Lealea. 
Jolt, n. E hooluliluli. 
Jds'tle, V. Syn. iolt. 
Jdt down. E kakau iho. Syn. make a 

note of. 
Jour'nal, n. 1. Moolelo o ua hana o 

ka la. 

2. Kahi i kaa ai na pokakaa. 

8.^ He nupepa. 
Jour'nal-ism, n. Oihana kakau nu- 

Jour'nal-ist, n. 

Mea hoopouopono nu- 
1. E kakau ma ka 

pep a. 
Jour'nal-ize, n. 

buke helu. 

2.^ E kakau nupepa. 
Joar'ney, n. Huakai hele la. 
Jour'ney-man, n. Kanaka hoollma- 

lima la. 
Jo'vi-al, adj. Syn. jolly. 
Joy, 71. Hauoli; oil; olloli. 
Joy'ful, adj. Olioli; lealea; piha i ka 

Joy'ful -ly, adv. Me ka hauoli. 
Joy'ful-ness, n. Ke ano hauoli. 
Joy'less, adi. Nele i ka hauoli; luuluu. 

Syn. cheerless. 
Joy'ofis, adj. Syn. joyful. 
Ju'bi-lant, adj. Syn. joyfuL 
Ju'bl-lee, n. lubile. 
judge, n. 1. LunakanawaL 

2. Luna nana. Judge of elections, Inna. 
nana koho balota. 

3. Mea akamai i ke koho. 
Jiidke, V. 1. E hookolokolo. 

2. E hooholo i ka pono. 
Jikd^e'ment, n. 1. Ka olelo hooholo 

a ka lunakanawai. 

2. Noonoo; poouoo. 

8. Dau ofjuaQcment,, la hookolokolo. 
Ju-di'cial, af//. E pili i ka ahahooko- 

lokolo; pili 1 ka lunakanawai, a kana- 

wai paha. Judicial opinion, manao o 

ka lunakanawai. 
jQ-di'cl-a-ry, n, Ka papa luuakana- 


Ju-dt'cioiis, adj. Noonoo pono; kau- 

paouapouo. Fyn. prudent; discreet. " 
Ju-di'ciotis-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo 

pono." Syn. wisely. 
Jiig, n. Omole pohaku. 
Jiig'gler, n. Kanaka kllokilo; kanaka 

haua akamai. 
Jug'gler-y, n. Na hana kilokilo. 
Ju'gu-lar, adj. No ka puu o ka a-i. 
Juice (jus), ?j. Ka wai o ua bua al. 
Ju-Iy', n. lulai. 
Jtimp, V. E lele. Jump up and down, 

elelele; lelelele. 
Jiinc'tion, n. Kahi i hui ai; ka huiua. 

Railroad junction, huina o ua alanui 

June, n. lune, ka ouo o na mahiua. 
JAn'gle, n. Waouahele. 
Jun'ior, adi. 1. Opio ae. 

2. Papa ekolu o ke kula nui. 
Ju'pi-ter, 7i. 1. lupita, ke akua uul o 

ko Helene poe mamua. 

2. Ka iuoa o kekahi o na hoku hele. 
Ju'ris-dic'tion, n. Ka maua o ka aha- 

Ju'ris-pru'dence, n. Ka ike e pili ana 

i na kauawai. 
Ju'rist, 71. Mea ike ma na kanawai; he 

loio naauao ma kana oihana. 

I n. Lala o ke jure. 


Ju'ry, n. He jure. 

Ju'ry-mast, n. Kia moku, ku i ka wa 

Just, adi. Kaulike; hoopono. 
Jtkst, adv. Akahi no a. Just arrived, a 

kahi no a hiki mai. 
Jtist'ice, n. 1, Ke kaulike; ka hoopono. 

2. Lunakanawai. Chief Justice, Lu- 
nakanawai Kiekie. 

3. Police Justice, Lunakanawai Hoo- 

Jtks-ti-fi'a-ble, adj. Aponoia. 
J6s'ti-fl-ea'tion, n. Ka apouo ana. 
Just'ti-fy, V. E apouo; e hoapouo, 
Jtist'ly , adv, Pono ; me ka hoopono. 
JAsfness, n. Ka pono. The justness of 

his case, ka pono o kona aoao. 
JbtfV. E ohuku. Syn. prQject. 
Ju've-nlle, 7». He poe opio. Syn. youth. 
ju'Y©-ttU©i adj' Opiopio. Syn. young. 






edgre, n. He heleuma liilii. 

Keel, n. Iwikaele. 

Keen, adj. 1. Oi. Syn. sharp. 

2. Akamai; noeau. A keen reply, he 

pane akamai. 
Keen'ly, adv. Me ka ehaeha nui. 
Keep, V. 1. E malama. Syn. preserve. 

2. Keep on, e hoomau. Keep out of, e 

hookaaokoa. Keep still, e uoho malie. 
Keep'er, n. Mea nana e malama; mea 

nana e kiai. Door keeper, he kiai puka. 
Keep'ing, a. Ka malama ana. 
Keep'sake, n. He pa'a lo'ha; paumau- 

Keg, n. Barela liilii. 
Ken, n. Ka nanaina o ka maka. 
Ken-nel, n. Hale ilio. 
Ker'cliief, w. Hainaka*. 
Ker'nel, ?i. 1. Hua kuriua; hua palaoa. 

2. Kai-oo nahuapaakiki. 

3. Evvai. Syn. lump in the flesh. 
Ket'tle, n. Ipu hao baila wai. Tea 

kettle, ipu ti. 
Ket'tle-drftm, n. Pahu kani liilii ke- 

Key, n 1. Ki puka. 

2. Papa kuhikuhi haina. 

8. Leo kumu o ka leo mele. 
Key'note, n. Leo hookumu mele. 
Key'stone, n. Ka pohaku ivraenakouu 

o ka pio; pohaku hoopaa. 
Kick, V. E peku ; e keehi. 
Kld,n. Kao keiki. 
Kld'nap, v. E kaili kanaka. 
Kid'nap-er, 71. Mea kaili kanaka. 
Kld'ney, n. Ka puupaa. 
Kill, V. E pepehi a make. Syn. slay; 

Kiln (kil), n. He imu. Lime kiln, imu 

hoomoa puna. 
Klln^ry (kil'dry), v. E hoomaloo ma 


Kin, n. Hoahanau; pllikoko. Syn. re- 


Kind, 'adj. Oluolu; lokomaikal. Syn. 

Kind,n. Ano. Syn. sort. 

Kin'dle, v. Ea;hoo-a'; e kuni. 

Kind'ly, adv. Me ka oluolu, 

Kind'ness, w. Kalokomaikai; ka olu- 
olu. Syk. benevolence. 

Kin'dred, n. Poe hoahanau; poe pili 

King, n. Moi'. 

King'donri, n. Aupuni moi'. 

Ktng'ly, adv. Ma ke ano moi'. 

King'post, n. He pou e koo ana i ke 
kaupoko hale. , , , 

Kings-e'vil, n. Ka mal alaala. Syn. 

Kink, n. He wahi kekee; wahi hihia. 

Kink in a chain, he wahi hihia ma ke 

kaula hao. 
Kins'folks, n. Poe hoahanau; poe ma- 

Klns'man, n. Hoahanau kane. 
Kins'wo-man, 7i. Hoahanau wahiue. 
Kiss, 71. He honi waha. 
Kit, n. 1. He pahu poepoe liilii. 

2. He pahu waiho mea hana, 
Kitch'en, n. Keeua hoomakaukau ai. 
Kite, 71. Lupe. 
Kit'teu, 71. Popoki keiki. 
Knack (nak), ti. Ano mikioi; ano ma- 

kaukau. Syn. skill. 
Knap'saek (n&p), n. Eke lawe ukaua 

o ke koa. 
Knave (nav), n. Kanaka apuka. 
Knfiv'er-y (nav'er-y), 7i, Hanaapuka. 
Knav'ish (nav'ish), adj. Apuka. 
Knead (need), V. E lomilomi. Knead 

dough, e lomilomi palaoa. 
Knee (nee), n. Ke kuli. 
Kneel (neel), v. E kukuli; e kulou. 
Knee'-pan (nee'-pan), n. Iwi kuli. 
Knell (nel), n. Bele kanikau. 
Knlck'-knack (nlk'-n&k), n. Kela me 

keia mea paani a kamalii. 
Knife (nif), 71. Pahi. 
Knight (nit), n. Inoa o kekahi kulana 

hanohano; naita. 
Knight'h<>bd, 71. Ke kulana okanaita^ 

Knit (nit), V. L E haua lihilihi: hana 

2. Knit the eyebrows, e hookuekue maka. 

3. E hui; e kui. 
Knit'tlng-need'le, n. Kui haua ka- 

Kndb (ndb), n. Poka'. Door knob, poka' 

Kndek (ndk), V. 1. Ekikeke; e olou. 

2. E kui ; e kulai. Knock down, e ku- 

Knock'er, n. Hamale kikeke. 
Knot (not), n. He nipuu; hipuu. Hy- 
meneal knot, berita mare. 
Knot'ted i _^,. 1. Paapu i na hipuu. 
Kn6t'y i -'' 2. Pohihihi. A knotty 

point in law, he mea pohihihi ma ke ka- 

Kndut (nowt), n. Laau hili weliweh o 

ke aupuni Rusia. 
Know (no), v. E ikemakanaau; ehoo- 

Know'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoomaopo- 

Kndwl'ed^e (nill'ej), v. Ike. 
Knuek'le (nfik'l), n. Puupuu lima. 

Ko'ran, 7i. Ka baibala o ka poe Maho- 





La'bel, n. Mea hoailona ukana; hoai- 
loua omole.etc. 
L.a'bl-al, n. Hua puanaia me na lehele- 

he, like me b, p. 
Lisi'bor, n. 1. Hana. Syn. work. 

2. Luhi. Syn. toil. 
L,ab'o-ra-to-ry, n. Keena hana laau 

lapaau, a me na mea e ae oia ano. 
liU'bor-er, n. Kanaka hana; paahana; 

paaua. Syn. workman. 
I.a-bo'ri-otk8, ad/. 1. Hooikaika mau. 

2. Luhi. Syn. toilsome. 
Lia-bo'ri-ofis-ly, adv. Me ka luhi. 
r.ab'y-rinth, n. Wahi i pakaawili o na 

ala hele. 
Lace, w. Lihilihi. 
r,ac'er-ate, v. E haehae. Syn. rend; 

li&c-er-a'tion, n. Ka haehae ana. 
L.aeh'ry-mal, adj. Pili i ka wai maka. 

Lachrymal duct, luaohane. 
Ijack, n. He nele ; he hemahema. Syn. 

L,a-€<Sn'i€, ad^. Pokole ma ka olelo., n. Keiki kane. Syn. boy. 
Li4d'der, n. Alapii; alahaka.'ing, n. Ukana moku, etc. Syn. 

cargo; load. 
lia'dle, n. Klaha au loihi ; puna au lo- 

Ija'dy, w. Wahine hoopono; he lede. 
Li&g, V. Lohi; hoohakalia. Syn. loiter. 
J^a,g^ging,adJ. Nahili; lolohi. 
Lia-goon', n. 1. Lokowai papa'u. 

2. Kai papa'u I hoopuniia i ka aina. 
I<air, n. Lua o na holoholona hihiu hae. 
Lia'i-ty, n. Na kanaka, koe na kahuna- 
Ijake, n. Lokowai nul. 
r.&nib, n. Hipa keiki. 
LiamlVkln, n. Hipa keiki uuku. 
L.anib'like, adj. Akahai, me he keiki 

hipa la. 
Jjixme, adj. Oopa; opa'. 
l.aine'ness, n. He oopa; he opa'. 
L.a-in6nt', v. E kautkan; e kumakena. 
l,a,-m6nVa.-hle, adj. Aloha ino; kuma- 

L,ftin'en-ta'tlon, n. He kanikau; he 

L.&inp, 71. Kukul; Ipu kukui. 
L.ainp'bl&ck, w Lepo uahi kukui. 
Lam-poonS n. Olelo h«ohenehene 1 

li^ii^e, n. Ihe au loihl. 
Lance, v. E O. 
Lian'cet, n. Ke o a ke kauka. 
li&ncf, n. Aina. 

le ) 

^ ' > n. Kaa ana o ka aina pali. 

Land, V. E hoopae iuka; e lele luka; e 

Land'breeze, n. Kehau. 
Land'ed, adj. Ma ka aina. Landed 

interest, na pono ma ka aina. 
Land'hold-er, n. Konohiki. 
Land'ing, n. Wahl pae waapa. 
Land'la-dy, n. Haku aina wahine. 
Land'less, adj. Kaaawe. 
Land^loek-ed, adj. Hoopuniia i ka 

Iiand'lord, n. 1. Haku aina. 

2. Haku hale hookipa. 
Liand'marky n. 1. He kihi aina;mo- 

kuna aina. 

2. He mea i ike maopopoia ma ka 

liand'of'flce, n. Keena oihana kuai 

Land'-own'er, n. Haku aina. 
Land'seape, n. Hiohiona aina; na- 

Land'slide, i 
Lands'iuan, n. Kanaka noho ma ka 

Lane, n. He alanui ololi iwaena o na 

pa elua. 
Lan'gua^e, n. Olelo. 
Lan'guid, adj. 1, Nipo; nipoa. 


2. Onawaliwali. 
Lan'guisb, v. E mae; e loha; luhe. 

Syn. droop; wilt. 
Lan'guor, n. Nipoa. Syn. dullness. 
Lank, acy. Wiwi;olala. Syn. lean. 

Lan'tern, n. 1. Kukui hele po. 

2. Keena kukui o ka hale lama. 
Lap, n. L Kahi o ka aahu e uhi ana 1 

na kuli. 

2. Uha'. 
T,&^, V. 1. E hookau kekahl maluna 

iki o kekahi. 

2. E palu. 
L&p'i-aa'ry, n. Kanaka kalai pohaku 

Lapse (l&ps), n. Ka nee ana. Lapse of 

time, ka nee ana o ka manawa. 
L&p'stune, n. Pohaku kui o ka humu- 

humu kamaa. 
Lar'board, n. Ka aoao hema o ka moku 

ke nana imua. 
Liir'se-ny, n. Aihue. Syn. theft. 

L&rd, n. Allapuaa. 
Lard'er, n. Keena waiho al. 

Large, adj. 1. Akea. Syn. extensive. 
2. Nui; nuuui. 





3. Lokomaikal. A large hearted man, 

he kauaka lokomaikal. 
Liarg-e'ly, adv. Ma ka nul.'y:ess, n. Makana; manawalea. 

present; bounty. 
liar'i-at, n. Kaula hoohei. Syn. lasso. 
Liark, n. 1. He manu mele. 

2. Paani; lealea. 
L,ar'ynx, n. Ko luna o ke kania-i.'i-oti8, adj. Makaleho; kukoino. 
L.asli, V. Kaula Hill, 
liass, n. Kaikamahine. Syn. girl. 
lias'si-tude, n. Syjj. languor. 
Lias'so^ n. Kaula hoohei. 
L.a8t, n. 1. Ka hope loa. 

2. Laau kamaa. 
Last, V. E mau; e paa. Syn. endure. 
Lasfing, adj. Mau; paa. 
Liast'ly, adi\ Hope loa. 
Latch, n. Hao pani puka. 
liute, adj. Iho nei. Late legislature, ka 

ahaolelo iho nei. 
L.ate, adv. 1, Hope; lohi; lOlohl. 

2. Komo loa. Late into the night, ko- 

mo loa i ka po. 
liate'ly, adv. Iho nei. Syn. recently. 

The ship lately arrived, ka moku i ku iho 

Lia'tent, adj. Waiho huna ana. Latent 

heat, ka wela e waiho huua ana. 
Lat'er-al, adj. Aoao. Lateral motion, 

nee aoao aku.'er-al-ly, adv. Ma ka aoao. 
Latb, n. Pili hamo puna. 
Latlie, n. Mikiui wili mea poepoe. 
Iiatti'er, n. Huwa; hua' o ke sopa me 

ka wai. 
Liat-in, adj. Latina. Latin language, 

Olelo Latina. 
Liat'i-tude, n. 1. Latitu. 

2. Latitude of speech, ke kuokoa o ke 

kamailio. Syn. freedom. 
Liat'ter, adj. and n. Ka hope o na mea 

Liat'ter-ly, adv. Manawa iho nei. 
Lat'tice, n. Olepelepe. 
Laud, 'v. E hoolea; e hoonani. Syn. 

L.aud'a-ble, adj. Ku i ka mahaloia. 

SYN. praiseworthy. 
Laugh (laf), v. E akaaka. 
Laugh'ing-stdek, n. Kumu hoohene- 

Laugh'ter, n. Akaaka. 
Launch, v. 1. E hoolana moku; a waa- 

pa paha. 

2. Hoolei. Syn. throw. Launch a spear, 
6 hoolei i ka ihe. 

3. E komo loa. Syn. enter deeply. 
Launch otU into a subject, e komo loa ilo- 
ko o ke kumu manao. 

Launch* n. Ka waapa nui loa o ka mo- 

Laun'dress, n. Wahine holoi lole. 

Laun'dry, n. Hale holoi lole. 

La'va, 71. Pohakupele; a-a' 

Lav'a-to-ry, n. Wahi holoi kino. Syn. 

Lave, V. E auau ; e holoi. Syn. bathe. 

Lav'er, n. Pa holoi. 

Lav'ish, adj. Pakela; mauna; mau- 

nauna. Syn. prodigal; wasteful. 
Lav'ish-ly, adv. Maunauua wale. 
Law, n. Kanawai. 

Law'break'er, n. Mea hoohaki kana- 
Liiw'ful, adj. Ku i ke kanawai. Syn. 

Law'ful-ly, adv. Ma o ke kanawai la; 

mamuli o ke kanawai. Syn. legally. 
Lftw-giv'er, 7i. Mea haawi kanawai. 

Syn. legislator. 
Law'less, adj. Manao ole i ke kanawai; 

kanawai ole. 
Law'less-ly, adv. Me ke kanawai ole. 
Lawn, n. Pahale i uhiia i ke mauu. 
Ljiw'suit, n. He hoopii kanawai. 
Law'yer, n. He loio; he kokua ma ke 

Lax, adj. Palaleha. 
Lax'a-tive, n. Laau hoonaha'. 
Lax'l-ty, n. Auo palaka; hookuu wale. 

Laxity of principle, palaka ma ka noho 

Lay, V. L E waiho, Syn. place. Lay 

on the table, e waiho ma ka papa. 

2. E hooraoe. Lay brick, e noomoe po- 
haku ula. 

3. E hanau hua. 

4. Lay off and on, e kalewa. Lay to, 
e poholua. Lay in wait, e halua ; e ha- 
luapo; e hoomahua- Lay out land for a 
house, e kuene; hookuene. 

Lay, n. 1. He mele. 

2. Mahele uku ma ka moku o kohola'. 
L&y'er, n. He kuluna. Layer of boards, 

kulaua papa laau. 
Lay'man, n. He kanaka aole kahuna 

La'«i-ly, adv. Me ka molowa; loma lo- 

ma ; nanea wale. 
La'zl-ness, n. Palaualelo; molowa mau, 
La'zy, adj. Molowa; palaualelo. 
Lim'bo, w. Wahi hoopaa; hale paahao. 
Lead, n. Kepau. 
Lead, v. E kai; e alakai. 
Lead'en, adj. 1. Kepau. 

2. A leaden sky, he aouli koho u'-ala. 
Lead'er, n. He alakai. 
Leaf, 71. He lau. 
Leafless, adj. Lau ole. 
Leaflet, n. Lau hou. 
Leafy, adj. Uliuli i nalau; paapu I na 

Leagtie (leeg), n. 1. Setadia; e kolu 


2. He kuikahi. Syn. confederacy. 
Leak, n. 1. He wahi kulu. 

2. Wahi e komo ai ka liu. 
Leak'age, 71. Mea kulu; he liu. 
Leak'y, adj. Kulu; liu. A leaky hoxise, 

he hale kulu. A leaky ship, he moku 

Lean, n. or adj. Wiwi; clala; kaha ole. 
Lean, r. E hi-o'; e hilinai; e kalele. 
Leap, V. E lele. 




teap'year, n. Makahiki lele. 
l,eaiii, V. E ao; e imi naauao. 
Learu'ed, adj. Naauao; iwaiwa* 
Learu'er, n. Mea imi naauao. 
Ijearn'iiigf, n. Ka uaauao i loaa ma- 

muli o ka imi. 
liease, n. Palapala hoolimalima aina 

Lease, v. E hoolimalima aina. 
Lease'liolcl, /t. Ka waiwai i paa ma ka 

lieash, n. Kaula hoopaa ilio. 
Least, adj. Uuku loa. 
liCaHi'er, n. Hi hooluia. 
Leatii'ern, adj. Ili. Leathern girdle, 

kaei ili. 
Leave, n. Ka ae. Syn. permission. 

2. Ka hele aku. He took hifi leave^ ua 

hele aku oia. Syn. departure. 
Leave, v. 1. E haalele. Syn. depart. 

2. E hooilina. Syn. to will property. 
Leav'en, n. Hu bereua. 
Leave'tilk'ing, n. Ka haawi ana i ke 

aloha hookaawale. 
Leav'ing^s, n. pi. Nakoenaikoe; na 

koena i haalele ia. 
Leeh'er, n. Kanaka makaleho. 
Lech'er-6u8, adj. Makaleho. 
Lec'ture, n. He haiao. 
Lec'tur-er, n. Mea haawi i haiao. 
Ledgre, n. Pali pohaku; auuu. 
Lecl'ger, n. Buke uui o na helu kalepa. 
Led'ger-line', n. Oa pokole. 
Lee, n. Aoao malalo o ka makaui. 

Leer, v. E mio. Syn. lay back the ears. 

Lees, 7J. Oka waina. 

Lee'shore, n. Kahakai malalo o ka 

Lee'ward, n. Malalo. 
Lee'way, n. Holo hope. 
Left, adj. Hema. 

Left'hand'ed. adj. Maa i ka lima hema, 
Leg, n. Wawae. 

Leg'a-cy, n. Waiwai i hooilina ia. 
Le'gair adj. Ku i ke kanawai. 

Le'gal-ize, v. 1. E haawi ka mana o ke 


2. E apono mamuli o ke kauawai. 
Le'gal-ly. adv. Mamuli o ke kauawai. 

Syn. lawfully. 
Leg-a-tee', n. Nana ka waiwai i hooi- 

Le-ga'tlon, n. 1. Elele aupunl me ko- 

ua poe ukall. 

2. Kecuaoihann o ka elele aupunl. 
Leg'bHll, 71. Kamahukaana. To give 

leg bail, e mahuka. Syn. llif?ht. 
Le'^end, n. 1. He olelo o ka wa kahiko. 

2. He olelo pokole i kakau ia. 
L6-^en'da-ry, adj. 1. Maoxwpo ole no 

ka wa knhiko. 

2. Akaka ole o ka oiaio. 
Leg'i-ble, adj. Maopopo i ka heluhelu. 

Lefi-bly, adv. Me ka moakaka i ka he- 

Le^Ms-Iute, v. E kau i kanawai; e hoo- 
holo kauawai. 

Le^'is-la'tlon, v. Ke kau ana i kana- 

Leg'is-la'tive, adj. Kau kanawai. Leg- 
islative assembly, aha kau kanawai. 

Leg'is-la'tor, n. Kanaka hana kaua- 
wai; lalaoka ahaolelo kau kanawai. 

Leg'is-la'ture, n' Aha Olelo Kau Ka- 

Le-git'i-mate, adj. Ku i ke kanawai. 

Leis'ure, ?i. Wa kaawale. 

Leis'ure-ly, adv. Malie. 

Lem'on, n. Hua lemona. 

Lem'on-ade', n. Wai lemona. 

Lend, V. 1. E haawi lilo ole. 
2. E kokua. To lend a hand, e kokua. 

Lend'er, 71. 1. Mea haawi. 
2. Money lender, mea hoolimalima dala. 

Length, n. Loihi; loa. 

Length'en, v. E hoololhl. 

Length'wise, adv. Ma ka loa. 

Length'y, adj. Loihi. Syn. long. 

Len'i-en-cy, n. Ke ahonui. Syn. for- 

Len'i-eut, adj. Ahonui. Syn. forbear- 

Len-l-ty, n. Ahonui. Syn. mercy. 

Lens, n. Aniaui hooakoakoa kukuna 
malamalama. Magnifying lens. 

Le'o-nine, adj. Mehe lioua la. 

Lep'er, n. He lepera. 

L6p'ro-sy, n. Mai lepera; mai pake; 
mai alii. 

LSp'rods, adj. Pili ka mai pake. 

Less, adj. Emi iho. 

Les-see', n. Mea hoolimalima aiua, a 
hale paha. 

Less'en, v. E hooemi iho. 

Lgs'son, n. 1. He haawina. 
2. Olelo ao. 

L€st, conj. O, 

Let, V. 1. I. Let there be light, I mala- 

2. O. Let us play, O, kakou i ka paaui. 
8. E ae. Syn. permit. 

4. Ina. Let us go, ina kakou e hele. 

5. E. Let us pray, e pule kakou. 
Letli'ar-gy, n. Ano hiamoe. Syn. dull- 

Lfit'ter, n. 1. Hua palapala. 

Le-vant', n. Na aiua o ka hikina e pi- 
li ana ma ke Kaiwaenahouua. 

L^v'ee, n. 1. Anaina hoolauna o ka 
poe hanohauo. 
2. Pale wai. 

Lev'el, avj. Iliwai; .aumauia; palaha- 

Lev'er, n. Hekoo;heune. 
2. Jj€verfor heavy articles, lohai. 

Le'vlte, V. He Levi. 

Lev'l-ty, n. Lealea pono ole. 

Lev'y, V. E hookupu. 

Lewd, adj. Haukae; paumaele. 

L6x'i-c6g'ra-pher, n. Kanaka hana 
bnke unuhiolelo. 

Lex'i-eon, n. Buke hai 1 ke ano o na 

Li'a-bil'1-ty, 7?. Ku. Liability to sick- 
ness, ku i ka mai. 




ti'a-Ml'l-ties, n. Na al-e'. 

L.i'a-ble, adj. Ku. 

Lii'ar, n. Mea wahahee. 

l.i'bel, n. Libela; olelo hooino i ka- 

lii'bel-lant, n. Ka mea e hoopii ana 

no ka libela. 
L.i'bel-ler, n. Mea kakau olelo hooino. 

l,i'bel-lotig, adj. Olelo kakau hooino. 

liib'er-al, adj. Manawalea; lokomai- 

kai. Syn. generous; bountiful. 
liib'er-al'i-ty, n. Ka maaawalea. Syn. 

liib'er-al-ly, adj. Me ka aua ole. 
I,ib'er-ate, v. E hookuu; hoohemo. 

Syn. free. 
I^lb'er-a'tor, n. Mea nana e hookuu, 
Lilb'er-tine, v. He hooipoipo. Mea 

hooko 1 na kuko ino. 
liib'er-ty, n. 1. Ke kuokoa. Syn. 


2. Ka kookuu ana. Liberty to go, ka 

hookuu ana e hele. 
Iii-bid'i-noti8, adj. Kuko Ino; hooka- 

L.i-bra'ri-an, n. Mea malama walhona 

lii'bra-ry, n. He walhona buke. 
Liice, n. pi. IJku poo. 
Lii'cense, w. 1. LaikinI; palapala ae. 

2." Ke ko ana mamuli o na kuko ino. 
Iji'cense, v. E haawi i laikini; e haawl 

i "palapala ae. 
L.i-cen'ti-ate, n. Ka mea nana ka pala- 
pala ae e lawelawe mamuli o kekahi o 

na oihana naauao. 
I.i-cen'tiotk8, adj. Kuko ino; hooka- 

Lil-^en'tlotts-negg, n. Ka hooko ana 1 

na kuko ino. 
lilck, t/. E palu. 

Lid, n. Ke poi; ke panl. Syn. cover. 
L,ie, n. He wahahee; he olelo hoopunl- 

puni. Sy'n. untruth. 
liie, V. E wahahee; e hoopunipuni. V. E moe. 
Iji'en, n. He kuleana ma ka waiwai • 

hai , no ka aie' ; he kuleana ma ka mo- 

L.ieu-ten'ant, n, Lutanela; luna koa. 
Life, n. Ola. 

L.ife'bl6od, n. Ke koko o ke ola, 
L.ife'boat, n. Waapa hoopakele ola. 
L,ife'guard, n. Koa kiai ola. 
Life'Iess, adj. Ola ole; make. 
Liife'long, adj. A hala ke ola. 

X.ife'pre-gerT'er, n. Mea hoopakele 


L-ife'time, n. Wa o keia ola; wa ola. 

Lift, V. E hoala; e hapai ae. 

Lift. n. 1. He kokua. To give a lift, e 

2. Ka hapai ana. A heavy lift, he ha- 
pai kaumaha. 

Lig'a-tiire, ?i. Hemeanakii; mea na- 
kinaki pu a paa 

Light, n. He ao; he malamalama. 

Llg^ht, adj. 1. Mama. 

2. Ikl. A light rain, he u'-a iki. Syn. 

3. Light minded, puni lealea. 

4. Palupalu. Light soil, lepo palupaln. 

5. Light weight, paona mama. 
Lig^ht, V. L E hoo-a'; e kuni. 

2. E hoomalamalama. 

8. E loaa wale. To light upon or to 

happen to find, e loaa wale. 

4. E hookau aku; e kau aku. Syn. 

Ligrht'en, v. 1. E hoomalamalama. 

2. E hoo-mama. 

8. E hoolalelnle; hoo-eueu. 
Light'er, n. Waapa nui, halihali uka- 

LiKht-head'ed, adj. L Poniuniu; 

hiki ole ke noonoo. 

2. Ulala; anopupule. 
Ligrht-heart'ea, adj. Lea ka naau. 
Light'house, n. Hale lama. 
Liglit-iii'fan-try, 71. Na koa hele wa- 

wae i makaukau no ka hele mama. 
Lighfly, adv. 1. Malie. Tread lightly, 

e hehi malie. Syn. softly. 

2. To talk lightly, e kamailio ano ole. 

8. To think lightly of, e manao ole aku. 
Light'mind'ed, adi. Puni lealea. 
Liglit'ning, n. UiJa. 
Like, adj. Like, pe; penei. 
Like, n. Ka like. 
Like, V. 1. Ono. Syn. fond of. 

2. Makemake. Syn. wish, 
Likeai-hobd, n. He paha. No likeli- 
hood of rain, aole paha he u'a. Syn. 

Like'ly, adj. 1. Paha. Not likely, aole 


2. Hoopono; kuonoono. A likely boy, 

he keiki kuonoono. 
Like'inind'ed, adj. Lokahi ka manao. 
Lik'en, v. E hoohalike. 
Like'ness, n. Kohu like; kii kohu 

like. Syn. resemblance. 
Like' wise, adv. No hoi; pela. Syn. 

Lik-ing, n. Makemake. 
Li-li-puaian, adj. Aa; iii. Syn. 

small in size. 
Lil-y, n. Pua lilla. 
Limb (llm), n. Lala'. 

Lim'ber, adj. Pelu wale; napenape. 

Syn. flexible. 
Llm'bo, n. Wahi hoopaa; halepaahao; 
Lime, n. 1. He puna. 

2. Hua lemi. 
Lime'kilu, n. Imu hoomoa puna. 
Lime'stone, n. Pohaku puna. 
Lim'it, n. Palena; mokuna. 
Liin'lt, i;. E kau palena, e hoohaiki. 

Llm'l-ta'tion, n. Ke kau palena ana; 

ka palena. 
Lim'it-less, adj. Palena ole. 
Limp » v. Ehookuoi; e opa' ma ka hele. 

Limp, adj. Napenape; palupalu; alualu. 
Lim'pid, adj. Aiai. Syn. clear. 




tlnch'pln, TO. Hao hoopaa huila i ka 

paipaikomo o ke kaa. 
liine, n. 1. He kali a (Geom.) 

2. Kaula. Syn. rope. 

3. Aho. Syn. fishing line. 

4. Lalani; rank. Line of soldiers, la- 
lani koa. 

4. Line of poetry, lalani mele. 

6. Ano. Line of goods, he ano walwai 

7. He hapa-12 o ka iniha. 

8. Palapala pokolc. Write a line, ka- 
kau i ijalapala pokole, or kakau i wahi 

9. Ka Poaiwaena-honua. Syn. Equator. 
"Line, v. E uhi oloko. 

liiu'e-a^e, w. Knauhau. 

I4in'e-al, adj. Ma ke kuauhau pololei. 

Ijin'e-a-naeut, n. Helehelena kanaka. 

Syn. feature. 
tin'e-ar, adj. Loa. Linear measuret 

ana loa.'en, n. Lole lilina; lilina. 
liin'ger v, E kakali; e lolohi; kawele. 
Liln'ger-lng, adj. loihi; kawele. Lin- 
gering sickness, "he mai loihi; mai ka- 
liin'gtial, TO. 1. He hua palapala i pm- 

anaia e ke alelo. 

2. adj. No ke alelo. 
liln'guist, TO. Mea akamai ma na olelo. 
L>In'i-iiient, n. Laau hamo. 
Llt'i-ga'tion, n. Hoopii kanawai. 
Link, n. He pauku kaulahao; pauku. 
lilnk, V. E hoohui; e hookui pu. Syn. 

liint, n, Pulupulu lilina, mea lapaau 

lii'on, TO. He liona. 
Lii'on-ess, n. Liona wahine. 
L.i'on-ize, v. E hoo-hanohano. 
liip, TO. 1. Lehelehe. 

2. He kae. Syn. edge.'ui-fy, v. E hooheehee.'uicl, TO. Meahee; heehee. 
Liq'ul-date, V. 1. E hoo-hee. 

2. E hookaa. Syn. settle, pay. 
lilq'ui-d action, to. Ka hookaa ana. 

Syn. payment. 
L.Iq'uor (lik-er), to. 1. Na wai ona. 

2. Kela me keia ano wai. 
I^isp, V. £ puana hemahema i na hua 

lilst, TO. 1. He papahelu. List of names, 

ftapa helu o na inoa. Syn. roll; cata- 
ogue; register. 

2. He wahi i hookaawale la no ke ku- 

kini, a paio, a hakaka paha. To enter 

the lists, e komo i ke kukini. 
liist'en (lis'n), v. £ hoolohe; e haka 

lilst'en-er, «. 1. Ho mea e lohe ana. 

2. He hakilo; kiu. Syn. eaves-dropper. 
I<Igt'les8, adj. Kualuua: nanea. 
IjlBt'le88-ly, adv. Manaka'; manao ole. 
lilt'er-al, adj. Pili loa i ka olelo. A 

literal translation, he unuhi olelo i pili 

ioa i ka olelo 1 kakauia. 

Naauao ma nabuke; 
He poe lilo loa I ka 

liit'er-al-ly, adv. Pili loa i ka hua 


2. Oiaio. 
liit'er-a-ry, adj. 

irai buke. 
liit'er-a'ti, to. pi, 

imi buke. 
Ijit'er-a-ture', TO. Na palapala a pau o 

kela me keia ano. 
liitlie, adj. Mama. Syn. nimble; supple. 

Liitli'o-graph, to. Kii i kahaia ma ka po- 

lii-thog'ra-phy, to. Ke kaha ana ma ka 

liifi-gant, u. Mea hoopii kanawai. 
liit'i-ga'tion, to. Hoopii kanawai. 
Li-'ti'glous» adj. Maa i ka hoopii ka- 
Liit'ter, v. E kiola wale. To litter up a 

room, e kiola wale i kela me keia mea 

ma ke keena. 
liif ter, TO. 1. He manele. 

2. Ghana holoholona keiki. 
liit'tle, adj. Uuku; liilii. 
Lit'to-ral, adj. E pili ana 1 kahakai; 

no ke kai. 
L.ive, V. 1. E ola. 

2. E noho; e noho paa. 
Iiive'li-hodd, to. Oihana e i)ono ai ka 

noho ana. 
liive'long, adj. Loihi launa ole. The 

livelong day, la loihi launa ole. 
liive'ly, adj. Hoihoi; makaala. 
liiv'er, TO. 1. Mea e noho ana. Syn. 


2. Mea e hoolako ana i ka ai. 

3. Ake paa. 
liiv'er-y-sta'ble, to. Hale hoolimalima 

liive'stdek, to. Na holoholona laka. 
liiv'id, adj. Hauliuli, me he palapu la. 
Lilv'ing, TO. Na loaa i lawa no ka noho 

ana. Syn. support. E lawa ka loaa no 

ka noho'na. 
liiz'zard, to. He moo. 
LiO I i7iterj. Aiahoi! Syn, behold. 
lioad, TO. Haawe. Syn. burden. 

2. Ship load, Tpiha, molLU.; cart load -pihei 

Load, V. 1. E hooili ukana. 

2. E hoopiha. Load a gun, e hoopiha i 

lioad'stdne, to. Pohaku mageneta, 
Loaf, TO. He popo mea ai. 
lioaf, V. E a'ea wale. 
Loafer, to. He a'ea haukae. 
Loam, TO. Tjepo momona. 
Loain'y, adj. Momona. like me ka lepo. 
Loan, TO. 1. Mea i haawiia no ka mana- 


2. Dala hoo-aie'. 
Loathe (lutbe), V. E hoopailua. Syn. 

Loatli'sdme, adj. Hoopailua. 
L<SbM>y, 71. 1. Ke keena mawaho ae o 

ke keena ahaolelo. 
Ldb'by, V.' E paipai bila kanawai. 
Lobe, TO. Ko lalo o ka pepeiao. 




I.db'ster, n. He u]a. 
Lio'cal, adj. No kauwahi. 
L,o-cal'i-ty, n. Kauwahi. 
Lio'cate, v. E hoonoho. 
liO-ca'tlon, n. 1. Wahi. Syn. place. 

2. K a hoonoho aua. 
Iioeh, n. 1. He loko. Syn. lake. 

2. He kaikuono. Syn, bay. 
Liuck, n. 1. Laka. Door lock, laka jmka. 

2. Owili lauoho. Syn. lock of hair 

3. Loko hoopaa wal ma ka auwai nui. 
liock, V. 1. E ki a paa. 

2. Lock arms, e hookui pu i na lima. 
liock'er, n. Iiolowaa 1 ki ia. 
Iioek'et, n. Mea milimili, walho kli. 
Luek'-smltli, n. Kanaka hana laka. 
Li3ek'-up, n. Halewal. 
Lo'eo-mo'tlon, n. Ka hele ana ma na 

liji'eo-mo'tive, n. Enikini kaa mahn. 
l,6d^e, n. 1. Halenoholkl. 

2. Hale halawai o na aha malu'. 
liddgre, n. 1. £ noho iki; nohonoka 

wa pokole. 

2. E ku. Syn. strike; hit. 

3. Lodge a complainty e waiho mal i kn- 
mu hoopii. 

liodg'er, 71. Ohuahale; meaenohoana. 

liudg'ings, 71. pi. Wahi noho. 

lioft, n. Keena oluna. Sail lojl, keena 

humuhumu pea. 
tarty, adj. 1. Klekle. Syn. elevated. 

2. Hookano; haakei. Syn. proud. 
l,6g, n. Pauku laau. 
Log'a-rltliin, 71. Huhtii helH. 
Lug'-bobk, n. Buke moolelo no ka hoo- 

holo moku. 
Liog'-hoiise, w. Hale 1 kuknlnla me na 

pauku laau. 
Log'ic, n. Ka ike o ke kukulu manao. 
Lo§'ic-al, adj. Kukulu manao. 
Lo-g^I'clan, n. Mea akamai i ke kukulu 

Loin, 71. Puhaka. 
Loi'ter, v. E hoololohi; nahiU; mana- 

Loi'ter-er, n. He nahill; mea hooha- 

kalia wale. 
li($ll, V. E hoonanea: e luana wale. 
Lone'll-ness, n. Mehameha o ka noho 


T ^^«fl^V«« i c"*i- Mehameha. 

L.dng, adj. Loa; loloa; loihi. 

Long, v. E iini. 

Lon-gev'I-ty, n. Ka loihi o ke ola. 

Long-liead'ed, adj. Akamai i ka noo- 

uoo e mamua; poonoo. Syn. shrewd; 

Long'ing, n. Ka Iini o ka naatl. 
Lon'gi-tude, n. Lonitu. 
L6n'gi-tu'di-nal, adj. Loa. 
Ldnj^lived, adj. Ola loihi. 
Lilng-sTirfer-ing, adj. Ahonul; hoo- 

manawanui. Syn. patient. 
l.cing-'wlnd'ed, adj. 1. Mau ke aho. 

2. Loihi a hooliihi. A lonq winded 

speech, he haiolelo loihi a hooluhi. 

Lo'bk, V. 1. E nana. Syn. see. 

2. Look for, e imi; e hull. 
L.o'bk, n. Ka nana ana o ka maka. 
Ldbk^ing-glass, 11. He aniani nana. 
Liobk'out, 71. L He wahi nana; wahi 

kiai; he aleo. 

2. To he on the lookout, e hakilo; e kiai: 

Loom, V. E hoea mai ma kahi mamao. 
Loom, n. Mikini hana lole. 
Loose, V. L E wehe ae ; e hoohemo. 

2^ E kala; e hookuu. 
Loose, adj. 1. Oluolu; alualu. Syn. 

not tight. 

2. Hemo. Syn. not fast. 

3. Ino; pono ole. Loose habits, na ha- 
na maa ino. A loose life, he noho'ua 
pono ole. 

Loose'ly, adv. Kapulu. To do work 

loosely, e hana kapulu 1 ka hana. 
Loos'en, V. 1. E hooluolu ; hooalualu. 

Loosen the jib sheet, e hoo alualu i ke 

kaula pea inu. 

2. E noopalupalu. Loosen the soil, e 

hoopalupalu i xa lepo. 

8. E liemo; o wehe ae. 
Lo-qua'cioGs, adj. Walaau mau. 
Lo-quac^i-ty, ti. Ka walaau mau. 
Ldrd, 7i7 1. Haku. 

2. Inoa hanohano. 
Lord, V. E hookiekie. 
Lord'Iy, adj. Haaheo; hookano; hoo- 
Lord'ship, n. Inoa hanohano. 
Lore, 71. Naauao; ike. Syn. learning. 
Lose. V. 1. E nalowale: e lllo. 

'± E poho'. 

8. E naule. 
Los'er, n. 1. Ka mea nana ka poho'. 

2. Ka mea nana ka mea i Iiaule. 
Ldss, n. L Ka nalowale aua; ka haule 


2. Ka poho'; ka poino. 
Lot, 71. 1. He pa. 

2. He mahele; haawina. 

3. He hoailona. 

Ldth, adj. Hoowaha'waha'; makemake 

Lo'tion, n. Laau wai hamo. 
L6t'ter-y, n. Kekahi ano pili waiwal. 
Loud, adj. Nui kaleo; kani nui. 
Loud'ly, adi'. Aaina; me ke kani nui. 
Lounge, n. He puuee. 
Lounge, v. 1. E hiolani; e luana wale. 

2. E aea wale. Syn. loaf. 
Loun^'er, 71. 1. Mea hoonanea wale. 

2. Mea noho wale; he aea haukae. 

Syn. loafer. 
Louse, 71. He uku poo. 
Lous'y, adj. Paapu i na uku. 
Lout, 71. Kanaka hemahema; he kua- 

Lov'a-ble, adj. Kn I ke aloha la. 
Love, 71. Aloha. Syn. affection 
Love'lct'ter n. Palapala hooipoipo; 

palapala alona, 
Love'Il-ness, n. Ano ku i ke aloha. 
Love'ly, adj. Onaoua; ku i ke aloha. 




Ij6v'er, n, Mea aloha; heipo. 
liove'-sdngr. n. Mele o ka puuwal. 
I jv'ingr, adj. Aloha. 
Xiov'ing-kind'ness, n. LokomaikaL 
lidw.acO*. !• Haahaa, 

2. ilaumia; pelapela. Syn. vile. 
IiOTr'bom, adj. Ilanauia ma ke kulana 

haahaa. Syn. baseborn. 
liow'bred, adj. Kuaaina; naaupo. 
I^oAv'er, V. E hoohaahaa; e hookuu iho. 
Low'er, V. 1. E pouli mai. 

2. E hakumakuma. Syn. frown. 
r.6w'er-y, adj. Pouliuli; hakumakuma. 
liow'land, n. Aina haahaa. 
liow'li-ness, n. Akahai; haahaa o ka 

I^ow'ly, adj. Akahai; haahaa, Syn. 


liow'spir'it-ed, adj. 1. Luuluu; kau- 

mahakanaau. Syn. depressed. 

2. Apiki. Syn. mean. 
I^oy'al, adj. Kupaa. 
r,6y'al-ty, n. Ka manao kupaa. 
'Ltox'en^e, n. 1. Mea ono kopaa. 

2. Huina-ha-like, like ole nae na aoao. 

Syn. rhomb. 
r.ab'ber, n. Kanaka puipui a molowa; 

kanaka hawawa. 
liilb'ber-ly, adj. Kapulu; hemahema; 

lomaloma. Syn. awkward. 
Iju'bri-€ate, V. £ hamo i pahee. 
liU'cid, adj. 1. Molaelae; moakaka; 

aiai. Syn. clear; bright. 

2. Lucid interval, wa noonoo pono o ka 

mea pupule. Syn. sane. 
JLtiek, n. Mea ulia wale; laki. Good 

luck, he pomaikai 1 ulia wale. Bad luck, 

he poino i ulia wale; laki ole. 
ttick'y, adj. Pomaikai; laki. 
I^iiek'l-ly, adv. Pomaikai maoll. 
Lu'cra-tive, adj. Puka; nui mai o ke 

liU'cre, n. Dala puka; waiwai puka. 
Lu'di-croGs, adj. Lea; ku i ka akaaka, 

Syn. laughable. 
lidff, V. E hoopii i ka raakani. 
Litkg, r. E halihali me ke kaumaha, 
Liijg'Ka^e, n. Ukana pili kino. Syn. 

lau-gu'brl-otig, adj. Haloilol; kuma- 

kena. Syn. mournful. 
I.uke'w}|rm, adj. Malili; pumahana. 
L.A11, V. E hoo-na'. Syn. cjuiet. 

2. E malie mai. The vnnd has lulled, 
ua malie mai ka makani. 

3. E hoomalielie. Syn. calm. 


I.iil'a-by, n. Mele hoo-na keiki liilil. 
I^um-ba'go, n. He hui ma ka puhaka. 
liiiin'ber, n. Kela me keia ano papa 

liiim'ber-rdbiii, n. Keena waihoukana^ 

Liu'mi-na'ry, n. Mea hoomalamalama; 

he lama. 
liU'mi-nofis, adj. Malamalama; aial, 

Syn. bright. 
Liump. w. Hepuu. 
L.ump'y, adj. Puupuu; hakuhaku, 
L,u'na-cy, n. Pupule. Syn. insanity. 
liun'arr adj. Pill no ka mahina. 
Liu'na-tie, n. He pupule. 
launch, n. He wahi pain a iki. 
liuncb'eon, n. Ka ai o ka paina iki. 
L.ungr> n. Ake mama. 
liurch, n. L Ka hull kuhewa o ka mo- 

ku ma kona aoao. 

2. Ka haalele wale ana iloko o ka pi- 

likia. To leave in the lurch, e haalele 

iloko o ka pilikia. 
liure, V, E onou; e hoohalua; e hoowa- 

lewale. Syn. entice. 
liU'rid, adj. Pouliuli; panopano. 
liurk, V. E hoomakakiu ; e pee. 
Liurk'ing- place, n. Wahi e pee ai; wa- 
hi e hoom.akaldu. 
liiks'ciotis, adj. Onoloa; mikomiko. 
L.iist7 n. Kuko hewa; makaleho. 
Liist'ful, adj. Piha i na kuko hewa; 

I^iist/ i-ly, adv. 1. Ikaika. To work 

lustily, e hana ikaika. 

2. Nui. To shout lustily, e hooho nui. 
liis'trous, adj. Alohilohi; hinuhinu; 

liiist'rum, n. Hewa; elima makahiki, 

T.iisVy,adj. Ikaika; puipui. Syn. strong. 
Liux-u'ri-ance, n. Nui o ka ulu. 
Liux-u'ri-ant, adj. 1. Kawowo. ittx- 

urant growth, kawowo ka ulu ana. 

2. Ikaika ma ka ulu ana ; ulu a nui. 
liux-u'ri-ate, v. L E hoo-oluolu; e 


2. E hauolinui. 
liux-u'rl-ofis.adj. 1. Pakela aL Syn. 

luxurious living. 

2. Hoohiehie. 
liux'u-ry, n. Mea e hoohiehie ai ka no- 

ho ana. 
lL.y-ce'uin, n. L Ahahul Ilnl Kaauao 

2. "Hale o ka ahahui Imi Naauao. 
r.yo (li), n. Wai lehu ahi. 
Lyre, n. Lira hookani. Syn. harp. 





Mac-ad'am-ize, n. E kaplll alanui i 
na pohuku iliili, 

M.a€li'i-na'tion (mak-l-na'tion), n. 
Hana malu' kui)onoole. Syn. intrigue; 

Ma-chine', ^ma-sheen'), n. Mikini; 
mea kokua i ka hana a ka lima. 

Ma-cliin'er-y, n. Na mikini o kelam.e 
keia ano. 

Ma-chin'ist, n. Kanaka hana mikini. 

Mad^ adj. 1. Huhuloa. 
2. Pupule. 

Mad'am, n. Inoa kahea no ka wahine. 

Mad'house, n. Hale pupule. Syn. in- 
sane asylum. 

Mad'ly, adv. Me ka ino loa. Syn. in- 
sanely. Pupule. 

M ad'ness , n. Ano pupule ; ano hehena ; 
ulala. Syn. insanity. 

Mag'a-zine', n, L Hale hoo-ahu. Syn. 
storehouse. ' *■• 

2. Buke i paiia 1 kela me keia mana- 
"wa, buke hooiliili kumu manao. 

Mag'got, n. Ke ilo. 

Mag'eot-y, adj. Paapu I na ilo. 

Ma'gi, w. Ka poe Magoi o ka Hlklna. 

Mag'ie, TO. Hana kilokilo. 

Ma-gi'eian, n. Kanaka kilokilo. 

Mag'is-te'ri-al, adj. 1. Piii 1 ka oi- 
liana lunakanawai. 
2. Haaheo; hookiekie. Syn. arrogant. 

Magr'is-tra-cy, n. L Oihana lunaka- 
2. Ka papa lunakanawai. 

Magr'is-trate, n. Luna hooko kanawai. 

Mag'na-Cliar'ta, n. He kumu kanawai 

Mag'na-nlm'i-ty, n. Ano lokomaikai. 
Syn. generosity. 

Mag-nan'i-mous, adj. Lokomaikai. 
Syn. generous. 

Mag-nan'l-moTis-ly, adv. Me ka loko- 
maikai. Syn. generously. 

Mag'nate, n. Kanaka hanohano; kana- 
ka koikoi. 

Mag'net, n. Pohaku ume hao. 

Mag-net'ic, adjf. Manaume. 

Mag'net-isni, n. Ka mana ume. 

Mag'net-ize, v. E hookomo i ka ma- 
na ume; e ume. 

Mag-nif i-cence, n. Ke kamahao. 

Mag-nif 1-cent, adj. Kamahao. 

Mag'ni-fi-er, n. Aniani hoomahuahua 

Mag'ni-f^, v. 1. E hoomahuahua i ka 
ike o ka maka. 

2. E hoolea; hoonani. Syn. praise; 

MSg'ni-tud©, n. Ka nui, Syn. bulk; 

greatness. Magnitude of the undertaking, 

ka nui o kahana. 
Ma-hog'a-ny, n. He kumu laau ane 

like me ke kou. 
Ma-hdm'et-an, n. He Mahometa. 

MMd'en '( ^' Wahine opio mare ole. 
Maid'en-hair, n. He iwaiwa. 
Mail, w, 1. Pale umauma metala. 

2. Eke leta. 
Mail, V. £ hookomo ma ke eke leta. 

Syn. post. 
MaiPa-ble, adj. Kupono ke halihali 

ia ma ke eke leta. 
Maim, v. E moku na lala; e hana ino i 

ke kino. Syn. mutilate. 
Main, ad). 1. Nui. Syn. mighty. 

2. Ano nui; hapa nui. Byn, chiefly; 
►rincipally. Mainly devoted to agricul- 

lure, lilo nui i ka m'ahiai. 
Mfiin'mast, n. Ke kia nui o ka moku. 
Main'sJiil, n. Ka pea hope; ka ])ea nui. 
Main-tain', V. L E malama mau. 

Syn. sustain. 

2. E hoolako. Syn. support, lulain- 

tain a family, e hoolako i ka ohaua. 
Miiin'te-naiice, n. 1. Ka hoolako ana 


i na mea e pono ai ke ola. 

Maize, TO. Kurina. Syn. Indian com. 

Ma-Jes'tic, adj'. Ihiihi; kamahao. 

Maj'es-ty, TO. Hanohano nui : he kama- 
hao. £ti3 Majesty, the King, ka mea ka- 
mahao, ka Moi. 

MJi'jor, w. Mekia; luna koa. 

Ma-j6r'i-ty, n. 1. Ka hapa nui. 
2. Ka wa oo ma ke kanawai. 

Make, v. 1. E hana; e kukulu. Syn. 

2. E kaohi. Syn. compel. 

3. E loaa. Syn. earn; gain. Make 
money, e loaa i dala. 

4. To make a complaint, e waiho mai i 
kumu hoopii. 

5. To make a calculation, e helu; e noo- 
noo helu. 

6. To make known, e hooakaka; e hoola- 

7. Lilo. Syn. become. A good boy will 
make a good man, e lilo ana ke keiki mai- 
kai i kanaka maikai. 

8. Make choice of, G\ioho. Syn. choose. 

9. Make free with, e lawewale. 

10. Make good, (a) E hooko. Make good 
a promise, e hooko i kaolelo. (6.) Make 
good a loss, e hoihoi i ka poho. 

11. Make light of, e manao ole aku, 
Syn. to b© indifferent to. 



12. Make much of, e manao nui aku. 
Syn. to esteem hignly. 

13. Make oat, e noomaopopo; akaka. 
Syn. understand. To make out the mean- 
ing^ e hoomaopopo i ke ano. 

14. Make out a case-, e hooia i ka aoao 

15. Make over property, e hoolilo wai- 
wai. Syn. to deed property ; to convey. 

16. Make saily e huki i na pea. 

17. Make up, (a) e hoolaulca. Syn. 
reconcile. (&) E hoo-puolo. Syn. make 
up a bundle, (c) Make up a deficit, e 
hooponopono mai i ka mea i koe. (d) 
Make up accounts, e hooponopono i na 

18. Make water ^ (a) e Uu. Syn. leak; 
(&) mimi. Syn. urinate. 

Mak'er, n. Mea nana e hana. 
Make'sliift, w. He mea ku i ka wa. 
Mal'ad-inln'is-tra'tion, n. Ke ko po- 

no olo aua i na hana o ka oihana. 
MaPa-dy» n. He mai. Syn. sickness^ 

Ma-la'rI-a, n. Ea ino nana mai ka mai. 
Mal'eon-tent', n, Mea ohumu mau. 
Male, n. He kane. 
Mal'e-dl€'tion, n. Olelo hailiili; olelo 

Mal'e-fae'tor, n. Kanaka hoohaki ka- 

Ma-lev'o-lent, adj, Manao ino; naau 

keemoa; opu ino. 
Mal-fea'sance, n, Ka hana pono ole. 

Malfeasance in office^ ka hana pono ole 

ma k a oihana. 
Mal'ice, n. Ka manao ino; opu ino. 
Ma-ll'oiofis, adj. Syn. malevolent. 
Ma-li'cious-ly, adv. Me ka manao ino. 

Ma-lign' (ma-line), r. Eakiaki;eni- 
ania. Syn. traduce; slander. 

Ma-liff'nant, adj. 1. Akiaki; niania. 
2. Hoopilikia Ola; ino loa, A vialig- 
na«i disease, he mai ino loa. Syn. viru- 

M a-lig'ni-ty, n. L Niania; opu ino. 
Syn. malice. 
Ke ano make. Syn. virulence. 

Mal'le-a-ble, adj. Hiki ke kuila a la- 

Mal'let, n. Hamale laau. 

Mal-prae'tl<ge, n. 1. Lapaau hewa. 
2. Hana, pono ole. 

Mai- treat', v. £ hana ino aku; e hoo- 

Mal-treat/menty n* L Ka hana ino 
2. Ka lapaau hewa ana. 

M&m'nion, n. Mamona; ka walwal o 
keia ao. 

Man, n, Kane; kana'ka. 

Man, V. E hooiako i na ka'naka. 

M&n'a-elei, n. Kupee lima hoopaahao. 

Man'a^re, v. 1. E hooponopono; o ma- 
lam ii pono. Manage of aira, e hoopono- 
pono 1 ka oihana. 

2. Manage to do without, e hoomanawft- 
nul i ka nele. 

Man'age-a-ble, adj, 1. Hiki ke hoo- 
ponopono ia, 
2. Hiki ke hoolakalakaia. 

Man'age-uaent, n. 1. Ka hoopono- 
pono aua. Poor management, hoopono 
pono hemahema. 
2. Papa luna hooponopono. 

Man'a-ger, n. Luna hooponopono. 

Man-dfi'mtis, n. Falapala kauoha o ka 
aha hookolokolo. 

Man'da-rin, n. Luna aupuni o Kina. 

Man'date, n. He kauoha. Syn. com- 

Man'da-to-ry, adj. Me ke kauoha. 

Mane, n. Hulu a-i' o na holoholona. 

Ma-neu'ver, n. 1. He hana maalea. 
Syn. stratagem. 

2. Military maneuver, ka hana o ka oi- 
hana koa. 

Man'fiil, adj. Hookanaka. Syn. manly. 

Man'ful-ly, adv. Me ka hookanaka. 
Syn. nobly. 

Man'grer, «. Pahu hanai holoholona, 

Man'gle, v. Haihai a weluwelu 

Man'hoody n. Ke kulana kanaka ma- 

Ma'ni-ae, n. Kanaka pupule loa, Syn. 

Man'i-fest, adj. Moakaka; akakale«u 

Syn. obvious ; evident. 
Man'i-feeit» n. He pepa hoike ukaua 

Man'i-fest, v. E hoike. Syn. exhibit; 

Man'i-fes-ta'tion, n. Ka hoike ana, 
Man'1-fest-ly, adv. Maopopolea. Syn. 

Man'i-fold, ad/. Lehulehu. 
Ma-nlp'u-late, v. E mill; e lawelawe 

me ka lima. Syn. handle. 
Man-kind', n. Ka'naka. 
Man'li-nesSy n. Ke ano hookana'ka. 
Man'ly, adj, Hookanaka. Syn. noble. 
Man'ner, n. 1. Ano. Syn. sort. 

2. Manners, ano launa. Good manners^ 

ano launa maikai, pihalula. 
Man'of-wgr', n. Moku manuwa'. 

Manse, n, 1. Hale noho no ke kahuna 


2. Aina mahi. Syn. farm. 
Man'sion, n. Hale noho akea. 
Man'slaugh-ter, n. Lawe ola; pepehl 

Man'tel, n. Holowaa makapaiaoka 

Man'tle, n. He lole koloka; he kihel 

Mau-tll'la, n. He koloka no ka wahine. 

M&n'u-al, a>dj' Lima. Manual labor, 

hana lima. 
Man'u-al, n. Buke liilil, paa lima. 
Mkn'u-fae'to-ry, «. Hale oihana hana 

Man'u-fa^'tnre, v. E hana, Ina me ka 

lima, a inikini paha. 
Man'ii-fae'ture, n. Ka mea i hauaia o 

ka lima, a mikini paha. 



Man'u-fae'tur-er, n. Kanaka hana i 

kela me keia mea. 
Man'u-mit', v. E hookuu mai ka noho 

ana kuapaa. Syn. free. 
Ma-nure', n. Mea hoomomona lepo; 

Man'u-script, n. Pepa i kakau lima ia. 
Ma'ny (me-ny), adj. Lehulehu; ma- 

kena; nuiwale. 
Map, n. Palapala aina. 
3Iar, V. Ehooki-na'; e hana inoike- 

kahi mea. 
Ma-raud'er, n. He powa'; kanaka pa- 

kaha. Syn. robber. 
Miir'ble, n. Pohaku mabela. 
March, n. 1. Maraki. 

2. Huakai o na koa. 
Mare, «. Lio wahine. 
Mar'cin, n. He kae; lie llhi. Syn. 

Ma-rine', adj. 1. O ke kaL A marine 

view, ke nanaina o ke kai. 

2. Marine hospital, hale mai no naluina. 
Ma-rine', n. Na moku. Merchant marine, 

na moku kalepa. 

2. He koa o ka moku manuwa. 
Mar'i-ner, n. Kanaka holo moana; se- 

la; luina. Syn. seaman; sailor. 
Mar'i-tal, adj. No ke kane mare. 
Mar'i-time, adj. Pili 1 ka moana; pill 

1 ke kai. Syn. nautical. Maritime na- 
tions, na lahui hooholo moana. 
Mark, n. 1. He hoailona; he kaha. 

2. He mea kaulana. Syn. distinction. 

A man of mark, he kanaka kaulana, 
Mark, v. 1. E kaha; e hoailona. 

2. E haka pono; e noonoo pono. Syn. 

heed; observe. 
Miir'ket, n. 1. Hale makeke. 

2. Makeke; he kuai akea; oihana ka- 
Mar'ket-man, n. Kanaka o ka makeke. 
Mar'ket-ing, n. Ke kuai ana ma ka 

Marks'man, n. Kanaka kl pu. 
Mar'ma-lade, n. Mea ono i hanaia me 

na hua ai. 
Mar'riage, n. Ka mare. Syn. matri- 
mony; wedlock. 
Mar'riage-a-ble, adj. Kuponokemare. 
Mar'row, n. Ka lolo o ka iwi. 
Mar'ry, v. E mare. 
3rarsh, n. Aina poTio-poho'. 
Mar'slial, n. 1. Ilamuku. 

2. He alakai nui o ka huakai. 

8. Alihi kaua nui, ma Europa. 
Mar'shal, v. E hoonohonoho pono. 

Marshal troops, e hoonohonoho pono i 

na puali kaua. 
Marsh'y, adj. Po'ho-poho'. 
Mart, n. Syn. market. 
Miir'tial, adj. Koa. 
Alar'tyr, n. Mea hoike no ka oiaio, a i 

ka make. 
Mar't^r-dom, n. Ka hoomake ana no 

ka oiaio. 
Mfir'vel, v. E haohao. 
Mar'vel-otks, adj. Kupaianaha. 

Mas'eu-line, adj. Kane. Syn. male. 
Mash, r. 1. E hoo-pe ; e kui a aeae. 
Mask, 71. He uhi no ka maka; he uhi. 
3Ia'8on, n. Kanaka hamo puna. 
Ma'son-ry, n. L Ka mea i kukuluia 

me ka puna. 

2. Oihana hamo puna. 
Mass, n. 1. He ahu; he ahua. The 

masses, ka lehulehu. 

2. He pule o ka hoomana Roma, 
Mas'sa-cre, a' E luku wale. 
Mass'ive, adj. 1. Paa; ikaika. 

2. Nunui. Syn. bulky. 
Mast, n. Kia moku. 
Mas'ter, n. Kumu; haku. 
Mas'ter, V. E lanakila; e hoopio. Syn. 

conquer. Master a difficulty, e lanakila 

maluna o ka nilikia. 
Mas'ter-ly, aa/. Mikioi; akamai. In a 

masterly manner, ma ke ano akamai. 
Mas'ter-piece, n. Hana i oi; hana poo- 

Mas'ter-y, n. Ka lanakila. 
3Ias'ti-cate, v, E nau a wall. Syn, 

Mas'ti'ff, n. He iUo nui. 
Mat, n. Moena. 
Match, n. 1. He kukaepele hoo-a ahi. 

2. He lua like. 

8. He mare. 

4. He paio. Syn. contest. 
Match, V. 4. E Imi i ka like. 

2. E aumeume ma ka paio. 
Mdtch'less, adj. Lua ole. Syn. peer- 
less; unequaled. 
Match'iuak'er, n. L Mea hana kukae- 

2. Mea hookonokono mare. 
3Ifttch'plane, n. Koi hole papa. 
Mate, 71. 1. He hoa; kokoolua. Syn. 


2. Hulipahu. 
Ma-te'ri-al, n. Mea; materia. 
Ma-ter'ual, adj. Makuahiue. Maiemal 

love, aloha makuahine. 
Ma-ter'nl-ty, n. Kulana makuahine. 
Math'e-mat'ie-al, adj. Pili i na helu. 
Math'e-mat/ic-al-ly, adv. Mamuli o 

na helu. 
Math'e-ma-ti'clan, n. Mea akamai ma 

na helu. 
Math'e-mat'ics, n. Na helu. 
Ma'tins, n. pi. Pule kakahiaka. 
Mat'ri-cide, n. Mea hoomake makua- 
Ma-tric'u-late, v. E kakau inoa ma ka 

papa inoa o ke kula nui, a ahahui paha. 
Marri-mo'ni-al, adj. Mare. Syn. con- 
Mat'ri-mo-ny, n. Ka mare. Syn. mar- 
Ma'tron, n. 1. Wahine mare. 

2. Luna wahine hooponopono. 
Maf ter, n, 1. Mea kino. Syn. mater- 


2. Pilau o kahi eha. Syn. pus. 

8. Pilikia. Syn. difficulty. 

4. No matter, mea ole. 




Mat'ting, n. Moena; na lako hana mo- 

Mat'tock, 7*. He kipikua. 
Mat'tress, to. Pela moe. 
Ma-ture', adj. 1. Oo. Syn. ripe. 

2. Mature reflection, noonoo pono. 
Ma-tu'ri-ty, n. 1. Wa oo. 

2. Ka piha o ka manawa, 

8. The maturity of a note, ka wa hookaa 

o ka bila aie. 
Mau'so-le'um, n. Hale kupapau nani. 
Maw, n. Opu holoholona. 
Mikx'iiu, n. Olelo naauao. Syn. pro- 
Max'i-mtun, adj. Ka nui loa. 
May, n. Mahiua o Mei. 
May, V. 1. Aeia. Syn. to be permitted. 

2. Malia; paha. He may have gone, 

malia ua hala oia. 
May'or (mar), n. Ke poo o ke kulana- 

Maze, n. He wabi pakaawili ; mea eehia. 
Ma'zy, adj, Pakaawili. 
Me, pron. la'u. 
Mead'ow, n. Aina kula i paa i ka mauu. 

Mea'ger, adj. 1. Wiwi; olala, 

2. lawa ole; kupono ole. 
Mea'ger-ly, adv. Kupono ole. 
Meal, n. 1. Palaoao icelame keia ano. 

2. He pa-i'na. 
Meal'y, adj. Maha'ba', 
Mean, adj. 1 Haahaa; pi; naboa. 

2. Iwaeuakonu. Mean point, kiko wa- 

ena konu. 
Mean, v. E manao. 
Means, n. pi. Kumu. Means of instruc- 

fian, kumu o ka boonaauao. 
Me-an'der, v. E kabe i-o ia nei. 
Mean'lng, n. Ke ano. 
Mean'ness, n. Apiki; ano naboa; Ino. 
Mean'time, > . Ia wa no; ia ma- 
Mean'while, ] ""^- nawa. 
Mea'sles. Mai ula. 
Meas'nr-a-ble, adj. Hiki ke anaia. 

Mcas'ure, n. Ana. To take measures, e 

Meas'ure-legg, adj. Palenaole. Syn. 

M<^ai'ure-nient, n. Ke ana ana. 

Meat, adj. I'o. 
2. He ai o kela me keia ano. Meat and 
drink, na mea ai me na mea inu. 

Me-clian'ic, n. He kanaka lawelawe 
ma kekabi o na oihana bana lima. 

Me-chan'Ic-al, adi. Hana lima. Me- 
chanical skillf akamai ma ka bana li- 

Me-chan'ic-al-ly, adv. Mebe mikini 
la; me ke komo pu ole o ka noonoo. 

Me-cli&n'ics, n. pi. Ka ike no ka mana 

Meeh'an-lsm, n. 1. Na bakina mikini. 
2. Ke kukulu ana o ka mikini. 

Med'al, n. He medala; bo metala boo- 
manao, booapouo. 

Med'dle, v. £ lalama; e lalau wale i ko 

Med'dler, n. Mea apa; mea lalauwale. 
Syn. busybody. 

Med'dle-some, adj. Lalama; apa; la- 
lau wale. 

Me'di-a'tion, n. Ka uwao ana. 

Me'di-a'tor, n. Mea uwao. 

Me'di-a-to'ri-al, adj. Uwao. Media- 
torial office, oibana uwao. 

Med'i-eal, adj. Lapaau. Medical pro- 
fession, oibana lapaau. 

Me-dic'1-nal, adj. Ano laau lapaau. 

Med'i-'clne, n. Laau lapaau; kela me ke- 
la mea e ola ai ke kino. 

Me'di-de'ri-ty, n. Kulana iwaena. 

Med'i-tate, v. E noonoo; e mumule. 

Syn. contemplate. 
Med'i-ta'tion. n. Ka noonoo nui ana. 
Me'di-una, n. 1. He kumu. Syn. means. 

2. Ka mea mawaena. Syn. middle. 
Meed, n. Uku. Syn. reward. Meed of 

praise, uku mabalo. 
Meek, adj. Akahai; baabaamakanaau. 
Meek'ly, adv. Me ke akabai. 

Meek'ness, n. Ka baabaa o ka naau; 

ke akabai. 
Meet, V. E balawai pu. 
Meet, adj. Kupono; kobu; Syn. fit^ 

Meet'ing, n. He balawai. 
Meet'ing-house, n. Hale balawai. 
Mel'an-ehol'y, adj. Luuluu. 
Mel-liflu-otis, adj. Nabenabe; kolo- 

Mel'loTv, adj. 1. Pala. Syn. ripe. 

2. Oneae. Syn. ligbt. Light soil, le- 

po oneae. 

8. Nabenabe; unabe. Syn. melliflu- 

4. Konane; konale. Syn. soft; soft 

Me-ld'dioiis. Syn. mellifluous. 
Mel'o-dy, n. He leo mele; mele olioli. 
Mel'on, n. Ipu ai maka. 
Melt, V. E boo-beebee. 
Mem'ber, n. Hoa; la'la'. 
Mem'ber-sliip, n. Ka nobo'na boa, a 

la'la' paba. 
Mcm'brane, n. Hi labilabi. 
Me-men'to, n. Mea boomanao. 
Me'moir, n. Moolelo boomanao. 

Mem'o-ra-ble, adj. Ku pono ke hoo- 
manaoia; kaxilana. 

Mem'o-ran'dum, ». Kakau lima boo- 

Me-mo'ri-al, n. 1. He mea boala 
manao ; be palpal manao. 
2. Palapala boopii no ka pomaikai. 

Me-mo'ri-al-jze, v. E kakau i pala- 
pala boopii. Syn. petition. 

Mem'o-rize, v. E boopaa naau. Syn. 
commit to memory. 

Mem'o-ry, n. Ka mana boomanao. 

Men'ace, v. E booweliweli. Syn. 

Men-ag'e-rie (men-azh'e-ry), n. 1. 
He hoikeike o na holoholona bibiu. 
Hale no ua bolobolona bibiu. 




Mend, v. 1. E hana hou; kapili hou. 

2. E ola hou. 
Men-da'cious, adj. Wahahee ; hoopuBi- 

puiii. Syn. lying; false. 
BIeii-dac'1-ty, 7i. Ano Wahahee; maa i 

ka hoopunipuni. 
Men'di-cant, n. Kanaka noi wale; he 

makilo. Syn. beggar. 
Me'ni-al, acZj. Haahaa; kohu ole. 3fe- 

vial employmerit, hana kohu ole. 
Me'ni-al, n. Kauwa. Syn. servant. 
Mt'ii'su-rfi'tion, n. Ke ana ana. 
Men'tal, adj. Okanoonoo. Mental pur- 
suits, na hana o ka naau. 
Men'tial-ly , adv. Ma ka naau. 
Meii'tioUj-y. E hai. 
]>Ieu'tor, n. !Meaaoaku;he kakaolelo. 
Me-phif ic, adj. Ino; kue i ke ola kino. 
Mephitic air, e&ino; eahoomake. Syn. 
Mer'can-tile, adj. Kalepa. Mercantile 
community, ka poe kalepa. Syn. com- 
Mer'oe-na-ry, adj. Alunu; puniwai- 

wair Syn. avaricious. 
Mer'chan-dise, n. Waiwai kalepa, 
Mer'cliant, n. He kalepa; kanaka ka- 
Mer'chant-a-ble, adj. Kupono i ke ka- 
lepa; hiki ke kuai. 
Mer'chant-man, n. Moku kalepa. 
Mer'ci-ful, adj. Ahonui; lokomaikal. 
Mer'ci-ful-ly, adv. Me ke ahonui. 
Mer'ci-less, adf. I>okoino. 
Mer'€u-ry, n. 1. "Wai dala. Syn quick- 

2. Inoa o kekahi o na hoku hele. 
Mer'cy,w. Ahonui ; lokomaikal. 
Mer'cy-seat, n. Noho aloha. 
Mere', adj. Wale no. Mere pretense, he 

hookamani wale no. 
Mere'ly, arfj. Wale no. Merely want to 

knoic, niakemake wale no e ike. 
Me-rid'i-an, n. Awakea; kaha awa- 

Mer'it, n. Kumu mahalo. 
Mor'it, V. E pono ke loaa. 
I\Ier'i-t6'ri-ou8, adj. Mahaloia. 
Mer'ri-ly, adv. Me ka olioli. Syn. 

3Ier'ri-inent, n. Lealea kupono; olioli. 

Syn. gaiety. 
Mer'ry, adj. Olioli; lealea. Syn. gay. 
M e sh , »t. He ra a k a upena. 
Mess, n. 1. Mahele ai. 

2. Poe o ka papaaina hookahi. 
Mes'sage, n. Oielo hoou'na. 
Mes'sen-ger, n. Mea i hoounaia;he 

Mes-si'ah, n. Ka Mesia; Kristo. 
Mrss'mate, n. Hoa papa aina. 
Met'al.n. Metala. 
Me-tal'lic, adj. Metala. Metallic lustre, 

hinuhinu o ka metala. 
Met'al-lifer-ous, adj. Paapu i ka 

Me-tai'lur-gry, n. Oihana hookaawale 

Met'a-mor'phose, v. E hoo-aana 

SYN. transformation. 
Met'a-phor, n. Olelo hoohalike. 
Met'a-phor'Ic-al, adj. Ma ke ano hoo- 
Met'a-phy-si'clan, n. Poe imi no ka 

naau a me kona ano. 
Met'a-phys'ies, n. Hull naau; ka ike 

e pili ana 1 ka naau. 
Mete, V. E mahele aku; e ana aku. 
Mete, n. 1. He mahele. 

2. Mokunaaina; palena. 
3Ie'te-or, 7i. Hoku lele. 
Me'te-or-61'o-^y, n. Ka ike e pili ana 

1 ka lewa; ke ea; me ko laila mau hio- 

Me'ter, n. He ana. Syn. measure. 
Me-thinks', v. impers. Mauao au. 
Meth'od, n. Ka noonohonoho mikiol. 
Me-th6d'ic-al, adj. Ano mikioi; ma- 

muli o na'rula. 
Me-th6d'ic-al-ly, adv. Me ka mikioi; 

like me karula. 
Me-trop'o-lis, n. Kulanakauhale nui. 

Met'ro-p61'i-tan, adj. No ke kulana- 
kauhale nui. 

Met'tle, «. Aa nui; pihoihol. Syn. 

Met'tle-Bome, adj. Aa nui: hookano. 
Syn. spirited. A mettlesome horse, he lio 

Mew, V. E owao, me he popoki la. 

Mi-as'ma, «?. Mi-as'ma-ta, n. Na hu- 

na ino e lana ana iloko o ke ea; mea 

Mi'cro-scope, n. Ohe nana mea maka- 

Mi'cro-sefip'Ie, adj. Makalii loa; na 

ka ohe e hoike mai. 
Mid'day, n. Awakea. Syn. noon. 
Mid'dle.w. Ko waenakonu. 
Mid'dle-agfed, adj. Iwaena o ka wa ul 

me ka wa elemakule. 
Muddling, adj. Mawaena o kamaikai 

me ka ino, etc. 
Mid'njglit, n. Ke aumoe. 
Mld'ship-man, n. Luina opio o ka ma- 

Mid'sliips, n. Iwaena o ka moku. 
Midst, n. Ko waenakonu. 

Mid'siim'mer, n. Iwaenakonu o ke 

Mid'way, n. Mawacnakonu. 
Mid'wife, n. Hepalekeiki. 
Mid'-n in'ter, n. Iwaena o ka hooilo. 
Mien, n. Helehelena. Syk. countenance. 

Lofty mien, helehelena haaheo. 
Mift', n. He ukiuki pan koke. 
Might, n. Mana; ikaika. Syn. i>ower. 
3Iight'i-ly, adv. Me ka mana nui. 
Miglit'y, ad . Mana; Ikaika; nui. Syn. 

Mi'grate, V. E hele mai kahi aina a i 

kahi aina e noho ai. 
Mi'gra-to'ry, adj. Kuewa wale. 
Milch, adj. Waiu. Milch cow, bipi haawi 





Iffild, adj, Olnoln; nahcnnhe; palupa- 

lu; abe. Syn. geutle; placid. 
MiPclew, n. Ponalo. 
Mild'ly, adv. Oluolu; unhenahe. 
Mild'ness, 71. 1. Ka oluolu. Syn. clem- 

2. Akahni. Syn. gentleness. 
Mile, n. He mile. 
Mile'age, «. 1. Ka helu o na mile. 

2. Ukumile. 
Mil e'post, n. Kia kuhikuhl mile. 
Mile'stone, n. Pohaku kuhikuhi mile. 
Mil'i - ta-ry, affj. Koa. 
Mil'i-ta-ry, n. Na papa koa o kela me 

k eiaano. 
Mil'i-tute, V. E ku-e'. Syn. conflict. 
Ml-li'tia, n. Na koa ku i ka wa. 
Milk, n. Wain. 
Milk, 17. Euwiwaiu. 
Milk'mai<l,n. Wahine nwi bipi. 
Milk'-man, n. 1. Kanaka uwi bipi. 

2. Kanaka kuai vraiu. 
Mllk'-pail, 71. Bakeke uwi walu. 
Milk'sop, n. Kanaka lauvvili wale. 
Milk'y, arfj. Me he waiu la. 
Milk'y-way, n. Kaleileioua; leileiaka. 
Mill, n. 1. Mikini will. 

2. he hapa-uml kcneta. 
MlllMain, n. Paku wai no ka will. 
Mil-len'i-al, adj. Pili i ka milenio. 
Mil-len'i-um, n. Ka milenio. 
Miller, n. Kanaka will palaoa. 
3Iil'li-ner, n. Wahine haua a kuai pa- 
Mil'li-ner-y, n. Na kahlko no kepoo. 
Mil'lion, n. Miliona. 
Mil'lion-aire', n. He ona miliona, 
3IilI'race, n. Ha wai no ka will. 
3Iill'8t6ne, n. Pohaku will palaoa. 
Mlm'ic, V. Ehanawale; ehoohenehene. 
Mince, V. 1. E kui me ka pahi kui. 

2. "E hooahaaha. 
Mind, n. L Kanaau; kanoonoo. 

2. Manao. Syn. will; thought. 
Mind, V. 1. E hoolohe ; e haliu. 
, 2. Malama. Syn. to be careful. 
Mind'ful, ck/;. 1. Ano hoolohe. Syn. 


2. Ano makaala; kuoo. Syn. attentive. 
Mine, x>ro». No'u; na'u; ko'u; ka'u. 
Mine, n. Lua ell waiwai. Oold mine, 

lua cli gula. 
Min'er, n. Kanaka ell waiwaL 
Min'er-al, n. Minerala; pohaku metala. 
Min'er-ai'o-^ist, w. Kanaka ike ma 

na minerala. 
Mln'er-ai'o-g:y, n. Ka ike no namlne- 

/ rala. , . 

Min-grle, V. E kaawlll pu: o hul pu, 
Mln'1-a-ture, n. 1. Kii makaliii pe- 


2. Meamakalil, ano like. 
Mln'i-muni, n. Haawiua emi loa; ha- 

pa uuku loa. 
Min'is-ler, 71. 1. Kauwa, Syn. servant. 

2. Kahunapule, Syn. clergyman. 

8. KuhinaAupuni. 

4. Kuhina elele. 

Mln'is-ter, V. E lawelawe; ehoolako. 

Min'is-te'ri-al, adj. 1. Oihana kahu- 
2. Oihana kuhina. 

Min'is-tra'tion, v. Ka lawelawe ana. 

Min'is-try, 71. 1. Oihana kahunapule. 

2. Papa o na kuhina. 
Mi'nor, n. He keiki ma kc kanawai. 
Mi'nor, adj. Emi iho; uuku iho. 
Mi-n6r'i-ty, n. 1. Wa keiki ma ke 


2. Ka hapa uuku. 
Min'strel, 71. Mea hookani pila. 
Min'strel-sy, n. Hookani pila; mele; 

poe mele. 
Mint, n 1. Hale hana dala o ke aupuni. 

2. He laau ala. 
Min'u-end, n. Helu hoolawe. 
Mi'nus, adj. Emi. Minus sign, kaha 

Min'ute (min-it), n. 1. He minute. 

2. Moolelo halawai. 
Mi-niite', adj. Uuku loa; makalii. 
Min'ute-gun, n. Pu kanikau. 
Mi-nute'ly, adv. No na mea liilii. 
Mi-nii'ti-ae, n. pi. Na mea liilii. 
Minx, 71. Kaikamahine mahaoi. 
Mir'a-ele, n. Hana mana. 
Mi-rae'u-loiis, adj. Mana kupaianaha. 
Mire, 71. Lepo kelekele; nenelu. 
Mir'ror, «. Aniani nana; he kilo. Sy^n. 

looking glass. 
Mirth, n. Lealea; olioli. Syn. merri- 
ment; hilarity. 
Mirth'ful, a<y. Lea; lealea, Syn. merry; 

Mir-y, adj. Po'hopoho'; kelekele. 
Mis'an-thrope, n. Kanaka nanau. 
Mis'an-thrfip'ic, adj. Nanau. 
Mi8-an*thro-py, n. Naau nanau; alo- 
ha ole i kanaka. 
Mis-ap'pli-ea'tion, n. Ka pili pono 

ole; pili hewa. 
MIs'ap-ply' V. E hoopili hewa; e hoo- 

lilo hewa. 
Mis-ftp'i^re-hend', V. E kuhihewa. 

Syn. misunderstand. 
Mls-ap'pre-hen'slon, n. Kekuhikewa. 

Syn. misunderstanding. 
Mis'be-come', v. Ku pono ole; kohu 

Mis'be-have', v. E hana pono ole. 
Mis'be-hav'ior, v. Hana kupono ole. 

Syn. misconduct. 
MIs-cal'eu-late, v. E noonoo hewa. 
MiA-e(vll', V. E kapa hewju 
Mis-c^r'ry, v. 1. E ko pono ole. 

2. Ehalahi. 
Mis'cel-la'ne-ofis, adj. Kcla me keia. 

Mls'cel-la-'^y » """ Kela me keia manao 
i paiia. 

Mki-chance', n. Kuhihewa; poino. 
Syn. misfortune. ...1 .- 

MlB'chief (chif), 71. 1. Hana apa; ma- 

2. Hanakolohe. 
8. Poho' ; poino. Syn. damage. 




Mls'cMev-o&s, adj. Mahaoi; kolohe; 

Mis'con-ceive', v. E kuhihewa. Syn. 

Mis'eon-^ep'tion, n. Ke kuhihewa. 

Mis-con'dtict, n. Ka hewa o ka hana, 
Syk. misbehavior. 

Mis'con-strikc'tion, n. "Wehewehe he- 

Mis'con-strue', v. E wehewehe hewa. 

Mis'ere-ant, n. Kanaka kolohe loa. 

Mis-tleed', w. Hana kolohe. 

MIs'de-mean'or, v. 1. Hana hewa. 
2. Ofeni ma ke kanawai. Syn. offense. 

Mis'di-rect', v. 1. E kuhikuhi hewa. 
2. E kakau hewa. 

Mls'em-ploy', v. E lawelawe hewa, 

Mi'ser, n. Kanaka pi; kanaka puniwal- 
wai; alunu. 

Mis'er-a-ble, adj. Oki loa. 

Mis'er-a-bly, adv. Oki loa. 

Mi'ser-ly, adv. Pi; alunu; puniwaiwni. 

Mis'er-y, n. Luuluu; oki loa; ehaeha. 
distress; wretchedness. 

Mis-for'tune, rt. Poino ; popilikia. Syn. 

Mis-grive', v. E haohao; kanalua. Syn. 

Mis-glv'ing, n. He kanalua. Syn. 

Mis-gov'ern, v. E hoomalu pono ole. 

Mis-guide', v. E alakai Lewa. Syn. 

Mfs'hap, n. Pilikia ulia wale. Syn. 

Mls'im-prove', v. E lawelawe hewa. 
Syn. misuse. 

Mls'in-form', v. E hai hewa; e hoaka- 
ka hewa. 

Mis'in-ter'pret, v. E unuhi hewa; we- 
hewehe hewa. 

Mis-jtidge', v. E hooholo hewa i ka 

Mis-lay', v. E waiho wale aku. Syn. 

Mis-lead', v. E alakai hewa. Syn. mis- 

Mis-mftn'age, v. E hooko pono ole. 

Mis-man'age-ment, n. Ka hooko po- 
no ole ana. 

Mis-name', v. E kapa hewa. 

Mis-no'iner, n. He inoa kupuno ole. 

Mis-place', v. E waiho ma kahi kupono 
ole. Misplaced confidence, paulele ma 
ka mea kupono ole. 

Mis-print', 71. Pai hewa. 

Mis'pro-nounceS V. E puana hewa. 

Mis'pro-niin'ci-a'tion, n. Ka puana 
heAva ana. 

Mis-quote', v. E hai like ole me ka 

MIs-rep're-sent'. V. E hoike hewa. 

Mis-rule', n. Haunaele; malu ole. 

Miss, n. 1. Wahine mare ole. 

2. He haule. A misH in spelling, he 
haule ma ke pela ana. 

3. Halahi. A miss in firivg, halahi ma 
ke ki pu aua. 

Miss, V. E haule. Miss an opportunity, 

e haule ka wa k upno. 
Mis'sile, n. He mea hoolei; mea ki. 
Mis'sing, adj. Nalo; haule. 
Mis'sion, n. 1. He hana i hoounaia e 


2. He poe i hoouna ia no kekahi hana. 
Mis'sion-a'ry , n. Misionari ; elele o ka 

MIs'si ve, n. He palapala hoouna. 
Mis-spell', V. E pela hewa; e hookui- 

kui hewa. 
Mis-spend', v. E hoomaunauna; e 

uhauha. Syn. waste. 
Mis-state', v. E hai hewa; hoakaka 

Mis-state'ment, n» Hehooakakahewa. 
Mist, 7?. He noe; u'-a liilii. 
Mis-take', n. Kuhihewa ; Inlau. 
Mis-tak'en, adj. Kuhihewa. If I am 

not mistaken, i ole au e kuhihewa; or, 

ke ole au e kuhihewa. 
Mis'trans-la'tion, n. Oleic i unuhi 

hewa ia. 
Mis'tress, n, 1. Wahine mare. 

2. Wahine poo oihana. 

S. School mistress, kumukula wahine. 
Mis-trtkst', V. E kanalua; o haohao. 

Syn. doubt; suspect. 
Mis-trfist'ful, adj. Kanalua. Syn. 

Ml8t'y» adj. Paa i ka noe. 
MIs-tkn'der-stand', v. E maopopo ole. 
Mis-An'der-st&nd'ing, n. He kumu o 

ke kuhihewa. 
Mis-us'age, 71. Ka lawelawe hewa. 
Mis-use', v. E lawelawe hewa; e hana 

pono ole. 
Mite, 71. 1. He huna. 

2. Mea kolo makalii loa. 
Mi'tre, n. 1. Papale bihopa. 

2. He hookui lepe i na apana laau 


Mi''t?e;i ^- E hookui lepe. 

Mi'ter-box, n. Pahu oki lepe. 

Mit'i-gate, v. E hoemi eha. Syn. al- 

Mit'i-ga'tion, n. Ka hooemi ana. 

Mit'ten, n. Mikini lima. 

Mit'ti-mus, n. Palapala hoopaa lawe- 

Mix, V. L E kawili pu; e hoohul. Syn. 
2. E hoohuikau. 

Mix'ture, n. Ka mea 1 kawili pu ia. 

Miz'zen-naast, n. Kia hope. 

Moan, V. E uhu'; e uwe. 

Moat, 71. He auwaha hohonu e hoo- 
puni ana 1 ka pa-kaua. 

Mob, 71. He uluaoa; poe hoohaunaele. 

Mo'blle, arf;. Onioni; luliluli. 

M6e'ca-sin, 71. Kamaa inikini. 

Mdclc, V. E hoomaewaewa. Syn. ridi- 

Mode, 7t. Ano. The prevailing mode, "ke 
ano i ike mau ia nei. Syn. manner. 

Mod'el, n. He ana hoohalike 




IVIotl'el, V. E hana i like. 
Mod'er-ate, v. E hoocmi. Moderate 

your desires, e hooemi i koumau kuko. 
lilod'er-ate, adj. Kupono. A moderate 

wind, he inakaul kuuouo. 
Mod'er-a'tion, n. Akahai. 
Mod'er-a'tor, n. Luua hoomalu, 
Mod'ern, adj. No keia au; no keia wa. 
Mod'est, adj. Akahai. 
M6d'est-ly, adv. Mo ke akahai. 
M6d'e8-ty,7t. Ke ano akahiii. 
Mdd-i-€um, n. Wahi lihi iki; wahi 

hapa uuku. 
Mod'i-fi-^a'tlon, n. Kahoo-ano e ana; 

hoololi ana. 
M6d'i-fy, v. L E hoo-ano e. Syn. 


2. E hooemi. Syn. moderate. 
Mdd'u-luto, V. E hoololi i ka, leo. 
Mod'u-l&'tion, n. Ka hoololi ana i ka 

Mo-liain'me-dan, w. He Mahometa. 
Moi'e-ty, n. He hapa-lua; kckahi o na 

hapa like elua. 
Moist, ad). 1. Ma-u'; kokoou; kawa'u. 

2. Moist outside as dried meat, etc.^ pi- 
kalikali; pilalilali. 

Moist'en, v. E hoo-ma-u'. 
Moist'ure, n. Kawa'u. 
Mo'lar, n. Niho nui. 
Mo-las'ses, n. Molakeke. 
Mold, >_ 1. Lepomomona. 
Mould, ^ "• 2. Punahclu. 

3. He ana, no ka hooheehee metala. 
Moldy I 1. E hana. Syn. make. 
Mould, i 2. E hana metala ma ka 

hooheehee ana. 

3. E popo. Syn. decay. 
Mold-y, adj. Punahelu. 
Mo-lesf, V. E hoo-mea; hoopilikia. 

Mdl'es-ta'tion, n. Ko keakea ana; hoo- 
pilikia ana. 

Mol'i-fy, V. E hooluolu; hoo-maalili. 
Syn. appease. 

Md'ment, n. 1. Wa pokole loa 
2. Ano nni. Syn. importance. 

Mo'ment-a'ri-ly, adv. I keia wa koke 

Mo'mcnt-a'ry, adj. Kuhewa; no ka 
wa pokole. 

Mo-ment'oiks, adj. Ano nui; koikoi. 
Syn. important. 

Mo-ment'um, n. Kanee ana. 

Mfin'arch, n. He Moi. Syn. sovereign. 

Mo-ntirch'ic-al, adj. ^Moi. Monarchi- 
cal government, aupuni moi. 

M5n'arch-y, n. 1. Ohaua moi. 
2. Aupuni moL 

Mon'as-ter'y, n. Hale o ka poe moue- 

M6nMay,n. Monede; ^oakahl. 

Mon'e-ta'ry, adj. Pili l ke dala. 

Mon'ey, n. Dala. 

Monkeyed (iniknad), adj. 1. Lako i na 
2. Lala. Moneyed interests, ua pomai- 

■ kai dala. 

Mon'ey-less, adj. Dala ole. Syn. penni- 
Mou'ey-mat'ter, n. Mea pili i ke dala. 

Mon'ey-or'der, n. Palapala kikoo dala. 

M6n'i-tor, n. Kumu-ao. 

Monk, 71. Kanaka haipule, noho meha- 
meha; moneka. 

Mon'key, 7i. He keko. 

Mon'o-chro-mat'ie, adj. Waihooluu 

Mo-nog'a-my, n. Ka hiki ana ke mare 
i hookahi wale no wahine. 

Mon'o-gram, n. Na hua mua o ka 
inoa i kuawili pu ia. 

Mon'o-ma'ni-a, n. Ke ano noonoo 
pupule ma ke kumu hookahi wale no, 
polo lei ka noonoo ma na mea e. 

Mon'o-ma'ni-ae, n. Mea i pupule ma 

Mo-nop'o-lize, v. E lawe pan loa. 

Mo-nop'o-ly, n. Ka pono a i)au o ke- 
kahi mea, a waiwai paha. 

Mon'o-syl'la-ble, n. Hua olelo mama- 
la hookahi. 

Mon'o-tlie'ism, n. Ka manaoio ike 
akua hookahi. 

Mon'o-tone, n. Leo kahi; leo kauo. 

Mo-not'o-noiis, adj. Luhi, no ka hana 
mau. _ 

Mon-soon', n. He makani ma ka mo- 
ana Inia. 

MtSn'ster, 71. Mea weliweli. A monster of 
iniquity, lie mea weliweli ma ka hana 

Mon'stroiis, adj. Weliweli. 

Month, n. He mahina; malama. 

Month'ly, adv. Keia me keia mahina. 

Mfin'u-ment, 71. Kiahoomanao. 
Mood, n. Ano. Pleasant vMOd, ano olu- 

Mood'y, adj. Nuuuha. Syn. sullen. 
Moon, 71. Mahina. 

Moon'light, ) Malamalama o ka 

Moon-shine,^ mahina. 

Moor, V. E hoopaa mftku i ka uwapo. 
Mobr'ings, n. Na lako lioopaa moku. 
Moot, V. Epaio. Syn. debate. 
Mop, n. Welu holoi papa. 
Mop'board, n. Papa i)ale o ke keena. 

Moi)e, V. E nolio wale; e loma. Syn. 
to idle. 

Mtir'al, n. Olelo ao. 

Mor'al, adj. Hoopono; noho pono. 

Mo-ral'i-ty, n. Ka noho pono; ka hoo- 

M6r'al-ize, V E hoopuka i olelo ao. 

M6th'er-\vlt, n. Noili; maielo. 

M.6r'a,ls, n. pi. Na auo hoopono o keia 

Mo-rass', n. Aina po'hopoho'. Syn. 

Mor'bid, adj. Mai. Morbid state of 
mind, mal ma ka uaau. 

Mor«-6'ver, adv. Eia hoi; eia hou. 
Syn. furthermore. 

M6ru'ingJ ^ Kakahiaka. 




Mo-rose', adj. Nainai; nunuha. Syn. 

sullen ; crabbed. 
Mo-rose'ness, n. Ano nunuha; ano 

Mor'row, n. Apopo. 
Mor'sel, n. Hu'na; wahi hakiua iki. 
Mor'tal, adj. E make ana; e make ai. 

A mortal wound, he eha e make ai, 
Mor'tal, 71. He kanaka. 
Mor-tal'i-ty, n. Ka make ana. 
M6r'tal-ly, adv. E make ai. Syn. 

Mor'tar, n. 1. Puna hamo. 

2. Ipu kui laau lapaau. 

3. Pu ki poka'pahu'. 
Mort'gago (mortgage), n. Moraki; 

palapala hoopaa waiwai. 

Morfga-gee', n. Ka mea nana ka 

M6rt'ga-ger, n. Mea moraki waiwai. 

M6r'ti-fl-ea'tion, n. PalaLo. 
2. Hilahila. Syn. shame. 

Mor'ti-fy, v. 1. E palaho. 
2. E hoohilahila. Syn. put to shame. 

Mor'tlse, n. He puka hole. 

Mo8-qui'to (mus-ke'to), n. Makika, 

Moss, n, Limu. 

Moss'y, adj. Paa i ka limu. 

Mote, w. ilepula. 

Moth, n. He mu. 

Motli'er, n. 1. Mahuahine. 
2. Linalina vinika. 

Motli'er-less, adj. Makuahine ole., 

M6th'er-ly, adj. Makuahine. Mother- 
ly love, aloha makuahine. 

Motli'er-wit, n. Noili; maiele. 

Md'tion, 71. 1. Motio; kaneeana. 

2. notion of wings, kapaliU ana o na 

3. Motion of the blood, ka pana ana o 
ke koko. 

4. He manao. To make a motion, e 
waiho mai i manao. To second a mo- 
tion, & kokua i ka manao. 

6. Motion of the hands^ ka paipai ana o 

na lima. 
Mo'tion-less, adj. Oniole; malle, 
Mo'tive, 71. Ke kumu e hana ai. 
Mo'tive-pow'er, n. Ka mana hoo-nee. 
Mo'tor, 71. Ka mana e nee ai. 
Mot'to, 71. Olelo hoopili. 
Moxintl, 71. Hepuu; he ahua. 
Mount, V. 1. E pii. 

2. E ee. Mount a horse, ee maluna o 
ka lio. 

3. Mount a picture, e hookomo ke kii 
ma kona pahu. 

4. Mount guard, e hoonoho i kiaL 
Mountain, n. Mauna; kuahiwi. 
]\Iouiit'aiii-eer', n. Kanaka o kuahiwi. 
Mount'ain-eer'ing, n, Ka maa i ka 

pii kuahiwi. 
M6unt'ain-oti8, adj. Mauna. 
Mount'ain-top, n. Wekiu o ka mauna; 

piko o ka mauna; kualouo. 
Mount'e-bauk, n. Poe akena wale. 

Syn. quack. 
Mourn, v. E kanikau ; e kaniuhu ; uwe. 

Mourn'er, ti. Mea kanikau. 
Mdurn'ful, adj. Luuluu; kaumaha. 
Mourn'ing, n. 1. Uwe; kanikau; ku- 


2. Lole kanikau. 
Mouse, 71. loleliilii. 
Mous'er, n. Mea hopu iole; Popoki. 
Motis-taclie' (m&s-tash'), n. Lmiumi 

o ka lehelehe. 
Mouth, n. 1. Waha. 

2. Nuku. Mouth of a river, ]i.a nuku o 

ka muliwal. 
Mouth'ful, 71. Hepiha waha; he olopu. 
Mouth'piece, n. 1. He wahaolelo. 

Syn. spokesman. 

2. Mea paa i ka waha. 
Mpv'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoonee ia. 
Move, V. 1. E nee; hoo-nee. 

2. E manao. Move an adjownment, e 
manao e hoopanee. 

3. E hoolalelale. Syn. stir up. 
Move'uient, n. 1. Ka nee ana. 

2.* Ka hana ana. 

3. Ka naha ana okalaau. 

Mqv'er, n. 1. Ka mea e nee ana. 
2.' Mea hapai manao, a olelo hooholo 
paha. The mover of a resolution, ka 
mea e hapai ana i ka olelo hooliolo. 

MovMng, adj. 1. E nee ana. A mov- 
ing body, he kino nee. 
2. Hooala manao. A moving speech, 
he haiolelo hooala manao. 

Mow, V. E oki me ka pahi mauu; e oki 
me ka mikini. 

Mow'er, 71. Mea oki mauu; mikini oki 

M&ch, adv. or adA. Nui; makena. 

Mu'cl-lage, n, Wai hooplpili. 

Muck, 71. Opala pilau. 

Mu'cus, 71. Wale; hupe'. 

Mjkd, 71. Kelekele. 

Miid'dle, n. Kuawili o ka noonoo. 

Mfid'dy, adj'. 1. Paele i ka lepo. Mud- 
dy shoes, kamaa paele i ka lepo. 
2. Kelekele. Muddy roads, alanui ke- 

Mtkff, 71. Huluhulu hoopumehanai na 

Muffler, 71. Kaei hoomahana i ke poo 
me ka a-i. 

Milg, 71, Kiaha pohaku. 

Mu-lat'to, 7i. Hehapauika. 

Mul'ber-ry, 7i. Laau lau lole; laau si- 

Mulct, V. E kau i ka uku hoopai. Syn. 

Mule, 71. Hoki. 

Mulet-eer', n. Kahu hoki. 

Mul'ish, adj Oolea; nunuha. Syn. 

Mul'let, 71. He I'-a; ke anae; amaama. 

Mul'ti-fa'ri-otis, adj. Lehulehu o na 

Mul'ti-ple, 71. Helu komo ia. 

Mtil'ti-pli-cand', 7t. Heluhuonui ia. 

MGl'ti-pli-ca'tion, n. Ka hoonui. 

Mul'tl-plic'i-ty, 71. Ka lehulehu ona 




Miil'ti-pli'er, n, Helu hoonul. 
MAl'ti-ply, V. E hoonui; e hoomahua- 

MAPti-tude, n. Heluna nui; ka lehu- 

Mam, adj. Mumule. 
Mum'ble, v. E nokenoke. 
AIAinps, n. Mai pehu ma ka papalina. 
WOnch, V. E naunau. 
MOii'dane, adj. No ka honua. 
Mu-nlc'i-pal, adj. Pili i ke kulana- 

kauhale. Municipal government, ka 

hoomalu ana o ke kula'nakauhale. 
Mu-nlc'i-pal'l-ty, n. Kau wahi o ke 

3Iu-nif'i-cent, adj. Manawalea; loko- 

maikai. 'Syn. liberal ; bountiful. 
Mu-ni'tion, n. Lako kaua, 
Mur'der, n. Pepehi kanaka me ka ma- 

nao inc. 
Mur'der-er, n. Kanaka pepehi kanaka. 
Mur'der-o6s, adj. Make. Murderous 

weapon, mea e make ai. 
Murk'y, adj. PouliuU. 
Mar'mur, v. L E ohumu; e hoohala- 


2. E oeoe. 
MiisVle, n. I'-o; i'-o huki. 
Mus'€u-lar, adj. Puipui; ikaika. Syn. 

Muse, -y. E naluiho; e mumuU. Syn. 

Mu-se'um, n. Waihonameahoikeike; 

Mu'sic, n. Mele; memele; leomele. 
Mu'sic-al, adj. 1. Mele ; hookani. Musi- 
cal instruments, mea hookani. 

2. Ake mele. A musical mind, he naau 

ake mele. 
Mu-8l'?ian, n. 1. Mea hookani pila. 

2. Mea haku mele. Syn. composer. 
3rus'ket, n, Pu ki-poohiwi. 
Mus'ket-eer', n. Koa halihali pu ki- 
Mas'ket-ry, n. Na pU ki-poohlwi o ke- 

la mo keia auo. 

Miisk'mel'on, n. Ipu ala. 
Mtks'lin, n. Lole makaleua. 
Mtks'sul-man, n. He Mahometa. Syn. 

M6st, aux. V. He mea pono. 
Mtis'tard, n. Hua makeke. 
Mtis'ter, v._ E hoakoakoa. Syn. collect. 
Mus'ter-roll, n. Papa inoa o ka puali 

Miist'j^, adj. Paa i ka punahelu; pou'- 

Mu'ta-bil'i-ty, n. Ano hee; ano pau 

wale ; loli wale. 
Mu'ta-ble, adj. LoUwale; muhee. Syn. 

Mu-ta'tion, n. Ka loli ana. Syn. change. 
Mute, adj. Aa; kuli; leo ole. Syn. 

Mu'ti-late, V. E oki ino; e hoomumu- 

Mu'ti-la'tlon, n. Ka oki ino ana. 
Mu'ti-neer', n. Koa kipi; luina hoole 

Mu'ti-noiis, ad^*. Kipi; hoole hana. 
Mu'ti-ny, n. Ke kipi o na koa, a o na 

luina paha. 
Mfit-ter, V. E ohumu; e namunamu. 
Miit'ton, n. I'-o hipa. 
Mu'tu-al, ad^. Like; kaulike. Mutual 

love, aloha like. Mutual benefit, pomai- 

kai kaulike. 
Mu'tu-al-ly, adv. Like. Mutually ben- 
efited^ pomaikai like. 
MAz'zle, n, Nuku. Muzzle of the ox. 

ka nuku o ka bipi kauo 
M6z-zle, V. E hoa i ka nuku, a ihu pa- 
Myr'i-ad, n. Manomano; lehulehn. 
My-self, pron. Owau no. 
Mys-te'ri-otks, adj. Eehia; nalo; po- 

Mys'te-ry. n. Meapohihihi; mea eehia. 
Mys'ti-fy, v. E hoopohihihi wale. 
Myth, n. He kaao o ka wa kahiko. 
My-thcil'o-^y, n. Na kaao e pili anal 

ua akua o ka wa kahiko. 


Nftb, V. E hopn. Syn. sleze. To nab 
a thief, e hopu i ka aihue. 

Na'bob, n. 1. He kiaaina ma Inla. 
2. Kanaka waiwai koikoL 

N&g:, n. He lio. 

Nail, n. 1. Kui kakia. 
2. Maiuu; mikiau. 

Nail, V. E kakia kui. 

Nail'brusli, n. Balaki hoomacmao mi- 

Na'ked, adj. Olohelohe; kohana. 
Niyked-nes8, n. He olohelohe; kohana. 
Name, n. He inoa. To make a name, 

e hookaulaua ai i ka inoa. 
Name, v E hai i ka inoa; e kahea inoa; 

e haawl i inoa. 
Name'less, adj. Inoa ole. 
Namely, adv. Oia hoi. 
Name'sake, n. He poe Inoa like. 
Nap, n. Kuluhiamoe; hiamoe ikt 




Nape, n. Ke ami o ka a-i'. 

Nap'kin, n. Kawele lima no ka papa- 

Nar-eot'ie, n. Laau hoohiamoe. 
Nar-rate', v. E hai; e haku; e olelo. 

Syn. relate. 
Nar'ra-tlve, n. Kaao; moolelo. Syn. 

Nar-ra'tor, n. He haku kaao ; mea na- 
na e hai. 
Nar'ro w, adj. Ololi ; haiki ; pilikia. 
Nar'row-ly, adv. 1. Maiiuuehune. 

Narrowly escaped, pakele mahunehune. 

Syn. barely. 

2. Pono loa. Syn. closely. Narrowly 

watched, kiai pono loa ia. 
Nar'rows, n. He kowa. Syn. strait. 
Na'sal, adj. No ka ihu. Nasal tones, 

leo kani no ka ihu. 
Nas'cent, adj. Hoomaka ulu ; hoomaka 

Nas'ty, ad^. Pelapela; haukae. 
Na'tal, adj. Hauau. Natal day, la ha- 

Na'tion, n. Lahui; aupuni. 
Na'tion-al, adj. No ke aupuni. Na- 
tional holiday, la kulaia o ke aupuni. 
Na'tioii-al'i-ty, n. Lahui. Of what 

nationality f No ka lahui hea. 
Na-tive, adj. Maoli. A native man, he 

kanaka maoli. 

2. Native land, one hanau. 
Na-tiv'i-ty, n. Ka hauau ana. Land 

of his nativity, one hanau. 
Nat'u-ral, adj. 1. Maoli; honu'a. 

2. Kupono 1 ke ano mau. 
Nat'u-ral-ist, n. Kanaka imi ma ke 

ano o na mea ulu me ua hololiolona. 
Nat'u-ral-ize, v. E hoo-ku'pa. 
Nat'u-ral-ly, adv. Maoli. Naturally 

so, pela maolo no. 
Nat'ure, n. 1. Ke ao nei. Nature's God, 

Ke Akua o ke ao nei. 

2. Na hana o Ke Akua. 

3. Ano maoli. 

4. In a state of nature, like me ka wa 1 

5. According to nature's laws, e like me 
na kanawai maoli. 

Naught (uawt), He ole. 

Navij;ht'y, ad/ Kolohe;ino. 

Nau'se-a, n. Poluea; liliha; polo'na. 

Niiu'se-ate, v. E poluea. 

Nau'se-ofis, adj. Hoopailua; liliha. 

Niiu'ti-eal, adj. Pili i ka hooholomoku. 

Nau'ti-lus, n. Auwaalalua. 

Na'val, adj. Pili i na moku; naval af- 
fairs, na oihana moku. 

Na'vel, n. Ka piko o ka opu, 

Nav'i-ga-ble, adj. Hiki Jte hooholoia 
na moku. 

Nav'i-gate, v. E hooholo moku. 

Nav'i-ga'tion, n. Ka hooholo moku. 
Head of navigaiion, ka.palena o ka hiki 
ke hooholo moku. 

Nav'i-ga'tor, n. Mea hooholo moku. 

Nil'vy, n. Au-moku; ulumoku; na mo- 
ku o ke aupuni. 

Neap'tide, n. Kai make. 

Near, adj. Kokoke ; kokoke loa. 

Near'ly, adv. Aueane. 

Near-sight'ed, adj. Ike powehiwehl. 

Neat, adj. Mikioi; aulii; paiawaiki. 

Neb'u-la, n. Hutiui hoku mehe ao la i 
ka ike o kamaka. 

Nec'es-sa-ries, n. pi. Na lako ku i ke 
Ola kino. 

Nec'es-sa-ry, adj. Ku pono i ke olg, 
kfno. Syn. indispensable. 
2. Kupono. 

Ne-ce8'8i-tate, v. E kono; e kaohi. 
Syn. compel. 

Ne-ces'si-ty, n. 1. Ka nele. Syn. 

2. Ka mea e pono ai. Air is a neces- 
sity, he meae pono ai ke ea. 
8. Ka mea i hookauia. Necessity is 
laid upon me, ua hookauia keia nialuua 

Neck, n. A-i'. 

Neck'er-chicf, n. Hainaka' a-i'. 

Neek'lace, n. Lei a-i'. 

Ne-croPo-gy, n. Papa inoa o ka poe I 

Nec'ro-man'cer, n. Kanaka kilokilo; 
kahuna hoomanamaua. Syn. con- 
jurer; sorcerer. 

Need, n. He nele; he mea e ponoai. 
Syn. necessity. 

Need, v. Pilikia no ka nele; e nele. 

Need'ful, ad/. E pono ai. Needful sup- 
plies, na lako e pono ai. Syn. neces- 

Nee'dle, n, Kuikele; kui humuhumu. 

Need'less, adj. Makehewa; waiwai 
ole. Needless expense, lilo makehewa. 
Syn. useless. 

ISeed'y, adj. Nele; hune; kohana. Syn. 

Needs, 71. Na nele; na mea e ponoai. 
Syn. necessities. 

Ne-fa'ri-ous, adj. Hewa loa. 

Neg'a-tive, adj. Emi. A negative 
quantity, he kuanite emi. Syn. minus. 
2. Negative answer, he x»ane hoole. 

Neg'a-tive, n. 1. He hoole. The nega- 
tive, ka aoao hoole. 
2. He aniani pai kii pepa. 

Ne^-lect', V. 1. E waino wale. Syn. 

2. E haalele wale me ke kokua ole. 
Neglect the family, e haalele wale i ka 
ohana me ke kokua ole. 

Neg-lect'ful, adj. Malama ole; haa- 
lele wale. 

Neg'li-gence, n. Ke ano malama ole; 
waiho wale. 

Neg'li-gent, adj. Kapulu. Syn. neg- 

Neg'li-gent-ly, adv. Me ke kapulu; 
malama ole. 

Ne-go'ti-a-ble, adj. Hikike hooliloia. 

Ne-go'ti-ate, v. 1. E hooholo. Nego- 
tiate a treaty, e hooholo i olelo kuikani. 
2. E hoolilo. 



Ne-go'ti-a'tlon, Ka hooholo ana. SyNc 

2. Ka haua i hooholoia, 

3. Ka hoolilo ana. 
Ne'grress, n. He wahine nika. 
Ne'gro, n. He nika; nege'ro. 
Neigh (nay), E Ihihi'. 
Neigh'bor, n. He hoalauna; hoanoho. 
Neigh'bor-hot>d, n. Kauhale; kahi 

Neigli'bor-ing, adj. E kokoke ana. 
Neigh'bor-ly, adj. Launa. 
Neith'er, conj, Aole kela, aole keia; 

aole hoi. 
Neph'ew (nefu), n. Keikikane o ka 

Nerve, n. Aalolo. A man of nerve, he 

kanaka wiwo ole. A nervous man, he 

kanaka pihoihoi. 
Nerve, v. E aa; e hookomo i ka ikaika 

o ka manao; hooikaika i ka manao. 
Nerve'less, adj. Ikaika ole. 
Nerv'ofis, adj. Pihoihoi wale; kapalili 

Nerv'otks-ness, n. Ke ano pihoihoi 

Nest, n. Punana hua. 
Nest'egg, n. Ka hua i koe ma ka pu- 
Nest'le, V. E moe pill pu; e hoopipili 

ma ka moe ana. 
Net, n. 1. He upena. 

2. He ko'ko'. 
Net. adj. Puka. Net gain, walwaipuka. 
Net, V. E puka. Syn. gain. 
Neu-ral'gi-a, n. Hui mana aa lolo. 
Neu'ter, ) .. Kaaokoa ; aole no kela 
Neu'tral, ( ''' aole no keia. 
Neu-tral'i-ty, n. Ke kaaokoa ana. 
Neu'tral-ize, v. E hoolilo i mea ole. 
Nev'er, adv. Aole loa. 
Nev'er-the-less', adv. Aka nae; aka 

hoi. Syn. yet; however. 
New, acy. Hou. Syn. novel; fresh. 
New-eom'er, a. He mea i hiki hou 

New-fan'gled, adj. Ano hou. New- 
fangled notions, na mea ano hou. 
New'ly, adv. Akahi no, Newly arrived, 

a kahi no a hiki mai. Syn. recently. 
NewB, n. Nu hou. 
News'boy, n. Keiki kuai nupepa. 
News'mong'er, n. Kanaka kuai nu- 

hou; kuai nupepa. 
News'pa-per, n. He nu-pepa. 
Newi'st&nd, n. Wahi kuai nupepa. 
Next, adj. Kekahi ae. 
Nib, n. Maka kila. 
Nlb'ble, V. E nalinall; e namunamu. 
Nice, adj. Aulii; mikioi; hiehie. Syn. 

Ni^e'ly, adv. Hiehie; eleu. 
Niek, n. 1. He kumumu. 

2, Nick of time, wa kupono. Syn. the 

right time. 
Nlck'el, n. 1. He metala keokeo, ane 

like me ke kaln. 

2. He apana dala; ellma keneta. 

Nick'n&eks, n. Kela mea keia mea 

liilii ano milimili. 
Nfck'name, n. Inoa kapakapa. 
Niece, n. Ke kaikamahine o K^a hoaha- 
NIg'gard, n. Kanaka pi; kanaka ii. 

Syn. miser. 
Nig'gard-ly, adj. Ii. Syn. stingy. 
Nigh (ni), adj. Kokoke. 
Night, n. Po. 

Night'eap, n. Uhi poo no ka po. 
Night' fall, n. Ka uhi mai ana o ka po; 

Night'gown, n. Lole moe. 
Night'ly, adv. I kela po i keia po. 
Night'mare, n. Moe newa; moe ino. 
Night' watch, v. 1. Kiai po. 

2. Hora kiai o ka po. 
NIm'ble, adj. Kaukaulele; mama. 
Nim'bly, adv. Mama; kaukaulele. 
Nim'bus, n. Luakalai. Syn. halo. 
Nine, adj. Eiwa. 
Nine'fold, adj. Pa-iwa. 
Nine'teen, adj. Umikumamaiwa. 
Nine'ty, adj. Kanaiwa. 
NIn'ny. n Kanaka ike ole. 
Ninth, adj. Hapa-iwa; ka iwa. 
Nip, V. E iniki; e umiki. Syn. pinch. 
Nlp'pers, n. Upa' umiki. 
Nip'ple, n. 1. Maka wai-u. 

2. 6un nipple, maka o ka pu. 
No, adv. Aole. 
No-bil'1-ty, n. 1. Na 'Hi. 

2. Ano koikoi. Nobility of intellect, ke 

ano koikoi o ka naau. 
No'ble, n. He alii 
No'ble, adj. Hanohano; mahaloia; 

hoopono. Syn. illustrious; honorable. 
No'ble-man, n. Syn. noble. 
No'ble-ness, n. Ke ano hanohano; 

ano hoopono. 
No'bly, adv. Maikaimaoli; me ka lo- 

komaikai nui. 
No'bod-y, n. Mea ole; aohe mea. 
Noe-tur'nal, adj. Ma ka po. 
Ndd, v. E kunou; e kimoke poo. 
Noise, n. Walaau; karaumu. 
Noise'less, adj. Malie; palanehe. 
Nois'i-ly, adv. Halulu; Icamumu; wa- 
Nol'some, adj. Pilau; hauna. Syn. 

Nois'y, adj, Walaau. 
Nd'iuad, n. Kanaka kuewa wale. 
No-m&d'ic, adj. Noho paa ole; kuewa. 

No'men-clat'ftre, to. Ke kulana o ke 

hoo-kau inoa. 
Ndm'i-nal, adj. Ma ka Inoa wale no. 

Ndm'i-nal-ly, adv. Ma ka inoa wale 
no. He is nominally the owner, he ona 
no oia ma ka inoa wale no. 

Ndin'1-nate, v. E koho inoa; ehookoho. 

Ndm'i-na'tion, n. Ke kohoia'na. 
Ndm'l-nee', n. Ka inoa i kohoia. 
N«5n'ai^e, n. Oo ole ma ka kanawal. 
Ndn'at-tend'ance, n. Ka hele ole 



Non-chal-ance (nong'shal'longs), 

n. Auo mahaoi. 
Non'eou-diiet'or, w. Meakaiole. Non- 
conductor of heat, mea kai ole i ka wela. 
N6n'€on-f6rtn'i-ty, n. Ke kulike ole; 

ka hana like ole. 
NSn'tle- script, w. Mea i akaka ole ia 

kona ano. 
None (nun), pron. Aole hookah!; aohe, 
Non-en'ti-ty, n. Mea ole loa. Syn. a 

Ndn'es-sen'tial, n. He mea ano ole; 

aole ano nui. 
None'sGch, n. Mea aohe kona lua. 
Non'ex-lst'ence, n. Ka ole loa no. 
Ncin fai-fill'nient, n. Ke ko ole ana. 
Non'ob-serv'ance, n; Ke ko ole ana; 

ka malama ole. ' 
Non-pay'ment, 71. Kaukuole; hoo- 

kaa ole. 
Non'plus, V. E hoo-hoka. 
Non-res'i-dent, n. Mea noho paa ole 

ma kona wahi. 
Non're-sist'ange, n. Ke ku-e' ole. 
Non'sense, 71. Olelo ano ole; olelo la- 

Non-sen'sle-al, adj. Lapuwale; ano 

Noii'suit, n. Hoopau ana o ka hoopii. 
Nobtl'le, n. Kanaka kaialile; naaupo. 
Ncjbk, n. 1. He kuono. 

2^ Kahinalo. 
Noon, n. Awakea. 
Nobn'day ) Awabpa 

No-on'tidei ^' AwaKea. 
Noon'ing, n. Ka hora hoomaha ma ke 

Noose, n. Hepahele; hele; nipuu. 
Nor, conj. Aole hoi. 
Nor'mal, adj. 1. Kulike me na rula; 

na loina. 

2. Ao kumu. Normal school, kula ao 

North, n. Akau. 
Nortii-east', 11. Hikina Akau. 
North'er'ly, adj. Ma ka akau aku. 
Nortii'ern, adj. Akau. 
Nortii'^ward, adv. I ka Akau aku. He 

went northward, hele Akau aku nei oia. 
Nortii-west, n. 1. Ke Komohana Akau. 

2. North-west lumber, papa noweki. 
Nose, n. Ihu. 
Nose'gay, n. He pu-a' pua. 
Nos'tril, n. Puka ihu. 
N6t, adv. Aole. 
No'ta-ble, adj. Kaulana. 
N6'ta-ry, n. Luna hooia palapala. 
No-ta'tion, n. Ke kakau nelu. 
Notch, n. 1. He kumumu; nihomole; 

Syn. nick. 

2. He mawae hohonu mawaena na 

kuahiwi. Syn. gap. 
Note, n. 1. He leta pokole. 

2. Olelo wehewehe ; olelo hoomanao. 
Note, r. 1. E kakau hoomanao. 

2. E noonoo pono. Syn. mark. 
Note'-bot>k, n. Buke kakau hoomanao. 
Not'ed, adj. Kaulana, 

Noth'ing, adv. Aohe no ; mea ole. 
No'tice, n. 1. He olelo hoakaka; olelo 


2. E ike. To take no notice, aole no e 

No'tice, V. E nana. Syn. look at. 
No'tice-a-hle, adj. Maopopo i ka ike. 
No'ti-fi-ca'tion, n. Ka noolaha ana; 

ke kukala ana. 
No'ti'fy, V. E kukala. 
No'tion,7i. Manao ulu wale. Syn. fancy. 
No'tion-al, adj. Piha i na manao ulu 

No'to-ri'e-ty, n. Ke kaulana ino. 
No-to'ri-oiis, odj. Kaulana ino; wawa 

No-to'ri-oiis-ly, adv. Wawaia. 
N6t'with-stand'ing, conj. Aka nae. 

Syn. stiU. 
Noun, n. He hai-inoa. 
Noftr'ish, v. E hanai; e hoo-ulu. 
Noiir'lsh-nient, n. Ai mea e ulu ai. 
Ndv'el, adj. Hon. Syn. new. 
Nov'el, n. Kaao, 
Ndv'el-ist, n. Mea haku kaao. 
Ndv'el-ty, n. Ke ano hou; kekahi mea 

No-vena'ber, n. Novemaba. 
Ndv'Ice, n. Mea maa ole. 
Now, "adv. A no la; i keia wa. 
Now'a-days, adv. 1 keia mau la. 
No'where, adv. Wahi ole. 
No'wise, adv. Aole loa. '^ There shall in 

nowise enter tJierein," aole loa e komo 

malaila. Syn. by no means. 
N6x'io&8 (ndk'shus), adj. Poino ai ke 

Noz'zle, n. Nuku o ka ohewai. 
Nu'cle-tis, n. Ke kikowaena kahl e 

uluulu ai na mea e. 
Nude, adj. Olohelohe; kapa ole. Syn. 

Nu'di-ty,n. Ka hune ; olohelohe. Syn. 

Nu'ga-to-ry, adj. Mana ole. 
Nfig'get, n. Pohaku metala. 
Nui'sance, n. He ino haukae; mea hoo- 

Null and void, w. Noa. 
Nfil'li-fy, V. E hoo-noa; e lllo i mea 

N&mb, adj. Maeele; lolo. 
Niina'ber, n. He helu. 
Nfina'ber-less, adj. Lehulehu wale; 

nui wale. 
Nfimb'ness, n. Ka maeele o ke kino. 
Nu'me-ral, n. Hua helu. 
Nu'mer-a'tion, n. Ka helu ana; kanu- 

Nu'mer-a'tor, n. Hoohelu. 
Nu-mer'ic-al, adj. Pili i na helu. 
Nu'mer-oiis, adj. Lehulehu: nui. 
Nu'mis-mat'ics, n. Ka ike no na ano 

dala maoli i hoopukaia. 
Nfim'skull, n. Mea naaupo; ike ole. 
Nun, n. He virikini ma ka hoomana 

Ntin'uer-y, n. Hale noho no na virikini. 



Nftp'tial, n. Mare. Nuptial day, Is, m&re. 
Nup'tials, n. pi. Ka mare ana. Syn. 

Nurse, n. 1. Kahu hanai. 

2. Mea lawelawe no ka poe mal. 
Nikrse, v. 1. E hanai. 

2. E malama i ka poe mai. 

3, Nurse wrath, e hoomauhala. 
Nurs'er-y, n. 1. Keena no kamalii. 

2. Kihapai hoo-ulu mea kanu. 

Nurt'ure, v. E malama; e hanai; e 

NQt, n. Hua paakiki. 

Niit'-crack'er, n. Upa wawahi hua paa- 

NOt'meg, n. Hua ala. 

Nu'tri-ment, n. At e pono ai ke ola 
kino. Syn. nourishment. 

Nu-trl'tiotis, adj. Hooikaika. Nutri- 
tious food, ai hooikaika kino. 


Oar, n. Hoe waapa. Steering oar hoe 
6'a>si8» n. Wahi uliuli ma ka wao-one. 
6at» n, Hua oka. 

Qathy n. Olelo hoohiki. 
Oat'meal, n. Palaoa o ka hua oka. 

Ob'du-ra-cy, n. Ano paakiki o ka 

Ob'du-rate, adj. Paakiki. Syn. hard; 

O-be'di-ence, n. Ka hoolohe ; malama 

O-be'di-ent, adj. Hoolohe; malama. 

O-bei'sance, n. Ke kulou ana. Syn. 

O-bese', adj. Puipui loa. Syn. cor- 

O-bes'i-ty, n. Ka puipui loa o ke kino. 

O-bey', V. E hoolohe; e malama. 

O-blt'u-a-ry, n. Olelo hoike make. 

db'Jeet, n. 1. Mea ike maka la. 
2. Mea i kau ia ai ka manao; ke kumu. 

E ku-e 

e hoohalahala; 
Kumu ku-e; kumu 
Kupono ole; 

Ob-J6ct', V. 

Ob-Jec'tlon, n. 

Ob-jec'tl<»n-a-ble, adj. 

Ob-la'tion, n. He mohai. 

dbli-ga'tlon, n. 1. Ale'. Syn. debt. 

2. Pono. Parental obligation, ka pono 

a ka makua 1 ke keiki. 
Ob-lig'a-to-ry, adj. Hi ka pono: he 

J)OUO. The payment of debts is obliga- 
ory, he pono ke hookaa i na aie. 
O-bfi^e', V. 1. E kaohi; ©kouo. Syn. 


2. E oluolu. Syn. please. 

8. E kokua, Syn. assist Oblige me 

with a loan, e kokua mai i wahi dala. 
O-hli^'ing, adj. Oluolu; kokua. 
Ob-lique' (ob-like), adj. Hio'. 06- 

lique line, kaha hi-o'. 
Ob-liq'ui-ty, w. Ka aui ana mai ka 


Ob-Hf er-at©, V. Eholoiaku; e anai 

aku. Syn. efface; erase. 
Ob-liv'i-oiis, adj. Ike ole mai; poina 

wale. Syn. forgetful. 
Ob'long, adj. Huina-ha-loa. 

Ob'lo-quy, n. Olelo hoomaewa; olelo 
akiaki. Syn. reproach; calumny. 

Ob-nox'ious, adj. Kuoleika make- 
make; hoowahawahaia. 

Ob-scene', acy. Pelapela; haumia. 

Ob-s^en'i-ty, n. Olelo haumia; oleic 

Ob-scure', ad^. L Powehiwehi; mao- 

popo ole. 

2. Haahaa; kaulana ole; ike ole ia. 
Ob-seure'ly, adv. Me ka powehiwehi. 

Ob-seikr'i-ty, n. 1. He powehiwehi; 


2. Ka haahaa o ka noho ana; ka ike 
Ob'se-quies, n. Na hana o kahoolewa 

kino kupapau. Syn. funeral rites. 
Ob-se'qul-ofis, adj. Hoopilimeaai ; 

kuapelu wale. 
Ob-serv'a-ble, ac^. Noonooia; ikeia. 

Ob-serv'ance, n. Ka malama ana. 

Syn. the keeping of. 
Ob'ser-va'tlon, n. 1. Noonoo pono; 

haka pono. A man of observation, he 

kanaka haka pono. 

2. He olelo. Syn. remark. 
Ob-serv'a-to-ry, n. Hale nana hoku; 

ao-hoku, etc. 
Ob-serve', v. 1. E hakapono; e hakilo. 

Syn. watch narrowly. 

2. E olelo. Syn. remark. 
Ob-serv'er, n. Mea haka pono; mea 

Ob'so-lete', adj. No ka wa 1 hala. 

db'sta-ele, n, Kumu keakca; kumu 

Ob'sti-nate, adj. Hoaano; paakiki; a-1 

Ob-strfip-er-otks, adj. Wahakole; wa- 

hapaa; waha ukele. 




Ob-strftet', v. E keakea; e alalai. Syn. 

Ob-8trae'tion, n. Kumu keakea; ku- 

mu alalai. Syn. hindrance. 
Ob-tain', v. E lofia. Syn. get. 
Ob-taln'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke loaa. 

Ob-tu8e', adj. 1. Paakiki ma ka noo- 
noo. Syn. dull. 
2. Obtuse angle, huina peleleu. 

Ob-tiise'ness, n. 1. Ka paakiki o ka 
2. Ka oi ole. 

Ob'Ti-ate, v. E hookaaokoa aku; e hoo- 

^ kaawale ae. 

Ob'vl-otks, adj. Maopopolea;moakaka. 

^Syn. evident. 

Ob'vl-ou8-ly, adv. Heoialo; he moa- 
kaka. Syn. clearly; evidently. 

Oe-csi'sion, n. 1. Wa. A suitable oc- 
casion, he wa kupouo. Syn. oppor- 

2. Kumu. Give occasion, haawi 1 

0€-€a'sion-al, adj. I kekahi wa;ka- 

Oc-ea'sion-al-ly, adv. I kekahi wa. 

^Syn. sometimes. 

Oc'^i-dent, n. Ke komohana. Syn. 

Oe'ei-piit, n. Panepoo. 

Oc-€iilt', adj. Pohihihi; hunala. 

Oc'eul-ta'tion, n. Ka nalo ana o ke- 
kahi ao o ka lani i kekahi ao. 

Oe'cu-pan'^y, Ka noho paa ana 

Oe'eu-pant, n. Mea e noho ana. 

Oe'cu-pa'tion, n. Hana; oihana. Syn. 

Oe'€u-py , 1. E noho ; e komo. Occupy 

a house, e komo i ka hale. 

2. E ko pono; hoopaa pono. Occupy 

the time, ke ko pono i ka manawa. 

8. E paa i ka hana. I am occupied, 

paa wau i ka hana. 
Oc-cur', V. 1. Ikeia; Syn. happen. 

2. Ala mai. The;thought occured to me, 

ala mai la ka manao iloko o'u. 
Oe-€ur'rence He ulia. Syn. inci- 

_ dent. 
0'*;ea.TL (o'shuny, n. Ka moana, 

O-ce-an'ie, aaj. Moana. 

6c'ta-gon, n. Huina lehulehu, aoao 


Oe-tag'o-nal, adj. Huina ewaln. 

Oe'tave, n. Na leo ewalu o ke mele. 
0€-ta'vo, n. He buke nona na opi eko- 

lu i ke kalana hookahi. 
Oc-to'ber, n. Okatoba. 

Oe'to-^e-na'ri-an, n. Kane a wahine 
, paha 1 kanawalu ai na makahiki. 
6e'u-lar, adj. Maka. Ocular demonstra- 
tion, ike maka. 
C c'u-list, n. Kanaka lapaau maka. 

Odd, adj. 1. Like ole ; kaupaewa. 
^2. Ano e ; ku i ka aka. 
Odd'i-ty , n. Mca ano e ; ano e. 

Odd'ly, adv. Ano e, Syn. singularly. 
_ Oddly enough, eia ka mea ano e. 
Odds, n. pi. Ka oi o ka pomaikai. 

O'di-ofts, adj. Inainaia; pelapela; hoo 
_ pailua. 

O'di-um, n. Inaina; huahua. Syn. 
.hatred; reproach. 

O'dor, n. 1. He ala. Syn. fragrance. 
_2. Hauna; pilau. Syn. offensive odor. 
O'dor-irer-ousJ „,. 1. Ala. Syn. 
O'dor-otks, ) ""J" fragrant. 

^ 2. Pilau, hauna. 

Of, prep. O; a. 

OS, adv. Aku. 

Of"fl"Ie'',i ^- 0^6^"' liana kolohe. 
Of-fend', V. 1. E ku-e. Offend against 

the laws, e kue i na kanawai. 

2. E hoohuhu; hoonaukiuki. 
Of-fend'er, n. Lawehala. 
Of-fen'8lve, adj. 1. Ku-e. 

2. Pilau; ino; hauna. 
^3. n. Ka aoao hoouka. 
Orfer, V. E makaukau e haawl. 

Orfer, TO. Haawiua. 

orfer-ing, n. Haawina; mohal. 
Ofl'hand, adv. Me ka makaukau ole e 

Orfice, TO. Oihana; keena oihana. 

6rfl-cer, TO. He luna; luna oihana. 
Of-fl'cial, adj. Me ka mana o ka oihana. 
Of-fl'cial, TO. Luna. 
Of-fl'ci-ate, v. E hooko mamuli o ka 

Of-fl'cions, adj. Mahaoi; komo wale 

ma ko hai pouo. Syn. meddlesome. 
Oll^ing, TO. Mawaho ae o ka moana. 

Oflfscdur-ing, TO. Opala; mea hoowa- 

Oft'8et, V. E pale. Offset a bill, Q ^sHq 

i ka bila ale. 

2. E hoo-kaulike. 
Oflf spring, TO. Na keiki; na mamo 

Ojt'ln-timesj ^^^- ^^^^V^^^- 
Og'le, V. E awihi. Syn. look askance; 

Oh! tracer/. Auwe! 

Oil, TO. Alia. 

Oil, V. E kahinu; e hamo me ka alia. 

Oil'cloth, TO. Lole hooma-uia i ka alia, 

Oil'eol-or, n. Hooluu i kaawiliia me ka 

Oil'y , adj. Me he aila la; paapu i ka aila. 
Oint'ment, to. Laau hamo; aila poni. 
Old, adj. 1. Kahiko. 

2. Apulu. Syn. worn out, (spoken of 
things only). 

3. Old man, kanaka elemakule. 

4. Old woman, luwahiue. 
6ld-fash'ioned, adj. No ka wakahi- 

0'le-&ir'in-ous, adj. Syn. oily. 

Ol-fae'to-ry, adj. No ka honi. 
Ol'ive, TO. He oliva. 




O-m^'gra, n. Hua palapala hope o ka 

olelo Heleue. 
Oiu'e-let, n. Hua moakaawiliia a hoo- 

O'men, n. He ouli; he hoailona. 
6iu'i-no6s, adj. 1. E hoailona ana i 

ka pomaikai. 

2. E hoailona ana i ka poino. 
O-mit', V. E kapai, e waiho. Syn. 

leave out 
Om'ni-bus, n. Kaa nui halihali ohua. 
Om-nip'o-tence, n. Mea mana loa. 
Cm-nip'o-tent, adj. Mana loa. 

Om'ni-preg'ent, o^j- Ma na wahi a 

Om-nis'^ient, a(ij. Ike i na mea a pau. 
Om-niv'o-i'ofts, adj. Ai i na mea a 

On, prep. L Maluna. 0^(A«^stfima- 

luna o ka lia 

2. Ma. 071 the road ,ma ke alanui. 

8. No. On this account, no keia mea. 

4. I. On hearing this, i ka lohe ana 1 

On, adv. Imua. Move on, e nee imua. 

Syn. forward. 
Ou|^ (wuns), adv. 1. I kekahi wa. 

2. Koke ; a no. 6o at orice, e hele koke. 
One ( wun) , adj. Hookahi ; kekahi. 
One'ness, w. Kalokahi. 

On'er-otis, adj. Luhi; kaumaha. Syn. 

heavy; burdensome. 
One-sid'ed, adj. Kapakahl; ewaewa. 

On'lon (un'yun), n. Akaakai. 

On'ly, a4j' Wale no. 

On'set, n. Ka hoouka. Syn. assault. 

O'nus, 71. Kaumaha. Syn. hurden. 

On' ward, adv. Imua. 

Ooze (uze), n. Lepo kelekele lahilahi, 

Ooze, V. E kulu malie; e kahe liilii. 

O-pJique' (o-pak), adj. Paa; hiki ole 

_ i ka malamalama ke komo. 

O'pen, v. 1. E hamama: e wehe. 
2. E mohala. Syn. unfold. 
8. E raakili. To open the mind, e hoo- 

_makili i ka naau. 

O'peu-ingf, 71. L. Poka; wahi hama- 
2. Wahi e komo al. 

_8. Opening in thev}ood8,'ki^uk9k» 

O'pen-ly, adv. Akea. 

dp'er-ate, v. 1. E hana. Byv, work. 

2. E iijiha, medical. 
Op'er-a'tion, n. 1, Ka hana ana. 

2. Ka naha' o ka laau. 
Op'er-a-tor, to. Mea lawelawe; moa 


oiih-IL'Sy?'! »■ Hemalokamak.. 

O'pi-ate, 71. Laau hoo-hlamoe. 
O-p^ne', V. Manao. Syn. think. 
O-pin'lon, 71. Ho manao. Syn. thought^ 

O-pln'ion-a'ted, adj. Paakikl ma koua 

_ manao iho. 
O'pi-uiu, iu Opiumfk 

Op-po'nent, n. Mea alai; mea ku-e. 

Op'por-tune', ad/. Ku;kupon6. Syn. 


Op'por-tune'ly, adv. I ka wa kupono. 

dp'por-tu'nl-ty, n. Wa kupono. 

Op-pose', v. E ku-e'; e keakea; e alai. 

Op-pog'er, 71. Mea ku-e'; mea keakta. 

Op'po-site, adj. Kupono i ke alo; ku-e. 

Opposite side, aoae kue; keia aoco. 
Op^po-sl'tlon, 71. 1. Ke ku-e; ke kea- 

2. The opposition, ka aoao ku-e'. 
Op-press', V. E hookaumaha; e hoo- 

Op-pr^s'sion, n. 1. Hookaumaha; 

hooluhi hewa. 

2. Luuluu; hoil. 
Op-pres'sive, adj. 1. Kaumaha; luhi; 

luuluu. Syn. burdensome. 

2. Oppressive weather, wa wela. 
Op-pres'sor, n. Mea nana e hooluhi. 
Op-pro'bri-oiis, adj. Ino. Opprobrious 

language, olelo ino. 
Op-pro'bri-um, Ti, Hoowahawaha. 
^Syn. disgrace. 

Qp'tie, t ,. Ko ka maka. Optical 
Op'ti€-al,J ^J' delusion, he hftiioo 

ka maka. 
Op-ti'cian, n. Kanaka hana i na mea 

Op'ties, n. Ka ike e pill ana 1 na maka. 
^p'tion, n. Mana koho. Syn. choice. 
6p'tion-al, adj. Mamuli o ka manao. 

6p'u-len$e, n. Waiwai nui. Syn. 


Op'u-lent, adj. Waiwai loa, Syn. 

^ wealthy. 

Or. co7ii. Paha; i ole. 

Or'a-ele, n. 1. Olelo kuhihewa ole; 


2. Kanaka kuhihewa ole; pololel 


8. The oracles of God, na olelo oiaio o 
O'ral, adj. Waha. Oral instructioin, ao 

Oi/an^e, n. Alani. 
O-ra'tiou, 71. Hai-olelo. 

dr a-tdr'ic-al, adj. Hai-olelo. 

Or'a-to-ry, 71. Ka hai-olelo. 

Orb, 71. Kinopoepoe. Syn. globe. 

Or'blt, 71. 1, Ke ala hele o na hoktt. 
2. Ka lua no na maka. 

Or'chard, n. Kihapai laau hua. 

Or'ch6s-tra, n. Papa puhi ohe. 

Or-dain% v. L E Jcauoha. Syn. de- 
2. £ hookahuna. 

Or-de'al, u. He hoao. Syn. trial. 

Or'der, Ti. L He kauoha. Syn. com- 

2. Ka hoonohonoho pono. 
8. Kulana; papa. 
4. Bila kikoo dala. Syn. check; draft; 




Or'der, V. E kono; e kena; ekauoli*. 

Or'der-ly, n. He koa lawelawe no ka 

^ luna koa. 

Or''der'ly, adv. Ano pono; ano maikai. 

Or'di-nance, n. Rula; kauoha; kana- 

r. wai. 

Or'di-na-rl-ly, adv. Ma ke ano man, 

Or'di-na-rv, adj. Ano mau; maa. 
^Syn. usual; common. 
Or'dl-na'tion, n. Ka hookahuna ana. 

Ordinance, n. Na pu-kaua nui. 

Oie,w. Pohaku metala. 

Or'gan, n. L Pila hookani ; ogana. 

2. Nupepa waha. Government organ, 
nupepa waha o ke aupunl. 

3. He lala. An organ of the body, he 
lala o ke kino. 

Or-gan'ic, adj. Pill i ka lala. 

Or'gan-ist» n. Mea nana e hookanl 

^ ogana. 

Or'gan-i-za'tion, n. He hui; ka hoo- 

^hui ana. 

Or'gan-ize, v. Ehui; ekukuluihui. 

Or'gles, n. pL Na hana uOiau'ha. 

O'ri-ent, n. Ka Hikina. Syn. east. 

0'ri-enfal,ad/. No ka Hikina. Syn. 
_ eastern. 

O'ri-en'tal-ist, n. Kanaka i akamai 
^ ma na olelo o ka Hikina. 
Or'1-fice, n, Puka hookahe. 

^r-i-grln, 71. Ke kumu. 
O-rig'in-al, adj. 1. Mua; kino hou. 

2. Nona iho. Original tho^ight, noo- 

noo nona iho. 
O-rigr'i-nal'i-ty, n, Ano hou; ano ma- 

O-rig'i-nate, V. E hookumu. 
O-rig'i-na-tor, w. Mea nana i hooku- 
Or'na-ment, n. Mea e kahiko ai« 

dr'na-ment, v, E kahiko. 

Or'na^-nienf al, adj. Kahiko ananl. 
Or-nate', adj. Nani; aulii. 

Or'ni-thdPo-gist, n. Kanaka ike no 

^na manu. 

0r'ni-tlx61'o-gy, n. Ka ike no na ma- 


Or'plian, w. Keiki makua ole. 

Or'tho-dox, ac^*. Pono ma ka manaoio. 

Or'tho-dox-y, n. Ka pono o ka mana- 


Or'tho-e-py, n. Ka puana pololei i na 

hua olelo. 
Or-thdg'ra-py, n. Ke pela ana i na 
^ huaolelo. 

Os'cil-late, v. E lewalewa; e kapallli, 
„ Syn. vibrate. 
Os'9il-a-to-ry, adj. Lewa; lull; lulilu- 

li. Syn. vibratory. 
Os'cu-late, V. E honi, Syn. kiss. 

Os'se-ous, adj. Me he i\n la. gTjr. 

6s'si-fi-€a'tion, n. Ka lilo ana i iwi 
Os'si-fy, V. E lilo i iwi. 
Os-ten'si-ble, adj. Hoakakaia; hoi- 

keia. The ostensible reason, ke kumu i 

Os'ten-ta'tious, adj. Hookahakaha 
^ wale. 

Os'tra-cise, v. E kipaku. Syn. banish. 
Oth'erj'ad/. 1. E;eae. 

2. Ka lua. The one — the other, ka mua, 
. ka lua. 
Otii'er-wise, adv. 1. I ole la. Syn. 

or else. 

2. Ma kekahi ano e ae. Syn. some 

other way. 
Ought (awt), V. imp. E pono; kupono. 

Ours \P^(^' Kokakou; komakou. 
Our-selres', pron. Kakou iho. 
Oust, V. E hookuke; e kipaku. Syn. 

Out, adv. 1. Iwaho. Out of the house, 

iwaho o ka hale. 
Out-bid', V. E koho kiekie ae. 
Outbreak, v. L Ka pahu' ana. Syn. 


2. Puupuu ana. Syn. eruption on the 

3. Ke klpi. Syn. insurrection, 
Out'burst, n. Ka poha' ana. 
Out'cast, 71. He kuewa; aca haukae, 
Out'ery, n. Uwa; wawa nui. 
Out-do', V. E kehu Syn. exceL 
Out'er-most, adj. Ko waho loa; ma- 

waho loa. 
Oufflt, n. Nalakoe pono ai; na mea 

Out'go, n. Ka lilo, 
Out'go-ing, Puka ana iwaho. 

Out-grow', V. E ulu ae, a haalele. 
Outgrow childish habits, e ulu ae, a haa- 
lele i na hana kamalii. 

Out-Her'od, T. E kela loa ma ka loko- 
ino. Out-Herod Herod himself, e kela 
imua o Herode ma ka lokoino. 

Ouf house, 71, Hale liilii. 

Out-land'ish, adj. Lalau; hawawa. 

Out-lasf, V, Eoi ka paa; e mau aku. 

Ouf law, n. Kanaka mawaho o ka ma- 
in o ke kanawai. 

Ouf lay, n. Ka lilo. 

Ouf let, n. Wahi hookahe aktu 

Ouf line, n. Ke kaha owaho. 

Out-live', V. E oi ke ola 

Out-nttm'ber, v. E oi ka nml; oi ka 

Ouf post, n. Kahua kiai. 

Ouf pour, V. E niniui; e hookahe. 

Out' rage, v. E powa; e lima ikaika; e 

hana mainoino. 
Ouf rage, n. He hana mainoino. 

Out-ra'geoiis, adj. Mainoino loa; he- 

wa loa. 
Out-ride', V. E mama ae ma kaholo 

Ouf I'id-er, n. Poe ukali. 




Oufright, adv. A no; koke. Killed 
outright, pepeM koke ia. Syn. immedi- 

Out-rin', v. E mama oi. 

Out-8siil', V. E oi ma ka holo. 

Out'set, n Kinohoii; kahoomaka ana. 

Out-shine', v. 1. E alohilohi a oi. 
2. E oi i ke akamai. Syn. excel, sur- 

Out'side, adv. Mawaho; iwaho. The 
outside, ko waho. 

Out-stand'ing:, adj. Kaa ole. Syn. 

Out-stretch', v. L E kikoo aku. 
2. E uhola; e hoohola. 

Out-strip', V. E haalele ihope. Syn. 

Out-talk', V. Kela 1 ke kamailio. 

O ut- vote', V. Epuka ma ka balota. 

Out-walk', V, E haalele ihope ma ka 
hele wawae. 

Ouf ward, adv. 1. Mawaho; iwaho. 
2. Aku. Outward bound vessels, na 
moku e hele aku ana. 

Out'ward-ly, adv. Ma ko waho. 

Out-wear', v. Oi i ka lawelawe ana. 

Out-weigh', V. E kaumaha ae. 

Out-wit', V. E hoopuni me ka maalea. 

O'val, adj. Hualala. 

OT'en, TO. Imu; oma; nmu. 

O'ver, prep. 1. Maluna'e. Syn. above. 
2. Ma o ae; ma kela aoao. Syn. across. 

_ Over and over, kaaihe. 

O'ver-alls, n. Na lole wawae hana. 

0'v«r-anx'ious, adj. Pihoihoi pono 


O'ver-awe', V. E hooweliweli; e hoo- 


O'ver-bal'ance, v. I kaumaha jwno 

O'ver-bear'iiig, adj. Hookiekie; hoo- 

_ kaumaha. 

O'ver-board', adv. Iloko o ko kai. To 

_Jall overboard, e haule iloko o ke kai. 

O'ver-bui/den, v. E hookaumaha po- 

_ no ole. 

O'ver-c&st', 17. 1. Epoullinaao. 

_2. E humuhumu, 

O'ver-chiirge, v. E hoo-uku pono ole. 

O'Ter-coat, to. Kuka nui. 

O'ver-edme', V. 1. E lanaklla; e hoo- 

pio. Syn. conquer. 
_2. E plo. Syn. conquered. 
O'ver-do', v. E hana a oi 1 ka mea ku- 

<i'ver-alls, to. Na lolewawae hana. 

O'ver-done', aclj. Ahulu. Food over- 
_done, ai ahulu. 
O'ver-draw', v. 1. E klkoo a oi aku i 

ke dala i hoomoeia. 
_2. E hai a oi i ka mea oiaio. 
O'ver-flow', V. E manini; e hu; hu- 
O'ver-grow', 17. 2. E hihi wale ma ka 

ulu ana. 

2. An overgrown boy, ho keikl hikl wa- 

wc maka ulu ana. 

O'ver-h^ng', v. E kau pono maluna'e 
_ o ke poo. 
O'ver-haul', V. 1. E huli; e imi no na 

kina. Syn. examine. 
_2. Ehahaialoaa. Syn. overtake. 
O'rer-head', adj. Maluna'e o ke poo. 
O'ver-hear', v. E lohe wale. 
O'ver-joyed', p. p. Piha i ka hauoli. 

O'rer-land, adj. Makaaina. 

O'rer-lay', v. E hamo; e hoohola. 

O'ver-leap', v. 1. E lele maluna ae. 
2. E lanakila ae. Overleap all ob- 
stacles, e lanakila maluna'e o na pili- 

O'ver-load', v. E hoopiha pono ole; 
_ e hoopiha loa. 
0'ver-l«>bk', v. L E kiai; e hoopono- 

pono. Syn. oversee. 
_2. E waiho me ka hoopai ole. 
O'ver-match', v. E ikaika ae maluna. 

O'ver-Might', adv. A hala ka po. 

6'ver-per-suad.e', v. E kauo i ka ma- 

O'ver-plils', TO. Kekoena i koe. Syn. 

O'ver-pdw'er, v. E hoopio; e pio. 
_Syn. overcome. 

O'ver-rate', v. E manao nui kupono 
ole; ekohonul kuponoole. He over- 
rates^ his strength, koho nui kupono ole 
oia i kona ikaika. He overrates his 
abilities, manao nui kupono ole oia i 
_ kona akamai. 
O'ver-reach', v. E hoopuni wale. 

O'ver-rule', 1. E hooholo ku-e'. 
_2. E hoomalu. 

O'ver-rtin', v. E uhi paapu; e hooholo 
O'ver-see', v. E hooponopono. 

O'ver-seer', to. Luna; luna hoopono- 
O'ver-sef , v. E kahuli; e hanini. 

6'ver-shad'o-«r, v. E kau mai ka ma- . 
_lumalu. _ 
O'ver-shoot', v. 1. E hala ka maka ma 

ke ki ana; halahi. 
_2. E kela imua o ka mea kupono 
O'ver-sight, n. 1. Palaka. 
_2. Ka hooponopono ana. 
O'ver-sleep', v. E hiamoe loa. 

6'ver-spread', v. E uhi; e uhola; ho- 

O'ver-step', v. E hoohala i ka mea ku- 

O'ver-stdck', v. E hoopiha loa a pono 

0'ver-8traln',v. Ehooikaikaino. Syn. 

6-vSrf, adj. Akea. Syn. open to view. 
6'ver-take', v. E hahai a loaa. 
O'ver-task', v E hooluhi pono ole. 

O'vert-ure, n. 1. E waiho mai i ma- 
nao. Syn. proposal ; oflter. 
2. Ho mclo hoomaka. 




O'reivtum.', v, E hooauhuli; hooka- 

0'ver--weeii'ingf, adj. 1. Niii pono 

ole. Overweening ambition, ake Bui 

pono ole o ka naau. 
_2. Hookano. Syn. arrogant. 
O'ver- whelm', v. E popoi. Troubles 

overwhelm, popoi mai na popilikia. 

2. Pauhia. Overwhelmed with work, pau- 
hia 1 ka hana. 

3. E piho; palemo. Overwhelmed in 
_ the sea, palemo ma ka moana 
O'ver-work', n. Hana luhi loa. 
O'ver-wroughf (rawt), p p. Oi ku- 

pono ole ma ka hana, a ma ka noonoo 

Eaha. Overwrought imagination, lie hi- 
io pono ole o ka uoonoo. 
0\«-e(o), V. £ aie. 

Ow'ing: to, p. a. No. On account of; 

owing to various reasons, no na kumu ne 

Owl, n. Puneo. 

Owl'ish, adj. Me he puueo la. 

Own, adj. Ponoi'. 

Own, t;. L E loaa. To own a horse, Q 

loaa i lio. 
_2. E ae. Syn. confess. 
Own'er, n. Ka mea nona. The oroner 

of the horse, ka mea nona ka lio. 

6x, w. Bipikauo. 

Ox'en, 71. pL Na bipi kauo. 

<Sx'y-^en, n £a mama, me&e pono ai 

ke ola kino. 
Oys'ter. ». Oiepe. 

Pace, n. Kikoo wawae ; he ana, ekolu 
I'a'cer, n. Lio holo peke. 
Pa-ciric, od/. Oluolu; lai; malle. Syn. 

mild; peaceful. 
Pao'i-fy, ». E hoo-na'; hooluolu; hoo- 

Pack, w. 1. Hehaawe. 

2, He pu-a'. 
Paek, V. 1. E hoo-o; e hao. Pack a 

trunk, e hao i ka pahu. 

2. E hookikina. 
Paek'agre, n. 1. He puolo; heope. 

2. Pahu 
Paek'et, n. 1. Puolo liiUi. 

2. Moku kalepa. 
Paek'horse, n. Lio hoo-un anna. 
Pack'sad'dle, n. Noho lio hoo-uuauna. 
Pack-thread, n. Lopinakii puolo. 
Pad, n. Uluna lillii. 
Pad 'die, n. Hoe waa. 
Pad'dle, V. E hoe. 
PadMock, «. Pa holoholona. 
Pad'loek, ». Laka lou. 
Pae'an, n. Mele hoonani. 
Pa-g^an, n. Pegana; kanaka hoomana- 

Pa'sran-Ism, «. Hoomanakii. 
Page, n. 1. Aoao. 

2. Keiki lawelawe no ka poe hano- 


pS'|SaSV-ry,!"- Hoike hookahakaha. 
Pa-co'da, n. Heiau hoomanakii maka 

Hi kin a. 
Pail, n. Bakeke. 
pj'iil'ful, n. Piha bakeke. 
Paiu« n. Eha; hui;ehaeha. 

Paln'fnl, adj. 1. Hui; eha. 

2. Kaumaha; luuluu. Syn. sorrowful. 
Pain'ful-ly, adv. Ehaeha; luuluu; 

Paln'less, adj. Eha ole. 
Pains, 11. pi. Ke akahele; ano mikioi. 

T\) take pains, e akahele loa. 
Paint, n. He pena. 
Paint, V. 1. E hamo pena. 

2. E pena kii. 

8. Faint one's cheeks for beauty, nou- 

Paint'er, n. 1. Mea hamo i)ena. 

2. Mea pena kii. 

8. Kaula hoopaa waapa. 
Painf ing, n. Kii i penaia. 

pair, n. He pa. A pair of shoes, he pa 

Pair, v. Ekaulua. 
Pal'ace, n. Hale nui a nanl. 
Pa-lah-keen'j TTp mftTiplt* 

Pa-lan-quinM ^- ^e maneie. 

Pal'at-a-ble, adj. Ono, ke ai. 

Pal'ste, «. Kileo. 

Pa-la'tial, adj. Kamahao. A palatial 

residence, he hale noho kamahao. 
Pa-lii'ver, n. Walaau; he kuka' pu. 

Pale adj. Haikea; hakeakea. 
Pale^ n. 1. He laan pa. 

2. Wahi hoopuniia. 
Pale'ness, n. {From sickness.) Lana- 

Pal'ette. n. Papa kaawili pena no ka 

pena kii. 
Pal'ing, 71. Laau pa. 
Pall, n. Kapa uhi kupapau. 
Pi^ll, V. Ono ole; liliha. 




Pal-la'di-um, n. Hepa-kana; hepuu- 

houua. The pxirity of the ballot the pal- 
ladium of OUT polil ical rights , k a m aka- 

mae o ke koho balota ka puuhonua ia 

o ko kakou pono aupunl. 
Pal'let, n. Bela moe inoino. 
Pal'11-ate, v. E hooemi i ka hewa. 

Syn. extenuate. 
Pai'li-u'tion, n. Ke kumu e eml ai ka 

Pal'lid, adj. Syn. pale; wan. 
Palm, n. 1. He kumu loulu. 

2, Ka po'ho lima. 
Palm'y, adj. Kuonoono; kuapapa. Syn. 

Pal'pa-ble, adj. L Moakaka, Syn. 


2. Hiki ke halia'ia. 
Psl,l'pi-tsite, V. E konikoni; e kapalill. 
PaPpi-ta'tion, n. Ke kapalili. Falpi- 

tation of the hearty ke kapalili o ka hou- 

Pal'sied, adj. Loohla i ka mai lolo'. 
Piil'sy, n. Mai lolo. 
Pjil'try, adj. Meaole; pupuka. 
Pam'pas, n. pi. Na aina papu akea ma 

Amerika Hema, 
Pam'per, v. 1. E pakela al. 

2. E hoomilimili; noomalimali. 
Pam'phlet, n. He palapala i humu- 

Pan, w. Patini. 
Pftn'a-ce'a, n. Kumm hoola nui. Syn. 

sovereign remedy. 
Pan'eake* n. Palaoa parai. Syn. griddle 

Pan'de-mo'nl-mn, n. L Keenakuka' 

o na diabolo. 

2. He uluaoa; haunaele nui. 
Pan'der. n. He weawea; meaalakai 

Pane, n. Apana aniani. 
PAn'e-gryr'ic, n. Haiolelo hoolea. Syn. 

Pan'el, w. 1, Papa lahilahi o ka puka 


2. Papa inoa o ka poe jure. 
Pftngr, n. He umii; ne nui. 
Pan'ie, n. Maka'u kuhewa mal. 
Pan'o-ply, n. Na kahiko kaua. 
Pftn'o-rii'ina, n. He nanaina akea. 
Pant, r. 1. Enaenae; paujjauaho. 

2. E ahaha'. The dog pants, ahaha ka 

Pan'ta-ldts', n, Lole wawae kaika- 

Pan'ta-loons', w. Lole wawae. 
Pan'the-iKin, n. Ka manaoio o ke 

akua 11 a inea a pau. 
Pftn'try, n. Koena waiho pa. 
Pftp, TO. Ai wali. 

Pa'pa-cy, n. Kahoomanao Roma, 
Pa'pal Tac^' Po'pe. 

?aTa"k,i^- Hel;mllikana. 
Pa'per, n. 1. Pepa; kalana, 

2. Nupepa, 

S. Mauao 1 hakula; kumu manao. 

Pap-poose', n. Keiki liilii inikinl. 

Pa-pyr'u8, n. Naku o Aigupita. 

Par, n. Like. Syn. equality. Kulana 

Par'a-ble, n. Olelo nane. 
Pa-rade', n. Hookahnkaha; haanon, 

2. Military parade, paikau, 
Pa-rade, n. E haanou; E hookehakeha, 
Par'a-dise, n. Paredaiso. 
Par'a-dox, n. Mea e haohao ai, lie oiaio 

Par'a-gon, n. Mea pookela. 
Par'a-grapli, n. He pauku olelo. 
Par'al-lax, n. Ka nee ana o na ao o ka 

lani ke ikeia mai kauwahi, a mai kau- 

wahi aku. 
Par'al-lel, n. Kaha moe like. 
Pftr'al-lel, adj. Moe like. 
Par'al-lel'o-gram, n. Huina-ha; ao- 

ao like lua. 
Par'al-lel'o-pi'ped, n, Pa-ili-ono, ao- 

ao like lua. 
Par-al'y-8is, n, Mai lolo. 
Par'a-lyt'ic, adj. Loohia i ka mai lolo. 
Par'a-lyse, v. 1. E loohia i ka mai lo- 

2. E hoomake manao. 
Par'a-mount, adj. Ano nui; kolkoi. 
Par'a-mour, n. He ipo. 
Par'a-pet, w. He papu; he ahua kaxxa. 
Par'a-site, n. 1. He hoopilimeaai. 

Syn. sycophant. 

2, Uku hoopili i ke kino, 

3. He laau hihi e ulu ana ma na ku- 

Par'a-sol, n. Mamalu liilii pale la. 

Par'boll, V. E hoo-baila iki. 

Par'cel, to. L Puolo liilii. Syn. pack- 
2. To parcel out, e mahele aku. 

Parch, V. 1. E papaa. Syn. scorch. 
2. Parched with thirst, make wai loa. 

Parch'ment, n. Ill lahilahi; mea ka-' 

Par'don, to. Ka huikala. 

Par'don, v. E kala i ka hcwft. 

Par'don-a-ble, adj. Hiki ke kalaia. 

Pare, r. Ekoli; e kolikoli. 

Pa'rent, n. Makua. Parent-in-law, hu- 

Pa-rgnt'al, adj. Makua. Parental avr 
thority, ka mana makua. 

Pa-ren'tlie-sis, w. Kaha apo. 

Par'en-tliet'ie-al, adj. Apoia i na ka- 
ha apo. 

Par'ing, to. Mea i kollia. 

PAr'isli.TO. Apana ekalcsia. 

Pa-rish'on-erj n, Lala o ka apana 

P&r'lty, TO. Ke ano like. 

Park, n. 1. Kihapal hooluolu. 
2. Kahi i hooiliihia'i o na lake kaua 
o kela me keia ano. 

Piir'lance, n, Ke kamailio ana. Com- 
mon parlance, ke ano i kamailio man 

par'ley, r. Ekuka'pu. 

Par'lia-iuent, n. Ahaolelo o Beritauia. 



Par'lia-ment'a-ry, adj. Ku like me 

na haua o ka ahaolelo. 
Par'lor, n. Keena hookipa. 
Pa-ro'clii-al, adj. Pilii ka apana ekale- 

Pa-role', n. He ae waha, 

Par'ox-ysm, «.l.He umii; hui kuliewa 


2. Kupaka. 
Par'ri-cide, n. Mea pepeW makua. 
Par'rof, n. Manu aloha; parota. 
Par'ry, V. E pale; e hookapae. Syn. 
Par'sl-mo'ni-ous, adj. Pi; aua; ii; 

Syn. stingy ; penurious. 
Par'sl-mo-ny, w. Pi; aua; alunii. 
Piir'son; n. Kahu ekalesia. 

Par'son-agre, n, KaM e nolxo ai o ke 
kahu ekalesia. 

Piirt, n. He hapa; he haawina; mahele. 

Part, V. 1. E mahele. Syn. divide. 
2. E hoolilo aku. Part with property^ 
e hoolilo aku 1 ka waiwai. 
8. E nookaawale aku. Fart with friends ^ 
e hookaawale aku mai na hoa. 

Par-take', v. E komo pu. Partake of 
benefits, e komo pu ma na pomaikai. 
2. E ai pu. Partake of the feast, e ai 
pu i ka ahaaina. 

Par-tak'er, lu Mea komo pu. 

Par'tial, adj. 1. Hapa. A partial re- 
port, he hoike hapa. 
2. Ewaewa; kapakahi; kaulike ole. 

Par-tial'i-ty, n. Ka paewaewa; kau- 
like ole. 

Piir'tial-ly, adv. Hapa; me ka ewa- 

Par-tic'i-pant, n. Syn. partaker. 

Par-tic'i-pate, v. Syn. partake. 

Par-tic'i-pa'tion, n. Ke komo pu ana. 
8yn. partaking. 

Par-tlc'i-pa'tor, n. Syn. partaker. 

Par'ti-'cle, n. He huna; he mole. 

Par-tlc'u-lar, adj. L Kekahi mea hoo- 
2. Mikioi; akahele. 

Par-tle'u-lars, n. pi. Na huna liilii. 
Syn* details. 

Par-tie'u-lar-ize', v. E hai i na ku- 
mu liilii. Syn. detail. 

Pai"'ti-san, w. Mea ukali; haumana. 

Par-ti'tion, n. 1. Ka mahele aua. 
2. He paku. Partition of the room, ka 
paku o\q keena. 

Part'ly, adv. Iki. Syn. in a measure. 
Partly learned, paa naau iki. 

Pikrt'ner, n. Hoa; hoa-hana. 

Part'ner-shiip, n. Hui oihana. 

Piir'ty, n. 1. He poe. A party of boys, 
he poe keiki. 

2. Poe ahaaina; poe hoolauna. 
8. He aoao. 

Par'ty-col'ored, w. Onionio. Syn. 

Pass, V. E maalo ae. 

Pass, n. 1. Wahi haahaa mawaena o 
na kuahiwi i hiki ke hele ia. 
2. Palapala ae e hele. Syn. passport. 

3. He ano; kulana. Syn. state; condi- 
Pass'a-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ke hele la. 

2. Hiki no; e aho ia. 
Pas'sage, n. 1. Ka hele ana; ka hole 
ana; kaleleana. 

2. Ka hooholo loa'na. Passage of a bill, 
ka hooholo loa'na o ka bila. 
8. He olelo. Passage in the book, he 
oleic iloko o ka buke. 
Pas'sage-way' n. Kahi e hele ai. 
Pass'book, n. Buke baneko helu dala. 
Pas'sen-ger, n. Ohua; ee moku. 
Pas'sion, n. Huhu wela. 
Pas'sion-ate, adj. L Huhu wale; M- 
klwawe 1 ka huhu. 

2. Ikaika loa, nui loa. Passionately 
grieved, kaumaha nui loa. 
Pas'sive, adj. Noho wale; ku-e' ole. 
Passive obedience, hoolohehoomanaka'. 
Pass'd-ver, w. Moliaola. 
Pass'port, n. Palapala hoapono; pala- 
pala kuhikuhi kino. 
Pass'word, 7i. Hua olelo huna'. Syn. 

Tkut, n. Waihala. 
Past, adj. Hala. 
Paste, n^ Mea hoopipili. 
Paste'board, n. Pepa manoanoa. 
Pas' time, 71. Mea noonauea; paani. 

Syn. sport; amusement. 
Pas'tor, n. Kahu ekalesia. 
I'as'tor-ate, n. Oihana kahu ekalesia. 
Pas'try, n, Kela me keia ano palaoa 

Past-nr-age, w. L Oihana hanai ho- 

2. Aina holoholona. 
8. Ai n a n a holoholon a. 
Past-ure, n. Kula holoholona. 
Past'ure, v. E hanai holoholona. 
Pat, v. E paipai oluolu me ka lima. 
Pat, adv. Kupono. Syn. fit; seasona- 
Patch, n. 1. Poholole; apana lole. 
2. Apana. A patch of grass, he apana 
Patch, V. E poho; e kapili hou. 
Patch' work, n. 1, Lole apana. 

2. Hanakapulu. 
Pate, n. Poo. Syn. head. 
Pat'ent, n. Palapala hookuleana. 
Pat'ent, adj. Moakaka. Syn. evident. 
Pat'ent-ee', n. Mea nana ka palapala 

Pat'ent-orfice, n. Keena oihana hoo- 

puka palapata hookuleana. 
Pat'ent- rights', n. Na pono o ka pala- 
pala hookuleana. 
Pa-ter'nal, adj. Pili i ka makuakane. 
Pa-ter'ni-ty, n. Ke kulana makuakane. 
Path, n. Ala; alanui. 
Pa-thr>t'ic, adj. Manaonao; menemene. 
Pa-thol'6-gy,' n. Ka ike no na mai. 
Pa'thos, n. Mea ho-ala i ka manaonao. 
Path'way, n. Alanui; kuamoo. 
Pa'tience (sheus), n. Ahonul; hoo- 




Pii'tlent, n, Mea I lapaauia. 
Pa'tient, adj. Ahonui; hoomanawa- 

Pa'tient-ly, adv. Me ke ahonui. 
Pa'tri-arch, n. He poo ohana o ka wa 

Pa-tri'cian, n. He alii. Syn. noble. 
Pat'ri-mo'ny, n. Waiwai o ka makua 

1 hooilinaia i ke keiki. 
Pafri-ot, n. Kanaka makee aupuni. 

Pat'ri-dfic, adj. Aloha aina; makee 

Pat'ri-ot-ism, n. Ke aloha aina. 
Pa-trol', n. He kiai kaahele. 
Paf ron, n. Mea kokua; mea hoopo- 

Pat'ron-age, n. Ke kokua ana; ka 

hoopomaikai ana. 
Pat/ron-ize, v. E kokua; e hoopomai- 
P after, r. L E nakulukulu. Syn. 

patter as rain. 

2, Kamumu; nakeke. Syn. patter of 

Pat'tern, Ti. Aiiahoohalike;kumu hoo- 

Pau'ci-ty, n. He kakaikahi; he uuku. 
Pau'per, n. Mea ilihune. 
Pjiu'per-ism, n. Ka nele; ka hune. 

SvN. indigence. 
P^use, n. 1. Kiko hoomaha leo. 

2. Hemahaiki; wahi ku. 
P^use,i;. 1. E uoki;e ku a nana iki. 

2. E maha iki. 
Pave, r. E kipapa. 
Pave'nient, n. He kipapa pohaku. 
Pa-viPlon, n. Hale lewa; hale lole. 
Paw, n. Wawae o ka ilio ; popoke ; a me 

iia holoholona o ia auo. 
Pawn, V. E panai kekahi waiwai liilii 

no ke dala. 
Pawn'bro'ker, n. Kanaka panai wai- 
Pay, V. 1. E UkU. 

2. Puka. The Imsiness pays, puka ka 

Pay'day, n. La kikoo; la hookupu. 
Pay'mas-ter, n. Luna uku dala. 
Pay'ment, n. Ka uku ana; ka hookaa 

Pea(pe),w. Hepi;huaai. 
Peace, w. Maluhia; kuikahl. 
Peace'a-ble, adj. Oluolu; kuikahi. 

Peace'a-hly, adv. Me ka oluolu. 
Peace'ful, adj. L Oluolu; mallu; 


2. Kuapapa. 
Peace'iuak'er, n. Mea uwao. 
Peace'orii-cer, n. He makai. 
Peach, n. Ilua piki. 
Pea'jaek-et, n. Pili lakeke. 
Peak, n. 1. Wekiu mauua; piko mauna. 

2. Laau oluna o ka pea hope. 
Peal, n. Leo haalulu. 
Peal, V. E haalulu. 
Pea'nut, n. Pinaki. 
Pearl, n. He momi. 

Pearl'y, 71. Me he momi la. 

Pfttts'ant, n. He makaainana. 

Peas'ant-ry, n. Na makaainana, 

Peb'ble, n. Iliili; paiwi. 

Pee'ca-dil'lo, n. Hewa liiUi; kina'. 
Syn. fault. 

Peek, n. Peka; hapa-ha o ka busela. 

Peek, V. E kiko. 

Pec'u-late, v. E aihue ; e apuka. Syn. 

Pe-€ul'lar, adj. L Ano e. Syn. sin- 

2. Kupono. Syn. appropriate. 

3. Pill i ka mea hookahi ; papa paha: 
ano paha. Peculiar to the class, pili i 
kela papa wale no. 

Pe-€ul'lar'i-ty, n. He mea ano e. 

Pe-€un'ia-ry, adj. Dala. Pecuniary 
assistance, kokua dala. Pecuniary mat- 
ters, na mea pili i ke dala. 

Ped'a-gdgue, n. Kumu kula. Syn. 

Pcd'aiit, n. Mea e akena ana i kona ike. 

Pe-dant'ie, adj. Hookelakela i ka Ike. 

Ped'dle, v. E piele; e maau'auwa'. 

Ped'dler, n. He piele ; m ea maauauwa. 

Ped'es-tal, n. Kahua no ke kia hoo- 
manao; kii kalaiia, etc. 

Pe-des'tri-an. 7i. Kanaka hele wawae. 

Pe-des'tri-an-ism', n. Ka hele wa- 
wae ana. 

Ped'i-gree, n. He kuauhau. 

Peel, n. Ka ili o ke kahi mau hua ai. 

Peel, -y. E ihi; e maihi. 

Peep. V. 1. E kiei; e halo'; e haei. 

2. E piopio; ioio. Syn. peep as chick- 

3. Peep of day, ke alaula. 
Peer, n. He hoa. 

2. Peer of the realm, he 'lii o ke aupuni. 
Peer'age, n. Kulana alii ; papa al;i. 
Peer'less, acfj; Luaole; pookela. Syn. 

matchless; unequaled. 
Peev'lsh, adj. Nainai; na ole; huhu 

wale. Syn. irritable; cross. 
Peg, n. Pine laau. 
Pell-mell', n. and adv. Huikau. 

Pel-lu'cld, adj. Moakaka; aiai. Syn. 

Pelt, n. Ili holoholona. 
Pelt, V. E kipehi. 
Pen, V. 1. E Jcakau. 

2. E hoopaa iloko o ka pa. 
Pen, 7t. 1. Peni kaknu. Steel pen, uior 

ka kiia. Quill pen, poni hulu. 

2. Pa. Pig pen, pa puaa. 
Pe'nal, adj. Hoopal. Penal servitude, 

hana hoopal. 
P«n'al-ty, n. Hoopai. 
Pen'ange, n. Hoopai huikala, 

pln^nies \ ^- ^^ P^^^ ^*^^*- 
PenVil,"7i. Peni. Slate pencil, -peni-po- 

haku. Lead pencil, peni kepau; peni- 


2. Huhul kukuna malamalama. 
Pdn'daut, n. Mea e lewa ana. 




PSnd'ing:, adj. and prep. E waiho nei. 

A pending suit, ka hihia e waiho nei. 

Pending the decision, e kali aua i ka 

olelo hooholo. 
Pend'u-lofts, adj. Lewa wale; lewa- 

Pend'u-ltim, n. Hao lewa o ka wati. 
Pen'e-trate, v. E komohia lloko. 
Pen'e-tra'tion, n. 1. Ke komo loa'ua. 

2. Noeau, Syn. sagacity. 
Pen'hold-er, n. Au o ka penl. 
Pen-in'su-la, n. Ane-moku. 
Pen'i-tence, n. Mihi; walania. 
Pen'i-tent, Mea mihi. 
Pen'i-ten'ti-a-ry, n. Hale paahao. 
Pen'i-tent-ly, adv. Me ka mihi oiaio. 
Pen'knife, n. Pahi koli peni. 
Pen-man, n. Mea kakan lima. 
Pen-man-ship, n. Kakau lima. 

pISSSSfi ^- Hae ololi, loloa. 

Pen'ni-less, adj. Dala ole. 
Pen'ny , n. He peni ; dala Uritania. 
Pen'ny-a-lin'er, n. L Mea haku no 

ka nupepa. 

2. Mea naku manao lapuwale. 
Pen'slon, n, 1. Kokua makahiki mai 

ke aupuni. 

2. Kula hanai ma Farani. 
Pen'slon-er, n. Mea i kokua mau ia. 
Pen'sive. adj. Poouoo; mumule; nalu. 
Pen'ta-gron. n. Huina aoao clima. 
Pen'ta-teucli(pen'ta-tuke),n. Nabu- 

kemuaeliinao ka Baibala. 
Pe'nftlt, n. Ka mamala e pili ana i ka 

mamala hua-olelo hope lea. 
Pe-nu'ri-ous, adj. Aua; pi. Syn. 

Pen'u-ry, n. Ka nele; hxine. Syn. 

poverty; want. 
Peo'ple, n. L Lahui. The people, ka 


2. Poe. Some people, kckahi poe. 
Peo'ple, r. E hooulu lahui. 
Pep'per, n. He laau nioi; he pepa mea 

Pep'per-com, n, Ka hua o kekahi 

ano pepa. 
Pep'per-y,<wf7. 1. Miko loa i ka pepa. 

2. Hikiwawe i ka huhu. Syn. irrit- 
Per'ad-venf ure, adv. Malia paha; 

ina paha. Syn. perhaps. 
Per-am'bu-late, v. E kaahele wawae. 
Per-am'bu-la'tor, n. Mikini ana loa. 
Per-ceive', r. L E hoomaopopo. Syn. 


2. E makili. Perceive internally. 
Per-cent/age, n, Pa-keneka; hapa 

Per-cep'ti-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoomao- 

Per-cep'tion, ?i. 1. Ka noonoo. 

2. Ka hoomaopopo ana. 
Per-eep'tlve, adj. Hoomaopopo; noo- 
noo. Perceptive qualities, maua hoo- 
Perch, a. WaM e kan ai ka manu. 

Perch., V. E kau me he manu la. 

Per-chance', adv. Malia; malia paha. 
Syn. perliaps. 

Per'co-late, v. E kultu Syn. filter. 

Per-di'tion, u. Ka poino mau loa. 

Per-e'grl-na'tion, n. Ka hele auwana 
io ia-nei. 

P€r-emp'to-ry, a<y. Loa;paa. A per- 
emptory command, he kauoha paa. 

Per-en'ni'al, a<?j. Mau. Syn. perpetual. 

Per' feet, adj. Hemolele; kina' ole. 

Per-fect/, v. E hooko pono. 

Per-fec'tion, n. Ke ano hemolele; ki- 
na' ole. 
Per'feet-ly, adv. Me ka i>ololei loa; 

pono loa. 
Per-fid'i-otls, adj. Maalea; hoopuni- 

hei. Syn. treacherous. 
Per-fld'i-ous-ly, n. Me ka maalea; 

anohoohalua. Syn. treacherously. 
Per'fi-dy, n. Maalea; ano puuihei. 

Syn. treachery, 
Per'fo-rate, v. E hou i puka; e will i 

Per'fo-ra'tlon, n. 1. Ka puka i hou 


2. Ka hon ana; ka will ana 
Per-form, v. E hooko. Syn. achieve. 

Per-form'ance, n. L Ka hooko ana. 

2. Hana. 
Per-form'er, n, 1. Mea e hooko ana. 

2. Mea keaka; hookani pila, etc. 
Per'fume, 71. Mea ala; he ala. 
Per-fume', v, E hoo-pe', 
Per-fum'er-y, n. Kela me kela mea 

Per-hftps', adv. Paha; malia paha; 

Per'i-caWdi-tim, n. Ka ili lahilahi e 

hoopuni ana 1 ka puuwai. 
Per'i-gee, w. Kahookoke loa'na o ka 

mahina i ka honua ma kona ala hele. 
Per'i-lic'li-on, n. Ke kokoke loa'na o 

ka hoku hele i ka la, ma kona ala hele. 
Per'il, n. Popilikia. 
Per'il-otis, adj. Pilikia; paapu i na 

Pe-rim'e-ter, n. Ke ana puui o kekahi 

Pe'ri-od, n. L Kiko-kahi. 

2. He wa. 
Pe'rl-6d'lc-al, n. He palapala 1 pal 

manaAva ia. 
Pe'ri-6d'ie-al, adj. Kela me keia ma- 

Pe'ri-6d'ic-al-ly, adv. I kela me keia 

Pe-riph'ar-y, n. Ke ana-puui o ka 

Per'isli, V. E make. 
Per'ish-a-ble, adj. Mae wale; pope 

Per'jure, v. E hoohiki wnhahee. 
Per'jiir-er, w. Mea hoohiki wahahee. 

Per'ju-ry, n. Ka hoohiki wahahee. 
~ ' Ka paa; ke ano 

Per'ina-nence^ ) 
Per'ma-nen-cy, ] 






Per'ma-nent, adj. Paa; mau. Syn. 

Per'ma-nent-ly, adv. Paa; mau. Stay 

permanently, e noho paa. 
Per'me-a-ble, adl. Hiki ke komoia; 

hiki ke hoo-u'ia. 
Per'me-ate, v. E hoo-u; e komo. 
Per-mis'si-ble, a(//. Ae ia. 
Per-mis'sion, n. ka ae. Syn. consent. 

Per-mlt', v, E ae. Syn. allow. 

Per'mit, n. He palapala ae. Syn. li- 

Per-ni'ciotis, adj. Ino; hooeha; poino. 
Syn. iTurtful. 

Per-o-ra'tlon, n. Na olelo hope o ka 
hai olelo. 

Per'pen-di€'u-lar, adj. Kupono; ku- 

Per'pen-dic'u-14r'i-ty, n. Ke kupo- 
no; ku pololei. 

Per'pe-trate, v. E hoo-ko ma kekahi 
mea ino. Perpetrate a crime, e hana i 

Per'pe-tra'tor, n. Ka mea nana e 
hana. The perpetrator of the theft, ka 
mea nana e aihue. 

Per-pef u-al, adj. Mau loa. Syn. ever- 

Per-pet'u-ate, v. E hoomau. 

Per'pe-tu'i-ty, n. Ka mau ana. 

Per-plex', v. E hoopillhua; hookua- 

Per-plex'ingr, adj. Hookuawili; anoni- 
noni ; pioo. 

Per-plex'i-ty, a. Mea hoolauwili ai. 

Per'qui-iite, w. Koina. 

Per'se-cute, v. E hooino; hoomaau'. 

Per'se-eu'tlon, n. Ka hoomaau'; ho- 

Per'se-cu-tor, n. Mea hoomaau'; mea 
hooino. _ 

Per'se-ver'ance, n. Hoomanawanui. 

Per'se-vere', v. E hoomanawanui. 

P#r'se-ver'ing-ly, adv. Me ka hooma- 

Per-slst', V. E hoomau. Syn. continue. 

Per-8lst'ence, n. Ka hoomau ana. 

Syn. perseverance. 
Per-8i8t'ent, adj. Kupaa, 
Pgr'son, n. 1. Ke kino. 

2. Mea. Some person, kekahi mea. 

First person, ka mea e kamailio ana. 

Second person, ka mea i kamailio ia. 

Third person, ke kumu o ke kamailio. 
Per'son-age, Ti. 1. Mea hanohano. 

2. Foe. 
Per'son-al, a^. Pill kino. 
Per'«on-al'i-ty, n. 1. Ho ano ku okoa. 

2. He olelo pili kino. 
Per'son-al-ly, adv. Iho. Personally 

responsible, maluna ihoo'u ka haawe. 
Per'son-ate, v. E ku no kekahi mea e. 

Syn. represent. The lawyer personates 

his client^ ke ku nei ka loio no kona 

Per-spec'tive, n. Kananalna. 
Per'spi-cu'l-ty, n. Moakaka. 

Me kapakike'. 
1. E hoopihoihoi; e ho- 

Per-spi€'u-otls, adj. Moakaka. Syn. 

Per'spi-ra'tlon, v. Hou. SYN. sweat. 
Per-spire', n. E kahe ka hou. 
Per-suade', v. E koi; e kono. 
Per-sua'sion, n. Ke koi ana. 
Per-sua'sive, adj. Mana i ka hoohuli 

Pert, adj. Pakike'. 
Per- tain', v. E pili. Syn. belong. 
Per'ti-na'cioiis, adj. Mahaoi; paaklki. 

Syn. stubborn. 
Per'ti-nac'i-ty,n. Ke ano mahaoi; ku- 
paa ma Jfekahi mea. 
Per'ti-nent, adj. Pili pono. Syn. ap- 
Pert/lj, adv. 
Per-turb', v. 


2. E noolauwili. 
Per'tur-bu'tion, TO. 1. Hopohopo; pili- 


2. Ka lauwili ana. 
Pe-ru'sal, n. Ka heluhelu noonoo. 
Pe-ru|e', v. E heluhelu noonoo. 
Per-Tade', v. E puni. 
Per- verse', adj. Kekee; oolea. 
Per-ver'sion, n. Ka hoo-kekee ana. 
Per-ver'si-ty, n. Ke ano kekee; ano 

Per-verf , V. E hoohuli mai kapono; 

mai ka pololei. 
Pes'si-mist, «. Mea manao ino wale. 
Pest, n. He ahulau. 
Pes'ter, v. E hoonaukiuki; e hana- 

wale ; e hoo-mea. 
Pest'-house, n. Hale mai no na mai 

Pes'ti-lence, n. Mai ahulau. 

^Is'tl'-Wtiall «^-?- Ino;haukae. 

Pes'tle, n. Pohaku kui. 

Pel, n. 1. He milimili; punahele; po- 


2. Nunuha. Syn. poUt. 
Pe-ti'tioM, n. Henoi; palapala noi. 

2. Palapala hoopii. 
Pe-ti'tlon-er, n. Meailoi; mea hoopii 

no ka pomaikai. 
Pet'ri-ffte'tlon, n. Mea I lilo i pohaku. 
Pefri-fy, v. E lilo i pohaku. 
Pe-tto'le-um, n. Aila houua. 
Pet'ti-eoat, 7i. He pa-u'. 
Pet'ti-fog'ger, n. Loio hawawa. 
Pef tish, adj. Nunuha; nainai. 
Pet'ty, adj. Liilii; mea ole. 
Pet'u-lance, n. Nainai; nunuha, 
Pet'u-lanl, a*^'. Nainai; naole;ohii- 

mu wale. Syn. peevish ; cross. 
Pe^V, n. He noho ma ka luakinL 
Pew'ter, 7t. Piula; piuta. 
Phan'tasm, n. He ouli ; he hihio, 
Phan'tom, n. Helapu; he akua. 
Phar'i-see.n. He Paresaio. 
Phiir'nia-eo'poe-Ia, 7i. Buke hoike no 

ka liana ana i na laau lanaau. 
Phar'ma-cy, n, Oihaua noomakaukau 

laau lapaau. 




Phase, 71. Nanafna; ano. Syn. ap- 

Phe-ndm-i-non, n. He ouli;meaanoe. 

Phial, n. Omole liilii. Syn. viaL 

Phil'an-throp'ic, adj. Alohai kanaka; 
manawalea; ano kokua. Syn. benev- 

Phi-lan'thro-pist, n. He mea i aloha 
i kanaka; mea i kokua aloha aku. 

Plii-lan'tliro-py, n. Ke aloha i ka- 

Phi-ldl'o-gist, n. Mea akamai i ka 
hull olelo. 

Phi-lol'o-gry, n. HuU olelo. 

Phi-los'o-pher, n. Kanaka ake-aka- 

Phil'o-soph'ic, adj. Akeakamal. 

Phi-lds'o-pliize, v. E noonoo no k© 
kumu o kela me keia mea. 

Phi-16s'o-pliy, n. Akeakamal. 

Pliiz, 71. Helehelena. 

Phlegrm (flem), n. Wale. 

Pho-iiet'ic, adj. Pili i na leo hma pa- 

Pho-net'ics, n. Ka ike e pill ana i ka 
leo kanaka. 

Pho-ndg'ra-phy, n. Kakau hoailona 

Plids'pho-rtks, n. Laau hoomalama- 

Pho'to-errapli, n, Kil i paiia. 

Pho-tdg'ra-phy, n. Oihana pal kli. 

Pho-tdm'e-ter, n. Mea ana malama- 

Phrase, n. Mamala olelo. 

Phra'se-61'o-gy, 71. Ke ano o ka 

Phre-n61'o-gy, n. Ka ike e pili ana i 
ka lo'lo. 

Phren'sy, n. Pupule. Syn. madness. 

Phtlils'ic (tiz'ik), n. Naenae. 

Phys'ie, n. Laau lapaau. 

Pliys'ie-al, adj. 1. Kino. Physical 
pain, eha kino. 

2. No na helehelena. Physical geogra- 
phy, he hoike no na helehelena o ka 

Phy-si'cian, n. Kauka lapaau. Syn. 

Phys'ies, n. pi. Ka ike e pili ana no na 
mea kino a pau. 

Phys'i-og'no-my, n. 1. Ka helehe- 

2. Ka hoakaka ana i ke ano o ke ka- 
naka mai kona mau helehelena. 

Phys'i o-16g'i€-al, adj. Pili i ke ola 

Phys'i-dl'o-gist, n. Mea imi i na 
loma no ke ola kino. 

Phys'l-dl'o-gy, n. Ka ike no ke ola 

Pi-an'ist, n. Mea hookani plana. 

pii:it;Solforte',| ^- He plana. 
Pi-az'za, n. Lanai hale. Syn. verandah. 
Pick, V. 1. E ohi. Pick fruit, e ohi i 

na hua. 

2. E wae. Syn. choose. 

S. E wehe. Pick a lock, e wehe i ka 

Pick, n. Mea i wae ia; ka mea oi o ka 

Pick'ax, n. Kipikua. 
Pick'et, n. 1. Koa kiai ma ke kaua. 

2. Laau pa. 
Pick'le, n. 1. He kal. 

2. Hua ai i hoomikoia i ka vinika. 
Pick'pdck'et, 71. Kailipakeke; aihue 

Pic'nle, n, Ahaaina hoonanea, 

Pic-to'ri-al, 7i. Buke kii; nnpepa kii. 

Picfure, n. He kii. 

Picf ure, V. E noonoo mehe kii la. 

Pie-tur-esque', adj. Me he kii la. 

Pie, n. He pai; mea ono. 

Piece, n. 1. He apana. 

2. "Haiolelo: kumumanao. 

3. He apa'. Piece of cloth, apa' lole. 
Plece'meal, adj. Pjiuku. 
Piece'work, n. Ukupau. 

Pier, 71. Kahua uapo; he uapo moku. 

Pierce, v. E hou. 

Pi'e-ty, 71. 1. Aloha. Filial piety, alo- 
ha o ke keiki 1 ka makua. 
2. Haipule. 

Pig, 71. 1. Puaa keiki. 
2. Aukametala. 

Pig'eon, 71. Manu nunu. 

Pig'eon-hole, 71. Holowaa waiho pepa. 

Pike, 71. 1. He ihe. 
2. Inoa o kekahi i-a. 

Pile, n. 1. He ahua. 
2. Hepouloihi. 

Pile, V. E hooahu; e hooiliili; e paila. 

Piles, 71. He mai. 

Pll'fer, V. E aa'ma; aihue i na mea liilii. 

Pil'fer-er, n. Mea aama. Syn. petty 

Pil-garlic, n. He kuewa. Syn. vaga- 

Pil'grlm, 71. Mea hele malihini. 

Pll'grim-ag'e, n. Ka hele malihini ana- 
Pill, n. Hua ale. 

Pil'lage, V. E hao wale. Syn. plunder, 
Pil'lar, 71. He kia; he pou. 
Pil'low, n. Uluna. 
Pil'lo-w-ease, 71. Eke uluna. 

PI'lot, n. Pailoka; alakai. 
Pi'lot-age, 71. 1. Uku pailoka. 

2. Ke alakai ana. 
Pimp, 71. Weawea. 
Pim'ple, n. Puupuu liilii ma ka ili. 
Pin, n. Kui pine. 
Pin, V. E hoopaa me ke kui pine. 
Pin'cers, I „ rr^o'iiTnii 
Pinclx'ers, i "' ^P* '^'^'^^ 
Pinch, v. 1. Einiki; eumiki. 

2. E mio. 
Pin'cush'ion, n. Uluna kui pine, 
Pine.'n. Laau paina. 
Pine, 71. E hookii. 
Pine'-ap'ple, n. Hala kahiki. 
Pin'ion, n. 1. Eheu. Syn. wing. 

2, Niho pokakaa. 
Pin'-mou'ey, n. Dala no ka wahiue. 




PJn'na-cle, n. Wahl oioi. Pinnacle 
of the temple, wahi oioi o ka luakiui. 

Pint, n, Paina; hapaha kuata. 

Pi'o-neer', n. Kanaka komo mua ma 
ka aina, a hana paha. 

Pi'ous, adj. HaipuJe. 

Pipe, n. Ohe; one puhi. Water pipe, 
one wai. 

2. Tobacco pipe, ipu baka. 

3. Pu makani. 

Piq'uant (pi'kant), adj. Awahia; mm- 

Pique (peek), n. Hoomauhala, opu 
iuo. Syn. grudge. 

Pi'ra-cy, tu Powa moku. 

Pi'rate, n. He powa moku. 

Pi-rat'i€-al, adj. Powa. A piratical 
craft, he moku powa. 

Pis'tol, n, Pu panapana. 

Pit, 71. He lua. 

Pit'a-pat, ady. Kapalili. Myheartgoes 
pitapat, kapalili kuu puuwai, or kapa- 
lili kuu houpo. 

Pitch, n. 1, ICepau hamo. 
2. Ka loli ana o ka leo. A high pitch of 
voice, he leo kiekie. 

Pitch, V. L E hoolei; e kiola. Syn. 

2. E kukulu. 

8. E hoopi'nana. Syn. pitch, as a ves- 
sel in a storm. 

4. Pitch a tune, e hoomaka 1 ka leo 

Pitch'er, n. 1. He pika. 

2. Mea hoolei kin ipopo. 
Pitch'fork, n. O kiola mauu. 
Pit-e'otks, adj. Kaumaha; kumakena. 
Pif fall, n, Lua pahele. 
Pith, 71. 1. Iho. 

2. i'o. The pith of the remark, ka i-o o 

ka olelo. 
Pith-y, acy. Noeau; i-o. 
Pit'i-a-ble, adi. Ku i ka hoomae-ele. 
Plfi-a-hle, adj. 1. Ano hoo-mae-ele. 

2. Haahaa. Syn. low; mean. 
Pit'i-less, adj. Aloha ole; menemene 

Pit'saw, 71. Pahiolo lua. 
Pit'tance, n. Loaauuku: loaalawaole. 
Pit-y, n. Aloha hoomae-ele; aloha me- 
nemene. Syn. compassion ; sympathy. 
Piv'ot, 7i. He pine mea e kaaai. 
Pla'ca-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoolauleaia. 
Pla-ciird', n. Palapala hoolaha. 
Pla'eate, t;. Ehoomalielle; hoolaulea. 

Syn. appease. 
Place, 71. Wahi. 
Place, V. E hoonoho; e waiho. 
Plac'id, adj. Malie; oluolu; na. Syn. 

Plac'ld-ly, adv. Me ka malle. Syn. 

Pla'^la-rlflm, n. Ka lawe wale ana I 

ka olelo a hai i kakau ai. 
Pla')?ia-ri8t, n. Mea lawe wale 1 ka 

olelo a hai i kakau. 
Plague, 71. 1. Mai ahulau. 

2. Mea hoopilikia wale. 

Pljiin, n. Aina papu; aina malaelae. 
Plain, adj. Akaka. Syn. evident. 
Plain'ly, adv. Moakaka. 
Plain'tiff', n. Aoao nana ka hoopii ka- 

Plaint'ive, adj. Uhu; kaniuhu. Syn. 

Plait, V. E ulana. Syn. braid. 
Plan, n, Kii hoike ano. 

2. He manao hoo-ko. 
Plane, 71. 1. Hi laumania. 

2. Koi kahi. 
Plan'et, n. Hoku hele. 
Plan'et-a-ry, adj. Pili i na hoku hele. 
Plank, 71. Papa manoanoa. 
Plant, n, Mea kanu; mea ulu. 
Plant, V. E kanu. 
PI an fain, n. Maia popolu. 
Plan-ta'tion, 7?. Mahina ai. Sugar 

plantation, mahi ko. 
Plant'er, 71. Kanaka mahiai. 
Plas'ter, 71. Puna hamo; laau hamo. 
Plas'ter-er, n. Kanaka hamo puna. 
Plate, n. 1. Pa. 

2. Timber plate, lohelan. 
Pla-teau' (pla-to'), ti. Aina papa kie- 
Plate'ful, n. Piha pa. 
Plafform, n. 1. He awai. 

2. Palapala hoike manao hooholo. 
PlaVter, n. Pa palahalaha, 
Plaud^'it, 71. Manalo; leo hoano. 
Plau'gi-ble, adj. Pono i ka nana'ku. 

Play, 7j. 1. Paani; lealea; hoonanea. 
Syn. sport. 

2. Hana keaka. 

3, He akea. Syn. scope. Give full play, 

Play'-act'or, 71. Kanaka keaka. 
Play'-bill, n. Palapala hoolaha keaka. 
Play'-fel'low, n. Hoa paani. Syn. 

Play'ful, adj. Piha i ka paani. Syn. 

Play'mate, n. Hoa paani. 
Play'thing, ti. Mea paani. 
Play'ivright, n. Mea haku kike' keaka. 

Plea, 71. Olelopale. 

Plead, t;. 1, Enoi haahaa; o koi. 
2. E pale olelo. 

Plead'er, n. 1. He loio. Syn. advo- 
2. Mea koi ikaika. 

Pleag'ant, adj. Oluolu; malie; kalae- 

Pleas'ant-ly, adv. Me ka oluolu. 

Pleas'ant-ry, 7i. Hana hoolealea; olelo 

Please, v. E oluolu; e hoo-oluolu. 

Pleas'injf. ad;. Oluolu; lea. 

Pleas'ure, Ti. Lealea; olioli. 

Ple-be'ian, adj. Kuaaina, Syn. vul- 

Pledge, n. Mea panai. 

Pledge, V. 1. E waiho ma ke ano pa- 
2. Ehoohiki. 



Plen-i-po-ten'ti-a-ry, n. Heeleleme 
ka maua akea. . 

Plen'i-tude, w. Ka piha; kanui. Stn. 

Plen'te-oiisW „^i Lawa; mahuahua; 

Plen'ti-ful, S •^* lako. 

Plen'ty, n. Ka lawa pono; ka lako 

Pleu'rl-sy, n. Mai umii. 

Pli'a-ble, adj. 1. Nolunolu. Syk. flex- 
2. Lauwlli. 

Pli'ant, adj. Hoolohe. 

Plight, V. E haawi i ka olelo ae. 

Plight, n. Ka noho'im. Syn. condition. 
A sorry plight y inoino ka nolio'ua. 

P16d,v. 1. E maalo ae me ka luhi. 
2. E hoomau me ka hoomanawanui. 

Pldt, n. 1. Hanakipi; hana hoohalua. 
2. Apana, Plot of ground, a-pAua. Sima^ 

Plot, V. 1. E kipi nialu'. 
2. E kahakaha i kii o ka aina. 

Pldt'ter, n. Kanaka kipi; kanaka hoo- 

Plo'ver, n Manu kolea. 

Plough! »*• Oo-palau. 

?JmTgUWnJ ^- Kanaka P«^^^ a^^a- 
Plow'share i Ka hao o ka oo-pa- 
Plough'sharei ^- lau. 
Plftek, V. 1. E ohi. Syn. pick. 

2. E uhuki. Syn. pull. 
Pltkek, n. Aa; koa. Syn. courage. 

2. Ake paa. 
Pliig, n. 1. He umoki. 

2. Pepee. Plug of tobacco, pepee baka. 
Plflg, V. E hoopaa me ka umoki. 
Plii'mage, n. Na hulu manu. 
Plfimb, V. E hookupono; ehoo-kupo- 

Plftmb'er, n. Kanaka hana ma na mea 

kepau, etc. 
Pliimb'line, n. He kaula me ka poka' 

mea hoo-kupono. 
Plume, n. Hulu no ka papale; hulH 

Plftrn'met, n. Syn. plumb line. 

Plump, adj. L Momona; puipui; ne- 


2. Huake; kaekae. 
Pliin'der, n. Waiwai i hao ia. 
Plun'der, v. E hao; e pakaha. 
Plun'der-er, n. He pakaha; powa. 
Plunge, r. 1, Elu;ekimo. 

2. E hoo-u'. 
Plu'ral, adj. Oi i ka hookahi; lehulehu. 

Plu-r&l'i-ty, w. Ka lehulehu; ka oi. 
Pltks. Hui ; hoailoua o ka hoouluulu. 

Pneu-mat'ics (nu), n. Ka ike no ke 

ea me kona ano. 
Pneu-mo'ni-a, n. He wela ma ke ake 

Poach, V. 1. E hoomoa hua moa ma 

ka hoo-naha' ana iloko o ka wai baila. 

2. E aihue i na holoholona liilii ma 

ka aina o hai. 

Pdck'et, 7J. Ekemakalole komo; he 

Poek'et-bcJbk, n. Bukc lawe pakeke. 
Pdck'et-knife, n. Pahi pelu. Syn. 

jack knife. 
Pod, n. Aa: wahi' o kekahi mau hua, 
Po'em, n. He mele. 
Po'et, n. He haku-mele. 
Po'et-ess, n. Wahiue haku mele. 

Polft^lelal,! <^J' Memele. 
Po'et-ry, n. Mele. Syn. verse. 
Polgn'ant (poin), adj. Nui loa. Poign- 
ant grief, ehaeha nui loa o ka naau. 
Point, n. 1, He piko; welau. 

2. Kumu-manao. Syn. subject matter. 

8 He lae. 
Po'int, V. E kuhikuhl. 
Point'blank', adj. Kokoke loa; kupo- 

no 1 ke alo. 
To\nVed,adj. 1. Oi; winiwini. Syn. 


2. Pili pono. A pointed remark, he 

olelo pill pono. 
Point'er, n. 1. Laau kuhikuhl. 

2. Iliohahai holoholona. 
Point'ing, 7U Ke kau pono ana 1 na 

Pois'on, n. Laau make; akua hanai. 
Poig'on-er, n. Mea hanai laau make. 
Poig'on-oiis, adj. Make. 
Poke, V. E hou. 
Po'ker, n. Hao hoala ahl. 
Po'lar, adj. Pili i na welau o ka honua. 

Polar regions, na wahi ma na welau. 
Pole, n. 1. Heoa;aho, 

2. He pahu. Flag pole, pahu hae. 

3. He ana. 

4. He Welau. North Pole, Welau Akatu 
Pole'star, n. Ka Hoku-paa. Syn, 

North Star. 
Po-lice' (po-lees'), n. Na makai. 
Po-lice'man, w. He makai. 
P6I'i-cv» w. 1. He manao hooko. 

2. Palapalapanai ola. 
Pdl'Ish, n. 1. Lepo anal. 

2. He hinuhinu. 

3. Ano hoohiehie; ano keonimana. 
Po-llte', ad/. Anooluolu; ano keoni- 

mana; pihalula. 
Po-lite'ne88» «. Ke ano oluolu o ka 

Po-litely, adv. Pihalula. 
P61'i-tie, ad?. Kupono; noeau. Syn. 

Po-llt'ie-al, adj. Pili 1 ka oihana au- 

fmni ; kalai aina. Political economy, ka- 
ai aina. 
Pdl'i-tl'cian, n. Kanaka makee oihana 

Pdl'i-tics, n. Ka ike e pili ana i ka 

oihana aupuni. 
Poll, n. Ke poo. Poll tax, auhau kino. 
Polls, n, pi. Papa inoa o ka poe koho 

balota. At the polls, ma ke kahua 

Pol-lute', TO. E hoohaumia. Syn, 

defile; corrupt. 



Pol-lu'tion, TO, Hammla; paumaele. 

Syn. corruption. 
Pol-troon', n. He maka'uwale haukae. 
Po-lygr'a-mist, ». Mea mare lehulehu. 
Po-lyg'ii-my, n. Mare lehulehu. 
POl'y-gan, n. Huina lehulehu. 
Pol'y-no'ml-al, ?4. Kuanite mahele 

Pol'y-syFla-"bl©, 71, Hua-olelo ma- 

mala lehulehu. 
Pol'y-the'ism, n, Manaoio i na akua 

he lehulehu. 

Po'-Sa'lumJ ^' A^l^ 1^»^« 1»^«^«- 
Pom'mel, «. Omuku noho Ho. 
Pom-mel, v. E kui. Syn. pound. 
Po-mdl'o-sy, «. Ka ike e pili ana I na 

hua o ka aina me ka hooulu ana. 
Pdmpf n. Hoohiehie; hookahakaha. 
P<5inp'otk8, adj. Hookeha. 
P ond , n. He kiowai ; loko wai uuku. 

Pdn'der, v, E nalu; e poonoo. Syk. 

Pon'der-otis, <idj. Kaumaha loa. Syn. 

Pdn'tiff, TU Kahuna Nui. 

Po'ny, 71. Lio punahele. 

Poo'dle, n. Ilio liilii. 

Pool, w. He kiowai ; loko. 

Poor, ad/. 1. Ilihune; nele.- Syn. des- 

2. Olala; wiwl. Syn. lean. 

3. Inoino. Syn. inferior. 

4. Kuponoole. Syn. worthless. 

5. Onawaliwali. Syn. ill. 
Poor'ly, adv. 1. Onawaliwali. 

2. Hemahema. Poorly done, hema- 
hema ka hana. 

3. Think poorly of, manao ole ia'ku. 
Pdp, V. E poha'; e leleponi. 

Pope, n, Ke poo o ka hoomana kato- 

Pop'©r-y, n. Hoomana katolika. 

Pop'u-lace, n. Na makaainaua. 

Pop'u-lar, adj. Oluolu i kalahul;ku 
i Ka makemake o ka lehulehu. 

Pop'u-lar'i-ty, n. Ka hilinai o ka le- 

P6p'u-late, V. E hoopiha ka aina i ka- 

Pdp'u-la'tion, n. Na kanaka o ka aina. 

P<Sp'u-loti», adj. Paapu i kanaka. 

Porch, n, Lanai hale. 

Pore, n, Pukapuka ill. 

Pore, V, E haka pono ; e noonoo. 

Pork, tu I'o puaa. 

Pork'er, He puaa. 

Poi/ofts, adj. Pukapuka. 

Por'polae (pus), n. Naia. 

Port, n. 1. Awa ku moku. Syn. harbor. 

2. Aoaohema Oka moku. 
P6rt'a-bil'l-ty, n. Hiki ke hallhali ia. 

Por'ta-ble, adj. Hiki ke laweia. 
Port/al, n. Ipuka; kahi e komo ai. 
Por-tend', v. E hoike e mamua. Syn. 

Por'tent, n. He cull o ka poduo. 

Pop-tenfofts, adj. Paapu i na onll o 

ka ino. 
Por'ter, n. 1. Kiai puka. 

2. Kanaka hali ukana. 

8. He ano bia. 
Port'fo'li-o, n. He ope waiho pepa. 
Port'hole, n. Puka ki-pu o ka moku 

Por'tl-eo, n. He lanai no ka puka ko- 
Por'tion, n. Haawina; mahele; hapa. 
Por'tion-less, adj. Mahele ole. 
Port'ly, adj. Puipui. 
Port-naan'teau, n. Eke lawe lole. 
Por'trait, n. Kii helehelena. 
Por-tray', v. E pena i ke kii. 

2. E hoike lea. 
Pose, n. Ke ano o ke ku ana, 
Pos'er, n. Ninau pohihihi. 
Po-si'tion, n. 1. Wahi. Syn. place. 

2. Kulana. Position in society, kulana 

iwaena o kanaka. 
Pds'i-tive, adj. Akaka; maopopo 

2. Positive quantity, kuanite nui. 
Pos'i-tlve-ly, adv. Me ka maopopo 

Pds'se €6in-i-ta'tti8, TO. He puali ma- 
kaainaua e kokua ana i na lima o ke 

Pos-sess', V. E loaa; e loaa ponoi. 
Pos-ses'sion, n. Ka loaa ana. In his 

possessioTit aia ma kona lima; aia 1 

Pog-ses'siong, to. pi. Na waiwai ponoi, 
Pos-ies'sor, n. Ka ona; ka haku. 
Pdi'si-bil'i-ty, to. Ka tiki ana paha. 
Pds'sl-ble, adj. Paha. Syn. pernaps. 
Post, TO. He pou. 

2. He elele. 
Post, V. 1. E hoonoho. Post guards, o 

hoonoho i poe kiai. 

2. E hookomo i ka eke leta. Syn. 

3. E hookomo ma ka Ledger. 

4. E imi ; e hoonaauao. 
Post'age, TO. Uku leta; poo leta. 
Post'al, adj. Pili i ka oinana lawe leta. 
Post-date, v. E kakau mahope o ka 


Post'di-lii'Tl-an, adj. Mahope mai o 

Post'er, TO. Palapala hoolaha. 

Pos-te'ri-or, adj. Mahope mai. 

Pos-te'ri-ors, n. pi. Kikala. 

Pos-ter'i-ty, to. Na mamo. Syn. de- 

Post-haste, adv. Me ka awiwi loa. 

Pdsfhu-moiis, adi. Mahope mai o ka 
make ana. A posthuvious child, he kei- 
ki i hanauia mahope mai o ka make 
ana o ka makuakane. 
2. Posthumous works, na buke i palia 
mahope mai o ka make ana o ka mea 
nanai kakau. 

Post'mark, to. Hoailona pai o ka hale 

Poat'm^st'er, 71. Luna leta, 

Posfmis'tress, n. Luna leta wahine. 



PSst-rnor'tem, adj. Mahope o ka ma- 
ke. Postmortem examination, ka imi 
ana i ke kumu o ka make ana. 

Post'ofHce, n. Hale leta. 

Post'paid, adj. Ukuia ka uku leta. 

Post'pone, V, E hoopanee. 

Post-pone'ment, n. Ka hoopanee ana, 

Post'scrlpt, a. Olelo pakui no ka pa- 
lap a la. 

Post'ure, n. Ke ano o ke ku ana; ka 
moe ana. Syn. attitude. 

Pot, d. Ipu no kela me keia hana. Iron 
pot, ipn-nao. 

Pot, V. E hookomo ma ka i|)U. 

Po'ta-ble, adj. Kupono ke inula. Syn. 

Po-ta'to, n. Uala. Sweet potato, uala 
maoli. Irish or white potato, uala ka- 

Po'tent, adj. Man a. Syn. powerful. 

Po'tent-ate, n. He moi. Syn. sover- 

Po'tion, 71. Laau inu. 

Pot'luek, n. He paina o na mea ai i 
loaa ma ka lima. 

Pdf tage, n. He supa. 

Pofter, TU Kanaka hana ipu lepo. 

Pot/ ter-y, n, Kela me keia ano ipu 

P6t-val'lant, ad. Aa . no ka ona. 

Pouch, TO. Aamoni; eke. 

Poul'tl<ge, n. Laau hamo; mea hooe- 
mi pehu. 

Poul'try, n. Na manu o ka pa manu. 

Pounce, V. E poi; e popoi. 

Pound, n. 1. He paona. 

2. He dala gula o Beretania. Syn. 

3. Pa aupuni. 
Pound, V. E kui. 

Pound'keep'er, n. Luna pa-aupuni. 
Pour, r. E ninini; e hookahe. 
Pout, r, E o iwaho ka lehelehe ; e nu- 

PtJv'er-ty, 71. He nele ; he hune. Syn. 

penury; want; indigence. 
Pow'der, n. 1. Pauda ki-pu. 

2. Lepo wall ; lepo aeae. 

8. Laau a ke kauka. 
Pow^'er, n. Mana. 
Pow'er-ful, adj. Mana nui. 
Pow'er-less, adj. Mana ole. 
Prac'tl-ea-bil'i-ty, n. Ka hiki. Syn. 

Prac'ti-ca-ble, adj. Hiki. Syn. pos- 
Prae'ti-cal, adj. 1. Lawelawe man. 

2. Makaukau ma ka lawelawe ana, A 

practical man, he kanaka makaukau 

ma ka lawelawe ana. 
Prae'tise, 71. L Hana mau. Syn. 


2. Ka lawelawe mau ana. 
Prac'tise, v. E hana mau; e lawelawe 

nui; e hoomaamaa. 
Prae-ti'tion-er, n. Mea lawelawe ma 

kekahi o na oihana naauao. 
Prai'rie, n. Aina papu akea. 

Praise, n. Mahalo; hoolea; hoonani. 
Praise'wor-thy, adj. Ku i ka maha- 

Prance, r. E lelelele. 
Pranc'er, n. Lio lelelele. 
Prank, 71. Hana paani; hana lealea. 

Syn. frolic. 
Prate, v. E walaan wale. 
Prat- tie, v. Ka walaau o kamalii liilii. 
Prat'tler, n. Keiki liilii hoomaka wa- 

Pray, V. E pule; 6 nol. Syn. supplicate. 
Pray'er, n. He pule; he noi. Syn. 

Pray'er-ful, adj. Haipule. 
Pray'er-less, adj. Pule ole; hooma- 

Preach, v. E hai-olelo. 
Preacii'er, n. He hai-olelo; kahuna 

Pre-fi.d'am-ite, CKff. Mamua'e o Adamu 
Pre'am-ble, n. Olelo mua. 
Pre-ca'ri-o<i8, adj. 1. Maopopoole; 

loll wale. Syn. uncertain. 

2. Paa ole. 

8. Mahunehune. In a precarious con- 

dition, ola mahunehune. 
Pre-€a"'ti*>n, n, Ka hoomakaukau e. 

To take the precaution, e hoomakaukau e. 
Pre-cede', v. E hele mamua. 
Pre-ced'ence, f ^ t^-^ i,,,i„»,„ ^* 
Pre-ced'en--cy,l ^- ^'^ ^"^*^°* «^' 
Prec'^e-dent, n. He ana hoohalike. 
Pre-ced'ing, adj. Mamna'e. 
Pre'cept, n. Kauoha; olelo ao. Syn. 

Pre-cept'or, 71. Kumu-ao. Syn. teacher. 
Pre'cinet, n. 1. Palena; mokuna. Syn. 


2. He kauwahl. 
Pre'ciotis, 71. Makamae; hiwahiwa. 
Prec'i-pice, n. Pali. 
Pre-cip'1-tan-cy, 71. Pupuahulu; kikl. 
Pre-cIp'I-tate.'v. 1. E kiola iho. Syn. 


2. E pupuahulu. 

8. E noohikilele. 
Pre-cip'i-ta'tion, n. Ka hoohikilele 

Pre-clp'i-tofi8, adj. PaUpali. 
Pre-cise', adj. Kupono loa; pololel 

Pre-cige'ly, adv. Like loa; ku like 

madli. Precisely so, pela maoli no. 
Pre-cis'ion, n. Ke kupono loa; polo- 
lei loa. 
Pre-clude', v. E hoo-ke'; hookaaokoa. 
Pre-co'ciofts, adj. Ulu wawe o ka 

Pre-eoc'l-ty, n. Ka ulu wawe o ka noo- 
Pre'con-ceive', v. E iooholo e ma ka 

manao. * 
Pre'con-cerf, v. E noonoo, a hooholo 

e m'amua. 
Pre-cfir'sor, n. 1. He elele. Syn. 


2. He ouli. Syn. harbinger. 




Pred'a-to-ry, ac^. Powa; pakaha. 

Syn. plundering. 
Pred'e-ces'sor, n. Mea noho mua. Pre- 
decessor in office, mea noho mua ma ka 

Pre-des'tl-nateJ E wae e mamua, 
Pre-des'tine, \ Syn. foreordain, 
Pre'de-ter'inlne, v. E hooholo e ma- 
Pre-dlc'a-ment, n. Pilikia. 
Pre-dict', V. E wanana; hai e mamua. 

Syn. foretelL 
Pre-die'tion, n. He wanana. Syn. 

Pre'di-lec'tlon, n. Ka huli e o ka ma- 

nao. Syn. partiality. 
Pre'dls-pose', v. E hilinai e ka manao. 
Pre-dis'po-si'tion, w. He hilinai e. 
Pre-doniM-nant, adj. Pookela; oi 1- 

mua o na mea e. 
Pre-d6in'l-nate, V. E kela; e ol. 
Pre-em'i-nence, n. Ka noho pookela 

Pre-em'i-nent, adj. Pookela. 
Pre-empt', v. E loaa i ka pono o ke 

kuai mun. 
Pre-emp'tioii, n. Ka pono o ke kuai 

Pre'en-ga^e', v. E hoopaa e; e lilo e. 
Pre'en-gfiffe'inent, n. Ka hoopaa e 

ana; lilo e ana. 
Pre'ex-ist', v. E ola e; e waiho e. 
Pre'ex-isf ent, adj. Ola ana mamua; 

e waiho ana mamua. 
Prerace, n, Olelo hoakaka mua. 
Pre-fer', v. E aho. 
Prerer-a-ble. adj. Aho ia. 
Prefer-ance, n. Ke koho ana; ka oi 

ma ke koho. 
Pre-fer'ment, n. Ka hookiekie an'ae 

maka oihana. 
Pre-flg'ure, v. E hoike e ma na hoai- 

Pre-flx', V. E kakau mamua iho. 
Preg'nan-cy, n. Hapui keiki. 
Preg:'nant7 adf. 1. Hapai. 

2. Paapu; piha. Syn. full. 
Pre-Jtidge', v. E hooholo e mamua o 

ka lohe ana. 
Pr6j'u-dice, n. Manao ino; manao 

PrdJ'u-dl'gial, adj. Kue 1 ka pono. 
Prel'ate, n. Kahuna kiekie o ka eka- 

lesia Roma. 
Pre-llm'i-na-ry, adj. Mua; hooma- 

kaukau. Syn. preparatory. 
Pre'lude, n. 1. lie melo hoomaka 

aha mele. 

2. Hanahoomakaukau; olelo mua. 
Pre'ma-ture', adj. Mamua o kawa 

Pre'ma-turely, adv. Mamua'e o ka 

Pre-med'l-tate, v. E noonoo e ma- 
Pre-mcd'i-tat'ed, adj. Noonoo e la. 
Pre'mler, n. Kuhina nui ; ka mua. 
Prdui'is-es, n. Ka halo me koua pa. 

Pre'ml-um, n. 1. Makana apono. Syn. 

reward; prize. 

2. Uku makahikl no ka panai ola. 
Pre'mo-ni'tlon, n. He halia; he liihio 

no na mea e hiki mai ana. 
Pre-oc'eu-py, v. 1. E lilo e; e hoopaa e. 

2. E komo e. 
Prep'a-ra'tion, n. Ka hoomakaukau 

Pre-par'a-to-ry, adj. Hoomakaukau 
Pre-pare', v. E hoomakaukau; e lo- 

lii; e liuliu. 
Pre-pay', v. E uku e. 
Pre-pon'der-ate, v. E kaumaha oi; 

e koikoi oi aku. Syn. outweigh. 
Prep'o-sl'tion, n. Inaleo. 
Pre'pds-sess'lng, adj. Onaona; nakui. 
Pre-pos'ter-otls, adj. Lapuwale. Syn. 

Pre-req'ui-site, n. He mea e pono ai. 
Pre-rog'a-tive, n. Pono pili paa. 

Royal prerogative, pono pili paa i ka 

Pre-sa^e', v. E hoike e mai; e wanana. 
Pres'by-ter-y, n. Aha luna kahiko. 
Pre'sci-ence, n. Ka ike no na mea e 

hiki"mai ana. Syn. foresight. 
Pre-scribe', v. 1. E hoonoho i kana- 

wai; arulapaha. 

2. E haawi i laau lapaau. 
Pre-scrip'tion, n. Olelo kuhikuhi laau 

Pre-serip'tlve, adj. Mai kahiko mai. 

Prescriptive right, pono mai kahiko 

Pres'ence, w. L Ke alo. Royal presence, 

alo MoiT 

2. Presence of mind, makaukau o ka 

noonoo; pillhuaole. 
Pres'ent, n. L He makana. 

2. The present, ke au e hele nei. 
Pres'ent, adv. Eia; maanei; ke noho 

Pre-senf , v. 1. E haawi. Syn. give. 

2. E hoike. Syn. show. 
Pre-sent'a-ble, adj. Kohupono; ku- 

pono ke ku imua. 
Pre'sen-ta'tlon, n. Ka haawi ana; ka 

hoike ana. 
Pre-sen'ti-ment, n. He halia. Syn. 

Pres'ent-ly, adv. Kokoke. Syn. soon; 

PreH'er-Ta'tlon, n. Kaboomalu ana; 

ka malama ana. 
Pre-serve', v. 1. E malama. 

2. E hoomoa 1 mea ouo mai na hua ai. 
Pre-serve', n. Mea ono i hoomoaia mai 

na hua ai. 
Pre-sSrv'er, n. Kahu malama; mea 

nana e hoopakele. 
Pre-gide', v. E noho i poo. 
Pr6g'l-den-cy, n. 1. Hoomalu peresi- 


2. Ka oihana peresidena. Under the 

presidency of, malalo o ka hoomalu 

peresidena ana o. 
Preg'i-dent, n. Peresidena. 




Pres'i-den'tial, adj. Pili i ka oihana 

Press, tj. 1. E kaomi; eiiwi. Syn. 


2. E boo-ke'. Syn. crowd. 

3. E kono ikaika. Syn. urge. 

4. E hii; hiipoi. Syn. embrace. 
Press, n. 1. Mikini kaomi. 

2. He pai palapala. 

3. Na palapala i paiia o na ano a pau. 

4. Puuluulu o kanaka. Syn. crowd. 
Press'ing, adj. E kono ana; e kftohi 

Press'ure, w, Ke kaomi ana; ^e k^^lii 

Pres-tige', n. Ke kaulana. 
Pres'to, adv. Emoole. 
Pre-sume', v. 1. Emanaowale. Syn. 


2. E mahaoi; elalau; ho-aa'no. 
Pre-§iiiiap'tion, n. 1. Ka manao wale. 

Syn. supposition. 
Pre-siiinp'tu-otks, adj. Ho-aa'no. 
Pre-tencl', v. E hookamani. 8y$i, f^ign. 
Pre-tense', n. Hoopobala. 
Pre-teni'sion, w. Manao wale; manao 

Pre'ter-nat'u-ral, adj. Eehia; kupai- 

anaba. Syn. supernatural. 
Pre'text, n. Kumu hoopobala. Syn. 

Pret'ty, adj. 1. Maikai; hoonu'anu'a. 

2. Pretty good, maikai iki. Pretty bad, 

ino no. 
Pre-vail', r. E laha; e lanakila. 
Pre-vail'ing, adj. 1. Lanakila; laha. 

2. Mau. Prevailing wind, makani man. 
Prev'a-lence, n. Ka laha ana. 
Prev'a-lent, adj. Laha. Prevalent sick- 
ness, mai laha. 
Pre-var'i-cate, v. E hauhili ma ka 

Pre-var'i-ca'tion, n. Olelo hauhili. 
Pre-vent', v. E keakea; e pale. 
Pre-ven'tion, n. Ke keakea ana; ka 

pale ana. 
Pre-vent'ive, n. Kama keakea; kumu 

Pre'vi-oiis, ady. Mua. Move the previ- 

oits question, e ninau a no. 
Pre'vi-ous-ly, adv. Mamua iho. 
Prey, n, Waiwai pio; mea pio. 
Prey, v. E hao; e pakaba. Beast of 

prey, holoholona ai holoholona. 
Price, n. Kumukuai. 
Price, v. E ninau i ke kumukuai. 
Price-ciir'rent, n. Kumukuai o ka 

Prlce'less, adj. Makamae. Syn. pre- 
Prick, V. E hou me ka mea oioi. 
Prick'er, n. Mea oioi. Syn. brier. 
Prick'ly-pear', n. Panini ; pa-bipi. 
Pride, 71. Haabeo;hookiekie. 
Priest, n. Kahuna pule. 
Priesfcraft, n. Hoomana hookamani. 

Priest/ htfiid, ». Oihaua kahunapule. 

Priest-rid'den, adj. Malalo loa o ka 

mana o ke kahuna pule. 
Prig:, n. Mea akena wale. 
Prlg'gisli, adj. Akena wale. 
Pri'ma-ry, adj. Mua; kumu mua. 
Prime, acy. 1. Mua; nui. Prime cause, 

kumu nui; kumu mua. Syn. chief. 

2. Oi o ka maikai. 

8. Prime of life, wa oo; wa ikaika. 
Prlm'er, 7i, Buke A ; kumumua. 
Pri-me'val, adj. No kinohi. 
Priim'lng, n. L Pauda kl pu. 

2. Ka hamo mua ana o ka pena. 
Prim'i-tlve, adj. Kinobou. 
Prim'ness, ». Ano hookiekie. 
Pri'mo-gen'i-tor, n. Kupuua mua. 
Pri'mo-gren'i-ture, n. Ka pono o ka 

hauau mua. Syn. birthright. 
Prince, n. Keiki moi; he alii. 
Prince'ly, adj. 1. Me he moi la. 

2. Kamahao; nani. A princely giftj, he 

makaua nani. 
Prin'eess, n. He alii wahine. 
Prin'ci-pal, adj. Nui. Mua. Syn. 

Prin'ci-pal, n. 1. Ke poo o ke kula nui. 

2. l^umupaa. 
Prin'ci-ple, n. Loina; oiaio; mole. A 

man'of principle, he kanaka kupaa ma 

ka oiaio. 
Prink, v. E kahiko i ke kino a nani. 
Print, V. E i>ai. 
Print, n. 1. He meheu. 

2. Lole kalakoa. 

3. He kii. 

Prlnt'er, n. Kanaka pai palapala. 

Print'ing, n. Ke pai ana. 

Print'ing-df'fice, n. Hale pai palapa- 

Prinf ing-pa'per, n. Pepa pai palapa- 

Pript/ing-press', n. Mikini pai pala- 

Pri'or, adv. Mamua ae. Syn. previous. 

Pri-6r'i-ty, n. Ka mua. Priority of 
birth, ka mua ma ka hanam ana. 

Prism, n. Kinopaa aoao likelua, ili lau- 

Pris'on, n. Hale paahao. 

Pris'on-er, n. He pjaabao. 

Pris'tine, adj. No kinohi, Syn. prime- 

Pri'va-cy, n. Kahi mehameha; kahi 

Pri'vate, adj. Mehameha; malu'; hu- 

Pri'vate, n. He koa maoli. 

Pri'vate-ly, adv. Ma kahi malu'. 

Pri-va'tion, n. He nele. 

Priv'i-lege, n. He pono; he pomaikai. 

Priv'i-ly, adj. Malu'. Syn. secretly. 

Priv'y, w Hale liilii. 

Priv'y, adj. 1. Malu'. Privy council. 
Aha kuka' malu'. 
2. Ike malu'; ae malu'. 

Prize, n. Uku makana no ka ol. 

Prize, v. E manao nui aku; e kau nui 
ka mauao. 



Prize'-figlit'er, n. Mea hakaka, aume- 

ume paha, uo ka makana. 
Pro aud con. Kokua a kue. 
Pr6b'a-bll'i-ty, n. Ka oiaio paha. 
Prdb'a-ble, adj. Oiaio paha; oiaio i ka 

nana 'ku. 
PrOb'a-bly, adv. Pela paha; oiaio pa- 
Pro'bate, n. Ka hooia ana i na pala- 

pala hooilina. Probate court, aha hooia 

palapala hooilina. 
Pro-ba'tion, n. 1. He wa hoao. 

2. Ho hoao; hooia. 
Pro-ba'tion-a-ry, adj. Hoao; hooia. 
Probe, n. He kui-hou a ke kauka. 
Probe, V. E hookomo i ke kui hou. 
Pr6b'l-ty, n. Oiaio; hoopono. Syn. 

Pr6b'lein, n. Manaohai; nanehai. 
Prob'lem-at'ic, adj Maopopo ole. 
Pro-b68'ci8, n. He nuku loloa. 
Pro-ced'ure, n. Ka holo anao ka hana. 
Pro-ceed', v. 1. E hele imua; maalo 


2. Proceed from, e puka mai no loko ae. 
Pro-ceed'lng, n. Ka hana. 
Pro'ceeds, n. Na loaa. Syn. avails. 
PrCc'ess, n. 1, He hana. A legal pro- 
cess, he hana o ke kanawai. 

2. Process of time, ka nee ana o ka 


8. Process of thought, ka holo ana o ka 

Pro-ces'sion, n. He huakai hele. 

Pro-claim', v. E hoolaha. Syn. pub- 

Procla-ma'tion, n. He olelo hoolaha; 
oleic kukala. 

Pro-ellv'i-ty, ». Ka hilinai ana. Syn. 

Pro-cras'ti-nate, v. E hookaulua. 
SynI put off; delay. 

Pro-cras'ti-na'tion, n. Ka hookaulua 
ana. _ 

Pro-cur'a-ble, adj, Hiki ke loaa; loaa 

Pro-cure', V. E loaa. Syn. obtain. 

Prfifl'i-gal, adj, Uhauha; maunauna. 
Prdd'l-jc&l'i-ty, n. Ka uhauha; ka pa- 

kela. Syn. profusion; extravagance. 
Pro-dl'^ious, arf;. Nuilaunaole. 
Pr<>d'l-i^y, n. Mea kupaianaha. 
Pro-diic'e', V. 1. E hoohua mai. 

2. E waiho mai. SvN. bring forward. 
Prdd'uce, n. 1. Na hua. Syn. fruit. 

Pro-duc'er, n. Mea nana e hoohua. 
Prdd'uct, n. 1. Hua. Syn. fruit. 

2. Hnaloaa. 
Pro-dAc'tion, n. L Hua; ka hoohua 


2. Ka waiho ana mai. 
Pro-d6ct'lve, adj. Hua nul. 
Pruf'a-na'tion, n. Ka hana iuo ana i 

na mea laa. 
Pro-fane', v. 1. E hana Inc. 

2. E hana ino 1 na mea laa. 

8. E hoohaumia. 

Pro-fane', adj. 1. Laa ole. Syn. secular. 

2. Kuamuamu. 
Pro-fan'l-ty, n. 1. Ka lawe ino ana i 

ka inoa o Ke Akua. 

2. Ka hoohaumia ana i na mea laa. 
Pro-fess', V. E hooia me ka waha. 
Pro-fes'slon, n. 1. Ka hooia ana me 

ka waha. 

2. He oihana naauao. 
Pro-fes'sion-al, adj. Pili oihana. Pto- 

fessional services, Kokua pili oihana. 
Pro-fes'sor, n. 1. Mea e hooia ana. 

2. Kumu-ao no nalalakiekie o ka ike. 
Pro-fes'sor-ship, n. Oihana kumu-ao 

ma ke kula nui. 
Prdrfer, v. E haawi. 
Pro-fi'cien-cy, n. Ka makaukau. A 

great cLegree' of proficiency, makaukau 

Pro-fi'cient, adj. Makaukau; akamaL 
Pro'file, n. He kaha helehelena. 
Prfint, V. E ao; e puka. 
Prdnt, n. Puka; waiwai; pomaikai. 
Prdrit-a-ble, adj. Waiwai; make- 

pono ; pomaikai. 
Prdf'it-a-bly, adv. Me ka makepono. 
Prdfll-ga-^y, n. Ano uhauha. 
Prfifli-gate, adj. Uhauha. 
Pro-found', adj. Hohonu, 
Pro-found'ly, adv. 1. Loa. Profoundly 

sorrowful, kaumaha loa, 

2. Hohonu. Profoundly wise, hohonu 

ka ike. Profoundly skilled, hohonu ke 

Pro-f(in'dl-ty, n. Ka hohonu. Syn. 

Pro-fuse', adj. Pakela loa; makena 

wale^ Syn. lavish. 
Pro-fu'sion, n. Paapu wale; makena 

Pro-gen-l-tor, n. He kupuna 
Pr6gr'e-ny, n. Na keiki. Syn. offspring: 
Prog-nt)s'ti-cate, v. E hoike e ma- 

mua. Syn. foretell. 
Prog-nds'ti-ca'tion, n. Ka wanana 

Pro'gram, ) Papa hoike uo na 
Pro'gramme, \ hana. 

Prdg'resa, n. 1, Ka holomua. 

2. Ka nee ana imua. 
Pro-gress', v. E nee imua. 
Prorgres'sion, n. Ka nee ana imnai. 
Pro-gres'slve, adj. Holomua. 
Pro-hlb'It, V. E pa'pa'; e hookapn. 
Pro'hI-bi'tlon, n. Ka papa ana; ka 

hookapn ana. 
Pro-hib'l-to-ry, adj. Hookapu. 
Pro-j6ct', V. 1. E kikooiwaho;e kiola. 

2. E hoomakaukau hana. Syn. to 

PrdJ'ect, n. Hana i noonoo ia. Syic. 

Pro-Jec'tlle, n, Mea lele. 
Pro-Ject'ing, adj. E o aua iwaho. 
Pro-J^c'tion, n. 1. Mea e o ana Iwaho. 

2. Ka hoolele ana. Syn. throwing 

Pro-liflc, ad)'. Haa uul; hana nui. 




Pro'Hx, adj. Lonil a luhl. 

Ero-16ng','r. E hooloihi; hookaulua* 

Pro'lon-ga'tlon, 71. Ka hoolpihi ana. 

Prdm'e-nade', r. E holoholo. 

Prom'i-nence, «. Ka hookiekie ana'e. 

Prom'i-nent, adj. Kiekie; ohuku. A 
prominent man, he 'k.a.u&k.sL kiekie; ka- 
naka koikoi. 

Prdm'i-nent-ly, adv. Me ka maopopo 
lea. To bring prominently /orwofd, e^ 

• hoike maopopo lea mai. 

Pro-mis'cu-otis, adj. Huikau. 

Prom'ise, n. He olelo paa. 

Pr6m'is-8o-ry Note, n. Blla hooaie'. 

Prom'on-to-ry, n. Lae kiekie. 

Pro-mote', v. 1. E kokua; e hooikaika. 
2. E hookiekie ae ma ka oihana. 

Pro-mofer, n. Mea e kokua aua. 

Pro-mo'tion, n. Ka hookiekie ana'e. 

Prdmpt, adj. Makaukau; kuoo. Svn. 

Prompt, V. E paipai. 

Prompt'i-tutle, n. Ke ano kuoo; ma- 

Prompt'ly, adv. Me ka hakalia ole. 

Pro-mOl'gate, v. E hoolaha. Syn. 
. proclaim. 

Pro'inul'-ga'tion, n. Ka hoolaha ana. 

Prone, adj. 1. Moe alo ilalo. 
2. Maa; walea. 

Prdng, n. Mauaraana. 

Pro'noun, w. Paniiuoa. 

Pro-nounce', v. E puanaleo. 

P-po-nounced', arf/. Ike lea ia. A pro- 
nounced liar, he kanaka wahahee i ike 
lea la. 

Pro-ntin'ci-a'tion, n. Ka p.uana leo. 

Fr«>bf, w. "l. Olelo hooia; ka hooia aua. 
2, He pai mua, i mea hooponoponoia. 

Proof, adj. Paa. Waterproof, paa 1 ko- 
mo ole ai ka wai. 

Prdbrsheet, n. He pepa 1 pai mua la 
no ka hoopouopono aua. 

Prdp, n. He koo; he uuu;makia. Syn. 

Prdp'a-gate, v. E hoolaha. Syn. dis- 

Prfip'a-ga'tioTi, n. Ka hoolaha ana. 

Pro-pel', V. E hoonee iraua. 

Pro-pel'ler, n. 1. Mta e hoonee imua. 
2. Mokumahu me ka huila kaa ma- 

Pro-pen'sl-ty, n. Ka hiHual ana. Pro- 
pensity to evil, kahilinai ana 1 ka hewa. 

Prdp'er, adj. Kupono. SYn. suitable; 

2. Proper noun, inoa pill kino; inoa 

Pr6p'er-ly, adv. Kupono. 

Prop'er-ty, n. 1. Waiwai. Pergonal 
property, waiwai pili kino. 
2. Ano. Syn. quality. 

Pr6ph'e-ejr, ». Olelo wanana. Syn. 

Prrtph'e-sy, v. E wanana. Syn. pre- 

P-riVph'et, n. He kanla. 

J'ro-phief ic, adj. Wduanja la. 

Pro-pin'qui-ty, n. Kekokoke. Syn. 

Pro-pi'ti-ate, v. E hoolaulea, 
Pro-pi'ti-a'tion, n. He kalahala. 
Pro-pi'tiofts, adj. Laulea; oluolu. 
Pro-por'tion, n. 1. Kaukolu. 

2. Ka hookaulike. 
Pro-por'tion-al, adj. Hookaulike. 
Pro-por'tion-ate, adj. Kaulike. A 

proportionate quantity, he kuauite kau 

Pro-pos'al, n. He manao e hai aku: 

he noi e mare. 
Pro-p6§e', V. E hai manao; e noi. 

Propose marriage, e noi e mare. 
Prdp'o-gi'tion, 7i. Manaohai. 
Pro-pound', v. E waiho mai, 
Pro-pri'e-tor, n. He haku ; he ona. 
Pro-pri'e-tor.-8liip, u. l\a nolio ha- 
ku ana. 
Pro-pri'e-ty, 71. Ka pono; ka mea ku 

Pro'ro-ga'tion, n. Ka hoopaa am. 

Prorogation of Legislature, ka hoopau 

aua o ka Ahaolelo. 
Pro-rogue', r. E hoopau. Prorogue 

Legislature, e hoopau i ka Ahaolelo. 
Pro-scribe', v. E hoahewa e make; e 

kipaku mawaho ae o ka mana oi ke ka- 

Prose, n. Kela me keia ano olelo, koe 

Prds'e-cute, v. 1. E hoopii kanawai. 

2. E hoomau ma ka hooikaika. 
Prdg'e-cu'tlon, n. 1. Ka hoopii ana^ 

2. Ka aoao hoopii. 

8. Ka hooikaika ana. 
PrtJs'e-lyte, v. E kaana. 
Prds'pect, n. Nauaiua. 
Pro-spe«t'ive, adj. Pili i ka wa e hiki 

mai ana. 
Pro-spec'tug, n. He olelo hoakaka 

mua no kekaJii hana. 
Prds'per, v. E holomua; e kuonoono. 
Pro8-per'i-ty, n. Pomaikai; kuouoouo. 
Pros'per-oiis, adj. Kuouoouo; pomai- 
Prds'tl-tute* n. Waliine hookama- 

Pros'ti-tute, v. 1. E hookamakama. 

2. E hoohaahaa; hoohaumia, 
Prds'trate, adj' 1- Hina ilalo; kulai 


2. Luuluu. 
Prfi^'trate, r. E kulon; e kulai iho. 
Pros-tra'tion, n. 1. Luuluu, 

2. Ke kulai ana; moe ana make alo. 
Pros'y, adj. Luhi ma ka olelo; ma ke 

kakau paha. 
Pro-tect', r. E hoomalu; e malama. 
Pro-tec'tlon, n. Mea e main ai; kumu 

hoomalu ; ka hoomalu ana. 
Pro-teet'or, ii. Kahu malama. 
Pro-teet'or-ate, n. Ka hoomalu ana. 
Pro'te-ge' (pro'tay-zhay), n. Keiki 

hanai ; punahele. 
Pro-test', 71. He olelo hoohalahala; he 

olelo hoole. 




Pro*te8t', t». E hoohalahala; e hoole. 
Prdt'est-ant, n. Mea ku-e' i ka ekale- 

sia o Roma; ho hoole pope. 
Prdt'est-ant-igm, n. Hooie pope. 
Prot'es-ta'tioM, n. Ka hoole hoohlki. 
Pro'to-€ol, n, Ke kakau mua o ke kui- 

Pro-tr&ot', V, E hoomau aku a loihl. 
Pro-trude', v. L E hoo-o' iwaho; e 


2. E lewalewa. Syn. hang out. 
Pro-tu'ber-anye, n. He puu; mea ol 

Prdud, Off;'. Hookano; haanui. 
Prflud'ly, adv. Me ka hookano; ka 

Prove, V. E hooia; ehoao. 
Priiv'en-der, n. Ai iia na holoholona. 
Prdv'erb, n. Olelo ao. 
Pro-ver'bi-al, adj. Olelo nui la; wa- 

Pro-vide', v. E hoomakaukau; hoo- 

lako;elolii. Syn. prepare. 
Pro-vid'ed, conj. Ina nae. Syn. on 

condition: with the understanding. 
Prdv'I-dence, n. Ka lima o Ke Akna. 
Prdv'l-dent, adj, Hoomakaukau e 

Prdv'l-den'tial, adj. Na ka lima o 

Ke Akua. 
Pro-vid'er, n. Mea hoomakaukau; 

Prdv'ince, n. 1. He mahele o ke au- 

£uni i mamao aku mai ke poo oihana. 
He mahele o ka oihana. 

8. He panalaau. 
Pro-vin'cial-isin, n. Olelo kuaaina. 
Pro-vlg'fbn, n. 1. He ai i hoomakau- 
kau! a. 

2. Ka hoomakaukau ana. 
Pro-vis'Ion-al, adj. Ku i ka wa. 
Pro-vi'so, n. He olelo ku i ka wa. 
Prdv'o-ca'tlou, n. Kumu hoonauki- 

Pio-voke', V, L E hoonaukiukl; e 


2. E hooeueu; hoolalelale, Syn. in- 
cite. ', p. a, Ukiuki. 
Prfiv'ost-mar'slial, 7t. Luna hopu koa 

Prow, n. Ka ihu o ka moku. Syn. 

Prow'egs, n. Koa. Syn. valor. 
Prowl, V. E kokolo me he holoholona 

hihiu la. 
Prdx'l-mate, ad;. Kokoke; ane. 
Prox-lm'l-ty, n. Kahi kokoke. Syn. 

Prdx'l-mo, n. Kelamahina'e. 
Prdx'y, n. Hehope; he aj?ena. 
PruMence, n. Noonoo akahele. Syn. 

Prji'dent, adj. Akahele ma ka noo- 

Tt \i'dent-ly, adv. Me ke akahele; me 

ka noonoo. Syn. discreetly. 
Prune, v. £ oki i ua lala. Syn. trim. 

Pry, V. 1. E hoomakakiu. 

2. E ohiki ; e mahiki ; e unu. 
Psftlin (sfim), w. Halelu. 
Psjilni'ist, n. Mea haku halelu. 
Pgal'ter (sawl'ter), n. Ka buke o na 

Pshaw, interi. Kal Kahahal 
Psy-chdl'o-gy, n. Ka ike e plli ana 

l_ka uhane o kanaka. 
Pu'ber-ty,w. "Waoo. 
Pftb'lie, w. Kalahui; keakea. Public 

interest, na pono o ka lahui. In public, 

ma ke akea. 
Pftb'li-can, n. 1. Kanaka kuai wai- 


2. He luna auhau, ma ka baihala. 
Pfib'li-ca'tion, n. 1. Kela me kela 


2. Ka hoolaha ana. 

8. Mea i hoolahaia. 
Pub-lic'i-ty, 7i. Kahoo-akea ana; ka 

Pftb'lie-ly, adv. Make akea; imna o 

ka lehulehu. 
Ptib'lie-splr'lt-ed, adj. Makee i ka 

pono o ka lehulehu. 
PCib'lisli, V. 1. E hoolaha; e kukala. 

Syn. proclaim. 

2. E noopuka. 
Pftb'lisli-er, n. Mea hoopuka pala- 
Pfick'er, V. B mio; minoi; muki. 
P\id'ding, n. He pudina; meaai. 
Pfid'dle, n. Kiowai. 
Pu'er-ile, adj, Kohu kamalii. Syn. 

P6ff, V. E puhi; e punoho. 

2. E haanou. Syn. brag. 
Pftff, n. 1. He olelo hoomalimali. 

2. Puahiohio. 
POgr, n. Keko; illo liilii me ka ihu pe'- 

Pu'^il-lsui, n. Mokomoko. 
Pu'gil-ist, n. Mea akamai i ka moko- 
P iie-na'cio &S, adj. Hikiwawe i ka ha- 

kaka wale. 
Pu-Is'sant, adj. Ikaika; mana. Syn. 

mighty; powerful. 
Puke, V. E luai; hoolualuai. Syn. 

Pull, i>. 1. Ehnki; e uhuki. 

2. E hoe. Syn. row. 

3. Pull fruit from a tree, e loulu. 
Pul'let, n. Moa wahine opio. 
Pul'ley, n. He pokakaa; he balaka. 

6yn. block. 

Pfil'ino-na-ry, adj. Pill i ke ake ma- 

Ptklp, n. 1. Kal-o onahua al. 
2. Kela me kela mea palupalu. 

Pul'pit, n. He awai luakinl. 

Pai'sate, V. 1. E pana. Syn. beat. 
2. Koni. Syn. throb. 

Pul-sa'tlon, n. He pana; he koni. 

PAlse, n. Kapana. 

Pikl'ver-l-zji'tlon, n. Ka hooaeae ana 
o na mea kluo paa. 



Piil-ver-ize, v. E aokaoka. 
Pum'ice, n. Pohaku pele lana ma ka 

Pfimp, n. He panma. 
Fump, V. 1. E pauma. 

2. E nietiiele maalea. 
Pump'kln, 71. Ipu pu. 
Pun, n. Olelo ano lua. 
Punch, n. 1. He hao hou puka- 

2. He kui. 
P finch, V. Ehou. Syn. poke. 
Punct'u-al, adj. Kuoo; makaala; kui 

ka manawa. 
Pfinct'u-al'i-ty, n. Ka makaala i ka 

wa kupono. 
Pfinet'u-ate, v. E hookorao i na kiko. 
Punet'u-a'tion, n. Ke kiko ana. 

Punct'uie, n. He pukapuka. 

Pun'gent, adj. Awahia. 

Pun'lsh, r. Ehoopai; ehili; e hahau. 

Syn. chastise ; correct. 
Pfin'ish-a-hle, adj. Ku i ka hoopai. 
Pfin'ish-ment, n. Ka hoopai. 
Pu'ny, adj, Aa; wiwi; nawaiiwali. 

£^P, In. Hiokeiki. 

Pu'pil, TO. 1. Haumana, 

2. Onohi maka. 
Purr, t). Enunulu. 
Pur'chase, V. E kuai; eloaa ma ke ku- 

ai ana. Syn. buy. 
Pur'chase, n. Ke kuai ana. 
Pur'chas-er, n. Mea nana e kuai. 

Syn. buyer. 
Pure, adj. Maemae; makamae. 

Pure'ly, adv. 1. Me ka maemae. 

2. Wale no. Syn. merely. 
Pur'ga-tive, n. Laau hoo-naha'. 
Purge, V. 1. E hoomaemae; e kala. 

2. E naha'; hoo naha'. 
Pu'ri-fl-ca'tion, n. Ka hoomaemae 

Pu'ri-fl'er, n. Mea hoomaemae. 
Pu'rl-fy, V. E hoomaemae; e hiuwai. 
Pu'rl-ty, n. Ka maemae. 
Pur-loin', V. E kaili; e aihue. Syn. 

pilfer. , .,. 

Pur-loin'er, n. Mea kaili wale. 

Pur'ple, n. Lole makue: poni; uliuli. 

Pur'ple, adj. Poni. 

Pur'port, n. Aug. Syn. meaning. 

Pur'pose (pns), n. Manao paa. Syn. 

Pur'pose, V. E manao paa. Syn. in- 

Pur'pose-ly, adv. Me ka manao e ma- 
mua. Syn. intentionally. 

Purse, n. Aa moni ; eke dala. 

Purse'proud, adj. Hookiekie mamu- 
li o ka waiwai. 

Purs'er, n. Luna uku dala moku. 

Pur-8u'ant, adj. Mamuli o. Syn. con- 

Pur-su'er, n. Mea hahai; mea alualu. 

Pur-sue', V. 1. E hahai; e alualu. 
2. To pursue study, e hahai mamuli o 
ka ike. 

Pur-suit', w. 1. Ka hahai ana; ka alu- 
alu ana. 

2. He oihana. Syn. calling; occupa- 

Pur-vey', v. E hoolako i ai. 

Pur-vey'or, TO. Kuene; mea hoolako i 

kela me keia mea e pono ai. Syn. 

P6s, n. Palahehe. 
Push, r. Ekoo;epahu. 
Push'in^, adj. Makaala; mikiala. Syn. 

Pu'sil-la-nlm'I-ty, n. Maka'u wale. 

Syn. cowardice. 
Pu'sil-lan'i-mo&s, adj. Maka'u wale. 

Syn. cowardly. 
Puss, n. Popoki; owao. Syn. cat 

Ptks'tule.TO. Puupuuliilii. Syn. pimple. 

P^t, V. E waiho. 

Pu'tre-fae'tlon, n. He palaho'. 

Pu'tre-fy, v. E palaho'. 

Pu'trid, adj. Palaho'. 

P fifty, TO. He pati ; mea hoopaa aniani. 

Pfiz'zle, V. E hoohuahualau; e hoopo- 

Pfiz'zling, adj. Pohihihi; hoohuahua- 

Pyg-my, n. He keko; mea iii. 

Pyr'a-mid, n. Puuoa; piramida. 

Py-ronn'e-ter, to. Mea ana wela nui. 

Pyr'o-tech'ny, to. Oihana hana ahika- 

Pyr'o-teeh'nist, n. Kanaka hana i na 






Qn&ck, n. 1, Leo o ka manu ka'ka'. 
2. Kauka hemahema. 

Qua,ck'er-y, n. Ka akena wale maka 

ke lapaau. 
Quad'ran-gle, n. He hulna-ha. 
Quad'rant, n. L Ka hapaha' o ka 


2. Mea ana kiekie. 
Quad-raf ie, adj. Pili i ka huinaha' 

Quad-r&t'ic e-qua'tion, n. Hooha- 

like mana elua. 
Quad'ri-lat'er-al, n. Ill aoao eha'. 
^ua-drllle', n. He hula pa-ha'. 
Quad-rin'ion, n. Kuaderillona. 
Qu^d-roon', n. Hehapanika. 
Qu^d-ru'ma-notks, n. Lima eha'. 
Quad'ru-ped, n. Holoholona wawae 

Quad-ru'ple, adj. Pa-ha'. 
^uaff, V. E iuu a nuL 
Quafir'mire, n. Nenelu poho'. Syn. bog. 
Quaint, fufj. 1. Alio e; ano hoakaaka. 

A quaint expression, he olelo ano e. Syn. 

odd; whimsicaL 

2. Kahiko; no ka wa kahiko. Syn. 

Quake, V. E haalulu; e naueue. Syn. 

Quak'er, n. He ano hoomana. Syn. 

Qu^l'I-fl-ca'tlon, n. 1. Ka makaukau. 

2. Kahoo-koe; hoohaike. 
QuaPl-fi-er, n. h Hua olelo hooku- 


2. Mea e hoomakaukau ana. 
Qual'i-fy, V. 1. E hoomakaukau ma- 
mull okaimi. 

2. Ehoohaiki; ehookupono. 
Qu^l'i-ty, n. 1. Auo. A good qtiality, 

he ano maikai. 

2. Kulana kiekie. 
Qualm, n. 1. Poluea. Syn. nausea. 

2, Qiiabns of conscience, k A hoo^&i o ka. 

Qualm'ish, acjj. Poluea. Syn. sick at 

the stomach. 
Quan'da-ry, n. He pilikia no ka mao- 

popo ole. 
Qag,n'tl-ty, n. 1. Kanui. 

2. He kuanite. 
Quar'an-tine, w. Kahoomalu ana, no 


auar'rel, r. Hohakaka; kiimu ku-e', 
ufltr'rel-soiue, adj. Hakaka; huhu 
Qu^r'ry, n. 1. Lua kalal pohaku. 
2. Ka loaa ma ke kl holoholona. 

Quart, n, Hapaha galani ; kuata. 
Quar'ter, n. 1. Hapaha, 

2. Kau-wahi. 

3. He ahonui i ka enemi ma ke kaua. 
Qua-ter'ni-on, n. Eha'; he kauiut. 

Quaternion of soldiers, eha' poe koa. 
Quar'ters, n. Wahi uoho. 
Qujjr'ter-day, w. La hookaa aie. 
Quar'ter-deck', n. Oneki o hope o ka 

moku, no na 'lii moku. 
Quar'ter-ly, adj. Kela me keia hapa- 
Quar'ter-ly, n. Buke i paiia ma kela 

me keia ha]^a-ha. 
Quar'ter-mas'ter, n. Luna hoomakau- 
kau, hoolako, no ka puali koa. 
Quar-tette'^ „ Leo mele me na leo 
Quar-tet' | ^' eha'. 
Quar'to, n. He buke me na lau eha i 

ke kalana. 
Quash, V. E hoopau. Qtcash an indict- 

vient, e hoopau i ka hoopii. 
Qua'ver, n. 1. He haalulu o ka leo. 

2. He leo mele. 
Quay (ke), n. Uapo ku moku. Syn. 

Queen, n. Moi wahlne. 
Queen dcSw'a-ger, n. Alii wahine, 

kane make. 
Queer, adj. Ano e. Syn. odd ; singular. 
Quell, V. E hoopio. Qteell an insurrec- 
tion, e hoopio i ke kipi. 
Quench, v. 1. E kena. Syn. satisfy. 

2. E kinai. Quench fire, e kinai 1 ke ahi 

me ka wai. 
Quench'a-ble, adj. Hiki ke kinaiia. 
Quer'ist, n. Mea nieniele. 
Quer'u-lotks, adj. Nainai; na ole. Syn. 

Que'ry, n. He niele; he ninau. 
Quest, w. Kaimiana. Syn. search, 
Ques'tion, n. 1. He ninau. 

2. Kumu kanalua; kumupaio. 
Ques'tlon-a-ble, adj. Kanalua la. 
Ques'tlon-er, n. Meaninaninau. 
Quib'ble, 71. He olelo hauhili. 
Qulb'bler, n. Mea hauhili ma kana 

Quick, a<f;. 1. Wikiwiki; mama. 

2. Aapo. Syn. ready. Quick to answer, 

makaukau ma ka haina. 
Qulck'en, v. E hoo-eueu; hoolalelale. 
Qulck'lime, n. Puna 1 hoo-hu ole ia. 
Qulck'ly, adv. 1. Awiwi;mama. 

2. Hopuhopualulu. Syn. hastily. 
Quick'uess, n. Ka mama; ka hikiwa- 

Quick'sand, n. One poho'. 



eiiick'sil'ver, n. Wai-dala. 
uick'-wit'ted, a<y. Noili; malele. 
^uid, n. He pepee baka nau. 

Quld'nune, n. He holoholo olelo. Syn. 

Qui-es'cent, adj. Malie; maha. 
Qui'et,adj. 1. Malie ; malielie ; na. Syn. 

calm; tranquil. 

2. Pohala. 
*Qui'et-ly, adv. Nihi; malie, 
^ui'e-tude, n. Ka malie; ka maha. 
^ui-e'tu8, n. 1. Ka pio ana. 

2. Make. 
Quill, n. Hulu niii o ka manu. 
Quill'pen, n. Peui hulu. 
Quilt, n. Kapa apana. Syn. hed-quilt. 

Qui'nine, n. Laau lapaau flva. 
{jiiin-tette'J Leo mele me na leo 
Quiii-tet, ) elima. 

Quin-tu'ple, adj. Pa-lima. 
Q uire, n. He ope pepa, 24 kalana. 

Quit, V. Eho-o'ki; e haalele. Quit tfte 

house, e haalele i ka hale. 
Quit'elaim, n. Palapala haalele kule- 


Quite, adv. 1. Loa. Quite late, lohi 
loa; korao loa i ka po. 

2. Quite lately, aohe liuliu. 

3. Quite the thing, oia maoli no. 
Quiv'er, n. He aa pua. 
Quiv'er, v. 1. E hulili; e anapa. 

2. E kapalili. Wings quiver, kapalill 
na eheu. 

3. Haukeke. Lips quiver, haukeke na 

4. E haalulu. Syn. quaver. 
Quiz, v. E hoohuahualau ; e loiloi. 
Qudn'dam, adj. No ka wii i hala. 

Quondam friend, he hoa o ka wa i hnla, 
Quo'ruin, n. Ka hapa e lawa pouo ai 

ka hana. 
Quota, n. Mahele kau-like. 
Quo-ta'tion, n. 1. He olelo i unuhlia 

no loko mai o kekahi olelo e. 

2. Market quotations, he papa hoike 

kumu kuai. 
Quote, V. E unuhi; e lawe i ko hal 

Quoth, t>. I akula; wahl. Quoth Ae, 

wahi aiia. 
Quo'Cieut, n. Helu puka. 



ab'bet, v. E hole 1 ka papa. 

liab'bit, n. Lapika; iole kahiki. 
Habibie, n. He puulu kanaka ; ultiaoa. 
Kab'bid, adj. Hehena; haehae. 

Race, w. 1. He kukini; heihei. 
2." He mamo. The five races of man- 
kind, 11 a mamoellma o kanaka. 

K ace'eourse, n. Kahua heihei. 

Rack,!'. E kupaka. Racked with pain, 

kupaka i ka ena. 
Rack'et, n. Kamumu nui; walaau nui. 

Rji'di-ance, n. Malamalama alohilohi. 
Ra'di-ant, adj. L Huali; olinolino; 


2, Radiant with delight, alohilohi ka 

maka i ka hauoli. 
Ra'di-ate, v. £ kaa; e hohola. 

Ra'di-a'tion, -n. Ke kaa ana; ka ho- 
hola ana. 

Ra'dl-a'tor, n. Mea hohola i ka mala- 
malama, a wela paha. 

Rad'i-cal, adj. Mai ke kumii mai. 
Radical change, he hoololi mai ke ku- 
mu mai. 

Bad'i-cal, n. He kumu. Syn. root. 

Rftd'i-cal-ly, adv. Mai ke kumu mai. 

Radically wrong, hewa mai ke kumu 

Ra'di-As, n. Kaha hanai, 
Rarfle, 71. He ano piliwaiwai. 

S&ft, n. He huina laau hoolana ma ka 

wai; he laua laau. 
Raft'er, n. He oa hale. 
R*gr, n. Welu. 
Rag'a-marfin, n. Mea pupuka ino. 

Rag^e, n. 1. Huhunui; keeo. 

2. Kupikipiki-o'. The ocean's rage, ke 

kupikipikio o ke kai. 
Rag-ged, adj. Weluwelu; haehaeia. 
Rag'man, n. Kanaka kuai welu. 

Raid, V. £ pakaha; e komo ma ke ano 

Rail, n. He kaola. Iron rail, kaola 

Rail'ler-y, n. Olelo loiloi; olelo paani. 
Syn. banter. 

RailMng, ?;. 1. Paku' laau; he pa. 
2. Olelo kuamuamu. 

Rail'road,| Alanui hao. Syn. tram- 

Rail'way, i "' way. 

Rai'ment, n. Lole komo. Syn. cloth- 
ing; garments. 

Rain, n. IT '-a. 

Ralu'bow, n, Anuenue. 




Jlfiin'-gatigre, n. He apti ana i ka nui o 

ka ii-a. 
Raiii'y, adj. U'-a, 
Kaln'y-sea'fon, n. Knaua. 
Kfiise, V. 1. E hoala; e hapai ae. Syn. 


2. E ulu; hoo-ulu, 

8. E leha'e. Jiaise the ef/is, e lelia'e i 

iia maka. 
Huis'ln, n. Hua waina malbb. 
Hake, 71. 1. Iliipuku; kahi opaltu 

2. Kanaka nhaithiu 
Ilal'ly, V. E alu mai; e eu; ie hbo- 


2. Hooheneherte; loiloi. 
Ham, n. 1. Hipa kune. 

He luikn hao no ka mbku k'au'a. 

8. Kekulii ano panma. 
'Ram, V. Ehon;epahu. 
Ivam'ble, n. E holoholo; e naakaikai. 

Syn. strolL 
Hana'bler, w. Mea holoholo; mea ma- 

Kam'bllng, n. 1. Ka holoholo pna, 

2. A raiiMiiig thou'gftt, he iuahao au- 

wana wale, pill ole. 
Ram'part, n. Ka pa o ka pa-kaua. 
Kain'rod, n. Hao noopiha pu. 
Ilanch, n. Wahl hanai holoholbna, 
Ran'cid, a<f/. Tolopolona. 
Kan'cor, «. Inalua nui; opu ino. Syn. 

Kan'eor-ofts, adj. Opu itio; naatikee- 

Kaii'dom, ad;. Wale. Random talk, ^- 

mailio wale. 
Rfiu^e, n. 1. Lalani. Syn. row. 

2. Withfn range of theyun^ ma kahi 1 

hlklai kapn. 

8. Within range t)f vision, ma kahi i 

liiki ai kamaka. 

4. Kahi e holoholo ai; he aina kula. 

A cattle rangci he kinla ktila no nk ho- 

Ratige, V. E holoholo. The ctittle range 

over the pastureHf holoholo ua bipi iiia 

ke kula. 
R^nk, adj. L Hauna. Syn. strOhg. 

2. Ulunui;hihi. 
R&nic, n. H<; kulaha; hie papa. 
Rank, v. E ku ma ke kulana. 
Rauk'le, v. 1. E hoo-uluhua. 

2. E h<X)pehu. SVN. fester. 
R&n'Hack, v. E 1ml ma na wahi a pisn. 
Ritn'sotn, n. ,Ukupanai, 
Rftn'aom, i». E lioola panai. 
Rant, n. Olelo haauui; wulaau; wiaha- 

Rant'er, n. He wahapaa; waha kole. 
Jlhpt V. E kui; e klkeke. Syn. k hock. 
Ra-pa'cloft«, o^y. Hao wale; alunu. 
Ra-pftc'i-ty, ii. Aliinu; puniWaiwal. 
Rape.'n. I'ue wahine. 
RRpMd, adj. Mama; hikiwawe; klki. 
R^pMdH, n. Kahi o kahe awiwi ai ka 

ll>i-pld'i-ty, n. Ka mama; ka hikiwa- 


RSp'id-ly, adv. Mama; wawe; hikl- 

Rap'lne, n. Ka hao wale ana; ka powlfc 

ana. _ 
Rapt'ure, n. HaUoli nui. 
Rapt'ur-otks, ttrf/. Piha i kakftuoli, 
Rar©, ac^. 1. Ike plnepineole ia; ml- 

limili. Syn. chblce. 

2. Moaiki. Syn. underdone. 
Rar'e-fac'tiou, n. Ka hoo-mahi'a ah^p 

ke ea. 
Rar'e-^, v. E hoolilo a taama. 
Rare'ly, adv. Kakaikahi lua. 
Rar'i-ty, ?*. 1. He mea Ike plriepJidfe 

oleia; meamilimili. 

2. Ke arbihama; anolahilahi. 
Ras'cal, ii. Kanaka kolohe; kanaka 

Ras-eal'i-ty, n. Hana kolohe; hana 

Rash, adj. Hoaano. Syn. foolhardy. 
R^sh'ly, adv. Me ka noonoo ole. 
Hasp, n. He apuapu nui. 
Rasp'ber-ry, n. He akala. 
R&ip'ing:, adj. Okalakala. 
Rat, 71. lole nui. 
Rate, n. 1. Kumukuai. Syn. price. 

2. Ka holo ana; ka nee aua. SYlr, 

3. Ratio; kulana. 
Rath'er, adv. 1. E nho. 

2. Iki. Rather small, uuku iki. 

R&t'i-fi-ea'tioJi, n. Kaaponoana. 

Rat'i-fy, v._ E apono ma ke kakau Hina. 

Ra'tio (sho), n. Ke kaullke; rati'o. 

Ra'tlon, n. He mahele ai. 

Ha'tlon-al, adj. Noonoo ; ku i kk liOb- 

Ra'tion-al-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo. 

Kat'line* n. Kaula liilii o ka Lklni 

Rat- toon', n. Oha'ko. 

Rat'tle, n. Meapaani hbonakeke. 

Rav'agre, r>. E luku;ehooneoneo. SV^. 

Rav'a-ger, n. Mea luku. Syn. plun- 

Rave, v. E pupul'e Iba; e kamailiopu- 

Ra'ven, n. MaTiu kofaka. 

Rav'en-ojks, adj. 1. Hae. Syn. vora- 
2. Ravenously hungry, pololi loa. 

Ra-v'ine', n. Kahawai. 

Rav'lng^, adj. Hehena, 

Rav'ish, v. , 1, E pne; e lima Ikafkft. 
2. Ravished with delight, pilia i ka ha- 

Raw, adj. 1. Maka; kole. 

2. Raw material, ua lako m'rtoll. 

3. Anuanu;oplli. Syn. blustering. 
Raw'boned, oto'. Olala. 
Raw'hide, H. Ill maka; laau hill. 
Ray, w, Kukuna. 

RftyleHs, adj. Tonlf ; poeleele. 
Raze, v. E hooauhuli; huohiolo. SYk. 

Ra'zor, n. Pfehl unrfuml. 




Ba'zor-strdp, n. Hi hoo-kala pahi- 

Reach, f. 1. E kikoo; e o aku. 

2, E homai. 

3. E hohola. Reach far and wide, e 
hoholo ma o a maanei, 

Keach, n. 1. Ma kahi e hiki ai. Within 
reach o/ the ana, ma kahi e hiki ai ka 
2. Ma kahi kokoke. 

Re-Sct', r. E ili hou; e hoi hou. 

Re-ac'tion, n. K a hoi hou ihope. 

Read,t;. E heluhelu. 

Read'a-ble, adj. Kupono ke helu he- 

Readier, n. 1. Mea heluhelu. 
2. Buke heluhelu. 

Read'i-ly, adv. Me ka hikiwawe; me 
ka makaukau. 

Read'i-nesi», n. Ka makaukau; ka hi- 

Readying, n. He mea heluhelu; ka he- 
luhelu aua. 

Re'ad-just', d. E hooponopono hou. 

Re'ad-J&st'ment, n. Ka hooponopono 
hou ana. 

Re'ad-mis'sion, n. Ka hookomo hou 

Re'ad-mlt', v. E hookomo hou. 

Read'y, adv. Makaukau; lolii; mio. 

Re'af-firm', v. E hai hou ; c 1 hou. 

JHe-Sil, adj. Oiaio;maoli. Syn. genuine. 

Re-al'i-ty, n. Ka oiaio. Syn. truth; 

Re'al-l-za'tion, n. Ke ko ana. 

Re'al-ize, r. 1. E ko. Svn. accom- 

2. E loaa. Syn. find. 

3. E hooraaopopo. Syn. appreciate. 

4. E puka. Syn. gain. 

Re'al-ly, adv. He oiaio. Syn. verily; 

Realm, n. AupunI moi. 
Ream, n. He puolo pepa, 90 quires. 

Ream'er, n. He will e hana a nui ka 

Re-an'i-mate, v. 1. E hoihoi mai i ke 


2. E hoohoihoi. 
Reap, 1/. E ohi. 
Reap'er» n. Mea ohi; mikini okl pa- 

Re'ap-pear', v. E hoeahou mai. 

Re'ap-pear'anre, n. Ka hoea hom 

ana mai. 
Re'ap-point', v. E koho hou no ka 

Rear, n. 1. Ko hope. Rear of the 

house, ko hope o ka hale. 

2. Hear of an arviy, huuapaa. 

3. Ke kua. 

Rear, v. 1. E hanal. Syn. raise. 
2. E ao. Syn. Itach. 
8. E hoala; e kukulu. Syn. raise; 

4. E ku ma na wawae hope. 
Re'as-ceud', v. E pii hou ae. 

Rea'scn, n. 1. Ka noonoo kanaka. • 
2. He kumu. Syn. motive. 

Rea'son.r. E noonoo pu; e ao aku. 

Kea'son-a-ble, adj. Kuponu; ku i ka 

Rea'son-a-ble-ness, n. Ke kupono; 
ku Ika noonoo. 

Rea'f on-a-bly, adv. Ma ka mea ku- 

Rea'gon-er, n. Mea alakai i ka noo- 

Rea'son-lng, n. Ke alakai ar.a i ka 

Re'as-sem'ble, v. E akoakoahou. 

Re'aM-serf, v. E hai hou. Syn. reaf- 

Re'as-sume', V. Ehapaihou; e lawe 
hou. Syn. resume. 

Re'as-sure', v. E hoopau i ke kaualua; 
e hoopau 1 ka pihoihoi. 

Re'at-tempf , v. E hoao hou. 

Re-bate\ n. Kahooemi ana. Hehate 
on duties,' ka hooemi aua mai ka auhau 

Re-bel', v. E kipi. 

Keb'el, n. He kipL 

Re-bel Pi on, n. Ke kipl I ka aupuni. 

Re-bell'iou8, ac?/. Kipi; liookuli. 

Re-bound', v. 1. E lele hou inaL 
2. E kupiubi. 

Re-btkfl', «. Kumu keakea. 

Re-build', V. E kukulu hou. 

Re-buke', i;. E ao; e papa'ku. 

Re-bAt,, V. E pale i ka olelo hoike, 

Re-«gll', V. 1. E kahea hou luai. 

2. E hoihoi mai. 

3. Ehoomanao. Syn. recall to mind. 
Re-e&nt/, v. 1. E hoihoi mai i ka lua- 

nao. Syn. retract. 

2. E haalele i ka manaoio. 
Re'ean-ta'tion, n. Ka haalele aua i ka 

Re'ea-pit'a-late, v. E helu hou mai 

ka mua mai. 
Re'ea^plt'u-la'tion, n. Ka heluna nul. 
Re-cap'ture, v. E hopu hou. 
Re-cede', v. E ku emi ihupe; e hoi 

Re-ceipt', n. 1. PalapaTa hookaa. 

2. "Ka loaa ana. Syn. recejitiou. 

3. He rula no kekahi mau Luna. 

4. Kahi e hoo-kaa ai. 
Re-ceiv'a-ble, adi. Loaa mai. BiUt 

receivable, na bila loaa mai. 
Re-ceive', t'. E loaa. 
Re-ceiv'er, n. Mea e loaa ana; mea 

Re'cent, adj. Iho nei. Kecent arrival, 

ke'ku ana iho nei. 
Re'cent-ly, adv. A no iho nef. 
Re-cep'ta-cle, n. Wuhi Loahu. 
Re-cep'tion, n. 1. Ka loua aua. 

2. "Ke kipaana. 
Re-cess', n. 1. Wa hoomaha pokole. 

2. "He kuono iloko o ke keen a. 
Rec'i-pe, n. Rula wehewehe no kekahi 

m'auhana. Becipe for cooking, t\x\& uo 

ke kuke ana. 




Be-clp'I-ent, n. Mea nana e loaa. 

Be-cip'ro-cute, v. E haawi aku ha- 

awl rani; e pauai like. 
Re-cit'al, n. Kahai waha ana. 
Bec-i-tsi'tion, n. Ka hai ana. 
Be-cite', v. E hai waha; e hai paa 

naau. Syn. repeat. 
Beck'less, ady. Noonooole. Syn. rash. 

Beck'less-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo ole. 

Syn. rashly. 
Beck'on, v. E noonoo; e helu. 
Beck'on-ing:, /i. 1. Ka hooponopono 

anai ka helu. 

2. Ka helu ana; helu. 
Be-elaiIn^ v. 1. E hoohuli mai. 

2. E loaa hou. Syn. recover. 

3. Reclaim poor land, e hoomomona i 
ka aina panoa. 

Be-claim'a-ble, adj. HikI ke hoohu- 

Be-cline', v. E hilinai aku; e moe iho. 

Be-clin'ing:, n. Ka hilinai ana; ka moe 

iho ana. 
Be-eluse, n. Kanaka noho mehameha. 
Bec'oc-nl'tion, n. Ka hoomaopopo 

ana; K.aike ana. 
Be-cdg^'ni-zance, n. Ano hona i ka- 

Bec'og-nize, v. E hoomaopopo; e ike 

Be-coil', V. E kuemi ihope. 
Bec'ol-lect', v. E hoomanao. Syn. 

Bec'ol-lecHion, n. Ka hoomanao ana. 

Be'com-mence', v. E hoomakahou. 
Bec'om-mencl', v. E apono. 

Bec'om-men-da'tion, n. Ka apono 

aua. Letter of recommendation, palapa- 

la apono. 
Be^com-mit', v. 1. E hoihoi hou. Re- 

covimit a bill, e hoihoi hou i ka bila. 

2. E hana hou. 
Bee'om-pense, n. He uku hana. Syn. 

Bec'on-cile, v. E hookuikahi; hoo- 

Bec'on-«gil'i-a'tlon, n. Ka hookuikahi 

B£c'on>dite, adj. 1. Pohihihi; mao- 

popo ole. 

2. Huna'ia mai ka noonoo. Syn. 

Be'con-dfiet', v. E kai hou; e alakai 

Be-c6n'nol8-8ance, n. Ke kiu ana i ka 

Be'con-noi'tre, v. L E kiu; hooma- 


2. E hakilo. 
Be-cdn'quer (kon'ker), v. E hoopio 

Be'con-gld'er, v. E noonoo hou. 

Be'eon-sld'er-a'tlon, n. Ka noonoo 

hon ana. 
Be-cord', v. E kakau ma ke ano moo- 


Bfic'ord, n. He moolelo kakau. Court 

of record, aha kakau. Record of evi- 
dence, moohihia. 
Be-c6rd'er, n. Luna kakau palapala. 
Re-count', v. E hai liilii mai. 
Be-course', n. Wahi launa. Syn. 

resort. Recourse to books, e launa me 

na buke. 
Be-eov'er, v. 1. E loaa hou ka mea i 


2. E ola hou; konakonea. Syn. get 

Be-c6v'er-y, n. 1. Ka loaa hou ana o 

ka meai lilo. 

2. Ke ola hou ana. 
Bee're-ant, adj. Hull hoi ihope; ku- 

makaia. Recreant to a trust, kumakaia 

i kekahl pono. 
Bee're-ate, i;. E hoo-oluolu; e hoona- 

nea. E paanl. 
Bee're-a'tion, n. Ka hoo-oluolu ana; 

ka paani ana. 
Be-criin'i-nate, v. E nuku aku nuku 

Be-crim'i-na'tlon, n. Ka nuku aku 

nuku mai. 
Be-cross', v. E hele hou i kela aoao. 
Be-crult', v. 1. E hooikaika hou i ke 


2. E kepa. 
Be-crult', n. He koa hou ; mea kepa hou. 
Be-eruits', n. pi. Kela lako keia lako. 
Beet'an-gle, n. Huina kupono. 
Beet-an'gu-lar, adj. Huina kupono. 
Bec'tl-fl-ca'tion, n. Ka hooponopono 

ana; ka hoopololei ana. 
Bee'ti-fy, r. 1. E hooponopono. Syn. 


2. E hoopololei. Syn. straighten. 

8. E hoomaemae; hoo-aiai. Syn. 

Bec'ti-lin'e-ar, adj. Kaha pololei. 
Bec'ti-tude, n. Ka hoopouo. Syn. 

Bee'tor, n. 1. He kahu ekalesla. 

2. Puuku nui o ke kula nui. 
Be-cAm'bent, adj. Moe hilinai. Syn. 

Be-cu'per-ate, v. E hooikaika hou. 
Be-ciir', v. 1. E hoihou. Reei'.r to a 

subject, e hoi hou i ke kumumauao. 

2. E ike hou ia. 
Be-cur'rence, n. Ka ike hou; hoi hou. 
Bed, adj. Ulaula. 
Bed'den, v. E ha'ulaula. 
Bed 'dl fell, adj. Haulaula, 
Be-deem', V. 1. E hoola panai. 

2. E uku panai. 

8. Redeem a pledge, e hooko i ka olelo 

Be-deem'er, n. Ka Hoola. 
Be-demp'tion, 7t. 1. Ke Ola, 

2. Ka uku panai aua. 

8. Ka hooko aua. 
B«^d'h6t, adj. Enaena. 
B6d'iiesH, n. Ka ulaula. 
B^d'o-lent, adj. Moanlanl. 
Be-dotkb'le, v. E i>apalua. 




Ke-doubf (dowt), n. He papu iloko 

o kekahi pakaua, 
Kc-dound', v. E kokiia marauli o ke- 
kahi mea. Redound to his glory, e ko- 

kua mamuli o kona nani. 
He-dress', v. E hooponopono i na pi- 

He-dress', n. Ka hoihoi ana o kapoino. 
Ile-duce', v. 1. E hbo-emi. 

2. E hoopio. Byn. conquer. 
Ile-due'tion, ?i. 1. Ka lioo-eini. 

2. Ka lawe pio nua. 
He-diin'diaut, adj. Piakela; ketu 
Heed, n. 1. He ohe; ohu kani. 

2. He naku; akaakai. Syn. rush. 
Heef, V. E li. Reef the sail, e li ka pea. 
Ileef, w. Ae-kai; kuanalu. 
IJeek, V. E punohu. 
Heel, V. 1. E hele hikaka; e kunewa- 


2. Reel from weakness, e kaalele. 

3. E wiii. Syn. wind. 
Heel, n. He pokakaa will. 
He'e-leet', v. E koho hou. 
He'em-biirk', v. E ee hou maluna o 

ka moku. 
He'en-aet', v. E hana hou; hooholo 

He'en-force', v. 1. E hooikaika hou. 

2. E hoopiha hou mai. 
H<a'en-guge', V. 1. E hoopaahou. 

2. E hoolimalima hou. 
Re'en-list', v. E kakau inoa hoii no 

ke komo ana ma ka puall koa. 
He-en'ter, v. E komo hou aku. 
Re'es-tab'lish, v. E hookahua hou. 
Keeve, v. E hookomo 1 ka piko okc 

kaula. Reeve the end of the rope through 

the block, e hookomo i ka piko o ke 

kaula ma ka balaka. 
He'ex-am'i-na'tion, n. 1. Ka ninau 

hou ana. 

2. Ka hull Tiou ana. 
Re'ex-am'ine, v. E nlnauhou; ehoike 

hou. Re-examine accounts, e hull hou i 

na helu. 
Re-fee'to-ry, n. Keenapaina. 
Ke-fer', v. 1. E kuhikuhi. 

2. E waiho. Refer to a committee, e wai- 

ho i ke komite. 
Hef'er-ee',w. Meauwao; mea hooholo 

1 }ca pono iwaena o na aoao elua. 
Ref er-ence, ji. 1. He kuhikuhL 

2. Ka waiho ana. 

3. Kapiliana. No reference to the sub- 
ject, aole pili i ke kximu manao. 

Ref'er-en-ces, n. 1. Palapala hoike. 

. 2. Olelo kuhikuhi. 

Re-fine', v. E hoomaemae. 

Ke-f ined', adj. 1. Maemae; mikioi. 
2. Hoomaemaeia. 

Re-fine'ment, 71. Ka maemae; ka mi- 

Re-fin'er, n. Mea hoomaemae. 

Re-fin'er-y, n. Wahi hoomaemae. 

Re-f It', V. 1. Ehoolako hou; hoopono- 
pono hou. 
2. E kakia hou. Byk. repair. 

Re-flect, V. 1. E noonoo; poonoo. Syn. 

2. An aha. 

3. E kau apono, e kau ahewa paha. 
Re-flee'tion, n. 1. Poonoo. 

2. Anaha; anahanaha. 

3. He kina'. 

Re-flect'or, n. He mea e anaha ai i nia 

kukuna malamalama. 
Re-form', v. E hull hou; hoohuli hou. 
Re-form', n. He hana hou, ku 1 ka po- 
Refor-ma'tion, n. 1. Ka hoohuli hou 

2. Ka imi hou ana i k!i pono. 
Re-for'ma-to-ry, n. Wahi hoopololei. 

Reformatory school, kula hoopololei. 
Re-fract', v. E aui. Water refracts light, 
6 aui ae ke kukuna malamalama 1 ka 
Re-frftc'tion, n. Ka aui ana. 
Re-fraet'o-ry, adj. Nuha; paakikL 
Re-frain', v. E kaaokoa aku; e ho-o'ki. 
Re-frain', n. Ke auo o ke mele. 
Re-fresh', v. E hoo-oluolu. 
Re-fresh'ing^, adj. Oluolu. 
lle-fresh'ment, n. Mea e oluolu ai. 
Re-fresb'meuts, n. pi. Na mea ai, me 

na mea inu. 
Re-frig^'er-a'tor, n. He pahu hooanii- 

Refuge, n. He puuhonua; wahi lulu. 
Ilef'u-gee', n. Hekuea; kuewa. 
Re-fAl'gent, adj. Alohilohi; huali. 

SYN. radiant. . 
Re-f find', v. E pani hou. Syn. repay; 

Re-f us'al, n. He hbole. He ae ole. 
Re-fuse', v. E hoole; e ae ole. 
Refuse, n. Koena opala. 
Ref u-ta'tlon, n. Ka pale ana i ka 

Re-fiite', v. E pale olelo. 
Re-grsiin', r. E loaa hou. Syn. recover. 
Re'gal, adj. Hanohano moi. 
Re-gale', v. E hooluolu. Syn. refresh. 
Re-gji'11-a, n. pi. 1. Na kahiko alii. 
2. Na kahiko o ke kulana. Syn. iii- 
Re-gard', v. E maliu; e hoolohe. 
Re-gard', n. Manao maualo; manao 

Re-|fard'ful, adv. 1. Imi i ka pomai- 
kai. Syn. considerate. 
2. Manao nui. Syn. mindful. 
Re-gilrdless, ad/. Manao oie aku. Re- 
gardless of expense, manao olo aku i 
Ka lilo; helu ole i ka lilo. 
Re-gat'ta, n. Heihei moku; heihei 

Re'gen-cy, n. Ka noho 'na o ka hop6 

Re-g:eii'er-ate, adj. Hoo-hanau houla. 
Re-gen'er-iite, v. E ho«>-haiiau hou. 
Re-gen'er-a'tion, n. Kahanaa hou. 
Re'gent, n. Hope moi. 
R"^'i-cide, n. Pepehi al.'I; meapepehl 
moi. " 



X., '^ 

'Re'^ivae'f (ra-zheem') n. Ke ano O 

ka hoomalu ana. 
rRe^'i-vaen, n. Ka noho'na i loaa ka 

ikaika kupono o ke kino. 
Re^'i-mi^nt, 11. He regimana koa. 
Ke^'i-nient'als, w. Na aahu koa. 
Ke'grion, n. Wahi. Region of country, 

wahi o ka aina. 
Beg'l8-ter, w. 1. He papa kuhikuhi. 

8yn. catalogue. 

2. Kapuahi hoomahanahale. 

8. He pani ea no ke kapuahi hao. 

4. He Duke kakau. Marriage register, 
buke kakau mare. 

5. Kahiki anaokaleomaikahttallaa 
loa a i ke kiekie loa. 

Keg'is-ter, v. E kakau. Syn. record. 
Keg'Is-trar, n. Luna kakau; puuku. 

Registrar of public accounts, puuKU nui 

o ka waihona aupuni. 
Re^'is-tra'tion, n. Ke kakau ana. 

Syn. recording. 
Reg'is-try, n. He buke no ke kakau 

ana 1 kela me keia mea. 
Kegr'nant, adj. E noho alii ana. 
Be-gret', n. Mamlna; minamina; me- 

Re-ffret'ful-ly, adv. Me ka minamina. 
Reg'u-lar, adj. Man; walea. Regular 

proceedings, na hana ku man. 
Reg'u-lar'i-ty, n. Ke ano mau; ma ke 

ano i maa. 
Reg'u-liir-ljr, adv. Ma ke ano mau; 

ma ke ano 1 maa. 
Resr^u-late, v. E hooponopOno. Syn. 

Reg'u-la'tion, n. 1. Ka hooponopo- 

no ana. Syn. adjustment. 

2. He rula. Syn. rule. 
Regr'u-la'tor, n. Mea hooponopono. 
Bo'ha-bll'l-tate, v. E hoinoi hou i na 

pono i lawe la'ku. 
Re-hers'al, n. 1. He hai hoomakau- 


2. E hai. Syn. recite. 
Reli^n, n. Ka noho alii ank. 
ReMin-burse', v. E hoihoi i ka poho. 

Syn. repay. 
Re'im-burse'ment, n. Ka hoihoi ana 

i ka poho. 
Rein, n. Hekaulawaha. Togivereirii 

to, e hooko mamuli o ke kuko. To take 

the reins, e alakai. 
Re'ln-force', v. See re-enforce. 
Reins, «. Ka puhaka. 
Re'in-s^irt', v. E hookomo hou. 
Re 'in-state', E hoihoi hou ma ka oiha- 

Re'in-v«8t', V. Hoomoe hou I kawai- 
wai. Reinvest money, e hoomoe hou i 

Re-it'er-ate, v. E hai plnepine; e ku- 

Re-it'er-a'tlon, n. He plnepine ka hai 

Re-ject', V. E hoole; e hoowaha'waha'. 
Re-J6c'ti<»n, n. Ka hoole ana ; ka hoo- 


Re-J6ice, v. E hauoli. 
Re-j<Sie'ing, n. Ka hauoli. 
Ke-joiii', v. 1. E hui hou. 
Re-j6in'der, n. Haina; olelo pane. 

Syn. reply. 
Re-Ju've-nate, v. E hoi hou i ka wavii. 

Re-kln'dle, v. 1. E hoo-a hou. 

2. E hoala hou. 
Re-lapse', v. 1. E haule hou ihope. 

2. Relapse into sickness, e hopilo. 
Re-late', v. E hai. Syn. tell. 
Re-late' to ) E pill; e pili ana. Syn. 
Re-lat'ing to \ pertaining to. 
Re-la'tion, n. 1. Ka hai ana. Syn. 


2. He pili. No relation to the subject, 
aohe pili i ke kumu manao. 

3. He pili koko. 
Re-la'tion-ship, n. Ka pili koko; ka 


Rel'a-tlve, w. He pili koko; makamaka. 

Rel'a-tive, adj. E pili ana. 

Re-lax', V. 1. E alu; e hooalu. Syn. 

2. E hooeml. Relax exertion, e hooemi 
1 ka hooikaika. 

8. E hookuu; e hooluolu. Relax the 
mind, e hooluolu i ka noonoo. 

Rel'ax-il'tion, n. Ka hoo-alu ana; ho- 
oluolu ana, hoonanea. 

Re-lay', n. He poe hou mai. Relay of 
horses, he mau lio hou mai. 

Re-lease', v. E hookuu; e wehe. 

Re-lent', v. E mihi. 

Re-lent'less, adj. Mihi ole; paakiki. 

Rel'e- vant, ac^*. Pili pono ;ku. Syn. 

Re-Ii'a-ble, adj. Pauleleia; oiaio. Syn. 

Re-li'ance, n. Paulele. Syn. trust; con- 

Rel'ie, n. 1. Mea hoomanao. Syn. me- 
2. Kino kupapau. 

Rel'ict, n. Wanine kane make. Syn. 

Re-lief, n. 1. Kokua. Syn. assistance. 
2. Maha. Relief from pain, xasihB. mdi 
ka eh a. 

Re-lieve', V. 1. E kokua. Syn. assist. 

2. E hoophkele. 

3. E haawi i ka maha. 
Re-llg'ion, 71. Kahoomana. Syn. piety. 
Re-li'grioiis, adj. Haipule; manaoio. 
Re-lln'qulsh, v. E haalele iho; e wai- 

hoae. Syn. resign. 
Re-lin'quish-ment, n. Kahaaleleana. 
Rol'isb, V. E ono. Relish food, e on6 

KM'ish-a-ble, adj. Mikomiko. 
Ke-load'* v, 1. E hoouka hou i ka 


2. E hoopiha hou. 
Re-16c'tance, n. Ka ana o ka manao. 

Re-ltic'tant, adj. Ana; makemake ole. 
Re-lfle'tant-ly, adv. Me ka ana. 
Re-iy, V. E paulele; e hilinai. 




Ke-main', v. 1. E koe. 

2. E noho. 
Ke-main'der, n. Ke koena, 
Ke-niains', n. pi. 1. Na huna i koe. 

2. Kiuo kupapim. Syn. corpse. 
Ke-inancV, v. E hoihoi. Remand tojail^ 

e hoihoi i ka hale paahao. 
Re-mark', n. He M'ahi olelo, 
Re-miirk'a-ble, adj. Kupuianaha. 
Re-mark'a-bly, adv. Loa. Remarkably 

good, maikai loa. 
Rem'e-dy, n. 1, He mea e pono ai. 

2. Mea e pakele ai. 

3. Lauu lapaau. 

Rem'e-dy, v. E hooponopono. Remedy 

a mistake, e hooponopono i ke knhihe- 

Re-mem'ber, v. E hoomanao. Syn. 

Re-mem'brance, n. Ka hoomanao. 

Syn. recollection. 
Re-mind', v. E paipai : e hoala manao. 
Rem'i-nls'cence, n. Mea hoala manao. 
Re-mIss', adj.' Palaka. 
Re-mis'sion, n. 1. Ke kala ana. 

2. Ka hookuu ana; ka hoihoi ana. 
Re-init', v. 1. E hooili. 

2. E hookuu. Remit taxes, e hookuu 

Re-mit'tance, n. 1. Kahooillana;ka 

hookuu ana. 

2. Dala i hooiliia. 
Rem'nant, n. Koe'na. 
Re-mod'el, v. E kalal hou; e kaha- 

kaha hou. 
Re-mdn'strance, n. Olelo pa'pa'; olelo 

Re-mfin'strate, v. E pa'pa'. Syn. ex- 
Re-m6r»e', n. Manao walania. 
Re-morse'ful, adj. Walania; kaumaha. 
Re-morse'less, adj. Lokoino; aloha 

ole. Syn. cruel; pitiless. 
Re-mote', adj. Kaawale loa; mamao. 
Re-mote'ness, n. Ke kaawale loa. 
Re-motint', v. E ee hou; e pii hou ae. 
Re-mqv'al, n. 1. Ka lawe ana'ku. 

2. Iva haalele ana i kauwahi. Syn. 

3. Ke kapal ana. Removal from office, 
ke kapai ana mai ka oihana. 

Re-move', v. 1. E lawe aku. 

2. E 'haalele ; e hele aku. 

3. '^E hoohemo; e kapai. 
Re-mu'ner-ate, r. Euku; e hoihoi i 

ka poho'. Syn. recompense. 
Re-mu'ner-a'tion, n. He uku. Syn. 

Re-mu'ner-a'tive, adj. Puka; wai- 

Ren-c6M'tre, ) He halawai ku-e'; 
Ren-coun'ter, i he hakaka. 

Rend, v. E haehae; e uhae. Syn. tear. 
Ren'der, v. 1. E haawi. Syn. give. 

2. E unuhi. Syn. translate. 

3. E wehewehe. Syn. explain. 

4. E hoomaemae; hooaiai. Syn. clar- 

Ren'der-ing, n. Ke ano o ka unuhl 

Ren'dez-vous (ren-de-vu)» n. He 

wahi e akoakoa ai. 
Ren'e-gade, n. 1. He aea haukae. 

2. Mea haalele wale i kona munaoio. 

3. Koamahuka. Syn. deserter. 
Re-new', z/. 1. E hana hou. Syn. ren- 

2. E hoomaka hou. Syn. begin again. 

3. E haawi hou i bila aie. 
Re-new'al, n. Ka hana hou ana; haawi 

hou ana etc. 
Re-nounce', v. E haalele loa; e hoole 

Ren'o-vate, v. E hana hou; hoomae- 
Ren'o-Ta'tion, n. Ka hoomaemae ana. 
Re-nown', n. Kaulana, Syn. fame. 
Re-nowned', adj. Kaulana. Syn. 

celebrated; famous. 
Rent, n. 1. He nahaehae; he mawae. 

2. Uku aina; uku hale. 
Rent, V. E hoolimalima aina, a hale 

Rent'al, n. Ka hoolimalima ana i ka 

aina, etc. 
Rent'roll, n. Papa inoa o na hoa-aina. 
Re-niin'ci-a'tlon, n. Ka haalele loana. 
Re-6e'€u-py, v. E komo hou aku. 
Re-o'pen, v, E wehe hou ae. 
Re-6r'gan-ize, v. 1. E kiikulu hou. 

Reoraanize the company, e kukulu hou 

i ka nui. 

2. E hooponopono hou. 
Re-6r'g:an-i-za'tlon, n. Ke kukulu- 

hou ana; ka hooponopono hou ana. 
Re-paid» v. Feel repaid for trouble, 

hoihoi ia mai ka poho'o ka luhL 
Re-paint', v. E pena hou. 
Re-pair', v. 1. E hana hou. 

2. E kakia hou; kapili hou. 

3. E hele. Syn. resort to; go. 
Rep'a-ra'tion, n. He pani no ka poho'. 
Rep'ar-tee', n. He pane akamai. 
Re-pags', V. E naue hou ae; e maalo 

hou ae. 
Re-past', n. He pai'na. 
Re-pay', r. E uku hou; e pani hou. 
Re-pay'ment, n. Ka uku hou ana. 
Re-peal', v. E hoopau; hoonoa. Syn. 

Re-peaf, v. 1. E hai pinepine; e hai 


2. E hana hou. 

3. Repeat over and over, kukai olelo. 
Re-peat'ed-ly, adv. Pinepine. Syn, 

Re-peat'er, n. 1. He wati liilii hoo- 

kani hora. 

2. Pupanapana kani lehulehu. Syn, 

Re-pel', V. E pale; e hoo-kue. 
Re-pel'lent, adj. Ku-e. 
Re-pent', v. E mihi. 
Re-pent'ance, n. Ka mihi no ka hewa. 
Re-pent'ant, adj. Mihi; kaumaha no 

ka hewa. Sy'N. penitent* 




Be-peo'ple, v. E hooulu lahul. 
Bep'e-tl'tion, n. 1, Ke kuawili o ka 


2. Ka hana hou ana. 
Re-pine', v. E ohnmu hewa. 
Ke-pin'ing-ly, adv. Me ka ohumu 

Ke-place', v. E hoihoi hou; e pani 

Ke-plant, v. E kanu hou. 
Be-plen'Ish, v. 1. E hoopiha hou 

mai. Syn. refill. 

2. E hoolako hou. Syn. supply again. 
Re-plete', adj. Paapu loa; piha loa. 
Re-ple'tion, n. Kapiha ana a piha loa. 
Ke-ply% V. E pane; e kike'. £eply 

quickly, apaapani. 
Ke-p6rt', n. 1. Olelo hoike. 

2. He lono. Syn. common report. 

3. He kani; hepoha'. 
Re-port'er, n. Mea kakau hunahuna 

mea hou no ka nupepa. 
Re-p6se', n. Hiamoe; maha. 
Re-p6s'i-to-ry, n. He waihona. 
Re'pdg-gess', v. E loaa hou; e komo 

Rep're-hend', v. E pa'pa'; e ao. 
Rep're-hen'si-ble, adj. Hooahewaia. 
Rep're-sent', v. E hoike; e hoailona; 

e kuhikuhi. 
Rep're-ien-ta'tlon, n. 1. Ke ku ana 

no hai. 

2* He aka; he hoailona. 
Rep're-senf a-tive, n. 1. Luna ma- 


2. He hope. 

8. He hoailona. 
Re-press', v. E uumi ; e kinal. 
Re-press'lve, adj. Kaohi. Repressive 

measures, na kanawai kaohi. 
Re-prieve', v. E hoopanee i ka hoopai. 
Rep'ri-tnand, v. E ao Ikaika aku no 

ka hewa. 
Re-prInt', v. E pai hou. 
Re'prlnt, n. He palapala I pai hou la. 
Re-pris'al, n. He pani no ka poho'. 
Re-proach', n. He kumu e noahewa 

Re-proach'ful, adj. Hoahewa. 
Rep'ro-bslte, n. Mealilo loa i ka hewa. 
Re'pro-duce', v. 1. E hoohua hou 


2. E hoike hou. 
Re'pro-dftc'tion,n. Ka hoohua hou 

mai; ulu hou mai. 
Re-probr, n. Olelo ao; olelo pa'pa'. 

Syn. rebuke. 
Re-prove', v. E pa'pa'; e ao no ka he- 
Rgp'tlle, n. He moo: nahesa; mea kolo. 
Re-ptkb'llc, n. He aupuui makaainana. 
Re-p6b'Ii-can-lsm, n. Ka loinu o ke 

aupuni makaainana. 
Re-pabli-eu'tion, n. Ke pai hou ana. 
Re-pbb'lish, v. E pal hou; e hoolaha 

Re-pu'di-ate, v, E hoole hoowaha'- 


Re-ptkg'nance, n. Ka hoopailua i ka 

Re-pug'nant, adj. Hoopailua i ka na- 

Re-ptilse', V. E pale ku-e'; e kipaku. 

Syn. repel. 
Re-pftl'sive, adj. Inoino; pupuka. 
Re-pur'chase, v. E kuai hou mai. 

Rep'u-ta-ble, adj. Inoa maikai. A re- 
putable man, he kanaka inoa maikai. 
Syn. respectable. 

2. Kupono; kuonoono. A reputable 
business, he oihana kuonoono. 

Rep'u-ta'tion, n. Inoa imua o ha lehu 
lehu. A bad reputation, he inoa ino 
imua o ka lehulehu. 

Re-pute' n. Inoa ma ke akea. 

Re-put'ed, adj. Oleloia. A reputed 
thief, oleloia he aihue. 

Re-quest', n. He noi. 

Re'qul-em, n. Leo melekanlkau. 

Re-quire', V. E koi; e kaohi; e kono. 

Re-quire'ment, n. Ke* koi ana; ka 

mea i konoia. 
Req'ui-site, v. Mea e pono ai. Syn. 

Req'ui-si'tlon, n. He kaohi; he ololo e 

kono ana. 
Re-quite', v. E hoopai; e uku. 
Re-scind', v. E hoololi; hoonoa. Syn. 

Res'cue, v. E hoopakele. 
Re'search, n. He hooikaika ma ka imi. 
Re-sell', V. E kuai hou aku. 
Re-sem'blance, n. Ka hoohalikelike ; 

ano like. Syn. likeness. 
Re-sem'ble, v. E hoohalike; kulike. 
Re-sent', v. E ku-e me ka ukiuki. 
Re-sent'ful, adj. Ukiuki. 
Re-sent'ment, n. Manao ukiuki; hu- 

hu. Syn. displeasure. 
Re-serve', v. E hookoe; hookaawale. 

Re-serve', n. L He ano ihiihi; hoo- 


2. Ka mea I koe. 
Re-served', adj. Ihiihi; launaole. 
Res'er-va'tion, n. 1. Mea i hookoe ia. 

2." Indian reservation, aina i hookoe ia 

no na Inikini. 
Res'er-volr, n. Waihona wai. 
Re- ship', V. 1. E hooili hou maka mo- 


2. E kepa hou. 
Re-ilde', v. E noho paa. Syn. dwell; 

Reg'l-dence, n. Wahi noho paa. 
Res'l-denl, n. Kamaaina. 
Re-gld'u-a-ry, adj. Pill 1 ke koena. 

Residuary legatee, hoooilina no ke koe- 
na waiwal. 
Res'i-due, n. Ke koena. Syn. remain- 
Re-$igrn', v. E haalele. Resign office, 

e haalele i ka oihana. 
R^s'Jg^-na'tton, 71. 1. Ka haalele ana. 

2. Ka waiho aku ana. 

8. Ka ae hoomanawanui o ka uaau. 




Tie-signefV, adj. "Naaupepe. 

Me-sist', V. E pale; e hou-ku-e'. 

Ke-§i8t'ance, n. Ka hooku-e' ana; ka 
pale ana. 

Be-sist'less, adj. Hiki ole ke hooku-e' 
ia. Syn. irresistible. 

Res'o-liite, adj. Kupaa; onl-paa; wiwo 
ole. Syn. firm; determined. 

Res'o-lute-ly, adv. Wiwo ole. Reso- 
lutely resist temptation, e kue' wiwo ole 
i ka noowalewale ia laai. 

Keg'o-lu'tion, n. 1. Olelo hooholo. 
2. Onipaa, wiwo ole o ka naau. 

Re-solve', v. E hooholo i ka manao; e 
paa i ka manao. 

Re@'6-nant, adj. Kani. 

Re-sort', n. Kahi e akoakoa ai; kabi e 
hele pinepine ai. 

Re-sort', v. 1. E akoakoa; e hele pi- 

2. E hana. Resort to stem measures, 
e hana me ka lima oolea. 

Re-sound', v. E kani. 

Re-sound'ing:, adj. Kani. 

Re-sowrce', n. Kahi e loaa ai, 

Re-spect', v. E haawi i ka mabalo. 

Re-spcet', n. 1. Manao mahaio. 
2. Pili ana. Syn. reference. 

Re-speet'a-bll'l-ty, w. Ke ano ku i ka 

Re-spect'a-ble, adj. Ku i ka mahaio; 

Re-speet'a-hly, adv. Mahaio. Respect- 
ably connected, pili mahaio aku. 

Re-spect'ed, adj. Mahaloia; manao 
nui ia. 

Re-speet'ful, adj. Ano mahaio; ano 

Re-spect'ful-ly, adv. 1. Haahaa. Re- 
spectfvlly reqtiest, e noi haahaa. 
2. Me ke mahaio. 

Re-spect'ive, adj. Pakahi. Their re- 
spective friends^ ko lakou mau hoa pa- 

Re-spect'ive-ly, adv. Pakahi. Syn. 

Res'pi-ra'tlon, n, Ka hanu ana. 

Re-spire', v. E banu. Syn. breathe. 

Res'pite, n. Hoohakalia. Syn. delay. 

Re-spleii'dent, adj. Alobilohi. 

Re-8p6nd', v. 1. E pane hou. Syn. 
2. E kulike. Syn. suit. 

Re-sponse', n. He pane no ka olelo. 

Re-spdn'si-bil'l-ty, n. Ku i ka hooko- 
lokolo ; ili ke kaumaha o kekahi mea. 
Syn. accountability. 

Re-spon'si-hle, adj. Ku i ka bookolo- 
kolo. He is responsible for his actions, 
ku oia i ka hookolokolo no kaua mau 

Rest, n. 1. E maha; epalekana. 

2. He koo. Syn. support. 

3. Koena. Syn. remainder. 

4. Kaha hoomaha ma ke mele. 
Rest, t;. E hoomaha. 
Rest'au-rant, ?j. Halepaina. 
Rest'ful, adj. Oluolu; maha. 

Res'ti-tu'tion, n. Ka hoihoi hou ana. 

Res'tlve, adj. Pihoihoi; puiwa. A rest- 
ive horse, he lio pihoihoi. 

Rest'less, ad;. Uluku'; haulani>-hiaa. 

Res'to-ra'tion, n. Ka hoihoi hou ana. 

Re-8tor'a-tive,7?. Laau hooikaikakino. 

Re-store', v. 1. E hoihoi. Syn. return. 
2. Restore to health, e haawi hou i ka 
ikaika kino. 

Re-stor'er, 71. Mea nana e hoihoi. 

Re-straiu', v. E kaohi; e hoopaa; e 

Re-straint', n, Ke kaohi ana; ke hoo- 
paa ana. 

Re-striet, v. E hoohaiki. Syn. limit. 

Re-strlc'tion, n. Ka hoohaiki una. 
Syn. limitation. 

Re-sftlt', n. Hojpena. 

Re-sume', v. E hapai hou. Resume 
work, e hapai hou i ka hana. 

Re-s6iup'tion, n. Ka hai»ai hou ana. 

Res'ur-ree'tion, n. 1. Ke ala hou luia 
mai ka make mai. 
2. Ka boala hou ana. 

Re-8tks'ci-tate« v. Ehoolahou. 

Re-s&sVl-ta'tion, 71. Ka hoola hou 

Re-tail', v. 1. E kuai liilii aku. 
2. Retail gossip, e holoholo olelo. 

Re'tail, n. Ke kuai liilii. 

Re-tail'er, n. 1. Kalepa kuai liilii. 
2. Retailer of gossip, he holoholo 

Re-tain', v. E hookpe; e hoopaa. 

Re-tain'er, n. 1. He ohua; he poe 
2. Uku hoopaa loio. 

Re-tfike^, v. E hopu hou; e lawe hou. 

Re-tal'i-ate, v. E hana aku hana mui. 

Re-t&l'i-a'tion, n. Ka hana aku hana 

Re-tiird', v. E hoohakalia; e hoololohi. 

Re-ten'tion, n. Ka hookoe ana; ka 
hoopaa ana. 

Re-ten'tive, adj. Hoopaa; apo. A re- 
tentive mind, ha naau apo; uaau hoo- 

R6t'i-cence, n. Ke ano mumule; ka- 
mailio ofe. 

Ret'i-cent, adj. Koho njalie; kamaillo 

Ret'1-eule, n. Eke lawe mea humu- 

Ret'i-na» n. He mea ano upena ma ka 

Ret'i-uue, n. He poe ukali njahope o 

Re- tire', v. 1. E hele aku, Syk- de- 

2. Hele i ka hiamoe. 

3. E haalele. Retire from business, e 
baalele i ka oihana. 

Re-tire'ntient, n. 1. Kahi mehameha. 

2. Ka haalele ana 
Re-tir'ing, adj. Akahai; noho malie; 

mahaoi ole. 
Re-tort', n. 1. Pane huhu. 

2. Ipu hooheehee metala. 




Re-trace', v. E hoi hou ihope, 
Ke-traet', v. E hoihoi niai i ka olelo. 
Be-tr&€'tlon, n. Ka lawe hou aua i ka 

Re-treaf, v. E hee; e auhee. 
Be-treat', n. Wahi malu; wahilulu; 

hepuuhonua. Syn. asylum. 
Re-trench', v. E hooemi i na lilo. 
Ke-trendi'ment, w. Ka hooemi an% 

i na lilo^ 
Rfit'ri-bu'tion, n. Ka hoopai ; ka uku. 

Ke-trib'u-tive, adj. Uku e like me ka 

hana. Jtetrihutive justice, k© kaulike e 

uku ana e like me ka hana. 
Be-trieve', r. E loaa hou. Retrieve a 

reputation, e loaa hou i ka moa maikai. 
Re-triev'er, n. He illo i aoia e ki a 

hoihoi mai i na manu i ki ia. 
Bet'ro-grade, v. E ku-enxi ihope; e 

hoi ihope. 
Bet'ro-ffres'sion, n. Ke kueml ana; 

ka hoi ana ihope. 
Bet'ro-spect, n. Ka nanaina o ka wa 

i hala. 
Bet'ro-specfive, adj. No ka wa 1 

Be- turn', v, 1. E huli; e hoi hou. Syn. 

come back. 

2. E hoihoi. Syn. bring back; fetch 

Be-tarn§, n. pi. He papa hoike. Election 

returns^ ka papa hoxke np ke koho ba- 

Be'u-nite', v. E hui hou; e hoohui 

Be- veal', V. E hoike i na meahuna'. 

Syn. divulge. 
Bev'el, 11. He anaina uhauha. Syn. 

Rev'e-la'tlon, n. He hoike ana. 
Rev'el-ry, 71. Uhauha. 
Re-vene^e', n. He hoopai ino. 
Be-v<;ns:e'ful, adj. Manao Inaina; 

man ao hoopai ino. 
Be v'e-nue, n. Na loaa o ke aupunl. 

Be-ver'ber-ate, v. E kupinai. Syn. 

Be-verT>er-a'tIoxi, n. Ke kupinai 

ana; kekani ana. 
Be-vere', v. E hoomaikai. 
R6v'er-ence, n. He manao hoomaikai. 

B6v'er-en<l, adj. 1. Hoomaikaiia. 
2» Inoa oihaua no na kjihunapulo. 

Bev'er-ent, n, Manuo hoomaikai. 

]^ev'er-ent-ly, adv^ Me ka manao hoO' 

Bev'er-le, n. Poonoonoo; kanalu iho 

Be-ver'sal, n. Ka hoololi ana. There- 
"versal of the decision, iia, hoololi ajLu^ o 
ka olelo hooholo. 

Be-verse', v. 1. E hoololi ae. Reverse 
the decision, c hoololi ae 1 ka olelo hoo- 
2. E hookahull. Syn. overturn; Invert. 

l^e-verse', n. 1. Aoao kuo. Syn. op- 

2. Poino. Meet with reverses, e hala- 

wai me na p<yno. 
Re-vers'i-ble, adj. Hiki ke hoololiia. 
Re-ver'siott, n. Ka hoihoi hou ana o 

na pono i ka mea nana i hoolilo aku, 

a i kona mau hope pah a. 
Re-vert', v. E hoi nou a i ka mea ma- 

Re-vlew', v. 1. E hoi ihope. Review 

a lesson, e hoi ihope i ka haawina P 


2. E makaikai. Review troops, e ma- 
kaikai i na puali koa. 

3. E huli. Review a book, e huli i ka 

Re-view', n. Ka nanaina ihope. 
Re-view'er, n. Kanaka huli buke. 
Re- vile.', v. E olelo ino; e hoohene- 

hene; kuamuarau. 
Re-vil'er, «. Mea kuamuamu ; he wa- 

Re- vise', v. E hooponopono hou. 
Be-vis'er, n. Mea hooponopono hou. 
Re-vis'lon, n. 1. Ka hooponopono 

hou ana. 

2. He palapala i hooponopono hou ia, 
Re-vig'it, V. E hele h^ou; e makaikai 

Re-viv'al, n. He ala hou ana, 
Re-vive', V. Ehoalahou. 
Re-viy'i-fy, v. E hoo-eueu; e hoolale- 

Re-voke', r. E kahea hou mai. E 

hoopau. Syn. rescind. 
Re-v61t', V. 1. E kipi. 

2, E hoopailua ma ka naau. 
Re-vcSlt^ing, adj. Hoopailua i ka naan. 
Rev'o-lu'tion, n. 1. Ka hooauhuli 

ana i ke aupuni. 

2. Ke kaa ana. 

8. He nome. 
Rev'o-lu'tion-a-ry, adj. Auhulihia. 
Re-v6.1ve', v. E kaa; hookakaa. 
Re-v61v'er, n. Pupanapana kani le- 

Re- ward', n. He uku; uku makana. 

Syn. recompense. 
Re-ward'er, w. Mea nana © uku. 
Re-write', v. E kakau kope hoUi. 
Rhet'a-rie, n. Ke kakau ana, me ke 

kamailio ana ma na rula. 
Rhe-tur'ic-al, adj. Pili i ko akamai o 

ka olelo ; palolo. 
Rlieu'ina-ttfva, n. He hui ma na ami. 
Rlkdm'bQldji n. Huiua-ha-loa like ole 

Rhoin'bus (rom), n. Huina-ha-aoao- 

like; like ole nae na huiua. 
Rhyme (rime), ?t. Ke kani like o na 

leo o na hua olelo hope o kekahJ mau 

lalani mele. 
Rib. ». Iwi aoao. Ribs of a boat or ship, 

Rib'bon, n. LIpIne. 
Rice, n. Hua laiki. 
Rich, adj. Waiwai; lako, Syn. wealthy, 
Rich'es, n. Ka waiwai; na lako. Syn. 





Kich'ness, n. 1. Alio waiwal; anonani. 

2. Moraona. Eichness of soil, laoraona. 

o ka lepo. 
Rick'et-y, adj. Paa ole; palupalu. A 

rickety chair, noho palupalu. 
Kid, v. E hookaawale ae ; ehoomaemae. 
Kid'dance, n. Ka hookaawale ana; hoo- 

maemae ana. A good riddance,he hoo- 

maemae makepono. 
Kid'dle, n. He nane. 
Ride, r. Ehooholo. 
Kid'er, n. Mea hooholo. 
Kld^e, n. Kualapa. 
Rid'i-cule, v. E noohenehene; e loiloi. 
Ri-dlc'u-loiis, adj. Xu i ka hoohene- 

hene; naaupo. 
Ri'fle, n. Pu raifela. 
Ki'fle, V. 1. E powa. Syn. rob. 

2. E will. Syn. bore. 
Rift, n. He owa; he mawae. 
Riff, V. 1. E kukulu i ka likini o ka 


2. E kahiko i lole hookahakaha. 
Rig'ging, n. He likini moku. 
Right, ad/. 1. Pono; pololei; kupono. 

2. Akaii. Bight side, aoao akau. 
Right, w. 1. Ka pono; ka pololei. 

2. He kuleana. Syn. claim. 
Right, V. E hooponopono; hoopololei. 
llight'-an'gle, n. Huina kupono. 
Right'eoOs (ri'chus), adj. Pono. 
Right'eotis'ness, n. K a pono. 
Right'ful, adj. 1. Maoli. Rightful heir, 

ka hooiliua maoli. 

2. Pono-i'. 
Right'ful-ly, adv. Me ka pono maoli. 
Right'-hand'ed, adj. Maa i ka lima 

Right'ly, adv. Pono. Rightly judge, 

koho pono. 
Rig'id, adj. 1. Oolea. Syn. severe. 

2. Lualuaole; oolea. Syn. stiff. 
Rlg'id-ly, adv. Me ka oolea; kupaa. 
Kig'ma-role, n. Kamailio lapuwale. 
Rig'or-otks, adj. 1. Oolea. 

2. Anuanu. A rigorous climate, he kau 

Rill, n. Kahawai liilii. 
Rim, n. Kae; lihilihi. 
Rind, n. Ka ili owaho o ka hua al. 
Ring, n. 1. He apo; he komo. 

2. He hui e aua ana 1 kekahi mau po- 

maikai no lakou iho. 
Ring, V. E kani; e hookani. 
Ring'lead'er, n. He alakai ma ke ko- 

Ring'let, n. Owili lauoho. 
Rlng'worm (wurm), n. He ane. 
Rinse, v. E ka'ka' i ka wai. 
Ri'ot, n. He haunaele. Syn. tumult. 
Ri'ot-otks, adj. Hoohaunaele. 
Rip, V. E welie hou i ka humuhumu; 

e nahae. 
Rip, n. He nahae ma ka lole. 
Ripe, adj. Pala. Fully grown, oo. Fully 

grown, but not ripe, oo, aole nae i pala, 
Rip'ple, n. Heonini;kahe nahe;owe 


Rise, V. 1. E ala; e eu; e ku. 

2. E puka. The sun rises, ke puka nei 
ka la, 

3. E pii. Prices rise, pii na kumukuai. 
Rise, n. Ka pii ana. 
Ris'i-hil'i-ty, n. Ake e akaaka. 
Ris'ing, 71. Ke ala ana. 

2. Ke ala kue ana. Syn. insurrection. 
Risk, TO. He pilikia. To take a risk, e 

haawe 1 ka pilikia; e haawe i ka poino. 
Risk'y, adj. Paapu i na pilikia. 
Rite, TO. He hana hoomana. 
Rit'n-al, TO. Buke o na hana hoomana. 
Riv'al, TO. Mea paio pu; hoa paio. 
Riv'al, adj. Paio pu. 
Ri'val-ry, to. Ka paio pu ana. Syn. 

Rive, V. E wawahi; e haehae. Syn. 

cleave; split. 
Rlv'er, TO. Muliwal. 
Riv'et, TO. Kui makia. 
Riv'et, V. 1. E makia me ke kui. 

2. E hoopaa; e kauo. Rivet the atten- 
tion, e kauo i ka noonoo. 
Riv'u-let, TO. Kahawai uuku. Syn. 

Road, TO. Alanul: ala. 
Road'stead, n. W'ahi ku moku. 
Road'ster, to. He lio ikaika ma ka 

Roam, v. E auwana hele ; holoholo. 

R5ar, TO. 1. Leo uwo; leo haalulu. 

2. Roar of the surf, paepii o ka nalu. 
Roast, V, 1. E pulenu. Syn. roast in 

an oven ; bake. 

2. Koala. Syn. roast on the coals. 
Roasf er, TO. Puaa liilii mea pulehu. 
Rdb, V. E hao wale; e powa'. 
Rdb'ber, to. He powa; hao wale. 

Rdb'ber-y, to. Hana powa; hao wale. 

Robe, TO. Lole hooluelue. 

Ro-biksff adj. Puipui; ikaika. Syn. 

Rock, TO. Pohaku nunui. 
2. Sunken rocks, puko'a. 

Rdck, V. 1. E paipai. Rock the cradle^ 
e paipai 1 ka moe keiki. 
2. Kuoe. Syn. rock, as a ship in the 

Rdek'er, to. Noho paipai. Syn. rock- 
ing chair. 

Rdck'et, TO. Ahikaolele. 

Rock'lng-horse, to. Lio laau paipai. 

Rdck'salt, TO. Paakai i eliia. 

Rfiek'v, adj. Pohaku. Rocky land, aina 

R6d, TO. 1. Laau hahau; laau hili. 

2. He roda, 16^ kapuai. 

8. He laau loini. Fishing rod, kamo- 

Rogue (rog), to. He mea apiki. 
Rogu'ish, adj. Apiki; maliaoi. 
Roil, V. 1. E kaawili a lepo. 

2. E hoonau'kiu'ki. Syn. stir up. 
Roi'ly, adj. Syn. turbid. 
Roll,!'. 1. E olokna. Roll the stone^ e 

olokua i ka pol^uka. 




2. E knkaa, roll in the dirt, e kakaA 

iloko o ka lepo. 

8. E owili. 
Roll', n. He owili. 
KolPci^lI, 7t. Papa kahea inoa. 
Roll'iug-pin, n. Kui will palaoa. 
llo'inan, adj. No Roma. 
Ilo'niance, n. He kaao. 
Ko-man'tic, adj. 1. Ulu wale oka 


2. A romantic Bcene, he nanaina naul. 
Rdmp, n. 1. He paaui ikaika. 

2^ He kaikamahine mahaoi. 
Roj>d, n. Hapa-ha' o ka eka. 
Roof, n. Hale oluna; kaiipoko. 
Roof, V. E kiakulu i ke kaupoko. 
Rooriess, adj. 1. Kaupoko ole. 

2^ Nele i ka hale ole. 
Room, n. 1. He keena; luml. 

2. Wahiakea; wahi kaawale. Make 

room, e hooakea; e hookaawale. 
Room'y, adj. Akea; kaawale. Syn. 

Roost, V. E kau mehe moa la. 
Roost'er, w. Moa kane. Syn. cock. 
Root, n. He aa; he kumu. 
Root. V. 1. E hookumu. • 

2. E eku. 
Rope, n. Kaula. 
Rope'mak'er, n. Mea hana kaula. 

Rope'walk, n. Hale hana kaula. 
Rope'yiirn, n. Pulupulu hana kaula. 
Rose, n. He pua rose. 
Ro'se-ate, adj. 1. Ulaula, mehe rose. 

2. Omeomeo. 
Rose'bush, n. Kumu rose. 
Ros'ter, n. Papa inoa o ua lii koa. 
Ros'trum, 7U He awai hai-olelo. 
Ros'yt adj. Omeomeo. Syn. roseate. 
Rot, n. Palaho'. Syn. putrefaction. 

Ra^falto-'ry, | «^/- ^aa; kakaa. 
Ro'tate, V. E kaa ma ka iho. 
Ro-ta'tion, n. 1. Ke kaa ana. 

2. Head in rotation, e heluhelu kaahele. 
Rote, n. 1. Ka hoopaa naau; hai paa- 


Head by rote, e heluhelu paanaau. 
Rot'ten, adj. 1. Palaho; popopo; pa- 


2. Rotlcn egg, hua aelo. 
Rut'ten-stone, v. Pohaku palupalu 

mea anai. 
Bo-tAnd', adj. Nemunemu. 
Ro-tund'i-ty, n. Ke auo poepoe. 

Rou-e', 71. Kanaka hoohaumia. 
Roi^grh (rtif), adi. 1. Okalakala. A 
rough voice, leo okalakala. 

2. Apuupuu; malualua. A rough 
country, he aina malualua. 

3. Kupikipiki-o'. 

4. Keemoa; niha; kamaniha. Syn. 
surly; crabbed. 

Rotkgh, n. Kanaka hakaka wale. 

RoAf^h, V. To rough it e noho e like me 

ka nihi; e noho hemahema. 
Robgh'hew (r&f;, v. E kalal mua. 

Roftg^ily, adj. 

1. Me kalimaoolea. 

2. Okalakala. To answer roughly, e 

pane okalakala. 
Rotigh'ness, n. Ke ano okalakala; ma- 
lualua, etc. 
Roiigh'shod, adj. 1. Kamaa oolea. 

2. ano oolea; paakiki. To ride rough- 

shod, e hooko me ka manao ole aku i 

ka enaehao hai. 
Round, adj. Poepoe. 
Round, n. 1. He puni. 

2' Laau poepoe OKe alapii. 
Round, V. E noo-popo; e hana a poe- 
poe. To round off comers, e pohe ; e po- 

Round'a-bout', adj. Pololeiole; pae- 

Round'ed, p. p. Poheoheo. 
Round'ly, adv. Akea; me ka wiwo ole. 

Syn. openly; boldly. 
Rduse', V. 1. E ala'e; e lalelale; e eu. 

2. E hoo-ala; e hoo-eueu. 
Rout, V. Ehoo-auhee. Syn. vanquish. 
Route (rute), n. He ala e hele ai. 
Rou-tine', n. Ke ano mau o ka hana. 

Daily routine, na hana mau o ka la. 

Syn. round. 
Rove, V. E hele auwana. Syn. roam. 
Rov'er, n. Mea hele auwana; he ku- 

R6w, n. Hehannaele; uluaoa. Syn. riot. 
Row, n. Lalani. 
Row, V. E hoe waapa. 
Rdw'el, n. Ke kui o ke kepa'. 
Rdy'al, adj. Alii. 
Rdy'al-ly, adv. Me he moi la. 
R6y'al-ty, n. 1. Kekulauamoi. 

2. He mahele no ka mea nona ka pono. 
Rub, V. E anai; hookalakala. Sy*j. 

Rftb'bisli, n. Opala. 
Ru'bi-cund, adi. Ulaula. A rubicund 

visage, he helehelena ulaula. 
Ru'by, n. Pohaku momi. 
Riid'der, w. Hoeuli. 
Rfid'dy, adj. Ehu. 
Rude, adj. 1, Mahaoi; niha. 

2. Kuaaina. Syn. uncultivated. 
Rude'ly, adv. 1. Mahaoi; niha. 

2. Hemahema. Mudely constructed, 'ku- 

kulu hemahema ia. 
Rude'ness, n, Ano kamaniha; ano 

Ru'di-ntent, n. He mole; kumumua. 

Rudiments of knowledge, na kumumua 

o ka ike. 
Rue, V. E mlhi; e mamina. Syn. re- 
Riie'ful, adj. Kaumaha; luuluu. 
RCirfl-an, n. Kanaka lokoiuo; he pepe- 

hi kanaka. 
Rtkrfle, v. 1. E hoouluhua. Syn. vex. 

2. E pihapiha lole. 

3. E onini mai la i ke kai. 
RCkjCi n. 1. Moenawawae. 

2 Pelamoe. 
Rdg'ged, adj. 1. Apuupuu; malualua. 
2. Puipui. 



Ru'in, n. 1. Poino loa. 
2. Kahua hale i helelei. 

KiiMn-oAs, adj. 1. Poino, Syn. disas- 

2. Helelei. Jn a ruinrnw condtiion, hele- 
lei wale. 

Bule, n. He loina; nila. Syn. regula- 

Kule, V. 1. E noho aupuni; noho alii. 
2. E lanakila. Syn. triumph, 
8. E kaha lalani. 
4. E hoomalu. Syn. govern. 

Hul'er, n. 1. He poo aupuni; he luna. 
2. He rula laau. 

Hum, n. Rama; wai ona. 

Rikm'ble, v. E haalulu; e nakuln. 

Rfim'bling, ad/. Manunu'nu; nakulu. 

Bii'mi-nate, v. E hoolualuai. Syn. 
chew the cud. 

Bu'mor, n. He lono wale. 

Rfiimp, 71. Ke kikala. 

lium'ple, V. E hoo-mimind. 

Jli&n, V. 1. E holo ; e holo mama. 
2. E kahe. Syn. flow. 

Kikn, n. He holo. 

2. He wahi kahawai uukn. 

3. He kikoo nuii ke dala makabane- 
ko mamuli o ka maka'u. 

4. Ke kau mau ana. A run of good 
luck, ke kau mau ana o ka pomnikai, 

5. Ka hahai mau ana. Bun of had luck, 
ka hahai mau aua o ka poino. 

Rttn'a-way, n. Meamahuka. 
Ban'ner, n. 1. Kanaka kukini. 

2. He holua. 
Bu-pee', n. Dala o Inia, 46 keneta. 

Rikpt'ure, «. 1. He mokuahana. 

2. He puu-lele. Syn. hernia. 
R6pt/ure, v. E mokuahana; e moku. 

Ru'ral, acf/. Nokuaaina. Rural districts, 

na wahi o kuaaina. 
£u8e» n. Haua hoohalua; hana maalea. 

Syn. artifice; stratagem. 
Rjksh, n. 1. Naku; kaluha;akaakai. 

2. He holo nui. 
Rdsli, V. E nei. 
Riis'sian, n. Kamaaina no Rusia. 

Riist, n. He popo. Iron rust, kukae- 

Rus'tic, n. He kanaka no kuaaina. 

RAs'ti-eate, v. E hoonanea ma kua- 
Ru8-tic'i-ty, n. Ke ano kuaaina. 

RiisHle, V. E nehe; nakulukulu. 

Rdst'y, arfj. 1. Popo;popopo. 

2. Poina wale; poina loa. 
RQt, n. Hemawaema ke alanui. To 

{allow in a rut, e hooko man ma ke an-i> 
:ahiko (mehea'la e hahai auai kama- 
wae o ke alanui.) 
Ruth'less, ad). Menemeneole; loko- 
Ino. Syn, pitiless. • 


Qab'batli, n. La Sabati. 

la^'bre:!"- Hepahikaua. 
Sii'ble, adj. Eleele rpouli. 
Sac'eba-rlne, adj. Ono, me he ko la. 
Sa'cer-do'tal, adj. Pili i ka oihana 

kahuna pule. 
Sack, 71. 1. Eke. Syn. bag. 

2. He ku'ka. 
Sack, V. E luku; e powa. Syn. plunder; 

Sack'ingr. w. Lole hana eke. 
Sac'ra-nient, n. Ahaaina a ka Haku. 
ga'«red, adj. \. Hoano; hemolele. 

Stn, holy. 

2. Laa; kapB. Syn. dedicated; eon- 

8a'€red-«es8, n. Ke ano laa; ano kapn. 
Sac'ri-flce, n. 1. He mohai. 

2. He poho'. To sell at, a sacrifice, e 

iuai pono'. 

Si€'rl-nc«, tr. E mohai; e hoopoino; 

Sac'rI-legre, n. Ka hoohaumia ana i 

na mea hoano. 
Sac'ri-le'gious, acf?*. " Manao hoino i 

na mea hoano. Syn. impious. 
Sad, adj. Kaumaha; luufun; ehaeha. 
>Sad'den, v. E hookaumaha i ka naau. 
Sad'dle, n. Noho tio. 
Sad'dler-y, n, Na lako no ka hoa ana 

i ka lio. 
Sad'dle-tree, n. Laau noho lio. 
Sadly, adv. Me ke kaumaha o ka naau. 
Sad'ness* n. Kaumaha; luuluu; mo- 

kuahua; mokumokuahiia, 
Safe« adj. 1. Malu; maluhia; lulu; 


2. FiUkia ole. 
Sdfe, n. 1. Pahu waiho dala. 

2. He pa waiho ai. 
Sftfe'-edn'dact, n. Palapala hoomalu 

kino ma ka hele huakai ana iloko o ka 

aina o ka euem.i. 




Safe'grtiilrd, n. He pale no ka poino. 
Safe'ly, adv. Maluhia; palekaua. 
Safe'ty, n. Maluhia; malu; lulu. 
Safe'ty-lamp, n. Kukui hoomalu ola, 

no ke komo ana ma na lua ell. 
Safe'ty-Talve', n. Paul hookuu mahu. 
Sag, V. E alu; e alualu. 
6s-ga'cio&8, adj. Noeftu; uaauao. 

Syn. wise. 
Sa-gftc'I-ty, n. Noeau; naauao. Syn. 

8a§^e, n. 1. He kanaka naauao. 

2. He laau ala, mea hoomiko ai. 
8ai:e, adj. Naauao. 
Sail, n. 1. He pea. 

2. He hooholo ma ke kal a wai e ae 

Sail, V. E hooholo; e holo. Sail for 

pleasure, e kakele waa. 
Sail'cloth, n. Lole hana pea. 
Sall'ldft, 71. Keen a hana p.ea. 
Sail'mak'ery n. Mea hana pea. 
Sail'or, n. He hooholo moku; Iftina. 
Saint, n. He mea hemolejle. 
Sainfly, adv. Hemolele. 
Sake, n. Pono. For the sake of the people^ 

no ka pono o ka lahui. 
SaFa-ble, adj. Lilo koke ke kuai la. 
Sal'ad, n. He ai mikomiko. 
Sal'a-rled, adj. Uku paaia. Annual 

salary, uku paa o ka raakahiki. 
S&l'a-ry, n. Uku paa; uku makahikl. 
Sale, TO. He kuai lilo. On sale, waiho 

ana no ke kuai. 
Sales'man, n. Kanakakual; kupakako. 
Sa'line, adj. 1. Paakai. Saline parti- 
cles, t\& hu'napaakai. 

2. Miko 1 ka paakai. 
Sa-li'va, n. Wale. 

Sal'i-vat'ed, n. Hookaheia ka wale. 
Sal'low, adj. Olenalena. 
Sal'ly, V. 1. E puka aku mawaho. 

2. E hooukR kaua. 
Sal'ly-port, n. Puka komo p ^a pa- 

S&l'nioB (8&in'on)j n. Kamano. 
8a-loon' n. Keeua ajjcea. A drinking 

saloon, keena Inu wai-ona. Gambling 

saloon, keena pili-waiwal. Photographic 

saloon; keena pai-kii. 
8f(lt, TO. Paakai. 
Sj^lt, V. E ko-pi' 1 ka paakai. 
Salt'cel'lar, to. Ipu paakai. 
Sa-lu'brl-oaH, adj. Oluoln. Syn. 

healthy. A salubrtotis climate, he kau 

Sa-lu'bri-ty, n. Anooluolu; kupono i 

ke ola kino. 
S&l'n-ta-ry, adj. Maluhia; kupoiio. 

Syn. beneficial; useful; wholesome. 
8&l'-«-ta'tlon, n. Uwe aloha; ole>o 

aloha. Syn. gteetiujr. 
Bal-ft'ta-to'ry, n. E haawi ana 1 ke 

Sa-Iute', V. £ haawi ana 1 ka mahalo; 

E aloha aku; e uwe aloha. 
Sftl'va^e, n. Ka uku no ka hoopakele 

ana i ka moku a ukaua moku paha. 

Sal-va'tion, n. Ola; Ola Mau Loa. 
Salve (siiv), n. Laau hamo eha. 
Sal'ver, n. Pa metala. 
Sal'vo, TO. Ke kaui like ana o kekahi 

mau pu. 
Same, adj. la mea hookah! no; mea 

Same'neaus, n. Ka like; ka lokahi. 
Sam'ple, n. Ana hoohalike. 
San'a-to-ry, adj. Ku i ke ola kino. 

Syn. sanitary. 
Sanc'ti-fl-ea'tion, to. Ka hoo-laa ana. 
Sane'ti-fy, «;. E hoo-laa; e hoano. 
Sane'ti-mo'ni-oiks, to. Hoomana hoo- 

Sane'tion, v. E apono. Syn. approve. 
Sane'ti-ty, TO. Ke ajio hemolele; auo 

Sanc'tu-a'ry, n. Wahi hoano; luaklni. 
Sane'tum, n. Keena malu'. 
Sand, TO. O'ne. 
Sand'al, TO. Kamaahawele. 
San'dal-wcfbd, to. Iliahi. 
Sand' stone, to. Pohaku oneone; he pa- 

Sand'wich, to. He mau apana berena 

me ka i'o mawaeua. 
Sand'wich, v. E hookomo mawaena o 

na mea elua. 
San'dv, adj. 1. Oneone. 

2. Ehu. Sandy hair, lauoho ehu. 
Sane, adj. Lalau ole ka manao. 
San'gui-na-ry, adj. Puni koko; hoo- 

kahe koko. Syn. bloody. 
San-jBTuine, adj. Naau hoihoi. 
San'i-ta-ry, adj. No ke ola kino. 
San'i-ty, TO. Ka pololei o ka noouoo. 
Sap, TO. Ka wai o nameaulu. 
Sap, V. E kohl malaloiho; e eli malalo 

iho. Syn. undermine. 
Sa'pi-ent, adj. Naauao. Syn. wise. 
Sap'ling:, TO. Kumu laau opio. 
Sar'casm, TO. Olelo loiloi. Syn. satire. 
Sar-cas'tic, adj. Loiloi; hwhenehene. 

Syn. satirical; caustic. 
Sar-cdpli'a-gus, to. Pahu-pohaku ku- 

Sar'di-us, n. Pohaku momi; snredio. 
Sar-don'ie, adj. Henehene hookama- 

ni. Sardonic laugh, akaaka hookamuui. 
S&sh, TO. 1. Kaei puhaka. 

2. Laau aniani no ka pukamakanL 
Sa'tan, n. Satana; Diabolo. Syn. the 

Sa-tanMc, adj. Ano Satana; Ino loa. 
Satcli'el, n. Eke buke. 
Siit'el-lite, w. 1. He hoku' liilii e poai 

ana i ka hoku' nui. 

2. He hoopilimeaai. 
Sa'tl-ate, V. E hoo-lawa; e ke'na; mao- 

S«-ti'e-ty, TO. Ka lawa pono; kapiha 

S&t'ln, TO. Kilika pahoehoe. 
Sat'ire, to. Olelo luiloi no na hana kti- 

pouo olo. 
8a-tlr'lc-al, adj. Hoehenehene aaai 

ku hewa. 




Sat'is-fac'tion, n. 1. Ka oluolu o ka 
2. Ke ko anao kamakemake. 

Sat'i<}-fac'to-ri-ly, adv. Aponoia. 

Sat'is-fac'to-ry, adj. 1. Kupono; pono. 
A satisfactory answer, he haina pono. 
2. Ku i ka makemake. 

Sat'is-fy, v. 1. E hooko i ka makema- 

2. E hooia. Syn. prove. 

3. E hoo-kaa. Satisfy a claim, e hoo- 
kaa i ka aie, also hoo-na'. 

4. Satisfy thirst, e ken a i ka makewai. 

5. Satisfy hunger, e hoopau 1 ka pololi. 

6. Satisfy the wants of a child, e hoo-na 
i ke keiki. 

Sat'rap, n. He kiaaina ma Peresia. 
Sat'u-rate, v. E hoo-ma-u'. 
Sat'u-rat'ed, adj. H«o-u'ia. 
Sat'ur-day, n. La hoomalolo; Poaono. 
Sat'ur-na'li-a, n. pi. Ahaaina uhauha. 
Sat'ur-nine, adj. Nanau. 
Sauce, n. Kai ono no ka mea ono. 
Sauce, V. E pakike'; e honekca. 
Siiuce'box, n. Keiki puoke' ; keiki 

Sau'cer, n. Pa kiaha. 
Siiu'cy, ady. Pakike', honekoa; mahaoi. 
Siiun'ter, v. E holobolo hoonauea. 
Sau'sage, n. I'o kaki. 
Sav'age, n. He kanaka hihiu; kanaka 

hupo. SvN. barbarian. 
Sav'age, adj. Hihiu; lokoino. Syn. 

barbarous ; cruel. 
S^v'age-ly, adv. Me ka lokoino loa. 
Sa-T&n'na, n. Aina papu; aina malai- 

lai. SVN. prairie; pampas. 
Sa-vant' (sa-vong), n. Kanaka naau- 

Save, V. 1. E malama. Syn. take care 


2. E hoopakele. Syn. rescue. 

3. E hooIa. Syn. redeem. 
Siiv'ingr, adj. 2. Hoomakaulii. 

2. A saving clause, he olelo e pakele ai. 
Silv'ing, prep. Koe. Syn. except. 
Sfiv'ings, n. Na loaa i hoiliili ia. 
Siv'lor ^ „ 1. Ka Hoola;Iesu Kristo. 
Siiv'iouri 2. Mea e hoopakele ana. 
Sav'or, n. 1. Liu. The savor of salt, 

ka liu o ka pnakai. 

2. He mea &i&. 
SiVvo-ry, adj. Ono; mikomiko. 
Saw, n. 1. He pahiolo. 

2. Olelo naauao. Syn. proverb. 
Saw'dugt, okaoka papa. 
Sjiw'pit. n. He lua olo papa. 
Saw'yer, n. Kanaka olo papa, 
Siiy, V. E olelo; e i ; e hai. 
Say'ing, n. He olelo. 
Scab, n. He papaa ma ka Hi. 
Seab'bard, n. Wahi' pahikaua. Syn. 

Scaffold, n. He amana. Syn. gallows; 

Scaf'fold-ing, n. Wahi e ku ai o ka poe 

Sc^ld, V. E wela i ka wai, a mahu paha. 

Scald, n. 1. He wela ma ka ili no ka 

wai wela, a mahu paha. 

2. He mai ma ka iwi poo. 
Scale, n. 1. He ana. Sy'n. measure. 

2. Na leo pa-ko-li. 

3. Unahi. Syn. fish-scale. 

4. He papa ana kumukuai; ana uku. 
5^ He anuu. 

Scale, V. 1. E pii iluna. Syn. mount; 

2. E wehe i na unahi. 

3. £ ana. 

Sca-len<-', adj. Like ole o na aoao me 

na huina. 
Scales, n. Ana kaupaona. 
Scalp, n. Iwi poo. 
Scalp'el, n. Pahi oki a ke kauka. 
Scai'y, adj. Paa i na unahi. 
Scamp, n. Mea hana apiki. Syn. 

Scam'per, v. E holo ki'ki'. 
Scamp'ish, adj. Apiki. 
Scan, V. E hakilo; e kiai pono. 
Scan'dal, n. He olelo, a he hana, hoo- 

Scan'dal-ofts, adj. Haumia;hoohihia. 
Scaii'dal-mong'er, n. He wahaohi. 

SclSt%,!«^i- Lawaole. 
Scant'ling:, n. Lnau kua. 
Scape'goat, n. Mea i hoopaiia no na 

hewa o hai. 
Scfipe'grace, n. Mea apiki maoli. 
Scap'u-la,'n. Ke kipoohiwi. 
Scar, n. Linalina; moali. Scar from 

burning, kalakala wela. 
Scarce, adj. Kakaikahi; ike pinepine 

Scarce'ly, adv. Aneane hiki ole. 
Scar'ci-ty, n. Ka lawa ole; ka nele. 
Scare, v. E hoopuiAva. To scare away 

animals, e hoohemu. 
Scare'crow, «. He mea hoohema 

Scarf, n. Lole hawele a-i'. 
Scar'let, adj. Ulaula. 
Scar 'let fe'ver, n. He fiva; fivaula. 

Scatheless, adj. Poino ole. Syn. with- 
out harm. 

Scat'ter, v. 1. E hoohelelei. Syn. strew. 
2. Hoopuehu. Syn. disperse. 

Sc^t'ter-ing, adj. Helelei liilii. 

S€av'en-g:er, n. Mea hoomaemae ala- 
nui kulanakauhale. 

Scene, n. He nanaina. 

Scen'er-y, n. He nanaina ma ka aina. 

Scent, n. 1. He ala; ka honi o ka ihu. 

2. He meheu. A foul scent, he pilo. 
Scent, V. 1. E moauL Syn. perfume. 

2. E honi. 
Scent'less, adj. Ala ole. 

Scep'ter, n. Kookoo alii. 

Sched'ule, n. Papa hoike; papa kuhi- 

kuhi. A schedule of prices, papa kuhi- 

kuhi kumukuai. 
Scheme (skeme), n. He kumu hana; 

hana i noonooia. 





Scheme, V. E poonoo; e noonoo hana. 

Syn. plan. 
Schism (slzm), n. Hemokuahana. 
Schis-inat'ic, adj. Mokuahana. 
SchoFar, n. 1. Hauinaua kula. Syn. 


2. Kanaka makaukau ma ka ike. 
Sch61'ar-ly, adj. Makaukau ma ka ike. 

Syn. learned. 
SchdI'ar-ship, n. 1. Ka makaukau o 

ka ike. 

2. He kulana kokua ma ke kula. 
Scho'li-um, n. Manao pili o ka manao 

hai^ _ 

School (skool), n. Hekulaao. 
School, V. E ao. 
School'fellov*-, n. He hoa kula. Syn. 

Sehool'house, n. Hale kula. 
School-ing, n. Ke ao ana ma ke kula. 
School'-ma'am, n. Kumu kula wa- 
ll in^. 
School'-mas'ter, n. Kumu kula. Syn. 

school teacher, 
SchcTbl'teach'in^, n. Oihana ao kula. 
SchcTbn'er, 1. Kialua. 

2. Kiaha nui, mea inu bia. 
Sci'ence, ». L, Ike; ike i hoonohonoho 


2. Akeakamai. 
Sci'en-tirie, adj. Akeakamai. 
Sci'en-tiric-al-ly, adv. Mamuli o na 

^oina o ke akamail 
Sci'ent-lst, n. Kanaka akeakamai. 
Scin-til'la, n. He huna; lihi iki. 
Scln'til-late, v. E imoimo mehe hoku 

la; e anapanapa. Syn. twinkle. 
Sci'on, w. Mamo;la'la'. 
Scis'sors, n. pi. Upa' oki. 
Se6ff, v. E oleic haakei: e kuamuamu. 
Scdrfer, n. Kanaka haakei. 
Scold, a. Enuku; hookikina; wahapaa. 
Scolcl'ing, n. Heolelohuhu; olelo nu- 

Sconce, n. He poo. 
Scoop, n. He kioe. 
Scoop, V. E kioe ; e poo. 
Scoop'net, n. He upena liilii paa lima. 
Scope, n. 1. Ke kumu. Syn. design. 

2. The scope of the eye, ka nanaina o ka 

3. He palena o ke kumumanao. 
Scorch, V. E papua i ka wela; e hoo- 

wela; paawela. 
Score, n. 1. Iwakalua. Three-score 
and ten, ekolu iwakalua me ka umi. 

2. He papa kakau kaha. 

3. To pay up old scores, e hookaa i na 
aie kaliiko; e hopu no na hala kahi- 

Score, V. 1. E kakau kaha. To score a 

game, e eo ma na kaha. 

2. To score up against one, e hoomau- 

Sc6'rl-a, n A'a' pele. 
Scorn, V. £ hoohenehene; e hoowaha'- 

waha'. * 

Scorn'er, n. He kanaka haakei. 

Scorn'ful, adj. Haakei. 
Sc6r'pi-on, n. Moo niho-awa. 
Scotch, V. E paipai ka huilai kaaole. 
Scotch'man, n. Kaniaaina no Sekotia. 
Scot'free, adj, Hookuia me ka ukuole. 
Seoun'drel, n. He mea i lilo loa i ka 

Scour, V. 1. E anai; e hoohinuhinu. 

2. E holo a puni me ka imi ana. Scour 

the country for food, e holo a puni ka 

aina e imi ana i ai. 
Scourge (skurge), «. 1. He kaula hili. 

2. He mai ahulau, \ 

3. He hoopai. 

Scout, n. He kiu no ka puali koa. 

Scout, V. E loiloi; e hoohenehene. Syn. 

Sc6tf, n. He kao; waapa nui halihali 

Scowl, n. Hookuekue maka. 

Scram'ble, v. E kokolo ma na kuli. 
2. E hopuhopu aku. 

Scrap, n. Apana liilii; hakina; huna, 
A scrap of news, hunahuna nuhou. 

Scrap'b«>ok, n. Buke hooiliili huna- 
huna olelo. 

Scrape, v. 1. E koli; e kolikoli. 

2. E wao; wauwau. Syn. scratch. 

3. E koekoe. 
Scrape, n. Hihia, 

Scrap'er, n. Mea koekoe; mea kolikoli. 
Scratch, v. 1. E wao; e wauwau. 

2, E helu. Syn. scratch as a hen. 
Scr&tch, n. He kaha wale. 
Scrawl, V. E kakau me ka pupuahulu. 
Scraw'ny , adj. lika ; iii. 
Scream, v. E uwa'; e uwe nui. 
Screech, n. He kani okalakala. 
Screen, v. 1. E pale; e huna'. Syn. 

shelter; hide. 

2. E kanana. Syn. sift 
Screw (skru), n. 1. Kui nao; wili nao. 

2. Screio of a steam ship, wili kakaa o 

o ka mokuahi. 
Screw, V. E uma; e wili. 
Screw'driv'er, n. Wili-kui-nao. 
Screw'pine, n. Puhala. Syn. pandanus. 
Scrlb'ble, v. E kakau wale aku. 
Scrib'bler, n. Mea kakau wale. 
Scribe, n. Kakauolelo. 
Scrimp, V. E hoohaiki ma ka hoolako 

Scrip, n. Palapala hoike no na mahele 

Script, n. Hua kepau ano kakau lima. 
Script' ur-al, adj. Ku like me ka olclo 

o ka Baibala. 
Scrlpt'ure, n. Baibala, 
ScrcSf'u-li, n Kaalaala. 
Scrdfu-louH, adj. Alaala. 
Scroll, 71. He owill pcpa. 
Scroll'saw, n. Pahiolo oki kuawili. 
Scrub, v. E holoi ikaika. 
Scrfib'by, adj. Kupu ole; ii. 
Scru'ple, n. L Haohao o ka manao; 


2. He ana no ka laau lapaau. 
Scru'pu-lotks, adj. Akahele loa. 




Scru'ti-nize, v. E kiai pono; e hakilo; 

e kiei. 
S«ru'ti-ny, n. Ke kiai pono ana; ka 

hakilo ana. 
Seud,i>. 1. E holo imua o ka makani; 

e kalewa. 

2. E holo hee aku. 
Seikf fie, n. He aumeume. 
Sctill, n. He hoe pokole. 
Scull'er, n. Kanaka hoe pa-lua itia 

Seul'ler-y, n. Wahi e waiho ai na mea 

o ka hale kuke. 
Setilpt'or, n. Mea kalai kii. 
Seulpt'ure.n. Kalai kii. 
Sciim, n. Hu'a; huwa'. 
Scup'per, n. He puka hookahe wai no 

kaoneki raoku. 
Scur'ril-otis, adj. Amuamu; haillili. 
Sciir-rllM-ty, n. Olelo kuamuamu. 
Scut'tle, V. 1. E hoo-piho' i ka moku. 

2. E holo kiki. 
Scyttie (sithe), n. Pahi oki mauu. 
Sea, n. Kai. 

Sea'board, n. Kahakai. Syn. seacoast. 
Sea'breeze, n. Makani ahe. Seabreeze 

at Lahaina, maaa. Seabreeze at Ecma, 

eka. Seabreeze at Hilo, malua. 
Sea'eoast, j Kahakai. Syn. sea- 

Sea'side, ) shore. 

Sea'far-ing, adj. Holo moana. 
Seal, n. 1. Ilio o ke kai. 

2. He sila ; hoailona pal. 
Seal, V. E sila. 

Seal'ing-wax, n. Kepau sila palapala. 
Seam, n. Kuina. 
Sea'man, n. Kanaka holo moana. He 

luina. Syn. sailor. 
Sea'man-shlp, n. Ke akamai maka 

hooholo moku. 
Seam'stress, n. Wahine humnhumu. 
Sea'port, 7J. Awa ku moku. 
Sear, v. E kuni i ke ahi. 
Search, v. E imi;ehull. Syn. seek; 

look for. 
Search'er, n. He mea imi; mea hull; 

haumana. Syn. inquirer. 
Search'war'rant, n. Palapala imI. 
Sja'rdoniVn. Ke akea o ka moana. 
S«a'sliell, n. He p\ipu o kai. 
Sea'sliore, n. Kahakai; kaha one. Syn. 

Sea'sick, adj. Poluea;luai-tnoku. 
Sea'son, n. 1, Kau. Growing season, 

laaulu, Out of season, laawela. 

2. Wa kupono. 
Seas'on, v. 1. E hoomiko ai. 

2. ~E hoomaloo. Season lumber, e hoo- 

maloo papa. 
S ja'8on-a-l>le, adi*. Kupono i ka wa. 
Soa'son-ing, n. He inai. Syn. con- 
Seat, 71. 1. He noho. Syn. chair. 

2. Ke kikala. 

8. Kahua. A seal of learning, kahua 

S^r/Avard, adv. I kai; makai. 
Sea'weed, 7i. Limu. 

Sea'w6rtii-y, adj. Kupono ke holo 

Se'eant, ti. Kaha oki. 
Se-cede', V. L E hoo-kaaokoa aku ; e 


2. E haalele. 
Se-ces'sion, n. Ka hookaawale ana; 

ke'kaaokoa ana. 
Se-clude', v. E hookaawale makahi 

Se-clu'sion, n. 1. Kahi mehameha. 

2. Ka hoo-Dfcehameha ana. 
S^e'ond, 71. He sekona. 
See'ond, adj. Lua. The second day, ka 

lua o na la. 
See'ond, v. E kokua. Second the motion, 

e kokua i ka manao. 
See'ond -a'ry, adj. Emi mai. 0/ seor 

ondary importance, emi ka walwai. 
See'ond -hand', adj. Aole hou loa. 
Sec'ond-rate', adj. Aole maikai loa; 

emi ka maikai. 
Se'ere-cy, n. Ano malu'; hai ole ia. 

Sworn'to secrecy, hoohikiia no ka hai 

Se'cret, n. Olelo huna'; iliea huna'. 
Se'cret, adj. Malu'. 
Sec're-ta'ry, n. 1. Kakau-olelo. 

2. Pahu kakau palapala. 

3. Kuhina aupuni. 

Se-erete', r. I. E huna'. Syn. hide; 


2. Secrete one's self, e pee. Syn. hide. 
Se'eret-ly, adv. Malu'. 
Sect, r». Aoao hoomana. 
Sec-ta'ri-an, adj. Pili i ka aoao hoo^ 

Sec'tion, n. 1. He mahele. Syn. di- 

2. He hakina; apana i okiia. 
Sect'or, 71. Haklua poai e moe ana ma- 

waena o na hanai elua me ko laua pio, 
S^c'u-lar, adj. No ke kino. Secular 

affairs, na liana e pili i ke kino. 
Se-cure', adj. 1. Paa. 

2. Malu; lulu. 
Se-cure'ly, adv. Paa. 
Se-cur'1-ty, n. 1. Maluhia; ka hoo- 

paa ana. 

2. Wai wai hoopaa; palapala hoopaa. 
Se-date', adj. Jsoho malie; pihoihoi 

Se-dately, adv. Malie. 
Scd'a-tive, n. Laau hooluolu eha; mea 

Sed'en-ta'ry, adj. Noho malie; noho 

i ka hale. Sedentary occupation, na 

haua c hoopaa ana i ka hale. 
Sed'i-ment, n. Oka; maku. SyN. dregs. 
Se-di'tion, n. Kipi. Syn. insurrection. 
Se-di'tiotks, adj. Kipi; hoala kipi. 
Se-duce', v. 1. E hoowalewale; e alakai 


2. E onou; luahele. Syn. entice. 
Se-duc'er, n. Mea hoowalewale; mea 

Se-due'tlon, n. Hoowalewale; onou; 

ka hoohaumia ana. 




Se-dGc''f. Onou. 
Si"<l'u-lou8, adj, Uooikaika, Syj?. as- 
Seo, V. E ike; ike maka; nana. 
Seed, n. He anoano; hua. 
Scod'lingr, n. Mea kupu mat ke anoano. 
SeedK'man, n. Kanaka kuai anoano. 
Seed'time, n. Wa kanu. 
Seed'y, adj. I. Paapu i na anoana 

2. Apulu. Syn. shabby. 
Seek, V. E inu; e hull. Syn. search. 
Seek'er, 71. Meaimi. Syn. searcher. 
Seem, r. Mehemea'la; i ka naua'ku. 
SeeniMng-ly, adw. Ikanana'ku. 
Seem'ly, aff/- Kupono. Syn. decorous. 
Seer, n. He kaula. Syn. prophet. 
See'8j|'"''» **• Ho mahlkl; makoiele. 
Seetlie, r. E baila; e kupa; e lapalapa. 

A seething caldron of tova, he lua o ke 

ahi lapalapa o Pole. 
Sofc'ment, n. Ka hapa o ka poai i okiia 

i ke kaula. 
Seg're-giite, v. E hookaawale. Syn. 
S)eine (seen), n. Upenanui. 
Seis'mlc, ddj. Pill i ka olai. 
Fcis'mo-graph | Mikini ana i ka 
Sei8-in<Jni'e-ter| naueue ana o na 

Seize, v. E apo; e hopu. 
Seiz'fire, n. Ka apo ana; ka hopu ana. 
Sel'dom, adj. Kakaikahi; pinepineole. 
Se-lect% V. K wac; e koho. Svx. choose. 
Se-lcc^tion, n. 1. Ka wae ana. Syn. 


2. He olelo i waeia; mea 1 waeia. 
Self, adj. Iho. For himself, nona iho. 
• For myself, no'u iho. 
Self'-aet'ing, adj, E hooko ana mamu- 

li o ka mana iloko iho. 
Sclf'-as-sert'ing, adj. Mahaol. 
Self-ag-sMr'ance, n. Hoaano. 
Self'-con-eeif, n. Manao akena, 
Soir-c6n-deinned', adj. Hoahewa iaia 

8eir-c6n'fl-dence, n. Ka paulele iaia 

Self'-c6ii'«ciotiB, adj. Manao nui iaia 

Seir-eon-trol'y n. Ka uumi ana 1 na 

86If'-e61t'ure, n. Ka ao ana iaia Iho. 
8«'*lf'-de-cel ved', adj. Puui iaia iho. 
Sclf'-de-ni'al, a<//. Syn. «olf-<'ontrol. 
Seir-de-vo'tioM, n. Ka hoolilo ana o 

kehahi iaia iho no ka pono o hai. 
Sfir-<li«-tr&»t', n. Kanalua Iaia iho. 
Self'-ed'u-cttt'ed, adj. Aoiaoiaiho. 
SC'ir-eH-teem', n. Mahalo iaia iho. 
Self'-ev'i-dent, adj. Miiopopo me ka 

wehcwehe ole. 
S«lf'-ey-i«t'ent, adj. E ola ana mamull 

o kona mana iho; nona iho kona ola. 
S^lf-Im-pdrt'ant, adj. Hookiekie; 

Srlf'-im-posed', ruf/. Hapai iamamuli 

o ka makcinake iho. 
Self'-lnMer-est, n. Pomaikal pi li kino. 
Self'isli, adj. Pi; alunu; uua. 

Seiri«h-ly, adv. Me ka aua. 
Scirish-ness, n. Alunji. 
Self-love, w, Syn. selfishness. 
Self-made, acfj. Kuonoono mamuli o 

kona hooikaika iho. 
Self-pds-sessed', adj, Makaukau; pi- 

hoihoi ole. 
Self-pos-ses'sion, «. Ka makaukau 

o ka naau; ano pihoihoi ole. Syn. 

presence of mind. 
Self-pres-er-va'tion, n. Ka malama 

ana o kekahi iaia iho. 
Self -re-li'an^e, n. Ka hilinai ana ma- 

luna onaiho. 
Self -re-proach', n. Hoahewa iaia iho. 

Self-re-speot', n. Makee Inoa maikai, 
Self-re-straint', n. Syn. self-control. 

Self -right'eofis, adj. Pono 1 kona ma- 
nao iho. 

Self -same, adj. la hookahi no. In the 
self-snme hour, ia hora hookahi no. 

Self-sut'is-fied, adj. Hanawalea. 

Self-seek'er, n. Mea imi nona iho 
wale no. 

Self-suf-fi'cien-ey, n. Syn. self a»- 
surance; anohaanou; hooio. 

Self-willed', adj. Koe-a'. Syn. stub- 
bom; obstinate. 

Sell, V. 1. E kuai aku. 
2. E hoopuni wale. 

Sel'ler, n. Mea nana e kuai. 

Sem'blan«5e, n. Ka like. 

Scm'i-an'im-al, adj. Hapa makahlki. 

Sem'i-an'nu-al-ly, adv. I kelu me 
keia hapa makahlki. 

Sem'i-breve, n. Poo; hua mele. 

Sem'i-cir'cle, n. He hapa poepoe. 

Sem'i-cir'eu-lar, adj. Hapa poepoe. 

Sem'i-co'lon, n. Kiko-koma. 

Sem'i-di-am'e-ter, n. Hapa ana wa- 

Sem'i-na-ry, n. Kula kiekie; kula nui. 

Sen'ate, n. Ahaolelo kiekie. 

Sen'a-tor, n. Lala o ka ahaolelo kie- 

Sen'a-to'ri-al, adj. Pili i ka ahaolelo 

Send, V. 1. E hoouna. Send a mes- 
senger, e hoouna i elele. 

2. E hooili. Send freight, e hooill i 

3. Send for, e \icxiA, 
Sen'ile, adj. Palalauhala. 
Sen'ior, n. 1. Ka mua. Senior in office, 

ka mua ma ka oihana. 

2. He haumana o ka papa mua ma ke 

kula nui. 
Sen-idr'i-ty, n. Ka mua ma ke kulana; 

ma ka oihana, etc. Syn. priority. 
Sen-sa'tion, n. 1. Ka hoomaopopo ana. 

Sensation of pain, ka hoomaopopo ana i 

ka eha. 

2. He hana hoopihoihoi. To create a 

sensation, e hana i mea e pihoihoi ai. 
Sen-sa'tion-al, adj. Hoopihoihoi. A 

sensational report, he lono hoopihoi- 




8€nse, n. 1. He ike. Sense of sight, 'k.a, I 
ike o ka maka. 
2. Ke ano. Syn. meaning. 
8. Noonoo. Syn. understanding. 

4. Manao. Syn. opinion. 

5. Common sense, noonoo maoli. 
Sense'less, adj. Noonoo o)e; ike ole. 
8en'si-bil'i-ty, n. Ka hikiwawe ana o 

ka ike. 
Scn'si-ble, adj. 1. Ike. Still sensible, 

ke koe nei ka ike. 

2. A sensible ma.i, he kanaka noonoo. 
Ben'si-bly, adv. 1. Me ka noonoo. Syn. 


2. I ke ike ana. Sensibly diminished, 

ua emi mai i ke ike ana. 
Sen'si-tive, adj. 1. Pihoihoi koke. 

2. Ala koke mai o ka manao. 
Sen'si-tlve-ness, n. 1. Ke ala koke 

mai ana o ka manao. 

2. Ano pihoihoi. 
Sen'su-al, adj. Puni lealea; puni i ko 

ke kino. Sensual delights, na lealea no 

ke kino. 
8en'su-al-ist, n. Mea puni lealea. 
Sen'su-al'i-ty, n, Puni lealea; lilo i 

ko ke kino me kona man kuko. 
Sen'tence, n. 1. Hopunaolelo. 

2. Olefo hoopai. 
Sen'ti-ment, n. He manao. Syn. 


2. He manao hoala kuko; hoala iini 
o ka naau. 

3. He manao haawi I ka mahalo. Syn. 

Sen'ti-naent'al, adj. Manao aloha ko- 

Sen'ti-men-tal'i-ty, n. Manao kuko. 

Sep'a-rate, v. E hookaawale. 
Sep'a-rate, adj. Kaawale; okoa. 
Sep'-a-rate'ly, adv. Pakahi. ' 

Sep'a-ra'tion, n. Ka hookaawale ana; 

ke kaaokoa ana. 
Sep'a-ra'tor, n. Meda hookaawale. 
Sep-tem'ber, n, Sepetemaba. 
Sep'ul-ehre (ker), n. Hale kupapau; 

Sep'ul-ture, n. Ka hoolewa ana. Syn. 

Se'quel, n. Hopena. The sequel will 

shew, na ka hopena e hoike mai. 
Se'quence, n. 1. Mea hahai ; mea pili. 

2. Ka iToonohonoho ana. 
Se-ragl'io (se-ial'yo), n. Hale o na 

wahine o ka Moi o Tureke. 
Ser'aph, n. Anela kiekie. 
Ser-e-nade', n. He mele ho'alohaloha. 
Se-rene', adj. 1. Lai; malie. Syn. 


2. Alaneo. Syn. cloudless. 

3. Maluhia. Syn. peaceful. 
Se-rene'ly, adv. Maluhia; malie. 
Se-ren'l-ty, n. 1. Ano lai ; lailai. 

2. Serenity of mind, ka maluhia o ka 
Serf, n. He lopa'. 

Ser'greant (sar'jent), n. 1. He kakiana; 


2. Loio kiekie o Beritania. 
Se'ri-al, n. He kumu manao, a kaao 

paha, i hoopuka liilii ia i kela me keia 

Se'ries, n. Papa. Series of lessons, he 

papa haawiua. 
Se'ri-ous, adj. 1. Anokoikoi; ano nui. 

2. Kuoo. A serious man, kanaka kuoo. 
Se'ri-oii8-ly, adv. Me ke kuoo; me ka 

lealea ole; ma ke ano koikoi o ka ma- 
Ser'mon, n. He haiao. 
Ser'mon-iz'er, n. Kanaka haiao. 
Ser'pent, n. He nahe§a; lie moo. 
Ser'pent-ine, adj. Kuawili; pakaawili. 

Syn. sinuous. 
Ser'rat-ed, adj. Nihoniho. 
Serv'ant, n. He kauwa; mea lawelawe. 
Serve, r. 1. E lawelawe; e uoho kauAYa. 

2. Kupouo. Syn. answer. Serve a 
purpose, kupono no kekahi hana. 

3. Kokua. Serve a good turn, c kokua 

Serv'ice, n. 1. ka lawelawe ana. 

2. Oinana. Oovemment service, oihana 

3. He halawai. Religious service, hala- 
wai haipuie. 

4. Na lako no ka papa aina. A silver 
service, ua lako kala'. 

Serv'ice-a-ble, adj. Kupono; kokua. 
S€rv'lle, adj. Kuapaa; kuapelu; hoo- 

8er-vll'i-ty, n. Ke ano hoopilimeani. 
Serv'i-tude, n. Ka iioho ana kauwa 

kuapaa. Syn. elaver>'. 
Ses'8lon,n. Kanohonna. School session, 

ka noho ana o ke kula. Session of Leg- 

islature, ka noho ana o ka Ahaolelo. 
Sess'pool, n. He nenelu. 
Set, v. 1. E hoonoho. Set brick, e hoo- 

noho pohakuula. 

2. E napoo'. The sun sets, ke napoo' nei 

ka la. 
Set, adj. 1. Paa. Syn. established. 

Set principles, na loina paa. 

2. Paakiki. Syn. determined. 
Set, n. He kulana. Set on edge, hooma« 

Set-tee', n.. Noho koki'. Syn. sofa. 
Seftle, V. 1. E hooponopono. Settle 

accounts, e hooponopono i na helu. 

Settled in mind, alcaku'. 

2. E noho; enoho paa. Settle in a 
pla^fte noho paa ma kauwahi. Settle 
down to business, e noho paa i ka hana. 

3. E hooaiai i ka maku a i ka lepo paha. 

4. E emi iho ke kahua. The house is 
settling, ke emi iho nei ke kahua o ka 

Set'tle-ment, n. 1. Ka hooponopono 

2. Ka hoonoho ana i ka aina hou. 

3. He panalaau; he kauhale. 
Set'tler, n. Mea noho paa ma ka aina 





Set'tlinGTR, Yi. He maku; he oka. Syn. 

dregs; sediment. 
Set'to, n. He mokomoko; akoakoa. 
Sev'en, adj. E hikii. 
Sev'en-foid, adj. Pa-hiku. 
gev'enth, arf/. Kahiku; he hnpahiku. 
Sev'eu-teen/ adj. Umikumamahiku. 
Sev'en-ty, adj. Kanahiku. 
Sev'er, v. E oki a kaawale; e moku 

loa; poorauku. 
Scv'er-al, adj. He mau; kekahi raau. 
Sev'er-al-ly, adv. Pakahi; okoa. 
Se-vere', adj. Oolea'. A severe man, ho 

kanaka oolea. 

2. Ikaika;uui. A severe cold, he launvL 


8. Ino; anuauu loa. Severe weather, 

wa iuo, wa anuauu loa. 
Se-vere'ly, adv. Me ka oolea; me ka 


2. Loa. Feel the cold severely, anuaau 

loa; opili loa i ke anu. 
Se-ver'i-ty, n. 1. Ke ano oolea; ano 


2. Severity of cold or heat, Ikaika o ke 

anu ; a wela tjaha. 
Sew (so), n. E humuhumu; e omau. 
Sew'er (so-er), n Mea humuhumu, 
Sew'er (su-er), n. He auwai hookahe 

aku i ka ino o ke kulanakauhale. 

i^'^Ktl'^^ i n. Ka ino i hookaheia'ku. 

Sew'ine (so'ing), n. Kela meakeiamea 

Sex, n. Ano kanea wahine paha. Male 

sex, kane. Female sex, wahiue. 
Sex-en'ni-al, adj. Kela me keia ono 

Sex'tant, n. 1. He hapa-ono o ka poai. 

2. Mea anal na huina. 
Sex'ton. n. Luna malama luakini. 

2. Mea hookaui bele o ka luakini. 
Sex-tik'pl*;, adj. Pa-ono. 
Sex'u-al, adj Ano kane a wahine. 
Shab'bi-ly, adv. Kohu ole. Shabbily 

dressed, koh\i ole ka aahu. 

2, Apiki. TVeaf 8/ia66i7i/ e hana apiki. 
Sh&b'by, ad/. Kohu ole; weluwelu. 

2. Apiki. A shabby fellow, he kanaka 

Sh&ck'les, n. pi. Kupee no ka hoopaa- 

Shade, n. 1. He malumalu. 

2. Uhimaka; mea pale malamalama. 
Shade, v. E hoo-uhi. 
Sh&d'ow, n. A'ka. 
Shad'y, adv. Malumalu, 
Sh^ft, n. 1. He pua. 

2. Au no ke kaa lio. 

8. Iho hookakHa huila. 

4. Puka e komo ai i ka lua ell waiwal. 
Sbagr'gy, adj. Huluhulu. 
Sliiib, n. irioa moi no Peresln. 
Shake, v. E hooluliluli; e hoonaueue; 

e naue. 
Shak-y, adj. Naueue; naka. 
ShalMow, adj. 1. Papa'u. Syn. shoal. 

2. llapapu. Shallow soil, Icpo hapa'pa. 

Sham, n. Mea hookamani ; mea i-o ole. 

Sham-bles, n. W'ahi loli bipi; hale 
kuai bipi. 

Shfime, ?i. Hilahila; mea hilahila. 

Shaine-fac'ed, adj. Maka hilahila; 

Shame'ful, adj. Hilahila. 

Shame'ful-ly, adv. Hilahila ole. 

Shame'less, adj. Hilahila ole. 

Shame'less-lyj adv. Me ka hilahila ole. 

Sham-poo', v. E lomilomi. 

Shan'ty, n. Hale pupupu. 

Shape, n. Ke ano o ke kino; hioua. 

Shape, V. E hooponopono i ke kii o ke- 
kahi mea. 

2. To shape a course, e hoopololei i ka 
hele ana. 

3. Shape a course of reading, e hoopo- 
nopono i na mea e heluhelu. 

Shape'less, ad/. Hionaole;ano ole o 

ke kii. 
Shape'ly, adj. Aulii; maikai. Syk. 

Share, n. He mahele; haawina. 
Share'hold-er, n. Ka mea nona na 

Shar'er, n. He hoa i komo pu ma ka 

mahele ana. 
Shark, n. Ma-no'. 
Sharp, adj. 1. Oi. Sharp pointed^ 


2. Awaawa. Syn. acid; pungent. 

8. Huhu. Speak sharp words, e olelo 


4. Akamai. Syn. keen; maalea. 
Sharp'en, v. E hookala; e liuua a oi. 
Shiirp'er, n. Kanaka maalea. 
Sharp'ly, adv. 1. Me ka huhu. 

2. Sle ka Ikaika. Rebuke sharply, e ao 

ikaika aku. 
Sharp-set', adj. Pololi loa. Syn. very 

SUat'ter, V. E nahaha liilii;e wawahi 

Shave, v. 1. E kahi umiumi. 

2. Koli ; e kolikoli. 
Shav-er, n. Keikikane. Syn. boy. 
Shav'ing, n. Pulupulu laau; mea ikoli- 

Shawl, n. Kihei poohiwi. 
She, pron. la; oia (ano wahine). 
Sh^af, n. Pua' palaoa. 
Shear, v. E ako. 
Shear'er, n. Mea ako. 
Shears, n. 1. Upa' nul. 

2. He mau koo ekolu, mea hapai i na 

kino kaumaha. 
Sheath, n. He wahi'. 
Sheathe, v. E hookomo i ka wahi.' 
Sheath-ing^, n. Mea hoo-uhi i ko laloo 

ka moku. 
Shed, 7t. 1. Hale malumalu; hale ka> 


•2. He lanai. 
Shdd, V. 1. E hookahe. Shed rain, e hoo- 
kahe aku i ka u'-a 

2. E pale. 
Sheen, n. Wakawaka; hulali. 




Sheep, n. Hipa.* 

Sheep'fold, n. Pahipa. Syn. sheep-pen. 
Sheei>'ish, adj. Maka hilabila. 
Slieep'shear'er, n. Meaakoliipa, 
Sheep'skin, 11. Hi hipa. 

2. Palapala hookuu o ke kula nui. 
Sheet, w. I. He kihei moe ; kapa moe. 

2. Apana pepa; kalana, 

3. Kaula pea moku. 
Sheet'ing, n. Lole kihei moe. 
Sheet-light'ning, n. Uwila e anapa 

ana mai oao. 
Sheik (shake), n. He poo mamo o 

Shelf, n. Holowaa; papa waiho mea 

Shell, n. 1. He pupu. Land shell, ^u-pn 


2, He poka' pahu'; Syn. bomb. 
Shell, V. 1. E olaiki; e poalo. 

2. E ki-pu i na poka' pahu'. 
Shell-Tish, n. Meaolaokekai me ba 

iwi mawaho; e laa ka opihi, papal, ula. 
Shel'ter, n. Wahi malu; wani lulu. 
Shel'ter, v. E hoomahi. 
Shel'ter-less, adj. Malu ole. 
Shelve, v. 1. E waiho ma ka holowaa. 

2. E moe hi-o'; waiho kapakahi. 
Shep'herd, n. He kahuhipa. 
Shep^herd-ess, n. He kahuhipa wa- 

Sher'Hf, n. Makal nui. 
Shield, n. He pale ; pale kaua. 
Shield, V. E hoomalu; e pale. 
Shift, V. 1. E hoololi. Syn. change. 

2. Shift the responsibility, e hooili ka 

pono maluna o hai. 
Shift, n. He palule wahine; mumuku. 

2. Mahele wahana. 
ShXft'less, adj. Loli wale; hawawa. 
Shilling, 11. ' Silina. 
Shil'ly-shal'ly, adv. Ano kanalua 

mau; lauwili wale. 
Shlm'mer, v. E hulali; anapanapa. 
Shin, n. Lapa wawae. 
Shine, v. IS, malamalama. 
Shin'gle, n. 1. Pili laau. 

2. Iliili o kahakai. 
Ship, n. Moku; moku kiakolu. 
Ship, v. C E hooili ukana maluna o ka 


2. Ship a sea, e popoi ke kai maluna o 
ka oneki moku. 

3. E kepa; hoolimalimakumakahiki. 
Ship'board, adv. Maluna o ka moku. 
Ship-'mas'ter, n. Kapena moku. Syn. 

Ship'ment, n. 1. Hooili ukana, 

2. Ukana i hooiliia. 
Ship'ping, n. 1. Kela me keia ano 


2. Shipping news, nuhou no na moku. 
Ship'shape, adj. Kohu pono. Syn. in 

good order. 
Ship'wreck (reck), n. 1. Moku 1 

make i ka moana. 

2. Shipwreck of character, poino ka 

iuoa maikai. 

ShJp'wright (rit), n. Kanaka kapill 

Shirk, V. E hoopalaleha; e imi i kumu 
e haalele hana. 

Shirt, n. Palule. 

Shiv'er, v. 1. E wawahi liilii, Syn. 
2. E kuu-lulu; huhulu-ii'. E opili. 

Shoal, n. 1. Wahi papa'u o ke kai. 
2. Shoal offish, uulu I'a. 

Shock, V. E hooilihia. 

Shock, n. He naueue. Shock of earth- 
quake, naueue o ke olai. 

ShtSck'iug, adj. llihia;eehia; weliw^li. 

Shoe, 71. Kamaa. 

Shoe, V. E kapili wawae hao. 

Shoe'black, n. Mea balaki kamaa. 

Shoe'black'ing, 7i, Inika kamaa. 

Shoe'mak'er, n. Humuhumu kamaa. 

Sho^'string, n. Kaula kamaa. 

Shoot, V. 1. E ki. Shoot from a gun, ki pu. 

2. E nana. Syn. shoot from a bow. 

3. E Kunu. Shoot out of the ground, e 
kupu ae la. 

Shoot, n. He oha'; pohuli. Syn. sucker. 
Shoot^ing-star', n. Hoku lele. 
Shdp, n. 1. Hale oihana. Carpenter 

shop, hale kamena. 

2. Hale kuai. 
Sh^p'-keep'er, n. Kanaka malama hale 

Shop^lift'er, n, Mea aihue i koka hale- 

Shdp'ping, n. He makaikal kuai. 
Shore, n. 1. Kahakai ; kapakai. Syn. 


2. He koo. Syn. prop. 
Shore, V. E koo. Syn. prop. 
Short, adj. Pokole. Too short, ekekei'. 
Short'en, V. 1. E hoopokole ; e hooha- 


2. Shorten sail, e hookuu i ka pea, 
Short'hand, n. Kakau lima hoopoko- 
le. Syn. stenography. 
Short'hand'ed, adj. Lawa ole na lima 

Short-lived', adj. Ola pokole. 
Short'ly, adv. Koke; kokoke. 
Short-sighf ed, adj. 1. Ike powehi- 


2. Noonoo ole. 
Shdt, n. Poka' pukuniahi. 

2. Lu. . 

3. Ke ki ana i ka pu; ka pana ana i 
ka pua. 

Shote, n. Puaa liilii. Syn. pig. 

Shot'-tow'er, 71. Hale pakui kahi e ha- 
na ai i na lu. 

Should'er, n. Poohiwi. 

Should'er, V. 1. E auamo ; e haawe ; e 
2. E hoo-ke'. 

Should'er-blade, n. Iwi hoehoe. 

Shout, V. E hooho; e kahea leo nui. 

Shove, V. E pa'hn; e koomahope. 

Shov'el, 71. Kop«la. 

Shr>w, n. He hoikeike. To show off, e 




Show'-bill, n. Palapala hoolaha i pai 

Slio-n-'case, 71. Pahu aniani; mea hoi- 

keike i na waiwal liilii ma ka hale 

Shdw'er, n. Kuau'-a; naulu. 
ShoAv'er, v. E u'-a; e uinini wal. 

A showery day, 
Hookahakaha; hoo- 

Sh6w'er-y, adj. 

he la u'-a. 
Show'i-ly, adv. 

Show'man, n. Kanaka holkeike mea 

Show'y, adj. Hookelakela; hiehie. 
Shred, 7t. Apana lole weluweiu. Tom 

into s/ireds, naehaeia a weluweiu. 
Shrew (shru), n. Wahine pakakeu. 
Shrewd, adj. Akamai; ike; maalea. 

Syn. sagacious. 
Shrewd'ly, adv. Me ke akamai; me ka 

Shriek, 71. He uwa'; uwe nui. Syn. 

Shrill, adj. Oioi; winiwini. 
Shrimp, n. Opae. 
Shrink, v. 1. Eeke;kUpau. 

2. Shrink as in washing, pauneinei. 
Shriv'el, v. E mimino. 
Shrdud, n. Lole kupapau. 
Shrdudi, n. Na kaula puueo. 
Shr6b, n. Laau hihi , laalaau, 
ShrCib'ber-y, n. Na laa laau. 
Shiid'der, V. E haalulu. 8YN. treimble. 
Shiin, r. E haliu aku; e alo'. 
Shut, V. E pani. 
ShGt'ter, n. Pani puka. 
Shy, adj. Hopohopo; wiwo wale; palai- 

maka. Syn, timid. 
Shy'ly, adv. Me ka hopohopo. Syn. 

Sick, adj. 1. Mai. Sick at the stomach, 


2. Molowa. Sick of such talk, raolowa 

no ia ano olelo. 
Siek'en, v. E mai. 
Sick'ish, adj. Liliha; poluea. 
Stck'le, 71. He pahi kakiwi. 
Sick'ly, adj. Onawaliwali; omaimai. 
Sick'ness, n. He mai; he nawaliwali. 
Side, 71. Aoao. Side of head, hua-po6. 
Side, V. E ku ma ka aoao; e kokua. 
Sid«'b6ard, n. He papa waiho pa, 
Sule'glance, n. Awiha. 
Si-de're-al, adj. Syn. starry. The si- 

derial heavens, na lani o na hoku'. 
Side'g&d'dle, n. Noho wahine noka 

Side'TTife, arfv. Ma ka aoao. 
Si'dle, V. E nenee pili aoao. 
Sle^e; 71, E hoopuui i ke kulanakau- 

halo ma ke kaua. 
Si-eg'ta, 71. He wahi hiamoe Ikl. 
Sieve (siv) 71. He kanana. 
81ft, 71. E kanana. 
Sigh (si), 71. Leo uhn'. 
Sight, n. L Ka ike o ka maka. To sight 
or aim, e lena. 

2. He nanaina; hiohioua. 

Sight'less, adj. Makapo; makapaa. 
Syn. blind. 

Sight'ly, adj. Nani i ka nanaina. 

Sign (sin), n. He hoailona; oull. 

Sign, V. 1. E kakau inoa. 
2. E kuhikuhi lima aku; epeahi, 

Sig'nal, 71. He hoailona; hae hoailona. 
Pilot signal, hae pailota. 

Slg'nal, V. E peahi hoailona; e hoailona. 

Sig'nal, adj. Kupanaha. Syn. remark- 

Sig'na-ture, n. 1. Ka inoa I kakauia. 
2. Ka leo ki o ka leo mele. 

Sign'board, n. Papa inoa mawaho o 
ka hale kuai. 

Sign'er, n. Mea kakau inoa. 

Sig'net, n. Hoailona pai. Syn. seal. 

Sig-nif'i-can-cyl Ke ano nui. Syn. 

Sig-nlf i-cance ( * meaning; import. 

Ano nui. Syn. 
Ke ano. Syn. 

Sig-niri-cant, adj. 

Slg'nl-fi-ea'tion, n. 

Sig'ni-fy, v. E hoike. Signify a desire. 

e hoike i ka makemake. Syn. show; 

make known. 
Si^n-man'u-al, n. Ke kakau ana O ka 

Sigu'post, n. Kia kuhikuhi. 
Si'lence, n. Neo; leo ole. 
Si'lence, v. E hamau; e hoo-neo; e 

Si'lent, adj. Neo. Be silent, e hamau. 
Si'lent-ly, adv. Palanehe; palanehe 

Silk, 71. He silika. 

SllkVn I ^ ,. 1. Palupalu me he siU- 
Sllk'y i ""^- ka la. 

2. Silika. 
Silk'worm, n, Enuhe silika. 
Sill, 71. Paepae puka; laau kahua o ka 

Sil'ly, adj. Lapuwale; naaupo. Syn. 

Sll'ver, 71. Kala'. 

Sll'ver-smith, n. Kanaka hana mea 

SU'ver-y, adj. Mehe kala' la. 

2. Silvery tones, na leo iiahenahe. 
Slm'i-lar, adj. Ano like. 
Sim'i-lar'i-ty, n. Ke ano like. Syn. 

Slm'i-lar-ly, adv. Like; ano like. 
SlmM-le, 71. Olelo hoohalikelike. 

St-mll'i-tude, v. Ka like; ke ano like. 

Syn. likeness; resemblance. 
Sim'mer, v. £ lapalapa ikl ma ka baila 

Sl-moon', 7*. Makani wela o Arabia. 

Sim'ner, v. E akaaka ano ole; akaaka 

Slm'ple, adj. 1. Maopopo; aknka. 
2. Akahai. To live in a simple manner, 
e noho akahai. 
8. Naaupo. Syn. ignorant. 

Siin'ple-ton, 7t. Mea ike ole; mea na- 




Slm-pllc'l-ty.w. T. Akahai o ka naau. 

2. Ke ano moakaka, 

3. Naaupo. Syn. ignorance. 
Sim'pli-fy, v. E hoomoakaka. 
Sim'ply, adv. Wale no. Syn. merely; 

only. The truth simply, ka oiaio wale 

Sim'u-late, v. £ kookamani; e epa. 

Syn. feign. 
Sim'u-la'tion, n. Kn hookamani ana. 
Si'mul-ta'ne-oug, adj. 1. Like. A si- 
multaneous shotit, he hoo'ho like. 

2. Wa hookahi. 
Si'mul-ta'ne-ous-ly, adj. Ikawahoo- 

Sin, n. Hewa; hala. 
Since, conj. Oiai. 
Since, adv. Mahope mal. 
Sin-cere', adj. Oiaio; hookamani ole. 
Sin-cere'ly, adv. Me ka oiaio. SYN, 

Sin-cer'i-ty, n. Oiaio. Syn. truth. 
Sine", n. He kaha i kaha kupono ia mai 

kehahi poo o ka pio, a i ka nanai e pili 

ana i kekahi poo; he koo. 
Si'ne-cure, n. He oihana i ukuia, aohe 

nae he hana. 
Sin'ew, n. Olona'. 
Sin'ew-y, adj. Ikaika; puipui. Syn. 

Sin'ful, adj. Hewa. 
Sin'ful-ness, v. Kahewa. 
Sing, V. E mele; memele; e pa-ko-lL 

Birds sing, memele na manu. Sing by 

note, e pa-ko-li. 
Sln^e, V. E kuni ko waho i ke ahl. 
Sing'er, n. Meamele; niea memele. 
Singling, w. Ka pa-ko-li; ke mele ana. 
Sing'injtj-bo&k, n. Buke pa-ko-li. 
Sing'ing-uias'ter, n. Kumuao pa-ko-li. 
Sing'ing-schobl, n. Kula pa-ko-li. 
Sin'gle, adj. L Hookahi. 

2. Mare ole. 

3. Lokahi. Syn. united. 
Sin'gle, V. E wae. Syn. select. 
Sin'<l'ed, adj. Oia hookahi 

wale no. Syn. alone. 
Sin'gle-heart'ed, adj. Oiaio; hooka- 
mani ole. Syn. ingenuous. 
Sin'gly, adv, Pakahi. Syn. one by one. 
Sing'-song, ad;. Leokauo. 
Sin'gu-lar, adj. 1. Hookahi, aohe elua. 

2. Anoe; kupanaha. 
Sin'gu-lar'i-ty, n. Ke ano e, aohe o ke 

ano mau. 
Sin'is-ter, adj. L Hema. Sinister hand, 

lima hema, 

2. Ewaewa. Sinister design, manao 

hooko ewaewa. 
Sink, V. 1. E piho; e poholoilalo. 

2. To sink a pit, e eli i lua. 

8. Decline in strength, emi ka ikaika o 


4. E hoo-emi; e emi. Prices sink, emi 
ke kumukuai. 

Sink, n. 1. He klo lepo; he nenelu po- 
2. Wahl holol pa. 

Sink'ing-fund, n. Waihona dala hoo- 
emi aie. 

Sin'less, adj. Hewa ole; hala ole. 

Sin'ner, n. He lawehala; mtahewa, 

Sin-of'fer-ing, n. Mohai hewa. 

Sin'u-ous, adj. Kuawili. Syn. ser- 

Sip, V. Einuiki; e mukiki. 

Si'phon, n. He ohe pelu; meahookahe 

Sir, n. Inoa mahalo no ke keonimaua. 

Sire, n, 1. He makuakane. 
2. Inoa mahalo no ka moi. 

Si-rdc'co, n. Makani wela ma Ital'a 
me na wahi kokoke. 

Slr'up, n. Molakeke. 

Sis'ter, n. L Sister of a brother, kal- 

2. Older sister, kaikuaana. 

3. Younger sister, kiiikaiua. 
Sis'ter-ly, a(f/. Ano hoahanau wahlne. 
Sit, V. E noho. 

2. Sit a hen, e hoomoe i ka moa. 
Site, 71. Kahua. A liouse site, ha 'kahna. 

Sifting, n. Ka noho ana. Sitting of 

Legislature, ka noho anao ka Ahaolelo. 
Slt'u-a'ted, adj. 1. E waiho aua;e 

moe ana. 

2. Pleasantly situated, maikal ka no- 

Sit'u-a'tion, n. 1. Kan wahi; wahi. In a 

Qood situation, ma kauwahi maikai. 

2. He oihana. Syn. occupation. 
Six, adj. E ouo. 
Six-fold', adj. Pa-ono. 
Six'te en, ad;'. TJmikumamaono. 
Sixth, adj. He hapa-ouo; ka ono. 
Six'ty, adj. Kana-ouo. 
Size, n. Ka nui. Syn. bulk. 
Skate, n. He holua no ka wawae. 
Skein, n. Owili lopi. 
Skel'e-ton, n. Na iwi a pau o ke k'no; 

he kino iwi. 
Skep'tic, n. He al-a'; he hoomaloka. 

Syn. unbeliever. 
Skep'tl-cism, n. Ka hoomaloka. Syn. 

Sketch, n. 1. Kii i kaha iki ia. 

2. He kaao; he wahi olelo iki. 
Sketch., V. E kahakaha; e kakau iki. 

Skew'er, n. He o, mea hoopaa i'-o no 

ka pulehu ana. 
Skiff, n. He waapa lillli. 
Skill, 72. Akamai; noeau; ano mak.^vU- 


Skillful ( ^J' -A^tamai; makaukati. 
Skil'let, n. Ipu-hao unku. 
Skill'ful-ly, adv. Me ke akamai. 

Skim, V. E kioi. 
Skim'mer, n. Puna kioi. 

Skin, 71. Hi ; alualu. 

Skin, V. E loli i ka ili. 

Skin'flint, 7i. Kanaka laioo; maihi ill; 

kanaka pi. Syn. miser. 
Skiu'ny, adj. Olala. 




Skip, V. 1. E lelelele. 

2. E kikokikoi. 

3. E haalele. 

Sklp'per, n. Knpena o ka rnoku liilil. 

Skir'misli, n. He hoouka iki ma ke ka- 

Skirt, n. 1. He pa-u'. 

2. Lepa o ka aahu. 
Skirt, V 1. E waiho paapu. HocJcs 

{<kirt the shore, waiho paapu na pohaku 

ma kahakai. 

2. Ku puuluulu. Trees skirt the river 

bank, ku puuluulu na kumulaau ma 

kapa muliwai. 
Skit'tish, adj. Puiwa. 
Skulk, V. E kolo-pee. Syn. lurk. 
Skull, n. Ka pu-uiu; iwi poo. 
Sky, n. Ke ao-uH; na lam, 
Sky'ligrht, 71. Puka hoomalamalama 

mai luna mai. 
Sky'rock'et, n. Ahikaolele. Syn. 

Slab, n. Pauku palahalaha lahilahi. 
Slack, adj. 1. Alualu. Syn. loose. 

2. Kaulua; palaka; palaleha. Syn. 

Slack'en, v. 1. E hooluolu; hooalua- 

lu;eko-o'. Syn. loosen. 

2. E hookaulua; palaka. 
Slake, V. 1. E kena. Syn. quench. 

2. E hooma-u'. Slake Zme, e hooma-u' 

ka puna i ka wai. 
Slam, v. 1. Epapaniino. 

2. E kiola ino ilalo. 
Sland'er, v. E alapahi; e akiaki. Syn. 

calumniate; defame. 
Slan'der-er, n. He paokee; kanaka aki, 
Slan'der-ofis, adj. Alapahi; paokee. 

Slang;, n. Olelo kupono ole; olelo haa- 

Sl&nt, V. E hi-o', e moc kapakahl. 
Slant'lng;, adj. Hi-o; moe kapakahi. 
Slap, V. E pai me ka lima. 
Slap'dagh, adv. Ano kapulu; pupua- 

Slash, V. E okiokl wale; okioki ino. 
Sliit, n. Aaho. 

Slate, n. Papa pohaku; pili pohaku. 
Slat'tern, n. Wahine kapulu 
Sl^ugli'tfer, V. 1. E pepehi wale. 

2. E luku wale. 
Slauph'ter-house, n. Hale pepehi 

Slave, n. Kauwa hooluhl. 
Slave, V. E luhi wale;eluhimakehewa, 
Sldv'er, n. Moku powa kanaka. 
Slav'er-y, n. Ka iiooluhi wale ana. 
Slsive'trade, n. Oihana powa kanaka 

Slav'ish, adj. Luhi wale; haahaa. 

Slay, r. E hoo-make; e pepehi. Syn. 

Slay-er, n. Mea hoo-make. 
Sled, n. Hee holua. 
Sledge, n. Hamale nui. 
Sleek, adj. Nemonemo. 
Sleep, V. E moe; e hiamoe. 

Sleep'er, n. 1. Mea hiamoe. 

2. Laau kua no ka hale. 
Sleep'i-ly, adv. Makahiamoe. 
Sleep'less, adj. Uluku'; hiaa. 
Sleep'y, adj. Makahiamoe. 
Sleet, n. He u-a i huiia me ka hau. 
Sleeve, n. Lima lole. 
Sleigh, (sla), n. Kaa holua holo ma- 

luna o ka hau. 
Slen'der, adj. 1. Wiwi. Syn. thin. 

2. Makalii; puahilo. Syn. fine. 

3. A slender nold on life, paa mahune- 
hune i ke ola. 

Slice, n. He apana lahilahi i okiia. 

Slice, V. E okioki apana. 

Slide, V. 1. E hee holua; e holo pahee. 

2. E kaa. A land slide, ke kaa ana o 

Slight, adj. 1. Wiwi. Syn. slender. 

2. Mea ole; mea iki. Of slight impor-' 

tance, mea iki wale no ; mea ole. 
Slight, V. 1. E kapulu. To slight work, 

e kapulu ma ka hana. 

2. E manao ole aku. 
Slight'ly, adv. Iki. 
Slim, adj. 1. Wiwi. Syn. slender. 

2. A slim dinner, aina lawa ole. 

3. A slim congregation, he anaina ka- 

Slime, n. Nenelu. 
Slim'y, adj. Walewale. 
Sling, V. 1. E maa. 

2. Sling a hammock, e hohola i ka ma- 

Slink, r. E kokolo aku. Syn. sneak. 
Slip, v. 1. E pakika; e poholo. 

2. Slip away, e kolo malie aku. 

3. Slip off, e noopahemo. 
Slip, n. 1. Lala laau mea kanu. 

2. He noho ma kaluakini. 

3. Apana pepa loloa. 

4. He lalau; he kuhihewa. A slip of 
the pen, he lalau o ka peni. 

Slip'per, n. Kamaa haahaa. 
Sllp'per-y, adj. Pahee; hanupanupa; 

Sllp'shdd, adj. 1. Komoia ke kamaa 


2. Ano kapulu. 
Slit, V. E oki ma ka loa; e nahae. 
Sliv'er, n. He moka; he apana ololl, 

Sloop, n. Kia-kahi. 
Sldp, n. 1. Wai hanini wale. 

2. Slops, wai ekaeka. 

3. Slop over, e hanini. 
Slope, 7t. He lapa. 
Slope, V. 1. E ni-o'. 

2. E mahuka. 
Slop'ing, adj. E moe hi-o' ana. Syn. 

Sldp'py, adj. Kelekele. Syn. muddy. 
S16th, n. He molowa; hana ole. Syn, 

Sldth'ful, adj. Molowa; hiamoe wale; 

lomaloma. Syn. idle; lazy; sluggish. 
SlAth'ful-ness, n. Hiamoe wale. 
Slough (slou), n. Wahi po'hopoho'. 




Slov'en, n. Mea paumaele; meaekaeka. 
S16v'«n-ly, adj. Ekaeka; paumaele; 

Slow, adj. 1. Lohi; lolohi. 

2. Apa; nahili. Byn. dilatory. 

3. Lohi o ka noonoo. Syn. dull. 
Slo-vr, V. E hoo-lolohi; e hooholo aka- 

Slow'ness, n. Ka hoohakalia; hoololo- 

Blue, V. E hull. Slue around the log, 

e hull i kalaau ma kona welau. 
Slug'gard, n. Mea hiamoe wale. 
Slug'gisli, adj. 1. Hiamoe wale; loi- 


2. Kokolo. A sluggish stream, he ka- 

hawai kokolo. 
Sluice, n. Wai e kahe ana ma ka puka 

Sltkm'ber, n. Hiamoe. Syn. sleep. 
61um'ber-er, n. Mea hiamoe. Syn. 

Sliimp, V, E poholo pu ilalo. Syn. 

sink through. 
Slur, n. 1. He kaha ajK) no na hua 


2. He olelo hoino. A slur upon the 

character, he olelo hoino no ka inoa 

Slur, V. E hoo-hapala; e hookapulu. 
Slut, 11. 1. He wabiue pclapela. 

2. Ilio wahine. 
Sly, adj. Maalea. Syn. cunning. 
Sly'ly, adv. Me ka maalea. Syn. cun- 
Smack, v. E muki'. 
Smack, n. Moku liilii lawai'a. 
Small, Of/;. 1. Uuku;iki. 

2. "lii; aa. Syn. dwarfish. 

3. Haahaa. Syn. mean. 
Small'arms, n. Na pu kau poohiwi; 

na pu panapana. 

Small'pox, n. Mai puupuu liilii. 

Smart, adj. Akamai; eleu; miki. 

Smart, v. E maneo ; eha. 

Smart'ly, adv. Eleu: mikiala. 

Smarfness, n. Ke akamai. Syn. skill. 

Smash, v. E wawahi; e kipo. 

Smat'ter, v. E namimamu. 

Smat'ter-er, n. Mea hemahema ma ka 

Smat'ter-ing, n. He ike uuku; ike 

Smear', v. E hoohapala. Syn. daub. 

Smell, n. 1. E honi. Smell the fra- 
grance, e honi i ke ala. 
2. E pilau; e hauna. 

Smell, w. 1. The sense of smell, ka ike 
o ka ihu ; ka honi ana. 

2. A s^oeet smell, he ala: aala. 

3. A bad S7nell, he pilo; xnlau; hauna. 
Smelt, V. E hooheehee metala. 
Snaile, -y. E aka iki. 

Smil'ing:, adj. 1. Oluolu. A smiling 
viorrdnc), he kakahiaka oluolu. 
2. Hoihoi. A smiling countenance, he 
helehelena hoihoi. 

Sxuil'ingr-Iy, adv. Me ka hoihoi. 

Smirch, v. E hapala; e paele. 
Smirk, v. See simper. 
Smite, V. E kui ; e pai r e hoopai. 
Smith, n. Kanaka nana i na mea me- 
Smith'y, n. Hale hana hao, etc. 
Smoke, n. He u-ahi. 
Smoke, v. 1. E punohu u-ahl. 

2. E puhi. Smoke tobacco, puhi baka. 

3. E hoo-pi'-pi'. 
Smok'er, w. Mea puhi baka. 
Smok'y, adj. L Paapu i ka u-ahi. 

2. Pi 'pi'. 
Smol'der, r. E a pi'pi'. 
Smol'der-ing, adj. Pi'pi'. 
Smooth, adj. 1. Pahee; mania. Syn. 


2. Malino; malie. Syn. calm. 
Smooth, V. 1. E hana a mania. 

2. E hookaawale i na mea e keakea 

Smooth'ly, adv. Pahee; keakea ole ia. 
Smotli'er, v. 1. E umi; e umi wale. 

Syn. strangle; stifle. 

2. E paa ka hanu. 
SmOg'gle, V. E hookomo kolohe i ka 

waiwai iloko o ka aina, me ka ukuole 

iked ute. 
Smug'gler, n. Mea hookomo kolohe 1 

ka waiwai. 
Smug'gliiig, n. Ka hookomo kolohe i 

ka waiwai. 
Sm&t'ty, adj. Paele i ka lepo. 
Snail, n. Pupu kanioe. 
Snail'paced, a((/. Hookaulua loa; like 

me ke kolo ana o ka pupu. 
Snake, n. Moo;nahesa. 
Suftp, V. 1. E uhaki. S?iap asunder, 

e uhaki mawaena. 

2. E pai'na. The rope has snapped, pa- 
ina ke kaula. 

3. E uina. Snap the whip, p uina i ka 

4. E pana. Syn. snap the fingers. 
6. Kepa, as snap the teeth like a dog. 

6. E kanapi, as snap the guu. 

7. E keu; olelo kaki. 
Snap'pish, ad/. Kaki; keu. Syn. pet- 

Snare, n. Hepahele. 

Snare, v. 1. E halua; e hoohalua. 

2. Snare birds, e kawili manu. 
Snarl, v. E na'na. 
Snarl, n. He leo na'na. 

2. He hihia. Syn. tangle. 
Sniltch, V. E kaili ino; e lalau inc. 
Sneak, v. E kolo pee. 
Sneak, n. Mea kofo pee. 
Sneak'-thief, n. Mea aihue i na mea 

Sneer, n. He loiloi; henehene. 
Sn«er'ing-lT, adv. Heneheue; loiloi. 
Sneese, v. E ki'he. 
Sniff, V. E hanuhanu. 
Snick'er, n. He akaakakamalii. Syn. 

Snip, v. Eoki;eaKO. 
Suiv'el, V. E hoomakauwe; halokoloko. 




Sn«b, n. Kanflka nkena wela. 
Suub'bish, adj. Kulakela; haakei. 

Snooze, v. E hiamoe iki. Syn. doze. 
Snore, v. E no'no; e ho'ho. 
Snor'ing, 71. Ka no'no ana o ka ihu. 
Snort, V, E hoho; e hau. 
Snont, n. Nuku. 
Snow, n. Hau. 
Snow, V. E haule "mai ka kan. 
Snow'-ball, n. Po'po' hau. 
Snow'-shoe, n. Kaniaa hcle hau. 

Snow'-storm, n. He haule ino mai o 

Snow'y, adj. Hau; keokeo me he hau 

SnAb, r. E nuku. 
Snfib-'noge, n. Ihu kumene. 
Sniiff, V. 1. E hau. Snuff the wind, e 

hau i ka makani. 

2. E koli. Snuff the candle, e koli i ke 

Snurfers, n. Upa koli kukui. 
SnAg:, adj. 1. Papaana. Syn. comfort- 

2. )Sin«flr ^<, paikini. 
Snfifir'ffle, v. E moe pili. 
Snug'ly, adv. Papaana. 
So, adv. Pe; penei. 
So, conj. Nolaila. 
Soak, V. 1. E hoo-u'; hoo-ma-u'. 

2. E omo. Syn. imbibe. 
Soap, n. Sopa. 

Soap'-8&d8, n. Hna o ka wai sopa. 
Soar, V. E lele iluna lilo. 
Sdb, r. E hauhau; e uwe. 
So'ber, adj. 1. Xuoo. 

2. Onaole. 
S6M>er-ly, adv. Me ke kuoo; me ke 

akaaka ole. 
So'ber-mind'ed, adj. Kuoo. 
So-bri'e-ty, n. 1. Ke ano kuoo. 

2. Kaobaole. 
So'bri-quet (8oT[>re-ka'), n. Inoa ka- 

pakapa. 'Syn. nickname. 
8o'ci-a-bll-i-ty, n. Ke ano launa pu. 

So'ol-a-ble^ „-,. t- 

S«'ci-al 1 °^J- La^^a. 
So'ci-al-ly, ndn). Ma ke ano launa. 
So-oi'e-ty, n. L Ka noho pu ana o 


2. Ka launa ana. 

8. He liui. A literamj society, he hui 

imi uaauao o na buke. 
SAck, n. He kakini. 
ScJek'et, n. Kumu« Socket of the eye. 

Sdd, n. Papaamatm. Syn. turf. 
So'fa, n. He noho koki. 
Sdft, adj. Palupalu; pepe; wall; uouo'. 

SAft'en, V. E palu])alu; e hoopepe. 

Sofyness, n. Ke ano palupalu. 

Soil, n. Lepo. 

Soil, V. E paele I ka lepo. 

Sol-ree', (swii-ra'), n. He anaina hoo- 

nanca ma ke ahiahi. 
So'joum, V. E noho malihinl. 
S6'Journ-«r, n. Mea noho malihlni. 

S«l'ao«, TO. E hooluoln; hoo-na'. Gyn- 

So'lar, adj. No ka La. Solar heat, we- 

la o ka La. 
Sol'der, n. _ Kepau kapili metala. 
Sol'dier (sol-jer), n. He koa. 
Sol'dier-ly, adj. Ano koa. 
Sole, n. Poll wawae. 
Sole, adj. Hookahi wale no. Sole sur^ 

vivor, ka mea hookahi wale no i pakele- 
Sdl'e-cism, n. He hewa ma ka oleic. 

Syn. Darbarism. 
Sole'ly, adv. Wale no. Solely for your 

benefit, no kou pono wale no. 
SoVemn, adj. Eehia; hoano. 
So-lem'ni-ty, n. He hana eehia; ho 

ano eehia. 
Sol'em-nize, n. 1. E hooko i na ha- 
na ku i ka hoomana. 

2. Solemnize a marriage, e hooko i ka 
oihana mare. 

3. Solemnize the mind, e hookomo i ka 
eehia i ka naau. 

Sol'enin-ly, adv. Me ka eehia o ka 

So-lic'it, V. 1. E kono; e hookonokono. 

Syn. entice. 

2. E noi ; e koi. Syn. request. 
So-lic'1-ta'tlon, n. I. Ka hookonoko- 
no a'na. 

2. Ke koi ana. 
So-lic'lt-or, n. He loio. 
So-llc'it-ofls, adj. Pihoihoi; iini nul. 
So-llc'i-tude, n. Iini nui o ka mauao. 
StU'id, n. He kino paa; he paa, 
S61'id, adj. Paa. 
So-lid'i-f^, TO. E lilo i kino paa. 
SoPid-ly, adr. 1. Me ka paa loa. 

2. Me Jca lokahi. Syn. unanimouslv. 
So-lil'o-qnize, v. E nalu. / said to 

myself, nalu Iho au. 
So-Iil'o-quy, Tu Kanahiana. 
S<Sl'i-ta-ry, adj. 1. Mehameha. Sy'n. 


2. Neoneo. Syn. unfrequented. 
SdVi-tude, n. Wahi mehameha; wahi 

So'lo, TO. Mele leo hookahi. 
Sol'Htice, TO. He wahi }im ke ala hale o 

ka hoiiua i mamao loa'ku ai ka la mai 

ka poaiwaena. 
Sdl'u-ble, adj. Heehee i ka wai. 
So-lu'tion, TO. 1. He wai a me kekahi 

mea e ae i kaawili pu ia. 

2. He wehewehe ano. 
SiSlve, V. E wehewehe; e imi ninau. 
t^olv'en-cy, n. 1. Ka oi o ka loaa ma- 

muao ka lilo. 

2. Ka makaukau e hookaa ale. 
Sfilv'ent, adj. Hiki ke hookaa i na aie. 
Solv'ent, TO. He wai hoohee. 

ism-l:^?:} «<'»•• 1- pouuuii. 

2. Ano kaumaha. 
Some, adj. 1. Mau; kekahi. Some per- 
sons, kekahi poe. 

2. Kauwahl. Some portion, kauwahi 




Some'bod-y, n. Kekahi mea. Syn. 

some one. 
Some'liow, adv. Pehea la! It must be 

done somehow, e pono ke hanaia pehea 

Som'er-sault, ; He kulou poo; ku- 
Som'er-set, \ ' wala. 
Soine'thing, n. Kekahi mea. 
Some'time, adv. I kekahi wa. 
Some'tiiuesy adv. I kekahi mau ma- 

Some'what, adv. Iki. Somewhat tired, 

luhi iki. 
Some'where, adv. Ma kau wahi; ma 

kekahi wahi. 
Som-nam'bu-listn, n. Moe hewa; hele 

ma ka hiamoe. 
Som-nam'T)u-ll8t, n. Mea moe hewa. 
Som'no-lence, n. Ke ake o ka naau e 

Som'no-lent, adj. Maka hiamoe. Syn. 

Son, 71. Keiklkane. 
Song, n. He mele. Syn. hymn ; ballad. 
Song'ster, n. He manu memele. 
Song'stress, n. Wahine akamai i ke 

Son'in-law, n. Hunona kane. 
Son'net, n. He mele pokole. 

So-no'rotks, adj. Kani; kanioi. 
So-no'roiis-ly, adv. Me ke kanioi. 
Soon, adv. Koke; kokoke; awiwi;hlki- 

ScMst, 71. Lepo uahi. 
Sootbe, V. E hoomalielle; hoo-na. Syn. 

Sootb'say-er, n. He kilo; hoopiopio. 
So~t)t'y, adj. Paele i ka lepo uahi. 
Sop, n. Hakina ai. 
Soph'ist, n. Mea hoo-akamai wale ma 

ka olelo. 
So-phlst'ic-al, adj. Akamai wale ma 

ka olelo. 
Sdph'ist-ry, n. Ka hoo-akamai ma ka 

Soph'o-more, n. Ka papa ekolu ma ke 

Kula Nui. 
Sop'o-rif'ic, n. He mea hoo-hiamoe. 

So-pran'o, n. Ka leo wahine. Syn. 

Sor'cer-er, n. Kahuna anaana. 
S«Sr'cer-y, n. Anaana; hoopiopio. 
Sor'did, adj. 1. Alunu; puniwaiwai. 

Syn. covetous. 

2. Paele; paumaele; haukae. Syn. 

Sore, adj. Eha. 

Siire { „^., Loa. Sorely troubled, -pi"^- 
S5r.e'lyi "^^' kia loa. 
Sor'row, n. Kaumaha o ka naau; eha- 

eha; luuluu. Syn. grief. 
Sor'row-ful, adj. Kaumaha; luuluu. 

S6r'r6"w-fal-ly, adv. Me ka ehaeha; 

me ke kaumaha. 
Sdr'ry, adj. Minamina; mamina; mi- 

Sort, n. He ano. Syn. kind; species. 

Sort, V. E wae ma na ano; e hookaawale 

ma na ano. 
Sor'tie, n. Ka puka'na maiehoouka 

Sot, n. Mea ona mau. 
Sot'tisli, adj. Ona mau 
Sot'tish-ness, n. He ona mau. 
Soul, n. Ka uhaoe. 
Soal'less, adj. Haahaa; hoo-kanaka 

Sound, n. L Hehaalulu; he leo; he 


2. Kaikuono papa'u. 
Sound, ad/. 1. Paa; kina' ole. 

2. Oiaio maoli. Sound advice, olelo ao 

oialo maoli. 
Sound, V. E kani; hoo-kani; haalulu. 

Sound'ings, n. Na wahi o ke kai i hiki 

ke ana ia ka hohonu. 
Sound'ly, adv. 1. Me ka ikaika. miip 

soundly, e hahau me ka ikaika. 

2. Loa. Sleep soundly, e hiamoe loa. 
Sound'ness, n. L Ke kina' ole; popo 

ole; paa. 

2. Ka oialo. Syn. truth. 
Soup, n. He supa; kai. 
Sour, adj. 1. Awaawa. 

2. Nanau; keemoa. Syn. crabbed. 
Source, n. Kumu. 
Souse, n. L He lu iloko o ka wm. 

2. Na pepeiao me na wawae o ka puaa 

1 hoomoaia iloko o ka vinika. 
South, n. Kukulu Hema. 

Soutb-east', n. Hikina Hema 
Soutti'er-ly, adj. 1. Mai ka Hema mal 

A southerly wind, he makani mai ka 

Hema mai. 

2. I ka Hema aku. 
Sotktb'ward (or sutb'ard), adv. 1. Ika 

Hema aku. 

2. From southward, mai ka Hema mat. 
Soutb-wdst', adj. Komohana Hema. 

Soutb-west'er, n, 1. Makani ino no 

ke Komohana Hema mai. 

2. He papale nui pale ino maluna o 

ka moku. _ 
Sou-ve-nir (soov'neer), n. Mea hoo- 

raanao. Syn. keep-sake. 
Sov'er-eign (siiv'er-in), n. L He moi. 

2. Hapaha gula o Enelani. 
SoT'er-eign, adj. Mana kiekie; mana 

SoT'er-eigrn-tv, n. Ka mana kiekie. 
Sdw, n. Puaakumulau. 
Saw, V. E lu'lu' hua; e lu. 
Sow'er, n. Mea lu'lu' hua. 
Space, 72. 1. Wa; kowa; wahikaawale. 

2. 'Infinite space, ke ao palena ole o Ke 

Spa'ciofis, adj. Akea. Syn. roomy; 

Spade, n. Oo. 
Span, 71. He kikoo lima. 
Span'iard, n. Kumaaiua o Sepania. 
Span'iel, 71. Kekahi ano ilio. 
Sp&n'isb, adj. Paniolo; no Sepania. 
Spank, V. E pal i ke kikala. 





Spank'er, n. Pea hope o ka moku ; ka 

pea nui. 
Spar, n. He o'a moku. 
Spiir, V. E mokomoko. Syn. box. 
Spar'deek, w. Ka oneki nui o ka moku. 
Spare, acfj 1. Wiwi; olala. Syn. thin; 


2. Koe. A spare book, he buke 1 koe. 

8. Kaawale. No spare time, aole ma- 

nawa kaawule. 

4. Aua. Syn. chary. 
Spare, n. 1. E aua. Syn. forbear. 

2. E hookuu. Spare me to go, he hoo- 

kuu ia'u e hele. 

8. E kokua. Spare a book, e kokua 

mai i buke. 

4. E ahonui. Syn. be merciful. 
Spare'rib, n. Kulana aoao o ka i'o pu- 

Sp^r'ln§r, adj. Pakiko; aua. 
Spar'ingr-Iy, adv. 1. Pakiko. Eat spar- 
ingly, e ai pakiko. 

2. Aua. Give sparingly, e haawi me 

ka aua. 
Spark, n. He htina ahi. 
Spark'le, adv. E huali; hulili; e lile- 

Sparse, adj. Kawalawala. 
Sparse'ly, adv. Kawalawala. A sparcely 

settled country, he aina i noho kawala- 
wala ia. 
Spasm, 71. He eha e umii ana ; hui ku- 

Spas-mdd'ic, adj. Kaulele; klkokikoi. 
Spat'ter, v. E kbpipi; e mahikihiki. 
Speak, V. Ekemu; e kamailio; e haio- 

Speak'er, n. 1. Mea ekemu; mea ka- 

2. Luna-hoomalu. 
Speak'ing:, n. Ke kamailio ana; ka hal- 

olelo ana. 
Speak'hiff-trtim'pet, n. He ole. 
Speak'ing-tuhe, n. He ohe kamailio. 
Spear, n. He ihe. 
Spe'cial, adj, Wae ia: ku 1 ka wa. 
Sp6'cial-ty, n. Mea 1 maa ai; mea i 

makaukau loa'i. 
Spe'cie, v. Dala paa. Specie payment, 

ukii dala paa. 
Spe'cieg, n. He ano. Syn. kind. 
Spe-ciric, adj. L Kuhikuhi pono ia; 

noopololel ia. 

2. A specific remedy, he laau hoola ma- 

Spe-ciri€-al-ly, adv. Maopopolea. 
Spec'^i-fl-ca'tlon, n. Ke kuhikuhi 

pono ana. 
Spdc'1-fy, V. E kuhikuhi pono. 
Spec'I-men, n. Mea hoiko i ke ano. 
Spe'cioCks, adj. Pololel 1 ka nana'ku. 

Syn. plausible. 
Speck, n. Kiko; kikoklko; pula. 
Spcck'led, adj. Kikokiko; kinohinohi. 

Syn. spotted. 
Sp^c'ta-cle, n. He mea 1 hoikeia; na- 

Spec'ta-€le§, n. Maka aniani. 

Spec-ta'tor, n. Mea e nana ana. Syn. 

Spec'tre,| He uhane; uhane lapu. 
Spee'ter, J "' Syn. ghost. 
Spee'trum, n. Na kukuna o ka mala- 

malaraa i hookaawale ia e ke aniani 

Spee'u-late, v. 1. E hoopukapuka. 

2. E poonoo ; noonoo. Syn. consider; 

Spee'u-la'tlon, n. 1. Ka hoopuka- 
puka ana. 

2; Ka noonoo wale ana. Syn. con- 
jecture. _ 
Spee'u-la'tor, n. 1. Mea hoopukapuka. 

2. Mea noonoo wale. 
Speech, n. Olelo; haiolelo. 
Speech'less, adj. 1. Ekemu ole; aa. 

2. Speechless from fear, lohaloha. 
Speed, V. E holo mama aku. 
Speed, n. Mama ma ka holo; awiwi. 
Speed'1-ly, adv. Me ka mama; hiki- 

Speed'y, acf;. Mama; hikiwawe; awiwi. 
Spell, V. 1. E hookuikui hua; e pela. 

2. E hoomaha mai. 
Spell, n. He manawa iki; he wa. 
Spell'er, n. 1. Keiki hookuikui hua 


2. Buke pe'la hua oleio. 
Spelling, n. Ke pela hua olelo. 
Spend, V. E hoolilo aku. Spend waste- 
fully, e hoomaunauna; e uhauha wale. 
Spend'thrift, n. Mea uhauha wale. 
Spew, V. E luai. Syn. vomit. 
Sphere, n. 1. He poepoe. Flattened 

sphere, poepoe hawae. A lengthened 

sphere, poepoe pikoi. 

2. He kulana. 
Spher'ic-al, adj. Poepoe. 
Spice, n. Hua ala; mea hoomiko ai. 
Spi'cy, ad/. 1. Aala; mikomiko. 

2. A spicy remark, he olelo akamaL 
Spi'der, n, Nananana. 

Splfe** ' ( ^' Umoki laau no ka pahv 

Spike, n. Kui hao nunui. 

Spike, V. 1. E kakia me ke kui htu* 


2. Spike a gun, e kakia i kui hao ma 

ka puka ki o ka pukuniahl. 
Spill', V. E hanini; hoo-hanini. 
Spin, V. 1. E kaa. Spin a top, e kaa i 

Ka hu. 

2. E milo. Spin rope, e milo kaula, 
Spi'nal, adj. Pili i ka iwi kuamoo. 
Spine, n. Iwi kuamoo. Syn. backbone; 

spinal column. 
Spin'ningr- wheel, n. Pokakaa milolopi. 
Spi-ny, adj. Oioi; wauawana. Syn. 

Spin'Hter, n. Wuhine i mare ole, 
Spi'ral, adj. Pakaawili. 
Spire, n Hale oioi; hale pakul. 
Splr'It, n. 1. Uhane. Syn. souL 

2. He lapu. Syn. ghost. 

8. Anokoa. Syn. courage. 

4. Hoihoi o ku nuau. 




8p?r'it-ed, adf, 1. Hoihoi. A spirited 
horse, he lio hoihoi. 

2. Hoohoihoi; hooeueu. A spirited adr 
dress, he haiolelo hooeueu. 

gpir'its, n. Na wai ona. 

Spir'it-u-al, adj. 1. No ka uhane. Spir- 
itual needs, ua nele o ka uhane. 
2. Haipule. 

Spir'it-u-al-ism, n. Xa manaoio i na 
lapu, na hihio, me na uhane. 

8]pir'it-u-al'i8t, n. Kanaka i manaoio 
i na lapu, etc. 

Spir'it-u-al-ly, adv. Haipule. Spirit- 
ually minded, naau haipule. 

8pir'it-u-oti8, adj. Ona. Spirittums li- 
quors, na wai ona. 

Spit, n. 1. Kuha. 

2. Lae o'ne. 

3. He o pulehn I'-o. 

Spite, n, Hoomauhala; opu Ino. Syw. 

Spite'fnl, adj. Opu ino; keemoa. Syn. 

Spif tie, n. Kuha; wale. 
Spit- toon', n. Ipu kuha. 
Splash, t'. E poo i ka wai; e kapeku. 
Splen'did, adj. Nani; karaahao. 
Splcn'dop, 71. He nani; he kamahao. 
Splen'e-tle, adj. Nanau ; keemoa. Syn. 

Splice, V. E hookui ; e panainai. 
Splint ) „ 1. Laau hoopololei iwl i 
Splint'erj ^ hakl. 

2. He moka. Syn. fragment. 
Split, V. 1. E ka'ka'. Split wood, e ka'- 

\sl' wahie. Syn. cleave. 

2. E wahi; e wawahi liiliL Syn. split 

to pieces. 

8. E mokuahana. 
Spoil, V. 1. E hao; e pakaha. Syn. 


2. E ino. The food is spoiled, ua ino ka 

Spoil, n. Waiwal pio, Syn. plunder; 

Spoke, 71. Kukuna o ka huila. 
Spoke'shave, n. Pahi koli. 
Spokes'man, n. He waha-olelo. 
Spo-li-a'tion, n. Ka hao wale ana. 
Sponge, n. Huahuakai. 
Spongr'er, n. He hoopilimeaai; he lo'- 

Spongr'y adj. Pukapuka; me he hua- 
huakai la. 
Spon-ta'ne-otls, ad;. 1. Uluwale. Syn. 


.2. A spontaneous thought, he manao 

ulu Avale. 
Spon-ta'ne-oiis-ly, adv. 1. Wale. To 

grow spontaneously, e kupu wale mai. 

2. Hamuli o ka makemake. Syn. 

Spook, n. He lapu; he mu. Syn. ghost. 
Spool, n. Pokakaa will lopi. 
Spoon, 71. He puna. 
Spobn'ful, 71. Piha puna. 
tiport, 71. Paanl; lealea. Syn. play; 


Sport'ive, adj. Lea; lealea; hoihoi. 

Syn. merry. 
Sport'ive-iy, adv. Ma ke ano paani. 
Sports'man, n. 1. Kanaka ki holoho- 


2. Kanaka i puni i kela me keia hana 

Spdt, n. 1. Kiko; onio. A dirty spot, 

he paele. A bad spot, he kina'. Syn. 

stain; blemish. 

2. Kauwahi. Syn. place ; locality. 
Spdt, V. 1. E paele i ka lepo. Syn. soil. 

2. E hakilo; iciai; kiu. 
Spot'less, adj. Maemae; kina ole. 
Spfit'ted, adj. Onionio; kinohinohi. 

Syn. speckled. 
Spduse, n. Mea 1 mare; ka wahine pa- 

na o ke kane mare; ke kane paha o Ka 

wahine mare. 
Spout, n. He nukti wai. 
Spout, V. E kahe ikaika noloko mai. 
Sprain, n. He hai; okupe. 
Sprain, v. E anuu. 
Sprawl, V. E moe moau. 
Spray, n. 1. Ehu; ehukai. 

2. Lala; mau lala liilii i hui ma ka la- 
la nui. 
Spread, v. 1. E uhola; e halii. Spread 

the bed, e halii i ka moe. 

2. E hohola; e hoolaha. Spread the 
news, e hoolaha i ka nuhou. Syn. cir- 

3. E laha. 

Spread, n. He papa aina i hoomakau- 

kau ia me na mea ai. 
Spree, n. Lealea uhauha. 
Sprig, 71. Laalaau. 
Sprighfli-ness, 7i. Ano hoihoi; lale- 

Sprightly, adj, Hoihol; lalelale. Syn. 

Spring. V. E lele. Syn. jump. 

2. Epoi;popoi. Syn. pounce. 

3. E puai, Syn. burst forth as water. 

4. E kupu. Syn. germinate. 
6. Nopu; nopunopu. 

Spring, 71. Punuwai. Spring water, wai 

2. Ke kau makalii; kau kupulau. 

3. Kila holuholu. 

4. He lehe iluna. 
Spring'tide, ti. Kai piha. 
Spring'y, adj. Holuholu; napenape. 

Syn. elastic. 
Sprink'le, v. L E kapipi; e kopi. 

2. E u'aikL 
Sprink'le, n. He wahl u'-a iki. 
Sprink'ling, 7i. 1, He mau paka-u'-a. 

2. He wahi mea iki. 
Sprit, n. He o'-a pea. 
Sprite, 71. He uhane; lapu. Syn. ghost. 
Sprout, V. E kupu ; e hoo-kupu. 
Sprout, n. He opuu. Sugar cane sprout, 

Spruce, ad/, Mikioi; aulil. Syn. neat. 
Spry ,'adj. Ma'ma'. Syn. nimble. 
SpAiik, 71. Naau koa; naau hooikaika. 
Spur, n. Kepa; kui. 




Spur, V. 1. E hon i ke kepa. 

2. E hooeueu; hoohilelale. 
Spii'ri-ous, adj. Oiaio ole; hookamani. 
Spurn, V- L E kae. Syn. turn a deaf 


2. E kipaku me ka hoowaha'waha' 

8. E keehi me ka huhu. 
Spurt, V. Eki'ki'. 
Sput'ter, V. E nono-a'; nononono-a 
Spy, n. He kiu. 
Spy, V. 1. E hoomaka'kiu. 

2. E ike ma kahi mamao. Syn. espy. 
Spy'plass, n. Ohe na'na'. 
Squjib'ble, n. He hakaka; aumeume. 

Syn. scuffle. 
Squstd, n. Poe koa; poe koa ao paikau. 
Squad'ron, n. 1. He mahele o ke au- 


2. He mahele o ka puali koa hooholo 

Squatl'id, acf/. Haukae: pelapela. 
Squall, n. 1. He kikiao; makani mu- 


2. Alala' o ke keiki. 
Squal'ly, adj. Puahiohio. 
Squii'lor, n. Ka haukae o ka noho'na. 
Squan-der, v. E uhauha; e hoomau- 

Square, adj. 1. Huina-ha-kupono; 

aoao like. 

2. Hoopono; pololei. Syn. just; 

Sqmftre, n. 1. He huina-ha-kupono, 

aoao like. 

2. Hehelui hoonui lame la iho; he 

3. Kuea kamena'. 

4. Wahi akea, kaawale iloko o ke ku- 

Square'ly, adt;. Pololei. Sit squarely, 

ku pololei. 
Square'roof , n. Kumu kuea. 
Squash, n. Ipu pu. 
Squat, adj. Poupou. 
Squat'ter, n. Mea noho kuleana ole 

ma ka aina. 
Squfivr, n. Wahine Inikinl. 
Squeak, v. E ul ; uiui', e nakolo. 
Squeal, V. E uwe, mehe puaa la, 
Squeatu'lsh, adj. Poluea. 
Sqeeze, v. L E uwl. Squeeze dry, e uwi 

a ma loo. 

2. E kaomi. A tight squeeze, wahi pi- 

likia loa. 
Squlnfeyed, od/. Maka keekee. 
Squirm, v. £ ooioui; kupaka; pakaa- 

Squirt, v. E ki wal; e kikl aku. 
St&b, V. £ hou i ka pahi ; i ka mca otol 

8t»-bllM-ty, n. Onl paa; kupaa; paa. 
Sta'ble, o<y. Onipaa; paa. Syn. Htanch. 
Stji'ble, n. Hale malama holoholona. 
St&ck, n. He ahua; puu. Stack oj hay, 

pun mauu maloo. 
Sta«k, V. E hoo pu-a'. 
St4ff, n. 1. KooKOO. 

2. O'a. Syn. maslc staff. 

8. N"a kokua o ke generala; kiaaina, 


4. Flag staff, pahu hae. 
Stage, n. 1. He awai. 

2. He wa; he au. 
Stag-e'coach, n. Kaa nui lawe ohua. 
Stag'ger, r. E hika'ka'; kunewanewa. 
Stag'ing-, 71. He wahi e ku ai o ka poe 

kukulu hale; amana kukulu hale. 
Stag'nant, adj. Lana malie a pilopilo. 
Stag'nate, v. E lana malie a pilopilo. 

E pau ke kahe ana a inoino mai. 
Stag^-na'tion, n. Ka pau ana o ke kar 

he. Ka lana malie ana. 
Staid, adj. Kuoo. Syn. sedate. 
Stain, n. Kohulepo; hepaele; kina. 

Stain'l ess, ad!/. 1. Kina' ole. maemae. 

2. Makamae. A stainless reputation, 

heinoamak amae. 
Stairs, n. Anuu. 
Stair'ease^ „ ., „^„„ 
Stair'wayl ^- Ala anuu. 
Stake, n. 1. Pahu. 

2. Waiwaipili. 

3. Kuleana. A stake in the country, he 
he kuleana iloko o ka aina. 

4. Repxiiation at stake^ e poino paha ka 
inoa maikai. 

Stale, adj. Kahiko; mananalo. 
St^lk, n. Kumu o ka laau liilii. Corn 

stalk, kumu kurina. 
St£|lk, t;. E hele kikoo moau. 
Stall, n. 1. Keena hoopaa hooloholona. 

2. Wahi kuai maka hale makeke. 
Stal'lion, n. Lio kea. 
StaPwart, adj. Ikaika; puipui. Syn. 

Stam'mer, v. E uu, 
Stam'iner-cr, n. Mea leo \\m. 
Stamp, V. 1. E hehi. 

2. E pai ; e kau i i)oo leta. 
Stamp, 71. 1. Hoailouapai. 

2. Poo-leta. Syn. postage stamp. 
Stam-pede', n. He auhee puiwaT Syn. 

Stanch, v. E hoopau i ke kahe ana. 
Stanch, adj. Pill paa; kupaa. Syn. 

Stanch'ion, n. Mea koo. 
Stiind, V. E ku. To take a stand, e ku. 
Stand, n. Kahi e ku ai. 

2. He pakaukau liilii. 

3. Stand erect, (as hair through fear), 
ku ka ehu; kakalaioa. 

Stand'ard, ri. 1. He hae. Syn. banner. 
2. He ana. Syn. measure. A stand- 
ard of value, ho ana o ka waiwai. 

St&nd'ard, adj. Mau ka waiwai; paa 
ka waiwai. 

Stand'ard-be&r-er, n. Mea lawe hae. 

StAnd'lng^, n. He kulana. Syn. position ; 

Bt&ntVlng, p. p. 1. Eku ana. Standi), g 

crops, na hua o ka aina e kii ana; aolo 

1 ohi la. 

2. Mau. Standing cotnmittee, komite 





Stan'za, n. Panku mele; pautu hi- 

Sta'ple, n. 1. He lou. 

2. Waiwai i hoohua mau ia. 
Sta'ple, adj. Hoohua mau ia. Staple 

productions, waiwai i hoohua mau ia. 
Star, n. 1. Hoku. 
Stiir'board, n. Ka aoao akau o ka 

Starch, n. Pia; mea pia lole. 
Stare, v. E haka pono ka maka. 
Star'gaz'er, n. Kilo hoku. 
Stflr'liglit, n. Malamalama hoku'. 
Start, V. 1. E hoomaka hele. 

2. E nee. 

8. E puiwa. 
Stiirt'le, v. E hoopuiwa; hikilele. 
Start'ling:, adj. Hoopuiwii; weliweli. 
Star-va'tion, n. Make i ka pololi; wi. 
Starve, r. E hooki ai; e make i ka po- 

Starveling, n. Mea wiwi; a olala paha, 

no ka lawa pono ole o ka ai. 
State, n, 1. He moku-aina. 

2. The State, ke Aupuni. 

8. Ka noho'na. 

4. Hanohano. 
State, V. E hoakaka; e hai. State a 

complaint, e hoakaka i ka pilikia. 
Sta1/ed» adj. Mau. Stated hours, na 

horamau. Stated meetings, n&hal&wai 

ku mau. 
Stat'ed-ly, adv. I kela me keia ma- 

State'ly, adj- Hanohano; ihiihl; hie- 

hie. Syn. dignified. 
State'inent, n. He haina; he olelo. 
State-room, n. Keena noho, maluna 

o ka moku. 
States'man, n. Kanaka akamai 1 ke 

kalai aina. 
State s'man-llke, adj. Noeau i ke ka- 

Sta'tion, n. 1. He kahua. Commercial 

station, kahua no ka oihana kalepa. 

2. Railroad station, kahi e ku ai na 

kaa alanui hao. 

8. St&tion kousCy halewai. 

4* Kulana» Syn. standing. 
Sta'tion, v. E hoonoho. 
StsVtlon-a-ry, adj. Paa; nee ole; hoo- 
noho paa ia. 
Sta'tion-er, n. Mea kuai i na lako no 

ke kakau palapala. 
Sta'tion-e-ry, n. Na lako kakau pala- 
Sta-tis'tlcs, n. Na helu o kela me keia 

Stat'u-a-ry, n. Na kii i kalaiia. 
Stat'ue, n. Kii kalaiia. 
Stat'ure, n. Kiekie. Syn. hight. 
Stat/ute, n. Kanawai. Syn. law; ordi- 
Stave, n. Laau kapili barela. 
Stave, V. E wawahi ; e kipo; e nahaTia'. 
Stay, V. 1. E noho; e kali. Stay axehile, 
e kali iki. 
2. E koo; e paipai. Syh. prop. 

Stay, n. 1. He koo; he mea paipai. 

Syn. prop. 

2. Kaula koo. 
Stead, n. Hakahaka; wahi. In his stead, 

ma kona wahi. 
Stead'fast, adj' Kupaa; wlwo ole. 
Stead'fast-ly, adv. 1. Me ka wiwo 


2. Me ka loli ole. 
Stead'1-ly, adv. Mau. Steadily increase, 

e mahuahua mau. 

2. Steadily gaze, e nana me ka wiwo 

ole o ka maka. 
Stead-y, adi. 1. Mau. A steady wind, 

he makani mau. 

2. Kupaa. A steady man, he kanaka 

3. Ona ole. Syn. sober. 

Stead-y, v. E hookupaa. Steady your 

hand, e hookupaa i kou lima. 
Steak, n. I-o koala. 
Steal, V. E aihue. Steal away^ e kokolo 

malu aku. 
StealMng8, n. Na mea i aihue ia. 
Stealth, n. Hana malu'. 
Stealth-y, adj. Malu'. A steaUhy acU 

hana malu. 

2" Kolopee; amio; amihi. 
Steam, n. Mahu. 
Steam'boat, n. Mokumahu; moku- 

Steam'en'^ine, n. Enikini mahu. 
Steani'er, n. 1. Mokumahu. Syn. 


2. He ipu e hoomoa ai i ka mahu. 
Steam'p&ck'et, n. Mokumahu holo 

Steam'plow, n. He mikini mahu mea 

palau aina. 
Steam'tug, n. Mokumahu hookolo 

Steed, n. Lio mama. 

Steel, n. 1. Hao kila. 

2. He o hookala pahi. 
Steel, v. E hoopaakiki. Steel the hearty 

e hoopaakiki i ka naau. 
Steel'trap, n. Upiki hao. 

Steel'yard (stll-yard), n. Ana kau- 

Steep, V. E hoo-u'. 
Steep'le, n. He puuoa. 
Steer, v, E hookele. 
Steer, n, Bipi kane opio. 

Steer'a^e, n. Wahi e noho aina ohua 

o mua o ka moku. 
Steers'man, n. Kanaka hookele mo- 
ku; hookele waa. 
Stel'lar, adj. Pili i na hoku. Syn. si- 

Stem, n. L He kumu. (Sfem 0/ an appte, 

kumu o ka ohia. 

2. Ihu o ka moku ; ko mua o ka moku. 

From stem to stem, mai mua a hope o ka 

Stem, V. E hoo-ku-e'. Stem the tide, 

hooikaika kn-e' i ke au. 
Stench, n. Pilau. 


Sten-Sg'ra-phy, n. Kakau lima hoo- 

Sten-to'ri-an, adj. Stentorian voice, leo 
ikaika loa; leo hoolio. 

Step, V. 1. mxehi; ehele. Step quietly, 
e nele malie. 
2. Step a mast, e kukulu i ke kia. 

Step'-fa'tlier, n. Makuakaue kolea. 

Step'-motii'er, n. Makiiahine kolea. 

Step'ping-stone, n. Pohaku kipaepae. 

Ste're-op'ti-con, n. Pahu hoolele kii. 

Ste' re-o-seope, n. Auiani nana kii. 

Ste're-o-typed, adj. Loli ole. Stereo- 
typed opinions, n& manao i loli ole. 

Ster'ile, adj. Huaolc; panoa. 

Ster'ling, adj. 1. Oialo. Sterling merit, 
pono oialo. 

2. Sterling weight, paona kupono. 

3. Pili i ke dala lieritania. 

Stern, n. Ka hope o ka moku. 

Stern, adj. Oolea. Syn. severe; rigor- 

Stern'nm, n. Iwi umauma, 
Ste've-dore, » Kanaka hao ukanailo- 

ko o ka moku, a hoolei ukana nohoi. 
Stew, V. E kupa ai. 
Stew, n. Al i kupa pu ia. 
Stew'ard, n. 1. Kuene. 

2. Luna malama waiwai. 
Stew'-pan, n. Ipu hao, mea kupa ai. 
Stick, 71. Helaau. Stick of timber, jp&u- 

ku laau. 
Stick, V. 1. Epipili. 

2. E hoopili; e pili. 
Stick'ler, n. Kanaka manao nui i na 

mea liilii ano ole. 
Stick'y, adj. Pipili- 
Stlff, adj. 1. Oolea: paakiki. Syn. rigid. 

2. Ikaika. A stiff breeze, he makani 

ikaika, Syn. strong. 
Stift'en, V. E hoo-olea; e hana'ku i oo- 
Stiif-necked, adj. A-i' oolea, 
Stlflfness, n. 1, Oolea. 

2. Stiffness oj manners^ pahapaha; par 

Sti'fle, V. E puua; e uumi 1 ka hanu. 

SvN. smother; suffocate. 
Sti'Hing, adj. Ikiiki. Syn. close. 
Stle'ma, n. He kina'; kumu hoohau- 

mia. Syn. reproach. 
Stte'ma-tize, v. £ hoailona ino aku. 
Stile, a. Alapii no ka pa, 
Sti-lct'to, n. Pahi winiwinl, mea hou. 
Still, adj. Malie. 
Still, adv. 1. A hiki I keia wa. Still there, 

malaila a hiki i keia wa. 

2. Aka nae. Syn. yet; nevertheless. 
Still, n. He mikini puhl waioua; me 

ua wfli e ae. 
Still'born, adj. Hanau ia ua make. 
Stilt, n. KukuTuaeo. 
Stilt'ed, adj. Hookiekie. 
Stim'u-lant, n. 1. Laau hooikaika 

2. Mea hoo-hoihoi al ka naau. 
Stlm'n-late, v. E hoohoihoi ; hoo-eueu. 
Stiiu'u-lu8, n. Kumu hoolalelale. 

Stingr, V. E aki; e o. 
Stincf, n. He mea ooi. 
Stin'gi-ness, n. Hoii; ano' pi. 
Stin'gy, adj. Pi; aua; hoomakue; puki'. 
Stink, f. E pilati ; pilopilo. 
Stink' ing, adj. Pilau. 
Stint, n. Hanaukupau; hana pauliu. 
Stint, V. 1. E haawi ukupau. 

2. E hoohaiki; e aua. 
Sti'pend, n. Uku paa; uku mau. Syn. 

salary. _ 
Stip'u-late, V. E hooholo no kekabi 

hana, Syn. bargain. 
Stip'u-la'tlon, n. Ka olelo i hoohclo 

ia ma ka ae like. Syn. condition. 
Stir, r. L E kawili. 

2. E hoala. Syn. rouse. 

3. E eu; hooeueu. 

4. E oni. 

5. Stir around', stir your stumps, e eu 
ka lemu. 

Stir, n. He haunaele; uluaoa Syn. 

Stir'rup, n. Keehi. 
Stir'rup-strap, n. Kaula keehi. 
Stitch, V. E humuhumu; e men; e 

Stitcli, n. 1. Hookahi o ana o ke kui- 


2. He umii. 
Stdck, n. 1. Ke kumu paa o ka hul. 

2. Na holoholona i hanai ia. 

3. Waiwai iloko o ka hale kual. 

4. Stock in trade, waiwai hoopuka- 

5. Poo laau o ka pu. 

6. Kumu. 

7. Waihona. Stock of knowledge, "Wai- 
hona o ka ike. 

Stdek, V. E hoopiha mai ; e hoolako 
mai. Stock a store, e hoolako i ka hale 

Stock-ade', n. He pa kaua. 

St6ck'brok'er, w. Kanaka kuai i na 
bila waiwai o keia me keia ano. 

Stdck'liold'er, n. Ona o na mahele 

Stoek'ing, n. Kakini. 

Stdeks, n. Waihona dala o ke aupun'. 
2. Na laau e koo ai ka moku i ka wa i 

Stock'-8till, adv. Onl ole; malie lea. 

Sto-le, n. Kanaka manaka' like 1 r.a 
eha me na lealea. 

Stol'id, adj. Hoomaloka loa. 

Stom'acli, n. Opu. 

Stone, n. 1. He pohaku. 
2. He ana kaumaha, 14 paona. 

Stone, V. E hailuku i ka pohaku; e nou 
i ka pohaku, 

Stone'briiige, n. Huahua ma ka wa- 

Stone'cftt'ter, n. Mea kalal pohaku. 

Stone'ham'mer, n. Hamale kui po- 

Stone'ma'son, n. Kanaka kukulu po- 

Stone'g'-throw, «. Ka hoolei pohaku 




StoHe'-wall, n. Pa pohaku. 

S ton-y, ac/j. 1. Aa;paapui na pohaku. 

2. Paakiki. A atony heart, he naau 

Stool, w. Keehina wawae ; paepae wa- 

waetnoho liilii. 
Stoop, V. E kulou; hanunu; oohu. 

Stobp-slioul'dered, adj. Oohu; ha- 

Stop, V. 1. E papani a paa, Syn. cause 
to cease flowiug. 

2. E hooki; e hoopau. Syn. cease. 

3, Uoki. 
Stop'coek, n. Nuku wai, 
Stup'per, n. Umoki ; he popol. 
Stor'age, n. 1. Ka hoo-ahu ana; ka 

malama ana, 

2. Uku no ka malama waiwal. 
Store, n. Hale kuai ; he waihona. 
Store'hotise, n. Hale hoo-ahu wai wai ; 

hale papaa. 
Store'keep'er, n. Mea malama hale 

Store'rdbm, 71. Keena waiho ukana. 

Storm, n. He ino; makani me ka ino. 
*»t6rm'y, adj. 1. Ino; inoino. A stormy 

day, he la ino. 

2. Hannaele. A stormy meeting, he 

halawai hoohaunaele. 
Sto'ry, n. 1. Kaao. Syn. narrative. 

2. Papa ol una o ka hale. Second story, 

papa elua oluna. 
Sto'ry-teller, n. He kukahekahe. 
■Stdut, adj. Puipui; ikaika. 
Stout'ly, adv. Ikaika. Stoutly deny, ho- 

ole ikaika. 
Ptove, n. Kapuahi-hao. 
Stow, V. E hao. Stow in a trunk, e hao 

iloko o ka pahu. 
fJtrad'dle, V. E kihelei. 
*trag'g:ler, n. Mea auwana helema 

ke alanui. 
Straight, adj. Pololel. 
*^t^aight'en, v. E hoopololei. 
Stralght'ened, adv. Hoohaiki ia; pili- 

kia. Straightened circumstances, pilikia 

o ka noho'na. 
Straiglit-for'ward, adj. Pololei;hoo- 

pono. Syn. upright. 
Straiglit'way, adv. Koke. Syn. in:- 

Strain, v. 1. E hoomaloeloe. Syn. 

stretch tightly. 

2. E kanana. 

3. E hai. Syn. sprain. 

4. E hooikaika nui. Syn. strain every 

Strained, p. p. Lio; liolio; lina. Syn. 

tightly stretched. 
Strfiin'er, n. Kanana no ka mea wai. 
Strait, n. 1. Kowa. 

2. Pilikia. In great straits, pilikia nui. 
Strait, adj. Ololi; haiki; pilikia. 
Strait'en, V. E hoohaiki. In straitened 

circumstances, haiki loa ka noho'na. 
Strait'-jack'et, n. Lakeke hoopaa poe 


Strand, n. 1. Kahakai. Syn. shore. 

2. Maawe kaula. 
Strand, v. E ili. Syn. run ashore; 

Strange, ac^'. Kupanaha; anoe; kama- 

Strange'ly, adv. Ano e. 
Stran'ger, n. Malihini. 
Strangle, v. 1. E puua. Syn. choke. 

2. E umi, 
Stran'gu-la'tion, n. Ka uTni ana. 
Strap, 71. Kaula ili. 
Strap'ping, adj. Ikaika. Syn. strong. 
Stra'ta, n. Papa lepo o ka honua. 
Strat'a-gem, jt, Hanahoohulua; haua 

Strat'e-gy, n. Hana hoohalua. 
Strat'i-fi-ca'tlon, n. Ka waiho papa 

ana o na mea iloko ka honua. 
Strat/i-fy, v. E moe papa; hoomoe pa- 
Straw, n, Opala palaoa. 
Straw'ber-ry, 71. Ohelo papa. 
Stray, v. 1, E auwana. Syn. wander. 

2. E holoholo wale. 
Streak, n. 1. He onionio. 

2, Streakof light, he liukuna. m&lamar 

3, The first streak of dawn, ka moku ana 
o ka pawa; ka wene ana o ke alaula. 

Stream* n. 1. Kahawai. 

2. Au. Stream of time, ke au o ka ma- 

3. Mea kahe. A stream of lava, he pele 
e kahe ana. 

Stream'er.n. Lepa. 

Stream'let,7i. Kahawai uuku. Syn. 

Street, n. Alanui kulanakauhale. 
Strength, n. Ikaika. Svn. vigor. 
Strength 'en, v. E hooikaika; e hana a 

Stren'u-otis, Cidj. Ikaika. Strenuous 

exertion, hana ikaika. 
Stren'u-ou8-ly, adv. Me ka ikaika. 

Stress, n. L Stress of weather, ka ikaika 
o kaino. 

2. Stress ofvoic€,'ke kalele ana o ka leo. 

3. Mana; ikaika. Syn. force. 
Stretch, v. E hoohola. 

2. E kikoo; e o. 

8. Stretch out to dry, e kalena. 

4. Stretching out, moau. 

5. E hoomaloeloe. iSfrete/i a rope, e hoo- 
maloeloe i ke kaula. 

Stretchier, n. Manele. Syn. litter. 
Strew, v. E hoohelelei; e halii. 
Strick'en, p. p. 1, I komoikapopilikia. 

2. Luuluu. Stricken in years, luuluu i 

na makahiki. 
Strict, ad/. Hoopololei ; hoopono loa. 
Strict'ly, adv. Me ka pololei loa. 

Strict'ure, n. Oleloku e'; olelo pa'pa'; 

olelo kaohi. 
Stride, n. He kikoo moau. 
Strife, n. Huahua'; mokuahana; ha- 

kaka, Syn. contention. 




strike, v. 1. E kui; e hau; hahau. 

2. Kani. The clock strikes, kani ka 

3. E hooki hana, no ka uuku o ka uku. 
Strike, n. He hooki baua. 
Strik'ing, adj. Kupaiauaha; kamahao. 
String:, w. He kaula liilii. 
Strin'^ent, adj. Oolea. Syn. severe. 
Strip, v. 1. Ewehe. Syn. take off. 

2. E maihe. Syn. peel. 

3. E hooueoneo. Syn. make destitute. 
Strip, ju He apanaloihi; moliua. 
Stripe, 1. Onionio. 

2. He hili; he paopao. 
Strlp'Iing, 71. He keiki kane ui. 
Strive, v. 1. E hooikaika. 

2. E hakaka; aumeume. 
Stroke, n. 1. He kui ; hahau; hili. 

2. He kaha. Stroke of the pen, kaha 
ana o ka peni. 

3. A good stroke qf business, puka pono 
ma ka oihana. 

4. Stroke of the oar, ke ku ana o ka hoe 
i ka wai. 

5. Stroke of siekness, ka loaa ana o ka 
mai; ka loohia'na o ka mai. 

Stroke, r, E kahi oluolu me ka lima. 
Stroke'oar, n. Ka hoe mua o ka waa- 

pa; nana e hooponopono i na hoe e ae. 
Stroll, V. E holoholo makaikai. 
Strong, adj. 1. Ikaika; puipui. Syn. 

vigorous ; robuBt. 

2. Hauna; hohono; maeaea. Syn. 

strong smelling. 
Strong at-tach'nrieiit, n. Paeauma. 
Strong'ly, adv. Ikaika. 
Strfip, 71. He ili hookala pahiumiumi. 
Striict/are, n. Mea i kukuluia. 
Strjig'gle, V. 1. E hooikaika. 

2. Aumeume; hakaka; paio. 
Strtie'gle, n. 1. He hooikaika nul. 

2. He hukaka; paio; kaua. Struggle 

ineffectually, e uilani. 
Strtina'pet, n. Wahine hookamakama. 

Syn. prostitute. 
Strftt, V. E hoohaOia; kai-i'. 
8ttkl>'l>ed, adj. Kumukumu. 
Stftb'blc, 71. 1. Na kumukumu. 

2. Opala. Syn. trash. 
Stftb'born, ady. 1. Paakiki; nuha. 

2. Huakeeo. 8yn. stubborn in wick- 
Sttkb'bom-ness, n. Ka paakiki o ka 

St&d, n. 1. Laau ku na ka hale. 

2. Pi he paluie. 

8. He poe lio hoolaha. 

4. Lio kea. Syn. stallion. 
Stu'df^nt, n. Mea iini uuauao. 
Btu'di-o, n. Keena haua kii. 
StuMi-oAM, adj. Imi. A studious boy, 

he keiki imi. 
StCid'y.t;. E imi naauao. 
Stad'y, n. 1. Imi naauao. 

2. keena palapala. 
StbiT, n. 1. Waiwai okelame keiaano. 

2. Opala. Hyn. trash. 

8. Staff and nonsense, olelo lapuwale. 

St&ff, V. E hoonuu ai. Syn. eat greedily 

2. E kupalu. Syn. fatten. 

3. E hoopiha, 

StOflf'ing, 7t. Mea i hookomoia. 
St61'ti-fy, V. E hoike i ka naaupo; e 

haua mamuli o ka naaupo. 
Stfiui'ble, V. E okupe; e hina wale. 
StGm'bler, n. Mea okupe wale. 
Stum'bling-bloeky n. Mea e hina ai; 

kumu hoohihia. 
St Amp, 71. Kumu i koe. 
St<kn, V. E kuli kax>epeiao; ekullkuU. 
Stjknt, V. E keakea ka ulu ana. 
Stunt'ed, adj. A-a'; i-i'i. 
Stii'pe-fae'tion, n. Ka maeele ana o 

ke kino, o ka noouoo paha. 
Stu'pe-fy. V. 1. E hoomaeele. 

2. E kaili i ka noonoo. 
Stu-pen'doiis, adj. Nui weliweli. 
Stu'pid, adj. Unea; naaupo; lo'lo'. 
Stu-pid'ly , n. A no unea; kualala. 
Stu'por, n. Maeele; unea. 
Stur'dy, adj. Ikaika; puipui. Syn. ro- 
StatHer, V. E olelo u-u'. Syn. stam- 
Stiit'te»-er, n. Mea leo u-u'. Syn. 

Sty, n. 1. Pa puaa. 

2. Uleule maka. 
Style, 7i. Ano, Style of speaking, ano o 

ke kamailio. 
Style, V. E kapa'ku, Syn. call. 
StyPish, adj. Hiehle; hookahakaha. 
Sua'sion. »Sec Persuasion. Moral suasion, 

ka haawi ana i ka olelo ao. 
Suav'i-ty (suav-lty), n. Ano oluolu; 

Sub-altem, n. Luna malalo iho. 
Sftb'di-vide', v. E maheJe hou i ka 

Sftb'di-vig'ion, v. He mahele o ka 

Sub-due', v. 1. E hoopiol hoolaka'aka. 

2. Kumu manao; kumu. 
Sfib'Jeet, adj. Malalo o ka malu; malalo. 
Sub'jeet, n. 1. He makaainana. 

2. Kumu manao; kumu. 
Sub-ject', V. E hoopio;waiho malalo. 

Sub-Jec'tion, n. Ka noho ana malalo 
iho. Subjection to law, ka noho ana 
malalo iho o ke kanawai. 

Sub-Joined% p, p. I pakuiia mahope. 

Sftb'ju-gate, v. E lawe pio. Syn. 

Sfib'Ju-gation, n. Ka lawe pio ana. 

Sftb-let', V. E hoolimalima hou malalo 
iho o ka hoolimalima mua. 

Sab-Iiine% adj. Nani; kamahao. Syn. 

Sub-lim'i-ty, n. Kanani. Syn. grand- 

S&b'lu-na-ry, adj. No ka honua nel. 

Byn. terrestrial. 
Sftb'ma-rine', adj. Malalo o ke kai. 
Sub-merge', v. 1. E komo. Syn. sink. 

2. E hookomo malalo o ka waL 




Bnb-mls'sion, n. Ka aeanaikohai; 

ka hoolohe. 
Sub-mis'siTe, adj. Akahai; hoolohe. 

Sub-mlf, V. E ae i ko hai; e hoolohe. 

Sub-or'di-nate, adj. Malalo iho iS«6- 

ordinate position, he kulana malalo iho. 

Sub-orn', v. E kono i ka holke wahahee. 

Sub'or-na'tion, 71. E hookouokono no 
ka hoohiki wahahee. 

iSb:5oe"na.i ^' Palapala kena hoike. 

Sub-scribe', v. 1. E kakau inoa ma- 
lalo iho, 

2. Subscribe for a newspaper, e lawe nu- 

Siib-scrib'er, n. Mea kakau inoa; mea 
lawe nupepa. 

Sub-scrip'tion, n. 1. Dala lawe nn- 

2. Kakau inoa ana no kekahi mea. 
Subscription paper, palapala noi dala. 

Sub'se-quent, adj. Mahope mai. Sub- 
sequent events, na hana manope mai. 

Sub'se-q«ent-ly, adv. Mahope iho. 

Sub-serv'i-ent, adj. Kupono; hoolohe. 

Sub-side', v. E emi iho. E paholo. 

Sub'si-deuce, v. Ka emi ana iho. 

Sab'si-dize, n. V. E kokua me ke dala. 
Sub'si-dy, n. Uku kokua. 
Sub-slst/, v. E ola. Syn. live. 
Sub-sist'ence, n. Ke ola ana; na lako 

no ke ola. 
S&b'soll, n. Lepo paa malalo iho o ka 

lepo oluna. 
86b'8tance, n. 1. Na lako kino. A man 

of substance, he kanaka lako. 

2. I-o. The substance of the remark, ka 
i-o o ka olelo. 

3. Mea. Another substance, Taea. e. 
Sub-stan'tial, n. 1. Koikoi. A sub- 
stantial man, he kanaka koikoi. 

2. Paa. 

Sub-stan'tial-ly, adv. 1. Paa. Sub- 
stantially built, paa ke kukulu ana. 
2. I'o. Substantially the same, like i'o 

Sub-stan'ti-ate, v. E hooia. Syn. 
prove; verify. 

Sub'stan-tive, n. Haiinoa. Syn. noun. 

Sftb'sti-tute, n. Panihakahaka;hope. 

Sab'sti-tute, v. E pani. 

Sub- tend', v. E kaha aku. Syn. pro- 

Sikb'ter-fu^e, n. Hana epa; hana hoo- 

Sab'ter-ra'ne-an, adj. Maloko o ka 

Sabf le (satl), adj. Maalea. Syn. sly. 

Sabt'le-ty (sutl-ty), n. Ano maalea; 
ano epa. 

Sub-tract', v. E unuhi; e hoolawe. 

Sub-trac'tion, n. He hoolawe; he unu- 

Sab'tra-hend, n. Kumu hoolawe. 

gub-ur'ban, adj. Mawaho ae o ke ku- 

SaVurbs, n. Ka hooauhuli ana. 
Sub- vert, v. E hookahuli. Syn. over- 
Sue-ceed', v. 1. E ko. 

2. E noho i hope; e noho i pani. 

3. E hahai. Day succeeds night, e ha- 
hai ana ke ao i ka po. 

Suc-cess', n. Ke ko ana; ke kuonoono. 

Syn. prosperity. 
Suc-cess'ful, adj. 1. Ko: lanakila. 

2. "kuonoono. Syn. prosperous. 
Sue-cess'ful-ly, adv. Lauakila. 

Sue-ces'sion, n. 1. Ka hahai ana. 
Succession of events ka hahai ana o ke- 
kahi hana 1 kekahi hana. 
2. Hooilina. Sriccession to the throne, 
ka hooilina ana o ka noho alii. 

Suc-ces'sive, adj. Kekahi mahope mai 
o kekahi. 

Suc-ces'sor, n. He hope mai. Successor 
in office, he hope mai ma ka oihaua. 

Suc-clnet, adj. Pokole; ano uui. Syn. 

Suc-cincf ly, adv. Me ka pokole. Syn. 
concisely ; briefly. 

Sae'cor, V. E kokua hoopakele. 

Sat'cu-lent, adj. Momoua. Syn. juicy 

Suc-cAmV, V. 1. E make. Succumb' 

to sickness, make i ka mai. Syn. yield. 

2. E ae aku mamuli o ke koiia'ua. 
Sach, adj. 1. O ia ano. 

2. Like me. 
sack, V. E omo. 
Sack'er, n. He oha'; pohuli. 
Sack'le, V. E hanai wai-u'; e omo wa- 

Sack'ling^, n. Keiki omo waiu. 
Suc'tion, «. Ka omo ana. 
Sad'den, adj. Emoole; kuhewa; hiki- 

Sad'den-ly, adv. Emo ole. 
Su'dor-irlc, 71. Laau hookahe hou. 
Sads, n. Wai sopa. 
Sue, V. 1. E hoopii kanawai. 

2. E nonoi haahaa. 
Su'et, n. Ka aila e hoopuni ana i na 

SAffer, v; 1. E hoomanawanui 1 ka 


2. E ae mamuli o ke koi ana. Syn. 

Sarfer-ance, n. 1. HoomanawanuL 

2. Ka ae ana. Syn. pernu.ssion. 
Sarfer-er, n. Ka mea i eha; kameai 

Sarfer-ing, w. n. 1. Eha; poino. 

2. Ka hoomanawauui ana. 
Saf-fice', V. E lawa. 
Suf-fi'cien-cy, n. Ka lawa kupono. 

Syn. competency. 
Suf-fi'cient, adj. Lawa. Syn. enough. 

sarfix, n. Mamala pakui mahope o ka 

Saf fo-cate, V. E kalea; uumi; puua. 
Saffo-ca'tion, n. Ka paa ana o ka ha- 

Sarfra^e, n. Ka pono koho balota. 




Suf-fuse', V. 1. E uhi. Cheeks suffused 

with blushes, na papalina i uhi ia i ka 


2. Haloiloi. Eyes suffused with tears, 

na maka i haloiloi 1 na wai maka. 
Sugr'ar (shoog-ar), n. Ko paa. 
Sug'ar-cane, n. Ko ulu. 
Sug-ar'inill, n. He will ko. 
Hug-^esV, V. E hoopuka manao; e ku- 

Sug-ges'tion, n. Manao kuhikuhi. 

Syn. hint. 
Sug-gest'ive, ad;. Hoala manao. 
Su'i-cide, n. Mea lawe i kona ola iho. 
Suit.'w. 1. Paa. Suit of clothes, paa 

lole komo. 

2. Hihia hookolokolo. 

3. He imi mare. To press a suit, e koi 
e mare. 

Suit, v. Ku; kupono. 
Suit'a-ble, adj. Kupono. Syn. appro- 
priate; fit. 
Suite (sweet), n. L He poe ukali. 

2. He mau keena pill pu. 
Suit'or, n. 1. Mea e noi ana e mare. 

2. Mea e hoopii ana ma ke kanawai. 
Saiks, n. Ano nunuha. 
Sulk'y, adj. Nunuha. 
S'Olli'y, n. Kaa lio no ka mea hookahi. 
S61'len, adj. Keemoa; kaki; hooka- 

Sftl'len-ly, adv. Mumule; nuha. 
S&l'ly, V. E paumaele. Syn. tarnish. 

E hooemi i ka nani. 
Stkl'pliur, n. Luaipele; kukaepele. Syn. 

861'tan, n. Inoa moi no Tureke. 
S61-ta'ua, n. Inoa moi wahine no 

Sckl'try, adj. Wela; welawela; koe'- 

Stim, n. Hulna pan. 

2. Ninau helu. 
SAm'ma-ri-ly, adv. Koke. Summarily 

dismissed, hookuu koke ia; hookuke 

Sftm'ma-ry, n. 1. Ka hoouluulu ana. 

2. Ka i-o o ka olelo. 
S6m'ma-ry, adj. Koke; hakulia ole. 

Summary punishment, hoopai koke. 
SQin'mer, n. v. Kau wela. 
SAm'mit, n. Ka wekiu; ka piko. Syn. 

Sum'mon, v. E kena aku; e kahea. 
Sbin'^inong, n, Palapala kil; palapala 

8ump'ta-oA8» a(^. Hiehie; kabikoia 

a nani. 
SAn, n. La. 

S6n, V. E kaulai i ka la. 
Sfkn'bcam, n, Kukuua o ka La. 
San'burnt, adj. Wela i ka La; mala; 

SftnMay, n. La Sabatl. Syn. sabbath. 
Sun'der, v. E oki a kaawale; e hooka- 

S&n'di'al, n. Pa kuhikuhi hora ma- 

muli o ke aka o ka La. 

SAn'drles, n. pi. Kela me keia mea lii- 

SCkii'dry, adj. Kekahi mau. Syn. sev- 

S&n'light, n. Malamalama o ka La. 

San-ny, adj. Laelae. 

Sikn'rise, ) Ka puka ana o ka 

Siin'ris-lng, i "• La- 

Sfin'set, n. Ka na-poo' ana o ka La. 

San'shine, n. Laelae o kt La. 

Sftn'shin-y, adj. Laelae. Svn. sunn v. 

San'strokc, n. Poniuniu ku hewa mai 
no ka wela o ka La. 

Sfip, V. E omo iki. Syn. sip. 

Su'per-a-biiii'dance, n. Kaoipakela. 

Su'per-an'nu-at-ed, adj. Kolopupu. 
Su-perb', adj. Maikai loa; hiehie; nani. 
Su'per-car'go, n, Kupakako. 
Su'per-cil'i-oiis, adj. Haakei; haaheo; 

Syn. haughty. 
Su'per-ex'cel-lent, adj. 01 ka mai- 
Su'per-fi'cial, adj. 1. Papau. Superficial 

knowledge, ike papau. 

2. Pupuahulu. 
Su'per-fi'cies, n. He ili; he akea. Syn. 

Su'per-fine, adj. Oi loa ka maikai. 
Su'per-flu'1-ty, n. Mea i oi i ka mea 

Su-per'flu-ofis, adj. Waiwai ole; ma- 

Su'per-hu'man, adj. 1. Weliwell; 


2. Mawaho ae o ke ano kanaka. 
Su-per-in-tend', v. E hooponoporo. 

Su'per-in-tend'ent, n. Luna hoopono- 

Su-pe'ri-or, adj. Maluna'e; oi ae; kle- 

kie ae. 
Su-pe'ri-or, n. Mea kiekie ae. 
Su-pe'ri-6r'i-ty, ?i. Ka oi. 
Su-per'la-tive, adj. Oi loa; pookela. 

Su-per'nal, adj. Noluna;no ka lani* 

Syn. celestiaL 
Su'per-nat'u-ral, adj. Eehia; aole DO 

ka honua nei. 
Su'per-seribe', v. E kakau mawaho o 

ka palapala. 
Su'per-sede', v. E noho mai ma ka 

Su'per-sti'tion, n. 1. Hoomanakil. 

2. Ka manaoio i na lapu, na'kua; na 

ouli, etc. 
Su'per-stl'tloils, adj. Maka'u i na 

lapu, etc. 
Su'per-strikct'ure, n. Ka mea 1 kuku- 

luia maluna o ke kahua. 
Su'per-vise', v, E hooponopono. Syn. 

Su'per-vls'ion, n. Ka hooponopono 

ana. Under his supervision, malalo iho 

o kana hooponopono. 
Su'per-viH'or, n. Luna hooponopono. 

Syn. overseer. 
Su-pine', adj. 1, Kua hance. 

2. Molowa; palaluha. 




Sflp'per, n, Aina ahiahl. 

Sup-plant', V. E kaili i ko hai pono. 

Sup'ple (pi), adj. Alu; loeloe; nape- 

Sup'ple-ment, n. 1. Olelo pakui. 
2. Kapihaana. Supplement of an an- 
gle, ka piha ana o na huina Kupono 

Sup'ple-ment'a-ry, adj. E hoopiha 
ana; pani hakahaka. 

iajllfc^iti »■ Meanolana. 
Sap'pll-cate, V. E noi; e pule; e kalo- 

Sup-pli-ca'tion, n. Henonoi; he pule. 
Sup-ply', ^. Ehoolako; e hoopihamai 

i ka nele. 
Sup-ply', n. Lako ; ka piha ana o ka nele. 
Sup- port', n. 1. He Koo. 

2. He kokua ola. 
Sup-port', r. L E paepae; e koo. Syn. 


2. E hoolako pono no ka noho ana. 
Syn. nourish. 

3. E kokua. Support the motion, e ko- 
kua 1 ka manao. 

4. E hooia. Stcpport the charge, e hooia 
1 kekumu hoopii, Syn. substantiate. 

5. Support the pain, e hoomanawanui 1 
kaeha. Syn. bear. 

Sup-port'er, n. 1. Hekoo; makia. 

2. Mea nana e kokua 1 ke ola; mea 

malama i ke ola. 
Sup-pose', V. 1. E manao wale. 

2. Ina paha. Suppose it should rain, 

ina paha e u-a ana. 
Sup'po-si'tion, n. Ka manao wale. 

Syn. hypothesis. 
Sup-press', v. 1. E kinni; e hoopau. 

2. E umi. Suppress emotion, e umi i ka 

Sup-pres'sion, n. Ke kinai ana; ka 

hoopau ana. 
Siip'pur-ate, v. E hookahe palahehee. 
Su-i>rein'a-cy, n. Ka mana kiekie. 
Su-preme', adj. Mana kiekie; kiekie 

Su-preme' Be'ing, n. Ka Mea Kiekie 

Sur-charge', v. E hoopiha pono ole. 
Sur'cin-gle, n. Kaula apo no waho ae 

o ka noho lio. 
Surd, n. He kuaniti i hiki ole ke hoo- 

maopopo pono ia. 
Sure, aaj. 1. Oiaio loa; maox)opo loa, 

Syn. certain. 

2. Paa loa, Syn. secure. 
Sure'ly, adv. Oiaio; maopopo. Syn. 

Sure'ty, n. 1. Mea hoohiki panai no 


2. Waiwai panai. 
Sure'ty -sliii>, n. Hoohiki panai. 
Surf, n. Nalu; kai nalu. 
Sur'face, n. Hi. Surface of the sea, ka 

ili o k'amoana. 
Snr'feit, n. Ka oi pakela o kaai.kainu. 
Surgre, n. Ale nui. 

Surge, r. E aleale ; ooloku'. 
Sur'geon, w. Kaukaoki. 
Sur'ger-y, n. Oihuna lapaau ma ka okl. 
Sur'ly, adj. Opukopekope; keu; kee- 

Sur-mise', V. E hoohuoi. Syn. suspect. 
Sur-mount', v. E lanakila maluna'e. 
Sur'name, n. Inoa ohana. 
Sur-pass', v. E kela; e oi imua. Syn. 

excel ; out do. 
Sur'plus, n. Ke keu; ka mea i oi par 

Sur-prise', n. Haohao; kahaTia'. mea 

i iki ole ia e mamua. 
Sur-prif'ing, adj. Kamahao; haohao. 
Sur-ren'der, v. 1. E haawi pio. 

2. E haawi lilo. 
Sur-ren'der, ?j. Ka haawi pio ana. 

2. Ka haawi lilo ana. 
Sur'rep-ti'tious, n. Maju'; maalea. 

Syn. underhanded. 
Sur-round', v. E hoopuni; e poai a 

Sur-vey', v. 1. E ana aina. 

2. E nana pono. Survey the landscape, 

e nana pono i na hiuna o ka aiua. 
Sur-vey'ing, n. Ana aina. 
Sur-vey'or, n. 1. Mea ana aina. 

2. Port surveyor, luna kiai awa. 

S. Luna kiai; luna nana. 
Sur-vive', v. E ola. Survive an injury, 

e ola mai ka eha. 
Sur-viv'or, n. Ka mea i koe ke ola. 
Su8-cep'ti-l>le, adj. I alakai ia ka 

noonoo. Syn. impressible. 
Sus-pect', V. E manao hoohuoi. 
Sus-pend', r. L E kaulai. Syn. hang 


2. E kaawe; e li. Syn. hang by the 

3. E kapai iki. Suspend judgment, e 
kapai iki ka olelo hooholo. 

Sus-pend'ers, n. Kaula kaawe. 
Sus-pense', n. Anoninoni; manao pi- 

Sus-pen'sion, n. 1. Ke kapai ana. 

2. Ke kaulai ana; kaawe ana. 
Sus-pl'clon, 71. Manao hoohuoi; ma- 
nao kanalua. Syn. doubt; distrust. 
Sus-pi'cio&s, adj. Haohaoia; kanalua 

ia; hoohuoi. A suspicious man, he kar 

naka hoohuoi. 
Sus-tain', v. 1. E koo. Syn. support. 

2. Sustain life, e pono ai ke ola. 
Sus'te-nan^e, n. Ai e pono ai ke ola 

Sut'ler, n. Mea kalepa iwaena o na 

Sut'ure, n. 1. Kahi e pili pu ai na iwi- 


2. Ka humuliumu ana o na wahi mo- 

ku o ka ili. 
Swab, n. Welu holoi papa. Syn. mop. 
Swag'ger, v. 1. E kikoo moau aku. 

2. E akena wale; e hannou. 
Swal'low, V. E ale; e moni. 
Swamp, n. Aina pohopoho' 
Swg,nip, v. E kumo. The boat is swamped, 




ua komo ka waapa. 
Sm sjmp'y, adj Pohopoho'. 
Swap, V. E panai waiwal; e kuapo. 

Syn. barter. 
Sward, n. Aina mauu. 
Swiirm, n. Huhui. Swarm of bees, hu- 

hiii nalo meli. 
Swartli'y, adj. Haull; hauliuli. A 

swarthy complexion, hauliuli ka ill. 
Sway, n. Ka noho aupuniana; ka ho- 

omalu ana. 
Swiiy, V. 1. E hoomalu. 

2. Sway to and fro, c polewa; e luliluli. 
Swear, v. E hoohiki. 

2. E hoohiki ino i ka iuoa o Ke Akua. 
Swear'er, n. Mea hoohiki ino; mea 

Swear'ing, n. 1 He hoohiki. Syn. 

taking the oath. 

2. Olelo kuamuamu. Syn. profanity. 
Swdat, n. Hou. 
S weat'y, adj. Ma-u' i ka hou. 
Sweep, V. 1. E pulumi; e kahili. 

2. E hoonea. Pestilence sweeps the 
land, ke hoonea nei ka ahulau i ka 

3. E nei. To sweep by, e nei aku. 
Sweep'ings, n. Opala i pulumi la. 
Sweet, adj. 1. Ouo. 

2, N ahenahe ; polinahe. 

8. Oluolu; akahai. 
Sweet'en, v. 1. E hookomo i ke ko. 

2. Sweeten life's troubles, e hooluolu i 

na pilikia o keia noho ana. 
Sweet'heart, n. He ipo. Syn. lover. 
Sweet'ly, adv. Oluolu; nahenahe; 

6 weet'meat, n. Na hua ai i hookomoia 

ke kopaa. 
Sweet'ness, n. Ono; akahai. 
Sweet-scent'ed, adj. Ala. 
SavcII, v' E pehu; e haanou. 
Swell, n. 1. Aleha'ha' o ke kai. 

2. Kanaka hookahakaha. 
Swdl'ling, n. He j)uu; he pehu. 
Swel'tei , V. E raaule i ka wela. 
Swel'ter-ing, p. p. Koehaeha; ikikl. 
Swerve, v. E aui ae mai ka pololei. 
Swift, adj. Mamaloa; kiki. Syn. fleet. 
Swift'ly, adv. Awiwi loa; mamaloa. 
Swift'ness, n. Ka awiwi o ka hole; ka 

mama o ka holo. 
Swig, V. E Inu a nui. 
Swill, n. Ai kawiliia na ka pnaa. 
Swill, V. E hoouuu inu. 
Swim, V. 1. E au. 

2. E poniuniu. My head swims, ponl- 

uniu Kuu poo. 
SM'iiu'iner, n. Mea ike 1 ke au. 
Swlrn'minff-ly, adv. To get on swim- 

ingly, e holo pono Imua. 
Swin'dle, v. E apuka; e pakaha wale. 

Syn. cheat. 
Swin'dler, n. Kanaka apuka. Syn. 

Swine, n. Puaa. 

Swinolierd, n. Kahn hanal puaa. 
Swing, n. He lelekoali. 

Swing, V. Ekauiluna; elcle; e lewa; 

e lewalewa; e lelekoali. 
Swin'ish, adj. Like me ka puaa. Syn. 

Switcli, n. 1. Laau hili. Syn. whip. 

2. Hao alakai no ke alanui liao: mea 
alakai i na kaa ma kekahi alanui e ae. 

3. Owili lauoho. 

Switch, V. 1. Ehili. Syn. whip. 
2. E kai i na kaa ahi mai kekani ala- 
nu^ a i kekahi aku. 

Swoon, V. E maule. Syn. faint. 

Swoop, V, E poi; e popoi. 

Sword (sdrd), n. Pahi kaua. 

Sword-arm (sord), n. Lima lalau 
pa.hi kaua. 

Sword'belt, n. Kaei pahi kaua. 

Sye'o-phant, n. He noopilimeaai; he 

Syl'la-ble, TO. Mamala hua olelo. 

Syl'van, adj, No na ulu laau. Syn. 

Sym'bol,TO. Aka; ouli; hoailona. Syn. 
type; emblem. 

Syin-b61'ie-al, adj. Hoailona. 

Sym'bol-ize, v. E hoailona. Syn. rep- 

Sym-met'ri-«al, adj. Kohu pono mai 
mua a hope. 

Sym'me-try, n. Kekulike; ke kohu po- 

Sym'pa-thet'i€» adj. Aloha me'ne- 

Sym'pa-thize, adj. E aloha mene- 
mene; e uwe pu. 

Sym'pa-thy, v. He aloha menemene. 

Sy m'pho-ny , n. 1. Ke kani like o na leo. 
2. Leo mele no na ohe puhi. 

Symp'tom, n. He ouli. Syn. sign. 
2. Symptom of sickness, 'hnlifi 

Syn'a-gogue (gdg), n. Hale halawai o 
ka poe ludaio. 

Syn'eo-pate, v. E hoopokole ma ke 
kapai ana. 

Syn'eo-pe, n. Ke kapai ana o kekahi 
mau hua palapala. 
2. He maule. 

Syn'od, n. Aha kuka' ekalesia. 

Syn'o-nym, n. Hua olelo ano like. 

Syn-6n'y-motk8, adj. Like ma ke ano. 

Syn-op'sis, n. Ke ano nui; ka i-o o ka 
olelo. Syn. epitome. 

Syntax, n. Ke kakau pololei ana 1 ka 

Sypli'i-lis, n. Mai kaokao. 

Syr'inge, n. He hahano. 

Syg-tem, n. 1. Ka lioouohonoho pono 

2. The human system, ke kino kanaka 
me na kanawai e hoopono ana. 
8. The solar system, ka la me kona mau 
hoku hele me ko lakou mau kanawai 

Sys'toin-at'ie, adj. Hoonohonoho po- 
no ia. 

Sy8'tcin>a-tize, v. E hoonohonoho po- 
no. Systematize the work, e hoonohono- 
ho pono i ka hana. 





ab'er-na-ele, n. Halelewa. 

Ta'ble, n. 1. Papa. Multiplication ta- 
ble, papa hoonui. 

2. Dining table, -psLpa, Siina,; papa kau- 

3. Writing table, papa kakau. 
Ta'ble, v. E waiho ma ka papa. Table 

a bill, e waiho ka bila ma ka papa. 
Tab'leau (tab'lo), n. He hoikeike o 

ka poe ola me he mau kii la. 
Ta'ble-land, 7i. Aiua papa. 
Ta'ble-si obn, n. Puna nui. 
Tab'let, n. Papa liilii, mea kakau. 
Ta'ble-talk, n. Ke kamailio ma ka 

papa aina. 
Ta'ble-turn'ing, n. Ka hoonaue la 

ana o na papaaiua e na uhaue lapu, 

wahi_a kekani poe. 
Ta-bob', n. He kapu. 
Tab'u-lar, adj. Papa. A tabular view, 

he hoike papa. 
Tab'u-late, v. E hoonohonoho papa. 
Tac'it, adj. Ekemu ole. Tacit consent, 

ae ekemu ole. 
Tac'it-ly, adv. Me ka ekemu ole. 
Tac'l-Curn, adj. Ekemu ole; mumule. 

Syn. silent. 
Tack, n. 1. Kui liilii kakia moena. 

2. Kaula hoopaa pea. 

3. Hoopii moku. 

Taek'ie,«. 1. Ka likini me na jwno e 
ae o ka moku. 

2. Fishing tackle, na lako no ka lawai'a. 

3. Kaula huki o ka palaka. 
Tack'le, v. 1. E hookomolio i ke kaa. 

2. E apo; e lalau lima aku; e hoopaa. 
Tact, n. Noeau; maiau. 
Tae'ties, n. Ka ike e pili ana i ke kaua. 
Tag, n. 1. He hoailona kau mawaho o 

ka ukana. 

2. Dog tag, hoailona ilio. 
Tag, V. E hahai koke mahope. 
Tail, n. 1. Tail of a fish, he hivL. 

2. Tail of an animal, he huelo. 

3. Tail of a cock, koola; puapua, 

4. Tail of a kite, kakaiapola. 

Tail, V. Tail on or tail after^ e hahai mai 

Tuil'or, n. He tela; mea hmnuhumu 

Taint, TC. He kina' ; he hauna. 
Taint, n. E hoohaumia; e hauna. Syn. 

Take, v. 1. E lawe ; e hopu ; e hoopaa. 

2. Take airily e hoopololei i ka pu. To 

take breath, e hanu; e hoomaha. To 
take care, e akahele; e malama. To take 
doitm, e hoohaahaa. Syn. write down, 
e kakau iho. Take down pride, e hoo- 
haahaa i ka haaheo. Takedown a house, 
e wawahi i ka hale. To take effect as a 
law, e lilo i kanawai. To tale effect as 
medicine, e naha'. To take hcr.rt, e hoo- 
lana i ka manao. To take heed, e uoo- 
noo pono. To fate tn, e hoopuuihei; e 
hoopuni. To take in sail, e li ka pea. 
To take in the meaning, e hoomacp«.,po. 
To take in ha7id, e hoao e hana. lo take 
leave of, e haawi i ke aloha hooka;> 
wale. To take notice, e nana mai. To 
take off J e wehe. To take on one's self, 
e hapai i ke kaumaha. To take offence, 
e hunu. To take out a stain, e holoi i ka 

?aele. To take part with, e kokua pu. 
'o take place, e ko. To take root, e hoo- 
kumu. To take advantage of, e apo i ka 
pomaikai; e hana maaka. To take the 
air, e hele i ka holoholo. To take to 
heart, e hookomo ma ka naau. To take 
up, e hapai ae. To take up the time, e 
hoopiha i ka manawa. To take up arms, 
e hoomakaukau no ke k;;ua. To take 
time, e lawe 1 manawa kupono. To tale 
up residence, e nohopaa. To take uj) a 
thief t e hopu i ka ainue. To take up 
room, e hoopiha wale. To take up a 
note, e hookaa i ka bllu aie. 

Take'ln, n. He hoopuniwale; he halua. 

Taking, adj. Onou. Syn. allurinj?. 
A taking way, he ano onou; hoomali- 

Take'off, n. He hana e hoohenehene. 

Tale, TO. 1. Kaao; moolelo. Syn. story. 

2. Heheluna. Syn. number; count. 
Tale'bear-er, n. Holoholo olelo. 

Tal'ent, to. 1. Talena. 

2. Noeau; akamai. Syn. ability. 
Tal'ent-ed, adj. Noeau; makaukau 

Syn. able. 
Tales'man, to. Panihakahaka ma ke 

T£|lk, TO. Kamailio. Ixmd talk, walaau. 

T^lk, V. 1. Talk quietly, e kamailio. 
Syn. converse. 

2. Talk altogether, e hoo-uwauwa; e 
hauwalaau. Syn. gabble. 

3. Talk foolishly, hoohauhili; kualau- 

Talk'a-tlve, adj. Walaau wale. Syn. 




Tail, a4j. Klekle. Tall and slender, 

Tal'low.n. Ailabipl;ailahipa. 
Tal'ly, V. E ku-like. Syn. agree. Keep 

tally f e malama i ka helu. 
TaPly-man, n. Kanaka malama helu. 
Tal'on, n. Ka maiuu o ka manu. 
Tam'a-ble, adj. Hike ke hoolakalaka 

Tatn'a-rlnd, n. Kalaau wi; hua wi. 
Tiinie, adj. 1. Laka. 

2. Hoih'oi ole. Syn. dull. 
Tame, v. E hoolakalaka. 
Tame'ly, adv. Tamely submit to insult, 

e ae molowa aku i ka hoinola mai. 
Tame'ness, n. Ke ano laka. 

Tani'per, v. 1. E lalau wale. Syn. 


2. E kipe. Syn. bribe. 
Tan, V. 1. E hoo-lu ill. 

2. E hauli i ka la. 
Tan'grent, 7i. Kahapill. 
Tan'gri-hle, adj. Ike maka ia. Stn. 

Tan'gle, v. E kahihi ; e hihia. 
Tank, n. Lua wai iiui. Syn. cistern. 
Tan'ner, n. Kanaka hoo-lu ill. 
Tan'ner-y, n. Hale hoo-lu ili. 
Tan'ta-lize, v. E hoala makehewa i ka 

manaolaua; e hooeha maau. 
Tan'ta-mount', adj. Like a like. Syn. 

Tap, V. 1. E kike; e konl. 

2. £ hou aku i kahe mai. 
Tape, n. Lipine. 
Ta'per, n. Ihoiho kukui. 
Ta'per, v. E hele a winiwinl. Tapering 

toapoinf, lipilipi; miomio. 
Tap'root, n. Ka mole o ka mea ulu. 
Tar, n. Ta; kepau. 

2. Inoa no ke sela. 
Tar'di-ly, adv. Me ka lolohi; me ka ha- 

kalia; hookaulua. 
Tar'di-ness, n. Kapuka hope; kahoo- 

Tiir'dy, o<y. Puka hope ; lohl. 
T&re, n. 1. Kikania. 

2, Ke kaumaha o ka mea hao waiwai; 

kaumaha 1 helu ole ia. 
Tiir'cet, n. Papa ki poka. 
Tar'lft*, n. Papa auhau dute waiwai. 

Tar'nish.v. E hoohapala. 3yn. sully. 

e hooemi i kaaiai. 
Tar-pi^u'lin, n. Kapolina. 
Tar'ry, v. E kali; e noho; e kakali. 
Tiirt, adj. Awaawa; awahia. 
T&rVly, adv. Mekaawahia; okalakala. 

T&sk, n. 1. Panku hana; uku pau. 

2. Hana; haawina. School tasks, na 

haawlna kula. 
Ta8k'-m&s'ter, n. Luna hooponopouo 

Taste, V. E hoao; e koni. 
Taste, n. 1. Mikioi; maiau. 

2. Ka ike o ke alelo ma na mea ai. 
Taste'ful, adj. Mikioi; aulii. Syn. 


?tlt*e* f ul-ly i «^^- Me ^a *"^"- 
Taste'less, arfj. Hukahukai; ono ole. 

Syn. insipid. 
Tat'ter, n. Mea weluwelu. 
Tat'tle, V. E holoholo olelo. 
Tataier, n. Holoholo olelo. Syn. tale- 
Tat-too', n. Ka hookani pahu o ke 

ahiahi, no na koa e hoi i ko lakou wa- 

hi noho no ka po. 
Tat- too', V. E kakauhi; e kakaukaha. 
Taunt, V. E loiloi ; e nuku. Syn. sneer 

Taut, adj. Maloeloe; lina. 
Tau-tdPo-gy, n. Olelo kuawili wale. 
Tav'ern, n. Hale hookipa; hotele. 
Tav'ern-keep'er, n. Mea malama ho- 
T^w'dry, adj. Hookahakaha wale. 
Taw'ny, adj. Hauli; olenalena. 
T*dx, n. He auhau. 
Tax, V. 1. E auhau. 

2. E ahewa. Syn. accuse. 
Tax'a-ble, adj. Ku i ka auhau. 
Tax-a'tion, n. Ka auhau ana. 
Tax'i-der'my, n. Ka hoomakaukau 

ana i na ili holoholona; me ke kukulu 

hou ana mehe mau holoholona ola la. 
Tea, n. 1. Ti inu. 

2. Aina ahiahi. 
Tea'€an'i8-ter, n. Pahu waiho tl. 
Teach, n. E ao. 
Teach'a-ble, adj. Hoolohe; hiki ke 

Teach'er, n. Kumuao. 
Tea'cup, n. Kiaha ti. 
Tea'k6t-tle, n. Ipu ti. 
Team, n. He paa noloholona hoounau- 

Team'ster, n. Mea hoo-a holoholona 

Tea'pot, n. Ipu ti. 
Tear, w. Kulu wai maka. 
Tear, v. E haehae; e hoopohae. 
Tear'ful, adj. Haloiloi; maloi. 
Tear'less, ac(j. Walmaka ole. 
Tease, v. 1. E ne. Syn. fret 

2. E hauawale; hoouaukiukl. gYN. 


2. E kauloloa; noi pinepine; hoohane. 
Teas'er, n. 1. He noohane; mea noi 


2. Mea hoonaukiuki wale. 
Tea'spoon, n. Puna ti. 
Teat, 71. He u ; maka waiu. 
Tea'ta'ble, n. Papa aina ahiah 
Tdcb'nlc-al, adj. Pill pono i kekahl 

ike a hana paha. 
Tdeh'no-log'ie-al, adj. Pili ^ na oiha- 

na akamai. 
Tech-ndl'o-fcy, n. Oleic wehewehe no 

na oihana akamai. 
Te-De'um, n. Himeni hoolea. 
Te'dl-oAs, adj. Luhi wale; lolohi. Syn. 

To'-dl-um, n. Luhi; lohi. Syn. weari- 

ness; fatigrue. 




Teem, v. E hoohua nul mai. Paapu 

Teens « n. pi. Na makahikl o ke ola ki- 
no mawaena o 12 me 20. 
Teeth, n. pi. Na niho. 
Teetli'ing, n. Ka wa i kupu ae na niho. 
Tee-to'tal-er, n. Mea hoole loa i ka 

wai ona. 
Tel'e-grram, n. Oleic uwia telegrapa. 
Tel'e-graph, n. He telegarapa. 
Te-leg'ra-phy, n. Oihana telegarapa. 
Tel'e-phone, n. Mikini kamailio no 

ke telegarapa. 
Tel'e-seope, n. Ohe nui mea nana i na 

ao o ka lani 
Tel'e-8cdj>-i€, adj. Telescopic star, he 

hoku 1 ike la me ka telescope wale 
. no. 

Tell, V. E hai; e heln. 
Tel'ler, TO. 1. Mea hai. 8 yn. narrator. 

2. Mea helu. Bvn. counter. 

8. Luna helu dala ma ka baneko. 
Tell'tale, n. He holoholo olelo. 
Te-mer'i-ty, n. Hooaano. Syn. pre- 
Tem'per, n. 1. Ke ano o ka naau. Good 

temper, ano oluolu. Bad temper, ano 

huhu wale. 

2. Ke degere oka paaki ki o ka metala. 
Tem'per-a-inent, n. Ano. A nervous 

terperament, ano pihoihoi A sanguine 

temperament, ano noihoi. A phlegmatic 

temperament, ano maUe; poonoo. A 
: bilious temperament, he ano hikiwawe 

1 ka huhu. 
Tem'per-ance, n. Ano pakiko. 
Tem'per-ate, adj. Pakiko. 
Tena'per-a-ture, n. 1. Ka wela me ke 


2. A high temperature, nui ka wela. A 

low temperature, nui ke anu. 
Tem'pest, n. He ino; makani ino me 

ka u'a. 
Tem-pest'u-otts, adj. 1. Ino; Inoino. 

A tempestuous day, he la ino. 

2. A tempestuous sea, kai ooluku'. 
Tem'ple, n. 1. Luakiui. 

2. Maha poo. 
Tetn'po-ra,l, adj 1. No keia ao. Tem- 
poral good, he pomalkai no keia ao. 

2. Pili i ka maha poo. 
Tem'po-ra-ri-ly, adv. No ka wa po- 

kole; iki. 
Tein'po-ra-ry, a(^'. No ka wa pokole ; 

ku 1 ka wa. Syn. transient; transitory. 
Tem'po-rize, v. E ae no ka wa pokole. 
Tempt, V. E hoowalewale; e hoao. 
Temp-ta'ticn, n. He hoowalewale; 

kumu onou. 
Tempt' *r, n. Mea hoowalewale. 
Tempt'ing-ly, ady. Make ano onou; 

Ten, adj. Umi. 
Tcn'-a-ble, adj. Hiki ke hookupaa la 

ke hooku-e ia. 
Te-nji'cious, adj. 1. Pili; piplli; pili- 


2. Tenacious memory, ike poina ole. 

mea hoo- 

Te-n&c'l-ty, n. Ke ano pili paa. 
Ten'ant, n. 1. Hoa aina; me 

limalima hale. 

2. Lopa. Syn. serf. 
Ten'ant-ry, n. Na hoa-aina. 
Tend, V. 1. Ekiai; malama;lawelawe. 

2. E nee. 
Ten'den-cy, n. 1. An. Tendency of 

time, ke au o ka manawa. 

2. He hilinai. Tendency to evil, ka hi- 

linai i ka hewa. 
Ten'der, n. 1. Moku lawelawe no ka 

moku nui. 

2. Kaa la we wahie me ka wai no ka 
enikini mahu. 

3. Legal tender, dala ma ke kanawai. 

4. Kahaawi ana. Tender of service, 
ka haawi anai ke kokua.* 

5. Palapala koho no kekahi hana, etc. 
Ten'der, v. E haawi. Syn offer. 
Ten'der, adj. 1. Palupalu; eha koke; 


2. Ahonui. Syn. compassionate. 

3. Puloku. , Syn. delicate. 
Ten'der-heart'ed, adj. Ahonui; naau 

Tdn'der-ly, adj. Ahonui ; menemene. 

Ten'der-ne98, n. 1. Ano eha koke; 

ano palupalu. 

2. Menemene; ahonui. 
T^n'don, n. Oloua'. 
Ten'e-ment, n. Hale noho. 
Ten'et, n. Loina. Syn. principle. 
Ten'fold, adj. Pa-umi. 
Ten'on, n. tjle papa. 
Ten'or, n. 1. Leo tenora. 

2. Ano nui . The tenor of the remark, ke 

ano nui o ka olelo. 
Tense, adj. Liolio; lina. Syn. taut. 

Tense, n. He wa. Present tense, keia wa. 

Past tense, wa i hala. 
Ten'slon, w. Lio; lina; linalina. Syn. 

Tdnt, n. Hale lole ; hale lewa. 
Tenth, n. Hapa-umi; ka umi. 
To-nu'1-ty, n. Ano lahilahi ; ano Avlni- 

Tep'id, adj. Pumahana. 
Term, n. 1. Mahele manawa; wa. 

2. He olelo; hua olelo. 

8. He mahele o ke kuaniti hoailona 

Term, v, E kapa. Syn. designate; call. 

Ter'ma-gant, n. Wahinenuku; wahi- 

nepakakeu. Syn. scold; shrew. 
Ter'mi-na-ble, aaj. Hiki ke hoopau 

ia; kaupalenaia. 
Ter'mi-nsite, r. 1. E hoopau ; hoo'kL 

2. E kau palena. 
Ter'mi-na'tion, n Ka pau ana; ka 

hope loa; ka palena. Syn. end. 
Ter'mi-nus, n. 1. Ke poo me ka pau 

ana o ke alanui. 

2. Palena ;mokuna; pea. 
Ter'race, n. Honua papa, 
Ter'ra-pln, n. Honu; ea. 
Ter-res'tri-al, adj. No ka honua 




Tfir^i-ble, a<^'. Weliwell; eehia. Syk. 

awful. . 

T6r-rlf'ic, adj. Weliwell. 
Ter'ri-fy, v. E hooweliweli. 
Ter'ri-to-ry, n. 1. Aina. 

T6r'ror, n. Kumu hooweliweli; well- 

'Wcli * 66Ili£l 

T#rse'adj. Mikioi; olelo inlkioi. Syn. 

conciBe. A terse expression. 
T<>st, n. 1. Mea hoao. Test question, 

ninan hoao. 

2. He ana. Syn. standard. 
T6st/a-Tnent, n. 1. Kauoha. New 

Testament, Kauoha Hou. 

2. Pahipala hooillna. Syn. will. 
Test'a-ment'a-ry, adj. Pili i ka pala- 

pala hooilina. 
Te8-ta'tor, n. Ka mea nona ke kauoha 

Tes'ter, n. Uhl oluna o ka moe. 
Tes'ta-ele, n. Laho; opea. 
Tes'ti-fy , v. E boike ; olelo hoike. 
Tes'ti-ly,adv. Me ka huhu. 
Tes'ti-mo'ni-al, n. 1. Palapala apono. 

2. Mea hoike aloha, mahalo, etc. 
Tes'ti-mo-ny, n. Olelo hoike. Syn. 

witness; evidence. 
Tes'ty, adj: Nanau. Syn. peevish; 

Tete'a-tete' (tat-a-tat), n. Knmailio 

hoonanea iwaena o na mea elua. 
Tctii'er, v. E hoopaa i ke kaula. 
Teth'er, n. Kaula hoopaa holoholona. 
Text, TO. 1. Poo olelo; icumumanao. 

2. Olelo i pai ia. 
T6xt'bo"bk, ». Bukeao. 
Tex'tile, adj. Ulana ia. 
Text/are, n. 1. Ke ano o ka ulana 


2. Texture of the skin ke ano o ka III. 
Thank, v. E aloha aku no ka pomai- 

kai i loaa mai. 
Thaiik^ful, adj. Piha i ke aloha. Syn. 

Tliank'ful-ly, adv. Me ke aloha. Syn. 

TIiaiik'ful-ne88, n. Ke aloha no ka 

boopomaikai ia mai. Syn. gratitude. 
Til an k'less, adj. Aloha ole. Syn, un- 
Thanks, n. pi. Aloha. 
Thanks'glT'ing^, n. Ka hoaloha'loha 

That, pron. Kela; ia; oia; ua mea la. 
Th&t, conj. I. That you may kiiow, i ike 

Thatch, n. Mea ulu ako hale. 
Thatch, v. E ako hale. 
Thaw, n. Ka hooheehee ana o ka hau. 
The, def. art. Ka; ke. 

The'a-tcr,( Hale kcaka. 

The'a-tre.i ^- *i»^^t. Kcasa. 

The-at'ri-cal, adj. Pili i ke keaka. 
The-at'ri-eals, n. pZ. Nahana keaka. 
Theft, n. Aihue ana. 
Thgir, pron. (dual) Ko laua; (pi.) ko 

Theme, n. Kumu olelo; kumumanao. 
Them-selveg'. pron. Lakou iho; laua 

Then, adv. 1. Ia wa: ia manawa. 

2. Conj. Alalia. 
Thgnce, adv. Mai laila aku. 
Thence-forth, } , Mai ia mana- 
Thence-for'ward.i '"*^* wa'ku. 

The-^d'o-lite, n. Panana' ana aina. 
The'o-16'g:i-an, n. Mea hull Akua. 
The'o-ldgMc-al, adj. Pili no Ke Akua. 
The-dPo-gry, 71. HullAkua. 
The'o-rem, w. Manaohai; nanehai. 
The'o-rize, v. E kukulu i manao. 
The'o-ry, n. Manao i kukulu ia. 
There, adv. 1. Malaila; ma-o'; i-o'. 

2. Aiala! 
There'a-bonts', adv. Ma kauwahl 

There-aft'er, adv. Mai ia hope msii. 
There-by', adv. Mamuli o ia. 
There-for', adv. No ia. 
There'fore, adv. Nolaila; no ia mea. 
There-in' adv. Iloko; maloko; mala 

There-or, adv. No la mea. To give no- 
tice thereof, e kukala no ia mea. 
There-dn', adv. Maluna iho. 
There'up-dn', adv. No ia mea; nolaila, 
There-with', adv. Meiamea. 
Ther-mdm'e-ter, n. Mea ana wela. 
The'sis, w. Kumu paio; iwiao. Syn. 

Th e y , pron, Lak ou ; laua. 
Thick, adj. 1. Manoanoa. 

2. Thick, as fluid, kuhu-a'. 

8. Thick, as a cloud or darkness, pano- 


4. Thick, as a crowd, paapu. 
Thick'en, v. 1. E hana a manoanoa, 

2. E paapu. Dangers thicken, paapu 

mai na popilikia. 

8. E pouli mai. The weather thickens, 

ke pouli mai nei ka ino. 
Thickset, n. Wahi paapu o ka nahele- 

hele; wahi hihi o na mea ulu. 
'^hick'ly, adv. Paapu. 
Thlck'ness, n. Ka manoanoa. 
Thick'set, adJ. L Poupou. Syn. burly. 

2. Kanupill. 
Thick'- skinned > ., Kolo O ka noo- 
Thlck'-skulled i "*^- noo. 
Thief, n. He aihue. 
Thieve, v. E aihue. Syn. steaL 
Thiev'lsh, adJ; Aihue. 
Thiev'ish-ness, n. Ke ano aihue. 
Thigh (thi), n. U-ha'. 
Thills, n. Na au o ke kaa IJo. 
Thim'ble, n. Komo humuhumu. 
Thin, adj. 1. I^ahilahl. (Of fluids.) 

2. Thin in flesh, homa; wiwi; haka- 

Thine, n. Mea. 
Thi^k, V. 1. E manao. 

2. Enoonoo; poonoo. Syn. reflect. 

8. Think to one's self, e halalo. 
Think'er, n. Mea iioonoo nui. 
Think'ingr, n. Noouoo; poonoouoo. 




Thln'ly, adv. L Kawalawala. Syn. 


2. Lahilahi. 
Thin'-skiuned, adj. Huhuwale; liu- 

hu koke. 
Third, adj. Ke kolu; hapa-kolu. 
Thirst, n. Makewai. 
Thirst'y, adj. Makewai. 
Thir-teen', adj. Umikumamakolu. 
Thir'ty.adj, Kanakolu. 
This, pron. Keia. 
This'tle, n. Puakala. 
Thith'er, adv. I-o'. Hither and thither, 

i-o' & ift 1161 
Thlth'er-ward, adv. I-o' la, i na wahi 

Thole'-pln, n. Pine hoe waapa. 
Thorn, n. Mea oioi ; kakalaioa. 
Thorn'y, adj. Oioi; wanawana. 
Thor'ough, adj. Olahonua; hooma- 

kaulii; paa pouo. 
Thor'ough-fare (thtkr'o), n. Alanui 

Thor'ough-ly (thftr'6-ly), adi. Ola- 
honua; paa pouo. 

Though (tho), adv. and conj. lua paha; 
oiai nae. 

Thought, n. Manao; noonoo. 

Though t'ful, adj. Noonoo; poonoo- 
noo; mikolelehua. 

Thdughff ul-ly (thftwt), adv. Mikole- 
lehua; noonoo. 

Though t'less, adj. Noonoo ole. Syn. 

Thought'less-ness, n. Ka noonoo 
ole. Syn. hedlessness. 

Thou'sand, adj. Kausanl; tausanl. 

ThralPdom, n. Ka noho ana kauwa 
kuapaa. Syn. slavery. 

Thrash, V. E hahau ; e hili. 

Thread, n. He lopi. 
2. Thread of the discourse, ke kumu 
noonoo o ka haiao. 

Thread, v. 1. E hookomo ka lopi ma 
ka maka o ke kuikele. 
2. E hele akahele ma kahi ololi; kahi 

Thread'bare, adj. Kohu ole no ke ka- 
hiko loa. 

Threat, n. Olelo hooweliweli. 

Threat'en, v. E hooweliweli. 

Threat'en-ing, adj. 1. Hooweliweli. 
Threatening language, olelo hooweli- 

2. E kau weliweli mai ana. A threat- 
ening evil, popilikia e kau weliweli mai 

Three, aj. E kolu. 

Three'fold, adj. Pa-kolu. 

Three'seore, adj. Kanaono. 

Thresh, v. E hahau hua palaoa. 

Ihresh'old, n. Paepae puka. 

Thrlft'y, adj. Hoomakaulii; kuonoono. 

Thrill, V. 1. E kapalili ka houpo. 
2, E hoopiha 1 ka oli; a i ka maka'u 

Thrive, v. 1. E noho kuonoono. 
2. E ulu ae. 

Thriv'ing, ac^. Hoomakaulii; kuono- 
ono. Syn. prosperous. A thriving 
business, he oihaua kuonoono. 

Throat, n. Ka puu. 

Thrdb, v. E koni; e pana; e kapalili. 

Throne, n. Noho alii. 

Throng, n* Puuluulu kanaka. 

Thrdng, v; E kupipi; e akoakoa nul 

Thrfit'tle, v. E umi; e puna. Syn. 

Through (thru), adv. and prep. 1. 
Through the garden, mawaena o ke ki- 

2. Through the country, mai kahi pea a 
i kekahi pea o ka aina. 

3. Pau. Through eating, pau ka ai ana. 
Through-out', adv. Mai o a o. 
Throw, V. E kiola; e hoolei ; e nou. 
Thrfist', V. E hou ; e o. 

ThAmb, n. Ka manamana nul o ka li- 

Th5mp, v. Ekul. 

Thtkn'der, n. Hekill. 

Thftn'der-bolt, n. Uila i kul mai. 

ThOn'der-clap, n. He kui hekili. 

Thiin'der-eloud, n. He ao nona mai 
ke hekeli me ka uila. 

Thiin^der-shdw'er, n. Naulu me ke 

ThAn'der-strfiek, adj. Pilihua; pu- 
iwa loa. 

Thurs'day, n. Poaha*. 

Th 6 8, adr. Pe;penei. 

Thwack, v. E hahau me ka mea nul. 

Thwart, v. E keakea; e hoohoka. 

Tick',*w. 1. Ke koele ana o ka watl. 

2. He aie. To get things on tick, e 
komo i ka aie. 

3. He uku hipa. 

Tick'et, n. 1. Balota. Syn. ballot. 
2. Hepepauku moku; uku kaa. etc. 

Tick'le, V. 1. E iniiniki; hoomaneo- 


2. E hoomalimali; hoolealea. 
TIck'lish, adj. Maneoneo wale. 
Tid'al, adj. No ke kai. Tidal wsjve, kai 

hooee; kai mimiki. 
Tide, n. Kai. High tide, kai nul. Lou) 

tide, kai maloo. Ehh tide, kai emi. The 

tide flows, ke pii nei ke kai. 
Tlde'wait'er, n. Luna kiai ukana ma- 

luna o ka moku, i ku i ke dute. 
Tide'wa'ter, n. Kai. 
Tid'ingf§, n. Na lono; na nuhou. Syn. 

Ti'dy, adj. Aulii; maiau; hiehie. Syn. 

Tie, V. E nakinaki; hikii; nakii. 
Tie, n. 1. He nipuu. Syn. knot. 

2. A tie vote, koho like iwaena o na 
aoao elua. 

3. He pili. A family tie, he pili ohana. 

Tier, n. Lalani. A tier of boxes, he 

lalani pahu. 
Tlir, n. He wahl nuku iki ma ka olelo. 
Ti'ger, n. He tiga. 




Tigrht, adj. 1. Paa. Air-tight^ paa,l 

komo ole ke ea. 

2. Ona ikl. 

8. Oolea. 
Tiprht'en, V. £ nakll a paa; e hnkla 

Tile, n. He uwinihepa. 
Till, n. Pahu liilii waiho dala. 
Till, V. E mahi i ka aina. Syn. cultivate. 
Till, adv. A hiki ikamanawa. Syn. 

Tlll'age, n. Ka mahi ana i ka aina. 
Tlll'er, n. 1. He kanaka mahiai. 

2. Ke au o ka hoeuli o ka waapa. 
Tlm'ber, n. Laau kukulu hale, etc. 
Tiine, n. 1. Manawa; wa. 

2. Keia ao. 
Time, v. E haawi i manawa; e kakau I 

ka manawa. 
Time'keep'er,) Mea kuhikuhima- 
Time'piece, S ' nawa. 
Time'ly, ad/. I ka wa kupono. Syn. 

Time'serv'er, n. Mea lolelua o ka ma- 

nao; he hoopilimeaai. 
Time'-worn, adj. Kahiko; lawelawe 

nui ia, Syn. old. 
Tim'id, adj Pihoihoi; hopohopo; pu- 

Tim-id'l-ty, n. Ano pihoihoi ; ano pu- 

iwa wale. 
Tim'id-ly, adv. Me ka pihoihoi. 
Tim'o-rofts, adj. Maka'u wale. Syn. 

Tin, w. Tinl. 
Tinet'ure, n. He wail miko me kekahi 

mea e ai. 
Tin'der, ni Pulupulu ho-a' ahl. 
Tln'der-b6x, n. Pahu pohaku paea, 

mea ho-a' ahi. 
Tin'gle, v. E kanl. Ears tingle, kani na 

Tin k'er, n. Kanaka kapili hou i na mea 

metal a. 
Tink'er-lng, n. Ka oihana o ke tinker, 
Tin'kle, n. E kani ooi. 
Tln'man, n. Kanaka hana mea tini. 
Tint, n. He hooluu ili. 
Ti'ny, adj. Uuku loa. 
Tip, n. 1. Piko; wekiu. 

2. Tip of the tongue, lau-alelo. 
Tip'ple, V. E imi man i na mea ona. 
Tip' pier, n. Mea inu man 1 na mea ona. 
Tip'sy, adj. Onaiki. 
Tire, n. Apo hao no na huila. 
Tired, adj. Lnhi; maloeloe. 
Tire'some, adj. Maluhiluhi. 
Tit'bit, n. Huna mea ono. 
Tithe, n. lie hapaumi. 
TIt'il-late, v. E hoomaneoneo. Syn. 

Ti'tle, n. 1. He Inoa harohano. 

2. He poo. Title of a bill, ke poo o ka 

Ti'tled, adj. Haawiia ka inoa hanoha- 

Ti'tle-deed, »i. Palapala alodio. 
Ti'tie-pu^e, n. Ka aoao poo o ka buke. 

Tif ter ) „ He aka ikl. Syn. glg- 
Tit'ter-lngrJ "* gle. 
To, prep. I. Goto Honolulu, e hele i Ho- 

2. Ia. Give to them, e haawi ia lakou. 

3. lo. Go to him, e hele io na la. 
Toad'y, n. He hoopilimeaai. 
Toast, n. 1. Berena papaa. 

2. He inu hoo-ra ahalo. 
Toast, V. 1. E koala. 

2. E inu hoo-mahalo. 
To-bac'eo, n. Baka. 
To-bac'co-nist, n. Mea hana a kual 

To-bac'eo-plpe, w. Ipu baka. 
To-day', n. Keia la. 
Tod'dle, V. E hele ku'ku'. 
Tdd'dler, n. Keiki liilii akahi no a 

Toe, n. Manamana wawae. 
To-gretli'er, adv. Pu. Go togetheVy e 

hele pu. 
Toll,r. Ekamauhana. 
Toil'et, n. Ka aahu me ka hoopono- 

pono kino. 
Toil'some, adj. Luhi; kaumaha. 
To'ken, n. He hoailona. Syn. symbol; 

Tdl'er-a-ble, adj. Aho iki. 
T61'er-a-bly, adv. Aho iki. 
T61'er-ant, ad/. Ahonui ; laulea. Syn. 

T61'er-ate, v. E ahonui; e hoomana- 

T61'er-a-tion, w. Ahonui; laulea. 
Toll, 91. He mahele; he auhau. 
Toll, v E hookani i ka bele kanikau. 
Toll'bridge, n. Alahaka i hoo-uku ia 

no ka hele ana maluna. 
Toll'gjite, n. Puka komo 1 hoouku ia. 
Toll'gath'er-er, n. Kiai ohi auhau. 
Tom'a-hawk, n. Koi kaua o na ini- 

kini. *• 
To-nia'to, n. Ohia haole. 
Tomb (turn), n. Ilina; hale kupapau. 
Tpmb'stone, n. Pohaku ilina. 
To-m<5r'r6w, n. Apo'po'. 
Ton (ttkn), n. He tona, elua tausani pa- 

Tone, n. 1. Ke kani o ka leo. 

2. Anuu. Semi-tone, anuu-hapa. 
Tdngrs, n. Upa' ahi. 
Tongue (tung), n. 1. Alelo; elelo. 

2. Olelo. A foreign tongue, he oleic 

Tongue'tied, n. 1. Elelo hepa. 

2. Cart-tongue, ka ihu o ke kaa. 
T6n'ic, n. Laau hooikaika kino. 
T«-night', n. I keia j)o; keia po. 
Ton'na^e (t6n-ej), n. Ka helu o na 

Too, adv. 1. Nohoi, Syn. also. 

2^ Loa. Too much, mii loa. 
Tool, n. Mea hana; paahana. 
Tooth, n. Niho. 
Tooth'nche, n. Eha o ka niho; pakoni 

oka niho. 
Tocth'lesg, 04/. Niho ole. 




Tooth'-pick, TO. niho. 

Tootii'soine, od?. Ono;iniko. 

T6p, n. 1. Ko luna loa; welau; wekiu; 


2. He hn. 
To'per, n. Kanaka ona man. 
Top'ie, n. Kumumanao; kumu noo- 

Tdp'm&st, TO. Ke kia oluna. 
Top'most, adj. Oluna loa. 
To-pdg'ra-plier, n. Mea kahakii aina. 
To-p6g'ra-phy, n. Kaha kii aina. 
Top'ple, V. E kulanalana; e hiolo mal. 
Top'sy-tur'vy, acy. Huikau; ilaloilu- 

Torch, TO. Lama; lamaku'. 
Torch'llglit, TO. Malamalama o ka la- 
Tor'ment, n. 1. Eha nul. 

2. Mea hoopilikia nui. 
Tor-ment', v. E hoomaaa; e hoopili- 
kia; e hana ino. 
Tor-ment'or, to. L Mea hooehaeha 


2 Mea hoonaukiuki. 
Tor-na'do, to. He mumuku; makaul 

ikaika ino. Syn. hurricane. 
Tor-pe'do, to. Mikini hoo-pahu'. 
Tor'pid, adj. Hiamoe wale; maeele. 

Syn. sluggish. 
Tor'por, n. Ano hiamoe wale; ano 

Tor'rent, to. Wai kahe nui; wal nul. 
Tdr'rld, adj. Wela; papaa. Torrid zone, 

kaei wela. 
Tor'toise (tis), n. He honu; ea. 
T6r'tu-o68, adj. Pakaawili; kuawili. 
Tort-ure, n. Eha nui. 
Tdss, V. 1. E kiola; e hoolel. 

2. To toss about in bed, e onioni maluna 
o ka moe. 

3. Toss up the nose, auku ka ihu. 
To'tal, adj. Pau loa. Total loss, poino 

loa. Sum total, huina pau loa 
T6'tal-ly, adv. Loa; pau loa. Syn. 

Tote, r. Ehalihall;ehaaw€. Syn. carry. 
Tdt'ter, v. E hika'ka'; e kulanalana. 
Toticli, V. 1. E paa aku; e pili. 

2. E lalau aku. 

8. E ku. To touch at a port, e ku ma 

kekahi awa. 

4. E noonoo iki. Syn. to touch on a 

Toiich, TO. Ka ha'ha' ana; ka pili ana. 
Toflcli'ing, adj. Manaonao. 
Touch'y, adj. Huhu koke. Syn. irrit- 

Totigh (tuf), odA. Oolea; uaua. 
a uaua. 

Totkgh'en, v. E hana i oolea; e hoolilo 

Tour, 71. Hehuakaikaapuni. Syn. cir- 

Tour'ist, TO. Kanaka huakai kaapuni. 

Tour'na-ment, TO. Lealea kau ho o ka 
wa kahiko. 

Tow, n. 1. Kekahi ano olona'. 
2. Hookolo moku. 

Tow, V. E hookolo moku. 
To'ward (to-ard), ) „ t »^ 
To'ward8(to.ardz),;^^^P- ^J ^O' ^^' 
Tciw'el, TO. Kawele. 
Tow'er TO. Hale pakui. 
T6w'er-ing, adj. Kiekie loa, me he hale 
pakui la. 

^dwlia^ej ^- Kaula hookolo. 
T<iwn, TO. Kulanakauhale; he taona. 
Town-clerk', ». Kakauolelo no ke 

Tciwn-cri'er, to. Luna kukala akea. 
Tdwn'hoase, to. Hale noho ma ke 

Towns'folk, TO. Nakamaainaoketaona. 
Tdwns'inan, to. Kamaaiua o ke taona 

T6wn'-talk', 71. Mea i wawa nui ia. 
Toy, TO. Mea paani uo kamalii. 
Toy, 17. E hoonanea. 
Toy'ghop, 71. Hale kuai mea paanl. 
Trace, n. 1. He meheu. Syn. track, 


2. Kaula huki o ke kaa, a mea e paha. 
Trace, v. 1. E hahai mamuli o ka me- 

2. E kahakaha. Trace a line, e kaha i 

Track, TO. 1. He meheu ; mooa. 

2. Alanui. 
Track, v. E alualu. Syn. trace. 
Traek'less, adj. Heleole ia; alanui ole. 
Tract, n. 1. Buke liilii. 

2. Aina. 
Tr&ct'a-ble, adj, Lohe; laka, hoolohe. 

Syn. docile. 
Trade, to. 1. Oihana kalepa. 

1. Oihana hana lima. 
Trad'er, to. Kanaka kalepa. 
Trades'man, to. Kanaka kalepa; kanaka 

hana lima. 
Trades'un'ion, to. He hui o na oihana 

Trade'wlnd, to. Moae; kaomi. 
Tra-di'tion, to. Olelo mai na kupuna 

Tra-dl'tion-al, \ ^. No na kupu- 
Tra-di'tion-a-ry, j ^^' na mai; kuu- 

Tra-duce', v. E aki, niania; alapahi. 

Syn. sfunder. 
Tra-duc'er, to. Mea niania; kanaka 

aki. S"yn. slanderer. 
Tr&rflc, TO. Oihana maauauwa'. 
Traffick-er, to. Kanaka maauauwa'. 
Tra^'e-dy, to. He hana weliweli e 

make ai. 
Trag'ic, adj. Poino i ka make. Syn. 

Trail, V. E hookolo; e kauo mahope. 
Trail, to. 1. Meheu. Syn. track. 

2. Hu-a'. Trail of a garment, hu-a' 

Train, to. 1. He poe ukali. Syn. ret- 

2. He mau kaa 1 kauoia e ka enikinl 




8. Hu-a aahu. Syn. trail. 

i. A train of ideas, he mau kumu noo- 

noo e pili pu ana. 
Train, v. 1. E ao. Syn. teach. 

2. E hoolrtkalaka. Syn. break In. 

8. E hoo-ulu pono. 
Trait, n, Ano. Syn. peculiarity. 
Trait'or, n. He kumakaia. 
Trait/or-otis, adj. Kumakaia. 
Tramp, n. 1. lie kuewa; aea wale. 

2. Mea makaikai wawae. 
Tram'ple, v. E hehi. 
Tran'quil, adj. L Lai; maUe, Syn. 


2. Kuapapa. Syn. quiet. 
Tran'quil-ize, v. £ hoomalielle; e 

Tran-quil'i-ty, n. 1. Malie; lal. 

2. Maluhia; kanoho kuapapa ana. 
TrSn'quil-ly, adv. Me ka malie. 
Trans-aet', v, E hana; e hooko'. Syn, 

Trans-ac'tion, n. Ka hana; ka hooko 

Trans-al'pSne, adj. Ma kela aoao o na 

mauna Alepe mai Roma aku. 
Trans'at-lan'tic, adj. Mao aku o ka 

moan a Atelanika. 
Tran-seend', v. E kela. Syn, excel; 

Tran-scend'ent, acy. Kelaloa. Syn. 

Tran-scribe', v. E kakau kope. Syn. 

Tran-seriVer« n. Mea kakau kope. 

Syn. copyist. 
Tran'seript, ru Kope. 
Trans-fer', v. 1. E hoolilo. 

2. E lawe; e halihali. Syn. convey. 
Trans'fer, n. 1. Ka halihali ana mai 

kauwahi a i kau wahi aku. 

2. Ka hoolilo ana i a hai. 
Trang-f6r'a-ble, adj. L Hiki ke hoo- 


2. Hiki ke halihali ia. 
Trans 'fer pa'per, n. Pepa 1 hooma- 

kaukauia no ka pal kope ana. 
Trans-fig'u-ra'tion, n. Ka hoopahao- 

hao ana. 
Trans-fiff'ure, v. E hoopahaohao. 
Trans-fix', v. E hou aku a puka. 

Trans-form', V. Ehoo-anoe; hoo-ma- 

Trans'for-ma'tlon, n. Hooano e ana. 

Trann-fuge'f r. 1. E uininl mai kela 

a i kela. 

2. E hookahe mai kela a I kela. 
Trang-grSss', v. 1. £ hoohaki kana- 


2. E kela I ka mea kupono. 
Trans-grrds'sion, n, Haki ana i ke ka- 

nawai ; hana hewa. 
Trans-gres'sor, n. Mea hoohaki ka- 

nawai ; lawehala. 
Tran'gient, adj. No ka wa pokole. 

Triin'sit, n. Kahele ana; ka halihali 

Tran-gi'tion, n. Ka loll ana mai kail 
wahi a i kau wahi aku. 

Tran'si-to-ry, adj. Pokole. Syn. trans- 

Trans-late', v. E mahele olelo; e unu- 
hi olelo. 

Trang-la'tion, n. Mahele olelo; ka ole- 
lo i maheleia. 

Trans-la'tor, n. He unuhi olelo; ma- 
hele olelo. 

Trans-lu'cent, adj. Komo ka malama- 
lama. aole nae aiai. 

Trdns'mi-gra'tion, n. Ka lele ana o 
ka uhane mai kela a i keia kino. 

Trang-mis'si-ble, adj. Kupono ke ho- 
oili ia. 

Trans-mit', v. E hooili. 

Trans-mute', v. E hoomalule. 

Trans-jjar'ent, adj. Aiai; moakaka. 

Trans-pire', v. 1. E hana ia. Syn. 
come to pass. 
2. E hooakaka. Syn. become known. 

Trans-planf , v. E hehu; e kanu ma 
kahi e. 

Trans'port, n. 1. Moku lawe ohua. 
2. Ka lilo loa. A transport of anger, 
ka lilo loa i ka huhu. 

Trans-porf , V. 1. E kipaku a i ka ai- 
2. E halihali; e lawe. Syn. convey. 

Trang-porfa-ble, adj. Hiki ke hali- 
hali ia. 

2. Ku i ke kipaku. A transportable 
crime, he karaima ku I ke kipakuia. 

Traug'por-ta'tion, n. Ka halihali aua. 

Trans-pose', d. E hoololi ae. 

Trans'po-si'tion, n. Ka hoololi ana. 

Trang-ship', v. E hoolei ukana mai ka'- 
hi moku a 1 kekaki moku ae. 

Trans-verse', adj. Mawaena. 

Trap, w._ Upiki; pahele. 

Trap'door, n. Puka pani e paa ana. .' 

Tra-pe'zl-am> w. Huina-ha elua aoao 
like ole. 

Trap'e-zoid» n. Huina-ha elua aoao 
moe like. ' 

Trap'pings, n. Na mea e kahiko ai. 

Trash, n. Opala. 

Trash'y, adj. Opala; I'o ole; waiwai ole. 

Trftv'ail, n. 1. Hana oolea; hana luhi, 

2. Haakokohi. 
Trav'el, V. E huakai ; e kaahele. 
Trav'el-er, 71. He mea huakai hele. 
Trav'erse, v. E auwana hele. 
Tray, n. Pa palahalaha; mea lawe pa. 

TrSach'er-ofts, adj. Kumakaia; hoo- 

halua; kipi. 
Treach'er-y , n. Ke kumakaia ; kipi. 
Trdad,r. 1. E hehi. 

2. To tread water, hoopinana. 
Trea'son, n. Kipi i ke aupuni. 
Trea'son-a-ble, adj. Kipi. 
Treas-ure, n. Waiwai. 
Trfias'ure, v. 1. E hoo-ahu. 

2. E hoomanao; e malama loa. 
Treas'ur-er, n. Puukii dala. . 

Trcag'ur-y, n. Ho waihoua rlala. 




Treat, v. 1. "B hana. Treat me weU^ e 
hana pono mai ia'u. 

2. E lapaau. Syn. to doctor. 

3. E wehewehe kumumanao. 

4. E hoohoihoL Syn. to give pleas- 

Treat, n. Mea e hoihoi al ka naan. 
Treat'ise, n. He buke; manao i ha- 

Treatment, w. 1. Ka hana ana. Good 

treatment, hana lokomaikai. 

2. Ka lapaau ana. 

3. Treatment of a subject, ke ano o ka 
noonoo ana no ke 

Treat'y, n. He kuikahi. Reciprocity 

treaty, kuikahi panai like. 
Treb'le, n. Leo wahine. Syn. soprano 
Treb'le, adj. Pa-kolu. Syn. three-fold' 
Tree, n. Kumu laau. 
Tree, v. E hahai a pii i ke kumulaau. 
Trem'Me, v. E haalulu. 
Tre-men'd oil 8, ad/. Weliwell ka nui. 
Tre'mor, n. He haalulu. 
Trem'u-lofts, adj. Haalulu; kapalili; 

Trench, n. Awaa; auwaha. 
TrencU'er, n. 1. Mea eli auwaha. 

2. Pa laau palahalaha; mea lawe ai. 
Trend, n. Ka hull ana; ka aui ana. 

The trend of the coast, ka hull ana o ke 

Trep-i-da'tion, n. Kapalili o ka hou- 

po; hopohopo nui. 
Tres'pass, v. E komo hewa. 
Tresspass, n. 1. Hewa; hala. 

2. Korao hewa. 
Tres'pass-er, n. 1. Mea komo hewa. 

2. Kanaka hewa. 
Tress, n. Owili lauoho. 
Tres'tle, n. He mea laau palpal. A 

trestle bridge, he alahaka i paipaiia ma- 

lunaonakoo laau. 
Tri'al, n. 1. He hoao. 

2. He popilikia. Trials of life, na po- 

pillkia o keia ola. 

8. He hookolokolo. 
Tri'ang-le, n. Huina kolu. Right- 
angled triangle, huina kolu kupono. 

Obtuse-angled triangle, huina kolu pe- 

leleu. Isosceles triangle, huina-kolu- 

aoao like-lua. 
Tri-an'gu-lar, adj. Huina kolu. 
Tribe, n. Mamo; Ghana. 
Trib'u-la'tion, n. Popilikia. 
Tri-bu'nal, n. Aha hookolokolo. 
Trib'une, n. Lunakanawai o Koma 1 

ka wa kahiko. 
Trib'u-ta-ry, n. Muliwai lala'; he la'- 

Trlb'n-ta-ry, adj. Auhauia. 
Trlb'ute, n. Auhau. 
Trice, n. Manawa ole. Syn. moment. 
Trick, n. 1. Hana akamai. Syn. jug- 

tle; sleight. 
. Hana apikl; hana maalea. Syn. 

8. Ano. Syn. trait. 
Trick'isb, adj- Maalea; apikL. 

Trickle, r. E kulu; e kahe lolohi. 
Tri'dent, n. He ihe me na manamana 

Tri-en'ni-al, adj. Kela me keia kolu 

Tri'fle, n. Mea liilii. 
Tri'fle, v. E paani wale. 
Tri'fler, n. Mea lauwili wale, noonoo 

ole; he puni lealea. 
Tri'fling, adj. Mea ole; mealiilii. Syn. 

triviaL Of trifling importance, he mea 

Trig'grer, n. Ke ki o ka pu. 
Trlg'o-nom'e-try, n. Ana huinakolu. 
Trill, n. Ka haalulu o ka leo ma ke 

Tril'lion, adj. Teriliona. 
Trim, adj, Aulii; mikioi; maikai. Syn, 

Trim, V. 1. E paipai. Trim a tree, e pal- 
pal i ke kumulaau. 

2. E hooponopono. Trim sail, e hoo- 

ponopono i na pea. 
Tiim'mer, n. 1. Mea paipai. 

2. Hoopilimeaai. 
Trim'ining, w. Mea kahiko lole. 
Trln'i-ty, n. Ke Kahikolu; Ke Akua. 
Trink^et, n. Mea liilii milimili. 
Tri-no'mi-al, n. Kuaniti mahele ekolu. 
Trio, n. 1. Mele leo ekolu. 

2. Ekolu mea. 
Trip, V. 1. E hele mikioi. Syn. trip 


2. E okupe. Syn. trip up. 

8. E hoonina; e kulai. 
Trip, n. Huakai makaikai. Syn. ex- 
Tri-piirt'ite, adj. Mahele pa-kolu. 
Trip'-ham'mer, n. Hamale mikini. 
Trip'le, adj. Pa-kolu. Syn. three- 
Trip'li-cate, adj. Pa-kolu. 
Tri'pod, n. Laau kukulu panana. 
Tri-sect', v. E oki pa-kolu. 
Tri-sec'tion, n. Ka oki pa-kolu ana. 
Tri-syl'la-ble, n. Hua olelo mamala 

Trite, adj. Kahiko. Syn. old; com- 
mon. A trite saying, he olelo kahiko. 
Trit'u-rate, v. E wili a aeae loa; e kui 

a aeae. Syn. pulverise. 
Tri'umpli,v. i. E lanakila. 

2. E hauoli nui. 
Tri-6mph'ant, adj. Lanakila. 
Tri-um'vi-rate, n. Ke aupuni o na 'lil 

Triv'i-al, adj. Mea liilii wale no. Syn, 

Trdm'bone, n. Kekahi ano ohe puhi. 
Troop, n. He puali koa; puali. 
Troop'er, n. Koa lio. 
Tro'phy, w. Hoailona no ka lanakila. 
Trophic, n. Poai. Tropic of Cancer, ¥o&i 

Olu Akau. Tropic of Capricorn, Poai 

Olu Heraa. 
Tr6p'ic-al, adj. No na wahi mahana. 

Tropical verdure, ka uliuli o na wahi 






TrCt, V. E holokuku; eholo peki. To 

pace, e hoolailal. 
Trot'ter, n. Lio holo kuku. 
Tr6u!)'le, n. Pilikia. 
Trdub'le-some, adj. 1. Hoopilikia wa- 

2. Koe-a'. 
Trdub'lofiis, adj. Popilikia. Troublous 

times, na wa popilikia. 
Trough (trawf), ». Holowaa hanai 


2. The trough of the sea, ka poll o na ale. 
Trdu'stTs, «. Paa lole wawae. Syn. 

Trous'seau (tru'-so), n. Na kahiko 

rniare no ka wahine. 
Trdw'el, n. Mea hamo pnna. 
Tru'an-cy, n. Ka haalele ana i ke kula. 
Trii'antr n. Reiki haalele kula. 
Triice, n. Kuikahi ku i ka wa. 
Triiek, n. 1. Kaaliilii halihali ukana. 

2. Kela me keia mea liilii kuai. 
Trfic'u-lent, adj. Lokoino; hihiu. Syn. 

Tr udge, v. E maalo ae. 
True, adj. Oiaio. 
True'heart/ed, adj. Naau oiaio; ku- 

Tru'ism, n. He oiaio maopopo lea. 

Tru'ly, adv. Oiaio; me ka oiaio. 
Triimp, v. A trumped up charge, he hoo- 

pii imihala. 
Triinap'et, n. Pu kani memele. 
TrOmp'et-er, %. Meahookani pu. 
Triin'dle, v. E olokaa. 
Triiiik, n. 1. Pahu lole. 

2. Ihu o ka elepaui. 

3. He alauui hao loihi nona na lala'. 

4. Ke kumu o ka laau, 
Trtkst, n. 1. Paulele. 

2. Hoo-aie'. 
Tru«-tee', n. Puuku. 
Trus'ty ( .. 

Trust'wor-tiiyi "**•'• 
Truth, n. Oiaio. 
Truth'ful, adj. Oiaio. 
Try, V. E hoao. 
Try' Pilikia. A trying occasion, 

he niauawa pilikia. 
Tub, n. He tabu. 
Tube, n. Ohe. 
Tii'bu-lar, ad;. Me he ohe la; ohe. A 

tubular boiler, he ipu hao piha i na ohe. 
Tikck, n. He pelu ma ka aahu. 
Tues'day, n' Poalua. 
T Q f t, n. E ka Tuft of hair, eka' lauoho. 
T6g, n. Moku maliu nookolo moku. 
Tiig, V. 2. E huki ikaika. 

2. E hookolo moku. 
Tu-I'tion, n. Ke ao ana. Tuition fees, 

ka uku no ke ao ana. 
Tfim'ble, v. 1. E kaa. Syn. roll. 

2. Tumble down, e hiolo; e hina. 

8. E kulai: ehoohiua. 
Tftm'bler, n. Kiahaaniani. 
Tu'mor, n. Puu; mai pehu. 
Tu'mult, n. Haunaele; uluao'a 


Tn-miklt/u-oas, adj. 1. Uluaoa; hauna- 

2. Tumultuous waves, na ale kupiki- 

Tu'iuu-lus, n. He ahua lepo. 
Tune, n. Leo mele. 
Tune, v. E hoomakaukau 1 na mea 

Tftn'nel, n. 1. Tini ukuhi. 

2. He alanui iloko o ka honua. 
Tur'ban, n. Kaei poo. 
Tur'bid, adj. Lepo. Turbid water, wai 

Tur'bu-lent, adj. 1. Hoohaunaele; 

uluaoa. Syn. noisy. 

2. Ooloku. Turbulent waters, na ale 

Tu-reen', n. Ipu kai. 
Tui f, n. Puupuu mauu, Syn. sod. 
Turnkey, n. He palahu'. 
Tur'moil, n. Wawa; haunaele. Syn. 

Turn . V. 1. E hull. Turn to the right, e 

hull i ka pono. 

2. E aui. To turn on hinges, e olepe. 

3. E will. 

4. E avvaawa. The milk has turned, ua 
awaawa ka waiu. 

Turn, n. 1. Ka hull ana, 

2. He wa. Your turn , kon wb.. 
Turn'coat, n. Kanaka loli lua o ka 

Turn'er, n. Kanaka will poepoe. 
Turn'ing, 1. Oihana will poepoe. 

2. Ka hull ana; ka aui ana. 
Turn'ing-lathe, n. Mikini wili poepoe. 
Turn'key , n. Kahu malama ki o ka hale 

Turn'pike, n. Puka komo no ke ala- 
nui 1 auhauia. 
Turn'stile, n. Puka kakaa ma ka pa, 
Tur'pen-tine, n. Wai hoomaloo peiia. 
Tur'i)i-tude, n. Ano haahaa iuo. Syn. 

Tftr'ret, n. 1. He hale pakui. 

2. Paku no ka pu nui o ka moku ma- 

Tikr'tle, n. He ea; honu. 
Tur'tle-dove, n. Manu nunu. 
TCisk, n. Niho nui loloa. 
Tfts'sle, n. He aumeume. Syn. scuffle. 
Tu'tor,n. Kumu-ao. 
Twad'dle, n. He walaau wale. 
Twain, adj. Elua. 
Twang, 71. Ke kani ana o ka pana; a 

ukeke paha. 
Tweak, v. E inikl. Syn. pinch. 
Tweez'ers, 7t. Upa'umiki. 
Twelfth, adj. Hapa-umikumamalua. 
Twelve, adj. Umikumamalua. 
Twelve'month, n. Makahiki. Sy'N. 

Twenty, adj. Iwakalua. 
Twice, adj. Pa-lua. 
Twig, n. Laalaau. 
Twi'light, n. Morning twilight, alaula; 

ftawa. Evening twilight, liula'. Momr 
ng or evening twilight, molehulehu. 




TttIh, n. MahofC. 
TVine, n. Lopi kuaina. 
Twine, v. 1. E milo; e hili. 

2. Twine about {as vines), e hoohlhi. 

8. Twine the arms, e puliki. 
Twinge, n. He umii. 
T wink'le, v. E imo; e imoimo. 
Twirl, v. E will ; e kaa. 
Twist, V. E hilo; hili; milo. 
Twit, V. E loiloi; e nuku. 
Twitch, V. E huki ino; e kailiino. Syn. 

Twit'ter, n. Ka walaau o ka manu. 
Two (too), adj. Elua. 
Two'-eclged, adj. Oi elua. 
TMo'fold, adj. Pa-lua. 
Tyjie, n. 1. Hua kepau. 

2. Hoailona. Syn. emblem. 
Ty'pliojd (ty'foid), n. He fiva Bui. 
Ty'phoon (ty-foon'), n. Makani pu- 

kiki ma ke kai o Kina. 
Typ'i-€al, adj. Hoailonaia. Syn. em 

Typ'i-fy, v. E hoailoua. 
Ty-pdg'ra-pher, n. Mea paipalapala. 

SYN. printer. 
Ty-pdpr'ra-pliy, n. Paipalapala. Syn. 

Ty-ran'nic-al, adj. Hookaumaha wale. 
Tyr'an-nize, v. E hookaumaha wale. 

Tyr'an-ny, n. Ka hookaumaha wale. 
Ty'rant, yt. Mea hookaumaha wale. 

Tf'ro, n. Mea hou wale no ma ka ike. 


Ublq'nl-toiig, adj. Ma na wahl a 
pau. Syn. everywhere. 

Ud'der, n. Ka u o na holoholona. 

Ug'li-nesB, n. Ino; inoino. 

t'g'ly, adj. Inoino; pou'hu. 

Ul'cer, n. Mai puha' ; aal. 

Ul'cer-ofis, adj. Aai. 
IJl-te'ri-or, adj. Hope; mahope. 

t'l'ti-mate, ad/. Hope loa. Syn. final. 

Ul'ti-mate-ly, adv. Mahope; mahope 

„ loa. Syn. finally. 
X,l'ti-nia'tuna, n. Olelo hope loa. 
ri'tra, adj. Hala loa. Syn, extreme. 
Um'brage, n. Huhu; ukiuki. Syn. 

Um-bra'geoiis, adj. Malumalu. Syn. 

Fm-brel'la, n. Mamalu; lou'lu. 
Um'pire, n. Mea nana e hooholo i ka 

pono iwaena o na aoao elua. 
Un. He mamala hua olelo e hoike mai- 

ana 1 ka nele. 
Fn-a'ble, adj. Hiki ole. 
Un'ae-cept'a-ble, adj. Makemake ole 

^ ia. ' 

T'n'ac-com'plislied, adj. Hooko ole la. 

Un'ac-€6unt'a-ble, adj. Pohihihi;ma- 

^ opopo ole. 

ITu^ae-quainf ed, ad). Ike ole. 

rn'ad-vis'a-ble, adj. Kupono ole. 

Syn. inexpedient, 
Un'ad-vis'ed-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo 

Un,':a.f-feefed, adj. 1. Ano maolL 

Syn. natural 

2. Hookamaui ole, 

^n'al-ldyed', adj. Makamae. Syn. 

Un-^l'ter-a-ble, adj. Loll ole; onipaa. 

Syn. unchangeable. 
Un-a'mi-a-ble, adj. Kaki; keemoa, 
_Syn. cross. 
U'na-nlm'i-ty, n. Lokahi o ka ma- 

U-nan-i-mo&s, adj. Lokahi. 

U-nan'i-moJis-Iy, adv. Me ka lokahi, 

Un-&n'swer-a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke 

paniia; oiaio. 
Un-an'swer-a-bly, adv. Hiki ole ke 

Un'as-sum'ing:, adj. Akahai; hookie- 
^ kie ole, 
Un'a-Tail'lng, adj. 1. Makehewa; wai- 

wai ole. 

2. Inea. Unavailing labor, hana inea. 
^ Syn. ineffectuaL 

Un'a-vdid-a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke pale 
^ia, Syn. inevitable. 
Un'a-ware', adj. Ike ole; manao ole. 

Un 'a- wares,' adv. Hikilele; manao ole 
la 'ku. Syn. suddenly. 

Un-bal'aneed, adj. 1. Kaulike ole. 

^ 2. Noonoo kupono ole. 

C^nTbe-com'ing, adj. Kupono ole. Syn. 

^ unsmtable. 

Un'be-lief, n. Naau hoomaloka, Syn. 

^ infidelity. 

Un'be-liev'er, n. He aia'; hoomaloka; 


Un'be-liev'ing, a4j. Manaoio ole: hoo- 

Un-bend', v. 1. E hoo-alualn. 
2. E hoolauna;e launaoluolu. 




Oolea; paakiki. Syn. 
Ewaewa ole. 


Kahea ole ia. Syn. 

Un-bend'lng, aclj. 

Un-bi'ased, adj. 

Un-bid'den, a4j. 

Un-l>ind, V. E wehe ae; e wehe i ka 

Un-blem'isliied, adj. Kina' ole. 

Un- blest, adj. Hoopomaikai ole ia. 

Un-blAgh'ing, adj. Honekoa. Syn. im- 

XJn-born, adj. Hanau ole ia. 

Un-bo'soiin, v. E hai pau loa. 


kanalua; kula- 

Luli ole; loli 

Aloha ole; lau- 

Un-bo6nd'ed, adj. Palena ole. 
Un-brok'en, adj. Wa'hi ole ia. 

Un-bGckle, v. E wehe I ka plhipihi. 

Un-bur'ied, adj. 1. Kanuoleia. 

2, Hoolewa ole ia. 
Un-bur'den, v. 1. E kala i ka haawe. 

2. E hai pau mai 1 ke kaumaha o ka 

Un-btki'ton, V, E hemo mai ka pihi. 
Un-cea8'iiig, adj. 1. Pau ole; na ole. 

2. 'Mau. Syn. unending; ceaseless. 
Un-cer'tain, adj. Maopopo ole; kana- 

luaia. Syn. doubtful. 
Uu-cer'tain-ty, n. He 

naTana. Syn. doubt. 
Un-ch.anl^e'a-ble, adj. 

Un-eh&r'i-ta-ble, adj. 

lea ole. 
Un-chaste', adj. Maemae ole; haumia. 

Syn. impure. 
Un-ehrlst'ian, adj. Ku-e' i ke ano 

Uu-civ'll, adj. Makoe-a'; kamaniha. 

Syn. impolite. 
Un-civ'il-ized, adj. Naaupo; kuaaina. 
Un-civ'il-ly, adv. Makoe-a'. Syn. im- 
politely; rudely. 
"Un-cle, n. Makuakane ma ka hanauna. 
Un -clean', adj. Maemae ole; paele; 

Un-elean^uegg, n. Paumaele; haukae. 

Un-cloud'ed, ad,?- Alaneo. 
Un-clo8e', V. E wehe ae. 
Un-coii', V. E ko-a'. 
Un-come'ly, adj. Nanl ole; pou'hu. 
Un-c6m'fort-a-ble, adj. Oluolu ole. 

Un-cdrn'moii, adj. 1. Kakaikahi. Syn. 


2. Anoe. SYN.unusuaL 
Un-cdm'mon-ly, adv. 1. Loa. Un- 
commonly bad weather, he wa ino loa. 
tjn-eoxu-mu'ni-ca-tive, adj. Ekemu 

Un-cdm'pro-mif'iiig, adj. 1. Laana 

ole; lauleaole. 

2. Ouipaa. Syn. firm 
Un'con-cern', n. Unea; hoomalau. 

Syn. indiffbrence. 
tJn'con-cern'ed-ly, adt>. Wnle. To look 

unconcernedly on, e nana wale aku no. 

2. Me ke ala ole mai o ka mauao. 

Un'-€Oii-dI'-tion-al, adj. Pau loa; koe 

Un-ccin'quer-a-ble, adj. Pioole. Syn. 

Vn-edn'sciotks, adj. Noonoo ole; lilo 

ka noonoo. 
Un-€6n'8ciofis-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo 

ole e mamua. 
Un-edn'sciotis-ness, n. Lele o ka noo- 
noo* ka noonoo ole. 
Un-con'sti-tu'tion-al, adj. Ku-e' i ke 

kumu kanawai. 
Un-edn'sti-tu'tion-al'i-ty, »i. Keku-e' 
^anai ke kumukanawai. 
Un'€on-tr61'la-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole 

ke hoolakalaka ia. 

2. Hiki ole ke uumi ia. Syn. ungov- 
Ila'eon-vert/ed, adj. Hoohuli ole ia. 

Un-eofip'le, v. E hookuu. 
Un-€our'te-o<is, adj. Makoe-a. Syn. 

uncivil; rude. 
Un-€outh', adj. Hemahema; kaialile. 

Syn. awkward. 
yn-cov'er, v. E wehe i ka uhi. 
Une'tion, n. Ka poni ana. 
Un-daunt'ed, adj. Wiwoole; koa. Syn. 

Un'de-ceive', v. E hoike i ka wahahee. 
Un'de-ni'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoole 
^ia; maopopolea. Syn. indisputable. 
Un'de-ni'a-bly, adv. Maopopolea. Syn. 
^ indisputably. 
Un'd«r, prep, and adv. Malalo iho. 

Un'der-bld', v. E emi iho ma ke koho 


Un'der-brtish, n. Nahelehele o kaulu- 

^ laau. 

yS'der-cldS^ing \ ^' ^^ ^^^^ palemal. 
Un'der-eur'rent, n, Ke au o kahi ho- 
^ honu; ke au ilalo loa. 
IJn'der-go', v. E hoomanawanui. 

Undergo pain, e hoomanawanui i ka 

tJn'der-grrftd'u-ate, n. Haumana i pu- 

ka ole mai ke kula nui. 
Un'der-ground, adj. Iloko iho o ka 

honua; malalo iho o ka lepo. Syn. sub- 
Un'der-growth, n. Nahelehele o ka 

Un'der-h&nd, adv. Huna'; epa. 
yn'der-lie', v. E waiho malalo iho. 
Vn'der-line', v. E kaha malalo iho. 
Un'der-llng, n. Mea noho kauwa 
Un'der-mine', v. 1. E eli malalo iho. 

2. E hoonawallwali. Undermine the 

health, e hoonawaliwall I ke ola kino. 
Vn'der-neath', prep. Malalo iho. 
Un'd«r-pln'nlng, n, Na koo; na pai- 

pal o ka hale. 
un'der-rate', v. E koho malalo iho o 

ka mea kupono. 
Un'der-Bcore', v. fifes underline. 

tn'deT-B61V, V. E kuai emi i ko hai 


l&n'der-sigrned', adj. Kameanonaka 
^ inoa malalo iho. 
IJn'der-stand', v. E hoomaopopo. 

t'n'der-stand'ing, n. Ka noonoo. 

IJn'der-strap'per, n. See underling. 

IJn'der-take', r. Ehoao. Syn. attempt. 

1Jn'der-ta.k'er> n. Kanaka hoolewa ku- 

Un'der-tak'ing, n. He hana; oihana. 
^ Syn. enterprise. 

IJn'der-tone, n. He leo haahaa; leo ha- 
^ wauawana. 

Un'der-tow, n. Ka au malalo iho o ka 
^ilikai, e holo ku-e' i ka au oluna. 
tjn'der-val'ue, r. JSee underrate. 

Un'der-writ'er, n. Kanaka kakau inoa 

no ka panai waiwai. 
lyn'de-serv'ing, adj. Pono ole. 
Un'de-ter'mined, adj. HoomaoiMjpo 

Un-de'vi-a'tinpr, adj. Pololei loa; aul 
^ ole. Syn. straight. 
Vn'di-Tid'edy adj. Okoa; mahele ole 

Un-do', V. 1. E wehe hou ae. 

2. E hookahuli i ka mea i hana ia. 
Un-done', p. p. 1. Koole ia; waiho wale 


2. Poino. 
Un-doubt'ed, adj. Akaka lea. Syn. 

Uii-d<)u])t'ed-ly, adv. Pela io no. 
Un-dress', v. E wehe i ke kapa. 
Un'dress, n. Kapa komo wale. 

ijn'du-late, v. 1. E aleale; kapalill; 

hulili. Syn. vibrate. 

2. Undulating, (as ground,) malualua. 

Syn. uneven. 
tJn'du-la-to'ry, adj. Aleale; kapalill. 

Un-due', adj. Pono ole. 

Un-du'ly, adv. Pono ole; loa. Syn. im- 
properly. Unduly excited, pihoihoi loa. 
Unduly inflxienced, hoohuli pono ole ia 
ka manao. 

Un-dy'ing, adj. Make ole ; mae ole. 

Un-eartli', v. E huai. 

Un-eartli'ly, adj. Eehia. 

Un-eas'y, adj. Pihoihoi; maha ole. 
Syn. restless. 

Un-end'ing, adj. Mau loa; pau ole. 
Sy'n. everlasting. 

Un-e'qual, adj. 1. Like ole. 
2. Ewaewa. Syn. unjust. 

Un-e'qual-ly, adv. Like ole. 

Un'e-quiv'o-cal, adj. Ewaewa ole; 
oiaio. Sy'N. straightforward. 

Un-err'ing, adj. Kuhihewa ole; po- 
lolei loa. 

Un-e'ven, adj. Malualua; apuupuu; 

XJn'ex-am'pled, adj. Lua ole. 

Un'ex-cep'tion-a-ble, adj. Kina' ole. 

Un'ex-pect'ed, adj. Hikilele; manao 
ole ia mamua. Syn. unlooked for. 

Un'ex-pect'ed-ly, adv. Manao ole la; 

lohe ole ia. He arrived unexpectedly , 

kumaioiame ka lohe ole ia; or, me 

ka manao ole ia. 
Un-fail'ing, adj. Mau; pau ole. 
Un-fair', adj. Paewaewa; kapakahi. 
Un-fair'nes8, n. Ewaewa; kapakahi 

o ka hana. 
Un-faith'ful, adj. Malama pono ole. 
Un-fash'ion-a-ble, adj. Kuaaina; ku 

ole i ka mea mau. 
Un-fast'en, v. E wehe. 
Un-fatli'oin-a-ble, acZj. Hohonu loa; 

Un-fav'or-a-ble, adj. 1. Kuponoole; 

maikai ole. Unfavorable weather, wa 

kupono ole. 

2. Oluolu ole ; maliu ole ; ku-e. 
Un-fav'or-a-bly, adv. Ku-e. Report 

unfavorably, e hoike kue. 
Un-feel'ing, adj. Lokoino; naau paa- 

kiki; menemene ole. Syn hard-hearted. 
Un-felgnedS adj. Oiaio; hookamani 

Un-fcTiced', adj. Paa ole i ka pa. 
lln-f il'fal, adj. Aloha ole i ka makua. 
Un-fin'ished, adj. Paa ole;kohapa. 

Syn. incomplete. 
Un-flf, adj. Kupono ole; makaukau 

Un-f6Id,v. 1. Eweheikaopi. 
^2. E hohola; e uhola. 
Vn'for-giv'en, adj. Huikala ole ia. 
Un'for-giv'ing, adj. Hoomauhala. 
Un-fort'u-nate, adj. Pilikia; poino. 
1Ju-found'ed» adj. Kahua ole; oiaio 

Un'fre-quenfed, adj. Hele pinepine 

ole ia. 
Un-fre'quent-ly,a<^'. Kakaikahi; pine- 
pine ole. 
TJn-friend'ly, adj. Launa ole; enemi. 
Un-fruit/ful, ad;. Hua ole; panoa. 
Un-furl', v. E wehe. 
Un-fur'nislied, adj. 1. Hoolako ole ia; 


2. Olohelohe. An unfurnished room, 

he keena olohelohe. 
Un-gain'ly, adj. Hemahema; ma- 

nuea. Syn. blundering; ungraceful. 
Un-gen'er-otks, adj. Pi; a'ua. Syn. 

Un-g6d'ly, adj. Ala'; hewa; hooma- 

Un-gov'em-a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke 

hoolakalaka ia; hoomalu ole ia, 

2. Hiki ole ke uumi ia. An ungovern- 
able temper, he huhu i hiki ole ke uami 

Un-grace'ful, adj. Mikioi ole : papalale. 
Un-gra'cious, adj. Oluolu ole; loko- 

tin-grate- fnl, adj. Aloha ole. 
Un-bal 'lowed, adj. Hewa. Unhallowed 

pleasures, na lealeahewa. Syn. unholy; 

Un-hand'some-ly, adv. Me ka pololei 




Un-hftnd'y, adj. Hemahema ma ka 

hana; makaukau ole. Syn. awkward. 
Un-hap'py, adj. Oluolu ole; kaumiiha. 
Un-Tiiir'ness, v. E wehe i ka lei o ka lio. 
Un-health'y, adj. Omairaai; kupouo 

ole i ke ola kino. Syn. sickly. 
Un-heard', adj. Lohe ole la. Unheard 

of, rnea hou; kupaianaha. 
Un-hes'i-ta-tiiig:, adj. Kanalua ole. 

Unhesitating obedience, ka hoololie kana- 
lua ole. 
Un-hes'i-ta'tlng-ly, adv. Me ke kana- 
lua ole. 
Un-hinge', v. E wehe mai kona ami. 
Un-hitch', v. E wehe 1 ka iiikii. 
Un-ho'ly, adj. Aia'; hemolele ole. 
Un-ho'bk', v. E wehe i ka lou. 
Un-horse, v. E kiola mai ka lio. 
lln-hurt', adj. Eha ole; poino ole. 
U'Mi-form, ad/. Like; ano like. 
fj'ni-form, n. Lole koa; lole kahiko 

U'ni-form'-i-ty, n. Ke ano like. 
y-iii'-form-ly, adj. Mau. 
Un'lm-peach'a-ble, adj. 1. Hiki ole 

ke hooleia. 
^2. Kina'ole. Syn. blameless. 
C^ii'in-tel'li-g:i-ble,adj.l. Maopopoole. 
^ 2. Namuuamu wale ia. 
Un-in'ter-est-ed, adj. Molowa ma ka 

Un-in'ter-est-lng, adj. Hoohoihoi ole; 

eleu ole. An uninteresting speech, he 

haiolelo hoohoihoi ole. 
fjn'ion, n. 1. He hui. 

2. Ka hoohui ana. 

8. Ke auo lokahi. Syn. unity. 

4. Tht Union, Amerika Huipuia. 
C'-nique' (u-neek',) adj. Lua ole; ano 
_e loa. 

U'n i - son , a. Like ; lokahi . Read in uni- 
son, e heluheiu like. 

2. Pualu. 
U'nlt, w. Mea hookahi. 
U-nite', V. E hoohui; e hookuikul. 
U-nit'ed-Iy, adv. Alu pu. To work 
^unitedly, e alu pu ma ka hana. 
IJ'nl-ty, n. 1. Lokahi. 

2. Mea hookahi. 
tl'nl-vers'al, adj. Mai o a o; a pau loa. 
U'nl-vers'al-ism, n. Ka manaoio e ola 

mau loa'na kanaka a pau ma ka lani. 
fl'ni-vers'al-ly, aJi'. Maioao. 
y'ni-verse, n. Na an a \)i\\\. 
U'nl-vers'ity, w. Kula uui; kahi i ao- 

la'i na ike a pau. 
Un-Jftst', adj. Pono ole; paewaewa; 

hoopono ole. 
Un-kind', adj. Lokomaikai ole; lokoi- 

Un-kind'ly, adv. Lokoino. 
IJn-knowMng-ly, adv. Me ka ike ole; 

me ka naaupo. 
Un-known, adj. Ike ole ia. 
Vn-lade', v. E hoolei ukana, 
Un-law'ful, adj. Ku-e' 1 ke kanawai. 

Syn". illegal. 
Un-lj^w'f ul-ly, adv. Me ke kanawai ole. 

Un-learn', v. E hoopoina. 
Un-learned', adi. Ike ole ; naaupo. 
Un-less', conj. Ke ole. 
Un-let'terecl, adj. Ike ole i ka palapa- 

la. Syn. illiterate. 
Un-like', adj. Like ole. 
Un-like'ly, ad/. 1. Aole paha. 

2. An unlikely story, he kaao oiaio ole 

paha. Syn. improbable. 
Un-lim'it-ed, adj. Palena ole. Syn. 

Un-load', v. E hoolei ukana. Unload 

a ship, e hoolei ka ukana o ka moku. 
Un-ldck', V. E ki a wehe. 

Un-16ve'ly, adj. Maikaiole; aloha ole 

Un-ltick'y, adj. Inea; kuonoono ole. 
Un-man', v. E hoopilihua; hoopauma- 

ko. Syn. unnerve. 
Un-man'ly, adj. Ku ole i ka hoo-ka- 

Un-man'ner-ly, adj. Kamaniha; pa- 

TJn-mean'ing, adj. Ano ole. 
Un-mer'ci-ful, adj. Lokoino; makona. 

Syn. cruel. 
IJn-mer'ci-ful-ly, adv. Me ka lokoino. 

C'n'mis-tak'a-ble, adj. Maopopolea; 

^ akaka lea. 

Un-nat'ur-al, adj. 1. Aloha ole. An 

unnatural parent, he makua aloha ole. 
^ 2. Kue i ke ano mau. 
Un-nec'es-sa'ry, adj. Make hewa; wai- 
^ wai ole. 

Un-neigh'bor-ly, adj. Launa ole; uaa- 

Un-nerve', n. Syn. unman. 
Un-ntim'bered, adj. Heui ole ia; lehu- 
„lehu wale. Syn. numberless. 
Un'6b-8tr&€t'e<l, adj. Keakea ole ia. 
. Syn. unhinderea. 

Un'ob-tru'sive, adj. Akahai. Syn. 
^ modest. *" 
Un-ds'ten-ta'tlotls, adj. Hoohiehie 

ole; akahai. 
Un-pack', v. E wehe i ka mea i hoa ia 

ai haoiapaha. 
Un-pal'at-able, adj. 1. Onoole. 

2. Ku ole i ka makemake. 
Un-par'al-lel-ed, adj. Lua ole; like 

Un-parlia-ment'a-ry, adj. Ku ole i 

na rula. 
Un-p6p'u-lar, adj. Makemake ole ia 

e ka lehulehu. 
Un-pdp'u-lar'i-ty, n. Hoowahawaha 

iae k a lehulehu. 
Un-prec'e-dent-ed, adj. Ike ole ia 

mamua; mea hou. 
Un-prej'u-diced, adj. Hoopono. Syn. 

Un'pre-tdnd'ingr, adj. Manao akahai. 

Un-prln'cl-pled, adj. Manao ole i ka 

pono; Ino loa. 
Un'pro dftc'tive, adj. Hua ole; panoa. 
Un-pr«5rit-a-ble, adj. Waiwai ole; 




Un-prSrit-a-bly, adv. Makehewa. 
Vn-prdm'is-ing:, adj. Kohu pono ole 

ana. Unpromising weather, wa e kohu 

pOQO ole ana. 
Un'pro-pi'tiofis, adj. Kue; pono ole. 

Syn. adverse. 
Un-quaPi-fied, adj. Makaukau ole; 

kuporio ole. 
Un-ques'tion-a-ble, adj. Oiaio maoli. 
Un-ques'tion-a-bly, adv. Oiaio no. 

Syn. certainly. 
Un-rav'el, v. E hoomohala. 
Un-reas'on-a-ble, o^/. L KvL ole i 


2. Kaulikeole. 
Un're-gen'er-ate, adj. Enemi i Ke 

Un're-lent'ing, adj. Menemene ole; 

hoomauhala loa. 
Un're-li'a-ble, adj. Hikl olekepau- 

lele ia. 
Un're-mit-ting, adj. Mau; pan ole. 
^Syn. ceaseless. 

Un're-served', adj. Koeole; huna' ole. 
tn're-serv'ed-ly,adv. Koeole; pan loa. 
IJn-rest', n. Ka pihoihoi mau; maha 

Uti-riglit'eoiis, adj. Hewa; pono ole. 
Un-right/eotks-ness, n. Hewa. Syn. sin. 
Un-ripe', arf;. Ooole;maka. 
Un-ri'valed, adj. Lua ole ; pookela. 
Un-roll', V. E uholn. 
Un-roof, V. E hoohemoike kaupoko, 
Un-rtkrfled, adj. 1. Lai; malie; ma- 

2. Pihoihoi ole. Syn. calm. 
tJn-ru'ly, adj. Hookuli : hoolohe ole. 
Un-sad'dle, v. E wehe i ka noho lio. 
Un-safe', adj. Main ole; pilikia. 
Un-sal'a-ble, adj. Lilo ole ma ke kual. 
Un-sanc'ti-f ied, ac^'. Huikala ole ia; 

IJn-sat'is-fac'to-ry, adj. Kux>ono ole 

i kamanao. 
Un-sa'vo-ry, acy. Mikoole. 
Un-serew', V. 1. E wehe i ka meal 

will ia. 

2. E wehe i ke kul nao. 
Un-scru'pu-loiis, adj. Manao ole i ka 

pono; mahiehie. Syn. unprincipled. 
TJn-seal', v. E Avehe i ka sila. 
Un-search'a-ble, adj. Loaa ole ma ka 

imi. Syn. inscrutable. 
Un-sea'son-a-ble, adj. Wakuponoole. 

Syn. untimely. 
Un-geaf, v. E kapal mai ka noho. 
IJn-sea'wortli-y, adj. Kupono ole ke 

holo moaua. 
Un-seem'ly , adj. Hilahila; kupono ole. 
Un-seen', adj. Ike maka ole ia. Syn. 

TJn-set'tled, ac^'. 1. Lewawale; kule- 


2. Kalewa; pualewa. 
TJn-shak'en, adj. Oni paa; naue ole. 
Un-sheatbe', r. E ununi ae; e wehe ae 

la mai ka wahi'. He unsheathed his 

sword, unuhi ae la oia i kana pahi-kaua. 

Un-sigbtly, adj. Kohu ole i ka Ike o 

ka maka; inoino. 
Un-skill'ful, adj. Akamai ole. Syn. 

■Un-so'ci-a-ble,adj. Naanaa; launaole. 

Un'so-phig'ti-cat-ed, adj. Hookamani 
ole; oiaio; maalea ole. 

Vn-s6unii', adj. 1. Popopo. Syn. de- 

2. Oiaio ole. Syn. insincere. 
8. Paa ole. Syn. defective. 

Un-spar'lng adj. Ana ole. With an 
unsparing hand, me ka lima ana ole 

Un-speak'a-ble adj. Hiki ole ke oleic 
la; hiki olekehaiia. Syn. unutterable. 

Un-speak'a-bly, adv. Piha; hikl ole ke 
hai ia. Unspeakably happy, hauoli pi- 
ha. Syn. unutterably. 

Un-sp6t/ted, adj. Paele ole; maemae. 

Un-sta'ble, adj. Lauwili wale; loli 

wale. Syn. inconstant. 
Un-8tead'y, adj. OuionI; luliluli. 
Un-strfing', adj. 1. Uluhua, Nerves 

unstrung, uluhua ka manao. 

2. Alualu. 
Un'sftc-cegg'ful, adj. Hoka; kulea ole; 

lanakila ole. 
I7n-guit/a-ble,a<^'. Kupono ole. Syn. 

Un-tam'a-ble, adj. Hiki ole ke hoola- 

Un-thank'ful, adj. Aloha ole. Syn. 

Un-tblnk'ing, adj. Noonoo ole. 

Un-thrlft'y. adj. Syn. shiftless. 

Un-tie', V. E wehe i ka nipuu. 

Un-til', prep. 1. A. Wait until night, 
e kali a po. 

2. A hiki. Until it is time, a hiki i ka 

Un-time'ly, adj. Wa kupono ole. Syn. 

Un-tir'ing, adj. Luhi ole. Untiring 

^ industry, makaala luhi ole. 

JJn'to, prep. I;ia. Syn. to. 

Un-told', adj. I hai ole ia. Untold suf- 
fering, popilikia i hai ole ia. 

Un-to^ward, adj. 1. Popilikia. Unto- 
ward events, naouli popilikia. 
2. Ino; kolohe. An untaward man, he 
kanaka kolohe. Syn. perverse. 

Un-trav'el-ed( ^. Hele ole ia_ 

Un-tr6d'den \ °^^' ""^^^ ^^^ ^^ 

Un-true', adj. Oiaio ole. Syn. false. 

Un-trutli', n. He wahahee. Syn. false- 
TJn-truth'ful, adj. Wahahee. 
Ua-twlst', V. E mola. 
Un-uged'. adj. L Lawelawe ole ia; 

waiho wale ia, 

2. Maa ole. Syn. unaccustomed. 

3 Walea ole 
Un-ug'u-al, adj. Hon; ike piuepine ole 

Un-var'nlglied, adj. 1. Pera ole ia I 

ka vauiki. 

2. Unvarnished truth, oiaio maoli. 




Un-Teil', V. E wehe i ka uhi. 
Un-wftr'rant-ed, adj. Kauoha ole la; 

apono ole ia. 
Ua-wjl'ry, adj. Maaleaole; puiii wale. 
Un-wea'ried, adj. Luhi ole; maha ole. 

Syn. untiring. ,^ ,, 

Un-well', adj. Omaimai: nawaliwali. 

Syn. ailing. 
rn-wh61e's6me,a(7J. Kupono Ole. Un- 

xvholesomejood, ai kupono ole. 
tTn-wlelcl'ly, adj. Nui kupono ole. 
Un-wll'ling, acy. Makemakeole; aua. 
Un-wil'ling-ly, adv. Ahu'ahu'; me ka 

makemake ole. 
Un-wiiid', V. E wehe i ka mea i wili ia. 

Unwind the rope, e wehe i ka owilikaula. 
Un-wise', adj. Naaupo. 
Un-wlt'ting-ly, adv. Me ka ike ole; 

me ka naaupo. Syn. ignorantly. 
Un-\v6nt'ed, adj. Maaole; walea ole. 
Un-wor'thi-ly, adv. Me ke kupono ole. 
Un-wor'tlii-ness, n. Ano kupono ole. 
Un-wor'tiiy, adj. Kupono ole. 
ITn-writ'ten, adj. Kakau ole ia. 
Un-yleld'ing, adj. 1. Paakiki; oolea. 

2. Maliu ole. 
Un-yoke', v. E wehe i ka auamo; e 

wehe ika lei bipi. 
Up, adv. Iluna; maluna. 
Up-braid', v. E hoohewa. 
Up-heav'al, n. Ke kiola ana iluna. 
Up-heave', v. E kiola iluna. 
Up-hill', adj. 1. luka. 

'2. Uphill work, hana inea; hana oolea 
Up-hold', V. 1. E kokua. 

2. E koo. Uphold the power, e koo i ka 

Up-hol'ster-er, n. Kanaka hana 1 na 

lako hale. 
Up-liol'ster-y, n. Na lako oloko o ka 
Up'land, n. 1. AinakuahiwI;ainaouka. 

2. Upland taro, kalo o ka aiua maloo. 
Up-lift', V. E hapai iluna. 
Up-6n', prep. 1. Ma; maluna. 
^2. I. t/po/i arrtvai, i kahiki ana'aku. 
tjp'per, adi. Maluna. Upper room, 

keeua maluna. 
Up'per-hand', n. Ka lanaklla; ka 

mana oi. Syn. ascendency. 
Up'per-most, adj. Maluna loa. 
tlp-ralse', v. E hoala iluua; e paipai 

tlp'right, adj. 1. Kupono; kupololei. 

SYN. perpendicular. 

2. Hoopono. Syn. honest. 
<^p'right-ne88, n. Kuonoono o ka 

II oho ana; hoopono. 
l(jp'ris-lng, n Ke ala ana mai. 
Up'roar, n. tie haunaele; uluaoa. 
Up-robf, V. E hehu. 
Up-s^f, V. 1. E hookahuli. Syn. over- 

2. E hoohaninl. 
tv'Hliot, n. He hopena. Syn. final 

Up'start, n. He mea 1 lele mai ka 111- 

kole a i ka waiwai uuL 

l&p'ward, adj. Iluna'e. 

Up'wards, adv. 1. Keu aku. 

2. Iluna' ku. 
©r-bane, adj. Laulea; oluolu. Syn. 

tjr-ban'l-ty, n. Ke ano laulea; ano 

oluolu. Syn. i>oliteness. 
^r'chin, n. Keiki liilii. 
Urge, V. E koi; e kaohi; e kono. Syn. 
„ importune. 

Ur'gent, adj. Koi ana; kaohi ana. An 
^urgent necessity, he nele e koi ana. 
U'rin-ate, v. E mimi. 
\J'rine, n. Mimi. 
Urn, n. He ipu. 

Us, pron. pi. Kakou; {dual) maua; kaua. 

_Syn. youand I. 

Us'age, n. He hana maa; hana walea. 

_Syn. custom. 

Use, n. 1. Waiwai. 

2. Ka lawelawe ana. 
_3. Pomaikai. 

Use, V. E lawelawe; e lawe a e hoohana. 
_Syn. employ. 
Use'ful, adj. 1. Waiwai; makepono. 

2. Kokua. A useful boy, keiki kokua. 
_Syn. helpful. 

Use'ful -ly, adv. Makepono. Usefully 
_ employed, e hooikaika makepono. 
Use'ful-ness, w. 1. Ka makepono ; ka 

_2. Ke ano kokua. 
Use'less, adj. Makehewa; waiwai ole. 

tjse'less-ly, adv. Poho'; makehewa. 
Ush'er, n. 1. Luna hoonoho i ka poe o 

ke anaina. 
^ 2. He kokua kumu. 
Ush'er, v. 1. E hookomo; e kai. Ushered 

into a room, kai ia iloko o ke keen a. 
_ 2. _ Usher in the day, e wehe i ke alaula. 
U'su-al, adj. Mea mau; mea i maa. 

U'su-al-ly, adv. He mea mau. 

tj'su-rer, n. Kanaka hoopukapuka da- 
U-su'ri-otks, adj. Hoopukapuka ino. 
U-8urp', V. E kaili hewa; e lawe wale. 
_ Usurp authority, e lawe wale i ka mana. 
U'sur-pa'tion, v. Ka lawe hewa ana. 
U-surp'er, n. Mea i lawe wale i ka po- 
_no o hai. 

U'su-ry, n. Hoopukapuka ino i kedala. 
U-ten'sil, n. Mea hana; mea lawelawe. 
U-tll'i-ty, n. Pomaikai. 
Ut'inost, adj. Hope loa: loa. 
U-to'pi-an, "adj. Makehewa; io ole Syn. 
^ useless. 

Ut'ter, a4j. Loa. Utter destitution, nele 

(Jt'ter, V. Eekemu;ehai. 
Ut'ter-ance, n. Olelo; kahai ana. 

Ut'ter-ly, adv. Loa. Utterly miserable, 
oki loa. 

Ut'ter-most, adj. Loa. Save to the ut- 
termost, e hoopakele loa. 

Ux-o'ri-oAs, adj. Pili loa i ka wahino 





Va'can-cy, n. He hakahaka; wahi 
Va'cant, adj. 1. Kaawaie; kawaha. 

2. A vacant place, kahi koo ; kahi kaa- 

3. A vacant expression of countenance, 
he helehelena neie i ka hoihoi. 

Va'eate, v. 1. E waiho kaawaie. 

2. E waiho aku. Vacate an office, e wai- 
ho aku i ka oihaiia. 
Va-cfi'tion, n. Wa hoomaha. 
Vac'ci-nate, v. E o lima. 
Vae'cine vi'rus, n. Pahiheehee o lima. 
Vac'il-late, v. E kulanalana; e loli 

wale. Syn. waver. 
Vac'il-la'ting, adj. Kulanalana; lau- 

Va-cu'i-tyl He hakakaka; kahikaa- 
Vac'u-um J * wale; wahi ole o loko. 
Va'de-me'eum, n. Mea lawe pu. 
Vag'a-bond, n. Aea haukae; he hoo- 

Va'ga-ry, n. Noonoo ulu wale; noonoo 

kupono ole. 
Va'gran-cy, n. Ka aea wale; noho 

Va'grant, n. See vagabond. 
Vague (vag), adj. Powehiwehi. Syn. 

Tail; „ 1. Hepaku'. 
A^eili "• 2. Heuhimnka. 
Vain, adj. 1. Makehewa, waiwai ole. 

Syn. useless. 

2. Hookiekie; haakei. 
Vain-gld'ri-o68, adj. Hookiekie; haa- 

Vaiu'ly, adv. Makehewa. 
Val'ance, n. Lole paku' no lalo a me 

luna ©"ka moe. 
Vale, n. Awawa. 
Val'e-die-to'ri-an, n. Haumana o ke 

kula nui i haawi i kahaiolelo hope loa. 
Val'e-die'to-ry, n. Haiolelo hope loa. 
Val'et, n. Kauwa lawelawe kino. 
Val'iant, adj. Koa; aa. Syn. brave. 
Val'id. ad/. Pouo; kupono. Syn. pood; 

sufficient. A valid excuse, he kumu ku- 
Va-lld'i-ty, n. Ka pono; ke kupono. 

Validity of a will, ke kupono o ka pala- 

pala hooilina i ke kanawai. 
Va-lise', n. Pahu ili liilii. 
Val'ley, n. Kahawai; awawa. 
Val'or, n. Ano koa. Syn. bravery 
Val'or-ofts, arf?". iSpe valiant. 
Val'u-a-ble, akj. Waiwai. 

V&l'u-a'tiou, n. Ka hoonohonoho wal 

Val'ue, n. Kumu lilo; waiwai. 
Val'ue, v. 1. E manao. Value highly, 

e manao nui aku. Value slightly, e ma- 
nao liilii aku. 

2. E hooholo i kekumukuai; ehooho- 

lo 1 ka waiwai. 
Valve, n. He pan!. 
Van, «. 1. Hunalewa. 

2. Kaahalihali ukana. 
Vane, n. Ane makani. 
Van'-guard, n. Ke kulana mua oka 

puali koa ma ka huakai; hunalewa. 
Van'ish, v. E nalo koke aku. Syn. 

Van'i-ty, n. Kilohi; haakei. 
Van'quish, v. E hooauhee; hoopio. 

Syn. conquer. 
Van'tage-ground, n. 1. Ke kulana 


2. Ka oi o ka pomaikal. 
Va-por, w. 1. Vapor of steam, mahu. 

2. Ohu. Syn. fog. 
Va'ri-a-ble, adi. Lauwili; loli wale. 

Syn. changeable. 

2. Variable as wind, pahili ; lauwili. 
Va'ri-ance, n. Auoku-e; mokuahana. 
Va'rl-a'ti«;n, n. Ka loli ana; aui ana. 
Va'ri-e-gat'ed, n. Kiokio; ponapoua. 
Va-ri'e-ty, n. Kela me keia ano. 
Va'rl-o-loid, 71. Kekahi ano o ka mai 

puupuu liilii. 
Va'ri-ofts, adj. Kela me keia, 
Var'nish, 7i Vaniki; wai lioohinuhinu. 
Var'nish, v. E hamo i ka vaniki. 
Va'ry, v. E loli ae; e hoo-nno e. 
Vase, 71. Heipuloloa. Vase for flowers, 

ipu no na pua. 
Vas'sal, n. Kauwa kuapaa. Syn. 

Vas'sal-age, n. Ka noho ana kauwa 

kuapaa. Syn. slavery. 
Vast, adj. 1. Nui loa. 

2. Palena ole. The vast universe, ke 

ao palena ole. 
Vast-ness, n. Ka nui loa. 
Vat, n. He tabu nui. 
Vault, V. E lele. Syk. jump. 
Vault, n. He lua. Syn. cellar. 
Vaunt, V. E kaena wale. Syn. boast. 
Veal, n. I'o bipi keiki. 
Veer, V. E aui ae; e hull ae. 
Veg'e-ta-ble, n. Hua o ka honua; 

mea ulu. The vegetable world, ka ma- 

hele o ua mea ulu. 




Vegr'e-tate, v. E ulu wale me he mea 

kuuu la. 
Veg'e-ta'tlon, n. Kela me keia mea 

Ve'he-mence, n. Ikaika nui. Syn. 

Te'he-ment-ly, adv. Me ka ikaika 

Ve'hi-ele, n. h Kela me keia auo 


2. Mea halihali. 
Tell (vale), n. He uhi; uhi no ka 

Veil, V. E uhi. 
Vein, n. 1. Aa koko. 

2. He au metala; a minerala paha 

maloko o ka honua. 
Veined, adj. Paapu i na aa. 
Ve-l6c'i-ty, n. Ka mama; ka wikiwiki. 
Vel'vet, n. Lole veleveta. 
Vend, V. E kuai aku. Syn. sell. 
Vend'er| Kanaka kuai aku; he ma- 
Vend'orJ au'auwa'. 

Ven'due, n. Kuai kudala. Syn. auc- 
Ve-neer', n. Papa lahilahi, mea kapili 

maluna o ka papa e ae. 
Ven'er-a-ble, adj. Ku i ka mahaloia. 
Ven'er-ate, v. E haawi i ka mahalo; e 

Ven'er-a'tion, n. Mahalo; hoomaikai. 
Venge'ance, n. Ka hoopai huhu. 
Ve'ni-al, adj. Hiki ke kalaia. 
Ven'om, n. Mea make. 
Ven'om-otis, adj. Awaawa e make ai. 
Ve'nofts, adj. iSo na aa-koko. 
Vent, n. 1. Pukahookahe; kahi e hemo 


2. Ka hoopuka ana. To give vent to 

feelings, e hoopuka manao. 
Vent'-hole, n. Puka hookomo ea. 
Veu'ti-late, v. 1. E hookomo pono i 


2. E hoolaha; hoo-akea. To ventilate 
an opinion, e hoolaha manao 

3. To ventilate a subject, e hooakea i ke- 
kahi mea. 

Ven'ti-la'tion, n. Ka hookomo pono 

ana i ke ea. 
Vcn'ti-la'tor, n. Mea hookomo i ke ea 

Vent'ure, v. 1. E hoao. Syn. risk. 

2. £ aa. 
Vent/ur-86me, adj. Aa; koa; maka'u 

ole. Syn. bold. 
Ve-ra'eioftg, adj. Oiaio. Syn. truthful. 
Ve-riitpi-ty, n. Ano oiaio. Syn. truth- 
ful uelss. 
Ve-ran'd&, n. Lanai hale. 
Verb, n. Haina. 
Vgrb'al, adj. Hal vraha; olelo waha. 

Syn. oral. 
V€rb'al-ly, adv. Waha; me ka waha. 

Syn. orally 
Ver-ba'tim, adv. Like loa ma ka olelo. 
Ver-bose', adj. Makena olelo, 
Ver-bos'i-ty, n. Ka nui pono ole o ka 


Ver'dan-cy, n. 1. Ke ano uliull. 

2. Auo hou; maaole. 
Ver'-dant, n. 1. Uliuli. 

2. Hou; maaole. 
Ver'diet, n. 1. Olelo hooholo a ke jure. 

2. Olelo hooholo. 
Verd'ure, n. Ka uliuli o na mea ulu. 
Verge, v. E hookokoke aku. 
Ver^e, n. Ke kae; ka lihi. 
Ver-i-fi-ea'tion.w. Kahooiaana. Syn. 

Ver'i-fy, r. E hooia; e hooiaio. Syn. 

Ver'i-ly, adv. He oiaio. Syn. truly. 
Ver'i-ta-ble, adj. Oiaio maoli. Syn. 

Ver'i-ty, n. Ke ano oiaio. 
Ver-mie'u-Iar, adj. Me he enuhe la. 
Ver'mi-fuge, n. Laau hoo-naha no na 

mea ola iloko o ka opu. 
Ver-mil'ion, n. He nooluu ulaula. 
Ver'mln, n. Mea kolo liilii. 
Ver-nac'u-lar, adj. Maoli. Syn. na- 
Ver'nal, adj. No ke kau kupulau. 
Ver'sa-tile, adj. Makaukuu ma na 

mea he nui. 
Ver'sa-til'i-ty, n. Ke ano makaukau 

ma kela me keia mea. 
Verse, n. 1. Pauku himeni. 

2. Pauku olelo. 
Versed, adj. Makaukau; akamai. 
Ver'si-fl-ea'tion, n. Haku mele. 
Ver'sion, n. Ke ano o ka olelo. 
Ver'te-bra, n. Pauku iwi o ka iwi ku- 

Ver'tex, n. 1. Ka piko; ka wekiu. 

2. Kiko hui o ka huiua. 
Ver'ti-eal, adj. Kupono. Syn. per- 
Ver'ti-go, n. Nenewa; poniuniu. 
V6r'y, adv. Loa. Very great, nui loa, 
Ves'per, adj. Ahiahi. Vesper bell, bele 

pule ahiahi. 
Ves'pers, n. Halawai haipule ahiahi. 
Ves'sel, n. 1. Moku. 

2. Ipu ; apu. 
Vest, 71. Puliki. 
Vest'ed, adj. Pill paa. Vested rights, 

pono pili paa. 
Ves'ti-bule, n. Ipuka. 
Ves'tl^e, n. He meheu; lihi iki. Syn. 

Ves'try, n. 1. Keena halawai no na 

luna ekalesia. 

2. Aha luna ekalesia. 
Vest'ure, 7t. Lole komo; aahu. Syn. 

Vet'er-an, n. 1. Koa kahiko. 

2. Mea i maa; mea i walea. 
V6t'er-i-na-ry, adj. Pili i ka lapaan 

Ve'to, V. E hoole. To veto a hill, e hoole 

i ka bila. 
Vex, V. E hoonaukiuki; hoouluhua. 

SvN. tease. 
Vex-a'tion, n. Mea luhi wale; mea 





Tex-a'tlotts, ac^. Luhl wale ; hoo-ulu- 

Via, adv. Ma o. Syn. by way of. Via 

Honolulu, ma o Honolulu la. 
Vi'a-duct, n. He alahaka no ke ala- 

nui hao. 
Vi'al, n. Omole lillii. 
Vi'ands, n. Kela me keia mea ai. Syn. 

Ti'brate, v. L E lewa; e mahiki. Syn. 


2. Ehulili. 
Vi-bra'tion, n. 1. Ka mahiki ana. 

2. Kahulili ana. Yibrations of light, 

hulili o na kukuna malamalama. 
Ti'bra-to-ry, adv. Mahikihiki. 
Vi-ca'rl-cfts, adj. Panai; panihaka- 

Tice, n. 1. Hewa ; hala ; inc. 

27 He uma. 
Tice, prep. Ma ka hakahaka. 
Vice-edn'sul, n. He hope kanikele. 

Tlce'pres'i-dent, n. Hope peresidena. 
Vice-roy"', n. Hope moi. 
Vi-cln'i-ty, n. Kahi kokoke. Syn. 

Vl'clotls, adj. 1. Puni 1 ka ino; hau- 


2. Inojhuhu. Aviciotta horse, he lio 

Vi-ci8'sl-tude, n. Lull; loll. Syn. 

clTange. Vicissitudes of life, na loli ana 

o keia ola. 
Vie'tim, n. 1. He pio. 

2. Mea hoopunihei ia. 
Vlc'tim-ize, v. E hoopunihei. 
Vie'tor, n. Ka mea i lanakila. Syn. 

Ti€-t6'rl-o<ig, adj. Lanakila. Syn. 

Vle'tory, 7i. Ka lanakila. Syn, triumph. 
Tiet'u-al, v. E hoolako i ka ai. 
Viet'uals (vit-lz), n. Na mea ai. 
Tie, V. E hooikaika i like. 
Tiew, r. E nana. 
Tlew, n. Kananaina. 
Tigr'il, n. Ke kiai i ka po. 
Tig'i-lance, w. Ke ano makaala;kuoo. 

TIg'i-lant, adj. Kuoo; kiai; makaala. 
Tig'or, 71. Ikaika. Syn. strength. 
Tig'or-oiis, adj. 1. Ikaika; makaala, 

Syn. strong; energetic. 

2. Vigorous in growth, koii; slow in 

growth, ko-i'. 
Tile, adj. Haukae; paumaele; pelapela. 
Tile'ness, n. He paumaele; he haukea. 
Til'i-fi-er, n. He hakuepa; kanaka 

niania. Syn. traducer. 
Til'i-fy, V. E olelo ino; hakuepa. 
Til'la, n. Hale noho ma kuaaiua no ka 

poe koikoi. 
Tll'lage, n. He kau-hale. 
Tll'la-ger, n. Kamaaina o kauhale. 

Til'lain, n. Kanaka lilo loa i ka hewa. 

Syn. scoundrel. 
Til'lain-otks, adj. Hewa loa; Ino loa. 
Til'laiu-y, n, liana keekee loa. 

TlnVll-eate, V. Ehoapono. Syn. justify 
Vm'di-ea'tion, n. Ka hoapono ana. 
VIn'di-ca'tor, n. Ka mea e hoapono 

Tin-dlc'tlve, adj. Hoomauhala, Syn. 

Vln-dic'tive-ness, n. He hoomauhala. 
Tine, n. 1. Laau hihi. 

2. Orape vine, kumu waina. 
Tln'e-gar, n. Vinika. 
Vlne'yard, n. Mala waina. 
Vint'aire, n. 1. Na hua o ka mala 


2. Wa ohi hua o ka mala waina. 
Tint'a-grer, n. Mea ohi hua waina. 
Ti'o-late, i>. L E lima ikaika aku; e 


2. Ehanaku-e aku; e haki. Violate 

his promise, e haki i kana olelo ae. 
Ti'o-la'tion, n. L Ka pue ana. Syn. 


2. Ka hoohaki ana. Syn. non-ob- 
Ti'o-la'tor, n. 1. Kanaka pue wahine. 

2. Mea hoohaki. 
Ti'o-lence, n. 1. Ka hao wale; lima 


2. Ikaika o ka ino. Violence of the 

storm, ka ikaika o ka ino. 
Ti'o-lent, adj. 1. Ino. A violent wind, 

makani ino. 

2. A violent man, he kanaka hikiwawe 

i ka huhu. 
Ti'o-lin, n. He pila; violina. 
Ti'per, n. Nahesa niho awa. 
Tl-ra'go, 71. Wahine nuku wale; wa- 
hine mahaoi. 
Tir'gin, n. Wahine puupaa. 
Tir-gln'I-ty, n, Ka noho ana wahino 

Vi'rile, adj. Ano kane. 
Tir'tu-al-ly, adj. Aneane; mehe mea 

Tir'tue, n. 1. Pono. 

2. Mana. Syn. power. 
Tir'tu-otis, adj. Pono; noho pololei. 
Tir'u-lent, ad?'. 1. Awahia loa. A viru- 
lent poison, he laau make, laau awahia. 

2. Manao enemi loa. Syn. malignant. 
Ti'rus, n. Palaheehee. 
Vis'age, n. Helehelena. Syn. counte- 
TIs-a-vl9 (viz'a-ve'), 71. Healohealo; 

mea imua o ke alo. 
Tls'ce-ra, n. Na naau. 
Vis'cid, adj. Pipili. Syn. sticky. 
Vise", 71. He uma. Syn. vice. 
Vii'i-ble, adj. Ike maka ia. Syn. aj)- 

Tis'i-bly, adv. I ka ike o ka maka. 
Vls'ion, 71. 1. Ka ike o ka maka. Syn. 


2. He hihio. 
Vis'ion-a-ry, adj. Hihio wale. 
Tis'it, V. 1. E launa. Visit persons, e 

launa me kekahi poe. 

2. E makaikai. Visit places, e makai- 

kai ma na kauwahi. 




Vls'it-a'tion, n. 1. Ka launa ana; ka 

hele ana e ike. 

2. Ke kau ana mai. Visitation of Di- 
vine Providence, ke kau ana mai o ka 

lima o Ke Akua. 
Vis'lt-or, n. He hoalauna; he makai- 

Vis'ta, TO. 1. He nanaina iwaena o ke 

alanui, na ululaau, ua awawapaha. 

2. Down the vista of ages, 1 ke kuamoo 

o na au i hala. 
V^ls'u-al, adj' No na maka. 
Vi'tal, aiij. 1. Kupono i ke ola. 

2. A vital necessity, he mea e pono loa 


8. Of vital importance, waiwai pono; 

ano nui. 
Vi-tal'i-ty, to. 1. Ka ikaika o ke ola. 

2. Anoeueu; lalelale. 

3. Sviall vitality, ano nawaliwali. 
Vi'tals, TO. pi. Na lala o ke kino e pili 

loa ana ike ola. 
Vl'ti-ate, V. 1. E hoolilo i mea ole. Vi- 

tiaie a bargain, e hoolilo ka ae-like i 

mea ole. 
Tlt're-oiis, adj. Me he aniani la. 
Vit'ri-fy, v_. E hoolilo i aniani. 
Vi-tu'per-ate, V. Eolelonuku; olelo 

Vi-tu'per-a'-tion, n. Olelo nuku; 

olelo aki. 
Vi-tu'per-a-tive, adj. Nuku wale; aki. 

Vl-va'cio&s, adj. Hoihoi; lalelale. Syn. 

Ti-vac'i-ty, n. Ke ano hoihoi; ano 

Viv'id, adj. 1. Moakaka. 

2. Olinolino; hulali. 
Tlv'id-ly, adv. 1. Me ka moakaka. 

2. Me ka hulili. 
Tlx'en, TO. He wahine nuku wale. Syn. 

Viz'ier (Vlz-yer), to. Luna kiekie o ke 

aupuni o Tureke. 
Vo-eab'u-la-ry, to. Buke unuhi olelo. 

Vo'cal, adh Pili i ka leo. Vocal music, 

leo pa-ko-li. 
Vo'cal-lst, to. Mea akamai i ka pa-ko-li. 

Vo-ca'tion, to. Oihana. Syn. calling; 

Vo-clf er-a'tlon, to. Hauwalaau; wa- 

Vo-cirer-oiis, adj. Waltiaunui; wawa. 
Voice, TO. Leo. 
Volce'less, adj. Leo ole. 
Void, adj. 1. Ole loa. Null and void, 

Kio i mea ole. 

2. Akea; kaawale. AvoidpUice,yrK\xi 

V6I'a-tlle, aty. L Pau koke; puehu 


2. Puni lealea, Syn. gay. 

8. Loli wale. Syn. changeable. 

Tol-ca'no, TO. 1. Mauna pele; luapele. 

2. Ahiaihonua (old). 
Vo-li'tion, ?i. Ka makemake; ka ma- 

nao. Syn, will. 
V61'ley, TO. 1. Kekanilike o napu. 

2. A volley of words, ka nui mai o na 

hua olelo. 
V61'u-bil'l-ty, TO. Ka makaukau ma 

ka olelo. 
V61'u-ble, adj. Makaukau ma ka olelo; 

Vol'wme, TO. 1. He buke. 

2. Volume of smoke, he punohu uahl. 

8. yolume of water, mahele o ka wai. 
Vo-lu'mi-notls, ad^. 1. Nui wale o 

na buke. A voluminous author, he mea 

i kakau buke he nui wale. 

2. Kakau nui. A voluminous corre- 
spondence, he kakau nui i na palapala. 
V61'un-ta-ri-ly, adv. Mamuli o ka 

Vdl'un-ta-ry, adj. No ka makemake 

V61'un-teer', to. Mea e kokua ana 

mamuli o kona makemake. 
Vfil'un-teer', V. 1. E kokua mamuli o 

ka makemake. 

2. E kokua wale. 
Vo-ltkpfu-a-ry, to. Mea puni lealea. 
Vo-ltipt'u-oiis, adj. Kuko nui ia. 
Vdm'it, V. E luai. 

"Vo-ra'cioiis, adj. Hoonuu; pakela ai. 
Vo-rac'i-ty, TO. Hoonuu ai. 
V6r'te'x,TO. Mimilo; lua mimilo. Syn. 

Vo'ta-ry, to. Mea lilo loa i kekahi 

hana. A votary of science, mea lilo loa 

i ke akeakamai. A votary of pleasure, 

mea lilo loa i ka lealea. 
Vote, V. E koho; e balota. 
Vote, TO. He koho; he balota. Syn, 

Vot'er, TO. Mea koho balota. 
Vo'tlve, adj. Hoolaaia. A votive offer* 

ing, he monai i hoolaa ia. 
Vouch, V. E olelo hoohiki. 
Vouch'er, to. Palapala hoike no na 

Vouch-safe', v. E oluolu e pane mai. 
Vow, V. E hoohiki imua o Ke Akua. 
Vow'el, TO. Huapalapala leo-kahi. 
Vdy'age, w. 1. He holo moana. 

2. He hole ma kela me keia mahele 


8. He holo ma ka baluna. 
Vdy'a-grer, to. Mea holo maluna o ke 

kai ; maluna o ka wai. 
Vfil'gar, adj. 1. Kuaaina. 

2. Haahaa; pelapela. 
Vul-gftr'i-ty, TO. Ano haumia; ano pe- 
Vtkrner-a-ble, ad^. Hikl ke hooehaia. * 
Vtklfure, n. Yuletura; manu ai mea 







^b'ble, V. E onioni; e naue. 

W ^d , n. Umokl i>n. 

Wade, V. E hele iloko o ka wai. 

Wa'fer, n. 1. Wepa, mea hoopaa pala- 


2. He papaa berena liilii. 
"Waft, V. 1, Epeahi;eani. 

2. E halihali. 
TV'ag, n. Kanaka hooakaaka. 
"Wag, V. E onioni; e luliluli. 
AVage, V. Wage war, e hoouka kana. 
"Wa'ger, v. E pili waiwai. Syn. bet. 
AVa'ges, w. Uku hana. 
Wag'ger-y, n. Ano hooakaaka; olelo 

"Wag'on, n. Kaa lio. 
"Wag'on-er, n. Mea hookele kaa. 
Wail, n. Leokaniuhu'; uwe; leopihe' 
W^aist, n. Ka puhaka. 
Waist'band, n. Kaei puhaka. 
Waist'coat, n. Puliki. Syn. vest. 
Wait, V. 1. E kali; e kakali. 

2. E lawelawe. To wait on the t&hle, 

e lawelawe ma ka papa aina. 
"Wait'er, ». 1. Mea lawelawe ma ka 

papa aina; he kuene. 

2. He pa palahalaha mea lawe at. 
Wait'ingr-maid, n. Wahine lawelawe. 
Wait'ress, n. Kuene Avahine. 

Waive, v. E haalele; e waiho. Syn. 

Walte, V. E ala mai. 
Wake, n. Ka aweawe kai o ka moku. 
Walie'ful, adj. Hiaa; makaala. 

Wa'ken, v. E hoo-ala mai ka hiamoe. 
Walk, V. 1. E hele wawae. 

2!* Walk stealthily, e araio. 
Walk, w. Ka hele malie ana ma ka 


2. He ala mawaena o ke kihapai. 

3. He holoholo. 
Walk'er, n. Mea hele wawae. 

Wall, n. 1. Pa. <Siong u?aH, pa-pohaku. 

2".* Paia. Wall of a house, ka paia o ka 

Wal'let, n. He aa; he eke. 
Wall'-eyed, adj. Makapaa. A yrall- 

eyed horse, he lio makapaa. 
Wal'lop, V. E hahau ikaika. 
W^al'low, V. 1. E kaa ma ka lepo. 

2. Wallow in sin, e lu iloko o ka 

hewa; e kaa iloko o ka neneln. 
Wall'-pa'per, n. Pepa kapili no ke 


Wam'pmn, n. Lei lehu o na Inikiui» 

oia ko lakou dala. 
Wan, adj. Hakeakea. Syn. pale. 
Wand, n. He kookooloihi; 
Wan'der, V. E auwana; e kuewa. 
Wain'der-er, n. He mea auwaHa wale; 

he aea ; he kuea. 
Wane, v. E emi Iho. The moon wanes, 

ke emi nei ka mahina. 
W^nt, n. 1. He nele; heilihune. 

2. Ka makemake. 
W^n'ton, adj. 1. Uhauhawale. 

2. Makaleho. 
Wgin'ton-ly, adv. Uhauha wale. De- 
stroy wantonly, e luku wale ; e hoox)oino 

War, n. Kaua. 

Wjir'ble, v. E memele me he manu la. 
Wftr'bler, n. Manu memele. 
W^r'-cry, n. Leo hoo'ho kaua. 

Ward. n. 1. Keiki hanai. 
2. Heapanamaloko o ke kulanakau- 
hale. Syn. precinct. 
2. Keena o Ka ha le mai. 

W^rd'en/ „ Kahu malama; lunakl- 

W^rd'eri "* ai. 

Ward'robe, n. 1. Wahl e malama lole. 
2'.* He ahu lole komo. 

Ward'room, n. Keena hookipa no na 
liina moku manuwa'. 

Ware'house, n. Hale hoo-ahu waiwai. 

Wares, n. pi. Na waiwai kuai. Syn. 

War'fare, n. Oihana kaua; ke kaua. 

War'-horse, n. Lio holo kaua. 

Wa'ri-ly, adv. Me ka noonoo akahele. 

War'like, adj. Puni kaua; koa. 

'Ws^rm, adj. 1. Mahana; pu-mahana. 
2'. HoihoL Syn. ardent. 

Warmth, n. Ka mahana; ka pu-maha- 
na; ke ano hoihoi. 

W^rn, V. 1. E ao. Syn. admonish; 
2. E kukala. Syn. give notice. 

Warn'ing, n. 1. Olelo ao. Syn. admo- 
2. Olelo kukala. Syn. notice. 

W^r'-df'fice, n. Keena oihana kaua. 

Warp, n. 1. Kaula hookolo moku. 

i* Maawe loloa. 
Warp, V. E aapu; e anapa; na'pana'pa. 

Wgi,r'rant, n. 1. Palapala haawi mana. 

2. Warrant of arrest, palnpala hopu. 

Search warrant, palapala imi. 
W^r'rant, v. E hoike me k i maopopo. 



W^r'rant-a-ble, adj. Kujwno; apono- 

ia, Syn. justifiable. 
"War'ran-ty, n. Ho palapala hoopaa. 

Syn. guarantee. 
"U'ar'ri-or, n. He koa. Syn. soldier. 
AVart, n. He ilikona. 
War'- whoop, n. HooTio kaua analni- 

TVar'-worn, a(^}. Maa 1 ke kaua. 
W'u'ry, adj. 1. Noonoo akaliele. Syn. 


2. Kuoo; makaala 1 na pilikia, 
W^sh, V. 1. E holoi. 

2. Wash the shore, e popol ana ma ka- 

3. Rains wash away, lilo i ka u-'a. 
■W'?.8li'-board, n. 1. Papa holoi lole. 

2." Papa pale e pili ana i ka papa hele. 
Wash'er, n. He apo inetala, mea nao. 
Wasli'er-'ivo-inan, n. Wahine holoi 

lole. Syn. laundress. 
"Wash'lng, n. Na lole holoi. 
"Wasp, 71. Naloaki; nalo paka. 
waste, V. E maunawale; hoomauna- 

una; euhauha. 
Waste'ful, adj. Maunauna; uhauha. 

Syn. prodigal. 
■Waste'ful-ness, n. Ka uhauha wale. 
W^tch.n. 1. Hewatiliilii;watipakeke. 

2. Poe kiai. 

3. Wa kiai. 

"Watch, V. E kiai; e kuoo. 

"Wattch'er, n. He kiai. 

Watch'ful, adj. Makaala; kuoo; kiai. 

Syn. vigilant. 
Watch'inan, n. Kiai-po;kiai. 
AVatch'tow'er, n. Hale kiai. 
Wsitch'word, n. Hua olelo huna' no ka 

poe kiai. Syn. password; couutersigu. 
W a'ter, n. Wai. 

Wa'ter, v. E hookahe wai; e ka wai. 
Wa'ter-col'org, n. Na hooluu i kawili 

ia rae ka wai. 
Wji'ter-course, n. Kahawai; auwai. 
Wa'ter-eress, n. Leikoa. 
Wjj'ter-cure, n. Lapaau me ka wai. 
Wii'ter-fall, n. Wai-lele; wai paihi'. 

Syn. cascade. 
Wa'ter-fowl, n. Manu^ ka wai. 
Wa'ter-ing-place, n. 1. Wahi hoo- 

hainu i ka wni. " 

2. Wahi e akoakoa ai o kanaka e inu 

1 ka wai o ia wahi. 
Wa'ter-level, n. Ili-wai. 
Wa'ter-niiirk, n. He kaha kahi i hiki 

ai oka wai. High water mark, kaha o 

ka wai nui. Low water mark, kaha o 

ka waiemi, 
Wa'ter-iuel'on, n. Ipu ai maka; Ipn 

Wft'ter-pail, n. Bakeke wai. 
Wa'ter-pitch'er, n. Pika wai. 
Wji'ter-pot, n. Bakeke uiniui wai. 
Wa'ter-p6w'er, n. Ka ikaika o ka 

wai ma ke kaa ana I na huila. 
Wft'ter-prlv'l-lejre,| Ke kuleana 
Wa'ter-rijj^ht, | * ma ka wai 


Wft'ter-proof, adj. Paa i komo ole ka 

Wa'ter-rate, n. Auhau no ka wai. 
Wa'ter-shed, n. He aina kiekie ma 

ria aoaoo kekahi muliwai, e hookahe 

anaikonawaia iloko o ka muliwai. 

The water shed of the Mississippi, k a aina 

i hookahe ia kona wai a iloko o ka mu- 
liwai Misisipi. 
Wft'ter-soaked, adj. Komoloa ia I ka 

Wj^'ter-spont, n. Wal-pui-lani. 
Wa'ter-tight, adj. Paa i komo ole ka 

W^jl'ter- wheel, n. Huila kaa i ka wai. 
Wa'ter-w^orks, n. Oihanahoolakowai. 
Wa'ter-y, adj. 1. Loliloli. 

2*.* Watery eyed, makakole. 
W^ul, V. E owao e like me ka popoki. 
Wave,n. 1. Ale. 

2. Wave of the hand, peahi lima. 
Wa'ver, v. E lull wale; e kulanalana. 

Syn. vacillate. 
Wax, n. Pilali nalo meli. 
Wax, V. E mahuahua ae. Wax and 

wane, e mahuahua'e alalia emi mai. 
Wax'work, ». Na mea i hana ia me 

ka pilali. 
Way, n. 1. Ano. 

2. Ala; alanui. Syn. path. "^ 

Way'bill, n. Papa inoa o na ohua; na 

ee moku. 
Way'far-er, n. Mea hele malihini. 

Syn. traveller. 
Way-lay, v. H powa ma ke alanui; e 

Way'vvard, odj. Hookuli; paakiki. 

Syn. perverse. 
W^ay'ward-ness, to. Ke ano paakiki; 

hookuli. Syn. perversity. 
Way'worn, adj. Luhi ma ke alanui. 
We, pron. pi. Makou; (dual), maua. 
Weak, adj. Palupalu; nawaliwali. 
Weak'en, i;. E hoonawaliwali; e hoo- 

emi i ka ikaika. 
Weak'ness, TO. L Ano palupalu; ano 


2. Ikaika ole. 
W^eak'ling, n. Mea ikaika ole; mea pa- 
Weal, TO. Kuonoono; kuapapanui. Syn. 

Wealth, n. 1. Waiwal. Syn. riches. 

2. He lako. Syn. affluence. 

8. Wealth of affection, ka nui o ke aloha. 
Wdalth'y, ac(/. Waiwai; koikoi. Syn. 

Wean, v. 1. E ukuhi I ka walu. A 

weaned child, he keiki ukuhiia. 

2. E hoohuli. Syn. alienate. 
Wfiap'on, n. Mea pale i ka ino; mea 

kaua; meahakaka. 
Wear, v. 1. E aahu; e komo; e kahiko. 

2. E hookaumaha; hooluhi, 

8. To wear away, e emi iho ka ikaika. 

To wear out clothes, c komo lole a pau 

ko lakou pono. To wear out one's pa- 
tience, e hoopaupauaho. 





tVea-ri-ly, adv. Me ka luhi. 

Wea'ri-ness, n. Luhi; maluliiluhi. 

Syn. fatigue. 
Tl'ea'ri-soine, adj. Maluhiluhi. Syk. 

Wea'ry, adj. Maluhiluhi; maloeloe; 

luhi. Syn. tired. 
"Weatli'er, n. Wa. Good weather, wa 

Weatli'er, V. E lanakila; Weather the 

gale, e lanakila maluna o ka ino. 
Weatli-er-cock, v. Anemakani. Syn. 

"Weatii'er-gage, n. 1. Aoao manai. 

2. Ka aoao lanakila. 
"Weatli'er-wise, adj. Akamai ma ke 

kuhikuhi ana i ke ano o ka la. 
Weave, v. E ulana. 
Weav'er, n. Mea nana e ulana. 
Web, 71. 1. Mea i ulanaia. 

2. Spider's web, he punawelewele. Syn. 

W^eb'-fobt'ed, adj. Wawae koloa. 
Wed, V. 1. E mare. Syn. marry. 

2. E pili, 
Wed'ding, n. He mare. Syn. marriage. 
Wedge, n. He unu. 
Wed'lock, n. Mare. Syn. marriage. 

Wed'nes-day (Wens'day), n. Poako- 

W^ee, adj, Uuku loa. 
Weed, n. Nahelehele. 
Weed, V. E olaulau; e waele. 
Weed'y, adj. Nahelehele. 
W^eek, 71, Hebedoma. 
Week'-day, 71, Lanoa, 
Week'ly, adj. and adv. Kela mekeia 

Ween, v. E manao. Syn. think. 

Weep, V. E hookahe wai maka; e uwe'; 

e haloiloi. 
Wee'vil, n. Mu ai palaoa. 
Weigh (way), v. 1. E kaupaona. 

2. E poonoo. Syn. consider, 

3, Weigh anchor, e huki i ka heleuma. 
Weight (wate), 7^ 1. He kaumaha, 

2, Po-ka' kaupaona. 
Weight'y, adj. Kaumaha; koikol. Syn. 

Weird, adj. Eehia; ano lapu. Syn. 

Wel'eome, n. Klpa aloha. 
W^eld, V. E hookui pu i na mea metala. 
Wel'fare, 7i. Pomaikai; kuonoono o 

ka noho'na. Syn, prosperity. 
Wel'kin, n. Ke aoull: na lani. Make 

the welkin ring, e hoo'ho a i na lanl. 
Well, 71. Lua wai; lua. 
Well, 7/. Enuaimai. 
"U'ell, adj. Mai ole; ola pono. 
Well, adv. 1. Pono; mekapololel. 

2. Ae, Well, and what did he sayf Ae, 

a heaha kana i olelo? 
Well'-be'ing, n. See welfare, 
Well'-bred, adj. Ao pono ia; mikioi. 

Well'-in-formed', adj, Noeau. Syn. 

Well'-in-tend'ed, adj. Manao maikai 

Well'-knoTvn, adj. Ike pono ia; ike 
akeaia; kaulana. 

Well'-mean'ing, adj. Manao maikai. 

W^ell'-meant, adj. Syn. well-inten- 

Well'-nigh, adv. Aneane; kokoke. 

Well'-read, adj. Makaukau ma na 

Well'-pro-por'tioned, adj. Hua-ke'. 
Well'-spent, adj. 1. Hoohala pono ia, 

A well-spent day, he la i hoohala pono 


2. Well-spent money, dala i hoolilo ma- 

kepono ia. 
Well'- spring, n. Puna wai. Syn. 

Well'-wlsh'er, n. Hoa'loha. Syn. 

Wcl'ter, V. E kaa. Syn. wallow. 
West, n. Ke koraohana, 
West'er-ly, Mai ke komohana; I ke 

West'ern, adj. Komohana. 
West' ward, adv. I ke komohana aku. 
Wet, adj. 1. Pulu; kawau. 

2. Wet with perspiration, ka'wakawau'. 
Weth'er, n. Hipa kane i poa ia. 
"IVet'-ndrse, n. Makua wahiiie hanai. 
Whale, 7i^ He kohola'. 
Whsile'bone, n. Iwi kohola'. 
Whule'ship, n. Moku o kohola'. 
Wharf, 7J. He uapo, 
Wharf'agre, n. 1. Wahi ma kauapo. 

2. "Uku no ka uapo. 
Wharf'in-g:er, n. Luna kiai uapo. 

What, pron. 1. Heaha. 

2. Ka mea. 
Wh&t, interj. Kal! What a bore! kai ka 

What-ev'er, ; -^^ ^eia 

What'go-ev'er, j P^^^' ^^'^ ™^ ^^^*- 
Wheat, n. Hua palaoa. 
Wheed'le, v. E hoomalimali. Syn. 

coax; flatter. 
Wheel, n. Huila; pokakaa. 
Wheel, V. E kaa. 
Wheel'bar-row, n. Kaa-huila-kahi. 

Wheel'wright, n. Mea hana huila. 

Wheeze, v. E hanou. 

Whelp, n. Keiki holoholona. Syn. 

When, adj. 1. Itawa. 

2. Ina hea. 
Whence, adv. Mai kahi; mai hea. 
When-ev'er, ^ . I ka wa; ai a. 
When-so-ev'er, i Whenever you. 

like, ai a makemake oe. 
Where, adv. Ma kahi; mahea; ai ma- 

Where'a-bonts', adv. 1. Mahea la. 

2. Wahi noho. His whereabouts, kona 

wahi noho, 
Where-as', adv. Oiai; no ka mea. Syn. 

Where-by', adv. Mamuli o ia mea. 




"trhere'fore, adv. 1. Nolaila. Syn. 


2. No ke aha la. Syn. why. 
Whfere-in', adv. 1. Ma ka inea hea la. 

2. Kahi. Wherein he trusted, kahi ana 

i paulele ai. 
Where-dr, adv. Kamea. Whereof he 

spake, ka mea ana i olelo al. 
TThere-en', j ^ j^r^ j^ mea. 

"Wher-ev'er, i j Makahi. Mlier- 

"Where'so-ev'er, i ""^' ever you go, 

ma kahi au e hele ai. 
TVhere'wltii-»l', adv. Me ke aha la. 
Whet, V. 1. E hookala. Syn. sharpen. 

2. E hoala;hoo-eueu. Syn. excite. 
"Whetti'er, jjron. 1. Whether of the two, 

owai o laua. 

2. In a paha. Whether you like it or 

not, iua paha makemake oe ina aole 

W'het'stone, n. Pohaku hookala; hoa'- 

TVhey, n. Ka wai o ka waiu awaawa. 
Whlch-ev'er, pron. Kela paha; keia 

paha. Whichever you like, Kela paha, 

Koia paha, ai i kou makemake. 
TV hi ft", 71. 1. Punohu. Whiff of Smoke, 

punohu uahi. 

2. Whiff of wind, he wahi puhi makanl. 
While, n. Wa; manawa. 
While, V. E hoohala manawa; hoona- 


Whilst, I ^^' ^^** ; i ka wa ; 1. Syn. as. 
Whim, n. He manao i ulu wale mai. 
Whiin'per, v. E uwe. Syn. cry. 
Whim'si-cal, adj. I'-o ole. 
Whine, n. 1. Leo uwe o ka ilio. 

2. Leo ohumuhumu. 
Whin'ney, v. E i'hihi'. Syn. neigh. 
Whip, w. 1. Laau hahau; laau hili. 

2. Luna akoakoa i na hoa o ka aha- 

olelo o Beritania uo ke koho ana. 
Whip, V. E hili; e hahau. 
Whlp'ple-tree, I Laau hoopna ike 
Whifne-tree, } "' kaulahukioke 

kiia a oo-palau paha. 
Whip'stock, n. Au o ka laau hili. 

BVN. whip handle. 
Whir, n. Leo kamumu. Syn. whiz. 
Whirl, V. E will; e kaa; kakaa; ninlu, 
Whirl'-wlnd, n. Puahiohio; makani 

]»ukiki. _ 
W^hiil'pool, n. MImilo. 
Whisk, V. E kahili. 
Whisk'er, n. UmiumI ma ka papalina. 

Whis'key,^ Waionakulu 
Whis'ky, j "• waiona.Kuiu. 

Whis'per, V. E hawauawana. 
Whist'le, V. 1. E pio; e hookiokio. 

2. Whistle as wind, e hu. 
Whit, n. Lihi iki. 
White, adj. Keokeo; kea. 
White-liv'ered> adj. 1. Ilakeakea. 

Syn. pale. 
^5. Maka'uwale. Syn. cowardly. 
Whifen, v. E hana a keokeo. 

White'ness, n. Keokeo. 
White'-wash, n. Wai puna, mea hamo, 
White'w9,sh, v. E palaina; e hamo 

Whlth'er, adv. 1. I hea? Whither away, 

1 hea aku nei. 

2. Ma kahi. Whither I go, ma kahi 

au e hele ai. 
Whlth'er-so-ev'er, adv. Ma kahi; ma 

kauwahi. Whithersoever the pilot listeth, 

ma kahi a ka pailaka e makemake ai. 
Whit'ing, 71. Poho aeae. 
Whlt'tle, V. E kolikoli me kapahi. 
Whiz, V. Eoeoe; me hepokala i kona 

lele ana. 
Who (hu), pron. 1. Ka mea. 

2. "Owai? 
Who-e v'er, pron. Ka poe ; ka mea. 
Whole, adj. 1. Okoa. A whole number, 

he helu okoa. 

2. Pau loa. Take the whole, e lawe 

Sau loa. 
Ola. The whole need not a physician, 

aole no ka poe ola ke kahuna lapaau. 
W^hole'sale, n. Kuai nui. 
Whole'sale, adj. Nui loa. Wholesale 

destruction, luku nui loa. 
■Whole-some, adj. 1. Kupono i ai; 


2. Kupono. Wholesome advice, olelo 

ao kupono. 
Whol'ly, adv. Loa. Wholly given to 

study, iilo loa i ka imi naauao. 
Whoop, 71. Hoo'ho hoohenehene. 
Whoop'lng-cough (hobp'ing-kawf), 

n. Kuuu kalea. 
Whore, n. Wahine hookamakama. 
Whose, pron. Ka mea nana; nawai? 


Who's^a-'ev'er i ^^^^- ^^ ^^^' ^^ P^^' 

Why, adv. No ke aha. 

W^ick, n Uwiki. 

Wick'ecl, adj. Hewa; ino. Syn. sinful. 

WIck'ed-ness, n. Hewa; ino. Syn. 

W^ick'et, n. Puka komo haiki. 
Wide, adj. Laula'; akea. Syn. broad; 

Wide'ly, adv. Akea. Syn. extensive- 
ly. Widely known, ike akea ia. 
Wid'en, v. E hoO-akea; e hoopalaha- 

Wid'ow, n. Wahihe karte make. 
Wid'ow-er, n. Kane wahine make. 
"Wid'oTv-hotid, n. Ka noho ana he 

wahine kane make. 
Width, 71. Ka laula'; ke akea. 
Wield, V. 1. E lawe. Wield the power, 

e lawe i ka man a. 

2. E lalau. Wield a club, e lalau i ka 

Wield'y, adj. Hiki ke hooponopouoia. 

Syn. manageable. 
Wife, 71. Wahine mare. 
Wife'ly, adj. Pili i ka wahine mare. 
Wlff, 71. He uhi lauoho uo ke poo. 
WIg'gle, V. E laumilo. Syn. squirm. 




Wig'Tvam, n. Hale lewa o na Inikini. 

T^iltl, adi. 1. Hihiu; ahiu; laka ole. 

2. Wild country, aina i noho oleia e 

3, Wild honey, meli i loaawale. 
Wll'der-ness, n. Wao-akua; waona- 

Wild'ly, adv. 1. Ano hihiu. 
2. Me ka noonoo ole. Syn. heedlessly. 

Wild^ness, n. 1. Ke ano hihiu. 

2. Ke ano wao-akua. 
Wile, n. Haua hoohalua; hanamaalea 
"Will, n. 1. Kamakeraake; kamanae 

koho kekahi nona iho. < 

2. Kauoha; palapala hooilina. 

3. Manao. 

Wil'ful, adj. Nunuha; paakiki. Syn. 

Wiriiiig, adj. Makemake; oluolu; ano 

ae aku. 
Wil'ling-ly, adv. Me ka manao oluolu; 

me ka ae o ka manao. 
"Wilt, V. E mae; luhe'; e mimino; lo'ha. 
Wi'ly, adj. ^Maalea. 
Win, V. 1. Win at cards, e eo. 

2. Epuka. 

3. Tf7Ai a wife, e loaa i wahine mare. 
Wince, V. Eeke. Syn. shrink. 

Wind, n. Makani. AgainB,t the wind, 
manai. To raise the wind, e loaa 1 ke 
dala. To get wind, e lohe ; e laha. The 
story got wind, ua laha ka olelo. 

Wind, V. 1. E will; e owlli. 
2. E hoa. 

Wind'bound, adj. Holo ole no ka ma- 
kani ino. 

Wind'fall, n. Hua haule wale mai ke 
kumu iaau. 
2. Pomaikai kau wale mal. 

Wind'ing-slieet, n. Lole kupapau. 

Wind'lass, n. Pokakaa huki heleuma, 

me na mea kaumaha e ae. 
Wind'mill, n. Will makani. 
Win'dow, n. Puka makani. 

Win'dow-blind, n. Olepelepe no ka 
puka makani. 

Win'dow-franae, n. Lapauila o ka pu- 
ka makani; kikihi puka makani. 

Win'dow-sasli, n. Na aniani o ka pu- 
ka makani. 

Win'dow-sliade, n. He uhi no ka puka 

Win'dow-sliiit'ter, n. Pani puka ma- 

Win'dow-sill, n. Paepae o ka puka 

Wind'pipe, n. Kani a-i'. 

Wind'ward, n. Manai. 

W^ind'y, adj. Makani. A windy day, he 
la makani. 

Wine, n. Waina. 

Wine'-blb'ber, n. Mea hoonuu waina. 

W^lne'-ea.Kk, n. Pahu hoopaa waina. 
Wine'-glass, n. Kiaha in\i waina. 
Wine'- vault, n, Keena lua, wahi wai- 
ho waina. 

Wing, n. 1. Eheu; pekekeu. Syn. pin- 

2. Hale i pakuiia i kekahi hale. 

3. He mahele o ka puali koa. Bight 
wing, ka puali ma ka akau. 

Wing, V. E lele. 

"Wink, V. E imo; awihi. 

Win'ner, n. Mea e puka ana; ka mea i 

TVin'ning, adj. Oluolu. 
Win'now, v. E peahi i ka opala. 
Win'ter, n. Kau hooilo. 
Win'ter, v. E noho a hala ke kau hooilo. 

Win'ter-quar'ters, n. Wahi e noho ai 

no ka hooilo. 
Win'try Meatb'er. Wa anu. 
Wipe, V. E kawele a maloo; e holoi. 

Wip'er, n. Mea kawele; mea holoi. 

Wire, 71. Uwea. 

Wire'-pull'er, n. Mea hookonokono 
malu'; inea kokua main. Syn. intrig- 

Wir'y, adj. Meheuweala; uau'a; oo- 

Wls'dom, 71. Naauao; noeau; noonoo. 
Syn. sagacity-. 

Wise, adj. Naauao; noeau. Syn. sa- 

Wise'a-cre, n. Mea e akena wale ana I 
kana ike. 

Wise'ly, adv. Me ka naauao. Syn. sa- 

Wish, V. E makemake; e ake. Syn. 

Wisp, n. Pu-a uuku o ka mauu maloo. 

Wist'ful, arfj. Ake nui. Syn. desirous. 

Wist'ful-ly, adv. Me ka iini nui. 

AVit, 71. 1. Olelo akamai; olelo noeau. 
Sy'N. humor. 

2. Noonoo; akamai. Syn. ingenuity. 
At his wit's end, lilo ka noonoo. 

Witch, 7?. Hekupua; wahine kilokilo. 

AViteh'eraft, 7?. Hana kilokilo; anaana. 

Witli, prep. Me; pu. 

With-draw', V. 1. Elawehou. With- 
draw a motion, e lawe hou 1 ka manao. 
2. E haalele. Withdrawal from the com- 
pany, e haalele i ka hui. 

Witii'er, v. E luhe'; e loha. Syn. wilt. 

Witii-hold', V. E aua. 

With-in', prep. Iloko; maloko. 

AVlth-out', adv. 1. Mawaho. 
2. Me ole. Without assistance, me ke 
kokua ole. 

With-stand', V. Ekeakea; e ku-e'; e 

Wit'less, adj. Noonoo ole; nele ka noo- 

Wit'ness, n. Mea ike maka; he hoike. 

Wit'ness, v. 1. E ike maka. 
2. E hoike. 

Wit'ti-cism, n. Olelo hoomakeaka, 

■\Vit'ti-ly, adv. Me ke akamai. 

Wit'ty, adj. Hoomakeaka. 

Wiz'zard,' n. He kilokilo. Syn. ma- 

Woe, 71. He popilikia nui kaiunahanui. 





"Woe'be-gdne', adj. Kupaka; pioloke; 

"WoCful, adj. Kaumaha; walohia. 

"Wolf, n. Ilio-hae. 

"Wolfish, adj. Mehe ilio-hae la. 

"Wom'an, n._ Wahine. 

"Woin'an-hood, n. Ke kulana waliine. 

Wom'an-ish, adj. Mehe wahine la. 

Wom'an-ly, adj. Kupono no ka wa- 

"Womb, n. Kapuao; kaopu. 

"Won'der, n. Mea kupaianaha; meaka- 

"Woii'der, v. E haohao, 

"Won'der-ful, t adj, Kupaianaha; ka- 

"Won'drotis, \ mahao. 

"Woii'der-ful-ly, / adv. Me ke kama- 

"Won'drofts-ly, ) hao; kupaianaha. 

"Wont, V. E hoomaamaa; e walea. 

"Wont'ed, adj. Maa mau; walea. 

Woo, V. E imi ma ka mare. Syn. 

2. E kol oluolu. 
"Wtfbd, n. Laau. 

Wahie. Syn. firewood. 

3. Drift wood, piha-a'. 
Wot>d'cat, n. Kii 1 kahakahaia ma ka 

"Wo"bd'ed, a. Uhiia i na ulu-laau. 
Wobd'en, adj. Laau. Wooden house, 

hale laau. 
Wo'bd'house, n. Hale waiho wahie. 
"Wo^bd'land, n. Aina Ulu-laau. 
Wo~bd'inan, n. Kanaka kua laau; mea 

oki wahie. 
"Woods, n. Ululaau. 
"Woo'er, n. Kanaka imi wahine mare. 
"Woof, n. Maawe pokopoko. 
"WcJbl, n. Hulu; hulu hipa. 
"U'otjl'en, adj. Huluhulu. 
Wool'ly, adj. Piipii. Wooly hair, hulu 

"Word, n. Olelo; hua-olelo. 

2. The Word, ka Logon. 
Wording, n. Ke ano o ke pal ana; ka- 

kau ana. 

2. Na hua-olelo I kakauia. 
"Word'y, adj. Paapu na olelo. Syn. 

Work, n. Hana. 

2. Hana i hoikeia ma ka buke; he buke. 
Work, V. E hana. 

2. E awaawa raal. 
Work'er, n. Mea hooikaika hana. 
Work'house, n. Hale oihana. 
Work'Ing, n. Ke ko ana. The working 

of the law, ke ko ana o ke kanawai. 
Work'man, n. Kanaka akamai i ka 

"Work'maii-like, n. Ano akamai o ka 

"Work'man-ship, n. Ke ano o ka hana. 
"Works, n. L Hale oihana. 

2. N a buke. 
"Work'shop, n. Hale oihana. 
"World, n. Ao. This, world, keia ao. 

The world, ka Honua Nei. The next 

world, kela ao. All worlds, na ao a pau. 

"World'li-ness, n. Ka lini nui no ko 

keia ao. 
"World'ly, adj. No keia ao. Worldly 

minded, manao nui i ko keia ao. 
"Worm, n. Enuhe. Army worm, peelua. 

Worm of corruption, ilo. Cloth eating 

worm, hu'hu. 
"Worm'-eat'en, adj. HuHiu; huhu'- 

"Worm'y, adj. 1. Kakani. Wormy po- 

tatoe, uala kakani. 

2. Iloilo. 
"Worn'-out, adj. 1. Maluhiluhi. Syn. 


2. Apu'lu. Syn. useless. 
"Wor'ri-some, ad^'. Uwemau; na ole. 
"Wor'ry, n. Pihoihoi o ka naau. 
"Worse, adj. 1. Ino oi aku. 

2. Nui mai o ka mai. 
"Wor'ship, n. E hoomana. 
Wor'ship'er, n. Mea e hoomana ana. 
Worst, adj. Ino loa. 
Worth, adj. 1. Ka waiwai io o kekahi 


2. Moral worth, pono maoll. 
Wor'thi-ly, adv. Kupono. 
Worth'less, adj. Waiwai ole; pono 

ole; lapuwale. A worthless fellow, he 

mea lapuwale. 
Wor'thy, adj. Pono; kupono. 
Wor'thy, n. Kanaka kaulana no kona 

pono. _ 

Wound (woond or -wownd), n. Eha; 

Wound, V. E hoo-eha. 
W^ov'en, p. p. Ulanaia. 
Wran'gle, v. E hoopaapaa. 
Wrap, V. 1. He uhi. 

2. Kihei. 

3. Mea opiopi. 

Wrap'per, n. 1. Mea opiopi; kipola. 

2. A morning wrapper, he holoku no ke 

Wriith, n; Heinaina; huhu weliweli. 
Wrath'ful^ „^^. 

Wriith'y J "'"'>^* ^^^^^^ ^^^' 
Wreak, v. E hooko i ka hoopai. 
Wreath, n. Lei. Syn. garland. Wreath 

for the neck, wehi. 
Wreathe, v. E kau i ka lei; e hoo-lei. 
Wreck, n. 1. Moku poino. 

2. Kela me keia mea 1 hoopoinoia. 

Tne wreck of a man, kanaka poino loa. 
Wreck, v. E ili a uaha'; e poino loa. 
Wreck'er, n. Mea hoopakele waiwai 

pcino o ka moku. 
"Wrench, w. Hao will. 
Wrench, v. 1. E kaili Ino mai ka lima. 

2. E okupe. Syn. sprain. 
Wr«8t, V. E kaili ino. 
Wrest'le, v. E hakookoo. 
Wrest'ler, n. Mea hakookoo. 
Wr^st'lingr, n. Hakookoo. 
Wrfitch, n. Kanaka ino. 
"Wrfitch'ed, adj. 1. Kaumaha; luuluu. 

Syn. miserable. 

2. Inoino. A wretched reader, mea 




3. Makehewa# A wretched business^ he 
hana makehewa. 

4. Pauraaele. A wretched sinner, he 
kanaka paumaele. 

■Wretcli'ed-iiess, n. 1. Ka nele loa, 

Syn. sq^ualor; misery. 

2. Inoino; poiuo o ka noho ana. 
Wrig'gle, V. E pakaawili. Syn. squirm. 

Wring, V. E uwi'. Wring dry, e uwi a 

"Wring^er, n. Mikini uwi lole. 

Wrink'le, n. Minomino. 

Wrink'led, adj. Pukapuka. 

T; rist, n Ka pu-lima. 

Wrist'band, 7i. Lihi no ka lima lole. 

Writ, n. Palapala o ke kauawai. 

2. Holy Writ, Palapala Hemolele. 
Write, V. £ kakau lima; e kakau. 

Writ'er, n. Mea kakau; mea haku 

Writiie, v. E kupaka; e laumilo. 
Writ'ing, n. He palapala. 

2. Ka meai kakauia. 
Writ'ing-bc>bk, n. Buke kakau lima. 

W^rit'ing-desk, n. Pahu kakau pala- 

Writ'ing-mas'ter, n. Kumu ao ka- 

Writ'ing-pa'per, n. Kalana. 

Writ'ing-school, n. Kula kakau lima. 

Writ'ten, adj. Kakaulima ia; kakauia. 
Wrong, adj. Hewa; pouo ole. 
Wrftng'ful, adj. Pono ole; ewaewa. 
Wr6ng'liead-ed, adj, Noouoo hewa. 

W^rought, adj. Kuiia. Wrought iron, 

hao kuiia. 
Wry, adj. Nukee'. 



e'hec (ze-bek), n. He moku liilil 
kiakolu e holo ana ma ke Kaiwae- 

Xy'lo-graph (zi'lo-graf), n. 

hakaha ia ma ka laau. 

Kil i ka- 

Xy-I6g'ra»pher (zi-log'ra-fer), n. 

Mea kahakaha kii ma ka laau. 
Xy-16g'ra-phy (zi-l<>g'ra-fy), n. Oi- 

hana kahakana kii ma ka laau. 
X'mas, n. Syn. .Christmas. La hanaa o 

Yacht (yot), n. Moku hooholo lea- 
Yacht'ing, (yot'ing), n. Hooholo lea- 
Tarn, n. He uhi. 

Yan'kee, n. Kamaaina o Nu Enelani. 

2. The Yankee Nation, ka Lahui o Ame- 

rlka Hui. 
Yard, w. 1. He iwilei; i-a'. 

2. Pa. House yard, pa-hale. 
Yard'stick, n. He laau ana iwilei. 

Y^arn, n. Lopi huluhulu mea kui ka- 
kini. ete. 
2. Kaao o na luina moku. 

Yaw, V, E aui ae mai ka holo pololei. 

Yawn, V. E hamama waha no ka ma- 

kahiamoe. Syk. gape. 

2. A yawning abyss, ae mawae e waiho 

hamama ana. 
Ye, pron. Oukon. Syn. you. 
Year, n. Makahiki. 
Y'ear'ling, n. Makahiki hookahi, o na 

Year'ly, adv. Kela me keia makahiki. 

Yearn, r. E iini. Syn. long for. 

2. Mokumokuahua. 
Yearn'ing, n. Iini o ka naau. Syn. 

Yeast, n. Hu berena. 

i^^ii * t n. Ka oleualena o ka hua moa. 
Yolk, S 




Yell, V. E uwa': e hooho. 
Yel'low, adj. Melemele; olenalena. 
Yelp, V. E aoaoa. 
Yes, adv. Ae; u; e. 
Yes'ter-day, n. Inehinei. 
Yes'ter-night, n. Ka po nel. Syn. 

last night. 
Yet, adv. 1. Akanae. Syn. nevertheless. 

2. Not yet, aole i keia \va. Remaining^ 

yet, ke waiho nei; ke koe nei a hiki i 

keia wa. 
Yield, V. 1. E hoohua mai. 

2. E ae mamuli o ka makemake. 
Yield, n. Hua loaa. 
Yoke, n. Lei bipi; auamo. 
Yoke, V. E kau i ka lei bipi. 
Yoke-fePlow, n. Hoa haua. Syn. 

associate; fellow laborer. 
Yon'der, adv. I o'; mao'. 
Yore, adv. Wakahiko,. 

You, pron. Sing^ oe. Ihial, olua. PZ., 

Yotkng, adj. Opiopio; hou; ui. 

2. Young fruit, hua maka; oo ole. 

8. Young animals, holoholona opiopio. 

4. Yoking children, keiki hou; keiki 

5. Young persons, poe u'i. 
Yotkng'er, adj. Manope mai; muli mai, 

hou ae. 

Yoiing'ster, n. Keiki kane opio. 

Your, pron. Sing, kou; kau. PI., ko 
oukou ; ka oukou. 

Yourself jprori. Oe iho no. For your- 
self, nou iho. 

Youth, n. He ui; he opio. 
2." Ka wa ui ; ka wa opiopio. 

Youth'ful, arfj. Ui; opio; hou. Super- 
latively fine looking, kilakila. 

Yoi}tli'ful-ness, n, Ano ui; ano opio. 

^eal, n. Manao ikaika. 

ZeaFotis, adj. Ikaika ma ka manao. 

Syn. earnest. 

Zeal'ous-ly, adv. Me ka ikaika o ka 

Ze'nith, n. Tx>lopna. 
Zeph'yr (zerer),n. He onini makani. 

Ze'ro, n. He ole. Syn. naught; cipher. 

Zest, n. Hoihoi ; makemake nui. 

Zig-zag, adj. lo'ianei; keekee; kikee- 

Zine> n. Kepau keokeo. 

Zd'dl-ae, to. 1. Ke ala hele o ka La. 
2. He uraikumamalua huhui hoku e 
waiho ana ma ke ala hele o ka La. 

Zone, n. He kaei. Syn. belt. Torrid 
Zone, Kaei Wela. North Temperate Zone, 
Kaei Olu Akau. South Frigid Zone, 
Kaei AnuHema. 

Z6'o-16g'i-cal, adj. Pill i ke ano o na 

Zo-fil'o-gist, TO. Kanaka imi no ke ano 
o na holoholona. 

Zo-61'o-gy, TO. Ka ike e pili ana i ke 
ano o na noloholona. 


— OF — 


@. or a. (Ad.) To or at. I, ma, no. 

A. B. C. F. M. American Board of 
Commisssoners for Foreig'n Mis- 
sions. Ka Papa Misionari ma Bose- 

Abp. Archbishop. Bihopa nui. 

Ace, or Act., or a/c. Account. Helu. 

A. D. (Anno Domini.) In the year of 

our Iiord. Ma ka makahiki o ko ka- 

kou Haku. 
Ad lib. (Ad libitum.) At pleasure. 

Ai i ka makeraake. 
Adin. Admiral. Adimarala. 
Admr. Administrator. Luna hoo- 

ponopono waiwai. 
Admx. Administratrix. Luuawahine 

hooponopono waiwai. 
M. or ^t. (^tatis.) Of age; ag^ed. 

Helu o na makahiki. 
Agt. Agrent. Egena;Agena. 
Ala. Alabama. 

A. M. 1. (Artium Magister.) Master 
of Arts. Hoao na o'ihana naauao. 
2. (Ante Meridiem.) Before Noon. 
Mamua o ke awakea. 

Amer. American. No Amerika. 

Am't. Amount. Kahuina. 

Anon. Anonymous. Inoa ole. 

Ans. Answer. Haina. 

Apr. April. Aperila. 

Ark. Arkansas, (Ar'kan-sstw^.) 

Ass't. Assistant. Kokoolua; kokna. 

A. U. C. (Ab Urbe Condita.) In the 
year from the building of Rome. 

Mai ka makahiki aku o ke kukulu- 

ia'na o Roma. 
Aug. August. Augate. 
Av. Avenue* Alahele. 


B. Born. Hanauia. 

B. A. 1. British America. Amerika 

2. Bachelor of Arts. Haumana o 

ka Naauao. 
Bbl. Barrel. Barela. 
B.C. Before Christ. Mamua o Kristo. 

Bd« Board, Bond. Papa, Bona. 

Bd. of Ed. Board of Education. 

Papa Hoonaauao. 
Bd. of Im. Board of Immigration. 

Papa Hoopae Lima Hana. 
Benj. Benjamin. Benlamiua. 

Bp. Bishop. Bihopa. 

Br., Bro. Brother. Hoahanau. 

Brig. Gen. Brigadier General. 
Brit. Britain, British. Beritania. 


Cal. California. 

Capt. Captain. Kapena. 

C. E. Civil Engineer. Mea ana aina. 

Cent. (Ceritum.) A hundred. 

C. H. 1. Court House. HaleHookolo- 


2. Custom House. Hale Dute. 
Ch., Chapt. Chapter. Mokuna. 

Chron. Chronicles. 

C. J. Chief Justice. Lunakauawai 

C> M. Common Meter. 

Co. 1. Company. Hui. 

2. County. Mokuna Aina. 
C. O. D. Cash (or Collect) on 

Delivery. £ uku i ka loaa'na ma ka 


Col. 1. Colonel. Kenela. 

2. Colossians. Kolose. 
Conn, or Ct. Connecticut. 

Const. 1. Constitution. Kumu- 


2. Constable. Makai; Kaiko. 
Cor. Corinthians. Korlneto. 

Cor. Sec. Corresponding Secre- 
tary. Kakau Olelo no ke kakau pala- 

Cos. Cosine. 

Cr. Credit, Creditor. Hooaie; nana 
e hooaie. 

Crim. Con. Criminal Conversation, 
Adultery. Moekolohe. 

Ct. Cent, Court, Connecticut. 

Keneta; Ahahookolokolo. 

Cts. Cents. Na keneta. 

Cwt. (Centum and Weight.) A hun- 
dred weight. Na paonahe haneri. 



I>. C. 1. District of Columbia. 

2. (Da Capo.) Agrain; from tliebe- 

ginniug. Hoi hou; mai ka hooma- 

D. C. L.. Doctor of Civil Law. Poo- 

noo ma ke kanawai kiwi la. 

D. D. Doctor of Divinity. Poonoo 
ma ka Hoike Akua. 

Dea. Deacon. Diakono. 

Dec. December. Dekemaba 

Dft., Deft. Defendant. Aoao pale. 

Del. 1. Delaware, Delegate. Elele, 

2. {Delineavit.) He — or She — drew it. 

Nana 1 knha; pakulia i ka inoa o ka 

mea uaiia i kana. 
Dep't. Department. KeenaOihana, 

Deut. Deuteronomy. Kanawaielua. 
Diet. Dictionary. Buke UnuhiOlelo. 

Do. (Ditto.) The same. lameahooka- 

Dols. Dollars. Na dala. 
Doz. Dozen. Kakini, 12. 
Dr. 1. Debtor. Mea ale. 

2. Doctor. Kauka. 

3. Dram. Mahele inu. 


E. East. Hikina. 

Eccles. £cclesiastes. Kekahuna. 

Ed. Editor, Edition. Luna hoopo- 

nopouo nupepa: helu o ua nupepa i 

E. £. Errors excepted. Koe na 

e.g. (exempli gratia.) For example. 

I nane; e laa. 
E. Lion. East liongitude. Lonitu 

Eng. England, English. Enelani; 

Esq. Esquire, 
et al. (et alii.) And others. Me ka 

poe e ae. And so forth. A pela'ku. 

And the lil(e. A me ia like. 
et seq. (et seauentes, et senuentia.) And 

the following. A me keia iho. 
Ex. 1. Example. E nane. 

2. Exodus. Pukaana. 
Exec, Exr. Executor. Luna hooko 

palapala hoolliua. 

Fahr. Fahrenheit. Kekahlonamea 

ana wela. 
Feb. February. Feberuari. 
Fee. (Fecit.) He — or Slie — did it. 

Nana ia I hana. 
Flor. Florida. 
Fr. France, French. Faranl. 
F. R. G. S. Fell«»w of the Royal 

Geographical Society. Hoa o ka 

Ahahui Imi Hoikehonua. 
Frl. Friday. Poalima. 

Ft. 1. Foot, feet. Kapuai. 

2. Fort. Papu. 
Fur. Furlong. Setadia. 


Ga. Georgia. 

Gal. 1. Gallon. Galani. 

2. Galatians. Galatia. 
G. B. Great Britain. Beritania. 
Gen. 1. General. Kenela or Gen- 


2. Genesis. Kinohi. 
Gent. Gentleman. Keonimana. 
Geo. George. Keoki. 
Geog. Geography. Hoikehonua. 
Gov. Governor. Kiaaina. 
Gr. 1. Grain. Huna. 

2. Gross. 12 kakini. 

3. Greek. Helene. 

H., h. Hour, hours. Hora. 

H. B. M. Her Britannic Majesty. 

Ka Mea kiekie ka Moi Wahine o Beri- 

H. H. M. His Ha-w^aiian Majesty. 
Ka Mea kiekie, ka Moi o ko Hawaii 

Hebr. Hebrew, Hebrews. 

Hhd. Hogsliead. Poo. 

Hdkf. Handkerchief. Hainaka. 

H. I. M. His — or Her — Imperial 

Highness. Ke 'Lii. 
H. M. S. His— or Her Majesty's— 

Steamer, Ship or Service. Ka Mo- 

kuahi, ka Moku, ka Oihana o ka M.-i. 

Hon. Honorable. Mea Hauohano; 

H. K. H. His— or Her— Royal High- 
ness. Ka Mea kiekie, Ke 'Lii. 

Hund. Hundred. 

Ia. Indiana. 

lb. Ibid. In the same place. Ma ia 

waiii bookahi no. 
Id. (Idem.) The same. Ia mea no. 
I.e. (Id est.) That is. Oia hoi. 

I. H. S. (Jesus Hominum Salvator.) 

Jesus Savior of Men. lesukaHoola 

o Kanaka. 
111. Illinois. 
In. Inch, inches. Iniha. 
Ind. Indiana. 

Incog. (Incognito.) Unltnown. Ikeoleia, 
Int. Interest. Uku panee. 
Inst. Instant. A no, keia mahina. 
Ins. Gen. Inspector General. Luna 

I. O. O. F. Independent Order of 

Odd Fellows. 
I. O. U. I Owe you. Aie wau ia oe. 
Is., Isa. Isaiah. Isaia. 
Is., Isl. Island. Mokupuni. 
It., Ital. Italian, italic. Italia. 



tlT. Judge. Lunakanawal. 

Jan. January. lauuari. 

Jnoo John. loane 

Jos. Josepli. losepa. 

Josbo Joshua. losua. 

J. Fo Justice of the Peace. Lunaka- 

uawai Hoomalu. 
Jzo,Jun, Junlore Opio. 

Kan. KansaSo 
Keno Kentucky. 
Knt.» Kt. Knight. Naita.: 
Ky. Kentucky. 

lb., ft). {Libra.) Apound, InTvelght. 

Hookani paona kaumaha. 
Li., 1., £o A pound Sterling. Hookahi 

paona dala. 
Lia. liOuisiana. 
Lat. 1. liatin. Latina* 

2. Latitude. Latitu. " 
Ld. Liord, lady. 
Lea. League. Ekolu mile. 
Lev. Leviticus. Kanawai. 
L.I. Long Island. 
Lieut., Lt. Lieutenant. Lutanela. 
L.O L. D. (Legum Doctor.) iJoctor of 

Lon., Long. Longitude. Lonitu. 
Lou., La. Louisiana. 
L. S. (Locus SiqilH.) Place of the 

Seal. WahiokeSila. 

M., nx. Mile, Monslenr. 

Mag. Magazines 

Maj. Major. Mekia. 

Maj. Gen. Major General* 

Mar. March. Maraki. 

Mass. Ms. Massachusetts. 

Matt. Matthew. Mataio. 

M. C. Member of Congress. Luna- 

Md. Maryland. 
M. I>. Doctor of Medicine. Kauka 

lapaau. .... . i 

Mdlle., Mile. Mademoiselle. Wa- 

hine ui, mare ole. 
Me. Maine. 
M. !E. 3Ietliodist Episcopal. 

Mem. Memorandum. Mea hooma- 

Messrs. Gentleman, Sirs. Ano ka- 

kau leta. 
Mich. Michigan. 

Min., min. Minute, minutes. Minute. 
Miss. Mississippi. 
Mme. Madame. Wahine i mare. 
Mo., moo Month. Mahina. 
Mon. aionday, Monede. Poakahi. 
Mons. Monsieur, Sir. 
Mos. 31ontli8. Na mahiua 

M. P. Member of Parliament. Lala 

o ka Aliaolelo o Beritania. 
Mr. Master, Mister. 

Mrs. Mistress, Misses. Wahine 

Ms. Manuscript. Pepa i kakaulima 

Mss. Manuscripts. Na pepa i kakau- 
lima la. 

Mt., Mts. Mountain, Mountains. 

N. North. Akau. 
N., orn. Noun. Haiinoa; neuter. 
N. A. North America. AmerikaAkau. 
Naut. Nautical. No ka moaua. 

N. U. 1. (Xotaliene.) Note well, or 
take notice. E noonoo pono. -t 

2. New Brunswick. 

N. C. North Carolina. 

N. E. New England, North-East. 

Nel>. Nebraska. 

Nem.Con. {Nemine Contradiscente.) No 
one contradicting, unanimously. 
Me ka lokahi. 

Neut. Neuter. 

N. F. Newfoundland. 

N. H. New Hampshire. 

N.J. New Jersey. 

No. (Numero.) Number. HelU- 

Nog. Numbers. Na hulu. 

Nov. November. Novemaba. 

N. P. Notary Public. Luna Hooia 

N. T. New Testament. Kauoha Hon. 

N. W. North-West. Komohaua Akau. 

N. Y. New York. 


O. Ohio. 

Obt., Obdt. Obedient. 

Oct. October. 

Or. Oregon. 

O. S. Old Style. Mamua iho o 1752, 

O. T. Old Testament. Kauoha 

Oz. Ounce, ounces. Auneki 

P., p. Page. Aoao 

Pa. Pennsylvania. 

Pd. Paid. Hookaaia; ukuia, 

Penn. Pennsylvania. 

Pef. an. (Per annum.) By the year. 

Ma ka makahiki. 
Per. Cent, or per. ct. (Per centum.) 

By the hundred. Ma ka haneri. 
Pliila. Philadelphia. 
Plflf. Plaintift". Ka' mea — or aoao— 

P. M. 1. Post Master. Luna leta. 
" (Post Meridiem.) 

2. Afternoon. Auina la. 



P. M. G. Pogt blaster General. 

Luna Leta Nui. 
P.O. Fust Office. Hale Leta. 

pp. Papes. Na aoao. 

Pres. President. Peresidena. 

Prof, Professor. Kumu Ao. 

Pro. tem. (Pro tempore.) For the 

time being:. No ia manawa. 
Prov. Proverbs. Na Olelo Ao o 

Prox. (Proximo.) Next Month. Keia 

mahina ae. 
P. S. (Pout Scriptum.) Postscript. 

Kakau hope. 
Ps. Psalms. Na HalelUo 


Q, Question. Ninau. 

Q. C. Queen's Couuselo Loio kickie 

ma Beritania. 
Q. E. D. (Quod Erat Demonstrandum.) 

Wliich. was to be demonstrated. 

Ka mea e wehewehe ia'na. 
Q. M. G. Quartei Master General. 

Luna Nui no na lako koa. 
Qt., qt. Quart, Quantity. Kuata; 

q. V. (Quod vide.) "Wh-ich see. E 

nana ia mea. 
Qy. Query. Ninau. 


Bo A. Koyal Academy, Boyal Aca- 
Kec'd. Received. Loaa mai. 
Kec'pt. Receipt. Palapala hookaa. 

Kec. Sec. Recording Secretary. 

Kakauolelo o ka moolelo. 
Reg^t. Regiment. Kegimana koa. 

Rep. 1. Representative. Luna- 

2. Republic. Aupuni makaainana. 

3. Report. Olelo noike. 

Rev., Rev'd. Reverend. Inoa kapa 

R. I. Rhode Island. 

R. N. Royal Navy. Aumoku o ke 

Rob't. Robert. Lopaka. 
Rom. Roman, Romans. Roma. 

Rom. Cath. Roman Catholic. Hoo- 

mnua Katolika. 
R. R. 1. Railroad. Alanul hao. 

2. Right Reverend. 
R. S. y. p. Answer, if you please. 

E oluolu oe pane mal. 
Rt. Hon. Right Honorable Ka Mea 


S. 1. South. Tlema, 
2. Sunday. Sabati. 
8. Saturcfay. Poaono 
4. Sign. Iloailona. 




S.A. South America. Amerika Hema. 

Sam., Sam'l. Samuel. Samuela. 
Sat. Saturday. Satude, Poaono. 

Sc, sc. (Scilicet.) To wit, namely. 

Oia hoi. 
Sch. (Scholium.) A note. Olelo ho- 

Sch., Schr. Schooner. Moku kialua. 

Sci. Science. Ike. 

Script. Scripture. Palapala Hemolele. 

Sculp. Sculpture. Kalai kii. 

S. E. South-East. Hikiua-Hema. 

Seco 1. Secretary. Kakauolelo. 

2. Second. Kekona. ' '" 

3 Section. Apaua. 
Sen. Senate, Senator, 
Sep., Sept. September. 

Seq. (Sequentes.) The 

Keia mea ae. 
Serv., Serv't. Servant. Kauwa, 

Sh., sh. Shilling. Silina. 

Sing., sing. Singular. Meahookahi. 

S. Lat. South Xiatitude. Latitu Hema. 
S. M. Short Meter. 
Soc. Society. Hui. 

S. of Sol. Songs of Solomon. Na 

Mele o Solomon a. ' 
Sq. Square. Huina-ha-like. 
Sq. ft. Square feet. Kapuai kuea. 
Sq. Iri. Square inches. Inlha ku'fea. 

Sq.yds. Square yards. Iwileikuea, 
S. S. Sunday School. Kula Sabati. ' 

St. Saint. Street. Alanui. Strait. 

Sup't. Superintendent. Luna hoo- 

Surg. Surgeon, Surgery. 
Surv. Gen. Surveyor General. Luna 

Nui o ka Ana Aina. 
S. W. South-West. Komohana-Hema. 

Syn. syn. Synonym, Synonymous. 

Like ine. 
Synop. Synopsis. 


T., t. 1. Town. Taona. Territory. 

2. Ton. Tona. 
Ten., Tenn. Tennessee. 
Tex. Texas. 

Th., Thur. Thursday. Poaha. 
Theol. Theology, iloike Akua. 

Tlieol. Sem. Theological Seminary, 

Kula Kahunapule. 
Thess. Thessalonians. Tesalouia. 

Topog. Topography. 

Tr. 1. Translation. UnuhJ. 

2. Transpose. Hoololi. 

8. Treasurer. Puuku dala. 

4. TruMtee. Kahu malaiua. 
Trans. Transactions. Na oihana. 

2. Translator. Mea unuhi. 
Trav. Travels. Huakai hele. 
Tu., Tues. Tuesday. Poalua. 



• V 

17. C. Upper Canada. 

Ult. (Ultimo.) Liast, last month. K& 

mahina i hala iho nei. 
U.S. United States. America Hui. 

U. S. A. United States of America. 

U. S. M. United States 3Iail. Eke 

Letao America Hui. 
U. S. N. United States Navy. Au- 
moku o America Hui. 

U. S. S. United States Ship or 
Steamero Moku mauuwa o America 

U. T. Utah Territory. Panalaau o 

v., V. Verbo Haina, (Vide.) See. E 

Vs., vs. (Versus.) Against. Ku-e'. 

v. a. Verb Active. 

Va. Virginia. 

Ver. Vermont, verse. Pauku. 

Vice Pre 8. Vice President. Hope- 

Vid. (Vide.) See. E nana. 

Viz. Namely. To wito Oialioio. 

Vol. Volume. Buke. 

VolSe Volumes. Na buke. 

V. R. (Victoria Eegina.) Queen Vic- 
toria. Vitoria; ka Moi wahine o Ben- 

V. t. Verb transitive, 


W. 1. "West. Komohana. 

2. Wednesday. Poakolu. 
Wed. W^ednesday. 
Whf. Wharf. Uapo moku. 
Wit., wk. Week. Hebedoma. 

W. I. West India. Inia Komohana. 

W. Lion. West Liongitude. 

Wm. William. Wilama, Wiliama. 

W. T. Wasliington Territory. Pa- 
nalaau o Wasiuetoua. 
wt. weight. Pauna kaumaha. 
W. Va. West Virginia. 

X. Christ. Kristo. 

Xmas. Christmas. Karikimoko. 

Yr. Year. MakahikL 
Yd. Yard. Iwilei, 
Y'ds. Yards. Na iwilei. 

Y. M. C. A. Young Hen's Christian 

Association. Ahahui Kristiauo o ka 
poe ui. 
Yrs. Yours. Nau. 




Ha.wa.iie.ra Equ.ivalents. 


A.-a-ron« (Ar'un), Aarona. Kiekie; 

A'bel, Abela. Hanu: mahani. 
A-bl'Jah, Aoaia. O Ke Akua ka Ma- 

Ab'ner, Abenera. Makua o ka Ma- 

A'bra-bain, Aberebama. Makua o 
^ka lehulehu. 
Ad-am, Adamu. Lepo ulaula. 

Al'bert, Alapaki. Kaulaua; alohilohi. 

Al'ex-au'der, Alekanadero. Ke koa 

^o ka'naka. 

Al'fred, Alapai. Kakaolelo naauao. 

A'mos, Amosa. Ikaika; koa. 

An'drew, Aneru or Anelu. Hooka- 
An'tho-ny, Akonl. Makamae. 

Ar'cbi-bald, Aki. Koa maoli. 

Ar'thur, Aka. Hanohauo. 

A'sa, Aka. Kauka ; kahuna lapaau. 

^ug'tin* Ansetlna. No Augusetina. 

^u-gr^s'tus, Aug^seto. Kiekie; alii. 

B^ld'wln, Balanlna. Hoa wiwo ole. 
liar'na-bas, Barcuaba. 

Bar-thdl'o-mew, Baretolomeo. 

Koiki koa. 
Ben'ja-niin, Benlamlna. Keiki o ka 
lima akau. 

Cee'sar, Kaisaro, 

Ca^eb, Kalepa. He ilio. 

€&l'vin, Kalawina. Obule. 


ge'cil, Kikila or Kekila. Maka po' 

^e'phas, Kepa. Pohaku. 

Charles, Kale. Manao koa. 
Chris'tian, Kristiano. 

ollSde'-"" i Kalandlo. Oop,. 
Clem'ent, Kelemenete. Ahonui. 
€or-ne'li-ii8, BLorenelio. 
QfrvLSf Kuro. Ka La. 


I>an, Dana. Lunakanawai. 
Daii'i-el, Daniela. Luuakanawai lanl. 

Da-ri'us, Dario. Mea hoopakele. 
Da'vid, Davida. Punahele. 

i^d'gar, Eka or Ega. 
Ed'mund, Ekeniana, or, Ailnene. 
^ ICoa malama waiwai. 
Ed'ward, Aikue', or Ailuene. Kahu 
^ malama waiwai. 

Ed'win, Ewinl, or Edewinl. Mea 
_ hoiliili waiwai. 
E'li, Eli. Keiki hanai. 
E-li'ab, Eliaba. Ke Akua koua ma- 
E-li'as, Ellsai. Ke Akua ko'u Akua. 
Eli'Jah, Ella. 
E'noch, Enoka. Laa. 
E'phra-iin, Eparaima. Hua uuL 
Eu-^ene, Eugene. Alii. 
Ez'ra, Ezera or Ekela. Kokua. 

FSr'di-nand, Ferdinana. Koa. 

Fr&n'4gi8, Faranl. Hookuuia; kuokoa. 
Fr&nk, Farani. 

Fr^d'er-le, j Pele. Alii o ka malu- 
Fr«d'er-lck, j bia. 



Ga'bri-el, Gaberiela. Kanaka o ke 
. Akua. 
Georgre, Keoki. Konohiki; kanaka 

Ger'ald, Gerala. Ikaika me ka ihe. 
Ger'shom, Kelekoma. Kuewa. 
Gid'e-on, Gideona. Mea luku. 
Gil'bert, Kilipaki. Kaulana. 

Har'old, Hare or Harola. Alihikaua. 

Hen'ry, Heneri, or Hale. Poo O ka 

Her'bert, Haba. Ka nani o ka puali 

Her'man, Hama. He koa. 
Hez-e-ki'ah, Hezekia. Ka ikaika o 

Hi'ram, Hairama. Pookela o ka ha- 


Ho-se'a, Hosea. Ke ola. 
Ha'go, I '^ero. Uhane: naau. 

I'saac, Isaaka or Alkake. 
I-sa'i-ah, Isaia. Hoola o lehova. 

ig'ra-el, Iseraela. Koa o lehova. 

Ja'cob, Jakobo or Jakoba. Kaill I ko 

hal pono. 
James, Jacobo or Kiinb. 
Ja'pbet, lapeta. Hooakea aiijEi. 
Ja'red, lared or Kere. Kuauhau. 

Jer'e-mi'ah, leremia. Hookiakiaia e 

Jes'se, leke or, lese. Waiwai; lako. 
Job, loba. Hoomaauia. 
Jo'el, loela. O lehova no Ke Akua. 

JiSi !«'*'*• Manununu. 
J6n'a-than, lonatana. Makana o le- 
Jo'seph, losepa. E hookui hou mai. 
J6sh'u-a, losua. Ke Akua o ke Ola. 

Jo'tham, lokaina. Pono o Ke Akua. 
Ju'dah, luda. Mahaloia. 
Ju'li-an| lule or, Iu)io. Lanoho pa- 
Ju'Ii-us ) lupalu. 

Liaw'rence, liOwene. Kau lei ia, 
L.ein'u-el, Leiuuela. Jsa Ke Akua i 

Lieon'ard, Lieonara. Koa, mehe liona 

lie'o-pold, r>eopolo. Aa no ka lehu- 

Le'vi, Ijevi. Pilipaa. 

L„u/|g I -Ltii. Koawiwoole. 

Lior'rin, liolena. 
Lot, Lota. Kapa uhi. 

Luke, Lnka. Malamalama. 
Lu'ther, Lutera. Koa kaulana. 


Ma-n&s'geliy Manage. Poinawale. 
Man'n-el, Manuela. 

Mark, * ( MCareko. He hamale. 
Mar'tin, 3Iakini. Koa. 
Mat'thew, Mataio. Makana o Jehova. 
Max'i-mil'i-an, Makimilio. 
Mi'eah, Maika, or Mika. Owai i like 

me Jehova ? 
Mo'ses, Moge, or Moke. Laweia no 

loko mal o ka wai. 


Na'than, Xatana. He makana. 
Na-thaii'a-el, I Nataiiiela. Ka ma- 
Na-than'i-el, ) kana o ke Akua. 

Nich'o-las, Nikolo. Lanakila o ka 

No'ah, Noa. Maha. 
No-el, Noela. Hanania ma ka la kari- 


O'ba-di'ah.Obadia. KauwaokaHaku. 

6'bed, Obeda. Hooko aua mamuli o 
^ke Akua. 

Ql'i-ver, Oliva. Kurau ollva. 
Os'ear, Oka. Koa lelelele. 
Ow'en, Owena. Koa opio. 

Paul, Paulo. Liilil. 
Pe'ter, Petero. He pohaku. 

PhiPip, Pllipo. Makeelio. 
Pbiu'e-as, Pliiiliasa. Waha keleawe. 


Ralph, Rala. 

Raph'a-el, Rapaela. Ka hoola ana 

mai a Ke Akua raai. 
Reu'beli, Reubena. Aia hoi I he keiki 

Rich'ard, Likeke. Mana; ko'koi. 
Rob'ei't, Lopaka. Alohilohi ka haul. 

Rd^r'er, Lokeke. Kaulana me ka ihe. 
Ru'fus, Lupe. Ehu, lauoho ehu. 


ilmp'goL, I Samesona, hauoli nui. 

Sam'u-el, Samuela. Noiia; Noialoha. 
Saul, Saulo. Noi ia. 
Se-re'no, Sereno. Lai; malie. 



Seth, Seta. Hookohoin. 

Si'las, Slla. Noho ma ka ululaau. 

Sim'e-on, i Simeona, Simona. Hoo- 
Si'mon, i lohe pono ia. 

S(Sl'o-mon, Solomona. Malu; kua- 


Ste'phen, Setepano. He lei alii. 

Th&d'de-u8, Tadalo. Ka mea naauao. 

The'o-dore, Teo, or Teodore. Ma- 

kana o ke Akua. 
Ti'tus, Tito. 


Wftl-ter, "Wala. E hoomalu ana i ka 

William, Wilama or Uilama. Pa- 



Ab'l-gail, Abegraila. Ka hanoli 6 kuu 


4*I'/*'}-"^' i Adallna. AUiwahine. 
Ad'e-line, ) 

Allciai Alika or Alisa. AUi wahine. 
Al-mi'ra, Alainira. Kiekle. 
Al-the-a, Alatea. Mea hoola. 
A-me-li-a, Amelia. Makaala; hoihol. 

A-my, £ma. Halialia. 

An'na, i 

An'ne, ( Ana, Ane. Onaona; puloku. 

Ann, ^ 

Ar-a-bel'la, Arabela. WaWne no 

^u-gfis'ta, Aiiguseta. Alll. 

Bar'ba-ra, Babara. Ano e; haole. 
Ber'tba, Beke. Mlklala. 

€&r'o-line, Kalolina, or Karolaina; 

wahitie koa. 
€ftth'a-rlne, Katalina, or Kakarina. 

^e-oll'i-a, Kikllia, or Kekila. 

(hiirlotte, Kaloka. Naau koa. 

€l«r;1;.,i, JKalara. Alohilohi. 

€6-ra. Kora. Kaikamahlne; wahineui. 
Cor-ne'li-a, Kureuella. 

I>db'o-rah, T>ebora, Nalo meli. 
De^i-a, I>elia. 

Di-an'a, Diana, or Kina. Akua wa* 

Di'nah, Kina. Hookolokoloia. 
Do'ra, Dora. Ka makana o Ke Akua, 

Dor'eas, Doreka. He dia. 

Dfir'o-the'a, ) Doreka. Ka makana o 
Dor'o-thy, j Ke Akua. 


£'dith, Edi. Hauoll; makana maka- 
El'e-a-nor, Elianora. Malamalama. 

E-lis'a-beth, Elisabeta. Hoomaua i 

Ke Akua. 
E-li'za, Elisa. Hoolaa ia na Ke Akua. 

EPla, Ela. Malamalama. 

EPlen, Elena. 

El-vi'ra, Elevira. Keokeo. 

Em'e-line, \ Emelina. Hoihoi; 
Em'me-line, J miki. 

Em'i-ly, Emella, or Emalla. Ma- 

Em'ma, Ema. Miki. ^^ 

Es'tlier, Eseta, or Esetera. Pomal- 

Eth'el, Etela. Hanohano. 
Eu'uice, Eunika. Lanakila hauoll. 
E-va, Ewa. Ola. ^ 
E-van'g:e-line, Euanelia. Lawe ana 
I ka olelo maikai. 

Ev'l-irny*,' ! Ewalina. Like me Ewa. 

Fanl. Hookuu la. 


Fi-de'li-4, Fidelia. Kupaa. 
Flo'ra, Felora. Na pua. 

FlOr^en^e, Felorena. Omeomeo. 




I Hana. Puloku. ^ 
^a, i Helena. 


Har'ri-et, Hariaka. Ke poo wahine 
o ka Ghana. 

Hel-S"~~ ^ Helena. Malamalama. 

Hen'rl-et'ta, Henerieta. No Heneri. 
Hes'ter, !Eseta. 

IMa, Ida. Me he Akua la. 
I-re'ne, Irene. Lai; malu. 

Is-a-bel, ) Isabel a. Ano like me 
Is-a-bel'lar» J Elisabeta. 

Jane, Kina. Ano like me John, 
Jean-nette', Kina. Ano like me Jane. 

Jo'se-phine, Kepina. E pakui hou 

Jul'i-a, lulia. 
Juli-an-a, luliana. 

^S:51:ir''i »»»»• 

liau'ra, I^ala. 
Le'o-no'ra, Leonora* 

l,il'i-an, ) 

til'ly, \ liilia. Pua lilla. 

Lil-y, > 

Iio'is, liOika. MaikaL 

I.ou-ii'8a, \ X „iv« 

Lou-ise', i I'^lka. 1/ 

tu-cln'da, j i^^^j^ ^ 

Iiil'cy, S 

Liyd-i-a, Lidia, or liilia* 


Ma'bel, Mabela. Punahele. 

Mad'e-line, Madelina. 
Mar'ga-ret, Makaleka. He momi. 

Ma-ri'a, Maraea. Hoku o ke kai. 
Ma'rl-oQ) Mariana. Farani no Mary. 

Mar'tha, Mareka. Ke poo o ka ohana. 

3Ia'ry, Mere, or Maria. Hoku o ke 

May, Mahina o Mei, or Mary. 

Mi'ri-am, Miriama. Ano like mo 


Nan'cy, Ane. Aulil. 
No'rah, Nora, Malamalama. 

0.nv^l.&,j«"^*a- HeoUva. 

PHuInne? i Pa'^lina. Uuku. 
PhL'aTe, i Po'pe'- Makamae; huUli. ^ 

Pftl'ly, Poli. Like me Mere. 
Pris-clPla, Perisila. Kaliiko iki. 


Ka'chel, Raliela, or Liahela. Hipa 


Re-bec'ca, ) Iiepeka, or Rebeka» 
Re-bek'afaL» \ Onaona; puloku. 

Rhonda, Roda. Pua rose. 
Rose, Rose. Pua rose. 
Ro'sa-bdl'la, Rogabela. Pua rose 

Ro-sa-lie'. Pua rosa mohala. 
Ruth, Iiuka, or Ruta. Nani. 

Sa'ra, ) Sarai, or Sara. Alii wa- 
Sa'rah, ) hine. 
Se-li'na, Selina. Mahina. 
So-phi'a, Sopia. Naauao. 
Su'san, Suke, or Suae. He lilia. 
Su-8an'na, Susana. Lilia. » 

TaVi-tli4, Kapika. He dia. 


Vic-to'ri-i, Vitoria. Lanakila, *'' 


— OF — 



Every people, possessed of some civilization, attempts te preserve a record of its 
past, whether that record be handed down orally or by some sort of writing. With 
the Hawaiians, as with their Polynesian congeners everywhere, such records were 
passed down orally from father to child, or from master to disciple, within the pro 
fessional circle of those to whom immemorial usage had consigned the preservation 
of them. But history, or a record of the past, would become unintelligible and rank 
confusion unless set forth, or arranged, upon some system of Chronology. Some peo- 
ples counted time by the number of generations from some common ancestor; some 
counted by the length of reign of each successive king or chief; some counted eacn 
individual year within a, by them, generally adopted era. The Hawaiians counted 
by generations of their principal Chiefs or Kings. They started from Wakea as a 
common ancestor of all the Chiefs on all the islands of the Hawaiian group; but for 
convenience or clearness sake, time was counted by either of the reigning families 
on the four principal islands— Kauai, Oahu, Maui, or Hawaii. Thus an event worthy 
of being preserved on the national records, was said to have occurred "in the time 
of" (i ke au o), such and such a prominent chief of this or that island; and, in order 
to ascertain the when, generations were counted, either down from Wakea, or, more 
generally up (back) from the then present generation. Thus Hawaiian chronology 
was not very exact, it must be admitted, but to a people who depended entirely upon 
the faithful memory of their Bards and Priests, it was sufficiently approximate to 
bring order and sequence in their unwritten records of the past. To us, of a later 
and more developed civilization, the exactitude of dates is the very essence of history, 
or at least one of its most necessary elements, but an approximation to truth satisfied 
the ancient Hawaiian. In my work, " An Account of the Polynesian Race; its Or- 
igin and Migrations," vol. i, p. 166, 1 have approximately fixed the period of Wakea 
at about 190 A. D., and the length of a generation, for the purposes of historical 
compilation at thirty years. Counting fifteen generations after Wakea we arrive 
at Nana-ulu, in whose time the Hawaiian group was undoubtedly occupied by the 
Hawaiian branch of the Polynesian Race, say 500 A. D. Continuing on the Geneal- 
ogical line of Nana-ulu, as the safest and most correct, we arrive after fifteen 
more generations, or 450 years, at the period of Maweke, say 1030 A. D., when that 
remarkable intermigratory movement between the Southern and Northern Polyne- 
sian groups, of which their legends and chants give so ample evidence, had already 



commenced. From Maweke down, therefore, Hawaiian chronology may be com- 
puted irom any of the leading genealogies, counting Maweke as No. 29, Paumakua 
as No. 30, and Pilikaeaea as No. ol from Wakea. 

Thus, to take a few genealogies out of many we get the following approximate 
chronological lists, viz: 


Ko. A. D. 

51. Pilikaeaea 1090 

32. Kukohau - 1120 

S3. Kaniuhi 1150 

34. Kauipahu 1180 

35. Kalapana 1210 

36. Kahaimoelea 1240 

37. KalauuuJohua 1270 

38. Kuaiwa 1300 

39. Kahoukapu .- 1330 

40. Kauholanuiraahu 1360 

41. Kiha nui lulu moku 1390 

42. Liloa 1420 

43. Umi a Liloa 1450 

44. Kealiiokaloa ~ 1480 

45. Kukailani - 1510 

46. Kaikilani, (w) 1540 

47. Keakealanikane ~ 1570 

48. Keakamahana, (w) 1600 

49. Keakealani, (w) 1630 

50. Kalanikauleleiaiwi, (w) 1660 

61. Keawepoepoe 1690 

52. Kameeiamoku 1720 

53. Kepookalani 1750 

54. Aikanaka 1780 

55. Keohokalole, (to) 1810 

56. Kalakaua, born..,,— ^-mm»mm-tm 1836 


No. A. D. 

80. Paumakua... 1060 

31. Haho 1090 

32. Palena 1120 

33. Hunalaa 1150 

34. Mauiloa ^^ 1180 

35. Alo 1210 

36. Kuhimana.- 1240 

37. Kamaloohua 1270 

88. Loe 1300 

39. Kaulahea 1 1330 

40. Kakae 1360 

41. KahekiU 1 1390 

42. Kawaokaohele 1420 

43 Piilani 1450 

44 Kiha a Piilani 1480 

45. Kamalalawalu 1510 

46. Kauhi a Kama 1540 

47. Kalanikaumakaowakea 1570 

48. Lonohonuakini 1600 

49. Kaakaualani (w) 1630 

50. Mopua 1660 

61. KalahuimokuII 1690 

52. Kahikikala (w) 1720 

53. Kalokuokamaile« 1750 

54. Kaohelelani (w) 1780 

55. Laanui... 1800 

56. E. Kekaaniau (w) 1834 


No. . p, 

29. Maweke 1030 

30. Mulielealii 1060 

31. Moikeha 109J 

32. Hookamalii 1120 

33. Kahai ,1150 

34. Kuolono 1180 

35. Maela, (w) and Lauli a Laa 1219 

36. Laulihewa 1240 

37. Kahuoi 1270 

38. Pua a Kahuoi 1300 

39. Kukaaliaililani 1330 

40. Mailikukahi 13C0 

41. Kalonaiki 13.0 

42. Piliwale _ 14'_0 

43. Kukaniloko, (w) 14iiO 

44. Kalaimanuia, (w) 1480 

45. Kaihikapu a Manuia ICIO 

46. Kakuhihewa 1,:43 

47. Kaihikapu a Kakuhihewa. 1C70 

48. Kahoowahaokalani IGCO 

49. Kauakahi a Kahoowaha 1C30 

50. Kualil ICGO 

51. Peleioholani ICCO 

52. Kumahana 1720 

53. Kaneoneo 1750 

54. Kapuaamohu, (w) 1774 

55. Kinoike, (w) 18'^4 

56. Kapiolani, (w) bom. 1834 


No. A. D. 

30. Paumakua lOuO 

31. Kumakalia 10.0 

82. Luahiwa 1120 

33. Ahukaiy 1150 

34. Laa mai Kahiki 1180 


No. A. D. 

35. Ahukini a Laa.« 1210 

36. Kamahano 1240 

37. Luanu.u I270 

38. Kukona 13OO 

39. Manokalanipoo 1330 

40. Kaumakaraauo 1360 

41. Kehakuakane 13.0 

42. Kuwalupaukamoku 1410 

43. Kahakumakapaweo... 1450 

44. Kalauikukuma 1480 

45. Ilihiwalani 151^ 

46. Kauhi a Hiwa 1540 

47. Kawelomahamahaia. 1570 

48. Kawelomakualua 1600 

49. Kawelo Peekoa 1630 

50. Kau a Kaweloaikanaka (w) 1660 

51. Kukalanihoouluae 16C0 

52. Kaiakea 1720 

53. Kekuelike-nui 1750 

54. Kaena Ku Kalili 1780 

55. Alanakaku Pionao (to) 1824 

56. C. Kaonohiulaokalanl (w) 1840 



1S27— November. Arrival of shipwrecked 
Spaaiardo at Keei, S. Koua, Ha- 
waii, in the tiiao of Kcaliio- 
kaloa. Probably survivors from 
one of the three vessels under 
the command of Don Alvaso de 
Saavedra, bound from New 
Spain, to the Molucca Islands. 

1555 — The Hawaiian Islands discovered 
by Juan de Gaytan, on a voyage 
from New Spain to the Moluc- 
cas. The islands were called in 
Spanish, " Los Majos." 

17d&— November. Kekaulike, King of 
Maui, died and was succeeded 
by his son, Kamehameha-nui. 
" — November. Kamehameha I, af- 
terwards the famous consolida- 
tor of the Hawaiian group un- 
der one government, was born 
at Kokoike, N. Kohala, Hawaii. 

1737— Early in the year the battle at Ka- 
wela, Molokai, between Ala- 
pai-nui. King of Hawaii, and 
Kapiiohokalanl, King of Oahu, 
in which the latter was de- 
feated and slain. 

•* —After the battle of Kawela Ala- 
pai-nui invaded Oahu, but to- 
wards the end of the summer 
concluded peace with Peleio- 
kolani, then King of Oahu, at 
Naone-a-Laa, in Kaneohe, Koo- 
laupoko, Oahu. 
*' — Rebellion on Maui by Kauhiai- 
moku-a-Kama^ against his bro- 
ther Kamehameha-nui. 

1738 — Battle of Keawawa (between 
Black Rock and Lahaina), be- 
tween Alapai-nui and Kameha- 
meha-nui on the one side, and 
Peleioholani and Kauhiaimoku- 
a-Kama on the other side. Kau- 
hiaimoku was killed. Kameha- 
meha-nui assumed the government 
of Maui and Alapai-nui returned 
to Hawaii. 

1752 — Keoua Kalanikupua-paikalani-nui, 
the father of Kamehameha. I, and 
nephew of Alapai-nui, died at 
Piopio, Hilo. 
" — Revolt of Kalaniopuu, son of 
Kalaninui-amamxio against J.Zapat- 

1754 — Alapai-nui died at Kikiakoi, S. 
Konala, Hawaii. 
•' — Battle (between Keel and Honau- 
nau, S. Kona. Hawaii), between 
Keaiveopala^ the son and suc- 
cessor of Alapainui and Ka- 
laniopuu. Keaweqpala was defeated 
and killed and Kalaniopuu as- 
sumed the sovereignty of Hawaii. 

1759 — Kalaniopuu invades Maui and 
occupies the districts of Hana 
and Kipahulu. 

1765 — Kamehameha-nui, King of Maul, 
died and was succeeded by his 
brother Kahekili. 

1768 — KaahumanUj daughter of Keeaur 
mokupapaiaaheahe and Namahana, 
was born at Kauwiki, Hana, 

V770— Peleioholani, King of Oahu, died. 

1773 — Kumahana, son and successor of 
Peleioholani, deposed from the 
sovereignty of Oahu and Kahaha- 
na elected King in his place. 

1775— War renewed between Hawaii 
and Maui. Kalaniopuu was de- 
feated at the battle called " Ka- 
laehohoa" and at " Kalae-a-Kai- 
lio," in Kaupo. 

1776— Battle called "Ahulau ka piipii i 
Kakanilua" fought near Waikapu 
Band hills, Maui, between Kalani- 
opuu and Kahekili. Kalaniopim's 
famous regiment Alapa, compris- 
ing 800 picked men of the Ha- 
waiian nobility, annihilated with 
the exception of two. 

1777 — Kalaniopuu again invades Maui. 
Repulsed at Lahaina, he invades 
Lanai; successful at Lanai, he in- 
vades Hamakualoa, Maui; defeat- 
ed there, he retreats to Koolau, 

111%— January 18. Capt. J. Cook, in com- 
mand of H. B. M. ships " Resolu- 
tion" and " Discovery," sights the 
islands of Oahu and Kauai. 

" — January £0. Cook landed at Wai- 
mea, Kauai. 

** —January ^0. Cook anchored off west 
point of Niihau. 

" — February g. Cook leaves Niihau 
and proceeds to the N. W. coast of 
America and Behring's Straits. 

" —November ^6. On his return from 
the North, Cook sights Maui. On 
November SO, Cook being off Wai- 
lua, Koolau, Maui, Kalaniopuu, 
Kamehameha, and other chiefs 
came on board of Cook's ships, 

1779 — January 17. Cook anchored at Ke- 
alakcakua Bay, Kona, Hawaii. 
" — January ^h. Kalaniopuu returns to 
Kealakeakua from Maui. 

'* — February h. Cook leaves Kealake- 
akua Bay, but returned on Febru- 
ary 11th, to repair damages sus- 
tained in a gale of wind on the 

" —February IL Capt. Cook killed in 
an affray with the natives at Ke- 

1781— Kahekili reconquers the East Maui 
districts and the fort at Kauv»iki, 
at Hana. This was called the Avar 
of " Kaumupikao," 



1782— January. Ralaniopmi, King of Ha- 
waii, died at Kailikii, in Waio- 
ahukini, Kau, Hawaii. 

•' —July. Battle of " Mokuohai," be- 
tween Kamehameha I and Kiwa- 
lao, son and successor of Kalani- 
opmi. Kiwalao slain. 
1783— January. KahekiU invades Oahu; 
conquers Kahahana in the battle 
at Kaheiki and assumes tlie sov- 
ereignty of Oahu. 

** —War between Kamehameha I and 
Keaxoemauhili, of Hilo, at Puaa- 
loa, near Panaewa. Kamehameha 
I defeated and retreats to Laupa- 
hoehoe. The war called " Kaua- 

1784r—Kekuhaupio, the famous warrior 
chief of Keei, died at Napoopoo, 
Kona, Hawaii. 

17So— Kahahana betrayed by his brother- 
in-law, Kekuamanoha, and killed. 
" —The conspiracy and revolt against 
Kahekih, on Oahu, called " Wai- 
pio-Kimopo," suppressed. 

" — War between Kamehameha I and 
Keawemauhili and Keoiia Kuahu- 
ula, of Kau. Desultory fighting; 
no result. Kamehameha /returns 
to Kohala. This war was called 
" Hapuu." 

1783 — Kamehameha I sends his brother 
Kalanimalokuloku - Keliimaikai to 
retake the districts of Haua and 
Kipahulu, on Maui. At the bat- 
tle of Maulili, in Kipahulu, the 
Hawaiian expedition was defeat- 
ed and driven out of the island. 
" —The first foreign vessels since Capt. 
Cook's death, arrive at the Ha- 
waiian Islands. On May 26th, the 
"King George" and "Queen Char- 
lotte" from I^ndon, under Capts. 
Portlock and Dixon, touched at 
Kealakeakua Bay. 

" —May 28. La Perouse, commanding 
a French exploring expedition, 
anchored near Lahaina, Maui. 
17S7—Auaust. Capt Meares, in the En- 
glish ship "Nootka," and Capt. 
Douglas m the "Iphigenia" ar- 
rived at the Hawaiian islands. 
Kaiana-a-Ahuula goes with Capt. 
Meares from Kauai to China. 

17?&— Kaiana-a-Ahuula returns in the 
"Iphigenia" from Canton, China, 
to Kauai, and 

1789— January, arrives at Kealakeakua, 
Hawaii, and is received by Kame- 
hameha I. 

17Z^y— February. Massacre of natives at 
Olowalu, Maui, by American ship 
"Eleanor," Capt. Metcalf. , 

1/90— Jifarc/i 17. The "Fair America," 
tender to the ship "Eleanor" was 
cut off at Kaupulehu, N. Kona, 
Hawaii, by Kameeiamoku, and all 
the crew was killed except Isaac 
Davis, an Englishman. 

•• —March 17. John Young, an English- 
man, boatswain of the ship 
♦•Eleanor," was kidnapped by 
order of Kamehameha I, and de- 

*" —In the summer months Kameha- 
meha I invades Maui, lands at 
Hana; proceeds through the Koo- 
lau District to Hamakualoa, and 
between Halehaku and Kokomo 
a battle was fought against the 
Maui forces. Kamehameha I vic- 

" —Battle of " lao " or " Kepaniwai " 
fought between Kamehameha I 
and Kalanikupule, the son of Ka- 
hekiU. Kalanirkupule beaten and 
fled to Oahu. 

" —Kalola, widow of Kalaniopuu and 
mother of Kiwalao, died at Kala- 
maula, Molokai. 

" —Keou<i Kuahuula invades Hilo. The 
battle of Alae is fought, in which 
Keawemauhili is slain. Keoua 
carries the war into Hamakua 
and Waimea. Kamehameha I re- 
turns from Molokai, and the bat- 
tles at Paauhau and at Koapapa, 
In Hamakua were fought between 
Kamehameha and Keoua, the latter 
retreating to Hilo, and Kameha- 
meha stopping to recruit at Wsd- 

" -November. Great eruption from the 
crater of Kilauea. A portion of 
Keoua' s army passing by destroved 
hj showers of heated sand and 

1791— Battle of *' Ke-pu-waha-ula-ula " 
or " Kawai " fought by the com- 
bined forces of KahekiU and his 
brother Kaeo, king of Kauai, 
against Kamehameha J, at the Pali- 
Hulaana, near Waimanu. Hama- 
kua, Hawaii. It was a sea-fight. 
Kamehameha I victorious. 

1791— The Heiau of Puukohola, at Kawal- 
hae, built by order of Kamehame- 
ha I. 

" -Keov/iKuahuulatTe&chevouslY killed 
at Kawaihae Bay by Keeaumokit 
papaiaaheahe, latter part of the 
year. Kamehameha I supreme 
on Hawaii. 

1792— 3/arc^ 5. Capt. Vancouver, with 
H. B. M. ships " Discoverj' " and 
" Chatham,"^ arrives at Kealakea- 
kua bay. 



1792— Jfoy 11. Massacre of Lieutenant 
Hergest and McGrOoch of the En- 
glish store-ship "Dcedalus," by 
the natives at Waimea, Oahu. 

n9Z— February IJ— Second visit of Capt. 
Vancouver, Anchors at Kawai- 
hae and lands the first bull and 
cow on Hawaii. 

VI94r-January 9 Third visit of Capt. 

Tuly. Kahekili dies at Ulukou, 
Waikiki, Oahu. 

"—English vessels "Jackal" and 
" Prince Leboo" first to enter the 
harbor of Honolulu. 

1795— January 1. Captain Brown of the 
"Jackal" and Capt. Gardner of the 
"Prince Leboo" with most of their 
crews massacred by Knlanikumde 
and his chiefs in Honolulu har- 

" —April and May. Invasion of Oahu, 
Dy Kamehameha L Battle of Nuu- 
anu; defeat aud death of Kalani- 
kupule. All the islands subject to 
Kamehameha except Kauai and 

** — Latter Part. Kamehameha J, starts 
with his fleet to invade Kauai. 
Encountered a gale of wind in the 
channel, many canoes lost, re- 
turns to Oahu. The expedition 
called "leiewaho." 

1796— Rebellion of Namakeha in Hama- 
kua, Hawaii, Kamehameha goes to 
Hawaii in August, battle of Kai- 
palaoa in Hilo. Namakeha killed. 

1797— LihoUho afterwards Kamehameha IT, 
is born to Kamehameha and his 
wife Keopaolani. 

1801— The fleet of canoes called "Peleleu," 
built by Kamehameha I, muster at 
Kawaihae, and 

Wyi— Kamehameha goes with said fleet to 

" — Kameeiamoku, father of Hoapilikane 
and of Kepookalajii, dies at Lahai- 

lS02t— January 23. The first horse landed 
in Honolulu from a Boston ship. 
" — Kamehameha /goes to Oahu to pre- 
pare again for the invasion of 
of Kauai. 

1804r— The pestilence, or plague, called 
"Ahulau" and "Okuu" is raging 
over the islands. Kceaumoku-pa- 
paiaaheahe dies this year. 

lSXi9—Kaumualii, King of Kauai, goes to 
Oahu and negotiates with Kame- 
hameha T for the cession of Kauai 
at the death of Kaumudlii. 

ISlO—Isaac Davis died. 

1812 — Kamehameha I returns to Hawaii. 
The voyage is called " Kaniau- 

1813 — Kauikeaouli, afterwards Kamehame- 
ha III, was bo'-n on August llth, 
to Kamehameha I and Keopuolani. 
The day of his birth, however, 
was in after years conventionally 
fixed for March 17th, but the above 
date is the testimony of his nurse 
Emilia Keaweamahi, wife of Ka- 
ikeoewaj Governor of Kauai. Kan- 
ikeaouli was born at Keauhou, N. 
Kona, Hawaii. 

1815 — Nahienaena (the Princess) born to 
Kamehameha I and Keopuolani. 
" — Russians, under a Doctor Scheffer, 
build the redoubts at Hanalei, and 
the fort at Waimea, Kauai. 

1816— The Russians leave Kauai. Build- 
ing of the fort at Honolulu com- 
menced by Kalaimoku. 

" — Pauli Kaoleioku, first-born son of 
Kamehameha I, died in Honolulu, 
aged about 60 years. 

" —November 21. Capt. Kohzebue, in 
the Russian corvette "Rurik," ar- 
rived at Kealekeakua, Hawaii; 
proceeds to Oahu and is the first 
man-of-war that entered the har- 
bor of Honolulu and exchanged 
salutes with the battery there. 
The " Rurik" left Honolulu De- 
cember lUth. 

" — ^The present Hawaiian flag adopted 
as the national flag. 

1219— May 8. Kamehameha I died at Kai- 
lua, Kona, Hawaii. His son Liho- 
liho succeeded him as Kamehame- 
ha II. 

" —During the balance of this year the 
Kapu in regard to eating was 
frequently and openly broken by 
Liholiho, Kaahumanu, Keopuolani, 
and most of the highest chiefs. 
In October the abolition of the 
Kapu, the "Ainoa," was formally 
proclaimed from Hawaii to Kau- 

1S19— August. French Corvette"rUranIe" 
Capt. Freycinct arrives at Kawai- 
hae, Hawaii, Kalaimoku and 
Boki baptised by the ship's chap- 

" —In November Revolt of Kekuaoka- 
laniy son of Keliimaikai, and 
cousin of Liholiho, in defense of 
the Kapu. Insurrection in Ha- 
makua; Liholiho' s troops defeat- 
ed by the insurgents. 

ISQO— January. Battle at Kuamoo, N. 
Koua, Hawaii, between the forces 
of Liholiho and Kekuaokalani. The 
latter defeated, and he and his 
wife Manono killed. 



1820 — General destruction and burning 
of Heiaus and Idols. 

" —March 30. American Brig "Thad- 
deus," Capt. Hunnewell, from 
Boston, arrives at Hawaii, and on 
April 5th anchors at Kailua, Kona, 
having: on board the first mis- 
sionaries of the A. B C. F. M. This 
first party consisted of Rev. Asa 
Thurston and Rev. Hiram Bing- 
ham, ordained Missionaries, with 
their wives; Dan'l. Chamberlain, 
Tho. Holmes, Sam'l Whitney, 
Samuel Ruggles, Elisha Loomis 
and four Hawaiians, Honolii, 
Hopu and Kanui who had re- 
ceived some education at Corn- 
wall Institute, and George Hume- 
hume, the son of Kaumualii the 
King of Kauai. 

" —First Whaleship "Mary" Capt. 

Allen, enters Honolulu harbor. 
" — December. Liholifio visits Maui. 

1821 — February U. Liholiho visits Oahu. 

" — July ^1. Xi^oh'^o starts from Hono- 
lulu in an open boat and arrives 
at Kauai on the 22d. Conference 
with Kaumualii, who is brought 
as a quasi State prisoner to Hono- 
lulu, and Keeaumokuropio ap- 
pointed as Governor of Kauai. 

" — Kaahumanu takes Kaumualii and 
his son Keliiahonui as husbands 
in October. 

First Christian meeting house 
erected in Honolulu Aug. 25th. 

1822— January 7. The first printed sheet 
in Hawaiian, was struck off at the 
American Mission, Honolulu. 

" — Maj/ 1. Captain Kent presents to 
Liholiho in the name of H. B. 
Majesty a schooner, "Prince Re- 
gent," of 70 tons, fully armed and 

*' — July k. First celebration of Ameri- 
can Independence held in Hono- 
lulu. Acting Consul J. S. Jones, 

" — August 11. First Christian marriage 
celebrated in the islands between 
two natives. 

" — August 18, Kaumualii and Kaahu- 
manu visit Kauai and returned in 

" —December. First Christian burial of 
a native. 

\%':Z— February. Law proclaimed for pub- 
lic observance of the Sabbath. 

" — April h. Rev. Mr. Ellis arrives from 

" — April ee. Liholiho' 8 festival in com- 
memoration of the death of Ka- 
mehameha I. 

1823 — May. Hoapilikane appointed Gov- 
ernor of Maui. 

" — September 16. Keopuolani, widow of 
Kamehameha I, died at Lahaina 
and was buried there. She was 
born probably in 1778. 

" — October 19. Hoapilikane is married 
by Rev. W. Richards to Kaheihei- 
malie, generally known as Hoapi- 
liwahine. another widow of Ka- 
mehameha I and sister of Kaahvr 

*' — Novembers?. Liholiho and his Q,ueen 
Kamehamalu, with their suite, 
leave Honolulu on board of the 
English ship " L'Aigle," Capt 
Starbuck, bound to England. 

1824 — March SS. Keeaumoku-opio (gene- 
rally known as George Cox), Gov- 
ernor of Kauai, died. 

" — May 2i. Liholiho and suite land at 
Portsmouth, England. 

" — May 26. Kaumualii, ex-king of 
Kauai, died in Honolulu and was 
buried at Lahaina. 
July 8. Kamehamalu, Liholiho'a 
Avife, dies in London of the 

uly 13. Liholiho, Kamehameha 11^ 
dies in London of the measles. 

'* — August 8. George Humehume, son 
of Kaumualii, raises a revolt on 
Kauai and attacks the Fort at 

" — September. Battle at Wahiawa, Ka- 
uai. The insurgents defeated. 
Kiaimakani killed, Humehume 
taken prisoner and rebellion ex- 

" —Fort at Lahaina built. 

" — Kapiolani descends into the crater 
of Kilauea and defies the heathen 
Goddess Pele. 

1«2^>— April 16. Richard Charlton, English 
Consul, arrives at Honolulu. 

" —May U. English frigate " Blonde," 
Lord Byron, Captain, arrives at 
Lahaina with the corpses and 
coffins of Liholiho and Kameha- 
malu. Arrived at Honolulu on 
the 6. 

Tune 6. Kauikeax)uli is publicly pro- 
claimed king, as Kamehameha 
III, in succession to his brother 
Liholiho. Kaahtimanu is declared 
Regent during the Minority. The 
Chiefs' lands declared inalienable 
in their families. 
" —October. The crew of the British 
whale ship " Daniel," Captain 
Buckle, attack the house of Rev. 
Mr. Richards, in Lahaina, but are 



1826— The U. S. schooner "Dolphin," 
Lieut. John Percival, command- 
er, arrived at Honolulu. 

" —February 26. The crew of the "Dol- 
phin" attack the houses of Kalai- 
viokn and Rev. Mr. Bingham, but 
are repulsed. 

" — April. Kafialaia son of Kalaima- 
mahu, and nephew of Kamehame- 
ha I, died. 

•' — Septeviber 27 . The church at Kailua, 
Kona, Hawaii, finished and dedi- 

" —October. The U. S. ship " Peacock," 
Capt. np Catesby Jones, arrives at 

1827 — Februarys. Kalaimoku, son of Ke- 
kuamanoha and Kanakahukilani, 
(w), died at Kailua, Kona, Ha- 
waii, and Boki, his brother, ap- 
pointed Governor of Oahu, and 
guardian of the young King. 

July 7. The ship " Comet," Captain 
Plaisard, from Bordeaux, arrives 
at Honolulu with the first Catho- 
lic Missionaries, Rev'd Messrs. 
Bachelot and Short. 

uly Ik. First Catholic Mass cele- 
brated in Honolulu. 

*' — October. Marriage of Kinau, daugh- 
ter of Kamehameha J, and Kahei- 
heimalie, with M. Kekuanaoa. 

1828 — September lU. Cornerstone of Wai- 
nee church, in Lahaina, laid. 

1829 — December 2, Governor Boki and his 
company, in the brig " Kameha- 
meha" and schooner '"Becket," 
leave Honolulu for a voyage to the 
South Pacific. 

*' — Namahana Kekuai Piia, sister of Ka- 
ahumanu, and wife of Laanui, 

1830 — March. Kaahumanu makes circuit 
of Oahu ; also, during the year, 
circuit of Maui and Hawaii. 
" — August 3. The schooner " Becket" 
returns to Honolulu from the 
South Pacific expedition and re- 
ports the brig ^'Kamehameha" 
lost and Boki dead. 

" — Disturbances in Honolulu by the 
party of Liliha, widow of Boki, 
and daughter of Iloapilikane. Ku- 
akini, brother of Kanhnvianu, ap- 
pointed Governor of Oahu; order 

ISSl— September. The Lahalnaluna High 
School opened. 

'* December 2L The Catholic priests sent 
out of- the country on board the 
brig " Waverly," by order of Ka- 
ahnmann and landed at San Pedro, 

1^1— December 29. Naihe, son of Keawe-a~ 
Heulu, died, and Kuakini up- 
pointed Governor of Hawaii. 

1832 — Kaafmmanu makes her second cir- 
cuit of Maui and Hawaii. 

" — June 5. Kaahumanu died. Kinau 

succeeds her as Premier ( " Kuhi- 

" —August. U. S. frigate *' Potomac," 

Commodore Downes, arrives at 


" — September. The disorderly conduct 
of Kaomi commences. 

1833 — March. Kaurkeaouli, Kamehameha 
III assumes the Government. 
Revocation of most of the laws 
imposed by Kaahumanu. 

" —The Bethel Church built at Hono- 
** — Kaomi died. 

1834 — February lU. First newspaper prin- 
ted in Hawaiian at Lahainaluiiay 
called the " Lama Hawaii." 
" — June. Kamanele, daughter of Kuor 
kini, died. 

*' — The newspaper "Kumu Hawaii" 
commenced at Honolulu. 

1835 — First Hawaiian Almanac printed. 

" — Nahienaena, sister of the king, 
married to Leleiohoku, son of Ka- 

*' — December 16. John Young dies in 

1^&— September SO— Robert Walsh, Catho- 
lic Priest, lands at Honolulu. 

" — The newspaper (English) "Sand- 
wich Island Gazette" commenced, 

" — December 30. Nahienaena died at 

1837 — April 17. Bachelot and Short return 
to Honolulu on the brigantine 
" Clementine." 

" — May 20.— Mr. Dudoit, owner of the 
" Clementine," hauls down her 
flag and surrenders the vessel to 
the Hawaiian Government under 

" —July 7. English surveying ship 
" Sulphur," Capt. Belcher, and on 
Jwij/ iO, French frigate "Venus," 
Capt. dus Petit Thouars, arrive at 
— November 2. Mr. L. Maigret, Catho- 
lic Pro-Vicar, arrived at Honolulu 
in the ship " Europa." 

" — Nov. 7. Extraordinary Tidal-wave 
sweeping the coasts of the Ha- 
waiian group. 

" — November 23, — Messrs. Maigret and 
Bachelot, Catholic Priesis, leave 
Honolulu by order of Govern- 



1837 — Aikanaka, son of Keohohiwa (w), and 
Kipookalani, and grandson of £6- 
awe-a-Heulu, died. 

•• —The streets in Honolulu, as now 
existing, laid put. 

1838— J. C. Jones, American Consul at 
Honolulu, superseded, and P. A. 
Brinsmade appointed in his place. 

1839 — April L Kinau, daughter of Kame- 
hameha T, and Kaheiheimalie, wife 
of Governor Kekuanaoa and Pre- 
mier of the kingdom, dies. The 
next day the King appoints his 
cousin Kekauluohi as Premier 
(Kuhina Nui). 

*' — April 10. Kaikioewa, Governor of 
Kauai, dies. 

" — May 10. Hawaiian Bible, first edi- 
tion, finished printing at the Mis- 
sion Press. 

'line 17. — The King, in Council, is- 
sues orders from Lahaina that no 
more punishments should be in- 
flicted on Catholics for religious 

uly 10. French frigate "Arte- 
mise," Capt. La Place, arrived at 

" —-July lU. Kekauluohi and Kekuanaoa 
sign the treaty with Capt. La 
Place and pay $20,000 to France. 

•* — August 95. Liliha, widow of Gover- 
nor Boki and daughter of Hoapi- 
likane, died. 

1840 — January. Hoapilikane, Governor of 
Maui, son of Kameeiamoku, dies. 

** — May. Mr. Maigret returns to Hono- 

•• —The Royal School for Chiefs in Ho- 
nolulu commenced under Mr. and 
Mrs. Cooke. 

-Kawaiahao Church, Honolulu, 

*• — August S. Mr. Bingham and family 
return to the United States of 

" — Aiigust 6. Corner stone of Roman 
Catholic Church in Honolulu laid. 

" — September. Arrival of the U. S. Ex- 
ploring Expedition under Com- 


modore Wilkes. 

— October 8. First written Constitu- 
tion granted by Kamehameha III. 

** — October 20. Kaman-awa and accom- 
plice publicly executed for crime; 
the murder of Kamanawa's wife 

1£fl— May. Kapiolani wife of Naihe^ and 
daughter of Keawemauhili, dies. 

•* — ^The School at Punahou commenced. 

1842 — January. Kahieheimalie Hoapiliwa- 
hine, sister of Kaahumanu and 
mother of Kinau and Kekauluohi, 

" — July 8. Haalilio and Mr. Richards 
as Commissioners, sail for the 
United States and Europe to se- 
cure the recognition of Hawaiian 

" —July. Doctor G. P. Judd takes ser- 
vice under the Hawaiian Govern- 
ment and is appointed to fill the 
place of Mr. Richards. 

" — September. Mr. Charlton, English 
Consul, goes to England via Maz- 
atlan and is there removed from 
office. Before leaving, Charlton 
appointed Mr. Alexander Simp- 
son as the Consul, whom the King 
declined to receive. 

" —December 19. The United States 
acknowledge the Independence 

of the Hawaiian Kingdom. 


1843 — January 18. First number of 
"Friend" printed. 
" — January 90. Eruption on Mauna Loa 

'* —February 10. H. B. M. Ship "Carys- 
fort," Lord George Pamet, Capt. 
arrived at Honolulu. 

" —February 17. Lord George Paulet 
makes his demands on the Ha- 
waiian Government. 

" — February 95. The King under pres- 
sure from Lord Geo. Paulet and 
the English Consul, Mr. Simpson, 
cedes the islands provisioually 
to Great Britain and the English 
flag is hoisted on the Fort in Ho- 

*' "-March IL Mr. Simpson leaves with 
dispatches from Lord Geo. Paulet 
for England, and J F. B, Marshall 
on behalf of the King, leaves in 
the same vessel. 

" —July 6. U. S. S. "Constellation", 
Commodore Kearney, arrives at 
Tuly S6. H. B. M. Ship "Dublin" 
Rear-Admiral Thomas, arrives at 

uly 31. Admiral Thomas restores 
the sovereignty of the islands to 
the King; Hawaiian flag re-hoist- 
ed and saluted. 
-August 25. Gen'l Wm. Miller aj)- 
pointed English Consul General 
at Hawaiian Islands. 

-November 28. The independence of 
the Hawaiian Kingdom recog- 
nized jointly by England and 

-The Masonic Order established in 



1844— First silk (197 pounds) exported 
from these islands. Raised on 
Kauai by Ch. Titeomb. 

*' — July 6. The U. S. Government for- 
mally recognizes the indepen- 
dence of Hawaiian Islands. 

*• — July. Thone\vspnpcr"I*olynesian" 
established iu Honolulu. 

" —December S. HanliUo, one of the 
Hawaiian Commissioners to Eng- 
land and France, dies on his pas- 
sage home. 

1845— Jfarc^ SS. Mr. Richards returns to 
Honolulu with the remains of 


— May 20. The first Legislative Assem- 
bly, under the Constitution of 
1840, opened by the King in Ho- 

" —June 7. Kekauluohif the Premier 
(Kuhina-nui), dies. 

" — June. John Young, son of John 
Young, Sr. and Kaoanaeha, ap- 
pointed Premier. 

*' —First Coffee (248 pounds) exported 
from Honolulu. 

1846 — February 11. Commissioners ap- 
pointed to settle land-claims. 

" — Oahn Temperance Society formed. 
J. F. B. Marshall, first President. 

*' —March 26. French frigate "Virgi- 
nie," Admiral Hamelin, arrives 
at Honohilu and restores the 
120,000 exacted by Capt. La Place 
in 1839. The French Consul Gen- 
eral, Mr. Perrin, arrived in the 

*' —March 26. Treaty with France ne- 

" —March 26. Treaty with England 

*♦ —June 9. U. S. frigate " Congress," 
Commodore Stockton, arrives at 
Honolulu with the U. S. Commis- 
sioner A. Ten Eyck as successor of 
Mr. Brown, recalled. 

«< —October 29. The Danish frigate 
"Galathea" Capt. Steen Bille, 
negotiates the treaty between 
Denmark and Hawaii. 

«» —December 10. Excelsior Lodge L O. 
O. F. instituted in Honolulu. 

1847 — June 2. Keahikuni Kekanonohi, wife 
of L. Haalelea and daughter of 
Kahoanokukinau and Kahaknhakoi 
w. and grand daughter of Kame- 
hameha J, died in Honolulu. 
«' —September 11. The first theatre in 
Honolulu, the " Tespian," opened, 
corner of Maunakea ana King 
♦« —November. Mr. Richards. Minister 
of Public Instruction, died. 

Wis,— January 8. Treaty with Hamburg 

" — February 1. The French Consul, E. 
Dillon, arived in the French ship 

" — June 17. Royal Hawaiian Theatre 
opened, corner of Hotel and Ala- 
kea streets. 

♦* — The Measles raging through the 
islands. Commenced in the full 
of 1847. 

" — W. P. Leleiohoku, Governor of Ha- 
waii, son of Kalaimoku and Ku- 
wahine, (w), died. 

" — Gold discovered in California, and 
in August the first party of Ha- 
waiian s. native and foreigners, 
started for the gold diggings. 

1849 — Beef first exported from the islands 
by Mr. French — 158 barrels. 

" — Admiral Tromelin, of the French 
frigate "Poursuivante," lands his 
forces and seizes the fort in Ho- 
nolulu and the King's yacht "Ka- 

'* — G. P. Judd, Minister of Interior, 
sent to U nited States, Engl an d an a 
France on a diplomatic mission. 
He is accompanied by the Princes 
Lot and Alexander. 

" — December 20. Treaty with the Unit- 
ed States negotiated. 

1850— Return of G. P. Judd and the Ha- 
waiian Princes. 

" — Junes. W. C. Parke appointed Mar- 
shal of Hawaiian Islands. 

" — December. Rowe's "Olympian Cir- 
cus," the first of the kind, arrived 
at Honolulu. 

" — December 20. Honolulu Post-office 

1^1— January 11. Election of Represen- 
" —June. Court-house in Honolulu 
built, now Hackfeld &Co.'s store. 

" —July 10. Treaty with England ne- 

" — August 7. Treaty with Bremen ne- 

" —December. Sailor riot in Honolulu. 

1852— Jamiary 25. The first consignment 
of Cninese coolies arrive from 

'* — February 10. Eruption of Mauna- 
Loa, Hawaii, flow of lava reach 
ing within seven miles of Hilo. 

" —June 7. " Stranger's Friend Society" 
organized in Honolulu. 

«• —July 1. Treaty with Sweden and 
Norway negotiated. 

<« -December 6. Hawaiian Constitution 
granted by Kamehameha III, and 



1852— December 17. First Hawaiian Cav- 
alry organized in Honolulu. 

" — ^Fungus first exported. 

1853— itfarc/i. Beginning of Small-pox 
epidemic, which swept over all 
tne islands of the group and only 
abated in October. 

«« —April ^8. Arrival of Mormon mis- 

*' September 13. Variety Theater opened 
in Honolulu, 

*' -Resignation of Dr. G. P. Judd from 
the Administration ; E. H. Allen 
appointed in his place. 

" — November lU. Arrival of steamer 
" S. H. Wheeler", afterwards 
named the "Akamai," from San 
Francisco; enrolled in the coast- 
ing trade. 

«< —December 20. First regular Census 
of Hawaiian Islands taken. 

1854r-Jwwe 1. Fort atLahaina demolished 
by order of Government. 

'• — June 1. Honolulu Steam Flouring 
Mill Co. started. 

«' — October Ih. Steamer "Sea-Bird" ar- 
rives from San Francisco and is 
enrolled in the coasting trade. 

" —October 2A. Steamer "West Point" 
arrived from San Francisco and 
is enrolled in the coasting trade 
under name of "Kalaana." 

«* — December 15. Kauikeaouli Kamha- 
meha III died, and Alexander 
Liholiho, nephew of the late King 
proclaimed as Kamehameha IV, 

I'S&b-^anuary 10. Funeral of Kameham,e- 
ha III. 

" —June IS, A Paki, son of KaXanihele- 
mailunUf and grandson of Kamc' 
hameha Nui, King of Maui, dies 
in Honolulu. 

" —July 7. Varieties Theatre in King 
street, Honolulu, burnt down. 

1855— Augtist Rev. H. R. Hitchcock died 
at Kaluaaha, Molokai, aged c5 

185&— June 19. Kamehameha IV married 
Emma Rooke. 

" —Jun^ 22. ;Mormons arrived en route 
for San Francisco. 

1857— The Fort at Honolulu was demo- 

" — Eonia, widow of A. PaH, died. 

" — May 29. Victoria Kamamalu was 
appointed Premier. 

• —July 18. John Young (Keoni Ana), 
the Premier, died. 

18o7— David Halo, the celebrated Ha- 
waiian historian, died, and was 
buried on the summit of Mt. Ball, 
back of the Lahainaluna Semi- 

The Prince of Hawaii was 


1858— if ay 20. 

1859— ^priZ 20. J. Piikoi died. 
" —July. The Civil Code of the King- 
dom was promulgated. 

" — Juiy 23— The Post Ofl&ce Department 
was established. 

" — Sept. 9. W. P. Kinau, son of Leleio- 
hoku and R Keelikolani, died. 

1S60— February. The Custom House build- 
ing was begun. 

'* — July 17. The corner stone of the 
Queen's Hospital was laid. 

•* — August 29. Lot Kamehameha visited 
San Francisco. 

1860— 5epi. 5. The steamer "Kilauea" 
arrived, to run between the is- 

" —Sept. 23. Rev. R. Armstrong, D. D. 
President of the Board of Educa- 
tion, died. 

18id2— April. The island of Palmyra be- 
came a dependency of the Ha- 
waiian Kingdom. 

" —August 27. The Prince of Hawaii 

" —The Lahainaluna Seminary buil- 
ding was destroyed by fire. 

" — October 11. Bishop Stayley and the 
Church of England Mission ar- 

1863 — November SO. Kamehameha IV died, 
aged 29 years, and Lot Kamehame- 
ha succeeded to the throne, as 
Kamehameha V. 

l^Mr-July 7. The Constitutional Con- 
vention, called by Kamehameha V, 
convened, to frame a new Consti- 

" — August S. The King dissolved the 
Constitutional Convention. 

«« — August 20. The King proclaimed a 
new Constitution. 

" — Levi Haalelea died. 
1865— ifay 6. Queen Emma left Honolulu 

on board of H. B. M, S. "Clio," 
for a visit to England. 

«» —October 19. R. C. Wyllie. Minister 
of Foreign Affairs, died aged o7 

•« —November SO. The remains of the 
Kings were transferred from their 
old tomb to the Royal Mausoleum. 

1866— Jtfaj/ 29. H. R. H. Victoria Kamama- 
lu, Premier of the Kingdom, and 
heir apparent to the throne, died. 


1866 — October 3S. Queen Emma returned 
to Honolulu from her visit to 

1867 — March 5. The corner stone of the 
Pro-Cathedral of the English 
Church was laid. 

1868 — April i. Great earthquake at Kau, 
followed by a burst of mud from 
a mountain side and a tidal wave 
which, together, caused great de- 
struction of life and property. 
• — Great earthquake felt severely all 

over Hawaii. 
" — Lava flow at Kahuku. 

" — October ID. Kaona, the false prophet, 
incited an insurrection at Koiia. 

" — November 2U. H. H. M. Kekuannoa, 
Governor of Oahu, and father of 
Kamehameha IV and V, died, aged 
75 years. 

Wo9—July 21. The Duke of Edinburgh 
arrived at Honolulu. 

" — August 2. The lighthouse in the har- 
bor of Honolulu was lighted for 
the first time. 

1870— -4pn7 A. Jubilee of the American 
Mission to the Hawaiian Islands. 

•' — April 19. The "Wongawonga," first 
China steamer, arrived from Syd- 

*' — September 20. Queen Kalama, widow 
of Kamehameha III, died, aged 
53 years. 

1871 — March 18. The new Post-oflSce was 
opened for business. 

" — September lU. Thirty-three whale- 
ships were abandoned in the ice, 
in the Arctic. 

1872 — March 1. The Hawaiian Hotel was 
opened to the public. 

" — March 20. The comer-stone of the 
new Government House {AUiolani 
Hale) was laid. 

" — Kamehameha Fdied, aged 43 years. 

1873 — H. R. H. W. C. Lunalilo was elected 
King by the Legislature. 

1^1^— January 9th. The King took the 
oath to support the Constitution 
in the Kawaiahao church. 

" —July 12. G. P. Judd, M. D. died, 

aged 70 years. 
" — September 7. The great mutiny at 

the Barracks occurred. 

1874— FeftrMary S. H. M. Lunalilo died, 
aged 39 years. 

" — February 12. David Kalakaua was 
chosen King by the Legislature. 

" — A great riot in Honolulu, during 
which the Court House and Legis- 
lative Hall were sacked by the 
mob, and several members .of 
Legislature were fatally injured. 

I87i— February IS. The King, Kalakaua, 
took the oath to support the Con- 

" — February IL H. R. H. W. P. Leleio- 
hoku, was proclaimed heir-ap- 
parent to the throne. 

" —Nov. 17. The King departed for San 
Francisco, on a visit to the United 
States, on board the U. S. S. "Be- 

** —December 8. The Transit of Venus 
was observed at Honolulu. 
1875— February W. His Majesty Kalakaua 
returned to his Kingdom on 
board of U. S. S. "Pensacola." 

" —October 16. H. R. H. Kaiulani was 

'• —Nov. 23. The remains of King 
ittwaZito were placed in the Royal 
Mausoleum expressly constructed 
to receive them in the Kawaiahao 
church yard. 

187&— February. The Government sent 
forward an exhibit to the Phila- 
delphia Centennial Exhibition. 

" —Aug. 15. The Reciprocity Treaty 
was ratified. 

1877— May 10. A great tidal disturbance 
at Hilo occurred, which lasted 
all day, and did great damage 
along the shore. 

" —July 23. The first telegraph and 
telephone line was constructed 
on Maui, connecting Haiku with 

" —Dec. 2k. A destructive fire occurred 
on the esplanade, Honolulu. 

1878— Jfarc^ 13. H. H. C. Kanaina, father 
of King Lunalilo, died. 

" — The inter-island steamer "Like- 
like" arrived at Honolulu. 

" — Sept. 8. W. L. Moehonua, former 
Minister of Interior, died 

1879-The Kahului railroad, reaching from 
Kahului to Paia, was opened. 

'* —The first Steam Fire Engine was 

" — December 31. The comer-stone of 
the Palace was laid. 

1880— The first Artesian well was bored 
in Honolulu. 

•' — ^The system of telephonic commun- 
ication was established in Hono- 

1881— Janwan/ 9. The Chinese Church 
building was dedicated. 

" — January 20. King Kalakaua set out 
on his journey around the world. 

•' —April 9. The Corner-stone of the 
^'Lunalilo Home" was laid. 



1881— Small Pox spread on Oahu ; 789 
cases and 289 deaths. 

*' — June. Jubilee exercises were held 
at Lahainaluna, in commemora- 
tion of the Sptn Anniversary of 
the establishraent of the Semina- 

'♦ —October ^9. King ^aiaAiawa returned 
from his journey around the 

" — November. Great lava flow which 
reached Halai Hill, Hilo before it 

1882— January 1. Postage stampe for the 
Postal Union were first issued in 

" —December 1. Rev. Titus Coan, for 
many years Pastor of the Haili 
Church, Hilo, died. 

\9S&— January 1. The Marine Railway 
was opened for business. 
«« —February 12. The Coronation of 
King Kalakaua took place. 

«« ^April n. The Y. M. C. A. building 

was dedicated. 
" —May ZU. H. R. H, Ruth Keelikolani, 

formerly Governess of Hawaii, 

died, aged 65 years. 

•' October. The O. S. S. "Alameda" 
arrived on her first voyage be- 
tween San Francisco and Hono- 

«« —November 1. The inter -island 
steamer " Kinau " arrived. 

i« —December 16.— The first instalment 
of " Kalakaua" currency arrived. 

1S84— January 1. Postal notes were is- 

'• —March. Foundation laid of the Hall 
of Records (Kapuiwa Hale). 

*• — June IS. Portuguese immigrants 
(917) arrived at Honolulu. 

" —August 11. Rev. W. P. Alexander, 
for many years Principal of the 
Lahainaluna Seminary, aied at 
Oakland, Cal. 

*• — October h. Rev. D. B. Lyman, 
founder of the Hilo Boys' Board- 
ding School, died at Hilo. 

1884 — October 16. Princess Pauahi, Hon. 
Mrs. C. R. Bishop, died. 

1885 — Februarys. The foundations of the 
new Police Station (Kalakaua 
Hale), were laid. 

" —April 25. Queen Emma, widow of 

Kamelameha IV, died. 
" — November 10. P. Kanoa, formerly 

Governor of Kauai, died. 

188&— April 18. Great fire in Honolulu, 
which destroyed a million and a 
half of property. 

" —July 10. Postal Savings Bank was 

" —September SI. Ocean Island became 
a dependency of the Hawaiian 

" —October. Rev. L. Lyons, for 54 years 
missionary at Waimea, Hawaii, 
died, aged 79 years. 

•' — Nov. 15. The Jubilee Anniversary 
of King Kalakaua' s birth was cele- 

18S7— January 16-SO. Severe earthquakes 
occurred in the district of Kau. 

" —February i. H. R. H. Miriam Like- 
like (Mrs. Cleghorn) died, aged 

•• — April IS. Queen Kapiolani set out 
on her visit to England. 

'une SO. A great political mass 
meeting was held in Honolulu. 

uly 7. The new Constitution was 

•* — September 13. General elections to 
the first Legislature under the 
New Constitution were held. 

«' —October 20. Supplementary conven- 
tion between the United States of 
America and His Majesty the 
King of the Hawaiian Islands, to 
limit the duration of the conven- 
tion respecting Commercial Reci- 
procity concluded January SOth, 
1875, ratified by the King, and 
November 9, proclaimed by Pres- 
ident Cleveland. 

«• —November S. The first Legislative 
Assembly under the new Consti- 
tution meets at Honolulu. 




Rendered into Hawaiian. 


A la Francaige, Fr. After the French 

mode, mamuli o ke ano Farani. 
A la mode, Fr. In fashion, e like me 

ke ano mau. 
A priore, L. From the caune to the effect, 

mai ke kumu a i kona hoopena. 
A vinculo matrimonii, L. From the 

tie of marriage, mai ka berita mare. 
Ab initio, L. From the beginning, mai 

ka hookumu ana. 
Ad infinitum, L. To infinity, i ka mau a 

mau loa aku. 
Ad interim, L. In the meanwhile, ia wa 

Ad libitum, L. At pleasure, ai i ka ma- 

Ad nauseam, L. To disgust, a i ke po- 

Allons, Fr. Let us go, ina kakou. 
Alma mater, L. A cherishing mother, 

he makuahine hanai. 
Alter ego, L. Another self, ko'u lua. 
Amende honorable, Fr. A satisfactory 

apoloay, olelo Hoolaulea i aponoia. 
Au fait, Fr. Skillful; well instructed, 

Au re voir, Fr. Adieu until we meet 

again, aloha a hui hou kaua (or ka- 

Bean monde, Fr. The gay world, ka 

pee puui lealea. 
Bete noir, Fr. A buabear, mea eehla. 
Billet doux, Fr. A love letter, he pala- 

pala i ka Ipo. 
Bona fide, L. In good faith, me kama- 

nao pono. 
Bon Jour, Fr. Good day, aloha hookaa- 

Bon soir, Fr. Good enening, aloha o ke 

Brusque, Fr. Rude; blunt, kamauiha. 


Cacoethes scribendi, L. An itch for 
scribbling, ake e haku manao. 

Cseteris paribus, L, Other things being 
equal, ke like na mea e ae. 

Casus belli, L. ^ cawse /or war, he ku- 
mu no ke kaua. 

Chef-d'oeuvre, Fr. A masterpiece, he 
hana i pookela. 

Comme il faut, Fr. As it should be, ka 
pono maoli no ia. 

Con amore, L. Withlove; earnestly, me 
ka manao hoi hoi. 

Cui bono ? L. For whose benefit f uo 
ka pono owai la ? 

Cum grano sails, L. With a grain of 
salt; with some allowance, me ka hao- 
hao o ka manao. 


De Jure, L. By right, mamuli o ka po- 
no paa. 
I>e mortuis, nil nisi bonum, L. Say 

nothing but good of the dead, e hai i na 

mea maikai wale no no ka poe i make; 
De novo, L. Anew. Hou. 
De Profundls, L. Out of the depths, 

mailoko o ka popilikia lipolipo. 
Dei gratia, L. By the grace of God, ma 

ka lokomaikai o Ke Akua. 
Demi-monde, Fr. Abandoned women, 

na wahine hookamakama. 
Denouement, Fr. Catastrophe ka haule 

mai ana o ka poino. 
Deo volente, I. God willing; ke oluolu 

o Ke Akua. 
Dernier ressort, Fr. A last resource, 

he kokua hope loa. 
Dies ir»e, L. Day of wrath, la hoopal. 
Dieu et mon droit, Fr. God and my 

right, Ke Akua a me ko'u pono pna. 
Dolce far niente. It. Sweet idleness, 

luanawale; hlolani. 
Dominus vobiscum, L. The Lord be 

with you, Ka Haku pu me oe. 



Douceur, Fr. A bribe, he kipe'. 

Dramatis personae, L. Persons repre- 
sented in the drama, ka poe i hoikeia ma 
ke kike' keaka. 

Dulce et decorum est pro patria 
mori, L. Jt is sweet and honorable to 
die for one's country, he nani a he hano- 
hano ke lilo ke ola no ka one-hanau. 

Dum vivimus, vivamus, L. Let us 
live while we live, e eu a e hoihoi i ko 
kakou wa ola. 


JEau de vie, Fr. Water of life; brandy, 

El ite, Fr. A select body of persons, he poe 

Employe', Fr. One who is employed, mea 
i hoolimalimaia e hana; he paahaua. 
En passant, Fr. By the way, a eia keia. 
En route, Fr. On the way, make alanui; 

ke hele mai nei. 
Ennui, Fr. Weariness; disgust, molowa 

ka manao. 
Ensemble, Fr. T^ew^oZe, kahulnapan. 
Entente cordial e, Fr, Evidevces of 

good will, ka loknhl o ka manao. 
Entre nous, Fr. Between ourselves, iwae- 

na o kaua wale no. 

Entree, Fr. 1. Entry, ke komo ana. 

2. First course at table, ka ai i kau mua 

ia ma ka papa aina. 
Entrepot, Fr. 1. A bonded warehouse, 

he hale hooahu no na waiwai i bona ia. 

2. A free port, he awa ku moku i auhau 

ole ia na moku. 
E pluribus unum, L. One composed of 

many, lokahi o ka lehulehu; or hooka- 

hi, ka huiJia o ka lehulehu. 
Ergo, L. Therefore, nolaila. 
Esprit de corps, Fr. The animating 

spirit of a collective body, ka manao hoi- 
hoi like o ka hui, a papa paha. 
Esto perpetua, L. Let it be perpetual, 

e mau loa'ku no ia mea. 
Et id genus omni, L. And everything 

of the sort, a me na mea a pan o ia ano. 
Eureka, Gr. I have found it, ua loaa 

Ex officio, L. By virtue of his office, ma- 

muli o ka mana o kana oihana. 
Ex parte, L. On one side only, ma kahi 

aoao wale no; paewaewa. 
Ex post facto, L. After the deed is done, 

mahope o ke ko ana. 
Excelsior, L. Higher, iluna'e. 
Exuent omnes, L. All go oui, pau i ka 

hele iwaho. 
Expose', Fr. An exposition, he wehe- 



Faux pas, Fr. A false step, he hana kn- 

Festina lente, L. Make haste slowly, 

e hoohikiwawe me ke akahele nae. 
Fete champetre, Fr. A rural festival, 

he anaiua hoolealea ma kuaaina. 

Flagrante delicto, L. In commission 
of the crime, i ke ko ana o ke karaima. 

Fusillade, Fr. A simultaneous discharge 
of firearms, ke kani like o na pu kipoo- 


Garden, Pr. A boy, or waiter, he kieki- 

kane, he kuene. 
Gens d'armes, Fr. Armed police, na 

makai i hoolakoia me na mea kaua. 

Hie Jacet, L. Here lies, ke moe nei ma- 

Hie labor, hoc opus est, L. This is 

labor, this is work, he luhi keia, he hana 

Hoc age, L. Do this, e hooko i keia. 
Honi soit qui mal y pense, Fr. Evilbe 

to him who thinks evil. E poi mai ka ino 

i ka mea i manao ino. 
Hors de combat. Fr. Out of condition to 

fight, hiki ole ke hakaka. 
Hiimanum est errare, L. To err is 

human, ku i ke ano kanaka ke lalau. 

Id est, L. That is, oia hoi. 

In artlculo mortis, L. At the point of 

death, i ka ipuka o ka make. 
In esse, I^. In being, ke waiho nei. 
In extremis, L. At the point of death. 
In flagrante delicto, L. Taken in the 

act, hopuia oiai e hooko ana. 
In loco, L. In the proper place, ma kahi 

In loco parentis, L. In the place of a 

parent, ma kahi o ka mukua. 
In medias res, L. Into the midst of 

things, mawaena konu o na hana. 
In memoriam, L. In memory, mea hoo- 

In perpetuum, L. Forever, mau a mau 

In posse, L. In possible existence, e hiki 

ana paha. 
In propria persona, L. In person, 

In puris naturalibus, L. Quite naked, 

kohana, olohelohe. 
In re, L. In the matter of, no ka hihia. 
In situ, L. In its original situation, ma 

kona wahl 1 kinohou. 
In statu quo, L. Inthe former state, ma 

ke kulana mua. 
In toto, L. Entirely; wholly, a pau loa. 
In transitu, L. On the passage, 1 ka nee 

ana. _ . ^ .1, • 

In vino verltas, L. There is truth m 
wine, komo ka wainapuka mai ka oiaio. 

Labor omnia vincit, L. Labor con^ 
guers everything, lanakila loa ka hooi- 



liapsns ling^nae, L. A slip of the tonguey 

ha lalau o ke alelo. 
Liapsus peiinae, L. A slip ojthepen^ he 

lalau o kn pent. 
L.ex non 8crij>ta, L. The unwritten law, 

ke kanawai i kakau ole ia. 
liocum teneng, L. A substitute; aproxy, 

he hope; he panihakahaka. 
liusus naturae^. L. A freak ofnature,he 

xuea ano e loa. 


Magrnatn opus, L. A great work, he 
haua nui. 

Maitre, d'hotel, Fr. A house steward, 
he kuene nui. 

Mai a propos» Pr. Ill timed, ku ole no 
ia wa. 

Malum in se, L. Bad in itself, ino iloko 
iho on a. 

M61ee, Fr. A riot, he haunaele; uluaoa. 

Memento mori, L. Remember death, e 
hoomauao i ka make. 

Memorabilia, L. Things to be remem- 
bered, ua huna mea hoomanao. 

Mens Sana in sano corpore, L. A 
sound mind in a sotind body, he noonoo 
makaukau iloko o ke kino ikaika. 

Meum et tuum, L. Mine and thine, ko'u 
a me kau. 

Mirabile dictu, L. Wonderfulto be told, 
kupaianaka ke haiia'ku. 

Mittimus, L. We send, ke hoouna nei 
makou. He palapala hoopaa i ka lawe- 
hala ma ka hale paahao. 

Modus operandi, L. Manner of opera- 
tion, ke ano o ka hana. 

Multuin in parvo, L. Mtich in little^ 
ka mahuahua o ka mea iki. 


Ne plus ultra, L. Nothing further, i ka 

hopena loa; aole mea i koe. 
Nemine contra discente, L. No one 

speaking against, aole meai kamailio 

Nil flesperandum, L. Never despair, 

mai paupauaho; mai make ka manao. 
N'iniporte, Fr. Jt mxitters not; never 

mind, he mea ole ia. 
Nolens volens, L. Whether he will or 

not, ke ae oia a ke ae ole paha. 
Noli me tangere, L. Don't totich me. 

mai lalau mai ia'u. 
Nolle prosequi, L. To be unwilling to 

proceed, e hoole ana e htwpii (ma ka 

aoaooke aupunl). 
Nom de plume, Fr. A pen name, he 

inoa kapakapa no ke kakau. 
Non compos mentis, L. Not sound in 

mind, lalau ma ka noonoo. 
Non est inventus, L. He cannot be 

found, ua nalowale loa. 
Non sequitur, L. Jt does not follow, aole 

no laila. 
Nota bene, L. Mark weU, e noonoo po- 


Nous verrons, Fr. We shall see, e Ike 

ana kakou. 
Nunc aut nunquam, L. Now or never, 

aole loa ke ole a no. 


Obiit, L. He, or she, died. Ua make oia. 

Omnia vincit labor, L. Labor conquers 
everything. Lanakila loa ka hooikaika. 

On dit, Fr. Flying rumor, lono Avale ia. 

Onus probandi, L. The burden of prov- 
ing, ka haawe o ka hooiaio ana. 

Otium cum digrnitate, L. Dignified 
leisure, hiehie a kuapapa ka nono'na; 
or kuapapa a kuonoono. 

Par example, Fr. For example, e nane; 
e laa. 

Par excellence, Fr. By way of eminence, 
Pookela, kilohana. 

Pari passu, L. With equal pace, me ka 
hehi like. 

Par nobile fratrum, L. A noble pair of 
brothers; two just alike, he paa hoahan- 
au nani; na kokoolua like. 

Parole d'honneur, Fr. Word of honor, 
olelo paa oiaio. 

Particeps criminis, L. An accomplice, 
he kokoolua ma ka hewa. 

Parvenu, Fr. An upstart. (See Diet. 

Paterfamilias, L. The father of a fam- 
ily, ka makuakane o ka ohana. 

Pater patriae, L. Father of his country, 
ka makua o kona aupuni, or ka makua 
o kona lahui. 

Peccavi, L. I have sinned, ua hewa 

Penchant, Fr. Inclination; liking, ka 
hilinai o ka manao; ke koho o ka ma- 

Per contra, L. Confrartmse, ma ka ao- 
ao ku-e'. 

Per se, L. By itself considered, i noonoo 

Personnel, Fr. Body of persons employed 
in some public service, i.A papa (or ku- 
lana) o ka poe e lawelawe ana kekaui 
hana akea. 

Poco a poco. It. Little by little, va&'k.a, 

Poeta nascitur, non fit, L. The poet 
is born, not made, ua hauauia he haku 
mele, aole i aoia. 

Pons asinorum, L. Bridge of asses, ke 
alahaka no na kekake; oia ka raanao- 
hai o ke Anahonua e pili ana no na ao- 
ao ekolu o ka huina-kolu-kur.ono. 

Post mortem, L. After death., mahope 
o ka make. 

Prima facie, I^. On the first view, i ki- 
no hou o ka naua'na. 

Principia, non homines, L. Princi- 
ples, not men, na mole o ka pono, aole 
na kanaka. 

Pro bono publico, L. For the public 
good, no ka pono o ka lahui. 



Pro et con, L. For and against, lie ko- 

Pro rata, L. in proportion, ma ke kau- 


Quantum snffloit, L. A sufficient quan- 
tity, he nui kupono. 

Quid pro quo, L. One thing for anoth- 
er, kela no keia. 

Qui trangtulit, sustinet, L. Re who 
transplants will sustain, na ka mea i 
hehu e koo. 

Qui Vive ? Fr. Who goes theref On the 

Quod'erat demonstrandum. Which 
was to be demonstrated, ka mea e we- 
hewehe ia'na. 


Keg:nant populi, L. The people rule, e 

noho aupuni ana ka lahui. 
Requiescat in pace, L. May he rest in 

peace, e maha oia me ka maluhia. 
Resurgam, L. I shall rise again, e ala 

hou ana wau. 
Revenous a nos moutong, Fr. Let us 

return to our sheep ; that is, let us return to 

our subject, e hoinou kakou i ko kakou 

mau hipa ; oia hoi, e hoi hou kakou i 

ko kakou kumu manao. 
Ruse de guerre, Fr. A stratagem of war, 

he pahele o ke kaua. 

Salus populi suprema est lex, L. The 

welfare of the people is the Supreme Law. 

o ka pomaikai o ka lahui ka makia ia 

o na kanavvai. 
Sanctum Sanctorum, L. The holy of 

holies, wahi hemolele loa. 
Sans ceremonie, Fr. Without ceremony, 

me ka hookahakaha ole. 
Sans peur et sansreproche,Fr, With- 
out fear and without reproach^ he wiwo 

ole a he makamae. 
Savoir faire, Fr. Ability, makaukau. 
Secundem artem, L. According to rule, 

mamuli o ka loina. 
Semper felix, L. Always fortunate, po- 
maikai mau. 
Semper fldelis, L. Always faithful, ku- 

paa mau. 
Semper idem, L. Always the same, oia 

Semper paratus, L. Always ready, lo- 

lii mau. 
Sic itur ad astra, L. Such is the way 

to immortality, oia ke ala i ke oia mau 

Sic transit gloria mundi,L. Sopasses 

away the world's glory, pela e mahani 

aku ai ka nani o keia ao. 
Sicut patribus, sit Deus nobis, L. 

God be with us, as he was with our fathers, 

o Ke Akua pu me kakou, me ia i noho 

pu me ko kakou poe kupuna. 

Similia similibus curantur, L. Like 
cures like, na ka like e hoola i kona 

Sine die, L. Without appointing a day, 
me ke koho ole i ka la. 

Sine qua non, L. An indispensible con- 
dition, he mea hiki ole ke hoole ia. 

Soi-dissant, Fr. Self styled, kapaiaiaia 

Stet, L Let it stand, pela iho. 

Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re, L. 
Gentle in manners, but resolute in deed, 
me ke ano akahai e onipaa ke hooko. 

Sub Judice, L. Under cansideration, ke 
noonoo ia nei. 

Sub rosa, L. Under the rose; privately, 

Sui generis, L. Of its own fcind, okona 
like maoli iho no. 

Summnm bonum, L. The chief good, 
ka pookela o ka pomaikai. 

Suum cuique, L. Let each havehisovm, 
e lawe kela me keia i kona iho. 

Tempora mutantur, et nos muta- 
mur in illis, L. Times are changed 
and ws change with them, huli ke au o ka 
manawa, a hull pu hoi kakou. 

■ Tempus fugit, L. Time flies, k.Qva&hojA 
aku nei ka manawa. 

Terra firma, L. The solid earth, ka hon- 
ua paa. 

Terra incognita, L. An unknown counr 
try, he aina i ike ole ia. 

Tout ensemble, Fr. The whole taken to- 
gether, ka huina nui okoa. 


Ultima ratio regum, L. The last resort 
of Kings — war, ke koo hope loa o na'lii 
— ke kaua. 

Ultima Thule, L. The utmost limit, ka 
palena hope loa. 

Utile dulci, L. The useful with the pleas- 
ant, ka waiwai me ka nani. 

Vade mecum, L. Go with me; a constant 
companion; he hoa pilimau; hoahele 

mau. , , , 

Vale,L. Farewell, me oe ke aloha; me 
oukou (or oe) ka pomaikai. 

Veni, vidi, vici, L. I came, I saw, I con- 
quered, hiki aku wau, ike aku wau, 
lanakila aku wau. „r ^ j^ 

Verbatim et literatim, L. Word for 
word, and letter for letter, like na huao- 
lelo, like hoi na hua palapala. 

Vi et armis, L. By main force, mamuli 
o ka limaikaika; me ka lima kakauha. 

Vincit omnia Veritas, L. Truth con- 
Quers all things. Lanakila loa ka oiaio. 

Viva voce, L. With the voice, me ka leo. 

Vox populi, vox Dei. L The voice of 
the people is the voice of God, ka leo o ka 
lahui ka leo ia o Ke Akua. 




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